best things to do in perth this summer

Best Things To Do In Perth This Summer

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    We know of something really cool that you can do in Perth this summer if you're searching for something to do. Throughout the next three months, there will be a plethora of activities within and outside the city, so it shouldn't be hard to find something which piques your interest.

    There is something for everyone here, from taking in the sights along our stunning coastline to sampling exotic cuisine at one of the many annual festivals. Because there is so much to pick from, it can be difficult to get started. Nevertheless, you need not worry, because we have compiled a list of excellent suggestions just for you.

    This blog entry is an absolute must-read if you're seeking for some fantastic suggestions for things you can do in Fremantle this Summer. In order to keep you cool & entertained this summer, we'll be covering all the best events taking place across the country.

    In the heat of an Australian summer, few cities can compare to Perth. The area has some of the best beaches in the country, as well as more parkland and a sparkling stream than you can shake a stick at.

    Western Australia has all the charm, wildlife, culture, adventure, food, and wine of the rest of Australia, but without the crowds that make the east coast, where cities like Melbourne and Sydney can be found.

    Perth is the warmest capital city of Australia and a fantastic place to visit any time of the year due to the harmonious coexistence of urban and natural environments.

    You'll instantly feel at home here, and you won't believe all the exciting activities you can do in this area of the country.

    Explore The Coogee Maritime Trail By snorkelling.

    Fresh easterlies — winds that happen to make the ocean gloriously smooth — have us into prime snorkelling time with long, hot days. Combining this with the mild summer waves, Perth becomes a haven for divers and oceanographers.

    The shipwreck is just one of many amazing things to find along the Coogee Maritime Trail, which can be accessible with ease from the beach.

    The City in Cockburn and the WA Museum have recently undertaken extensive conservation efforts to protect the Omeo Wreck, making it the focal point of the Koh chang Maritime Trail and adding 55 structures to it to aid divers on their underwater journey.

    perth wa museum boola bardip

    Visit The Stunning New WA Museum Boola Bardip.

    Although its massive size makes it seem unlikely, the freshly renovated WA Museum Boola Bardip does not charge admission.

    Spread across several stories, with spectacular exhibits tracing Western Australia's history across millennia, it is an unforgettable and unforgettable experience. Reservations are required until January 31, but if you feel that the Gallery of WA and/or PICA Gallery are too crowded, you can always try again another time.

    Spend The Evening In The Great Outdoors Watching A Movie.

    Many outdoor movie theatres are available in Perth's pleasant environment. During the warmer months, you can catch new and classic films at Rooftop Cinema, a retro-chic location atop a Northbridge parking garage.

    You may enjoy the beautiful scenery of Kings Park as you walk to the theatre from the grassy entrance of Moonlight Cinema Perth. Most recently, Mov'in Bed, an outdoor bed cinema, has opened, providing its guests with 150 queen-sized mattresses, cushions, blankets, and the option of unlimited popcorn and other food delivered right to their beds. Bliss.

    Take A Day Trip To Rottnest Island.

    A trip to Western Australia isn't complete without a quokka selfie. Your mind will be completely blown if you've never seen one of these small furry buddies before, as they can only be found in the this region of the globe.

    They epitomise the term "adorable." Catch a ride on the ferry to the island (18 km from the shore) and spend the day lounging on one of the 60 beautiful beaches and bays, swimming and snorkelling. You may rent bicycles and ride all across the island, stopping at various beaches along the way. Tennis, golf, fishing, kayaking, and scuba diving are a few of the many other pursuits.

    Visit A Number Of The Beautiful Beaches.

    The beaches in Perth are undeniably one of the nicest aspects of life there.

    Perth is located on the coast of the Indian Ocean, where the water is clear and the beach is white. It's no surprise that most visitors plan to spend at minimum one day of their vacation relaxing on the sand.

    As you might expect from a city just on west coast, Perth's sunsets are spectacular, so be sure to visit in the late afternoon.

    But which beaches are worth visiting?

