Top 15 Engagement Ring & Wedding Band Shops In Melbourne, Victoria [2022]

But don't worry - we're here to help! This blog post will introduce you to some of Melbourne's best wedding band shops and tell you what each offers. So, if you're planning your wedding and need some advice on where to buy your wedding bands, read on!

Melbourne has no shortage of places to shop for wedding bands. So whether you want something classic and traditional or desire a unique style, there are plenty of stores to explore. Here is a brief guide to some of Melbourne's best wedding band shops.

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    Ultimate List Of Engagement Ring & Wedding Band Shops in Melbourne, Victoria

    Temple & Grace Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

    temple & grace engagement rings & wedding band shop melbourne


    0414 500 999

    Australia's Finest Engagement And Wedding Rings

    It's thrilling to plan your big day, and Temple and Grace can make sure that it's celebrated in style with exquisitely created wedding bands and engagement rings. As reputable wedding and engagement ring experts with a Sydney presence, Temple and Grace take great pride in their work. Being professional jewelers themselves, each piece of jewelry is also individually created with attention to every last detail.

    Wedding rings can be purchased online or at Temple and Grace in Sydney if you're preparing for your big day. Over a thousand wedding bands and wedding ring sets are available at Temple and Grace. While the aesthetics of the wedding and engagement rings are significant, it is advised that you also consider your lifestyle and preferred precious metal.

    It is crucial to remember that Temple and Grace offers engagement rings, diamond rings, and wedding rings at a discount of over 40% compared to high-street jewelry stores. How then do you save so much money? It's easy. All jewelry sold by Temple and Grace is produced on-site. Every wedding band, diamond ring, and engagement ring you see online was individually created at the Sydney Temple and Grace jewelry store. We are renowned goldsmiths and experts in loose diamonds. We promise that we can create the best diamond wedding bands and gold wedding rings for you because we have a thorough understanding of precious metals like gold and platinum. Visit our store or purchase online to see our elegant and premium wedding and engagement jewelry.

    The Story Behind The Making Of Temple And Grace

    The level of craftsmanship used in its creation is what sets high-end, elegant fine jewelry apart from jewelry that just looks cheap. Jewelry made by Temple and Grace is expertly made with much-needed love. Fine jewelry production is considerably different from fine jewelry trading. Temple and Grace are expert jewelers who know how to create gold and diamond jewelry to strict standards. You can notice how exquisitely created the ring is when you open a Temple and Grace wedding ring box. Day after day, customers' grins keep Temple and Grace in business.

    Selecting a reputable jeweler is essential because a wedding is a momentous occasion. Unfortunately, a great wedding ring cannot be purchased off the shelf. Even if you like a particular ring design, it must be made specifically to fit your finger size. A well designed platinum or gold wedding band has a stunning appearance and is extremely comfortable. For both men and women, Temple and Grace have been handcrafting the best gold rings, platinum rings, and diamond rings since 2015. There is also a lovely collection of jewelry for women, including gemstone rings, gold bracelets, diamond bracelets, necklaces, and earrings.

    Temple and Grace has found success by working tirelessly to create the most exquisite wedding bands and engagement rings, which are then handcrafted and sold online. The largest selection of titanium, zirconium, and stainless steel wedding rings in Australia can be found at Temple and Grace if you're seeking for affordable wedding bands. The best online jewelers in Australia are Temple and Grace for a reason, no matter what metal or price range you have in mind.

    The Temple and Grace staff is extremely proud to be a part of someone's unique moment each and every day. The crew at Temple and Grace is motivated to come to work every day by the satisfaction of contributing to a couple's ambitions and their lifetime commitment to one another.

    Diamond Story Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

    diamond story engagement rings & wedding band shop melbourne


    03 9642 3641

    We are a truly international company with offices in Melbourne, Hong Kong, and SE Asia that is dedicated to identifying the highest-value stones. Our Hong Kong headquarters allows us to bargain even better pricing with our suppliers, and we pass those savings along to you.

    With more than a dozen years of experience, Diamond Story can guarantee that you'll receive the greatest service, recommendations, and craftsmanship. Our diamond experts take pride in providing direct guidance! We don't believe in giving false hope; only straightforward guidance. We are confident that you will do study to validate our claims!

