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20+ Best Wedding Singers & Bands in Sydney [2022]

You're getting married! Congratulations! Now it's time to start planning the wedding. One of the most important parts of the wedding is choosing the music. Do you want a live band or a DJ? Maybe you're looking for a specific type of musician, like a violinist or a singer. Whatever you're looking for, there are plenty of great options for wedding music in Sydney.

To help you get started on your wedding entertainment hunt, we’ve rounded up our favourite wedding singers and bands from right across Sydney. Here are some of our favourites.

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    Ultimate List of Wedding Singers & Bands Sydney

    Melbourne Entertainment Company - Wedding Singer & Band Sydney

    melbourne entertainment co wedding singers & djs

    1300 858 981


    Melbourne Entertainment Company has the most accomplished musicians and the widest range of options when looking for an Acoustic Duo or the best wedding singer. Hire a highly excellent guitarist or duo for your event or wedding who will blow you away. These acoustic soloists and duos can serenade you as you walk down the aisle or create the ideal mellow atmosphere for your cocktail party. Vocal masters can employ loop pedals, guitar, piano, or other instruments to create multi-instrumental soundtracks live in front of your eyes. You'll have a hard time selecting your favorite soloist from the wide range of available acoustic talent. Check out our incredible full soloists who can check both boxes for you if you're not sure whether or not to book a DJ or an acoustic musician and don't have the cash for both.


    Nothing compares to the show and audience participation that a fantastic live band can offer. Right in front of your eyes, the music is truly being created, produced, and distributed! It is enveloping, energizing, and all-pervasive.


    At your hangover brunch the following day, your guests will be raving about the mood they experienced thanks to the most skilled professional event and wedding bands Melbourne has to offer. How amazing was that singer from the cover band? The drummer was really attractive. What about that jazz band solo on the sax?

    It's our responsibility to make enduring memories. It is our responsibility to ensure that everyone is dancing to your favorite requests and dance-floor songs when you hire a band. This includes your grandmother, your bridal party, and your nieces and nephews.


    melbourne entertainment co wedding djs and singers

    A complete wedding and event entertainment provider is The Melbourne Entertainment Company. For every occasion, we offer each client a unique, refreshing service. We were very busy in the Melbourne wedding and event sector last year, hosting over 700 events. With more than ten years of expertise, we are aware of the demand for a personalized, distinctive, and high-end service.

    Elite DJs, DJ-Sax, Acoustic Solos, Duos, Trios, Bands, Singers, Guitarists, Saxophonists, Percussionists, Photographers, and Roving Performers are available. MEC is your go-to source for flawless corporate, wedding, and function entertainment. They are amiable, trustworthy, and knowledgeable.

    Lily Road - Wedding Singer & Band Sydney

    lily road

    0401 594 986

    Dj Services in Sydney - A Twist!

    And when the wedding celebration gets going in full force, the extraordinary blend of intimate, energetic live music supported by an incredible DJ set will rock the house!

    Your favorite songs will be live-performed at your wedding, supported by a professional DJ backbeat, adding a special touch to your reception. Live music has a more genuine, intimate feel than recorded music, and a professional DJ's tempo adds energy. With the help of Lily Road's distinctive Sydney wedding DJ service, learn what a truly wonderful wedding can be.

    Evoke Entertainment - Wedding Singer & Band Sydney

    evoke entertainment

    02 9580 1461

    Wedding Ceremony Music

    A particular soundtrack should accompany the memorable occasion when a couple publicly declares their love for one another in front of family and friends. These unique events, which precisely reflect our clients and the setting, are something Evoke Entertainment specializes in producing. Our boutique wedding string quartets, acoustic soloists, wedding performers, duos, and trios beautifully capture the soul of every occasion, from church weddings to beach weddings.

    Wedding Reception Music

    Any venue circumstance and any event style can be accommodated by our well curated list of Sydney bands. Depending on your budget, our main acts are available in 4, 5, or 6 piece lineups. Every concert is enjoyable because the band's lineup doesn't alter. They look good in both formal and less formal clothes, regardless of the event's theme, and they have great voices. (If we may, though, they look best in a suit!) Here is a list of the bands we have available.

