Top 20 Security Camera & CCTV Systems in Sydney (2024)

If you're looking for a security camera or CCTV system, there are many different options to choose from. In this blog post, we will explore the best home and business security cameras on the market. 

In order to find the best solution for your needs, it's important to research all of your options before making a decision. We'll go over some key features that you should be considering when looking into a new system including: video quality, installation difficulty level and price point. Let's get started! 

To help you get started on your security camera hunt, we’ve rounded up our favourite Security Camera & CCTV Systems from right across Sydney.

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    Ultimate List of Security Camera & CCTV Systems in Sydney

    Vipre Electronics - Security Camera & CCTV Systems Sydney

    vipre electronics

    0414 444 536

    Security Systems Sydney

    We take pleasure in being a top independent company without a product affiliation with extensive experience. Every house or business requires a significant time and financial commitment. Insurance may assist in covering your losses should they occur, but why not take preventative measures to shield yourself from loss in the first place?

    Your security vulnerability can be decreased with the aid of Vipre Security. Vipre Security is here to help you with anything from security strategy to risk and vulnerability assessments, security system design, and forensic consulting. To assist you get protected, we encourage both current and previous clients to get in touch with us.

    Digital CCTV - Security Camera & CCTV Systems Sydney

    digital cctv

    02 8710 9493

    Since 2009, our Sydney-based firm has been committed to provide residential and commercial clients CCTV systems of the highest caliber, that are trustworthy, and within their means. We are highly skilled and knowledgeable in the design, installation, and upkeep of various CCTV systems.

    From simple single-camera systems to sophisticated multi-site IP video surveillance systems with round-the-clock recording and monitoring, we offer a wide selection of CCTV system solutions. We can assist you if you want to monitor a small store or office or if you have many enterprises that need a centralized monitoring solution. For a wide range of enterprises, we have successfully deployed a number of different systems. A list of our clients is available by clicking here.

    Nightswatch Security - Security Camera & CCTV Systems Sydney

    nightswatch security

    Sydney Security CCTV Camera and Alarm System Installation Service

    Installation and upkeep of security CCTV cameras is a specialty of Nightswatch Security, a reputable security company with offices in Sydney. We supply security systems for your home, store, workplace, and warehouse and are among Sydney's top providers of security network solutions.

    Is the back or front yard of your home secure? Has your neighborhood experienced any robberies or break-ins? When do strangers knock on your door? Do you wish to use a smart portable device to remotely monitor your property while you are on vacation? Simply get a free estimate at Nightswatch. We will inspect your house and offer you a seasoned security recommendation or fix. They are entirely uncharged. You can then evaluate if a security system is required for your home or other property based on these.

    Security Camera & CCTV Systems FAQs

    We recommend that you take the time to conduct some research into which CCTV camera is best for your needs. As there is a variety of different CCTV cameras in Sydney, available on the market. It's important that you select one that suits your current or future needs. 

    You should also consider how often you're going to need to check video footage and how long you want a camera to be able to record footage for. It is also important to make sure that the camera system can integrate with other security products such as access control. This will ensure that you are able to get the most out of your camera.


    Front door

    This is the most obvious route for criminals to gain access into your home, and the biggest proportion of break-ins occur via this entrance. To prevent any items being launched at the delicate CCTV cameras, consider mounting the equipment at the second floor level or fitting a wire cage around it.

    Back and side doors

    Any entrance into your property is viewed as a potential channel for a criminal to gain access into your private space. Have some cameras trained on all doors, as these are your most vulnerable spots. Take the same protective precautions as described in the previous point, to prevent any tampering.

    Patio and French doors are especially defenceless against break-ins, so support their stability with thick glass and a well-placed CCTV camera.

    Off-street windows

    Windows that are not facing onto a busy street or road may be attractive to crooks as there are no prying eyes from the public. In addition to cameras, as an extra safety enforcement, never neglect your windows and keep them closed and locked whenever you go out.


    Some people may not think to monitor their garage, but this is often a common access route for burglars. Therefore, whether your garage contains valuable equipment or not, it’s important to keep it safeguarded.

