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+25 Best Japanese School In Melbourne [2024]

If you are either a student in search of a Japanese school or the parent of a student in search of such a school, continue reading for information that will assist you in selecting the appropriate school to meet your requirements. 

Are you interested in attending the most reputable Japanese school in Melbourne? If that's the case, you've found the proper place to be. In this article, we will take a look at some of the top schools in the area and provide you with a rundown of the advantages that each school possesses. If you are a student or a parent, continue reading for information that will assist you in arriving at the choice that is most beneficial for your family.

Here is a list  of the best japanese schools in Melbourne to save you time! 

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    Ultimate List of Japanese School Melbourne

    Nunawading Japanese School Melbourne

    nunawading japanese school

    Website: www.japanesetutormelbourne.com.au
    Enquiries: 0421 234 951
    Address: 8-10 Wood Street, Nunawading Vic 3131

    Nunawading Japanese School is a Japanese school located in Melbourne, Australia. Since 2013 they have been providing fun, engaging Japanese courses for adults wanting to learn to speak, read and write Japanese. Face to face (onsite) classes are available for Melbourne students. They also facilitate online Japanese classes for students across Australia (Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide & Hobart) and Japan.

    Over the years they have developed their own unique curriculum with original teaching method. Their teachers are all ‘native’ Japanese who live and teach from Melbourne. Their reputation has grown to be one of the best places to learn Japanese in Australia.

    Japanese Classes - www.japanesetutormelbourne.com.au/japanese-classes-melbourne/

    iJapanese Language & Culture School Melbourne

    ijapanese tutors melbourne


    0401 886 612

    Our Courses

    You will learn from knowledgeable native Japanese instructors at iJapanese who have years of expertise instructing in schools all across Japan and Australia. In 2004, iJapanese was established. No matter what motivated you to learn this language in the first place, we want you to get the greatest enjoyment and benefit possible from each and every one of your courses.

    Our students can learn Japanese in a group setting or through private instruction with a tutor, and the study schedules can even be modified to meet the needs and schedules of each student. When you get in touch with us, just ask about it.

    Lessons on Japanese Culture for Beginners in Melbourne (Beginner-Advanced)

    Students who want to sharpen their present language skills and gain a deeper understanding of Japanese cultural tradition can take general Japanese classes at the iJapanese Language & Culture School in Melbourne.

    We put a lot of focus on speaking, giving you the conversational abilities you need to talk confidently in a range of settings, including business and tourism. Whether you want to improve your speaking skills or take an introductory course developed exclusively for Japanese language learners, you can count on our patient and skilled tutors to help you with any area of Japanese language study you're interested in studying in Melbourne.

    JIC Language School Melbourne

    jic language school japanese tutors melbourne


    (03) 9654 5100

    The reasons why our school is unique

    The Standard of Learning

    In order to fulfill the needs of each student, we provide a choice of language programs and work hard to personalize the education as much as we can. We promise that each of our instructors is highly skilled and linguistically literate in their field. You will have a solid foundation of support for the duration of your time spent learning a new language thanks to the commitment and knowledge of our instructors.

    In-Person Instruction

    We believe that between three and ten students constitute the ideal classroom size, and that class times should be flexible. One benefit of enrolling in classes with a small number of students is that there are more possibilities to ask questions and get to know one's classmates in a relaxed but dynamic environment.

    Classes in Japanese Language

    For those interested in studying Japanese, there are both group and private courses available. The use of "the direct technique," also known as immersion, during the course of their participation in group lessons totally immerses students in the Japanese language and culture. The sole language of instruction at JIC is Japanese. Learn the language with the aid of our first textbook and a number of other helpful resources.

    Japanese Australia Online Language School

    japanese australia


    0430 103 664

    Our Online Courses

    We use websites for local and global news, blogs, online magazines, images, and videos to teach Japanese to students all over the world. Tools used in educational contexts include search engines, digital libraries, and real-time file sharing between students and teachers.

    We offer a JLPT preparation course that is available at any time of the year.

    Between the months of February and June, we start with grammar, then between the months of July and September, we move on to reading and listening, and finally between the months of October and November, we practice tests. Throughout the entire year, there will be constant practice with the Kanji and vocabulary.

