Top 20 SEO Agencies in Melbourne, Victoria [2022]

SEO is an important factor for any business, regardless of size or industry. So if you're looking for the best SEO agencies in Melbourne, Victoria, look no further. 

We've compiled a list of the top agencies in the area, so you can find one that fits your needs. Each agency has been evaluated based on its experience, success rate, and overall impact on its clients' businesses. So what are you waiting for? Start browsing!

Ultimate List of SEO Agencies in Melbourne

Ranked SEO Agency Melbourne

ranked seo & digital marketing agency melbourne


We support the expansion of enterprises that are just getting started, expanding, or need a reboot. Our websites are created and optimized to appease the Google gods. Our websites outperform competitors, rank higher locally and globally, and draw in actual customers who are looking for what you provide. We create and manage Facebook and Google ads that generate calls, inquiries, and new business prospects for your company.

SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

We help businesses succeed

We expand businesses utilizing cutting-edge web marketing techniques. Our websites are created, promoted, and ranked to increase traffic, inquiries, leads, and phone calls.


Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the process of boosting both the quantity and quality of visitors to your website via natural search engine results. Getting visitors from "free," "organic," "editorial," or "natural" search results on search engines is what this technique entails.

In the primary search results, which are displayed and ranked according to what the search engine deems to be the most relevant to users, web pages and other content like videos, photos, or local listings are shown and ranked on all major search engines, including Google and Bing. There is no exchange of money, unlike with paid search adverts.



We love processes. Systems that are intricate and clearly defined underpin every aspect of our company. As a result, we can scale challenging jobs (like SEO) with little effort and expense. In particular, we have developed a process for cross-digital marketing campaigns that we have divided into 5 stages.


Detailed examination of marketing data, previous campaigns, and rivals to develop the best approach.


The best traffic and conversion boosts are obtained by upgrading the current assets for your business.


We can extend the reach of your brand by developing fresh materials for your website and elsewhere.


Pushing your assets hard through owned, earned and paid outlets.


A review of what has been successful thus far, scaling the winners and removing the losers.

Who we are

a team of clever marketers and knowledgeable coders who are always thinking about the challenges of business expansion, the inability to establish internet presence, and the battles for targeted traffic.

We have gone through the rigors. We have felt the pressure of needed expansion and the lack of a plan to make it happen. We are all too aware of how unpredictable the next transaction or phone call might be.

We've created the structure for effective organic traffic after years and many hours of data study, reverse engineering, and networking with some of the brightest minds in the SEO field.

This methodology has been used to rank national brands and small businesses on the first page of Google, resulting in a combined monthly traffic of hundreds of thousands of visits and generating thousands of leads. We support commercial success.

We’re a growth agency

Our goal is to support our clients' growth through sales and marketing. In order to provide a more outstanding customer experience and, ultimately, to spur growth for our clients, we attempt to integrate the marketing and sales process.

The way business is conducted today is changing as a result of the digital age. For an advantage, organizations must prioritize digital technology. We support them.

We embrace difficult problems and creative challenges as an agency that combines technology, design, marketing, content, and digital strategy in order to get outcomes.

Ranked’s process is data-driven and highly iterative. We remove the clutter that many organizations struggle with.

SEO Agency TopRankings Melbourne

seo agency toprankings melbourne

1300 881 910

Since 2007, SEO Agency TopRankings has been relied upon and proved to provide excellent SEO results, qualified traffic, and conversions for a variety of Australian sectors. Our Unlimited Keyword Campaigns forgo the constrictive SEO Package models, ensuring you accelerate your business against your rivals. Sales leads are crucial to your expansion.

Shannon Clarke SEO Melbourne

shannon clarke seo melbourne

As a marketing consultant with a Melbourne office, my areas of expertise include SEO, Search Marketing, Content Marketing, Copywriting, Digital Strategy, and Communications. I spend my time working on marketing and SEO projects to assist companies of all sizes in developing their brands.

FAQs About SEO 

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, but what exactly does that mean? SEO is focused on bringing in website traffic through search result rankings organically (naturally) without paying for the traffic through ads. It’s important to develop a strong SEO strategy because search is the main source of website traffic.

The main goal behind incorporating SEO in your marketing strategy is to increase the number of quality visitors to a website through search result rankings while keeping up with the algorithm changes and updates of Google.

