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45+ Best Wedding Videographers in Melbourne [2022]

Think about your wedding day. You have planned every little detail, and now it is finally here. The flowers are perfect and delicious food, and your guests have a great time. But what about your wedding video? Will you be able to look back on it years from now and remember how perfect your day was? Or will it just be a blurry mess? If you want to make sure that your wedding video is as amazing as your day was, you need to hire a professional videographer. And if you live in Melbourne, Victoria, then there are plenty of them to choose from! So take some time to research and find the right one for you. You won't regret it!

Are you planning your wedding in Melbourne, Victoria? If so, you'll want to find a good wedding videographer to capture all the important moments on Film. Luckily, there are plenty of great options to choose from in Melbourne. Here are some of the best 20+ Best Wedding Videographers in Melbourne, Victoria.

Ultimate List Of Wedding Videographers in Melbourne

Fame Park Studios - Wedding Videography Melbourne

fame park studios wedding videography melbourne

(03) 9221 6300

The most unforgettable wedding moments are expertly captured by wedding photographers and videographers. A team of talented professionals can frequently do so much for you, whether it's because of the caliber of their work or the skill and understanding needed to capture particular photographs and preserve precious memories.

Given all of this, it should come as no surprise that so many people opt to hire professionals to handle their wedding video and photo needs. However, if you want a high-quality final product, you'll need to find the best wedding photographers. The good news is that Melbourne is home to many top-notch wedding photographers. We can help you choose what qualities to seek for as you compare the various wedding photography companies in the area.

Rachelle & Tan Wedding Videography Melbourne

rachelle tan wedding videography melbourne

0410 973 011

A beautiful wedding narrative will be written for you by our tiny, modest team, and you will receive the most priceless present. Our main office is located in Melbourne, Victoria. We have traveled this path since 2015. Our business has oddly evolved through the years, and now we can achieve our goals of assisting couples in organizing their distinctive and lovely wedding!

How we will succeed: The numerous thoughtful and appreciative notes from our bride and hubby greatly encouraged us. We really believe that anything we put out there will eventually return back to us. We gave it our best shot and were rewarded with affection for it. Nothing brings us greater satisfaction than hearing from clients who appreciate and love our work!

Tailored Wedding Films & Videography Melbourne

tailored wedding films

0474 261 748

You choose a vendor for your wedding because you value their work and value their insights. So don't worry if you're sick of watching terrible wedding movies online—you've discovered us! We think it is our duty to seek for, capture, and visualize beauty because it can be found in unexpected places and circumstances. Most likely, this is reflected in our work. Our team has worked for some of Melbourne's most prominent studios during our more than ten years in the wedding industry before realizing we could manage our own business.

One of the most prestigious print prizes and my personal favorite is the WPPI Honors, as you may already be aware. The largest wedding photography and videography convention in the world, I've participated in judging, contests, and general attendance for the previous seven years. I earned two consecutive WPPI awards in 2018 and 2019. The winning videos are displayed in our videography work. Attending your wedding is something I'm excited about.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wedding Videographers

  • Start from scratch or use a storyboard template.
  • From your PC, upload your images and video recordings.
  • Change your wedding movie's colours, text, and music to make it your own.
  • Produce your video and share it on social media, via email, or at your event.

At a wedding, Flash might be inconvenient. However, it can be useful for filling in light during the midday sun, adding light to a gloomy venue, and creating intriguing and exciting visuals throughout the reception.

When photographing a wedding, it's critical to have at least two cameras on hand. One will be your primary camera, and the other will be your backup. Swapping lenses during important events like the wedding ceremony can be difficult, noisy, and time-consuming.

You should have at least two cameras for recording wedding footage. The best option is three, which gives you two shooters and a backup.

The average wedding video length is three to five minutes for a highlights version or short Film and up to 30 minutes or longer for a documentary or cinematic style. You can choose between the two based on your needs and the types of wedding video packages available.

Now 'n Always Wedding Videography Melbourne

now n always


firm based in Melbourne Photographing and filming weddings is the area of expertise for NOW 'n ALWAYS. On your special day, we take pride in our expertise. We are aware of the stresses involved in preparation and the unpleasant ideas that many people may hold, such as "I always look awkward in photos," because our staff has significant experience photographing and recording weddings.

We want you to feel at ease and enjoy your special day with your loved ones, knowing that our skilled photographers and videographers will document every momentous occasion and beautifully depict your love story in your wedding photos and videos. We provide a choice of photography and videography packages as well as several kinds of photo albums. Our team is committed to giving you outstanding service and making sure that every aspect of your time with us is just as perfect as your pictures.

All My Wednesdays Wedding Videography Melbourne

all my wednesday melbourne

On this website, I used to record all of my client interactions. I moved everything you need to know about my booking procedure, shooting style, and what to expect from me after the wedding to this page because it had become a little too text-heavy for my liking. One of my favorite phrases is from Annie Dillard, who said, "How we spend our days is how we spend our lives." The decision to spend every day of your life with your spouse is made on your wedding day.

