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Top 20 Ethical Swimwear Brands, Melbourne Australia (2024)

Becoming more sustainable should be on everyone's to-do list, and our wardrobes are a great place to start. We know that staying away from fast fashion and being more circular with our choices is the way forward, whether that's through rental or opting for secondhand where you can. However, if you are buying something new, you can still shop responsibly by supporting and buying from eco-friendly brands that put the environment first.

Although the world of sustainable fashion can feel confusing at times, there are many companies out there working hard to make the industry a greener place. From wedding dress brands to loungewear labels and jewellery designers, there are plenty of sustainable options to choose from – it's just key to do your research properly before buying.

To help you get started on your swimwear hunt, we’ve rounded up our favourite Ethical Swimwear Brands from right across Melbourne.

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    Ultimate List of Ethical Swimwear Brands, Melbourne Australia

    Bombshell Bay Swimwear - Ethical Swimwear Brand Melbourne

    bombshell bay swimwear

    Using floating plastics and other misdirected synthetics that are regrettably discovered in our waters, Bombshell Bay Swimwear is an eco-friendly Melbourne brand that designs and produces sustainable eco luxury swimwear.

    For the greatest quality swimwear, we only utilize recycled Italian Carvico Vita fabric. 22% Elastane and 78% Recycled Polyamide make up Carvico Vita. Our fabric has a reputation for removing ghost nets and plastic debris from our oceans, but it also boasts important features like excellent UV protection, exceptional form retention, resistance to oil and sunscreen, and extreme chlorine resistance. Did we mention that it is extremely soft and has two-way stretch? There is no doubt that the Italians are experts in their field.

    Our small, devoted team—which we like to refer to as our magicians—makes our swimwear off-shore in stunning Bali. We only produce a small number of each collection as a result, making them unique pieces that also enable us to be a true sustainable swimwear company. As a tiny but proudly Australian-owned company, we continue to produce only the highest-quality swimwear for you, our lovely customers, while also doing our part to keep our seas healthier for marine life.

    LÉ BUNS - Ethical Swimwear Brand Melbourne

    lÉ buns

    +61 3 9134 7470

    It's challenging to make environmentally conscious decisions. Strong regard for the people we work with and the environment we operate in is at the heart of everything we do. Within. The core mission of the brand is to promote a good environmental impact, and every piece is manufactured with only premium natural, organic, and recycled fibers. To highlight the beauty of your natural figure and allow you to move freely from land to sea, each item is painstakingly made in timeless, flattering styles.

    Ethical Swimwear FAQs

    Women's Swimwear 

    One-piece swimsuits are the most common and practical items to wear when learning to swim. You can buy fitness swimsuits at leisure centres, though you may find them cheaper in supermarkets or online. Fitness swimsuits are designed to hold everything in when moving quickly through the water, unlike fashion swimsuits and bikinis, which look nice when sunbathing on holiday but may not stay in place when rolling over, jumping or diving in or swimming fast. 

    Some people are self-conscious about their bodies being visible in a fitness swimsuit. Still, many "shapewear" options are now available that contain additional padding or bust support and tummy control. Surf brands also sell sports bikinis and tankinis, two-piece swimsuits that provide robust coverage and support. These can be easier to get in and out of when using the toilet…trying to pull up a wet one-piece after visiting the toilet can be difficult! There is no need to wear underwear underneath a swimsuit.

    Men's Swimwear

    Men usually have a choice of close-fitting lycra swimming trunks or loose-fitting surf-style board shorts. Some men feel self-conscious in close-fitting lycra swimwear, though with the popularity of Triathlon, these styles are a more common sight in recreational swimming sessions. Close-fitting lycra swimwear is designed to provide minimal drag resistance in the water, which is why athletes wear this style. 

    Loose surf shorts can feel heavy in the water, slow you down and maybe be a distraction if you continually have to tie up the drawstring. Many supermarkets and sports retailers sell a boxer-short swimwear style that is not as long as surf-style board shorts and not as close-fitting as lycra and is perfectly appropriate for recreational and fitness swimming lessons. It is not appropriate to wear underwear instead of swimwear in a public pool.