Although SEO and PPC are very different approaches within digital marketing, they work together to achieve the ultimate search engine marketing (SEM) strategy: SEO + PPC = SEM. 

Like we mentioned above, SEO is a natural way to improve your rankings and overall visibility to searchers and search engines by using organic content. On the other hand, PPC (pay-per-click) allows marketers to bid on the chance to show their ads in SERP, right when people are looking for a specific offer. 

With that being said, the main difference between the two is that traffic from SEO is free and traffic from PPC costs money (organic listings in Google vs. paid listings in Google).  

Links make up the off-page SEO pillar and link building for SEO can be one of the harder parts of the job. You are searching the internet for other websites to link to your site to build referral traffic and establish authority. Even though this is a straightforward strategy, you don’t want just any links, you want relevant and quality links that shows Google you are the authority on a certain topic.

Let’s use an example to talk about link building. Say you’re writing a blog for a real estate brand, and the subject is “newest trends in the housing market”. It’s important to use links between internal (links to other pages on your site) and external (links to other sites on the same industry topic) links.

After this blog is published and gains some traction, now is the time to ignite your link building strategy. Find other similar blogs on the topic at hand and start reaching out and presenting your piece of content as a valuable blog on the subject. Once more blogs and websites are sharing and linking to your piece of content, Google can then better understand who has the authority.

When looking at any marketing deliverable or strategy, anyone buying on for service always wonders how long it will take to see results. It’s important to remember and express to clients in the beginning that SEO is a long term investment and can eventually be your biggest traffic driver if you give it the time it deserves.

SEO requires ongoing attention and is not a one-time thing. Your SEO strategy takes time, planning, and readjusting to achieve and maintain search rankings, ROI, and overall traffic growth.

Whether you’re redesigning your site to be more SEO friendly or updating your target keywords, each and every change you make can affect your SEO efforts by showing quantifiable results.

When it comes to content, there are two general types. There is content with the purpose of putting readers into the funnel, and then there’s broad content. Now let’s break it down. Content such as product pages, long-form content, and white papers is content with a specific purpose in mind. You want readers to understand what your business is about, so they can continue moving down the buyer funnel to purchase what you’re selling eventually.

This is what the client wants to hear. They want a clear plan for how content creation will make them money and how it will affect their ROI. This type of content is a necessary factor for SEO, but all in all, specific product content just doesn’t get shared. Google must be factored into the strategy.

On the other hand, there is broad content, better known as blogging. This is the stuff that the audience interacts with and the type of writing that helps Google better understand where your site should be placed in SERP.

When creating content, whether an infographic to help boost SEO, a blog, or even a video, you should adjust your mindset to position yourself within the reader’s point of view. What will grab the reader’s attention? What type of content will make my website more searchable? What are the questions that the readers need answers to? What type of content is most likely to get shared? Once you find what your audience is looking for, it’s time to infuse your writing with SEO, specifically keyword research (which we will dive into a little later).

The ultimate purpose of content: Blogging allows your website to rank higher in Google SERPs, therefore increasing your visibility and traffic by reaching your target audience during the discovery phase in an overall effort to increase your business revenue.

Full Measure Digital SEO Agency Melbourne

full measure digital seo agency melbourne

03 9037 4041

Full Measure Digital offers more than simply high-level audits, reports, and plans. Results that are merely adequate or above average are not important to us. Instead, we persevere in our pursuit for revelations, understanding not only the what but also the why, how, and what lies ahead. The reason you are here is because of it.

Digital Assembly SEO Agency Melbourne

digital assembly seo agency melbourne

1300 992 379

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of boosting both the quality and quantity of traffic that comes from a mix of natural, local, and mobile search engine results. It can target users at every level of the sales funnel and is a long-term (yet perennial) strategy. Every day, prospective buyers are actively looking for your goods or services.

An effective SEO plan will get your website to the top of page one and provide you all the benefits that come with it. We think every business should take SEO into account. And with good cause.

SEO Company in Melbourne

seo company in melbourne

(03) 9016 9287

We are a digital marketing firm based in Australia that offers assured Google online methods. Our Benefits: Owned and operated by Australians, all of our work is produced there, Google results are certain, We can accommodate businesses of all sizes. 25+ years of experience, no payment, no results Individualized plans and strategies.