    Sydney Wedding Guitarist - Wedding Singer & Band Sydney

    sydney wedding guitarist

    0404 368 856

    Our couples spend months organizing their weddings, and we are confident that they carefully selected all of their vendors. We take great delight in treating each wedding ceremony with the care and respect it requires, and we consider it an enormous honor to be allowed to perform at such a significant life event. We also understand how meticulously every aspect of wedding planning must be done.

    Sydney Wedding Guitarist's profile

    He has performed at tens of thousands of events throughout that period, including hundreds of weddings at sites as diverse as barefoot coastal ceremonies, city cathedrals, country estates, wineries, gardens, and all of Sydney's main wedding venues. He works all year as a full-time musician and is on the preferred-suppliers list for several harborside establishments.

    FAQs About Wedding Singers & Bands

    Know the Basics

    How many songs do you need for a wedding ceremony? There are three big moments to pick the music for both your processionals (one song each) and the recessional. Of course, your partner’s professional could also be the song the wedding party walks down the aisle to, or they can have a tune all their own, as you’ll have.

    Check with Your Venue

    If you’re having a wedding in a house of worship, the first thing to do before you choose any songs is to talk to your officiant and see if there are restrictions on what you can use. Some more conservative venues will have a specific list of traditional (often religious) songs for you to choose from, others might allow anything as long as it’s instrumental and has no recorded words, and the most progressive may be open to whichever music you choose (with the officiant’s review and approval first). 

    Consider Your History

    No matter how long the two of you have been together, there’s bound to be a song, artist, or genre of music that you both connect to. So think back: Is there a tune you love to belt out in the car? One you always dance to in the kitchen? One of you has heard a song that makes you think about the other person? Or maybe a concert you went to together by an artist you love? Any of these will help guide you toward a song or two that are meaningful.

    Read the Lyrics

    This may seem like a no-brainer, but you must read the lyrics before pressing “play” at your ceremony. For example, think about “Every Breath You Take” by the Police. It pops up at weddings all the time, but Sting himself has insisted that it’s about jealousy, obsession, and a lost lover—not how you want to kick off your marriage.

    Make It a Surprise

    To personalize the ceremony, you and your partner could each choose your processional songs in private and not share them until you walk down the aisle. Instead, find a song that represents the way you feel about your partner, a tune they love that you know they’d be thrilled to hear, or one that holds a special memory. Let your planner or whoever is operating the sound system know what you’ve chosen, and make sure you both have tissues on hand.


    Your recessional song should be up-tempo, happy, and primed to get the party started. After all, you’ve just tied the knot. Pick a song that will make you want to dance down the aisle and have your guests singing along. Go for a surprise here, too. This could be anything from a gospel choir singing “Oh Happy Day” to “Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours” by Stevie Wonder to Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s “Crazy in Love.” Have fun with this one.

    Live Music 

    There’s nothing quite like a live band to give proceedings a little bit of ambience. Of course, you can choose your band to suit your theme, from soulful jazz crooning to a laid-back acoustic set. But, of course, big band sounds are ideal for getting your guests onto the dance floor. 

    Before you shake hands on it, make sure you nail down costs, remembering that some will charge from when they arrive until they pack down. Also, don’t forget to ask about overtime if the party goes on longer than planned. 

    Good music will have everyone on their feet and having a good time. Good music will have everyone on their feet and having a good time.

    Once you’ve scouted out a potential band, see if you can head along to performance and try to visualize how they’ll fit into the overall feel of your wedding. You can also check YouTube or Vimeo for videos of past performances to give you an idea of what to expect. 

    It’s important to bear in mind that the more popular a brand is, the further you’ll need to book them in advance. For example, the bridal Guide recommends starting your search for the perfect musicians up to six months before the day. 


    The obvious advantage of a DJ is unlimited access to some of your favourite songs of all time. Fancy a bit of Earth Wind and Fire’s ‘September’ before the latest Maroon 5 track? Done and done.