    Beach Cottesloe

    Cottesloe Beach, or "Cott" as the locals call it, is one of Australia's most well-known beaches, and it's only 20 minutes from the heart of Perth by public transportation.

    As a result of its clear aqua seas, chill surf culture, and plenty of neighbouring bars and restaurants, it has gained massive popularity. It's essentially a giant natural water park!

    If you're looking to meet new people and have a drink, you shouldn't miss a Sunday Session just at Ocean Beach Hotel (OBH).

    Beach At Mullaloo

    Mullaloo Beach is a favourite for people visiting Perth with kids, whether or not it is during the school break. The waves are manageable, making it suitable for swimmers of all skill levels.

    At the beach's highest point, you'll find a grassy area with picnic tables, grills, and shade. It's a great place for kids to run about and play because there's a large open area and a playground.

    perth scarborough beach

    Beach In Scarborough

    Scarborough, or "Scabs" as we locals call it, is a real treasure one of our favourites. places to visit in Perth. The beachfront district was closed for two years due to reconstruction costs, which began in 2017 and cost a total of $100 million.

    Many of new family-friendly amenities, including a beach pool & skating bowl, have been added to the beach.

    Beach In The City

    This beach is ideal for surfers because it has consistent waves throughout the year. In addition, following a refreshing dip in the Indian Ocean, you may grab a bite to eat at one of the many outdoor cafés or premium seafood restaurants with ocean views.

    Take A Bike Ride Through Fremantle.

    When you need to get away from the oppressive heat, nothing beats a breeze off the ocean. It takes roughly 30 minutes to drive from Perth's city centre to Fremantle, a picturesque beach town. Just on the lake, you can find a wide variety of excellent dining options, as well as lively bars and interesting stores.

    If you're in the mood for a dose of maritime history, you can stop by the Old Prison and the well-known Little Creatures Brewery.

    Bicycling around Fremantle is a fantastic way to see the city. Get yourself a treddly from a SpinWay Cycle sharing station and leisurely pedal around the city (the stations are conveniently located all over the place). Simply use your credit card to make your purchase, and you're free to leave.

    One of the best free stuff to do in Perth, especially for those on a tighter budget. Spectacular beaches and breathtaking sunsets are no secret. There's no better way to take in the sights and sounds of coastal life than by bicycle.

    The local flora and animals of the area, as well as its history, are all discussed at length throughout this fantastic cycling route.

    Marmion Water Park, Burns Beach, and Hillarys Yacht Harbour are some of the top attractions.

    Snorkeling is fantastic in the Marmion Marine Park, and Hillarys is well-known for its cafes, relatives swimming beach, and shopping.

    Incredible natural beauty and panoramic vistas are intertwined at Burns Beach. In Scarborough, you can hire bicycles if you don't bring your own. The Southern Perth Foreshore is beautiful to cycle through and offers stunning panoramas of the city.

    Visit The Fremantle Markets.

    Hours of operation are as follows: Fridays, 9 AM - 8 PM; Saturdays, 9 AM - 6 PM; Sundays, 9 AM - 6 PM

    Located at the corner of South Terrace and Henderson Street, Fremantle

    The Fremantle Markets are widely regarded as the best weekend marketplace in Western Australia, if not the whole country. It features nearly a century and a half of history and culture in its unique ambience of fresh and local products, souvenirs, apparel, and wonderful meals.

    The best part is that it is free to enter, making it ideal for a day trip with the kids. Even if you're not a shopper, a trip to a Freo Markets is a must when in Perth. So, aside from going shopping, what else is there to do?

    The Freo Markets History Trail is a pleasant walk that will enlighten you on the significance of the city's weekend markets. Afterwards, you may stop by the petting zoo or sample some of the delicacies on offer in the Markets Hall.

    Another option is to do like we did and watch the street performers. John Butler's career in the music business began in this sector of the market.

    Observe The Spectacles Aboriginal Heritage Pathway

    Spectacles Aboriginal Heritage Path is one of the best free things to do in the area because it is both culturally significant and accessible to the public.

