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Best Cafes In Perth

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    You can count on having a fantastic morning at one of Perth's top cafés. These cafes will seem like home to you even if you're a stranger in a strange land. The top cafes in Perth are perfect for getting together with friends or holding business meetings. Last but not least, Perth's finest coffeehouses offer a conducive setting for getting work done. You will never be disconnected from the web again.

    These are some great options for morning coffee or an afternoon pick-me-up, depending on your preference. Try one of these cafes if you want a break from the standard Americano.

    Coffee lovers should go no further than Perth, Western Australia. With a plethora of cafés and coffee shops, many of which can hold their own against those in Sydney and Melbourne. The new coffee mecca of Australia offers everything from simple cold brew to robust Brazilian extract espresso.

    Australia has developed a burgeoning coffee culture in recent years. The rising popularity of coffee and the accompanying improvement in its taste can be traced back to the proliferation of cafés. Thus, we started trying with various roasts and flavours. Our coffee shops have responded by stocking a variety of beans and brewing techniques to appeal to the widest possible audience.

    Alex Junior

    There is no denying that coffee served at shopping centres has gotten better in recent years. The bar has been progressively rising at cafes like Alex Junior, making them more competitive with established chains and franchisees.

    The beans come from family-run Dunsborough roastery the Cape Effect, continuing the idea of supporting independent local producers; the cafe also offers a retail section in cooperation with the Cafe Collective, showcasing WA creatives.

    Harvest Espresso

    As well as serving some of the best coffee in Perth, but they also provide a wide selection of pastries like croissants, muffins, and gluten-free goodies. Combining 5 Senses and Bannister Downs milk with the Vittoria blend to create a unique blend.

    With dishes like grilled squid with morcilla and in-house smoked salmon, you'll be green with culinary envy for days. Raw by Chris, an established business in Perth, Western Australia, supplies raw and gluten-free baked items such as croissants, muffins, and moreish little banana cakes. Excellent food and beverages are abundant.


    You absolutely must stop by this cafe with a New York City theme. This Perth cafe buys its beans from Micrology Coffee, an independent Perth roaster, and has local furnishings, artwork, and delicious food.

    Customers wait in line for the coffee and stay for the all-day menu that includes a New Yorker Reuben bagel, aça bowls, and even crumpets sourced from the nearby farmers' market. Why wouldn't you enjoy it?

    perth grouch & co cafe

    Grouch & Co

    Nestled in the Myaree industrial district, Grouch & Co is a coffee shop and roastery known for its high-quality, ethically sourced coffee. Grouch & Co. uses a variety of seasonal bean mixes sourced from single-origin farmers around the world. The beans are roasted in-house, and you can customise the flavour by adding anything from whole milk to cashew milk. Teas are also available, and they come in adorable porcelain cups crafted by Japanese artist Naomi Sugi, who lives and works in Washington state.

    Grouch & Co., a Perth coffee shop that opened in 2015 and is known for its high-quality brews made with cutting-edge equipment, is responsible for reawakening the senses of many Perth coffee lovers. In addition, Grouch's state-of-the-art Probat roaster allows customers to watch coffee being roasted, which is a popular attraction.

    Humblebee Coffee

    Humblebee Coffee, with shops in both Mount Hawthorn and Riverdale, is a powerhouse in the Perth coffee scene. The micro-roastery provides everything you need to make the perfect cup of coffee at home, including freshly roasted beans that you can take with you, gourmet espresso and filter coffee, and high-end home barista equipment, all of which can be navigated with the help of the knowledgeable staff.

    The Espresso Tonic, which consists of a double shot of espresso on ice and tonic water, and the Iced Aeropress, which is filter coffee produced on the Aeropress by the cup on ice, are two of the best items on the coffee menu, but you should know that they are purists who use only whole cream milk.

    The Tribute Coffee & Kitchen

    The Tribute Coffee & Kitchen is an absolute blessing for the residents of Shelley, a peaceful riverfront suburb in need of good food and coffee. The baristas here use beans roasted by Perth's Grand Central Coffee Roasters, and they're more than happy to provide a rundown of the many single origins available.

    The Tribute offers a variety of organic speciality teas for those who prefer not to drink coffee. These teas are brewed at varying temperatures to bring out their individual flavours. It's always busy, so you might have to wait to be seated, but I think we can all agree that the wait is well worth it.