    A good DJ will also be able to read the room, as it were, to sense whether your guests need a slow dance or a fist-pumping tune.

    A DJ will also cost less, which could be an important factor in your decision after factoring in your wedding dress and venue expenses. 

    Keep your eye out for disk jockeys with a stage personality – they can easily act as an MC if you need to stir your attendees into a dancing frenzy. On the other hand, a less-than-average DJ can potentially bring the mood down, so apply the same selection criteria as choosing a live band. 


    For a wedding ceremony, musicians would ensure they are set up and ready to start at least half an hour before your guests arrive and typically perform between 20 and 30 minutes as your guests take their seats. They would then perform to accompany the Bride’s grand entrance as she makes her way up the aisle. The next time they play would be during the signing of the register (usually requiring two songs) and then finally for the bridal party’s exit. Of course, all our musicians are happy to learn requests, and we’re happy to advise on your choice of songs but remember, civil ceremonies must not contain music with religious content.

    Drinks Reception

    Usually, a drinks reception would be held after the wedding ceremony and before being called through for the wedding breakfast (the meal). From experience, most musicians consider a drinks reception to be anything between 1-2 hours, so a perfect opportunity for musical enhancement. Sometimes ceremony musicians can relocate to continue throughout the drinks reception. You could choose something different to play for the drinks reception and then continue through the wedding breakfast.

    Wedding Breakfast

    Any venue will tell you that a three-course wedding breakfast takes approximately 2 hours from start to finish plus half an hour for the speeches as a rough rule of thumb. Traditionally the speeches would follow dining, although there is a growing trend to get the speeches (and nerves) out of the way before starting the wedding breakfast. Whatever you decide, this two-hour window is another perfect opportunity to have music. Many bands and discos are happy to set up before any of your guests arrive, allowing them to play live background music or leave an iPod running throughout the meal. This is ideal for bands that need longer to set up. You can then use their microphones for speeches should you wish.

    While evening guests arrive

    After sitting for two and a half hours, guests naturally like to stretch their legs, get a drink, etc. Sometimes there can be a ‘lull’ between the formalities and the evening party. Some venues may invite guests to have coffee in another room so tables can be cleared ready for the evening reception. If everyone has to go to another room, this is another opportunity for the DJ to play some music or is a great opportunity for some live music. The most popular choice for this section of the day is something like a Rat-Pack singer as he can welcome the evening guests, invite people to grab a drink and even sing the first dance before handing it over to a disco or band. 

    Evening party

    If guests are requested to leave the dining room for tables to be cleared, then this is the perfect time for a band or disco to arrive and set up, especially if the dance area is used for tables during the day. If the wedding breakfast and evening party are held in two separate rooms, it makes sense for the band/disco to set up quietly while everyone is dining. If the band has set up before your wedding breakfast, they would immediately put some low-key music on after the speeches, so there is no lull. If the band area is required for tables during the day, they would be waiting in the wings, ready to set up the moment the speeches have finished and have background music running quickly.

    Live is ultimately the best.

    There is no denying that live music is miles better than hearing it come out of speakers (even if the speakers are amazing). The sheer presence of a live band can instantly change the atmosphere of any venue or event, including your wedding reception. Of course, no one wants their wedding day to turn into a wild gig, but it can enhance the excitement and party atmosphere and make your day memorable.

    Whatever your tastes…

    The best thing about hiring a wedding band is that there will be a band to fit your preferred genre. From a pop covers band to a ceilidh band, it is guaranteed there will be a band that can fit into your wedding theme somehow.

    Crowd Pleaser

    The best thing about bands is their ability to encourage your guests to come out of their shells and onto the dancefloor. Whether it be dancing, singing or doing the conga, some of the best wedding bands can even get your grumpy grandpa up and dancing (even if he doesn’t know the music)!

    Most bands can read their crowd, so they will get a feel and understanding of what your guests want. They’ll know what to play and what not to play and can be as interactive as they feel necessary. If your close friends and relatives are quite rowdy, the band will surely play up to this and make your night one to remember for a long time!

