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17 Reasons To Love Living In Perth

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    Want to visit Australia's most pleasant capital? Perth has a lot to offer international students, and not just the greatest sunshine of any Australian city.

    When you're new to town, it might be difficult to locate a place that truly feels like home. Still, you should relocate in Perth, Western Australia if you get the chance to do so. There are a lot of positives for making this place your future overseas home.

    So, you're considering a relocation to Perth, huh? We'd like to tell you all about why Perth is so great. You can find many positives in this lovely city. We hope that this list is useful to you, and that you could learn something new regarding our city that influences your decision.

    These are just a few of the many reasons why Perth, Western Australia, is an excellent place to call home and pursue further education, from its stunning beaches to its prestigious educational institutions.

    Reasons To Love Perth

    1. Closer To Popular Asian Vacation Spots

    Perth, on the extreme western coast of Australia, is far closer to well-known Asian tourist attractions such as Bali & Phuket than any other major Australian city. The flight time to Bali is only three hours.

    That's the same length of time it takes to fly to Adelaide, That capital city in Australia that is most directly adjacent to Perth. As such, Perth is as remote as it sounds, which is a perk for many West Australians who were born and raised there.

    You are, then, no more than three hours' flight away from a faraway, exotic location to the north-east of Australia, should the whim to travel there ever strike you.

    It means you can save money on ticket, spend less time in the air, and skip the hassle of airport transfers. Instead, you should make haste to Perth's international airport to catch your trip.

    2. Australia's Best University For Skills And International Student Education

    WA has five universities, all of which are located in Perth. Notre Dame has Australia's highest "quality of education experience" and "skills scale," respectively, and is widely recognised as a world leader in both areas.

    Another important factor for newcomers in Perth or those thinking of moving there is the quality of life it offers its international students.

    The research and education offered at Curtin University are held in the highest regard both locally and abroad. Some of the best veterinarians in the country, especially equine vets, are products of Murdoch University's highly regarded Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.

    The University in Western Australia is the state's oldest institution of higher education and the sole Matakiri Group for Universities member in Australia. In addition to being a G8 member, it also includes the European Union.

    The fifth and final university in Western Australia is the multi-campus Edith Cowan University. To better serve its students, ECU consolidated the old WA Colleges of Advanced Education but now offers a wide range of professional certifications and training programmes.

    Your child's educational needs, from preschool all the way through college, will be met in Perth.

    perth the heritage precinct of fremantle

    3. Fremantle Heritage Precinct

    The Fremantle district on Perth's waterfront is a charming area. Its winding, colonial-era lanes are home to creative types who like things like busking, street painting, and eating outside.

    Perth’s port city Fremantle, Fremantle, or Perth, as locals call it, has been named one of Lonely Planet's top 10 cities to visit in the world.

    You can get to Fremantle, which is south of Perth, in around half an hour by car down the Stirling Highway or on the train, which leaves from Perth Central Station every 25 minutes.

    Even though Fremantle is now an integral part of Perth, many of its historic landmarks and neighbourhoods have survived the city's growth.

    Spend some time getting to know it by visiting its infamous prison, sampling beer at its world-renowned brewery, and posing for a picture with just a rock 'n' roll icon who got their start in the city's exciting neighbourhoods.

    Craft beer and coffee aficionados, those interested in maritime history, and shoppers looking for a new adventure will all find what they're looking for in modern-day Freo.

    While the Little Creatures microbrewery may have humble beginnings, the brand has expanded to become an international favourite. Visit the place of its infancy to learn the secrets of its success.

    Staff members' eccentric appearances add to the enjoyment of their work; handlebar moustaches, dyed hair, body piercings, and tattoos are all par for the course. You can schedule a brewery tour of the spacious warehouse and also its stainless steel vats, and everyone working there is extremely nice and willing to show you around and let you sample some of the artisan beers.

    Both the 12pm and 2pm tour times are available every day.

    The weekend markets in Fremantle are the city's beating heart, featuring everything from art and photography to tie-dye T-shirts, tassel hammocks, and a buskers zone. Back in the kitchen area, they have gozlemes, grilled corn, and paella created right before your eyes.

    The markets are open all day on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, and they contain vendors selling fresh, low-priced produce. In addition, the entrance on South Terrace is a popular spot for street performers.