    By taking our practice exams in October, you may determine how your knowledge of Japanese compares to the official levels. We'll administer a test to you that closely resembles the JLPT. The length of each session will be between 25 and 30 minutes, and at the conclusion, we'll provide you feedback to help you get ready for the real exam.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Learning Japanese

    122 million people speak Japanese as their native language, making it one of the most spoken foreign languages in the world. Japanese is one of the most useful languages to know for those who work in the automotive, communications, and financial sectors.

    Now here's the thing. Japanese is considered one of the most difficult languages to learn. It has a different writing system than English, a completely different grammar structure, and relies heavily on cultural context and understanding.

    In 2016 there were around 14,700 enrolments for Japanese students on a student visa, for English language study in Australia (7,367), vocational and technical education (4,128) and higher education (just under 1,493).

    Japanese is one of the hardest languages for English natives to learn. It doesn't have many similarities in structure to English. They estimate it takes 88 weeks of learning, or 2200 hours, to reach fluency.

    The main reason there are so many students of Japanese language is because there are many schools which teach Japanese, either as a compulsory or as an elective course in foreign language study. Ninety-six per cent of those studying Japanese in Australia are primary and secondary students.

    The typical tuition is around 150,000 to 200,000 yen for a 3-month full-time program. In addition, most schools charge a registration fee of around 5,000 to 20,000 yen and an insurance fee of 10,000 yen per year in case of long-term programs.

    Huntingdale Primary School - Japanese School Melbourne

    huntingdale primary school japanese school


    03 9544 2313

    The Huntingdale Primary School is a vibrant organization that offers a warm and welcoming environment that encourages learning, laughter, and play. Our school has established a solid reputation as a leader in the field of bilingual education, both in Australia and internationally, as a result of the amazing successes of the Japanese Bilingual Language Immersion Education program.

    Teaching a second language to our students at Huntingdale Primary School is the most crucial thing we can do for them. Japanese has been a significant part of our children's great language teaching. Early neonates learn languages most naturally through immersion since that is how they learn best naturally.

    International College of Melbourne - Japanese School

    international college of melbourne japanese school 


    03 9662 3343


    The International College of Melbourne wants to make global educational possibilities accessible. The school places a lot of emphasis on helping students learn the knowledge and skills they'll need to adapt to societal and technological changes throughout their lives and, as a result, to function in a global workforce. We recognize the role of education in the development of an individual's sense of self-worth, values, and the highest ethical standards, in addition to the development of the skills required for a productive society.

    Services for Academic and Personal Support

    Students will gain from the academic services offered by our personnel, which will comprise a thorough learning resource center and fundamental skills exercises made to enhance the curriculum in the classroom.

    Student Services and Assistance Programs

    Giving all students, including those with special needs, the chance to take part in a range of social and cultural activities as well as assessment, advising, and counseling services will be a top emphasis.

    The University of Melbourne - Japanese Studies

    the university of melbourne japanese studies


    03 9035 5523

    What will I focus my studies on?

    Participate in lectures on topics like "Social Problems in Japan" and "Learning Japanese through the Media," as well as "Introduction to Japanese Communication" and "Reading Japanese Literature." Furthermore, you will gain a thorough understanding of Japan's history as well as its cultural and social customs. The complexity and diversity of Japanese society are made clear to students in Japanese Studies courses like "Social Problems in Japan," which also challenges their preconceptions.

    Your course structure

    A minimum of one major and 24 distinct themes totaling 300 points must be successfully completed for the Bachelor of Arts degree. Most students study eight subjects year for three years, either full-time or for the equivalent amount of part-time hours (typically four subjects in each semester).

    Avivo Australia Japanese School

    avivo australia japanese tutors


    0499 999 831

    Where We Stand

    Avivo Australia's objective is to provide personalised and entertaining education. We assist students in understanding the material by matching them with teachers who they can relate to and who deliver it in an understandable manner.

    Our objective is to create a learning environment of the highest caliber. We are able to do this by listening to what our students have to say and working together with them to meet their own objectives.