    Two brothers who have extensive experience in the coffee industry run the minimalist cafe Modus, which is known for its excellent coffee. The brothers who run Modus take great satisfaction in the fact that they only use beans that can be traced back to the original farmers and that they only use single origins from around the world.

    Every morning's batch brew is perfectly extracted, no matter how many cups you drink. Modus serves high-quality coffees to go and maintains a relaxing, laid-back vibe throughout the space.

    Chu Bakery

    Chu Bakery, which boasts an excellent assortment of baked goods, grab-and-go desserts, savoury sandwiches, speciality toasts (which are created fresh everyday), and of course freshly brewed coffee, is located next to the gorgeous and tranquil Hyde Park in Perth, Australia. They serve a variety of house blends and single origins, cold brew, and produce a daily batch brew on their Moccamaster using Melbourne-based Dukes speciality coffee.


    One can tell they are in for a treat the moment they enter Tiisch. The lush indoor plants and the cafe's gorgeous, whitewashed walls create an air of sophistication and youthfulness.

    Tiisch's cold brew, batch brew, cold drip, and pour-over options from Melbourne's Dukes coffee make for an outstanding filter selection. You won't be able to limit yourself to coffee alone at Tiisch, whether you're there for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Fortunately, though, espresso fans have their pick of several different single origins.

    perth elixir cafe


    A cafe and small-batch roaster in Perth, Elixir serves coffee brewed from beans that are roasted on the premises and sold in retail packets to aspiring home baristas. Although the cafe has the standard cold, industrial feel, the staff is kind and engaging. In addition to espresso, they provide a variety of other brew methods, including V60, cold brew, iced coffee, and batch brew. And if you're not a coffee drinker, their hot chocolate is renowned for a reason.


    Sprolo is a lively, energetic cafe and coffee roastery in South Perth, and it is also the home of Blacklist Coffee Roasters. Sprolo is all about satisfying its clients, thus it provides a relaxing haven away from the busy road in front.

    Sprolo's baristas give their clients complete control over the coffee they order, allowing them to select not only the beans but also the method of brewing. The vast coffee selection is a great complement to the restaurant's scrumptious Asian-inspired brunch menu.


    Lowdown, which opened in 2010, has maintained its high standard because to its excellent service, beautiful industrial decor, and talented baristas who recall their regulars' orders even before they walk up to the counter.

    Within five minutes' walk from Elizabeth Quay Station, the bustling coffee shop Lowdown in Perth's central business district serves up Swan Valley-sourced Fiori espresso and Melbourne-sourced Market Lane coffee in hot and iced batch brews, respectively.

    perth artem cafe


    Artem's Coffee & Tea moved into a permanent Mount Pleasant site in 2019, after operating as a pop-up shop for a few years. You can tell a cafe means business when they smoke their own meats, ferment their own chilli sauce, and roast their own coffee beans.

    You may visit them any time for their excellent coffee or their modest but inventive brunch menu (with duck omelette, crab roll, and chicken rendang salad), but regulars know to stop by on the weekends for their classic Reuben toastie, saving room for one of their doughnuts, of course.

    Best Wishes

    Fantastic cup of joe? Behold the bagels from the Bagel Co. Best Wishes prefers a minimalist approach, and it really pays off. Despite their super-cool logo and merchandise, you won't find any pretentiousness at this Fremantle institution, which opened its doors in 2017. Sincere hellos and excellent joe are guaranteed. Why wouldn't you enjoy it?

    La Veen Coffee

    One of the nicest cafes in Perth is tucked away inside a historic building with a worn facade. Beans from Rockingham's Five Senses and other types supplied from local roasters largely centred in the East are available.

    You'd be crazy not to check out this place, which boasts both casual meals and something fancier, as well as a knowledgeable staff that loves to share its knowledge of different brewing methods.


    With a name like "Geisha," which honours the rare Ethiopian bean used to make the beverage, you should expect a high-quality cup of java. The Geisha bean is a speciality at this Perth cafe, but the regular house roast is just as wonderful. You can't go wrong with any of the morning options, as well as the cakes, pastries, salads, and sandwiches.

    Felix & Co

    When it comes to coffee, Felix & Co., one of the most varied cafes on the list, doesn't play around. You'll be spoiled for choice with the three espresso drinks and two cold brews available every day, in addition to the various seasonal guest blends available every week. And that's not all; they also get their beans from Loaded, Mano a Mano, the in-house roastery at Gordon Street Garage, Seven Seeds, Market Lane, Dukes, Small Batch, Proud Mary, and Code Black. Artificer, Sample, Mecca Espresso, and Single O are just some of the New South Wales coffees we source. An understatement would be to say that this is a place where coffee lovers go.