That's a significant event; it's stunning, lovely, and deserving of celebration; to me, that sums up the essence of weddings. Because of this, the name of my company is All My Wednesdays. Additionally, I was looking for a romance movie that wasn't overdone and wouldn't bore me. Everything has been going smoothly thus far. (I use the same romantic yet unflinching method for wedding shots.)

Film My Wedding - Wedding Videographer Melbourne

film my wedding

03 9653 7436

Film My Wedding, the best videography team in Melbourne, was founded there after being inspired by the desire to preserve romantic love. In our opinion, natural moments should be captured to avoid the wedding film being out of date over time. Therefore, while everything are running smoothly behind the scenes on your wedding day, we document these moments utilizing a candid and human-centered videography technique to make sure you can relive every second of your wonderful wedding film years from now.

A genuinely candid and timeless approach to wedding videography, The majority of clients mention how our approach is smooth and how it contributes to the joyous atmosphere on the big day. Please read the over 100 reviews on Google and Facebook that attest to our professionalism. the top Melbourne wedding videography team. Timeless wedding videos are vital for loving couples.

The Digital Poets - Wedding Videography Melbourne

the digital poets wedding videography melbourne

fifteen years of experience. Hi, I'm Luke, and I've spent the last 15 years studying videography. After recording a few weddings, I found that I was passionate about creating poetry with digital cinema. It started as a hobby and a way for me to express my creativity.

The Digital Poets was founded toward the end of 2016. We take the time to learn what makes your relationship unique, and we use that knowledge to produce a moving film that perfectly represents you! a timeless decoration to be cherished always. Please compare our movie to others and leave us some feedback. I'm looking forward to your response shortly!

Merri Studio & Wedding Videographer Melbourne

merri studio

0421 822 146

That took place in 2005. For a small company, I captured groups and couples during events. The next day when the visitors were leaving, I would go back to the lab, have the film developed, and then sell the prints at the event. Despite the demanding work and meager pay, it was an enjoyable weekend job that gave me useful experience. It should come as no surprise that two of my greatest passions are photography and filmmaking. I frequently visit the theater to watch the newest independent and Hollywood movies.

I will happily watch Netflix or HBO on any given weekday. The cameras, lenses, and other tools of the trade required to get the ideal shot are referred to as "the gear," which also attracts me. There is only one person working here. I don't outsource any of my work, unlike other larger service providers, and I do everything personally. I occasionally start big projects, and only then do I ask other qualified people for assistance.

Video Boutique -Wedding Videographer Melbourne

video boutique

(03) 9044 6547

Wedding filmmaker Video Boutique makes one-of-a-kind, cinematic, and emotional wedding films. You can go about your business as usual thanks to our tactful approach while we concentrate on getting the gold. After that, we put everything together to create a priceless record of your wedding day, capturing the minute details you might overlook and the significant moments you don't want to forget.

You might feel more emotionally connected to certain of our wedding films than others when you watch them. This is so because every couple and occasion is different, producing an always-unique final product. But that is exactly the goal. If you choose to work with us, we'll give the wedding videography, and you'll supply the rest—yourself, your sense of style, and your personality. Your wedding film won't be sent until you are 100 percent pleased that it accurately captures the sentiment, ambience, and preparation that went into your special day.

ProEye Wedding Videographer Melbourne

proeye video

0410 441 888

Our Melbourne wedding videography company is built on the principles of openness, honesty, and first-rate customer service. We are not here to spout technical jargon because we understand that our clients want options, flexibility, and the assurance that their wedding will be beautifully documented. Every film we create is built on the memories from your wedding.

We want to make high-quality wedding videography affordable for everyone, so we're here to support you at every stage. There is a Melbourne wedding videography plan that will fit your needs and a range of extras, regardless of your budget. We are skilled at crafting memories that complement any style or culture since we have an eye for capturing the delicate and expressive elements of your wedding day.

Crystal D Studio - Wedding Videographer Melbourne

crystal studio

0424 56 77 33

You'll need skilled photographers and filmmakers who can work under pressure and in a variety of lighting conditions to document your wedding. By working under pressure, adjusting to any circumstance, and capturing your special day as naturally as we could, we have gained your trust. When you engage us, you can be confident that your special day will be beautifully captured because it cannot be duplicated.

Additionally, we can help you plan your wedding (time) so that everything goes smoothly. By doing so, you won't need to focus on small things and might come across as more natural. Your wedding will reveal a lot about you as a couple. We place the same importance on the same facts when making memories for our brides. We adjust to it rather than attempting to fit your special day into ours. To reflect your vision and the unique personalities of the couple, we carefully consider the filming and editing methods.