    Choose a One-Piece If You Want Full Coverage. 

    A traditional one-piece swimsuit will cover your entire torso, so this is the most modest option. One-piece swimsuits are also often better for exercise, so you might go with this option if you plan to swim laps or do water aerobics.

    • If desired, you can find more daring one-piece styles, such as a swimsuit with a deep v-neck, low-back, one strap, no straps, or side cutouts.
    • Go with a high back one-piece to hide back fat and a low-back one-piece to show off your back.
    • Try a swim dress if you also want coverage for your hips and thighs.
    • Consider a "modest swimsuit." These cover a wide range of swimsuit types, but the common factor is covering up more skin than a typical tank-style swimsuit. Some women require swimsuits for religious reasons. Some just enjoy the coverage. Others love not having to wear as much sunscreen.

    Select a Bikini If You Are Comfortable Baring Your Midsection. 

    Bikinis are the most daring type of swimsuit because they only cover your breasts and private area. This means that your entire midriff and back will be visible. However, if you are comfortable showing off your body, this is a great option.

    • You can purchase a bikini as a set or get a coordinating top and bottom to wear together, such as a string bikini top with a bikini skirt bottom, a high-waisted bottom with a strapless top, or a full coverage top with a low-rider boyshorts.
    • Keep in mind that you may need a different sized bottom and top, which is why it may be better to buy them separately.

    Opt for a Tankini If You Want a More Modest Two-Piece. 

    You can find tankinis that provide full coverage of your waist or that show part of your midsection. Select a tankini that shows the amount of skin you are comfortable showing. This is also a great option if you are pregnant since you can get a loose-fitting top to drape over your belly.

    • For example, if you want full coverage, then get a tankini top that overlaps the bottom.
    • If you want to show part of your hips and waist, then get a tankini that falls just above your belly button.

    Look for Details on Top to Enhance a Small Chest. 

    Ruffles, bold colours and prints, and padding can all help to accentuate your chest. If your chest is on the small side and you want to make it seem bigger, then opt for a swimsuit with extra elements to enhance and draw attention to your chest.

     Inverted Triangle: Shoulders and bust are wider than hips. Strategy: Draw eyes down, away from shoulders. Design: Add volume to your lower body to balance or minimize a larger top. You can do this by choosing suits with wide straps, patterns or prints that draw the eyes down, skirts, side stripes, or "boy-cut" lets.

     Rectangle: Balanced hip and shoulder width without a defined waist. Strategy: Define a waistline by creating curves. Design: Details like princess seams, draping, and belts help create curves. So look for suits with a drop-yoke waist, princess seams, lingerie straps, diagonal lines and prints, and belts or a sash. Avoid solid colours.

     Triangle: Hips wider than shoulders and bust. Strategy: Draw eyes up, away from hips. Design: You want to look for suits that slim your lower body and draw attention to your upper body. Shapely necklines and bust detailing are the keys. Suits for this shape also will feature a front zipper, darker or solid colours on the bottom, and an empire-style waist.

     Circle: Waist is larger than bust and hips. Strategy: Create the illusion of a defined waist. Design: Look for suits that slim your lower body and create a slimming waistline. Suits with interesting necklines or side shirring can do the trick. Also, look for suits with princess seams, tummy control panel, high back, diagonal prints, and vertical colour blocks.

    And here's a secret for all body shapes: If the suit makes the eyes take in the entire suit all at once, you've got a winner, according to the Swim Finder on the Lands' End website. So, for example, if the suit has flowers, the eyes will move from flower to flower, never focusing on any area.

    SPELL - Ethical Swimwear Brand Melbourne


    +61 2 9158 6558

    Founding members of Spell, Isabella Pennefather and Elizabeth Abegg, in front of a wooden table covered in design materials and clothing. Both founders are dressed in Spell attire.

