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Top 15 Wedding DJs & MCs In Brisbane [2022]

The Brisbane wedding scene is rapidly growing, and with that comes a need for amazing DJs and MCs! So, if you're planning your big day and looking for the best of the best in terms of wedding entertainment, look no further than this blog post.

We've rounded up the best wedding DJs and MCs in Brisbane, all of whom come highly recommended. So whether you're after someone to get everyone dancing or keep things running smoothly, one of these talented individuals will be perfect for your needs. Read on to find out more about Brisbane's best wedding DJs and MCs!

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    Ultimate List Of Wedding DJs & MCs In Brisbane

    Melbourne Entertainment Company - Wedding DJ and MC Brisbane

    melbourne entertainment co wedding bands & singers entertainment

    1300 858 981




    To find a DJ, look no further The DJs employed by Melbourne Entertainment Company are among the best and most skilled that Melbourne has to offer. Our hand-picked team of experts is adept at reading crowds and, most importantly, playing the ideal music for each situation. Hire a youthful, new, and cool professional who suits your budget instead of an outdated, has-been DJ.


    There is more to offer than your typical DJ thanks to these skilled DJ sax players. People expect to see a DJ when they enter your event area, but they do not anticipate that DJ to begin improvising on a saxophone.

    melbourne entertainment co wedding bands & singers


    A complete wedding and event entertainment provider is The Melbourne Entertainment Company. For every occasion, we offer each client a unique, refreshing service. We were very busy in the Melbourne wedding and event sector last year, hosting over 700 events. With more than ten years of expertise, we are aware of the demand for a personalized, distinctive, and high-end service.

    Elite DJs, DJ-Sax, Acoustic Solos, Duos, Trios, Bands, Singers, Guitarists, Saxophonists, Percussionists, Photographers, and Roving Performers are available. Your go-to service for flawless corporate, wedding, and function entertainment is MEC. They are amiable, trustworthy, and knowledgeable.

    Allstar DJs Wedding In Brisbane

    allstar djs

    0402 0238888

    Do you want your visitors to have a good time and remember the event? one that will be remembered for a long time? Your vision for the ideal wedding event will be realized with the help of our DJs. Wedding DJ experts Allstar DJs provide a strong emphasis on dependability, superior customer service, and meticulousness.

    We will collaborate with you to choose music that suits your tastes and personality. making sure that every crucial aspect is taken care of. We will work with you to design the soundtrack of your special day, including the music for dinner, the first dance, and the closing song. Give us the chance to contribute to making your day special. Your wedding DJ will MC for you at no extra cost as part of the wedding package.

    Spin It DJ’S Wedding In Brisbane

    spin it dj’s

    0402 027853

    Introducing Matteo, Jonathan, and Fernando. We are all Gold Coast natives who enjoy good times and music! We are eager to participate in your event. We recognize that this is not your typical "nightclub performance," having received more specialized training in DJing for weddings. Family and friends from different generations get together during weddings with the intention of having a nice time. We adore weddings because of this. We consider it an honor to be a part of such an important day, and we'll always try our hardest to make it the best day of your lives.

    We provide a skilled DJ service to handle all or a portion of your day. We can play music from the moment guests arrive through the ceremony, canapés, dinner, and, of course, the dance floor that immediately follows. We also provide MC services, so we can now handle every aspect of your day from beginning to end. In order to complete your day and make it simple for you, we also closely collaborate with a limited number of musicians who can be hired in addition to our DJ package.

    FAQs About Wedding DJ & MC

    All our gear is tried and tested to meet the industry standard. It’s a little technical to explain them here in a few sentences, but I can explain further via personal message/email or call if you want to know. As a general guide, though, we employ the best of Audio: Bose, QSC & Electro-Voice speakers, Shure / AKG / Sennheiser Microphones, Pioneer DJ Controllers with pro-software’s, Chauvet / ADJ or equivalent Lighting etc. We trust our gear and always have backup options for all events!

    Any DJ that specialises in special events will also specialise in the unknown. None of us ever want to be in a situation when something goes wrong, and there is no solution. We always have a backup system just in case! Some DJ companies go above and beyond when it comes to emergency preparedness, and some just skim the surface. Don’t be afraid to ask the DJ how they prepare for emergencies.

    Mixing is a pretty basic skill for a professional disc jockey, but how a DJ does, it says a lot about his or her style. We mix music to create high-quality seamless transitions between songs and maintain the energy and momentum on the dance floor. Mixing for us is something we do on the spot, based on the tempo and “feel” of the songs and the crowd's reaction.


