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20+ Best Standing Up Office Desks in Australia [2022]

Are you looking for the best standing up office desks in Australia? If so, you've come to the right place.

In this blog post, we'll share with you some of the best standing up office desks on the market and provide you with some tips on how to choose the right one for your needs. So, if you're ready to stand up and get started, keep reading!​

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    Ultimate List of Stand Up Office Desk Shops Australia

    UpDown Stand Up Office Desk Australia

    Standing Office Desk

    1300 650 773

    A well-known provider and manufacturer of sit-stand desk converters and standing desks in Australia is Updown Workstations Australia Pty Ltd. We have a corporate office in Melbourne and provide delivery services all throughout Australia. In order to improve the health and happiness of Australian office workers, we want to promote increased mobility and the capability to switch between sitting and standing at the press of a button.

    Manual Height Adjustable Standing Desks

    A complete desk item that enables you to easily transition from sitting to standing during the day are manual height adjustable desks. There are choices for balancing and winding. You have the choice of purchasing both the frame and the desktop or simply the frame and using your current desktop.

    Concerning UpDown Desks Australia Pty Ltd.

    Adjustable sit-stand desks and related products are offered for sale by an Australian business named UpDown Desk. Our business strategy is around the sale of a limited number of premium goods with a focus on value. Although it may sound cliche, providing excellent customer service is at the heart of all we do. Without our customers, we would not exist. "Treat our customers as we would like to be treated" is the guiding principle by which we conduct our business. If you feel that our service falls short of your expectations, please let us know.

    Adept Office Furniture Stand Up Desk Australia

    adept office furniture stand up desk australia

    (03) 9484 0765

    Our commitment

    As we listened to what consumers in today's world genuinely needed to make their working environments function for them, our product line expanded. By regularly upgrading our selection to meet the expanding needs of our users, we are dedicated to offering the highest quality office and home furniture to our consumers. For both business and residential contexts, we provide a wide selection.

    Our guarantee

    All of Adept's products come with a guarantee covering any faulty parts or labor. We take great pride in offering you the finest office and home furnishings, all of which are designed to improve the comfort of your surroundings. The majority of our office furniture is made in Australia from the best materials obtainable globally. Since we have access to so many high-quality suppliers and enjoy a very good reputation in the industry, we have exclusive rights to a number of product lines.

    JasonL Stand Up Office Desk Australia

    jasonl stand up office desk australia

    1300 943 895

    About us

    Both the public and private sectors are served by us. We collaborate with government officials, franchise owners, developing SMBs, departments of education, and non-profit organizations. We adore dealing with people who value their own people as well as honesty and dependability. Although we can service all of Australia, we specialize in the Eastern Seaboard.

    FAQs About Stand Up Office Desk

    Sitting behind your desk all day is bad for your health, and experts have long been advising people to stand at their workstations for about 15 minutes an hour. But research shows that people should be standing for at least 30 minutes per hour to get health benefits.

    According to multiple studies, standing desks have been shown to offer a number of benefits for the health of the average office worker, including the alleviation of spinal-based pain.

    For example, those who used standing desks during the studies reported up to 32% improvement in their lower back and neck pain after using the desk for several weeks.

    That said, it’s important to note that the desks used in this study were sit-stand desks - that is, the option to sit was still available since forcing yourself to stand for hours on end can have detrimental effects on your spine just like sitting. Therefore, orthopedic spine specialists strongly recommend giving yourself both options and a sit-to-stand desk.  

    If using a sit-stand desk, be sure it is set up properly. Set your desk and your monitor at an appropriate height for your back and neck to achieve the correct posture. Consider placing a mat under your feet to absorb shock, and be sure to take occasional breaks to change your position just as you would at a sitting desk.

    When manufacturing an adjustable desk, specific kinds of materials are used, and a specific type of construction is needed.

    In addition, adjustable desks have a distinctly ergonomic approach, which requires special engineering so that the user can repetitively raise and lower a desktop surface – all features that are unique to a standing desk.

    Remember, we are talking about high-quality standing desks, so the material and other stuff used will be expensive compared to an average standing desk. Here are some of the reasons why high standing desk costs much higher than a conventional desk:

    • It can be hard to justify spending several thousand dollars on an adjustable desk when it’s possible to get a basic computer desk for a few hundred dollars. 

    However, adjustable desks aren’t just expensive because they’re more convenient—there are a lot of other factors that contribute to their high price tags, and we’ll explain them here.


    It’sIt’s kind of like your mattress – you spend up to one-third of your life sleeping on your mattress, so spending some extra cash on getting a good one makes sense.

    The same thing goes for your desk. You spend hours every day behind your desk, getting a good one just makes good sense.