    An readily accessible 5 km loop in Beeliar Regional Park, it is lined with explanation panels that delve deeply into the flora, fauna, and way of life of the original landowners. The area is also excellent for watching birds.

    perth street art tour

    Embark On A Self-guided Street Art Tour.

    Perth has laboured to develop into a city full of wonderful street art, so you owe it to the city to get out and discover some of it. The central business district (CBD), Northbridge, and several of the suburbs all include impressive artworks by local, regional, and even worldwide artists.

    Chicho In For Gelato And A Stroll Around Northbridge

    While in Northbridge, follow the bright neon sign to Chicho Gelato for a truly unforgettable ice cream experience.

    There is a tempting variety of original flavours to sample. After making your choice, take some time to explore the eclectic stores of Northbridge.

    Paddle Boarding At Hillarys Boat Harbour

    Everyone who has been following the vlogs for any length of time knows how much we adore Hillarys Boat Harbour. It's the ideal place to spend a sunny day in Australia since it has everything you could want: wonderful shopping, great restaurants, and a beautiful harbour.

    If you want to do something a little different while you're there, why not try stand up paddle boarding... at night? WestSups is the first business in Australia to offer stand-up paddleboarding trips at night.

    You just rent a board (preferably at dusk), and when the sun goes down, the fish will be drawn to the light, which will be emanating from your board.

    Visit Penguin Island For The Day.

    That's right—there are penguins in Perth. Penguin Island is among our favourite places, and it's only 45 minutes southwest of Perth as well as a five-minute boat ride over Shoalwater Bay. Our penguins are the tiniest in the world, so we call them little penguins.

    In the Discovery Centre, visitors can get close up to penguins at one of three daily feedings hosted by park rangers. These tiny fellas are bashful and spend most of the day fishing or hiding in their burrows, so this is the best chance to observe them.

    During our last trip to the island, we took a kayak tour and highly suggest it.

    The State's Well-known Wildflowers

    There are more than 12,000 different species of wildflowers in Western Australia, making it the most diverse collection of its kind in the world.

    To have seen the wildflowers is indeed a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, as 60% of them can only be found in Western Australia.

    The good news is that you may enjoy them without ever leaving the city limits of Perth, since the Kings Park Botanic Gardens are at their full blooming wildflower potential in September, the height of a wildflower season in Perth.

    Wildflowers bloom for up to six months throughout the year in Washington, starting in June inside the northern part of the state to ending in November in the southern part.

    perth sunset coast

    Travel Along The Sunset Coast.

    A Sunset Coast is a 40-kilometer length with white sandy beaches, commonly considered among the most coastal areas anywhere in Australia, and was given its name for the breathtaking sunsets it experiences over the Indian Ocean.

    Kick out the day with coffee and people-watching at Cottosloe Beach, then make your way to Scarborough Beach for a fish-and-chips picnic.

    Then, take a stroll around Hillary's Boat Harbour, where you may observe WA's cherished quokkas in the aquarium or travel to Rottnest Island via ferry.

    When you're done, head over to Mindarie Marina, Australia's largest marina, for a stroll along the Mediterranean-style boardwalks and a pint of local brew at the microbrewery.

    The King's Park

    Overlooking downtown Perth, Kings Park is indeed a massive green space. It is one of the largest urban parks in the world and offers a breathtaking panorama of the illuminated skyline of Perth.

    A stunning water garden as well as a Place of Meditation are part of the WA native plant-filled botanic garden.

    Besides the park's abundance of picnicking families, it also features a war memorial, a memorial to pioneer women, and a memorial to the local pioneers who settled the area. Native American cultural celebrations and the annual Kings Park Festival are only two examples of the variety of activities that occur frequently in the area.

    Museum Of Nostalgia Boxes

    Australia's first interactive museum dedicated to video gaming consoles, the Nostalgia Box features systems from the 1970s and earlier.

    It's an amazing crash course on the evolution of video gaming as well as the development of technology through the decades, as you'll see many games and platforms you remember from your childhood alongside those you've never heard of before.