    A modern-bohemian clothing line is called Spell. Two sisters met again in the lovely beach town of Byron Bay, Australia, to continue a voyage they'd started together years earlier when they were kids. This is where the narrative began. Inspired by far-off locales, antique finds, and youthful memories.

    The sisters' designs pay homage to their hippie parents, a leather craftsman and a potter, who in the 1970s moved around town in pursuit of their own wild dreams. They also pay homage to their Latvian grandparents, who fled war-torn Europe in search of America but ended up in a dusty refugee camp in Australia.

    Bondi Joe - Ethical Swimwear Brand Melbourne

    bondi joe

    1300 153 005

    We know how frustrating it is to hunt for men's swim trunks and only come across surf brands with garish prints or mesh-lined trunks that chafe and need to be removed as soon as you get out of the water. Real men helped us develop a quick-drying, environmentally friendly material that is thick enough to shield your modesty and remove the irritating mesh liner.

    Numerous men have now joined the Bondi Joe comfort revolution since learning about swimwear they can wear all day long, in and out of the water, from dawn to dusk, and from the beach to the bar. To get back to beach comfort, find the perfect pair, choose your size, and place your order right away. Every pair of shorts we sell is backed by our Fit & Comfort Guarantee.

    THE ICONIC - Ethical Swimwear Brand Melbourne

    the iconic

    Make a statement with top swimwear brands for women at THE ICONIC. With so many one-piece swimsuits and bikinis to choose from, tanning has never looked so good. There are numerous styles for every body type, including ruching, frills, polka dots, prints, and more. THE ICONIC's women's swimwear collection will keep you warm whether you're working out or relaxing on the beach.

    Choose from a variety of swimsuit designs, such as bandeau, triangle, balconette, and high-waisted or hipster bottoms. One-piece outfits can be daring or understated, contemporary or vintage. Add a stylish kaftan or a pair of bright, patterned board shorts to your beachwear collection.

    Shop our affordable selection of rash guards and performance swimwear, or go through our assortment of mix-and-match bikini tops and bottoms. The key to having great style is confidence, therefore it's crucial to pick swimwear that fits well and is comfortable.

    ISLA IN BLOOM - Ethical Swimwear Brand Melbourne

    isla in bloom

    Our opulent line of eco-friendly swimwear, bohemian picnic rugs, and beach umbrellas are symbols of the summertime Australian way of life we adore and cherish. They are made for days by the sea that transition into starry nights.

    Our collections were born out of a fascination with color and prints. Our designs are vivid, carefully made, and incredibly feminine. We sincerely hope that you share our love for them.

    Salt Gypsy - Ethical Swimwear Brand Melbourne

    salt gypsy

    The Clean + Conscious Awards honor outstanding goods that are completely compatible with our bodies, the environment, and society. We are sending a strong statement that cannot be ignored by assisting companies who put the needs of their clients above community well-being, community livelihoods, and planetary health.

    Standard Procedure is a new topical skincare line created by Dion Agius and Zepha Jackson that was created to resist the harshest elements. It was born under the intense Australian summer sun. Build your own pack of sunscreen, after-sun care, body wash, and hand sanitizer, all freshly delivered to SG HQ.

    OceanZen - Ethical Swimwear Brand Melbourne


    The growth and development of our business is a tribute to the moral women who opt to support and celebrate conscious, ethical, and sustainable fashion. Everything we do at OceanZen swimwear online is driven by respect for the people we work with and the environment in which we operate.

    Baaby - Ethical Swimwear Brand Melbourne


    A non-profit organization called Healthy Seas started leading volunteer-led diving expeditions in 2013 to remove trashed fishing nets and other plastic garbage from our oceans. The remaining plastic trash is then converted into Econyl® regenerated nylon using entirely renewable energy.

    The lovely recycled fabric we use to construct our swimwear is then made from Econyl®. Our swimwear is extremely sustainable and supports a circular economy because it is produced in Italy using only renewable energy and has the possibility to be recycled indefinitely. Every Baaby item, including our printed textiles, is created entirely of recycled fabric, both for the outer fabric and the lining.

