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Best Places Worth Visiting In Perth

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    Enjoying the city to the fullest is simple when you know all the top places to go in Perth. You should try to see as many amazing places as possible, but that can be difficult if you have no idea where to begin. We've got you covered with information on all the best tourist spots!

    Those looking for a vacation spot that has it all should consider visiting Australia. It has beautiful beaches, nature preserves, and national parks, and it also has bustling cities with great food and shopping.

    Cottesloe Seaside, Scarborough Beach Park, and Hillarys Yacht Harbour are just a few of Perth's many stunning beaches. Old Perth Gaol and Kings Park, one of the biggest inner-city parks on earth, are both great places to visit if you're involved in the region's history.

    If you're in the mood for some retail therapy during your time in Perth, Beaufort Street Mall has you covered.

    1. The Botanic Garden At Kings Park

    Spread across a vast area of 990 acres, the famous Kings Park and Botanic Garden

    gorgeous city gardens surrounded by tributes to the city's fallen, and one of the city's most popular tourist destinations.

    Kings Park & Botanic Garden is one of the biggest inner-city parks on earth and provides a tranquil haven with stunning views of a Swan River and the Darling Range.

    Just about two-thirds of this park's total area is made up of natural bush, home to a wide variety of native flora and wildlife. The conservation focus of the garden is that it mostly features plants that thrive in Mediterranean climates, such as those found in Western Australia or other places like South Africa & California.

    The water garden depicts a watercourse in the Darling Range and features acacia trees and a calm Place of Reflection.

    Several intriguing metropolitan attractions may be found within this enormous garden, including numerous species of native Australian birds and vegetation. This beautiful park offers breathtaking views of the Darling Mountains, Perth Lake, and the metropolitan skyline from its vantage point above the confluence of the Swan and Canning rivers.

    The Kings Park Memorial Site is a moving homage to Western Australia's troops and women, and it's located on top of Mount Eliza with panoramic views of the city. A network of walkways allows you to stroll across the park, and the Lotterywest Union Walkway allows you to do so high above the ground, among a forest of eucalyptus trees.

    There are also playgrounds, picnic spots, and scenic lookouts can be found throughout the park. Visit Aspect of Queens Park, a shopping district filled with galleries and souvenir stores that feature the work of local artists, after taking a stroll around the park.

    At night, the park transforms into the ideal setting for a romantic promenade, with views of the city's shimmering lights seen from Fraser Avenue Lookout.

    Kings Park and Botanic Garden, in addition to providing opportunities for guided tours and paying respects at the state War Memorial, is renowned for its stunning aesthetics, cutting-edge architecture, cutting-edge research, and rich diversity. Also, this location is ideal for bicycling, viewing birds, and having a picnic.

    perth swan river and valley

    2. Swan Valley And The Swan River

    Indigenous people in the area attribute the river's twisting course to the rainbow serpent Waugal. Perth residents and visitors agree: this is the best place for some fresh air and recreation. In the parks along the river, you can have a picnic, ride bikes, hike, fish, sail, swim, and kayak.

    Take a leisurely river trip between Perth as well as the historic city of Fremantle to explore some of the lavish mansions that line the riverfront. A voyage up the river to the lush deltaic coastlines is another popular day adventure. Swan Valley, The original site of grape cultivation in Western Australia.

    Fresh local products and tasty artisan meals may be sampled at some of the best restaurants in the country. Barrack Square Jetty is also the starting point for the most majority of river tours and ferries.

    Situated on the Swan River, In 1697, the Swan River was mapped and named; by the early 1800s, Europeans had settled in the valley. It is in Western Australia between the towns of Guildford and Bells Rapids.

    Due to the frequent sightings by Black Swans on the river, Willem De Vlamingh gave it the name "Swan Lake" in 1697. This region is home to several of Western Australia's finest wineries because its soil is exceptionally fruitful.

    Swan Valley's vineyards benefit from the region's rich soils and Mediterranean climate, which features hot, dry summers and moderate, wet winters, allowing winemakers to craft a wide range of complex and distinctive vintages. Since this is among the top locations to go in Perth, you can also expect to find excellent seasonal vegetables.

