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Top 20 Security Guard Companies Brisbane, Queensland (2024)

There are many different security guard companies in Brisbane, Queensland. Generally, they will provide services such as patrolling buildings and grounds, deterring vandalism and other crimes, providing a visible presence to promote safety and security. 

You may want to contact a few of the top-rated security guard companies for more information on what their company can offer you.

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    Ultimate List of Security Guard Companies in Brisbane

    UR Protection Security - Security Guard Company Brisbane

    ur protection security security guard company brisbane

    0404 901 009

    Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast security guards and patrols. Welcome to UR Protection Security, a Brisbane-based company that offers a variety of security guard services. We supply our clients with trained and capable security guards who are fully licensed and insured. Our mobile security units provide wide coverage throughout the greater Brisbane area, no matter where you are.

    Sunstate Protection Services - Security Guard Company Brisbane

    sunstate protection services security guard company brisbane

    1300 733 135

    Sunstate Protection Services Pty Ltd, one of Australia's top security firms, has experience safeguarding a variety of enterprises and assets, from larger corporations to tiny local businesses. Our promise to you is to send qualified security personnel to guard you while also enhancing your reputation and image. By using one of our services, you are selecting a security firm that values honesty and competence on a par with your own.

    DSA Security - Security Guard Company Brisbane

    dsa security security guard company brisbane

    07 3201 7069

    Are you looking for Brisbane security guards with extensive experience? DSA Security provides cutting-edge security services in Brisbane that are focused on providing a responsible service for our clients.

    Since the security sector is largely a service-based profession, we think that the satisfaction of our clients should come first in all of our practices. DSA Security patrols are available to serve the nearby communities of Indooroopilly, Rocklea, Darra, Wacol, Sumner, Forest Lake, Springfield, and Ipswich from a base station at Seventeen Mile Rocks. From Caboolture to the Gold Coast and farther west to Laidley, our mobile service also serves a much larger area.

    FAQs About Security Guard

    The security guard is the first line of defence against crime. They prevent a lot by proactively watching for suspicious behaviour, mitigating risks as they appear and contacting proper authorities when an incident occurs. 

    Security Guards provide a valuable service to the community by preventing crime and securing assets. 

    They work in teams with other security professionals, such as police officers or firefighters; they also have law enforcement authority on-site for dealing directly with any criminal activity that may occur while protecting people who come into contact (or not) at your business premises.


    Security guards are important to the success of any business or event. They provide essential services for security, crowd control and traffic management at your next big thing! You want an excellent one, so here’s what makes up a great guard: 

    • Corporate Events
    • Mobile Patrols 
    • Fire Watch 
    • Executive Protection
    • Armed and Unarmed Guards
    • Workplace Violence
    • VIP and Personal Security 
    • Residential Security
    • Retail Security 
    • Temporary Security Personnel 
    • Construction Site Security
    • Trade Show Security

    Security guards are crucial for the protection of businesses, events and operations. They provide additional security at these locations to ensure that everything runs smoothly without any issues or threats becoming evident.

    We highlight some important traits that an excellent candidate should possess to perform this duty effectively: 

    • Honesty & integrity
    • Vigilance
    • Lead and follow
    • Communication
    • Attitude
    • Physical fitness
    • Low profile
    • Training
    • Experience

    The security guard job may not be one of the most exciting or high paying jobs, but it has some major benefits. 

    Security guards are often given free rein in their work areas. They can earn an income without having any managerial responsibilities associated with that position which means they don’t have to worry about getting paid less for doing similar tasks because management doesn’t want them on site!

    In practicality, the job of a police officer will test your patience. From dealing with troublesome criminals to protecting people and property from harm daily- it’s not an easy task at all!

    • It is an In-Demand Job
    • It Is Perfect for Part-Timers
    • It Teaches You Useful Skills
    • It Is a Sustainable Job
    • It Prepares You to Work under Pressure

    Being a security guard has many advantages. Not only will you learn valuable skills that can help improve your life, but the respect and gratitude from others make this job worthwhile in more ways than one.

    Hiring security guards for your business premises or property is an important decision. What does one need to consider when looking into the matter?

    For starters, look at their training and licensing records before hiring anyone. It’s also essential that you weed out any bad apples from this bunch by checking how long they’ve been working in these fields as well, if possible, with additional background checks being conducted on them during interviews should time permit!

    • Ask about the experience
    • Check their interpersonal skills
    • Check what kind of training they’ve gone through
    • Don’t overlook their technical skills

    So before you hire a security guard, listed above are some things to consider.

    Challenger Knight Security - Security Guard Company Brisbane

    challenger knight security security guard company brisbane

    1300 644 484

    Challenger Knight Security is the industry's leading provider of security, risk management, and loss prevention services. Since their inception in 1995, they have come to represent public safety, protecting some of the most recognizable brands in a variety of industries. All Australian laws and industry standards are followed by Challenger Knight Security. Long-term client relationships and a dedication to excellence form the foundation of our security guard business model.

    Challenger Knight prioritizes quality in all of their work. We exclusively employ cutting-edge technology to help your business run more efficiently, intelligently, and securely.

    Guardia Risk - Security Guard Company Brisbane

    guardia security guard company brisbane

    (03) 9863 9700

    Security Services Brisbane

    We are one of Brisbane's top companies offering security services. Our ability to provide the best caliber security service solutions is what makes us strong. In Brisbane, Australia, our security firm has years of experience offering protection services to individuals, businesses, and governmental organizations. To preserve the caliber of our service, we ensure that every member of our staff is well trained and equipped with the latest technology.