    Camp Cove Swim - Ethical Swimwear Brand Melbourne

    camp cove swim

    Our swimsuit linings are made from recycled materials, and all of our fabrics are printed in Sydney. Our prints are entirely unique to our company and are created in-house. Every single swimsuit is a labor of love that has been meticulously made and examined to ensure a great fit and high caliber workmanship.

    Katherine Hampton, who was born and raised in the coastal NSW town of Newcastle and attended university there, started Camp Cove Swim. She currently resides in Redfern and works out of the Camp Cove Swim facility in St. Peters. In 2013, Katherine started the company. With features in publications including Vogue Australia, Frankie Magazine, US Glamour, Russh Magazine, Yen Magazine, Habitus Living, and Broadsheet, the brand keeps growing.

    Elle Evans - Ethical Swimwear Brand Melbourne

    elle evans


    We cherish this planet and wish to continue to adore it for a very long time. As a result, we ensure that every component of your Elle Evans design has the least impact possible. We choose the less-traveled path and leave the road as clean as we found it, starting with our fabric, which is created from recycled plastic debris dredged from the sea.

    Our goal is to make you feel beautiful, strong, and comfortable every time you put on an EE garment, and we accomplish this by donating $1 from every purchase to the Healthy Seas Initiative. Go you for saving the earth!

    IIXIIST - Ethical Swimwear Brand Melbourne


    We use as many recyclable and sustainable materials in the creation of our products as we can. Our product line is made without the use of child labor and only from 100 percent recycled ocean garbage. We are committed to combating the epidemic of fast fashion.

    In 2013, Frankii Swim was founded. She was a needy birth. She was the answer to our prayers for a good swim, and she did not let us down when she showed up. We have developed over the years, you, as our consumer, have evolved with time, and Frankii Swim has done the same. She is not the familiar brand that she once was. She has evolved, prospered, and expanded past her modest beginnings. Our brand needs to be revolutionized. to develop into a brand that not only represents but also inspires change.

    MARVELL LANE - Ethical Swimwear Brand Melbourne

    marvell lane

    Since 2017, we've been offering our busty clients gorgeous, opulent swimwear and lingerie. MARVELL LANE is committed to creating lovely swimwear and lingerie that makes our beautiful females look wonderful and feel amazing by fusing our principles of sustainability, superior workmanship, and a youthful, feminine design aesthetic.

    We take pride in our small size. We create one collection annually, taking care to minimize our negative effects on the environment while yet giving our customers the greatest possible product. Larger is not usually better, with the exception of breasts!

    BAIIA - Ethical Swimwear Brand Melbourne


    The beliefs, education, and upbringing of creator Amber were combined to create Baiia. The bikini Amber, 4, borrowed from her elder sister Jasmine felt the most secure, fearless, and liberating while growing up between Australia and the Solomon Islands. Like other powerful women in her life, she felt empowered by this swimsuit to explore her surroundings and assume total control of herself.

    Amber pursued one of her greatest and most enduring hobbies by studying fashion design. She was worried about sliding into the trap of only producing items that are intended for "looking beautiful" rather than "feeling good," even though she enjoyed the knowledge she had acquired. So she let it go.

    Shapes in the Sand - Ethical Swimwear Brand Melbourne

    shapes in the sand

    We are everyone individuals with distinctive looks, personalities, and origins. Shapes in the Sand illustrates how the female body is unique and how nature is imperfectly perfect. Independent Australian swimsuit brand Shapes in the Sand. We match our collections with our environmental conservation beliefs by mindfully designing in harmony with nature and manufacturing in Australia. The essential work that our Nature Girls do motivates us to take better care of the environment. We can all learn from one another and reduce our ecological impact by exchanging tales.

    Since Shapes in the Sand first went on sale in 2013, our swimwear has been produced using materials that promote circularity. We want to choose fabrics that will last and be appropriate for their intended use in addition to taking the environment into account.

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