    Its Western Australian Maritime Museum, which overlooks Fremantle Harbour, is home to the Australia II, the boat that won the America's Cup in 1983. It's not just a boat, though.

    The victory of the yacht catapulted Perth and Fremantle onto the global stage and into a golden age of wealth and luxury.

    It's also possible to take a guided tour of the HMAS Ovens, a Cold War-era submarine that's 89 metres (292 feet) long, and view a pearl lugger or a leisure boat. Tours run from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm, with departures every 30 minutes (booking in advance is encouraged).

    See Fremantle's colonial past by visiting the World Heritage-listed Fremantle Prison, and listen to exciting tales of daring Irish escapees & cheeky bushrangers.

    The 90-minute Triggers that cause Tour is a must-do, but only with prior booking. The 2.5-hour Tunnels Tour takes guests 20 metres (65 feet) below the penitentiary and includes the use of hard hats, overalls, shoes, and headlamps.

    If you prefer, you can take a walking tour of the town's historic sites with Two Legs and a Heartbeat, who will regale you with interesting anecdotes and local history while you stroll around the landmarks. Lunch will be provided during the excursion.

    It's also an excellent representation of a nineteenth-century port scene. This has led to claims that it is unparalleled everywhere else.

    Walking around the port city's streets would take you a step back to when it was a hub of nautical and convict activity as you pass historic buildings like the famed Fremantle Prison.

    Fremantle's housing alternatives are charming as well, with historic cottages coexisting with rows of contemporary terrace houses. Would one of those houses be your future abode?

    4. There Is A Plenty To Do For Sports Fans

    Interested in sports, especially soccer? One of Australia's best football teams, Perth Glory, calls Western Australia's capital city home. The term "football" can mean a number of distinct things in Australia.

    Australians have a long-standing US-influenced tradition of calling football "soccer." This sets it apart from the other two popular football variants played in this country, Rugby and Australian Rules Football (AFL).

    The AFL has now mandated that the game be referred to simply as "football," standardising the terminology used in Australia with the rest of the football-playing globe.

    Consequently, it is better to refer to Rugby as either Union or League and Australian Rules Football as AFL so that there is no ambiguity about which code you are referring to.

    If you relocate to Perth, you can count on finding a team to play for, no matter what sport you're into.

    In addition, Perth has an extensive system of junior sports and athletics, great for getting kids outside and enjoying the city's wonderful climate. Another reason why Perth is the perfect place to raise a family.

    5. You Can Earn A Degree In Soccer (And AFL)

    In an earlier paragraph, we discussed the 'proudly Pommy' suburbs and their love of soccer (also known as football). A local university has apparently thought this is important enough to provide a class specifically for people like you who want to learn more.

    In the Bachelor of Science (Exercise and Sports Science) programme at Edith Cowan University's Joondalup campus, students can choose to focus on football performance.

    In Victoria, they have started offering the same type of training. But, historically speaking, up until recently Perth was the only Australian city where one could take a university programme leading to a football degree.

    perth como, the treasury hotel

    6. Hotels With Six Stars

    If you're planning to make Perth your permanent home, you probably won't spend much time in hotels. Nonetheless, we felt it was important to let you know that two of Australia's prestigious 6-star hotels have recently opened in Perth.

    When British friends and family are visiting you in Perth, they may do so in comfort. In a five-star way!

    One of the hotels is COMO, The Treasury hotel central business district The top city hotel in Australia, this establishment is known for its understated elegance.

    COMO Located in the heart of Perth's revitalised historic district, The Capital is a 48-room modern luxury hotel.

    COMO is located in state buildings that were constructed in the middle of the 19th century. Two restaurants, a bar, and the renowned COMO Tibet wellness therapies are just a few of the ways that The Treasury introduces the community to new possibilities.

    It's tempting to wander aimlessly through the dimly lighted hallways in search of a cosy nook to catch up on the news, chat with friends, enjoy a drink, have brunch, or celebrate a special occasion over a bistro feast.

    The bedrooms are exceptionally spacious and uniquely shaped, following the contours of the building's original structure. Each room is a peaceful haven equipped with state-of-the-art acoustic equipment to keep the peace and prevent any stray sounds from escaping.

    Made by Kerry Hills, COMO Discover the untamed allure of Western Australia from the comfort of your room at The Treasury, an exquisite and tranquil home base.