    Nobody here is an aggressive salesperson! Just trustworthy, knowledgeable personnel whose responsibility it is to make sure you understand what you are purchasing. Designing bespoke jewelry is our specialty! With more than 40 years of experience making handcrafted jewelry, our master jeweler specializes in creating pieces of the highest caliber of beauty.

    Hardy Brothers Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

    hardy brothers engagement rings & wedding band shop melbourne


    1300 231 391

    The values of excellence, mastery, and invention that have formed our past and served as the defining forerunners of our present have guided Hardy Brothers from its founding in 1853.

    Engagement & Wedding Rings FAQs

    Even if the marriage never occurs, the recipient keeps the ring, no matter who broke the engagement.

    Unless you're planning to wear your diamond engagement ring without the wedding band or vice versa, at any time, most brides prefer to have their rings soldered together.

    Tradition says that a married woman should wear her wedding band on the inside of her finger. In other words, it goes on first, followed by the engagement ring on the outside. Many say it's because the wedding band should be closest to the heart, but there's a practical reason.

    The truth is, like most wedding customs, what you do with your engagement ring on your wedding day is entirely up to you. You can wear it all day, take it off during the ceremony or leave it at home. There is no right or wrong way to go about this, and the decision is entirely up to you.

    The most traditional way to go about this would be for the bride pays for the groom's wedding ring plus a gift, and the groom pays for the engagement ring and matching wedding band for the bride.


    Rings Of Melbourne Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

    rings of melbourne engagement rings & wedding band shop melbourne


    03 9646 1171

    Jewelry of the best quality is designed, made, and manufactured by Rings of Melbourne. With the ability to accommodate all tastes and financial constraints, we can suggest design features or create a product specifically to your requirements.

    Whether it's a custom engagement ring with choices for future wedding and eternity ring additions, a dress ring, or other jewelry, we only utilize the best materials and make sure that each piece is made to last.

    Trewarne Jewellery Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

    trewarne jewellery engagement rings & wedding band shop melbourne


    03 9654 9801

    At Trewarne, we recognize that while the ring represents your love, the romance and memory of this occasion endure forever. Therefore, take advantage of our 80 years of knowledge to make the proposal special and pick the ideal ring that she will adore—a ring to cherish always and serve as a reminder of this wonderful period in your life.

    For more than 80 years, Melbourne-based Trewarne Fine Jewellery has created diamond jewelry. Despite being a fourth generation company, our goals remain the same and we place client satisfaction at the forefront of everything we do. We adore jewelry and the feelings it evokes.

    James Alfredson - Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

    james alfredson engagement rings & wedding band shop melbourne


    (03) 9671 3952

    James Alfredson is a family-run jewelry store that specializes in genuine antique, vintage, and estate jewelry, including engagement rings, from the Georgian to the Art Deco to the 1960s, and is tucked away in the historic Howey Place in Melbourne's renowned retail district.

    James has a strong love and appreciation for historical jewelry because to his training in archaeology and history. He worked in various facets of the antique and fine jewelry trade for ten years after graduating from university while earning his gemological, diamond grading, and valuer qualifications before opening his store in October 2008. He is therefore quite interested in recognizing and authenticating jewelry from a variety of time eras, including Victorian, Art Nouveau, Edwardian, Art Deco, and Retro. His ongoing goal is to assemble an intriguing jewelry collection, primarily from the Georgian era through the 1960s. This webpage showcases a portion of his current collection.

    Larsen Jewellery Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

    larsen jewellery engagement rings & wedding band shop melbourne


    (03) 9662 3003

    The experienced jewelers on the team at Larsen Jewellery, a family-owned firm founded by Lars and Susie Larsen, have more than 150 years of combined expertise in the jewelry business. You started the company to give clients direct access to a jewelry workshop that combines great creativity, individualized service, and affordable workshop costs.

    We specialize in creating custom wedding bands and engagement rings and offer loose diamonds for sale at affordable workshop rates. A wide variety of other exquisite jewelry, including diamond earrings, pendants, and bracelets, is also made to order by our company.