    What we don’t do is treat your event like it’s our nightclub appearance, and we won’t use your wedding to test out remixes that no one recognizes. Instead, we always use the most popular versions of each song unless there’s a really good reason not to.

    We also don’t rely on cheesy, prefabricated “DJ mixes” with corny sound effects, and we don’t treat every transition between songs as an opportunity to show off our ability to scratch. Instead, we focus on making the perfect transition between each song, whatever that may be, and building amazing sets that maximise the amount of dancing and fun at your event!

    Of course! We encourage our clients/couples to use our online music database to know about their taste in music and their musical desires for their event/wedding day. The online tool allows you to search through our music library and make a list from categories of: ‘Songs they have to hear’, ‘songs they would like to hear if there is time’, and the very popular, ‘under no circumstances is this song to be played at my wedding’! Of course, a reputable DJ will always want input from their clients to help make the wedding special to them!

    Some DJs take requests, and some don’t. We leave this one up to our clients. We’ll talk to our clients and ask them what they want us to do. Some say they want us to take requests, and some say they don’t. Even if they tell us to take requests, we are always very careful never to play something similar to a song that might have been listed on the do not playlist. Also, we use our judgement when it comes to requests. If it’s a great song, sure, we will play it. If it’s a song we know will clear the dance floor, we’ll stay away from it. Our goal is the same as the client that hired us. DJs want the dance floor filled with people as much as possible!

    Recharge DJ Wedding In Brisbane

    recharge dj,au

    1300 836 9854

    Every weekend, Recharge DJs specialize in performing in Australia's top hotel nightclubs as well as at events and weddings. Our DJs have extensive domestic and foreign club DJ expertise from the UK, Europe, Asia, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth. They've performed at places including Family, Cloudland, Eatons Hill Hotel, The Victory Hotel, Treasury Hotel and Casino, The Regatta, and numerous other exclusive hotels. Recharge DJs therefore have the skills to fill a room and keep the party going all night long, whether you require a DJ to hire for a single night or a residency.

    Recharge DJ's interstate was widened in 2012. We currently have residences in Western Australia and New South Wales, and we have plans to grow soon. Our DJs have performed at prestigious locations in Sydney and Perth as a result of the expansion, including Cheeky Monkey's, Mary G's, the Coogee Bay Hotel, the Bristol Arms, the Crown Casino, the Windsor Hotel, and Splendour in the Grass.

    Platinum Parties Wedding DJ In Brisbane

    platinum parties

    0402 343 009

    With Platinum Party's expert DJ hire services for weddings, you can make sure that your special event is a resounding success. We are committed to creating the ideal ambiance for any occasion and offer a party experience that is customized to your event, your attendees, and your particular needs. Our DJ rental Brisbane service combines a sizable song collection with the greatest in high-quality sound and lighting equipment to provide everything you and your guests will need to have an extraordinary celebration.

    A wedding's musical journey is very amazing. We enjoy being a part of everything, even the acoustic looping vibrations that we produce. But at the same time, guests arrive at the ceremony to the personal ceremony songs we learn for each couple, to the laid-back acoustic dinner vibes, the upbeat acoustic vibes of the after-dinner dance, and to the DJ dance party vibes, where we occasionally cut the music and allow everyone to sing loudly. Making your day a special one to remember is so much joy!

    Brisbane DJ Wedding

    brisbane dj

    0467 524 983

    If you want a nice event, music is a necessity, but if you want a fantastic event, you need the appropriate music. Music to energize your event, attract guests on the dance floor, or seamlessly usher in the formality of the evening. help bridge generations and ensure that everyone at your event has a nice time. This finesse can only be attained by a superb DJ.

    Joseph Cheung Wedding MC In Brisbane

    joseph cheung

    +61 435 404 554

    Hello soon-to-be newlyweds! My name is Joseph, and I work as a civil marriage celebrant in Brisbane, Queensland, under the auspices of the Australian Commonwealth. I may lawfully officiate your wedding ceremony anywhere in Australia as a Civil Marriage Celebrant, including a park, a beach, a winery, a cruise ship, your school or university, or even your house and backyard. You and your spouse are free to organize your wedding ceremony wherever that holds special value for you both.

    Explosive Entertainment Wedding MC In Brisbane

    explosive entertainment


    It is only fitting to ensure your wedding's success during the most significant event of your life. Everything from the wedding gown to the location to the menu, the music, the wedding cake, the flowers, and the order of activities must be flawless. To have a great wedding ceremony and celebration in Brisbane or on the Gold Coast, you must hire a qualified master of ceremonies (MC).