    A camera facing the driveway or garage area is great for picking up signs of suspicious activity. Alternatively, you may wish to place the camera inside the garage, pointing it at an angle where the light from the opening door can light up the dark interior.


    Whether it’s a shed bursting with pricey gardening machinery, or a garden full of play equipment for the kids, often our gardens house many expensive items that make them inviting to crooks. To keep this area safe and secure, have a few smartly placed cameras dotted around, along with some security lights.

    All these elements can act as great deterrents to lawbreakers, making them think twice about accessing your garden.


    It is a common misconception that CCTV cameras are exclusively suited to the outdoors. Installing a camera on the inside of your house, lens trained on the doors or windows, can record a criminal entering your home, offering a full view of their face for easier identification.

    The only disadvantage with indoor placement of cameras is that they are not as visually deterring and a criminal has to first enter your home to notice them.

    For more advice on the best locations for home security cameras, simply ask a security specialist who will be able to offer some insight.

    Default Password Access

    The process of breaking into a CCTV camera is easy, but it requires some effort. One way would be by simply looking on the internet for its IP address and logging in with an engine such as angryip or shadon which can obtain signature data about your device's vendor status. From there you are able to try out different passwords until one grants access to either just that particular wireless network camera--or if they have Admin privileges then potentially entire security systems!

    When setting up a new security camera system, it is important to make sure that the default passwords can't be easily guessed by someone else. So in this day and age when firewalls don’t seem like they will help as much anymore with hackers finding ways around them anyway; we should always take precautions now rather than later!

    Find the User ID

    Cybercriminals can bypass tough security by targeting user ids. Luckily, they're not always that hard to find thanks in part because of cookies and other data stored on your system or device that websites may send when you visit them for such things as login purposes. Though the key is hashed (meaning it takes an algorithmically produced string of numbers and letters), there's still a way around this: knowing somebody else who also uses one particular email address/username combination!

    “After that,” the writer continued, “you can view the live feed of the cam/DVR [digital video recorder], manipulate the DVR, change that user’s email/phone and password and effectively lock the user out.”

    Finding Command Lines

    Once this became common knowledge, the Chinese company recognized and patched the flaw. The patch was then included in subsequent firmware updates for all its security cameras with known vulnerabilities. Hikvision stated publicly that the code was a holdover from the testing phase, which developers neglected to remove before launch.

    Despite all the press in the security community, many operators never bother to install the latest firmware onto their surveillance cameras. So, this flaw is an issue that even novice hackers will likely continue to leverage.

    Check Out Strange Noises from Your IP Camera, Baby Monitor

    If you find out that your IP camera has been hacked, there's an obvious sign. The voice will be coming from somewhere other than where the device should be located and it could sound like one person speaking in quick succession or sounds similar to someone else talking but too fast for them selves meaning they are probably using a hidden mic on their clothing near by maybe close enough so when people walk past without realizing its there which is why sometimes we can hear what others say even if no-one speaks up!

    See If Your Security Camera Rotates Abnormally

    You see, if you find out that your home security camera is following the movements of people in your house without their knowledge or permission - it might have been hacked. That's because someone would hack into a pan-tilt camera and take control over what they are seeing through this type device! Your hacked surveillance system may even move around on its own accord; point somewhere different than usual for instance.

    Check If the Security Settings Have Been Changed

    How do you see if your surveillance camera has been hacked?

    It is a necessary step to check if the security settings have been changed and password has been set to default. The person hacks into your security camera may leave some information on the settings. There are some pride security camera hackers who even change the camera names to something like "Upgrade Firmware"to show off their hacking talents.

    Find Out If There's a Blinking LED Light

    You can also check if your webcam security camera has been hacked by a randomly blinking LED light.

    If you see that the LED light is blinking randomly, your security camera is probably being hacked. In that case, reboot your computer. If the light flashes again after 10 minutes or so, open up your Task Manager, click on the "processes" tab and search for "winlogon.exe." Upon doing that, if you see more than one copy of the program, disconnect your computer from the Internet and use an anti-virus program to run a full system scan to ensure your computer has not been infected with a Trojan.