    Corporate Protection - Security Guard Company Brisbane

    corporate protection security guard company brisbane

    1300 669 147

    Corporate Protection, Australia's largest privately held emergency services provider, has more than 22 years of experience in our specialized environment. We provide exceptional asset protection and emergency response services to the oil and gas, energy, mining, maritime, aviation, and critical infrastructure industries. Corporate Protection, a leader in the bundled services approach, can create a solution to reduce customer risk across a variety of industries.

    Security Ops - Security Guard Company Brisbane

    security ops security guard company brisbane

    07 3820 0809

    At Security Ops, we offer guard services, mobile patrols, and 24-hour alarm response. We have extensive knowledge of all facets of physical site security. We have evolved and adapted over time to new technologies as well as the challenges posed by today's security threat, the latter of which is just as vital as, if not more so than, the technology itself.

    Confident Security Services - Security Guard Company Brisbane

    confident security services security guard company brisbane


    Licensed locations, sporting events, exhibitions, concerts, rallies, demonstrations, construction sites, and private and business properties are examples of venues.

    MA Services Group - Security Guard Company Brisbane

    ma services group security guard company melbourne

    03 9339 3500

    MA Services Group offers business security services to a range of clients in different spheres of the economy. We work with customers of all sizes, from small neighborhood corner shops to huge multinational corporations. Our corporate headquarters are in Melbourne, Victoria, and we offer our services all throughout Australia. The cities where we have offices are Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth.

    Falkon Security - Security Guard Company Brisbane

    falkon security security guard company brisbane

    07 3040 0929

    Falkon Security provides you with the security options that meet your needs and budget. With a wealth of experience in providing good security systems, we ensure that customers are safe from harm and that operations may proceed as smoothly as possible without hindrance.

    Any retail, commercial, or industrial facility can have security measures put in place by our highly experienced experts. Falkon Security strives to enhance a business' aesthetics while giving visitors a more professional impression. We offer round-the-clock protection for your businesses that might lack the personnel and resources necessary to monitor parking lots and restrict access to sensitive locations.

    Pride Services Group - Security Guard Company Brisbane

    pride services group security guard company brisbane

    1300 118 113

    Pride Services Group is committed to providing high-quality service solutions that reduce organizational legal liability, improve employee safety, and increase attractiveness.

    In order to give our clientele peace of mind when they need it most, Pride Services Group employs a team of security personnel who are industry trained, customer-focused, and security specialists. As the public face of Pride Services Group, our officers are honored to protect your important assets. Pride Services Group is aware that each Security Operative engagement has unique requirements, thus we seek out security personnel whose qualifications meet and surpass those needed for your site.

    Total Control Security Services - Security Guard Company Brisbane

    total control security services security guard company brisbane

    0412 562 251

    Total Control Security Services is one of the top security guard companies in Brisbane, Ipswich, Gold Coast, Logan, and other areas because we have well-trained employees and offer our clients efficient security services.

    To all of our valued customers, our business offers a wholistic approach to the delivery of services. The greatest security guards in Brisbane, Gold Coast, and all of our other service regions are trained by us to work for us. Additionally, we ensure that all of our security practices are cutting-edge and up to date with the most recent advancements in this sector. To provide our clients with the highest-quality services possible, we mix all of our strategies. Our business is recognized as the most dependable security guard company in Brisbane, Gold Coast, and its suburbs because of our high-quality security services.

    Infront Group - Security Guard Company Brisbane

    infront group security guard company brisbane

    07 3612 9999

    The Infront Group was founded in 2002 and is a privately held security firm in Queensland with the processes and technological infrastructure required to offer customized protection services. Our goal is to manage and reduce the risk to the people and assets of our customers. Infront has been building a pre-qualified Service Provider Network (SPN) since 2002 to prove our presence and enable us to help our clients wherever they may be!

    KGB Security Services - Security Guard Company Brisbane

    kgb security services security guard company brisbane

    1300 542 731

    We are the only security company that provides access control, automated door openers, smoke detectors, locksmith services, CCTV and alarm systems for both commercial and residential properties.

    Queensland Private Security - Security Guard Company Brisbane

    queensland private security security guard company brisbane

    0415 348 411

    In order to meet the needs of our clients, Queensland Private Security offers security solutions that are completely supported around-the-clock. We are aware that every consumer has different needs and demands. Different degrees of protection and vigilance are required for a retail establishment, a construction site, and a private function. Because of this, we provide customised security services—tailored, scalable solutions that completely meet your demands.

    To ensure that our security solutions meet or surpass your security needs, we offer unarmed security guards that are trained to operate a wide range of security technology. Our security officers can dress professionally (in business or formal clothing) or wear uniforms made specifically for you. We take all necessary steps to provide the best security protection for the safety of your people and property.

    Panoptic Solutions - Security Guard Company Brisbane

    panoptic solutions security guard company brisbane

    1300 651 404

    Do you require an executive protection detail or a bodyguard? Threat and risk mitigation specialists from Panoptic Solutions are among the most reputable suppliers in the area, whether it's for executive security, personal protection, or for a visiting VIP. We are a top risk management firm with a focus on protective services in Australia and South East Asia.

    Gatecrash Security - Security Guard Company Brisbane

    gatecrash security security guard company brisbane

    0414 514 046

    Respect will be shown to you and your guests by knowledgeable and experienced employees. Simply put, we have the greatest security personnel in the industry. Our guards will treat you and your visitors with RESPECT and are experienced, fully licensed, and professional. Thugs or steroid abusers that are domineering, intimidating, or too aggressive will never be employed by Gatecrash Security. When possible, we think that dangerous situations should be resolved by discussion rather than force.

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