    Bands can play at any time.

    You don’t have to hire a wedding band purely for your wedding reception. However, if your venue is flexible, bands certainly are too!

    You can hire a band for another part of your wedding as there are different band types. Imagine walking down the aisle to a brass band playing your wedding march, or perhaps a steel drum band playing your recession?

    A day to remember…

    Of course, there is no denying that your special day will remain in the memories of your loved ones for years to come, but adding a band to the mix will put your wedding on a whole other level! Most guests remember good food and good entertainment. So hiring a wedding band will guarantee a party night that will stick in your guest’s memories for life! Trust us. It’s completely worth it!

    Wedding music is essential to get guests on their feet on the dance floor and keep the reception moving. But, like most factors that go into wedding planning, this is a personal decision.

    For those with specific music tastes and who want a high energy show, a live band is a way to go for your wedding reception entertainment. However, if you want to listen to music from all genres and eras, go ahead and book a DJ!

    Whether you hire a band or DJ, be sure to meet with them in advance before booking. Here, you can meet the lead band member or DJ to see who makes announcements and acts as the MC at your wedding. 

    Now that you’re one step closer to hiring a band or a DJ, it’s time to start thinking about your setlist! Of course, your band or DJ will take care of most of the music, but you’re going to want to close out the night with the last dance song that’s meaningful to you and your partner!

    Red Soda Band - Wedding Singer & Band Sydney

    red soda band

    (02) 8006 2235

    Book Us for Your Sydney Wedding

    That type of chemistry cannot be imitated. We have the contagious enthusiasm you need because we are close friends and know each other like family, unlike other bands who hire casual players to fill in the gaps.

    We have been performing together for years, and you can tell by the relationships we make and the fun we have playing with you. We are not complete strangers meeting for the first time at your wedding.

    We pair well with music that moves you, first to tears at the ceremony, then when you bust a move on the dance floor. We go together like champagne and bubbles. What we like doing the most is being a part of your wedding day.

    XO Duo - Wedding Singer & Band Sydney

    xo duo

    +61 417 458 347

    Their varied repertoire offers contemporary cover versions of the current Top 40 as well as your favorite classic favorites across a variety of genres. They perform energetic acoustic Pop through to private, soulful, laid-back lounge music.

    In order to make their covers interesting and attractive to the ear, XO performs their versions with a contemporary twist and their own arrangements. The XO Duo experience is perfect in informal settings like nuptials or cocktail parties, as well as chic business events, home gatherings, and public places.

    ACOUSTIC DELIGHT - Wedding Singer & Band Sydney

    acoustic delight

    02 4773 9007

    Acoustic Delight is the newest and most exciting acoustic duo in Sydney. Acoustic Delight adds its own own acoustic twist to all songs, whether new and old, and provides calming background ambient music to dance party songs. able to live play at cocktail parties, home events, weddings, and professional meetings.

    BREAKFAST AT TIFFANYS - Wedding Singer & Band Sydney

    breakfast at tiffany’s

    0401 673 509

    For weddings, parties, and other occasions, Breakfast at Tiffany's provides live music. Hollywood romanticism, Parisian jazz age cool, feel-good classics, and contemporary pop tunes are all represented in this exquisite, acoustic music.

    Dealing directly with the artist, one reasonable entertainment bundle. A trustworthy, proactive expert available around-the-clock. Aside from when we're performing, of course, we're polite, well-behaved, prepared, on time, and always contactable by phone or email.

    Your entertainment is planned from beginning to end by Breakfast at Tiffany's. We have a repertoire of songs that span the world and a century to give the ideal sound to your occasion, whether it be wedding music, birthday entertainment, christening songs, cocktail music, gallery openings, corporate bands for extravaganzas, a band for a ball, farewells, or life celebrations.

    Chris Gable - Wedding Singer & Band Sydney

    chris gable

    +61408 0808 54

    Since Chriso has been playing solo and in small to large bands at weddings, corporate events, and private parties for well over a decade, he has enough experience to understand that there isn't a single entertainment demand that fits all clientele. The majority of the bases are covered by the three musicians who make up his Trio, though.