    Swan Valley is an oasis of natural beauty and farm-fresh food far from the madding crowds of the metropolis. The majority of the area's sights are within a 25-kilometer radius. You can spend a day on a cruise, take a stroll around the valley, and visit stores where you can sample chocolates or honey, just to name a few of the many enjoyable things available.

    The vast majority of vineyards are family-run establishments where you can learn more about the industry's rich background firsthand. In addition, several national parks, including Caversham, allow visitors to interact with native wildlife up close and personal by providing food and water for animals like kangaroos and koalas.

    Henley Brook is indeed the place to go if crocodiles are your thing. If you're bored, explore the local antique shops or go horseback riding.

    In Swan Valley, you and your loved ones can choose from a wide variety of fun activities. See the attractions by visiting the area, cycling, driving, or renting a car. There is a lot of greenery and wine in this valley because it is bordered by a river, rich soil, nature, and so on.

    Some of Australia's oldest wineries, some of which are more than 180 years old, are located in this valley. There are more than 40 wineries here, along with six speciality breweries, cideries, and distilleries. In addition to its well-known wines, the region also boasts excellent hiking opportunities, fascinating historical sites, and a delicious array of dining options.

    The Swan Valley may be reached in about 15 minutes by taxi from Perth Airport, and around 25 minutes from the city centre. You cannot get there on foot, therefore you'll need to use a rail, bus, taxi, or town car to get there.

    Using Google Maps, you can simply find your way about if you decide to take a road trip. If you'd rather take the train, you can do so through the Midland line; simply alight at Guildford railway and proceed by taxi or bicycle to reach Swan Valley.

    3. Perth Mint

    Being the oldest gold mint globally and a branch of Britain Royal Mint, the Perth Mint constructio n beginning in 1899. After passing through the wrought-iron gates, visitors will be treated to a sight unlike any other: the world's largest collection of gold bars. Over a million dollars' worth of gold is on display at the museum.

    A Perth Mint is among the city's top attractions since it is easily accessible from the heart of the city, is open every day of the year, and features a fascinating history of coinage and numismatics.

    The Perth Mint is a popular destination for families because it provides an interesting look into to the past of gold mining in Western Australia. A one-ton coin and other gold artefacts can be shown at the Gold Exhibition.

    A solid gold bar is poured in the 1899 smelting house, where visitors may also view the largest collection of gold coins inside the Southern Hemisphere. Tours of a Perth Mint feature an informative short film and hourly guided discussions that provide light on the state's gold rush and the Mint's history.

    You can calculate how much gold you're worth. Shop for unique keepsakes and treat yourself to Devonshire Coffee at the cafe after your tour.

    The initial focus of the organisation was on the refining and minting of gold from the eastern Western Australian goldfields. The result is an interesting collection that is well worth checking out.

    The most important coin is on display, and it's worth around $50 million at a glance. It's fashioned out of a tonne of pure gold. At this exhibit, you may see gold in many different forms, including nuggets. It's also possible to gain access to the melt house and watch gold being melted down from a bar.

    perth zoo lemurians

    4. The Perth Zoo

    Perth Zoo is a charming vacation spot for the whole family, thanks to its prime position near South Perth, Western Australia, on the banks of the beautiful Swan River. It occupies an expansive 41 acres and is located just five minutes from Perth's central business district.

    This zoo first welcomed visitors in 1898 and has never been closed. It houses almost 1,300 animals representing roughly 164 species, and it also has an extensive collection of plants. This is among the most popular tourist destinations in Perth, and it's also a major player in the ZAA and WAZA.

    Perth Zoo, located about 3 km from downtown, has been entertaining visitors since 1898. Some of Australia's exotic flora and fauna are on display inside the Australian Bushwalk & Wetlands exhibitions, which attract tourists from all over the world.

    One of Australia's most popular tourist attractions, the Perth Zoo is indeed a must-see for anybody travelling to Western Australia. Its flora and fauna draw visitors from every part of the world due to the stunning scenery and the wonderful variety on exhibit.

    Many sorts of different animals from all over the world are represented here, from Asia and Africa to Australia and South America and beyond. The setting is ideal, and accommodations have been made so that animals of all kinds can thrive here. The goal is to create an atmosphere that seems as authentic and genuine as possible.

    Tourists from every corner of the world go to this natural paradise to connect with and witness the realism of the native fauna.