    Pay Attention to an Illuminated LED Light

    If you notice that the LED light is turned on, but you didn't enable it, that's a telltale sign that your security camera has been hacked and accessed.

    When someone hacks your security camera, they have the ability to control it, which includes turning it on and off. If that LED light is on and you know for sure you haven't turned your camera on, follow the steps above to tell whether your security system has been hacked or not.

    Check the Data Flow of Your Security Camera

    How can you detect if your security camera has been hacked? You can also track the data flow on your network, and on your video surveillance camera. Pay special attention to sudden spikes in your network traffic, which reveals something unusual invalid login in your video feed.


    Heightened monitoring

    The main purpose of a CCTV system is giving you the ability to see everything that happens in an area. With the push of a button, an officer can easily rewind the tape to aid in an investigation, have a secured doorway control program, or a mom could check the feed to check up on the family cat. Rather than just lessening crime, there are also other practical things that a monitoring system can let you do, both in the workplace and in the home.

    Maintain records

    If something interesting happened in your own backyard, you always have a record of it. Whether it’s a crime or simply something that you would like to be reminded of, such as the face of a new neighbor, you could easily consult your CCTV records. Since a CCTV can organize information systematically, you wouldn’t even have to worry too much about going through records and will be able to find your clip easily.

    IP CCTV such as Singapore can even give you more access to your records. Since an IP camera is designed to be accessed over the internet, you can check your records even if you’re on the road, and view footage in real-time.

    Lessen crime

    In the UK, CCTV has been shown to reduce crime by up to 50%, closing half more cases than they would have without the use of a security camera. CCTVs can undoubtedly help reduce crime rates not just in public areas, but also in private spaces, such as homes and offices. While the UK often use more expensive IP CCTV, you may still lessen crime with a good analog camera.

    An analog camera is still a good alternative especially if you’re tight on budget, or if you’re simply securing a small private space, like a home or office. While an IP camera has a few benefits over analog, such as heightened resolution and remote access, it may be a bit too much for the average homeowner.


    Can make people uncomfortable and breach privacy

    Here in Singapore, there are a lot of people who are not comfortable with a security camera, and it’s not hard to see why. Having your actions monitored 24/7 can make people feel anxious. It may raise issues of trust and privacy, especially in private spaces. In professional environments as well as within homes, it can stir controversy and be offensive to the people being monitored.


    Even the most expensive IP camera isn’t 100% safe. As with any piece of technology, there are still vulnerabilities in a CCTV system, which can be a huge deterrent to anyone planning to invest in a system. Criminals, with enough determination and know-how, can disable or access your CCTV system. However, it should be noted that there are still a lot of steps you can take to keep your system safe from tampering, such as getting your model from a trusted manufacturer or making sure that all connections are closed off and secure.

    Unable to stop crime

    While CCTV systems have been shown to lessen criminal activity and raise the probability of wrong-doers being caught, CCTV cameras are still just that: cameras. It can only record the crime as it happens. It will be unable to do anything about it, unlike an alarm system which can alert the proper authorities. Therefore, CCTV cameras aren’t very effective in stopping crime as it happens; you will need to pair it with other security systems, such as an alarm system, to make sure that you are fully protected from crime.

    Trantech Security - Security Camera & CCTV Systems Sydney

    trantech security

    At Trantech, we place a high importance on our clientele and the bonds that are forged from the very first interaction. We take great satisfaction in the customer service and technical support we offer, as well as the large selection of trustworthy products we stock at extremely low prices to compliment our values. You may rest easy knowing that Trantech will take care of you and your jobs or projects from start to finish. Each member of our team receives rigorous sales and technical training on a regular basis with the primary goal of satisfying customer needs.

    With more than twenty years of expertise in the security sector, Trantech has a wide spectrum of security system knowledge at this point. We offer great, time-saving service to every one of our customers. We are here to help you every step of the way, whether it be with pre-sale advise on CCTV and alarms, technical problems on the job site, or even huge project planning. With our well-known customer service program, we are fully committed to helping our customers around the country, setting ourselves apart from other wholesalers in the security sector.