    Point Zero, from which all distances on Western Australian roads are calculated, is located just in front of the motel. It looks out upon St. George's Cathedral and the city's shiny new library.

    Just outside your door are Perth's mirrored shopping centres, the Swan River, and the Elizabeth Quay waterfront district. The major train station in Perth is a short walk away, and the free buses that run along St. Georges Road make getting around the city a breeze.

    The other, Crown Towers Perth, can be found in neighbouring Burswood on the other side of the river and is also the city's priciest accommodation option.

    Crown Towers Perth, widely recognised as Australia's priciest hotel, is Western Australia's premier vacation spot.

    Subtle in its glitz, Perth's most opulent hotel is conveniently located between the heart of the city and the famous Optus Stadium.

    Crown Towers is Perth's most luxurious hotel. The views from the hotel rooms and suites in Perth are second to none.

    Guests may enjoy Perth hotel pleasure unlike any other at this smartly built hotel featuring teh latest in luxury resort technology & hosting Crown Towers' famous service.

    The property's design, led by an A-list crew that includes architect Bates Smart , interior designers Micheal Fiebrich and Blainey North, takes inspiration from Western Australia's natural splendour and places guests in close proximity to the breathtaking scenery.

    No detail is too minor at this five-star hotel, where an 8,000-piece ceramic mosaic welcomes guests and the 23-foot braided ceilings in the lobby are kept at an artful 86 degrees.

    For the second consecutive year, Forbes has recognised Crown Towers Perth with its highest Five-Star rating, solidifying the hotel's position as Australia's preeminent luxury lodging option.

    Around 900 rigors requirements, more than 75% of them related to service delivery, make up Forbes Travel Guide, the sole global ranking system for luxury hotels.

    Forbes Travel Advice inspectors stay incognito for nights or three days at each resort to evaluate every facet of the visit, including how well guests' preferences were recorded to ensure an effortless experience.

    Crown Towers Perth has received the prestigious World Luxury Hotel Award year after year, an honour bestowed upon just a select few hotels worldwide.

    The hotel's philosophy centres on the ageless delivery of world-class luxury.

    The Crown Towers complex in Perth houses some of the best restaurants in the world, including Rockpool Bar and Grill, Silks, Bistro Guillaume, and Nobu, among many others. Guests at Crown Towers can dine at the expansive outdoor dining area of the Epicurean restaurant, which features a variety of culinary stations and views of the resort pools.

    7. The Finest Craft Beers

    We've discussed Margaret River and Swan Valley wines, two of WA's most acclaimed, but if you're not a wine connoisseur, you won't be disappointed by the city of Perth's other offerings. In addition, Perth is home to some of the finest examples of boutique & craft brewing in Australia, if not the globe.

    Names like Little Creatures, Nail Brewing, Mash, Gage Roads, Feral Brewing (famous for their award-winning Hop Hog), etc., regularly rank among the top 20 best craft breweries in the world. Duckstein, renowned German speciality brewer, & Elmar's In The Valley are just two of the other names you'll no sure recognise.

    Whisky connoisseurs will appreciate Whipper Snapper Distillery's take on the bourbon style. Also, those who prefer gin and vodka can visit Wild Swan Distilling, while fans of Canefire Rum can sample the wares of Great Northern Distillery.

    You might also join one of Perth's many home brewing groups to master the craft. Beer lovers, no matter how you slice it, have plenty of options in Perth.

    perth swan valley cheese factories

    8. Remember The Cheese Factories!

    Wine and cheese go together like pretty much nothing else, so it's not surprising the Swan Valley Provides some of the finest cheese tasting opportunities in the country.

    Wait until you experience the local cheeses if you're scared about leaving behind your favourite British cheese. Tastings of local cheeses can be had with a glass of wine at any one of several local establishments.

    Visit the Swan Valley and let your senses go wild. Western World's biggest wine region has several award-winning restaurants and attractions to explore, including its vineyards, where you can try the region's delicious fruits, as well as award-winning locally grown and learn about the area's rich history.

    Its Swan Valley is only minutes south of Perth, but it feels like you've stepped into another universe. It is accessible via car, or you can take a picturesque boat down the Swan River from Parramatta's Barrack Street Jetty, the only such cruise in Australia that leaves from a country's capital and drops you off at the doorstep of a world-renowned wine area.