    The zoo provides a variety of excursions, such as the Elephants Walk, Rhino Tour, Zebra Car Tour, etc., so visitors can gain unique perspectives into the lives of these fascinating creatures. If you want to see everything the zoo has to offer, you should set aside at least half a day.

    In addition, it brings you closer to such wild animals by hosting a number of entertaining activities and exhibitions, such as free zookeeper session, animal feeding demonstrations, educational programmes, and many more. The important conservation efforts which the zoo is doing is also explained here.

    Kangaroos, marsupials, wallabies, wombats, and Komodo dragons are all present. You may also feed giraffes on the African savannah, see orangutans inside the Asian rainforest, watch an elephant show, and look at pygmy marmosets in the South American monkey exhibit.

    Several public and private transportation options run to Perth Zoo from Perth Airport.

    You can take a ferry from Barracks Street Jetty to the zoo, or get there by bus, vehicle, train, or bike.

    Using the line 40 bus from Perth Airport to Perth Zoo will save time and money. This trip will take 59 minutes. Snook Rd Behind Ross Dr is the terminal where Transperth buses depart towards the city.

    The cheapest and fastest (14 minutes) option to go to Perth Zoo, but the prices are a touch steep.

    The Perth Zoo is easily accessible by automobile, as it is the quickest, least expensive, and most enjoyable method of transportation.

    The animals at Perth Zoo are friendly, and the zookeepers allow visitors to feed, touch, and even pet them. These up-close interactions completely transform a trip to Perth Zoo.

    There, you can partake in as many or as few "eye to eye" interactions as the schedule allows. There are "Eye to Eye" events that happen every day, every week, or once a year.

    Having the company of the a variety of monkeys or the Savannah is another highly sought-after activity at the Perth Zoo. You can prepare breakfast, spend quality time in their sleeping quarters, and personally deliver their favourite delicacies.

    5. Hillarys Boat Basin

    Hillarys Boat Harbour is a top destination for leisure activities in Perth. Since its opening in 1988, the harbour has provided incomparable service to visitors and locals alike.

    The Harbour is one of the nicest sites to visit in Perth, and it's a great place to take the kids for a day of fun and excitement.

    Located around 20 km north-west of Perth's CBD, Hillarys Boat Harbour is really a large marina with numerous dining options, retail outlets, and fun things for the whole family. One of the most popular attractions in Perth is the Oceanography of Western Australia.

    Stingrays, stingrays, dolphins, and sharks are just a few of the more than 200 marine animal species you can see while strolling through an undersea glass tunnel. This is a popular destination for a day trip because of the abundance of bike lanes, sidewalks, parks, and protected beaches. At this terminal, you can also catch a ferry to Rottnest Island.

    The world-famous AQWA, the biggest aquarium in Australia, is located in the Hillarys Boat Harbour, and it takes visitors on an unforgettable voyage to learn about the rich aquatic life of Washington Australia's coastlines.

    The Great Escape, a theme park, & Sorrento Quay Boardwalk, a shopping mecca, are two more prominent draws. From the Harbor, you can also go to Rottnest Island.

    North of Perth, near the seaside neighbourhood of Hillary, is the Hillarys Boat Harbour. The city centre of Perth may be reached in 25 minutes by car.

    6. Bell Tower

    Looking a little like an alien spaceship or rocket, the Bell Tower One of the most famous instruments in the world may be found in Barracks Square.

    Despite its futuristic exterior, Saint Martin inside the Fields Church, a local church of City's Buckingham Palace, houses the original bells from the 14th century inside.

    The Bell Tower, which looks like a cross between a rocket ship and an extraterrestrial spaceship, is one of the most important musical instruments inside the world. Space-age in appearance, the tool actually houses the original bells from the 14th century and is one of the top tourist attractions in Perth.

    Many visitors to the Bell Tower are interested in history, and they come to watch and participate in interactive displays of the bell ringing art. Visitors also get to see numerous fascinating displays related to the fascinating history of bells.

    The Swan River and the city of Perth may be seen in all directions from this location. Lovebirds and couples can purchase unique padlocks and attach them to an industrial-strength fence.

    As part of the admission price, visitors can participate in a live demonstration of the centuries-old skill of bell and explore fascinating displays detailing the bells' rich history. See the Swan River and the city from a bird's eye vantage point at the open-air 6th-floor observation deck.