    Engine Room Espresso

    All of Engine Room Espresso's coffees, from the house blend to the single-origin bean of the month from a small roastery in Washington state, are excellent. One of the finest coffee houses in Perth, WA, the crew here serves up excellent coffee alongside delicious treats like organic crumpets, homemade granola, and bagels from The Holy Bagel Co.

    perth ooh la la and ooh coffee

    Ooh La La and Ooh Coffee

    You can get both coffee and style at this cosy espresso café. Well, what else could one want? In addition to serving excellent coffee, patrons can also peruse the wares in the attached women's clothing boutique. What more could a coffee connoisseur want than a blend made from Five Senses beans that is as smooth as silk?

    Micro Lote Coffee

    Micro Lote Coffee, widely considered to be one of Perth's most moral coffee shops, sources its beans from Asprounion's La Jacoba Coffee. For the benefit of the farmers' bottom lines, Asprounion facilitates direct sales of green coffee to coffee roasters. Hence, not only do they aid coffee farmers, but their coffee is delicious as well. You can prepare your coffee in whichever vessel you desire, whether it's a white cup, an espresso cup, a V60, or a Chemex.

    Offshoot Coffee

    This cafe has expanded from selling only single-origin beans to roasting its own own blend of coffee. Offshoot imports high-tech coffee machines made by Loring S15 Falcon from the United States, which is what makes their brews so exceptional. This machine is similar to a tumble dryer in that it uses hot air to precisely roast coffee beans inside a drum. All of that is jargon for the fact that you are about to drink the best coffee of your life.


    Hemingway is the culmination of the founder's years of running six separate cafe businesses, during which time he accumulated a wealth of knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm for the coffee-making process. The cafe is a labour of passion for coffee from the father and son team at Mo Espresso Group, and everything about it screams extravagance and elegance. Intricate and high-tech appliances like the Poursteady, which whirls and darts between pour-overs like a hypnotised butterfly, and the super-sleek Modbar espresso machine help to keep the focus on the coffee. Nonetheless, both the food and the decor are expertly minimal.

    Modus Coffee

    The Mount Lawley location of Modus, which opened at the year's end 2016, has proven time and again that there is no limit to the cool things that can be accomplished by a small coffee shop. It was inevitable that they would have to take things to the next level, what with their unwavering dedication to producing high-quality coffee, their honest roasting methods, their commitment to environmentally friendly business operations, the high-end cuisine they serve, and their partnership with another leading producer in the area. Visit their outpost at Vic Park. All the great features about Modus, now in a larger setting with more tasty options.

    perth humblebee coffee roasters

    Humblebee Coffee Roasters

    The micro-roasting technique used by Humblebee Coffee Roasters is well-known. You may get a variety of delicious coffee blends at this Perth cafe. The house blend, known as Coogee Street, is perfect for espresso thanks to its bittersweet dark chocolate, stone fruit, and toasted nut undertones.

    After that, you can choose from a number of different single-country options. Nevertheless, slim and soy milk aren't available at Humblebee's because of their impact on the flavour. That perfect balance of coffee and milk is what keeps customers coming back to Humblebee Coffee Roasters. This is why there are only two sizes of full-cream coffees available. Coffee and sweet, delicious breakfast doughnuts are a match made in heaven. Each bag of beans you purchase to take home is roasted right in front of your eyes.

    Standing Room Only

    Enough Space for Those in Standing It typifies the unpretentious elegance of cafes in Italy. After finishing your coffee, you stand up and continue on your way. Coffee connoisseurs from all around Perth agree: this is a top-notch establishment. Those in search of coffee can do so courtesy of the Small Batch Roasting Co. in Melbourne, who provide both their signature Candyman blend and single-origin beans. But that's not all; pour-overs, cold brews, and some of the best espressos and iced coffees are made using a set of specialised goose-neck kettles, scales, and filtration equipment to ensure that each cup is made to the same exacting standards.

    Architects & Heroes

    Subiaco's best coffee may be found at this popular coffee shop. It's really straightforward for the Perth cafe: give the pair what they want to eat and drink. Beans from Ethiopia and Guatemala are always available, and there are always three different kinds of Code Black beans from Melbourne. It's easy to understand why this is one of Perth's greatest cafes: they serve breakfast all day long, with selections like eggs, English muffins, and a variety of tasty bagels.