    Australian Diamond Company - Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

    australian diamond company engagement rings & wedding band shop melbourne


    (03) 9660 4452

    The Australian Diamond Company, which is situated on the Bourke Street Mall in Melbourne, takes great pride in providing gorgeous engagement rings of the highest quality. The Australian Diamond Company, which has more than 30 years of experience, has established a reputation for success and professionalism in the jewelry industry.

    Our friendly and educated staff will provide you with a personalized experience while guiding you in your search for the ideal diamond. Our large showroom has been thoughtfully designed to assist our clients in the diamond selection process in a comfortable and welcoming setting.

    Holloway Diamonds Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

    holloway diamonds engagement rings & wedding band shop melbourne


    03 9593 2192

    Do you desire an expensive piece of jewelry or a diamond ring that sparkles maniacally and is flawlessly icy white? by use of a GIA certificate? Alternatively said, the nicest diamond cut imaginable. Working together with our designers and jewelers, you can select from a wide variety of custom designs for a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry.

    The best is us (not the cheapest). Because I am a master in diamond cutting, our diamonds glitter crazily. The tools Ideal-Scope, ASET, and HCA were created by me. The greatest diamond cutters, purchasers, and dealers use these tools globally.

    Benjamin & Co Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

    benjamin & co engagement rings & wedding band shop melbourne


    +61 (0)3 9670 9412

    Frank Maurice Benjamin's sons, Frank and David Benjamin, took over management of the family firm in 1994 and oversaw it for the next 20 years. David Benjamin took up management of the business after Frank Benjamin retired in 2014 and has since done so alone. The BENJAMIN family's jewelry company has seen Australia become a nation, fought in both World Wars, through the Great Depression of the 1930s, and endured floods, droughts, and fires. The BENJAMIN family has operated their business for more than One Hundred and Thirty-Nine (139) years in a competitive economy, demonstrating their strong beliefs and work ethic over four (4) generations.

    Steve Pallas Bespoke Jewellery Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

    steve pallas bespoke jewellery engagement rings & wedding band shop melbourne


    (03) 9602 2152

    He is aware of the importance of friendships and familial ties, as well as the connection between jewelry and important life events. While providing his clients with a distinctive jewelry experience, Steve Pallas is passionate about what he does and respects your triumphs.

    For more than 20 years, Steve Pallas has been a mainstay in the Australian jewelry market. Our goal at Steve Pallas Bespoke Jewellery is to provide our customers with painstakingly handcrafted jewelry that complies with high standards for jewelry production. We want to make sure that each piece delivered to our customers is made with the utmost precision and attention.

    Pandora Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

    pandora engagement rings & wedding band shop melbourne


    1800 313 552

    At Pandora, the jewelry business is particularly different. Discover fine craftsmanship and intricate designs that are brought to life by the wearer's interpretation of each piece that has been hand-finished and the magic of the tales they contain.

    Do you want to know what materials are used to make the things you love? Learn all about the elements that go into making a piece of jewelry from Pandora, from the many stones we offer—such as cubic zirconia, diamond, and more—to the many metals—such as gold, silver, and Pandora's own unique and uncommon metal blends.

    Aqua Jewellery Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

    aqua jewellery engagement rings & wedding band shop melbourne


    03 9602 2161

    We take great pride in all types of repairs at Aqua Jewellers, including the redesign of those emotional and priceless jewelry pieces that hold a special value for you. You will work with a skilled jeweler who is enthusiastic about his job from the first meeting.

    No job is too small, large, or difficult at Aqua Jewellers! Bring in your jewelry, ideas, and inspiration, as well as some images, so we can talk about the best ways to get the style you want.

    designers and makers of excellent and distinctive jewelry who offer individualized attention from a master craftsman. Since he was a young apprentice in Syria, Adam Obeid has been creating jewelry. His work is of the finest caliber, and he has an unmatched reputation as a master jeweler and designer. He has received commissions from numerous high-end fashion companies, like BVLGARI, CARTIER, and others, to design distinctive, one-of-a-kind works of art.

