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35+ Cheapest Trademark Registrations Australia [2022]

A trademark is used to distinguish the goods and services of your business from those of other businesses. A trademark can be almost anything, such as a letter, word, name, signature, slogan, logo, label, shape, colour, sound, scent, or any combination of these.

A registered trademark provides you with an exclusive right to prevent others from using the same or similar trademark. Registered trademarks can last indefinitely as long as the trademark is used and renewed every ten years.

Registering a trademark can be a lengthy process, and the time dedicated to this is often underestimated. It will take a minimum of 7 and a half months to register a trademark in Australia. Finding out as much as you can about trademark registration can help clarify and map out a timeline to complete this process.

If you're looking to trademark your business name or logo in Australia, you'll be happy to know that the process is relatively cheap and straightforward. In this article, we've created a list of the cheapest trademark registrations Australia has to offer. So if you're ready to take the next step in protecting your brand, read on!

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    Ultimate List Of Trademark Registrations Australia

    Company 123 - Trademark Registrations Australia

    company 123

    +61 3 98320854

    The purpose of Company 123 Pty Ltd, an Australian firm (ACN 169 119 242), is to make the process of incorporating a business as simple as possible. We're here to help you avoid the time and stress that would otherwise be involved in a drawn-out and challenging process.

    Our founder accountant and solicitor have a plethora of expertise incorporating businesses in Australia, and we are an ASIC registered agent.

    24-hour automatic, simple, and advanced corporation registration. We provide a fully automated, efficient, and affordable company formation process. You can set up an Australian private company by filling out a simple form, which will take you 5 minutes to complete. We provide round-the-clock complete customer support (by phone and email). Creating a company is so straightforward that you should do it right away.

    Why register a trade mark?

    • A registered trade mark gives you the exclusive legal right to use, license and sell your intellectual asset in Australia.
    • Registering a company name, a business name, or a domain name does not give you exclusive rights to use that name.
    • If infringed, you may serve a notice to object to the importation of goods that infringes your registered trade mark.

    Why engage Company123?

    • We’re a passionate start-up and strive to provide you with the best service when it comes to registering trade mark because we understand that your business name or logo is the most valuable marketing tool
    • We have expert trade mark attorneys who are qualified lawyers in Sydney and Melbourne
    • Call our friendly team with your queries and we will get back to you as soon as possible with detailed answer

    Why Use Us

    • Quick and simple registration process.
    • Company registered in less than 5 minutes.
    • Full documentation emailed to you so you can start trading.
    • ASIC agent 34511.
    • Prepared by a qualified lawyer and accountant.
    • Full telephone and email customer support are available 24 hours a day.
    • The simplest and most cost-effective company registration process available

    Patents Au - Trademark Registrations Australia

    patents au


    The average income of Australians has significantly increased during the last 200 years. The majority of that growth can be attributed to ongoing technological advancements. In order to encourage inventors to create and sell their ideas in Australia, patents are a crucial tool. By making the process of acquiring an Australian patent simple and relatively reasonable, we hope to help innovators.

    We've been building and refining methods to automate the patent application process for more than 20 years. We can provide patent applicants significant savings by dividing the administrative portions of the patent application procedure from the portions that call for expert counsel.

    Trade Mark Zone - Trademark Registration Australia

    trade mark zone

    +61 2 9089 8955

    Trade Mark Zone was established to assist companies in quickly, affordably, and conveniently registering a trademark. Trade Mark Zone is the internet arm of ZONE IP, a consultant for intellectual property that offers reliable guidance on branding, copyright, and trademarks. You need to submit an application to IP Australia in order to register your brand as a trademark.

    To make sure the application complies with all legal requirements, IP Australia will review it. However, the procedure can be challenging, and it's crucial to get it right the first time because you cannot make changes to an application that has already been completed.

    Intellepro - Trademark Registration Australia


    0422 247 123

    Freedom To Operate

    A defense against trademark infringement is registration. This will spare you from receiving a letter demanding that you stop using your name. You might, however, get involved in an expensive legal dispute and be required to give the trademark owner a portion of your income or pay them in damages.

    Rights Are No Longer Visible

    As soon as an application is submitted, it becomes searchable by the general public in the trademark office files, allowing other businesses that may be considering using a mark that is "deceptively similar" to yours to identify it and avoid infringing on your rights. For instance, even if you don't intend to use the mark for all the products and services in your plan, you can still obtain rights that are based on your "intention" in terms of your business plan.