    BBI College - Japanese School Melbourne

    bbi college japanese school melbourne


    02 9264 8810

    Why attend BBICollege?

    BBICollege Japanese Language School, which is managed by BBI, which arranges all of the logistics for Australians to study, stay, and work in Japan, is able to help you not only by giving opportunities to learn Japanese but also by supporting your journey there. This means that we can help you fund your vacation to Japan as well as giving them the opportunity to study Japanese.

    Regarding the BBICollege.

    The Japanese language program at BBIC will act as a bridge to help you reach your ultimate goal by having you take Japanese classes and donate non-competitively to Japanese schools in Japan.

    A Course in Japanese

    Both our Japanese group lesson and our private lesson can commit to helping you realize your ambitions and study-related goals with the most cost-effective instructional approaches now available in Sydney.

    Dandenong High School - Japanese School Melbourne

    dandenong high school japanese school melbourne


    03 9792 0563

    The beginning of it all

    Although relatively simple, stables were one of the early school's amenities, and they were used by students who rode horses to school from the nearby fields. Due to the school's location in a rural area and the fact that it was one of just six suburban high schools, many students had to travel long distances to attend, taking the bus or train for well over an hour. These pupils were mostly from the Gippsland area. They also came from the Melbourne train line communities of Oakleigh, Murrumbeena, Ferntree Gully, and Scoresby, as well as nearby areas of Scoresby, Ferntree Gully, and Scoresby.

    The legendary customs and traditions of the school were formed early on under the guidance of Mr. P. C. Langford, who served as its first Headmaster. Soon after escaping the destruction and instability of the Great War, Langford relocated his family to Dandenong. He established a school there that instilled in its students a sense of discipline as well as optimism for a successful future.

    Japanese Melbourne Language School

    japanese melbourne language school


    0430 103 600

    Study Japanese with other Japanese people. Melbourne Language School Konnichiwa.

    Japanese lessons are offered in-person and online at the Japanese Melbourne Language School for students of various proficiency levels, including beginning, intermediate, and advanced speakers of the language. Additionally, students can prepare for the JLPT or the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JCE) (VCE).

    We usually have five pupils in each group when we train them. Six days per week, we provide daily Japanese instruction. We meet once or twice a week for a total of fifty minutes, eighty minutes, or one hundred minutes in our group and private Japanese language sessions.

    Our former students have included ATO managers, television newscasters, neighborhood artists, town council members, Apple geniuses, families planning their first trip to Japan, software engineers, photographers, primary school teachers, art directors, Santa Claus, architects, manga addicts, Saudi Arabian students, and more.

    The Japanese School of Melbourne

    the japanese school of melbourne


    03 9528 1945

    Greetings from the head of the school

    Japanese children who live in the Melbourne region will receive an education in accordance with the educational standards of the Japanese curriculum within the framework of a local school in Australia that caters to the international population, with the backing of the Australian government. This will happen within the framework of a global community. We are working hard to develop the qualities and abilities required to live independently.

    Because of the curriculum, pupils spend between 10 and 20 percent more time in class than they would in Japanese elementary and junior high schools. We take advantage of this chance to provide thorough academic counseling as well as English instruction. Additionally, we are actively participating in on-site learning by utilizing the fact that it is an educational center situated in a different country (exchange learning, off-campus learning, social tours, lodging learning, entertainment appreciation, etc.).

    Learning in Sociology as Well as Mathematics

    The first year of junior high school at our school will consist of 140 hours of social studies instruction, or four hours per week. In contrast, social studies will only be studied by students for three hours each week (105 hours total) in Japan. We are working to get better. The time assigned to "EAL" is chosen irrespective of the subject matter education. Through the hiring of teachers from the neighborhood, we are creating plenty of opportunities for exposure to native English speakers.

    Victorian School of Languages - Japanese School Melbourne

    victorian school of languages japanese school melbourne


    03 9474 0502

    Classes Conducted in Person

    The courses follow a standard course format and have the same prerequisites and material as language programs offered at day schools. After school, we offer in-person instruction at VSL Centers. Primary school systems all around the nation have VSL Centers. Typically, these training sessions take place on Weekend mornings. There are numerous evening sessions given each day of the week.