    Max + Sons

    After the success of Mo Espresso, Zac and his dad Neil Barrett opened Max + Sons. Max + Sons continues to source coffee from only the finest roasters, including Mecca, Proud Mary, and Loaded. As part of their mission to inform customers, they occasionally host tastings where customers may try coffee made using beans from the same farm that were processed in a variety of ways.

    There is some of the city's finest coffee available, but you can also choose from a wide variety of delicious baked goods, like blueberry bagels from Holy Bagel Co, pastries and cakes from The Little Bakery, and gelato-doughnut burgers from Top Dup and ChiCho Gelato.


    Perth, Western Australia, is quickly becoming known as "Australia's Coffee Capital," thanks to the city's abundance of cafes serving everything from mild cold brew to strong Brazilian extract espresso. Because of the explosion of coffee shops, consumers now have access to a wider range of beans and brewing methods than ever before, contributing to coffee's expanding popularity and improving quality. Harvest Espresso, Alex Junior, Hylin, and Raw by Chris are just few of the cafés in the area that serve as excellent choices for a morning or afternoon pick-me-up with a cup of coffee. Not only does Harvest Espresso have some of the greatest coffee in Perth, but they also have a broad variety of baked goods, including gluten-free options like muffins and croissants. The Vittoria blend is combined with milk from 5 Senses and Bannister Downs to form Hylin's proprietary blend.

    Raw by Chris is a great place to get delicious, raw baked goods and other foods and drinks. Located in Perth, Australia, Grouch & Co. is a coffee shop and roastery that is renowned for its superior, sustainably sourced java. A coffee industry heavyweight in Perth, Humblebee Coffee sells freshly roasted beans, gourmet espresso and filter coffee, and state-of-the-art home barista equipment so that you may brew the best cup of coffee in the comfort of your own home. Several of the best coffees on the menu, such the Espresso Tonic and Iced Aeropress, are served with just whole cream milk out of a strict adherence to purist tradition. The people of Shelley, a quiet riverside suburb in need of a decent cafe, have it made with the Tribute Coffee & Kitchen.