    Those in love can spend a little extra on a "love lock" for a chain-link fence. The Bell Tower may be reached quickly and easily. From the central business district, it's a five-minute stroll.

    perth art gallery of western australia

    7. Western Australia Art Gallery

    In the Perth Cultural Centre, a one-minute walk from the nearest train station, the Art Gallery of Western Australia features works by Australian and international artists from 1829 to a present.

    The Art Gallery in Western Australia houses and displays an extensive collection of fine art from Australia and across the world in the Perth Cultural Centre. In Perth, this is a must-see attraction.

    This prominent art gallery features works by some of the world's greatest artists, spanning the years 1829 to the present day.

    The exhibition features the work of famous artist like Fredrick McCubbin and Hans Heysen, with a focus on their stunning creations from the Indian Ocean Rim to Australia.

    It is widely held that the Art Gallery of WA's activities, collections, programmes, and exhibitions have benefited greatly from Perth's closeness to a number of the world's most intriguing cultures.

    Australia and the other countries along the Indian Ocean are given special attention. The gallery features works by renowned artists including Hans Heysen & Frederick McCubbin among its rich collection of traditional and modern indigenous art.

    8. The Cathedral Of St. Mary

    Constructed over three centuries, St. Mary's Cathedral is a magnificent Neo-Gothic church that was dedicated in 1865 and has undergone numerous renovations since then.

    In 1838, the city of Perth drew up its first official plan, which included a spot on the map for a cathedral. The cathedral's evocative lighting at night makes it a peaceful retreat from the city.

    St. Mary's Cathedral is a popular destination for visitors to Perth, Western Australia. The Archbishop of Perth for the Roman Catholic Church presides over his flock from this Cathedral.

    In Perth, Australia, there is a thrilling tower perched atop a hill in an otherwise tranquil setting. The Cathedral was built over the course of more than once century, in three distinct phases.

    One of the greatest attractions in Perth, the Cathedral's expansion project was completed in 2009.

    You can attend the service and marvel at the stunning architecture of the building. A visit to the Cathedral is a great way to get away from the city's hustle and bustle for a while. On Tuesdays, for a suggested donation of $5, there is a guided tour that you can join.

    Easily accessible from Perth's central business district, the Cathedral dominates Victoria Square.

    The building is open for tours each Tuesday at 10:30 am for curious sightseers. Over at the Church Office, you can purchase tickets.

    9. Museum Of Aviation Heritage

    Even if you're not interested in aircraft, you might be surprised by the fascinating displays at the Aviation Heritage Museum, somewhere around Perth's southernmost suburbs.

    Your visit to Perth, Western Australia's Aviation Heritage Museum will be unforgettable. Thirty aircraft, both commercial and military, plus a number of other artefacts are on show in the museum.

    Although it only officially opened its doors in 1983, the museum's history dates back to 1929, when the RAF association was established, making it one of the city's top attractions.

    Almost thirty aeroplanes and thousands of artefacts span the history of aviation from early two-winged aircraft of World War I to modern passenger jets.

    An exclusive tour of the Lancaster Bomber, an aircraft purchased by the museum during 1962 that saw action during World War Two, is available for booking. Also, different types of guided excursions can be arranged upon request.

    Private tours of the Lancaster bomber, Dakota C-47, and Fighter Mark XXII are also available for an additional cost.

    Bull Creek is home to the museum.

    perth scitech wa

    10. Scitech

    SciTech is a fun and interesting science centre in Perth, Western Australia. Located smack dab in the centre of town, this prestigious school is Western Australia's scientific leader.

    This is one of the top Perth tourist attractions because it is not only a school but also a one-of-a-kind centre that offers an exciting science experience to the entire family.

    Each and every one of your needs can be satisfied at SciTech. One can learn more about scientific and technological topics here. This place is worth checking out because of how pleasant and secure it is.

    The building's display design is cutting edge because it was conceived by and executed by illustrious designers from all around the globe.

    In 2018, SciTech marked 30 years in business. In addition, they unveiled a new tactic they're calling "New Scitech." Similarly, the formation of the same was conceived as a means to influence the development of Western Australia's premier STEM organisation.

    The state government of Western Australia has made it a priority to assist its citizens in developing the necessary 21st-century STEM-enabled skills.