    In addition to keeping the reception organized, an experienced and qualified MC will also keep your guests entertained and ensure that everything runs well. A host of a show is more than just a witty man with a microphone. He takes up the MC duties and ensures them are completed flawlessly.

    Beat Connection Wedding DJ & MC In Brisbane

    beat connection

    0427 608 799

    Beat Connection is a DJ, photo booth, and live music company with offices in Brisbane that was founded in 2019. We proudly provide a variety of fantastic services to improve the excitement at events in Brisbane, Ipswich, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, and Toowoomba.

    Beat Connection is an entertaining and expert DJ, Photo Booth, and Live Music business. Weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, formals, corporate events, festivals, and community events are just a few of the events we cater to. Giant Love Letters, Dancing on Cloud Effect, Photo Booth, Live Music, MC, and Sparklers are just a few of the specialties we offer. We also provide sponsorship for regional celebrations and civic activities. Visit our website to learn more about what we have to offer. We're always delighted to talk about how we can support your future event with our staff.

    G&M Event Group Wedding DJ & MC In Brisbane

    g&m event group

    1300 736 244

    Exceptional Wedding DJs and MCs who know how important it is to get things perfect on your wedding day will provide you complete peace of mind. You may create enjoyable, stress-free, distinctive, and unforgettable events with the aid of dependable entertainment.

    DJ MTK Wedding DJ In Brisbane

    dj mtk

    0410 381 255

    As a father of six, I want to demonstrate to my children that they can achieve their goals by working hard and to provide them with something to aspire to. I am a reliable and legitimate business because I am fully insured and have an ABN.

    Additionally, I've been a DJ for more than 10 years and have learned from experience how to produce an outstanding outcome on the night. My objective as your DJ is to make your event memorable by playing the music you and your guests want to hear and having a good time with you and your guests.

    DJ Becks Wedding In Brisbane

    dj becks

    0402 023765

    I've performed as a singer at festivals before and mix live music into my DJ sets. Any crowd and setting may be catered to by DJ Becks. My specialty is Greek music, and I can play it solo or with a three-piece band that includes a violinist and a bouzouki player. Ask me how I can customize my performance for your particular occasion.

    The ideal music is provided by DJ Becks for your special occasion. From slow dancing to fast music, we know what it takes to get people moving. Offering some of the top wedding DJ services in Brisbane, we are aware that the correct music always improves a wonderful wedding. Planning a gathering? Let us assist you in starting the celebration. Contact us so we can make your occasion one to remember.

    Loco Entertainment Wedding In Brisbane


    0402 223 456

    Brisbane and its environs are serviced by Loco Entertainment's mobile DJ fleet. The team works really hard to make sure that your celebration is one to remember.

    Music By Tristan Wedding DJ & MC In Brisbane

    music by tristan

    1300 882 9990

    Tristan James has established a reputation as one of Australia's top party DJs after performing at more than 3,000 events, listening to half a million minutes of music, and having an unwavering passion for his audience. He has performed in front of thousands at corporate events, weddings, fashion parades, and just about every hospitality establishment in South East Queensland, so his experience is unlike that of your normal wedding DJ. He has also toured Australia's festivals and clubs as a headline artist.

    Graham Hobson Entertainment Wedding DJ In Brisbane

    graham hobson entertainment

    0404 878 599

    The authority on wedding entertainment in Australia is Graham Hobson Entertainment. For a sample of the wedding entertainment we can offer for you and your guests, view THE Wedding Film (above) if you are planning a wedding in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, Maleny, the Gold Coast, Toowoomba, or Northern NSW.

    Lark Music Wedding DJ In Brisbane

    lark music

    0404 878 5543

    In Brisbane, Lark Music is happy to offer you the top-of-the-charts, best wedding music available. So, until some ungodly hour of the morning, we have you covered if you're looking for fantastic live music, wedding DJs on club level, or Brisbane's top party band.

    You play your strongest cards when life hands you a wonderful person. But despite our excellent musicianship, what distinguishes us is our talent for making those life-altering events into something genuinely memorable. Every moment of your wedding is safe in our hands, from a magnificent acoustic highlight during your ceremony to our live band energizing that dancefloor or a blasting DJ set at the afterparty.

    Simply said, we understand it. You'll adore the unmatched vigor, extraordinary talent, and razor-sharp professionalism of Lark's live bands, DJs, and acoustic performers. We are prepared when we show up to provide your guests experiences they will remember for years to come. What a wonderful wedding!

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