    Content Summary

    1. One of the best cafés in Perth guarantees a great start to your day.
    2. Best cafés in Perth are great places to catch up with friends or conduct business.
    3. The best coffee shops in Perth provide an ideal environment for concentrated work.
    4. If you're looking for a fantastic cup of coffee in the morning or an afternoon pick-me-up, these are some excellent choices.
    5. If you're becoming bored of your usual Americano, you should check out one of these cafes.
    6. If you're a coffee aficionado, your search ends in Perth, Western Australia.
    7. Many of excellent coffee shops that can compete with the best in Sydney and Melbourne.
    8. Australia's latest coffee destination serves up everything from mild cold brew to strong espresso made with Brazilian extract.
    9. In recent years, coffee culture in Australia has flourished.
    10. Increases in both the number and quality of cafes can be directly attributed to coffee's meteoric rise in popularity.
    11. Cafes like Alex Junior have raised the bar in recent years, making them more formidable opponents to long-standing chain restaurants and franchises.
    12. Raw by Chris is a well-known Perth, Western Australia, company that sells raw and gluten-free baked goods like croissants, muffins, and delectable mini banana cakes.
    13. They line up for the coffee, but they stick around for the all-day menu, which features items like a New Yorker Reuben bagel, aça bowls, and crumpets from the local farmer's market.
    14. If you're going to do it, you might as well like it.
    15. The Group of Grouchy Individuals Located in the heart of the Myaree industrial sector, Grouch & Co is both a coffee shop and roastery, and they're known for their high-quality, ethically sourced coffee.
    16. To make their products, Grouch & Co. uses a wide range of seasonal bean blends from single-origin growers all around the world.
    17. The beans are roasted fresh every day, and you may alter the taste by adding other kinds of milk, such as almond, coconut, or cashew.
    18. There is also tea, served in charming porcelain cups made by Naomi Sugi, a Japanese artist based in Washington.
    19. Many Perth coffee enthusiasts can thank the 2015 opening of Grouch & Co., a coffee shop noted for its high-quality brews brewed with state-of-the-art technology, for reawakening their passion for coffee.
    20. In addition, the modern Probat roaster at Grouch is a big draw because guests can watch their coffee being roasted.
    21. Humble Coffee Bee With locations in both Mount Hawthorn and Riverdale, Humblebee Coffee is a major player in Perth's speciality coffee industry.
    22. The micro-roastery has all the tools you'll need to brew a great cup of coffee at home, including freshly roasted beans to go, premium espresso and filter coffee, and state-of-the-art home barista equipment that can be handled with the help of the educated staff.
    23. Shelley is a quiet riverside suburb in desperate need of the Tribute Coffee & Kitchen.
    24. For those who would rather not drink coffee, the Tribute serves a selection of organic speciality teas.
    25. Modus The minimalist cafe Modus is owned by two brothers with vast experience in the coffee sector.
    26. Bread from Chu's Bakery In the beautiful and peaceful Hyde Park in Perth, Australia is Chu Bakery, which offers a wide variety of baked products, quick sweets, savoury sandwiches, speciality toasts (made from scratch every day), and, of course, freshly brewed coffee.
    27. They employ Melbourne's Dukes speciality coffee in their daily batch brew on their Moccamaster and in their house blends including single origins, cold brew, and other offerings.
    28. Filter options from Melbourne's Dukes Coffee, available at Tiisch, include cold brew, batch brew, cold drip, and pour over.
    29. Whether you're visiting Tiisch for breakfast, lunch, or supper, you won't want to restrict yourself to only coffee.
    30. Those interested in espresso, however, can choose from a variety of single origins.
    31. Elixir The coffee at Elixir, a Perth cafe and small-batch roaster, is made from beans roasted in-house and offered to budding baristas in retail packages.
    32. There's a normal cold, industrial vibe to the cafe, but the staff is warm and welcoming.
    33. They offer a wide range of coffee preparations beyond only espresso, such as V60, cold brew, iced coffee, and batch brew.
    34. Those who prefer chocolate to coffee will like their world-famous hot cocoa.
    35. Sprolo Located in the heart of South Perth, Sprolo is a bustling cafe and coffee roastery that also houses Blacklist Coffee Roasters.
    36. Sprolo's baristas let their customers customise every aspect of their coffee order, down to the beans and brewing process.
    37. The extensive coffee menu pairs wonderfully with the restaurant's delicious Asian-inspired brunch offerings.
    38. Since its 2010 opening, the quality of Lowdown Lowdown's service, gorgeous industrial decor, and experienced baristas who remember regulars' orders before they walk up to the counter have all contributed to the cafe's continued success.
    39. You can find the busy coffee shop Lowdown in Perth's CBD just five minutes from from Elizabeth Quay Station. They serve hot and iced batch brews of Market Lane coffee, roasted in Melbourne, and Fiori espresso, sourced from Swan Valley.
    40. After several years as a pop-up shop in Mount Pleasant, Artem Artem's Coffee & Tea has established itself in a more permanent location as of 2019.
    41. When a cafe smokes its own meat, ferments its own chilli sauce, and roasts its own coffee beans, you know they mean business.
    42. Brew Some La Veen Coffee In the depths of a historic building with a weathered exterior is one of Perth's best eateries.
    43. Although the Geisha bean is the cafe's speciality, the house roast is excellent as well.
    44. Tobias, Sally, Felix, and the Rest of the Gang One of the most diverse cafes on the list, Felix & Co., doesn't mess around when it comes to coffee.
    45. Additionally, they source their beans from Loaded, Mano a Mano, the in-house roastery at Gordon Street Garage, Seven Seeds, Market Lane, Dukes, Small Batch, Proud Mary, and Code Black.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Cafe's in Perth

    Atmosphere, great customer service and high quality products create an experience the customer wants to have over and over again. Engagement is the key! Customer service is something that we never compromise. Also cleanliness of the brewing equipment really makes difference!

    • Problem #1: Lack of identity and a dull competitive edge.
    • Problem #3: Inventory and pricing snafus.
    • Problem #4: Overall management and customer service headaches.

    From a cultural standpoint, coffeehouses largely serve as centers of social interaction: a coffeehouse provides patrons with a place to congregate, talk, read, write, entertain one another, or pass the time, whether individually or in small groups.

    The benefits of having small coffee shops in your community are endless. They provide jobs, support other local businesses and create a more diverse local economy. An argument could even be made for the positive environmental impact of sourcing products and services locally.

    Coffee shops are part of the specialty eatery industry, which also includes outlets specializing in products such as bagels, donuts, frozen yogurt, and ice cream. Competitive Landscape: Consumer taste and personal income drive demand.

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