PurpleSoft SEO Agency Melbourne

purplesoft seo agency melbourne

1300 990 382

It's difficult to start and maintain a profitable firm in the twenty-first century. In order to create digital marketing plans that are in line with your objectives, we at PurpleSoft take the time to comprehend the motivation behind your vision.

Our specialists are skilled in many areas of digital marketing and can assist place your company on the web. With us, you have the benefit of benefiting from trade secrets that we alone have access to. PurpleSoft works as a cohesive team, and we make sure to take your suggestions into account at every turn. Instead of acting as an independent marketing firm, we work as an integral component of your company.

WooClicks SEO Agency Melbourne

wooclicks seo agency melbourne

(03) 7037 3400

Melbourne-based WooClicks is a digital marketing firm that is rapidly expanding. With the aid of our cutting-edge, world-class expertise in site design, SEO, and paid advertising, we assist enterprises in scaling new heights. We have worked with Australian companies of all kinds, from start-ups to major enterprises, for almost ten years.

As your go-to digital marketing firm, we assist you in selecting the ideal combination and number of solutions to fit both your budget and the level of quality required for the expansion of your company.

Go Click On SEO Agency Melbourne

go click on seo agency melbourne

1300 442 643

Go Click On offers top-notch IT services to boost your company's online exposure and increase your customer base. To develop interesting content and further your branding strategy, we provide you site design and social media marketing services.

We produce intriguing and captivating site designs that instantly captivate your audience. We provide you with a distinctive experience whether it's an e-commerce website to increase your sales or a responsive website to increase the appeal of your brand.

eMarket Experts SEO Agency Melbourne

emarket experts seo agency melbourne

1300 339 179

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all strategy when it comes to digital marketing. You require a specialized digital strategy built specifically for your company. In response, we are here. We'll develop a unique, cross-platform digital solution with you as a strategic partner that will boost your online sales, increase traffic to your website, and/or improve your search engine results, depending on what matters most to your company.

You can also disregard the technical lingo. Communication is given top priority. We make sure to be very explicit about what we're doing, why we're doing it, and the outcomes you can anticipate. We monitor, analyze, and iterate on our tactics while keeping you informed every step of the way to make sure you get the outcomes you want.

Smith Brothers Media SEO Agency Melbourne

smith brothers media seo agency melbourne

1300 721 135

Smith Brothers Media® is a full-service digital firm that specializes in Marketing, Design, Development, and Video. As a result, we can develop strong, dynamic solutions that deliver results across all business areas. Marketing has been at the heart of how SBM assists its clients since its inception in 2012.

It's a trip that we've mastered, with squads committed to your objectives and results, working with you in a cooperative approach to overcome your obstacles and achieve results. For us, smarter marketing is getting to know our customers' businesses and learning what makes them tick before creating a unique solution from the bottom up to assist them in achieving their objectives.

SEO Melbourne

seo melbourne

03 9013 4541

SEO Melbourne, A SEO Company, Effective & Ethical

Ecosystems that draw organic traffic are built and created by SEO Melbourne. Creativity, morality, and success are likely. Request a price today! Results from both our own SEO company and those of our SEO clients speak for themselves at SEO Melbourne. Our SEO Company Melbourne staff creates a distinctive white hat search strategy for each SEO client in order to propel their company to the top of search engine result pages. We also boost consumers' tendency to convert, which is crucial.

Rise Digital Media SEO Agency Melbourne

rise digital media seo agency melbourne

03 9028 5890

Melbourne SEO - Ranking on Google is not an easy task, but with Rise Digital Media's SEO services, we succeed. The greatest method to distinguish your website from local competitors is to have an SEO strategy. As the top SEO company in Melbourne, we will help you relentlessly target customers who are looking for your goods and services.

For any of your needs with SEO Services Melbourne, look no further than us. You can't do better than our team when you want to develop your digital marketing plan because we are a local SEO Melbourne firm with so many years of business experience.

Melbourne SEO Services

melbourne seo services

1300 662 970

Our specialty is converting failing websites—like yours—into lead generation engines. We are situated in Melbourne. With no lock-in contracts, clear weekly updates, and performance-based compensation, our strategy is distinctive. We steer. Others adhere to.

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