    In addition to its other educational offerings, this institution is home to one of the world's largest planetariums. There are currently over a hundred displays, many of which focus on science. There is also a run of puppet shows. You might easily spend an entire day there and be left wishing for more.

    Throughout the holiday season, SciTech hosts a number of fun activities designed specifically for kids. Curious minds have greater room to explore their imaginations and try new things in the CSIRO Lab.

    The mission of this group is to increase the public's understanding, appreciation, and engagement with STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).

    If you're travelling with restless children, don't miss out on include Scitech in your schedule. This fun, kid-friendly museum has inventive and interactive displays to get kids interested in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math).

    Exhibits about air, water, gravity, lightning, and magnets may be found in Discoverland, an amusement park tailored to children aged three to seven.

    Little constructors will love this place, and older kids can have fun exploring the miniature aquarium exhibit, complete with a periscope for sneaking peeks at mum and dad.

    Older children will love the planetarium films and science programmes, and all children will learn about the water cycle at Waterlandia. There's also a puppets theatre and other themed exhibits to round out the entertainment.

    You should get there soon in a day — exactly when they open, if possible — if you want to make the most of your time there. But, by late afternoon, the area is overrun with school groups and other educational institutions. Avoid scheduling anything important around school breaks.

    Time is of the essence, so leave yourself plenty of spare minutes to participate in as many of these activities as possible. Exhibitions rotate frequently, so if there are specific shows you're interested in seeing, make a note of that.

    The commute from Perth Airport to SciTech is roughly 20 minutes. Using Interstate 90 and State Road 8 from the intersection of Interstate 94 & Graham Farmer Freeway will get you there in about 13.7 kilometres.

    Take a taxi, drive yourself, use a shuttle, or hire a town car; they're all viable options for getting there. Moreover, one can take a taxi, order a cab online, or drive oneself (if you have hired a car). Shuttles run between the airport and Scitech.

    A low-cost way to get there is to take the bus, line 935.


    Perth's proximity to exciting tourist destinations in Asia and high quality of life make it an attractive spot to settle down and continue your study. Western Australia is home to several fantastic tourist destinations, including the universities of Murdoch and Edith Cowan as well as the Fremantle Historic Precinct and the Little Creatures microbrewery. Fremantle is well-known for its colonial history and housing options as well as its weekend markets, Australia II, HMAS Ovens, and Triggers that trigger Tour. Perth is a great area to raise a family because of the city's enormous infrastructure for youth sports and athletics. COMO and Crown Towers Perth, two new six-star hotels, have recently opened in Perth.

    Crown Towers Perth, located in neighbouring Burswood on the other side of the river, is the most expensive accommodation option in Perth, whereas COMO, a 48-room modern luxury hotel in the heart of Perth's revitalised historic centre, is significantly cheaper. Both establishments are equipped with cutting-edge noise cancellation technology to ensure a peaceful stay. At COMO, you can find a warm and inviting space to read the paper, have a drink with pals, brunch, or celebrate a special event with friends over a delicious meal from the restaurant.

    Content Summary:

    1. Do you wish to visit the most agreeable capital in all of Australia?
    2. For international students, Perth is not just about the best weather in Australia.
    3. It can be challenging to get your footing in a new city and make a place feel like home right away.
    4. In any case, if the opportunity arises, you should go to Perth, Western Australia.
    5. Many advantages exist for making this location your permanent overseas residence.
    6. It brings us to the question: have you thought about moving to Perth, Western Australia?
    7. Please allow us to expound upon all the wonderful features that make Perth our home.
    8. Quite a few wonderful things can be discovered in this city.
    9. We're hoping you'll find this list helpful, and that you'll gain some insight into our city as a result.
    10. From its beautiful beaches to its illustrious educational institutions, Perth, Western Australia, is an ideal destination to settle down and advance one's education.
    11. One, it's geographically closer to well-liked tourist destinations in Asia. Perth, on Australia's western coast, is closer to popular Asian tourist destinations like Bali and Phuket than any other major Australian city.
    12. It takes only three hours to fly to Bali.
    13. That's also how long a flight to Australia's capital city of Adelaide, which is geographically closest to Perth, takes.
    14. Hence, Perth is just as isolated as it sounds, which is a plus for many native West Australians.
    15. If you ever get the wanderlust and want to visit a remote, exotic location in Australia's north-east, you're not more than a three-hour flight away.
    16. You can avoid the stress of airport transfers, reduce the cost of your flight, and cut down on your total time in the air.
    17. To avoid missing your flight, you should hurry to Perth's international airport.
    18. Perth is home to all five of Western Australia's educational institutions.
    19. The "quality of education experience" and "skills scale" rankings at Notre Dame are the highest in Australia and the university is largely considered a global leader in both categories.
    20. The College of Veterinary Medicine at Murdoch University is known for producing some of the greatest veterinarians in the country, notably in the field of equine medicine.
    21. The University of Western Australia is the oldest university in the state and the only Australian member of the Matakiri Group for Universities.
    22. The European Union is a part of it in addition to the other G8 countries.
    23. Edith Cowan University is the fifth and final university in Western Austr alia.
    24. The original WA Colleges of Advanced Education were merged into ECU so that it could better serve its students, but the university now provides numerous professional certifications and training programmes.
    25. Your child will find all he or she needs to succeed academically in Perth, from early childhood education to higher education.
    26. Thirdly, the Fremantle Heritage Precinct The Fremantle neighbourhood by the river in Perth is a lovely place to visit.
    27. Creative types that enjoy activities like busking, street painting, and eating in the open can be found living among the neighbourhood's twisting, colonial-era alleyways.
    28. Fremantle, the port city of Perth (or just Perth by the locals), is one of the world's top 10 must-see destinations, according to travel guidebook publisher Lonely Planet.
    29. South of Perth, Fremantle is about a half-hour drive down the Stirling Highway or a 25-minute train ride from Perth Central Station.
    30. Most of Fremantle's ancient buildings and neighbourhoods are still standing, despite the fact that the area is now a part of Perth.
    31. Discover the city by spending time in its fascinating neighbourhoods, its historic prison, and its world-famous brewery.
    32. Fans of the local craft beverage and coffee scene, maritime history buffs, and adventure shoppers will all feel at home in modern Freo.
    33. Despite its modest beginnings, the Little Creatures microbrewery is a recognised and beloved brand all over the world.
    34. You can learn its secrets by going to its birthplace.
    35. Members of the staff are encouraged to express their individuality through dress and grooming, and it is not uncommon to see handlebar moustaches, coloured hair, body piercings, and tattoos.
    36. Weekend markets in Fremantle feature everything from art and photography to tie-dye T-shirts, tassel hammocks, and a buskers zone.
    37. Gozlemes, grilled corn, and paella are made in front of your eyes in the kitchen.
    38. On Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, you can find farmers selling inexpensive, freshly harvested fruit and vegetables in daylong markets.
    39. Moreover, street performers frequently gather at the entrance on South Terrace.
    40. You may see the Australia II, the boat that won the America's Cup in 1983, in the Western Australian Maritime Museum, which is located on the waterfront of Fremantle Harbour.
    41. Yet it's more than simply a boat.
    42. With the yacht's win, Perth and Fremantle entered a golden age of riches and luxury on the world stage.
    43. In addition to seeing a pearl lugger or a leisure boat, you may go on a guided tour of the 89-meter (292-foot) long HMAS Ovens, a submarine from the Cold War era.
    44. Departures are every 30 minutes from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm (booking in advance is encouraged).
    45. Visit the Fremantle Prison, which is on the World Heritage list, to learn about the city's colonial heritage and to hear thrilling stories of courageous Irish escapees and cheeky bushrangers.
    46. Booking in advance is required for the 90-minute Triggers that Cause Tour.
    47. Guests on the 2.5-hour Tunnels Tour are required to wear hard hats, overalls, shoes, and headlamps as they descend 20 metres (65 feet) below the jail.