    You can play your favourite games, learn new ones, and even introduce your young travelling companions to the joys of Crash Bandicoot & Sonic the Hedgehog in the interactive gaming section.

    Use The Surf

    Several of the top surfing spots in the world may be found in Western Australia. Even while Perth isn't the best site in Australia for seasoned surfers, it's a great place to get your feet wet.

    If you're new to the game, your best bet is to either start in Scarborough or hire a car and head up to Lancelin.

    If the swell is big in the Indian Ocean, the more seasoned surfers will move south-west to Margaret River and Rottnest.

    Trinity Arcade And London Court

    Both London Court & Trinity Arcade are beautiful examples of WA history and are within easy walking distance of one another, so you can go sightseeing and shopping in WA while also stepping back in time.

    While being constructed in the 1930s, London Court's mock-Tudor architecture makes it look much older, but Trinity Arcade was really erected in the 19th century. While most of Perth's central structures are ultra-modern, this lavish look at WA's past provides a dramatic contrast to the city's otherwise all-contemporary environs.

    Visit Perth's Small Bars.

    Perth's "little bar culture" gained national attention in recent years. They can be found in a wide variety of locations throughout the city, including the Central Business District, Northbridge, Victoria Park, Fremantle, and Mount Lawley.

    If you find yourself in Perth, make sure to stop by these intimate watering holes;

    • Henry Summer, in Northbridge, is well-known for its Coco Kafe and assortment of cocktails.
    • Mrs. Brown's, located in North Fremantle, is a wine bar with a wonderful cheese platter and an extensive wine list set in a Victorian terrace.
    • If you're in the mood for tequila & Mexican food, head on over to El Publico in Highgate.
    • When in Perth, stop into Varnish on King for the whisky and bacon flights.
    • Northbridge's Shadow Wine Bar is a great spot for brunch, and they provide a wide variety of tasty options in addition to their wine.
    • Famous for its butter fried chicken and wide selection of speciality brews, Percy Flint can be found in Fremantle.
    • Mount Lawley's Peaky Bodega has great cocktails and a fun, New York feel.
    • The Mechanics Institute in Northbridge is a great place to sample some of the local beer or wine.


    Perth is the warmest capital city of Australia and a fantastic place to visit any time of the year due to its harmonious coexistence of urban and natural environments. Throughout the next three months, there will be a plethora of activities within and outside the city, so it shouldn't be hard to find something which piques your interest. The Omeo Wreck is just one of many amazing things to find along the Coogee Maritime Trail, which can be accessible with ease from the beach. Snorkelling is also a popular activity, with fresh easterlies making the ocean gloriously smooth and mild summer waves making it a haven for divers and oceanographers. The most important details are that the WA Museum Boola Bardip does not charge admission, there are many outdoor movie theatres in Perth, a day trip to Rottnest Island, tennis, golf, fishing, kayaking, and scuba diving, and a number of beautiful beaches.

    Perth is located on the coast of the Indian Ocean, where the water is clear and the beach is white. The sunsets are spectacular, so be sure to visit in the late afternoon.