    There are also horse-drawn waggons and antique cars with chauffeurs available for use when touring the region's wineries.

    After a long week, it's not a bad idea to spend a few hours on the weekend discovering beautiful Swan Valley and its culinary delights.

    Horseback riding, cycling, hiking, and golf are just a few of the activities that may be enjoyed, not to mention the abundant wildlife, rich history, and vibrant Indigenous culture.

    Maybe in anticipation of the next one. The greatest feature is that you can reach all of them within an hour's drive of anyplace in Perth. You'd find hard-pressed to find it in any other capital city in Australia!

    9. Excellent Roads For Relaxed Driving

    The standard of Perth's roadways is high. Unless they're a major thoroughfare route, they don't have a tonne of traffic and are well-maintained, wide, and well-marked.

    The expansive nature of Perth's made driving throughout the city a must; in reality, without a car, your options for things to see and do will be significantly restricted.

    Getting about is simple, and if you do get lost, you can always use a GPS.

    As motorists in Australia operate on the opposite side of the road, exporting your vehicle there may be a possibility.

    10. Commutes Are Far More Pleasant And Shorter.

    Unless they are telecommuting, most people in Perth who have jobs have to make the trip to and from work every day.

    If you drive to work and your office is near a major highway or motorway, you may experience some of Perth's notorious rush-hour gridlock. But it's not nearly as bad as what drivers face in some other major cities.

    There's also the option of using the bus or subway. For instance, Perth, Australia, is serviced by a bus system that, while not perfect, gets you to and from the city's principal hotspots and most-frequented neighbourhoods.

    In addition, the quality of the country's electric train service is quite high by both domestic and international benchmarks. You won't hear a thing on the trains, and even during rush hour, you won't feel as if you're in anyone else's way because of the ample space and recent upgrades.

    You can expect a pleasant surprise if you are used to riding the Tube in London at rush hour.

    11. One Of The Benefits Of Relocating To Perth Is The Low Cost Of Living.

    If you'd rather rent while you figure out where you'd like to put down lasting roots, Perth is also your most economical bet.

    Perth's median house rental in June 2019 was only AU$365 per week, while the city's median unit rental was AU$310.

    That's a lot better than the majority of other capitals throughout the world. Average weekly rent in Sydney is above AU$500 for a house, and it's not much cheaper for an apartment.

    The weekly rent for a home in Melbourne is over AU$400 (units are $410 & $380 respectively), whereas rent for a house in Adelaide is somewhere around AU$380 and rent for a unit is around $310.

    12. You Will Feel At Home

    Now you know! More people from the United Kingdom have settled in Perth than in any other Australian city or, maybe, anywhere else in the globe.

    Perth's northern shore is home to the "largest concentration of British outside the UK," with a smattering of "proudly Pommy" neighbourhoods dotted along its length.

    It's obvious for this reason! These suburbs are modern, hip, and stocked to the gills with amenities like shopping malls, schools, sports complexes, as well as other recreational opportunities, all within easy commuting distance to Perth's central business district.

    Also, their football (soccer) club is Perth's most rapidly expanding.

    13. Wages And Salaries Are Extremely Competitive.

    Wages and salaries in Perth, Western Australia, are among the highest in the country. Particularly noteworthy is that Western Australia (WA) continues to claim the second highest average full-time salaries in Australia, behind only the ACT (AU$1,811 Per week) with its highly paid lawmakers.

    That's AU$146 more than the average weekly wage in Australia, which is AU$1,634.

    Also, six of the top ten local government districts in WA are host to Australia's highest bracket income earners.

    Ashburton, in the Pilbara, is the most prosperous due to its mining industry, but the other five are all affluent eastern suburb of Perth.

    How will this affect skilled immigrants? First, if you're willing to relocate to Perth or the rest of Western Australia, you can expect to receive a very high salary.

    perth queensland

    14. Plenty Of Work, Especially If You Have A Skill That Is In High Demand.

    In relation to the current skills deficit, Western Australia as Australia's mining superpower.

    Although Queensland

    is also important to the economy in this respect, it cannot compete with the Pilbara mines in Western Australia (WA) for sheer size.

    Since Perth and Western Australia are in need of skilled tradespeople and experts in the mining industry, it makes economic sense to recruit them from the United Kingdom.

    Also, Perth hosts some of Australia's most prominent businesses, contributing to the city's thriving corporate sector.