    48. Two Legs and a Heartbeat offers walking tours of the town's historic locations, during which you will be regaled with interesting anecdotes and local history.
    49. Throughout the tour, you'll stop for lunch.
    50. And as a picture of a port in the nineteenth century, it's pretty spot on, too.
    51. Because of this, some have claimed that it is unique.
    52. Wandering through the streets of this port city, you'll see ancient structures like the infamous Fremantle Prison, which will transport you back to the days when they were a hub for maritime and prisoner activity.
    53. Historically influenced by the United States, Australians have commonly referred to football as "soccer."
    54. This distinguishes it from Rugby and Australian Rules Football, the other two major forms of football played in the country (AFL).
    55. Using the generic term "football" for the sport has been legislated by the AFL, bringing Australia's language into line with the rest of the world's football communities.
    56. So, to avoid confusion, it is preferable to refer to Rugby as either Union or League and to Australian Rules Football as AFL.
    57. Moving to Perth guarantees you a spot on a team, no matter what your sport of choice may be.
    58. Kids may take advantage of Perth's pleasant weather by participating in the city's comprehensive youth sports and athletics system.
    59. It's just one more reason why Perth is the best place to settle down and start a family.
    60. Five, Soccer Can Be Your Major In College (And AFL) Earlier, we talked about how the "proudly Pommy" suburbs are obsessed with soccer (also known as football).
    61. Apparently, this is significant enough for a nearby university to provide a class tailored to curious individuals like yourself.
    62. Students at Edith Cowan University's Joondalup campus can choose to specialise in football performance as part of the Bachelor of Science (Exercise and Sports Science) curriculum.
    63. Victoria, Australia now provides the same instruction.
    64. Although historically speaking, until quite recently, Perth was the only Australian city where one could enrol in a university programme leading to a degree in football.
    65. You probably won't spend much time in hotels if you decide to make Perth your permanent home.
    66. Two of Australia's most famous 6-star hotels have recently opened in Perth, and we felt it was necessary to let you know about them.
    67. You can treat your British relatives and friends to a pleasant stay in Perth.
    68. In an extremely impressive fashion!
    69. The Treasury Hotel's Central Business District, or COMO, is one of the hotels in the area. This hotel has earned a reputation as Australia's finest urban lodging.
    70. The Capital is a modern luxury hotel with 48 rooms, located in the heart of Perth's revitalised historic centre.
    71. COMO is housed in a set of governmental buildings that date back to the 1850s.
    72. There are two restaurants and a bar at The Treasury, as well as the world-famous COMO Tibet health therapies.
    73. It's tempting to aimlessly peruse the softly lit corridors in search of a cosy nook in which to read the paper, have a drink, catch up with friends, have breakfast, or celebrate a special occasion with a bistro feast.
    74. The bedrooms are large and irregular in shape because they were designed around the existing framework of the building.
    75. State-of-the-art acoustic equipment is installed in each room to maintain tranquilly and block out any unwanted noise.
    76. The Treasury is a luxurious and peaceful base from which to explore the wild beauty of Western Australia.
    77. Distances on Western Australian highways are measured from Point Zero, which is right in front of the motel.
    78. It overlooks both St. George's Cathedral and the city's brand new library.
    79. Perth's glistening malls, the Swan River, and the Elizabeth Quay waterfront sector are all within easy walking distance.
    80. St. Georges Road is lined with free buses that make moving around Perth a pleasure, and the city's main train station is only a few minutes away on foot.
    81. The other, the most expensive hotel in Perth, is the Crown Towers Perth, located in the posh district of Burswood on the other side of the river.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Places

    Perth enjoys more hours of sunshine than any other capital city in Australia. Perth is also famous for some of the Hollywood stars who were born, raised or studied here including Isla Fisher (The Great Gatsby), Sam Worthington (Avatar) and Melissa George (Mulholland Drive) and the late Heath Ledger (The Dark Knight).

    The Best Neighborhoods in Perth for Tourists

    • City Center. 
    • Elizabeth Quay. 
    • West Perth. 
    • East Perth. 
    • Northbridge. 
    • Burswood. 
    • Fremantle. 
    • Scarborough.

    Yes, many of Perth's attractions are popular amongst tourists, but they're also recognized for their excellence. In 2021, Tripadvisor recognized several of the city's attractions for their popularity. These sights included the Swan River, The Perth Mint, The Perth Bell Tower, and Elizabeth Quay.

    To truly experience Perth and all its glory, especially for first-time visitors, you need to spend at least three days in the city. Three days in Perth is enough time to cover the city's top attractions (like Perth Hills, State War Memorial, and Kings Park) without feeling like you are rushing through.

    The best time to visit Perth is in September, October or November when the city is aglow with the colors and perfumes of spring and sunny days are uninterrupted by rain. December through February constitutes Perth's summertime and is marked by scorching temperatures.

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