    FAQs Trademark Registrations Australia

    When you apply to have a trademark registered, the government reviews your application to ensure it meets its legal requirements. The main two requirements it considers are whether your trademark is too similar to a prior registered trademark (in that country) or whether your trademark is too descriptive of the services you provide.

    It will be advertised as an accepted application in the Australian Official Journal of Trademarks if accepted. If not accepted, it will receive an adverse examination report or rejection letter. This means that your application does not meet one of the legislative requirements. The report will state the grounds for why your application was denied. You have fifteen months (extendible) from the date of the adverse report to address the issues with your application.  

    This is a great question. Having an officially registered trademark for your business is not a legal requirement. As long as you are otherwise obeying the legal obligations of running your business, the government will not require you to get a trademark.

    However, if you do not have a registered trademark, you do not have good legal rights to your name or brand. You may not even own your name or your brand. Therefore, it is advisable to get your name protected with a trademark. 

    A person or a company may own a trademark. However, a business name is not a legal entity and cannot own a trademark (in that case, the person or company who owns the business name should own the trademark). 

    Assignment of a trademark is relatively straightforward, and so if you have yet to set up your company, you can own the trademark personally at the outset and then transfer ownership at a later date.

    All things being equal, the safest time for you to use a trademark is when it has been fully registered with IP Australia. The risks associated with using the trademark during the registration process have been mentioned above. Still, you should also be aware that even if you have had notice from IP Australia via the pre-filing assessment that your application will be successful, there is a possibility that someone will notice your application and oppose the trademark.

    While this is not a particularly common occurrence, it does happen. Therefore, where viable, we would encourage clients to minimise any costs associated with the promotion of the trademark – such as radio and television advertising and online marketing, branding on products – until we have confirmation from IP Australia that their trademark has been registered.

    However, as noted above, we do appreciate it is simply not viable for all businesses to hold off any promotion for seven months, which is why it’s particularly critical to conduct as much due diligence before formally selecting a brand for your business to ensure the risk of use without full registration in place is low.

    If you want your company name to be your trademark, and many companies do, you still need to file an application with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). This is because you are not required to trademark your business to operate or register as a legal entity. Still, it’s a lot harder to make a case against copyright infringers without a registered trademark. In addition, without a trademark, someone else could register your name or logo as their own, which could force you to rebrand your company.

    Protectmyidea.Com.Au - Trademark Registration Australia

    02 8488 2211

    I have more than 20 years of experience in the field of intellectual property, and I hold licenses to practice as a trademark and brevet attorney in both Australia and New Zealand (IP).

    I gained knowledge about all areas of the IP industry through working with the biggest IP firms in Sydney and Perth.

    Armour IP - Trademark Registration Australia

    armour ip trademark registration australia

    +61 (8) 6142 1743

    Armour IP was founded in 2008. The firm's two founders, Neal Holliday and Barry Newman, share a similar vision for a patent and trademark law firm: to protect clients' intellectual property rights (patents, trademarks, and registered designs) in a manner that is particularly tailored to their unique clientele's needs.

    We are well-equipped to direct our clients toward additional assistance as needed thanks to our network of associates in the sectors of IP licensing, IP litigation, product design, manufacture, marketing, commercialisation assistance, and commercial guidance.

    Arceo IP - Trademark Registration Australia

    arceo ip trademark registration australia

    +61 (6) 6142 659

    Tim is familiar with your demands because of his more than 30 years of experience in technological research, product creation, and ten years as a patent and trademark attorney. With small business costs, efficiency, and specialized service, we run like a tiny company.

    With a strong technological foundation, ARCEO IP will collaborate with you to develop patent, trademark, and design registration applications and offer those services both in Australia and abroad. Services are safely stored in a cloud-based platform, allowing for cost-effective workflows that make use of the most recent software. Additionally, we provide cheap rates, allowing us to assist you in going forward with a decision.

    O’Dor Lawyers - Trademark Registration Australia

    o’dor lawyers

    (03) 9005 0555

    The corporate strategy of O'Dor Lawyers is to offer individualized, competent legal advice that is both affordable and of high quality. We are results-driven; in order to give you the greatest service and produce the most profitable outcome for you, we "leave no stone unturned." We are focused on you.