    Education at a Distance

    The university's remote education program gives students access to a wide variety of VSL programs. Students are responsible for completing and submitting their own schoolwork in addition to routinely taking part in oral instruction with VSL-based subject matter experts. Applications for distance learning programs at the secondary school level are only accepted by public, catholic, and independent institutions.

    Centre for Adult Education - Japanese School Melbourne

    centre for adult education japanese school melbourne


    03 9652 0616


    We are aware of and able to meet the needs of students from a variety of cultural, linguistic, and demographic backgrounds. Our organization offers adaptable programs, services, and facilities to the community as a whole, creating and maintaining learning opportunities.


    We always push for positive change in order to meet the demands of our organizational and educational environments, which are constantly changing. By talking with one another about our experiences and ideas, we foster a culture of learning.


    Every learner, company, and community member who interacts with us receives excellent customer service as a matter of course. We work together as a team, motivated by our passion to achieve a common objective that benefits students, business clients, workers, and all other CAE community members with a stake in the organization.

    Konnichiwa Japanese Language School Melbourne

    konnichiwa japanese language school melbourne


    0480 354 577

    Where We Stand

    I have had the wonderful chance to teach Japanese in a variety of places since moving to Australia, including a local high school, a language school, and many businesses. As a result of my role as a trainer for the course Teaching Japanese as a Second Language, I have helped a number of Japanese language teachers grow and develop.

    Izakaya Talk

    Let's conduct our conversation lesson outside of the classroom! Izakaya Talk is an informal, off-site Japanese discussion course that explores a variety of subjects in a friendly setting. Including organizing quiz evenings, board game nights, and discussions about the most recent news!

    Oak Park - Japanese School Melbourne

    oak park japanese school melbourne


    (03) 9306 9181

    School Values Respect Responsibility Resilience

    An average classroom teacher spends 10 hours on English instruction and 5 hours on mathematics education each week. Specialized courses are offered in Japanese, physical education, sustainability, performing arts, visual arts, and performing arts. A music program is outsourced to a different party.

    The supportive parent community and the friendly school environment are two of Oak Park Primary School's most noticeable features. Many of the parents have firsthand knowledge of the university because they themselves have taken classes there throughout their academic careers. The parent group is very active and has a lot of responsibility for the planning of significant events that are planned during the academic year.

    It would imply that the pupils are becoming more motivated and involved in their inquiry-based learning studies. The school has procedures in place to improve student welfare and has introduced positive behavior management strategies across the board. The majority of the pupils display really positive behaviors, and the school upholds a nice and orderly atmosphere.

    JAPANEASY Japanese Language & Culture School Melbourne

    japaneasy japanese tutors melbourne


    0422 266 374

    Experience Japan In Melbourne

    We welcome you into our extended family the moment you join up for JAPANEASY. We are really happy with the energetic and positive spirit that has persisted throughout.

    The immense energy that the students and lecturers are exchanging is visible and palpable. As a result, learning Japanese at JAPANEASY is a wildly joyful and thrilling experience.

    Melbourne International School of Japanese Inc.

    melbourne international school of japanese inc.


    0425 881 641

    Director of the Japanese Language Program of the Melbourne International School

    Steering Committee

    The steering committee is composed of representatives from parent associations, school administrators, vice principals, and office managers in addition to the members who are chosen at the annual general meeting of parents. This covers hiring instructors and personnel, procuring operating finances, carrying out budgets, settling accounts, and buying and upgrading equipment. The committee is in charge of the school's overall operations. As a general rule, the steering committee holds meetings once every month. With the exception of teachers and personnel, every member of the steering committee works without compensation.

    Operation Of Operating Funds

    The management of running funds is carried out with the approval of the general meeting of parents following the creation of an annual budget by the steering committee. After the budget has been approved, this is done. In addition, following a professional accountant's examination and an audit of the financial records, the parents will decide whether to accept the finalized accounts at a general meeting.