    Acoustic Delight is the newest and most exciting acoustic duo in Sydney. Acoustic Delight adds its own own acoustic twist to all songs, whether new and old, and provides calming background ambient music to dance party songs. able to live play at cocktail parties, home events, weddings, and professional meetings.

    A bassist/guitarist and supporting vocalist are now included in his Duo configuration. The duo essentially offers two distinct lineups: saxophone and guitar, where they specialize in sophisticated covers of well-known songs (with the option of sticking to jazz standards if that's your thing); or guitar/vocals and bass/vocals, which expands all of the typical guitar/vocal repertoire with the addition of bass and harmonies.

    FECTION - Wedding Singer & Band Sydney


    02 4773 9062

    One of Sydney's most popular and interesting jazz bands is Fection. Fection performs renditions of Classic Jazz standards with a modern and all-encompassing charm, occasionally incorporating swing, the blues, and even pop.

    Fection offers everything from soft background music for dinner parties to energetic toe-tapping numbers in solo, duet, triad, quartet, and quintet styles. Fection is available for cocktail parties, business events, weddings, and any other occasion that calls for elegant live entertainment. They are happy to learn unique song requests.

    EASY STREET - Wedding Singer & Band Sydney

    easy street

    02 4773 9088

    Easy Street can perform in nearly any format, whether it's a pair for your wedding ceremony, an eight-piece brass band for your holiday party, or an instrumental jazz combo for your cocktail hour, via proper business conduct and simply plain skill. Easy Street provide a dependable and top-notch performance to ensure that your event runs without a hitch.

    GROOVE FACTORY - Wedding Singer & Band Sydney

    groove factory

    02 4773 9075

    In order to maintain a smooth groove throughout the whole set and keep the dance floor active, Groove Factory rarely permits gaps between songs. The night's dynamics only change in one direction, from laid-back to extremely funkadelic dance songs. The performers of Groove Factory! will keep the crowd dancing throughout their entire set.

    The superior musicianship and unwavering commitment of Groove Factory's members to creating upbeat and mesmerizing shows set the group apart. One of the liveliest and most entertaining cover bands in Sydney, Groove Factory is perfect for upscale venues, corporate parties, lunchtime riots at Long Bay, and any other setting with a captive crowd. A dynamic duet or trio version of Groove Factory! is also available.

    GROOVE JUNCTION - Wedding Singer & Band Sydney

    groove junction

    0424 257 288


    Because each couple has a different vision for their live wedding music, Groove Junction works closely with you throughout the entire process. With experience playing for intimate weddings of 20 guests to large weddings of more than 400, our live wedding musicians can help make your special day even more memorable.


    Our gifted musicians are aware that this is a memorable day for you. At every stage, we will collaborate with you to customize the music for your wedding to meet your unique requirements. From the ceremony and reception to the dance floor, Groove Junction is here to help you design the ideal live music experience.

    The best memories that great music can inspire are shaped by emotions. In order to make sure that your wedding entertainment delivers a special and lasting experience, our skilled musicians are professionals at crafting extraordinary moments.

    Indigo Blue - Wedding Singer & Band Sydney

    indigo blue

    02 4773 9013

    The duo is open to taking song requests before your event and is constantly adding to their repertoire. For heavier sounds at larger events, Indigo Sky is also available as a harpsichord, rhythm, and bass trio. Weddings, private gatherings, professional functions, and special occasions can all benefit from the use of indigo blue.

    Infectious Groove - Wedding Singer & Band Sydney

    infectious groove

    02 4773 9064

    Cousins who just established the duo Infectious Groove are the group's members. Despite merely being an acoustic act, they can produce a powerful sound when performing live because to the technique of "looping."

    Infectious Groove is excellent for use at weddings, private events, cocktail parties, and business gatherings. The members of the group are cousins who just formed the duo Infectious Groove. Despite only being an acoustic act, they are able to produce a strong sound live because to the "looping" technique. Infectious Groove is excellent for use at weddings, private events, cocktail parties, and business gatherings.