    Perth is the home of Hover Metals Group, the world's number four iron ore producer. Wesfarmers, like many other Australian business behemoths, was established and is currently headquartered downtown Perth (Wesfarmers owns, the major supermarket chain Coles and its various brands, and the Bunnings hardware chain, amongst other things,).

    15. Affordability One Advantage Of Living In Perth

    Each year, The Eiu publishes a report detailing how much it costs to live in the world's most populous cities.

    In recent years, Perth has topped the rankings, outperforming Australia's other major capitals like Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Bundaberg, and Hobart.

    This means that compared to those other major Australian cities, Perth is currently the most cost-effective option for residents.

    It's true that Perth has a reputation for being pricey, but that's largely due to the mining boom of the mid- to-late '90s, which led to a general increase in incomes and wage rates.

    16. Excellent Place To Raise A Family

    If you already have young children or plan to have a family soon after you relocate, Perth is a wonderful place to do it.

    It's a fantastic place to raise a family, what with all the parks, playgrounds, and other open areas, as well as the high quality schools and hospitals (including a hospital devoted specifically to children), and outstanding health care.

    Also, the state as a whole isn't terrible. If you are looking for a family-friendly vacation, Perth is a great jumping off point.

    There is no shortage of exciting destinations to take them during weekends or school vacations, including world-famous ancient landmarks in the north, the gorgeous South West, or mediaeval inland cities like York.

    Water parks, amusement playground, activity centres, sport facilities, community swimming pools, cinemas, wildlife sanctuaries, wonderful walking and bicycling paths, and hundreds of local parks will keep kids occupied even if you prefer to stay in.

    17. People In Perth Are Friendly.

    People from Western Australia tend to be welcoming, sociable, and easygoing. Though they'd rather believe WA stood for "Way Ahead," they've come to understand that "Wait Awhile" is a more accurate description of how long it takes for the nation as a whole to remember about them.

    Because living in Perth is much less hectic. While arriving from a different state capital, this becomes immediately apparent.

    As fewer people are in a rush all the time, the roads are less congested, and the atmosphere is more relaxed overall.

    If that's what you're after in your new place in Australia, then Perth is a great place to set up shop.


    Perth's proximity to exciting tourist destinations in Asia and high quality of life make it an attractive spot to settle down and continue your study. Western Australia is home to several fantastic tourist destinations, including the universities of Murdoch and Edith Cowan as well as the Fremantle Historic Precinct and the Little Creatures microbrewery. Fremantle is well-known for its colonial history and housing options as well as its weekend markets, Australia II, HMAS Ovens, and Triggers that trigger Tour. Perth is a great area to raise a family because of the city's enormous infrastructure for youth sports and athletics. COMO and Crown Towers Perth, two new six-star hotels, have recently opened in Perth.

    Crown Towers Perth, located in neighbouring Burswood on the other side of the river, is the most expensive accommodation option in Perth, whereas COMO, a 48-room modern luxury hotel in the heart of Perth's revitalised historic centre, is significantly cheaper. Both establishments are equipped with cutting-edge noise cancellation technology to ensure a peaceful stay. At COMO, you can find a warm and inviting space to read the paper, have a drink with pals, brunch, or celebrate a special event with friends over a delicious meal from the restaurant.

    Content Summary:

    1. Do you wish to visit the most agreeable capital in all of Australia?
    2. For international students, Perth is not just about the best weather in Australia.
    3. It can be challenging to get your footing in a new city and make a place feel like home right away.
    4. In any case, if the opportunity arises, you should go to Perth, Western Australia.
    5. Many advantages exist for making this location your permanent overseas residence.
    6. It brings us to the question: have you thought about moving to Perth, Western Australia?
    7. Please allow us to expound upon all the wonderful features that make Perth our home.
    8. Quite a few wonderful things can be discovered in this city.
    9. We're hoping you'll find this list helpful, and that you'll gain some insight into our city as a result.
    10. From its beautiful beaches to its illustrious educational institutions, Perth, Western Australia, is an ideal destination to settle down and advance one's education.
    11. One, it's geographically closer to well-liked tourist destinations in Asia. Perth, on Australia's western coast, is closer to popular Asian tourist destinations like Bali and Phuket than any other major Australian city.
    12. It takes only three hours to fly to Bali.
    13. That's also how long a flight to Australia's capital city of Adelaide, which is geographically closest to Perth, takes.
    14. Hence, Perth is just as isolated as it sounds, which is a plus for many native West Australians.
    15. If you ever get the wanderlust and want to visit a remote, exotic location in Australia's north-east, you're not more than a three-hour flight away.
    16. You can avoid the stress of airport transfers, reduce the cost of your flight, and cut down on your total time in the air.
    17. To avoid missing your flight, you should hurry to Perth's international airport.
    18. Perth is home to all five of Western Australia's educational institutions.
    19. The "quality of education experience" and "skills scale" rankings at Notre Dame are the highest in Australia and the university is largely considered a global leader in both categories.
    20. The College of Veterinary Medicine at Murdoch University is known for producing some of the greatest veterinarians in the country, notably in the field of equine medicine.
    21. The University of Western Australia is the oldest university in the state and the only Australian member of the Matakiri Group for Universities.
    22. The European Union is a part of it in addition to the other G8 countries.
    23. Edith Cowan University is the fifth and final university in Western Australia.
    24. The original WA Colleges of Advanced Education were merged into ECU so that it could better serve its students, but the university now provides numerous professional certifications and training programmes.
    25. Your child will find all he or she needs to succeed academically in Perth, from early childhood education to higher education.
    26. Thirdly, the Fremantle Heritage Precinct The Fremantle neighbourhood by the river in Perth is a lovely place to visit.
    27. Creative types that enjoy activities like busking, street painting, and eating in the open can be found living among the neighbourhood's twisting, colonial-era alleyways.
    28. Fremantle, the port city of Perth (or just Perth by the locals), is one of the world's top 10 must-see destinations, according to travel guidebook publisher Lonely Planet.
    29. South of Perth, Fremantle is about a half-hour drive down the Stirling Highway or a 25-minute train ride from Perth Central Station.
    30. Most of Fremantle's ancient buildings and neighbourhoods are still standing, despite the fact that the area is now a part of Perth.
    31. Discover the city by spending time in its fascinating neighbourhoods, its historic prison, and its world-famous brewery.
    32. Fans of the local craft beverage and coffee scene, maritime history buffs, and adventure shoppers will all feel at home in modern Freo.
    33. Despite its modest beginnings, the Little Creatures microbrewery is a recognised and beloved brand all over the world.
    34. You can learn its secrets by going to its birthplace.
    35. Members of the staff are encouraged to express their individuality through dress and grooming, and it is not uncommon to see handlebar moustaches, coloured hair, body piercings, and tattoos.
    36. Weekend markets in Fremantle feature everything from art and photography to tie-dye T-shirts, tassel hammocks, and a buskers zone.
    37. Gozlemes, grilled corn, and paella are made in front of your eyes in the kitchen.
    38. On Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, you can find farmers selling inexpensive, freshly harvested fruit and vegetables in daylong markets.
    39. Moreover, street performers frequently gather at the entrance on South Terrace.
    40. You may see the Australia II, the boat that won the America's Cup in 1983, in the Western Australian Maritime Museum, which is located on the waterfront of Fremantle Harbour.
    41. Yet it's more than simply a boat.
    42. With the yacht's win, Perth and Fremantle entered a golden age of riches and luxury on the world stage.
    43. In addition to seeing a pearl lugger or a leisure boat, you may go on a guided tour of the 89-meter (292-foot) long HMAS Ovens, a submarine from the Cold War era.
    44. Departures are every 30 minutes from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm (booking in advance is encouraged).
    45. Visit the Fremantle Prison, which is on the World Heritage list, to learn about the city's colonial heritage and to hear thrilling stories of courageous Irish escapees and cheeky bushrangers.
    46. Booking in advance is required for the 90-minute Triggers that Cause Tour.