    • Please note that these general instructions work to reset most sit-stand desks. Be sure to first read the manufacturer’s reset procedure before starting. 
    • Remove anything from under the desk that may obstruct travel.
    • Unplug the desk from the power outlet and wait 30 seconds.
    • Check all other cords for the desk’s motor or control box and ensure they’re secure.
    • Plug the power cord into the wall socket. 
    • Press and hold the down arrow button until the table reaches its lowest position. Then, release.
    • Press and hold the button again for 10 seconds. Then, release. You should notice that the desk dips down and slightly rises and then stops (indicating a successful reset).
    • Release the button and resume normal use of your desk.

    Safety Reminder: The programmed container stops, and anti-collision features are turned off when reset mode. So, before you begin lowering the desk, make sure objects that could block the travel are removed.

    Ergomotion Stand Up Office Desk Australia

    ergomotion stand up office desk australia

    03 9579 1454

    Stand up for your health with a height adjustable desk!

    Because so much research has been published highlighting the health concerns of prolonged sitting, the popularity of these standing workstations has significantly increased. Our standing desks are electrically powered, making it simple for the user to switch back and forth between sitting and standing all day long.

    Standing desk or height adjustable desk

    By now, we hope you realize that the issue is more complicated than merely standing; in fact, standing for extended periods of time puts just as much stress on your joints as sitting does. The secret is to constantly switch between standing and sitting.

    Because of this, the phrase "standing desk" is a little misleading. However, it is now commonly used to refer to workstations that can be changed from a sitting to a standing position. For those who may genuinely be looking for a "sit-stand" or "height adjustable" desk, we use the term "standing desk" for the sake of simplicity. True standing desks, or those that do not allow users to switch between sitting and standing, do certainly have many advantages, but they also have significant disadvantages.

    Business Desking & Seating Systems Stand Up Office Desk Australia

    business desking & seating systems stand up office desk australia

    (08) 6183 7840


    We take great pride in our management and manufacturing processes, as well as the knowledge and skills of our workforce. With our superior craftsmanship, cutting-edge equipment, and technology, we guarantee to complete a project that has been effectively and with as much care as is feasible managed.

    We are able to be completely flexible, provide a customization service tailored to the needs of the customer, and drastically shorten lead times because many of our goods are manufactured locally.


    We specialize in offering comprehensive office solutions in Australia, from design and production to installation. We constantly endeavor to establish a lasting relationship with the client since we are aware of the positive effects that a wonderful working environment can have on a business.

    The highest standards are always fulfilled when it comes to demands and expectations because we have the infrastructure, expertise, and experience to give the same level of service almost anyplace.

    Keen Education Furniture Stand Up Office Desk Australia

    keen education furniture stand up office desk australia

    (08) 6117 1792

    Keen Education produces and offers commercial fit-out services for a variety of SA products at our Adelaide site and is happy to support The Industry Advocate's SA Product Register program. In order to contribute to the development of our state, our production facilities support local businesses and contractors. For a world that is constantly changing, we continue to invest in the newest equipment and technologies, which will help us increase our efficiency here in SA.

    The Home Office Stand Up Desk Australia

    the home office stand up desk australia

    1300 166 732

    The Home Workplace, an Australian family-owned company, is committed to assisting other companies and their employees in setting up an ideal home workspace as a substitute for the traditional office. The House Office offers well-crafted furniture sets that have developed through time and are intended to reduce the burden associated with furnishing your home to accommodate your professional demands.

    experts in making your workplace or home workspace more appealing

    Due to our combined more than three decades of experience in the Australian office furniture market, my coworkers and I were well-positioned to develop The Home Office to satisfy the growing needs of home offices.

    We intend to create a tailored solution for your home office using the trade and supplier ties we've built over the years with dependable and trustworthy vendors. We provide our customers with a one-stop shop by combining interior design, WHS reviews, fitout trades, furniture suppliers, and any other related subtrades.

    Aurora Office Furniture Stand Up Desk Australia

    aurora office furniture stand up desk australia

    02 6299 4631

    Standing desks Canberra

    Even in the most demanding office situations, our selection of manual height-adjustable desks and electric sit-stand desks have passed rigorous testing. Quality products are the only ones Aurora Office Furniture chooses. For a free consultation, get in touch with us today.

    Aurora Expertise, Quality and Service

    Our clients count on the expertise and understanding of the Aurora team to provide and install high-quality office furniture solutions that adhere to timelines and financial constraints. We are aware that effective workplaces must complement your company's staff, operational procedures, and strategic goals. Based on your project brief, we will streamline your workspace and business goals to build a design that will enable your workers and clients to successfully collaborate and accomplish.