    Partisan Protective Services - Security Camera & CCTV Systems Sydney

    partisan protective services

    1300 296 842

    Leading Sydney Security Company

    We are able to give you the most modern security accessible by remaining up to speed with the most recent technological advancements in the industry. We provide a wide range of services and have more experience than any other security firm in Sydney or the Central Coast.

    Our mission is to provide you with peace of mind, whether you require an area to be patrolled by mobile patrols or an event to be watched over. You will always receive the most comprehensive security for your money while working with Partisan Protective Services.

    You can rely on our security expertise because we have over 30 years of experience. We are legitimate members of the Australian Security Industry Association, fully qualified in OHS/WHS capabilities and licensed.

    CCTVGUY - Security Camera & CCTV Systems Sydney


    02 9836 3134

    CCTVGUY offers security solutions that are efficient and inconspicuous and are tailored to your needs. CCTV systems, intruder alarms, access control, outdoor perimeter protection, alarm monitoring, alarm response, and communication systems are just a few of the high-tech electronic security solutions offered by CCTVGUY.

    Your security demands are assessed by CCTVGUY's qualified and experienced personnel, who can then design, provide, and install a security system to satisfy those needs. However, after installation, our service continues. Any security system's continuing servicing and maintenance must be done in compliance with Australian Standards, and this is a key component.

    We offer high-quality security installation & devices that function when required. a variety of goods from Hikvision, Samsung, Uniview, and other manufacturers. We can design and install a security system for your home or company because we are a certified Australian partner for Hikvision and are also completely licensed to do so.

    NSC Security - Security Camera & CCTV Systems Sydney

    nsc security

    1800 951 920

    We can now more easily access and manage security technologies thanks to the development of smart home applications and technology. We can design a digital hub and platform with fingerprint locks, security cameras, alarms, and intercoms that offers centralized access to your Sydney home security system.

    We offer a wide selection of various, high-quality CCTV camera products in a variety of different bundles and packages. In order to provide you with regulated home perimeter protection, our expert security specialists will install the CCTV camera package of your choice while choosing the best equipment for your home.

    Serious Security - Security Camera & CCTV Systems Sydney

    serious security


    At Serious Security, we take our work seriously and strive to give our customers the best possible solution. We go to great lengths to locate and set up the best security system for a particular security issue. We provide our clients with a solution that works with their budgets and security requirements.

    We understand how important it is to regularly keep up with new advancements so that we may update our methods and frameworks to accommodate shifting customs and preferences. Nothing is worse than for a company to stagnate and fall behind in the quest for greatness, performance, and advancement. To ensure that our customers receive the greatest security systems available, Serious Security makes every effort to stay on the cutting edge of security challenges.

    CIVIC Electronic - Security Camera & CCTV Systems Sydney

    civic electronic


    Public life in Sydney frequently includes CCTV security. The cost of using CCTV cameras in Sydney has significantly decreased recently, and installing CCTV in a home or business comes with a number of advantages that make it a feasible alternative for both personal and commercial protection.

    Our CCTV camera system can connect to a desktop computer, laptop, or any mobile device wirelessly or over wires. These genuinely transportable CCTV security cameras offer night vision, infrared, and high-definition video quality capture and are viewable via our remote-view software. With all the intelligent functions like automated number plate identification, motion detection, object removal, line crossing, face detection, and people counting (ANPR).

    iCCTV - Security Camera & CCTV Systems Sydney


    1300 737 191

    To homes and companies in Sydney, we offer high-quality CCTV camera systems, surveillance security, and video security solutions. We recognize that each Sydney neighborhood is unique, and that your choice of security system will likewise depend on where you reside.

    Installing and maintaining security systems that adhere to your unique requirements is crucial, as our highly experienced personnel is aware of. You can be sure that our products and a wide range of home security systems are of the finest quality and adhere to Australian Standards because we have decades of industry experience on our side.

    To assure your protection and safety, we always strive to learn more about the most recent advancements in all types of security systems, and we only partner with the top brands and producers of high-quality alarm systems.