    47. Guests on the 2.5-hour Tunnels Tour are required to wear hard hats, overalls, shoes, and headlamps as they descend 20 metres (65 feet) below the jail.
    48. Two Legs and a Heartbeat offers walking tours of the town's historic locations, during which you will be regaled with interesting anecdotes and local history.
    49. Throughout the tour, you'll stop for lunch.
    50. And as a picture of a port in the nineteenth century, it's pretty spot on, too.
    51. Because of this, some have claimed that it is unique.
    52. Wandering through the streets of this port city, you'll see ancient structures like the infamous Fremantle Prison, which will transport you back to the days when they were a hub for maritime and prisoner activity.
    53. Historically influenced by the United States, Australians have commonly referred to football as "soccer."
    54. This distinguishes it from Rugby and Australian Rules Football, the other two major forms of football played in the country (AFL).
    55. Using the generic term "football" for the sport has been legislated by the AFL, bringing Australia's language into line with the rest of the world's football communities.
    56. So, to avoid confusion, it is preferable to refer to Rugby as either Union or League and to Australian Rules Football as AFL.
    57. Moving to Perth guarantees you a spot on a team, no matter what your sport of choice may be.
    58. Kids may take advantage of Perth's pleasant weather by participating in the city's comprehensive youth sports and athletics system.
    59. It's just one more reason why Perth is the best place to settle down and start a family.
    60. Five, Soccer Can Be Your Major In College (And AFL) Earlier, we talked about how the "proudly Pommy" suburbs are obsessed with soccer (also known as football).
    61. Apparently, this is significant enough for a nearby university to provide a class tailored to curious individuals like yourself.
    62. Students at Edith Cowan University's Joondalup campus can choose to specialise in football performance as part of the Bachelor of Science (Exercise and Sports Science) curriculum.
    63. Victoria, Australia now provides the same instruction.
    64. Although historically speaking, until quite recently, Perth was the only Australian city where one could enrol in a university programme leading to a degree in football.
    65. You probably won't spend much time in hotels if you decide to make Perth your permanent home.
    66. Two of Australia's most famous 6-star hotels have recently opened in Perth, and we felt it was necessary to let you know about them.
    67. You can treat your British relatives and friends to a pleasant stay in Perth.
    68. In an extremely impressive fashion!
    69. The Treasury Hotel's Central Business District, or COMO, is one of the hotels in the area. This hotel has earned a reputation as Australia's finest urban lodging.
    70. The Capital is a modern luxury hotel with 48 rooms, located in the heart of Perth's revitalised historic centre.
    71. COMO is housed in a set of governmental buildings that date back to the 1850s.
    72. There are two restaurants and a bar at The Treasury, as well as the world-famous COMO Tibet health therapies.
    73. It's tempting to aimlessly peruse the softly lit corridors in search of a cosy nook in which to read the paper, have a drink, catch up with friends, have breakfast, or celebrate a special occasion with a bistro feast.
    74. The bedrooms are large and irregular in shape because they were designed around the existing framework of the building.
    75. State-of-the-art acoustic equipment is installed in each room to maintain tranquilly and block out any unwanted noise.
    76. The Treasury is a luxurious and peaceful base from which to explore the wild beauty of Western Australia.
    77. Distances on Western Australian highways are measured from Point Zero, which is right in front of the motel.
    78. It overlooks both St. George's Cathedral and the city's brand new library.
    79. Perth's glistening malls, the Swan River, and the Elizabeth Quay waterfront sector are all within easy walking distance.
    80. St. Georges Road is lined with free buses that make moving around Perth a pleasure, and the city's main train station is only a few minutes away on foot.
    81. The other, the most expensive hotel in Perth, is the Crown Towers Perth, located in the posh district of Burswood on the other side of the river.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Living In Perth

    One of the biggest advantages of moving to Perth is the fantastic weather you will be able to enjoy throughout much of the year, even if it is rather warm. Summer temperatures often hover around 30 degrees Celsius plus with cool sea breezes that make conditions balmy yet comfortable.

    Another benefit specific to Perth is its unique and incredible coastline. It is a seaside city, with incredible beaches and landscapes for you to enjoy whenever you please. On top of the amazing weather, this makes for a new life that feels like an eternal vacation.

    One of the most unique things about Perth is that it's the most isolated city on the globe – completely surrounded by the Australian outback on one side and the Indian Ocean on the other.

    It's a perfect city size

    Perth's not too big and it's not too small. Perth has everything you could want in a modern city; skyscrapers, great restaurants, museums and art galleries, but it isn't at all overwhelming. The city centre can be explored easily in a day and most areas are walkable.

    The place to be. Perth is one of the world's most liveable cities, and it's not hard to see why. We offer world-class education, a warm sunny climate, a relaxed lifestyle, and a vibrant economy, with adventure and new discoveries waiting on your doorstep.

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