Detail-oriented work and client-centered listening are our main priorities. A high-quality, timeless final video that you can cherish for a lifetime is ensured by using high-end professional equipment and remaining up to date with technology.

Tree Studio & Wedding Videographer Melbourne

tree studio

0401 539 338

On the day of your wedding, every ray of sunshine is valuable. Our favorite things are bright days and stunning bouquets. Genuine feelings and once-in-a-lifetime experiences are valued by us.

Your dancing and your love are both lovely. Every detail of your narrative will be captured and brilliantly brought to life by us. We are a wedding photography and videography company headquartered in South Melbourne. We have documented over 600 happy couples' weddings since our start in 2015. As Melbourne's most reputable photography studio, we not only have AIPP and ABIA accreditation but also have 100% 5-star reviews on Google and Facebook.

ATEIA Photography & Video - Wedding Videography Melbourne

ateia photography video

1300 558 446

Look no farther than our skilled team of professional wedding photographers and videographers for wedding photography in Melbourne. They bring creative flair to storytelling by adjusting to each couple's unique wants and demands. With more than 500 positive online reviews, you'll understand why we lead the Melbourne wedding photography market.

In addition, we offer premium photography at competitive costs and are a favored partner for the majority of Melbourne's upscale wedding reception locations. With all of our pricing clearly shown on our website and at no additional cost, we also provide a "Book Now & Pay Later" option.

Phenomena Wedding Videography Melbourne


(03) 98672259

What was once a dream has come true with the establishment of the leading wedding photography business, Phenomena Photography & Cinematic. The opening of a specialist wedding business in Melbourne that offers excellent photography, personalised services, and gorgeous finished products at an affordable price has been eagerly anticipated by brides for a very long time.

Turbo 360 Wedding Videography Melbourne


1300 207 446

James Anderson later transitioned to commercial radio, where he spent two seasons at Sun FM in Mt. Buller before moving to capital city radio as the anchor of the nationally televised radio program Planet Rock and an announcer for Triple M Melbourne and Sydney. While working at Triple M, where he hosted events including the M-One Music Concert and the Coca-Cola Live and Local Tour (Sydney Superdome), James acquired the stage name "Turbo" (Etihad Stadium in Melbourne).

Annette and Dani Wedding Videographer Melbourne

annette and dani films

We used to be Burgess Video, and today we are one of the only all-female teams in Melbourne. We've been experimenting with ways to use photography to capture the magic of the world ever since we were little. We produce unfiltered, documentary-style movies that let you keep your experiences forever. Our fashion is organic and natural, carefree and romantic. In our ten years in the business, we've photographed over 700 of Melbourne's most stunning weddings, gaining experience and documenting a wide mix of cultures and traditions.

T-one Image Wedding Videographer Melbourne

t one image

03-8529 9698

We are aware of the difficulties involved in preparing a wedding, but rest assured that your efforts will be valued and that nothing will be forgotten. In order to adapt their creative style to fit your ideal wedding day, pre-consultations with our talented, adaptable, and amiable wedding photographer and wedding videographer teams are set up in both Melbourne and Sydney.

Focus Film Wedding Videographer Melbourne

focus film


A documentary film and photography project is called Focus Film. We work hard to give you sincere, moving, and distinctive photos and videos of your once-in-a-lifetime wedding day. There aren't any staged fashion shots, fake smiles, or manipulated faces. It's just the two of you, your real wedding story, and the happiness of your wedding day.

We spend the entire day with you and your loved ones, paying close attention to your happiness, your tears of delight, and your gaze. Instead of staged smiles, we capture genuine, unforced laughter. Viewers of the photos and videos from your wedding will get a true vision of you, complete with genuine emotions, gestures, and happiness.

White Heights Wedding Videographer Melbourne

white heights

0422 261 654

We appreciate you taking the time to check out our website. We believe we've adequately conveyed what to anticipate from us in terms of style and offerings.Despite the fact that we think our sample images and films should speak for themselves, we decided that it would be beneficial to include a written explanation of what we do. For more than 10 years, White Heights Media has focused on wedding photography and wedding cinematography in Melbourne.

Over that time, we've had the pleasure of documenting hundreds of distinctive weddings. You can find a ton of 5-star reviews of us on Google or Facebook, some of which we've put on this page, if you take the time to search for us there.

Flashback Feels Wedding Videographer Melbourne

flashback feels

Adventures and preserving precious memories have always been top priorities for us. We are a close-knit team that puts our all into each and every picture and film. We have maintained a small, intimate team despite our growing popularity in order to offer the highest caliber of service.

Along with offering products of the highest caliber, our devoted staff values stress-free wedding days. Couples have previously characterized us as vivacious, enthusiastic, real, and like an old friend. From our home in Melbourne, Victoria, we frequently travel by car to other regions of the nation.

Due to the fact that we have photographed numerous weddings throughout the years, we have had the good fortune to visit and photograph many beautiful locations.

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