    Eagle Eyes Security Systems - Security Camera & CCTV Systems Sydney

    eagle eyes security systems

    0451 933 222

    CCTV Camera Installation in Sydney and Wollongong

    Eagle Eyes Security Systems, led by Daniel, is your one-stop shop for security in Sydney and the surrounding areas. Eagle Eyes can be trusted because they have over ten years of experience in the industry, a track record of very successful installations, and positive client reviews from both residential and commercial customers.

    We provide a wide selection of high-quality security cameras for sale online, together with optional onsite consulting and quick and reasonably priced installation. For 24 months following installation, we provide our customers with FREE servicing and back-up, something we take pride in.

    We specialize in low-cost security cameras in Wollongong and Sydney, making us the leading security system provider in both cities—by a wide margin. You may be concerned because not all security systems are manufactured in the same manner. This is why it makes no difference whether you live with your family or alone. It is always preferable to speak with a specialized company like ours, which offers services like CCTV camera system installation in Sydney. You should be aware that there are several different types of security systems you may utilize to ensure the safety and security of your property.

    Complete Alarms - Security Camera & CCTV Systems Sydney

    complete alarms

    02 8011 3883

    Sydney is among the most picturesque cities in the world, but it also has a high crime rate. The number of daily reports of stolen property and burglary break-ins overwhelms the police to an excessive degree. In Sydney, thousands of people and homes are robbed each year.

    CCTV Cameras In Sydney

    For homeowners who want to continuously monitor their property and any suspicious behavior that might occur in and around their home and street, CCTV camera surveillance systems are fantastic. All of the systems we offer and install are wired.

    CCTV Systems, Access Control Technology, Sydney Burglar Alarms Services, and Security Cameras are among the residential home security solutions provided by Complete Alarms. Our customers are entitled to a free in-home security assessment. Your property's potential hazards and areas of concern can be objectively assessed by our skilled home security professionals for you. We can rapidly locate areas and entrance points on your property where a potential burglar may easily enter, as well as the appropriate home security equipment to immediately eliminate this risk.

    PIOSEC - Security Camera & CCTV Systems Sydney


    1300 22 44 65

    In order to give you and your family peace of mind, PIOSEC can offer advice and custom-tailor solutions based on your security requirements. Our solutions are supported by robust, round-the-clock maintenance services and adhere to all applicable Australian and international standards.

    We aim to produce the best outcome in the most economical manner by paying close attention to our customers' demands, planning carefully, and choosing the right products.

    There are numerous easy preventive steps that may be taken to dramatically increase your home security before calling any security alarm/CCTV installer. You may analyze your home's security using a very helpful checklist created by the NSW Police, which will help you find any weak points and address them.

    InFront Technologies - Security Camera & CCTV Systems Sydney

    infront technologies

    02 8814 6009

    A reputable and authorized Australian reseller, distributor, and wholesaler of CCTV and alarm products from manufacturers like Swann, Uniden, VIP, and HikVision. For more than 20 years, InFront Technologies has offered thousands of individuals technology and CCTV solutions for their residences and places of work.

    Small monitoring systems all the way up to massive commercial systems that span the world, including Australia, New Zealand, PNG, Fiji, Somoa, Singapore, the USA, and the UK. InFront Technologies is an industry leader in supply and support due to our wide selection of products and easy access to vendors, including both domestic and international suppliers.

    All of our employees, including those in sales, warehousing, sourcing, and administration, work to keep the company one step ahead of the competition and, most importantly, to keep customers happy. As soon as the order is received, we distribute products thanks to our dependable shipping and warehousing. Your order is safely and securely delivered via quick insured freight.

    Security Wholesalers - Security Camera & CCTV Systems Sydney

    security wholesalers

    02 8711 9700

    We are a Diamond Level Hikvision Partner with Australian Authorization. We are a Dahua Partner authorized in Australia. All of your equipment is local, coming from Australian dealers in Australia. As a result, you will receive a 3 year guarantee and unlimited technical assistance via email.