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    1. If you find yourself in Perth this summer without plans, we have a suggestion for something fun you may do.
    2. There will be a tonne of things to do in and around the city over the next three months, so it shouldn't be too difficult to discover something that captures your attention.
    3. Whether you're interested in taking in the views along our breathtaking coastline or trying out some unusual food at one of our numerous annual festivals, this city has something for you.
    4. It can be daunting to begin due to the abundance of options.
    5. But have no fear; we have produced a list of great recommendations particularly for you.
    6. If you are looking for some great ideas for things to do in Fremantle this Summer, then you need to read this blog post immediately.
    7. This summer, we will be covering the biggest events taking place all throughout the United States so that you may stay cool and entertained.
    8. There aren't many places as pleasant to visit as Perth is during the scorching Australian summer.
    9. There are more parks and a beautiful stream in the region than you can shake a stick at, and the beaches are among the best in the country.
    10. The east coast, where major cities like Melbourne and Sydney are located, is where the majority of Australians live, yet Western Australia has all the charm, wildlife, culture, adventure, food, and wine of the rest of Australia without the crowds.
    11. Because to its mild climate and the city's ability to cohabit with its natural surroundings, Perth is one of Australia's most welcoming capitals.
    12. You'll fit in right away, and you won't believe the variety of fun things to do in this part of the country.
    13. Snorkeling along the Coogee Maritime Path is an amazing way to see the underwater landscape.
    14. As a result, Perth becomes a mecca for scuba divers and oceanographers during the summer.
    15. Shipwreck is only one of many fascinating sights along the Coogee Maritime Path, which is easily accessible from the beach.
    16. The Omeo Wreck is the main point of the Koh chang Maritime Trail, and the City of Cockburn and the WA Museum have lately undertaken substantial conservation work to protect it, adding 55 structures to it to aid divers on their underwater trek.
    17. Pay T a visit.
    18. Boola Bardip, the State of Washington's Brand-New State Museum, Is a Visual Treat.
    19. Despite its huge size, the recently refurbished WA Museum Boola Bardip does not require a fee to enter.
    20. It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore Western Australia's history through millennia at this sprawling museum that spans multiple floors and features amazing displays.
    21. Before January 31st, reservations are required, but if you find the Gallery of WA and/or PICA Gallery to be too busy, you can always try again at another time.
    22. Enjoy a movie night in the fresh air.
    23. Perth's mild climate makes it ideal for the city's many open-air cinemas.
    24. The Rooftop Cinema is a vintage movie theatre perched atop a Northbridge parking garage, where you can watch current releases and old favourites during the warmer months.
    25. You can enter Moonlight Cinema Perth on grass and take in the sights of Kings Park on your way to the theatre.
    26. Just inaugurated is Mov'in Bed, an outdoor bed theatre with 150 queen-sized mattresses, pillows, blankets, and the option of limitless popcorn and other refreshments served directly to visitors' beds.
    27. Taking a selfie with a quokka is a must on every vacation to Western Australia.
    28. If you've never seen one of these tiny furry companions before, you're in for a real treat, since they're endemic to this part of the world and utterly out of this world.
    29. They are the definition of the word "adorable."
    30. Take the ferry out to the island (it's only 18 kilometres from the coast) and spend the day swimming, snorkelling, and lazing on one of the sixty stunning beaches and bays.
    31. Renting bicycles is an excellent way to see the island and stop at its many beaches.
    32. You can also do scuba diving, tennis, golf, fishing, kayaking, or any of a number of other water sports.
    33. Experience a few of the stunning beaches.
    34. One of the best parts about living in Perth is having access to some beautiful beaches.
    35. White sand beaches and crystal clear water characterise Perth's location on the Indian Ocean.
    36. It's no secret that the majority of tourists intend to spend at least one day lounging in the beach during their trip.



    Frequently Asked Questions About Summer

    Go for a sunset cruise along the Swan River on a stand-up paddleboard, kayak or waterbike. Book a staycay and completely unwind poolside at one of these hotels. Wander through the Art Gallery of Western Australia, and hit up at the new rooftop bar once the sun sets.

    In Your Home

    • Make Sure There is Shade: Perth homes need effective shade for east and west facing windows. 
    • Plant Some Trees: If you own a house, plant a range of attractive and useful 'Shade Trees'. 
    • Close Up: Keep your house closed where possible on hotter days to stop any unwanted heat or humidity seeping through.

    Summer in Perth is hot and dry with very little rainfall. Average temperatures range from 17.5 - 30°C (63.5 - 86°F).


    February is the hottest month of the year, with an average high of 31.6 °C (88.9 °F), and July is the coldest month of the year, with an average low of 7.9 °C (46.2 °F). 77% of rain in Perth falls between May and September.

    Australia Day temperatures most consistent in Sydney

    The temperatures in Sydney are much more comfortable for a day out, with average temperatures of 26.6°C over the past 116 years. Sydney has only experienced 2 Australia Days above 40°C and 13 above 30°C compared with 61 and 4 for Perth respectively.

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