    Custom made furniture

    Australian-made furniture is one of our areas of expertise. Whether it be a certain shape, cutout, size, or color, furniture is made using high-quality machines, giving you a very high finish. We distribute and install Australian-made furniture on a weekly basis, depending on the needs of our customers. The majority of our furniture may have its upholstery reupholstered in the colors of your choice.

    Danpro Commercial Fitout & Furniture Stand Up Office Desk Australia

    danpro commercial fitout & furniture stand up office desk australia

    1300 515 529


    Danpro was established as a partnership between professionals in the sector and combines a fit out and furniture business. Despite having a small team but a lot of experience, we carefully and diligently choose the clients and projects we work on. Every project we work on is just as important to us as it is to you, and when we commit, we follow through.

    What we do

    Project managers, designers, architects, engineers, consultants, and end-user clients are just a few of the clients with whom we closely collaborate.

    Danpro can meet your needs and expectations by carrying out a variety of procurement activities, including Lump Sum, construction management, ECI, and design and construct. By utilizing strategic protocols, project planning, and methodology, we are able to produce exceptional outcomes while also delivering a fun transition. Through careful planning and programming, deadlines and budgets are met. To guarantee that stakeholders benefit and that our projects are completed to the highest standards, we swiftly and pro-actively address site and design challenges.

    Direct Office Furniture Stand Up Desk Australia

    direct office furniture stand up desk australia

    1800 849 113

    About Us

    In order to help our customers save time and money when choosing their office furniture, Direct Office Furniture has gathered hundreds of office furniture products onto a straightforward e-commerce platform. This is done in recognition of today's fast-paced business environment and evolving workplaces. We are able to offer the cheapest prices because we do not have the high overhead costs associated with brick and mortar stores, and we back that up with a 5% price beat guarantee on any written estimates.

    With our import stock holdings and manufacturing and warehousing facilities in Kewdale, WA, and Tullamarine, VIC, which are dedicated to adopting lean principles and continuous improvement, we can offer your office furniture with a short lead time. We can go above and beyond your expectations thanks to our in-house delivery and installation staff, which further improve our rapid service.

    Office Furniture Sales Stand Up Desk Australia

    office furniture sales stand up desk australia

    1300 937 483

    Office Furniture Sales is a Melbourne-based internet store that offers office furniture that is actively designed at affordable costs. When you shop in our online store, we want your experience to be one to remember. To do this, we offer high-quality products and exceptional customer service.

    We have been in business since 2016 and have succeeded in creating a respected online business. We have a fantastic team and want to expand constantly so we can provide the greatest active office furniture out there. We have minimal overhead costs because we are an online-only business, which allows us to continue offering excellent customer service and reasonable prices.

    Our Story

    She had experience working in an office setting with standing desks and stools, but she was aware that most companies did not have this type of active office setup. She realized it was time to find a method to be more engaged in order to alter the dynamics of the workplace and school. Bridget used motion wobble stools, ergonomic chairs, and standing desks, and she immediately realized the advantages of employing active office supplies. She saw a shift right away in some of her pupils who had trouble maintaining focus when using wobble stools. Bridget was motivated by this to start Active Offices Australia to assist others in changing their workplace and educational environment.

    Equip Office Furniture Stand Up Desk Australia

    equip office furniture stand up desk australia

    02 9818 4209



    We have a fully qualified team of five design consultants, together with a sales manager, who may visit you to see your precise needs. Excellent customer service and the industry-specific expertise and shared knowledge of a team of professionals.


    We make use of cutting-edge design and computer technology so that our consultants can present you with CAD layout options and quickly make changes in your workplace setting. By working directly with us on your planograms and workplace designs, you save money.


    Over 200 strategic manufacturing partners are part of our global network. Don't make any concessions to your original concept or brief; instead, get the exact product you want. Custom finishes and color options are no issue.

    Elite Office Furniture Stand Up Desk Australia

    elite office furniture stand up desk australia

    1300 686 699

    Getting the right office desk for your needs

    The ideal office workstation aids in productivity, encourages workplace satisfaction, and keeps you inspired all day. It's crucial to choose a desk that is the proper size and shape for your body type, workspace, and working style. Products that allow people to mitigate the risks of prolonged sitting are a wonderful choice in Australia.

    Complete office furniture solutions

    We provide cutting-edge storage options in addition to our remarkable selection of high-quality office furniture products to enable you to operate more efficiently. We provide an extensive selection of shelving units, bookshelves, cabinets, and drawers to help you reduce clutter and increase productivity. For contemporary workplace settings, we provide high-quality home office furniture, commercial office furniture, and adaptable storage solutions.

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