    Inside Out - Wedding Singer & Band Sydney

    inside out

    02 4773 9015

    "Inside Out" is the top event band in Australia, featuring the cream of Sydney's musical elite. Lead male and female vocalists, lead guitar, drums, bass, and backup vocalists make up Inside Out. Inside Out is available for weddings, private events, venues, and corporate events and can perform as a duet, trio, four-piece, or five-piece band.

    JAZZ ACADEMY - Wedding Singer & Band Sydney

    jazz academy

    02 4773 9071

    Jazz Academy is a new and fascinating jazz/soul band from Sydney, and their love for the classics is evident in the authentic, rich tones with which they perform them. Jazz Academy has also been influenced by contemporary jazz, hip-hop, and soul musicians. The band has been greatly influenced by jazz musicians such as Erykah Badu, Gretchen Parlato, Little Dragon, Marvin Gaye, Kurt Elling, Donny Hathaway, and Prince, to mention a few.

    Jazz Academy can perform in a variety of ensembles, from a two-piece band to a six-piece band, and these groups are ideal for weddings, exclusive events, corporate celebrations, gala dinners, private parties, and cocktail hours.

    LARGER THAN LIONS - Wedding Singer & Band Sydney

    larger than lions

    0427 526 962

    A modern covers group from Sydney known for their potent mashups and creative remixes is called Larger Than Lions. bringing you songs that are lively, emotionally intense, and have a special larger than lions twist that will have you moving and shaking! a variety of genres, such as popular Pop, Funk, Blues, RnB, and Jazz, are seamlessly merged. Larger Than Lions, who are available as a duo, trio, or full four-piece band, take great satisfaction in their adaptability to any size event, audience, and venue.

    Larger Than Lions are well known among business insiders and contented clients for their proficiency and excitement in sharing music with others. We provide ideas, suggestions, and a complete commitment to ensure that your forthcoming event is special and exceeds your expectations. While offering you our extensive live entertainment business experience and professionalism, we guarantee your happiness.

    MOONLIGHT JAZZ - Wedding Singer & Band Sydney

    moonlight jazz

    02 4773 9088

    Members of the Moonlight Jazz Jazz have also performed with a wide range of bands and groups that cover a wide range of musical genres, which has improved their performance and passion for jazz. In addition to Kirribilli House, the Art Gallery of NSW, Sydney Museum, Sydney Opera House, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney Sheraton On The Park, Sydney Hilton Hotel, and corporate events, weddings, birthday parties, and cocktail receptions, we have performed at these locations.

    Room 4 Two - Wedding Singer & Band Sydney

    room 4 two

    02 4773 9092

    The jazz, pop, funk, and R&B music combo Room 4 Two plays a wide range of genres, and their song catalog includes everything from timeless favorites to the most recent chart-topping singles. Weddings, private parties, business events, and entertainment for pubs and restaurants are just a few of the events that Room 4 Two Duo are available for.

    Sonic Groove - Wedding Singer & Band Sydney

    sonic groove

    02 4773 9072

    Sonic Groove is a Sydney-based acoustic duet that performs a timeless blend of R&B, pop, Latin, and jazz-influenced songs to a broad audience while putting on top-notch musical performances. Since the invention of electricity, the team has been letting loose on local, interstate, and international venues their ravenous thirst for earthy and organic tunes.

    The aim to alter the harmonic and chordal foundations of the songs in order to produce a catchy tune that makes you forget only two people are playing is the key to Sonic Groove. The crowd will hear all their favorite songs performed with a contemporary R&B or Latin flavor, along with some brand-new standards that are perfectly suited to the acoustic duet style.

    Sonic Groove performs songs by Alicia Keys, Beyonce, Mariah Carey, Madonna, Amy Winehouse, Rahsaan Patterson, Cat Stephens, and George Benson, among other legendary musicians. Pharell, Neyo, Usher, Jessie J, Adelle, Jordan Sparks, Pink, and Ella Goulding are some current singers with hit songs.

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