    Lord Coconut Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

    lord coconut engagement rings & wedding band shop melbourne


    0450 015 261

    For guys, we have over 100 handcrafted wedding rings in store. To ensure the ideal fit, each ring is handcrafted in Australia by our skilled jewellers, designers, and artisans. You can select a wedding ring for even the pickiest groom because our rings are made to look a little different from those sold in chain stores. We have about 40 jewelers working in our shop, so you're sure to find a ring they'll adore.

    To help you stick to your budget, we have wedding and signet rings made of white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, platinum, titanium, zirconium (black), sterling silver, and Damascus steel. Since we have a tight relationship with our neighborhood jewelers, you can alter many of our designs to make the ring even more distinctive. Each ring takes about 3 to 4 weeks to produce, but if you need one quickly, please get in touch with us; we can frequently expedite an urgent order. Since every wedding ring is produced specifically for each customer, we can accommodate any finger size. We like to think that we specialize in rings for men with finger sizes Z and above.

    Your Jeweller Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

    your jeweller engagement rings & wedding band shop melbourne



    Your jeweler provides specialized assistance and guidance with regard to the creation of jewelry, watch maintenance, and battery replacement. We can redesign and resize your jewelry, and we take great delight in providing all of our clients with good, old-fashioned customer service.

    Your jeweler provides specialized services and guidance for key cutting, watch repairs, watch battery replacement, ring size, and jewelry creation. We are a family-run jewelry company located in Melbourne's central business district. We take great delight in providing the greatest jewelry services to our neighborhood. We provide our clients with pleasant, dependable service, quick turnaround times for the majority of repairs, and affordable prices.

    Jeeba Jewellery - Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

    jeeba jewellery engagement rings & wedding band shop melbourne


    +61 3 9650 3312

    Additionally, a variety of imaginative costume jewelry created by global designers is available. The bright and unique French Taratata Bijoux collection and the French enameled Au Bout Des Reves Jewelry, both with Art Deco influences With the sparkling Israeli Swarovski Crystal by Mariana, the beautiful American-made niobium Holly Yashi collection, and a flowery collection by American artist Colleen Toland.

    A family-owned business with its headquarters in Melbourne, Jeeba Jewellery takes great pride in offering reasonable prices as well as the finest levels of customer care and satisfaction. Services offered include lay-bys, gift certificates, restringing, remakes, repairs, and loyalty card membership. Jeeba, an attraction that can no longer be missed in Melbourne, Australia, is situated in the lovely Royal Arcade.

    H&H Jewellery Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

    h&h jewellery engagement rings & wedding band shop melbourne


    03 9650 2721

    We take great satisfaction in providing a large selection of gorgeous engagement and wedding rings, diamond rings, jewelry, and Swiss luxury watches that are expertly made into stunning, enduring pieces. We have three conveniently placed boutique luxury jewelry stores in Melbourne.

    Paris Argentina Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

    paris argentina engagement rings & wedding band shop melbourne



    Paris is originally from Argentina, and his work reflects both the enthusiasm of Argentina and the delicacy of Denmark, where he spent a lot of time (who isn't charmed by Danish silverwork?) and the lively variety of Melbourne. Working with both precious and semi-precious stones, he enjoys designing distinctive silver and gold frames for them.

    Paris never gets tired of looking all around the world for and choosing by hand the most stunning stones. He explains passionately, "Each stone I select will stand out and astonish me with its inherent beauty. "Anyone who knows me will tell you that I can discuss stones nonstop around the clock. It is crucial to me that the precious metals I employ in my creations adhere to the strictest international jewelry standards, in addition to the high caliber of the stones. The metals must fall under the same classifications as the stamps."

    Gold Jewellery Store Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

    gold jewellery store engagement rings & wedding band shop melbourne


    High-end retailer The Gold Jewellery Store is modernizing the way customers buy jewelry including diamond engagement rings. We envision Having a secure and convenient place to buy pre-owned fine jewelry has allowed thousands of people to recover magnificent treasures for a remarkable price.

    At The Gold Jewellery Store, our passion is our goods, and our objective is to give our clients the greatest experience imaginable. You don't have to do the work because we handle it. Every item that comes through our doors is checked for authenticity and quality by a team of caring hands. We guarantee your privacy in addition to authenticity so you may shop without concern.

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