    While we make every effort to offer a wide variety of security devices at affordable prices for our customers, we only have a small number of support employees available to address any inquiries about the products. Therefore, it is preferable if you are familiar with the brand and product you need before contacting us by Live Chat or Email.

    Please send an email to if you require a custom quote. If you're a current client, call us at the number listed below to discuss your order or just to respond to your order email. (Monday between 9 and 5) Don't be shocked if you see us responding to emails on weekends and in the middle of the night.

    Alarm House - Security Camera & CCTV Systems Sydney

    alarm house

    02 9610 1331

    We understand you genuinely want to do everything you can to safeguard your home & business. The best decision you can make to feel safe and secure is to use cutting-edge, trustworthy technology and strategically positioned sensors that blend into your house or place of business.

    We have more than 15 years of experience in the security sector. For more than 20 years, the electronic security system we deploy has led the market. Whether it's for home use or business usage, we offer the best and install electronic security systems in Sydney, New South Wales.

    Secucam - Security Camera & CCTV Systems Sydney


    02 9648 3379

    Secucam is dedicated to provide a complete selection of security systems, which includes CCTV Cameras, Home / Business Security Alarm, Access Control, and Intercom. Doorphone, doorbell.

    Founded in June 2004, Secucam Security is an Australian company with its headquarters in Sydney. Our goal is to offer both businesses and consumers inexpensive security products. Secucam assures its consumers that they will value its first-rate services as it serves business professionals, individuals, and enthusiasts alike. With a large assortment at low rates, we aim to become the go-to place for CCTV and surveillance equipment.

    Secucam Security seeks to raise security awareness among all people. Your house, place of business, and loved ones will all be secured and protected as a result. Because of this, we try to offer as much free information as we can so that you, the customer, can choose what you're buying and how to utilize it with confidence.

    Element Security - Security Camera & CCTV Systems Sydney

    element security

    1300 325 277

    The foundation of any successful business relationship is loyalty, and it is our objective to uphold this value by striving to become the top electronic security provider in a variety of fields and businesses. We are devoted to staying on the cutting edge of technology and the application of fresh ideas. We behave honorably and uphold the highest standards of professionalism.

    At Element Security, we provide CCTV / IP Video Surveillance design and consulting services. We work with the organization to identify the best option for their needs. This involves creating a map of the location and analyzing the optimum camera placements for complete coverage. We analyze the field of view, ideal range, and angles of CCTV cameras using 3D design software.

    Red Handed Security - Security Camera & CCTV Systems Sydney

    red handed security

    1300 13 40 34

    We Provide Custom Security Systems in Sydney

    Our personnel is qualified and experienced to guard and keep an eye on your property. We create security systems for a variety of locations and usage around Sydney, including industrial warehouses as well as large enterprises and everyday residential use.We offer and install a wide range of top-notch security solutions, including access control, intercoms, CCTV systems, and alarm systems. When it comes to security, one size does not fit all, so we take great pleasure in designing and installing unique security systems all over Sydney. Red Handed Security is concerned only with your best interests.

    Businesses in the Sydney metropolitan region can get customized CCTV camera solutions from Red Handed Security. Our commercial CCTV systems will keep an eye on your property, discouraging theft by employees, shoplifting, and workplace aggression. With our CCTV solutions, you may watch back footage whenever you want, defending your company against false allegations.

    The greatest security cameras and CCTV systems in Sydney are available from Red Handed Security, so you may have peace of mind when you are away from your place of business. We will give you a CCTV solution so you can watch over your business at any time, from anywhere in the world, whether you require a single camera or a system of hundreds, indoor or outdoor and weatherproof cameras.

    S & D Alarm - Security Camera & CCTV Systems Sydney

    s & d alarm

    0418 225 741

    Our family, a small local family-run security company, is aware of how crucial safety and security are to every homeowner and business owner. We work hard to provide high-quality security solutions to protect your family and property from the unforeseeable.

    You can rely on our team to provide you with the services and goods that address your unique security needs because we are fully licensed and insured security providers. To guarantee that our clients obtain the best results for their services, we continuously invest in training and stay current on the latest advancements, installation techniques, and goods in the market.

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