    Vocational Language Learning Centre

    vocational language learning centre. japanese school melbourne


    03 9602 1631

    Why is it that the VLLC approach is so effective?

    Both enjoying the process of learning a new language and reaching your language goals call for some freedom and supervised classes. You'll start expressing yourself verbally on the first day. 97 percent of our students have completed their certificates successfully and are glad to recommend VLLC. We are proud of the fact that we have one of Australia's highest success rates.

    Educators of Foreign Tongues in Australia

    You may be sure that you will receive the greatest training in your chosen profession when you choose to study a language at VLLC. We have friendly tutors on staff who have years of relevant experience and are authorities in their disciplines to make sure you receive the help you need to make the most of your educational experience.

    Master the Japanese language.

    Japan, which has one of the biggest economies in the world and acts as a bridge to the continent, is a good place to start if you want to learn about Asian culture. Enjoy yourself while learning about various cultures, cuisines, and traditions from around the world.

    Melbourne Grammar School - Japanese School Melbourne

    melbourne grammar school japanese school melbourne


    03 9865 7573

    Our School Structure

    In Years 7–12 at our institution, day students and boarders make up the majority of the student body. Along with our top-notch educational facilities, each and every student's education is supported by specialized pastoral care programs.

    Our Campuses And Surroundings

    Our three campuses' purpose-built facilities demonstrate the intentional approach we utilize to meet the educational demands of our students. Each of them was designed to promote the overall development of the targeted student populations and to provide adaptable and responsive classroom instruction. Our St. Kilda Road location is close to many of Melbourne's most important cultural and sporting institutions, and we offer educational opportunities at each of them.

    Caulfield Primary School - Japanese School Melbourne

    caulfield primary school japanese school melbourne


    03 9523 7934

    Children who attend school in both languages are likely to have better literacy abilities in both languages as well as more mature thinking skills in general. Research and real-world experience are both used to support this view.

    The majority of our students graduate with levels of reading, writing, and speaking Japanese fluency that are frequently on par with those of ninth- or tenth-graders.

    Our bilingual education offers our kids a wide range of unique opportunities and experiences that help them grow not just a solid understanding of the Japanese language and culture but also a sense of their duties as global citizens.

    Monash Japanese Language Education Centre

    monash japanese language education centre


    03 9902 6033

    Statement of Objectives

    In Tasmania, South Australia, and the state of Victoria, the Monash Japanese Language Education Centre is dedicated to advancing the study of the Japanese language. Support is mostly given by assisting Japanese language instructors who want to advance their credentials. This is accomplished by encouraging the creation of curriculum that are tailored to the unique requirements of students who are studying in Australia.

    Listen & Learn Australia - Japanese School

    listen learn australia japanese tutors


    03 8652 1330

    Study Online With Our Live Online Japanese Lessons

    Our native Japanese speakers are available to train you and, if necessary, the rest of your party at your home or place of business at a time that suits you. They are completely prepared to teach their mother tongue. Whether it's the morning, the afternoon, or the evening, you are free to book your sessions on any day of the week—even on the weekends.

    The courses can be held at a location determined by your personal trainer if unexpected events prevent them from taking place at your home or place of business. You'll have access to the resources required for the class.

    The Japanese Saturday College of Melbourne Inc.

    the japanese saturday college of melbourne inc.



    At the Melbourne supplemental school, education is given at the kindergarten level in accordance with the concepts specified in the Japanese educational curriculum. To reach our objective of giving kids a sustainable education that is pertinent to their current situations and needs as individuals, we work toward integrated guidance that strongly emphasizes cooperation across kindergartens, elementary schools, and junior high schools. To do this, we will perform entrance selection beginning in kindergarten utilizing factors like aptitude and Japanese language proficiency.

    Starting in kindergarten, we will start offering classes to foreign-born kids that are on par with those available in Japan. After entering elementary school, we will improve our supplemental teaching resources and assessment methods. Last but not least, we will offer instruction that can be used to junior high school and high school exams taken after returning to Japan. As part of the VCE preparation course, permanent residents and their children will continue learning Japanese textbook topics and Japanese culture for a considerable amount of time and receive a thorough education (tentative name).

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