    We take great satisfaction in following a conventional method, paying attention to your needs, and offering workable, efficient, and creative solutions. We place a high value on the caliber of our client relationships, and repeat customers and recommendations are the main drivers of our business. As a result, we take great satisfaction in providing quick and helpful customer service. Our clientele is large and varied. We collaborate with people and companies, professional organizations, associations, nonprofits, and governmental organizations.

    Lesicar Maynard Andrews - Trademark Registration Australia

    lesicar maynard andrews

    +61 8 8362 7222

    We can also provide advice on how to avoid submitting ambiguous or incomplete patent, trademark, or design applications, which could endanger your business or investment. Our goal is to provide superior, cost-effective guidance that underpins managerial and corporate decisions.

    A trademark is a design used to distinguish the products or services of one trader from those of another. Your brands embody the time, effort, money, and hard work that have been invested in developing the goodwill associated with your business.

    At Lesicar Maynard Andrews, trademark registration specialists are accessible. The process will be explained to you step-by-step, and we'll make sure your business has the necessary trademark protection for the present and the future.

    Legal Vision - Trademark Registration Australia

    legal vision

    1800 532 500

    Your brand is one of your company's most valuable assets. As a result, it's imperative that you safeguard that brand, which calls for you to register both your company name and logo as trademarks. Any company, regardless of size, can register a trademark with the help of the LegalVision team of attorneys and trademark specialists.

    Register A Trade Mark

    A trademark attorney supports business owners with trademark registration. A company can effectively safeguard its intellectual property by registering a trademark. A trademark specialist may help with the submission of trademark applications as well as the handling of any opposition claims made in response to a negative report.

    Denning Legal - Trademark Registration Australia

    denning legal

    (03) 9874 6711

    Our attorneys have a proven track record of success and more than 50 years of combined expertise representing businesses and individuals. Our clientele appreciate our pragmatism, proactive problem-solving style, and diligence.

    Copyright is of utmost importance in today's expanding modern world. The protection of copyright is now more challenging than it was in earlier eras due to technological advancement and globalization. Copyright protection has gotten increasingly challenging as the speed at which information is shared and the complexity of the control mechanisms have increased.

    The standard of copyright protection has been significantly improved by resistance to contemporary threats. The most significant trademark law is included within the many areas covered by copyright. What exactly is a trademark, how is it filed, and what legal rights does the owner receive? We will quickly go over the problems surrounding this subject in this essay.

    Patentec - Trademark Registration Australia

    patentec trademark registration australia

    02 9188 9034

    One of Australia's top intellectual property firms, Patentec offers specialized, fixed-fee, and knowledgeable patent attorney services if you have an idea or innovation that has potential for economic success. Our growth philosophy is straightforward: we want our services to leave a positive impression on you. We take the time to ensure the largest possible breadth of international intellectual protection for you by carefully planning and well-drafting the patent, trademark, and design requirements, maximizing the likelihood of acceptance of your applications.

    Platform IP - Trademark Registration Australia

    platform ip trademark registration australia

    +61 2 9911 7799

    We are a group of renowned patent and trademark attorneys at Platform IP who value inventiveness and are experts in safeguarding and monetizing our clients' intellectual property.

    With the aid of our global expert network of IP lawyers, we represent businesses of all sizes locally, throughout the Asia-Pacific, and all over the world, from North America to the European Union and the United Kingdom. We are registered to act directly before IP offices in Australia and New Zealand. We provide top-notch counsel, plans, and advocacy to defend your name, brand, and priceless concepts in order to safeguard your company's position going forward.

    Our Trade Mark Services & Expertise

    Owners of trademarks receive a vast array of material advantages. It is common knowledge that a trademark registration grants the owner the exclusive right to use the mark in connection with the goods or services it denotes. The benefits, however, go far beyond this. A registered trademark is an asset, therefore you can sell it or provide a license to use it for significant financial gain. A registered trademark is a useful tactic for more readily asserting your rights because you can sue third parties that infringe it without having to demonstrate business repute or that there was fraud or deception.

    iGERENT - Trademark Registration Australia

    igerent trademark registration australia

    +1 (305) 257-9353

    IGERENT responds to clients' requests for assistance with mark, patent, trademark, and dns servers conflicts in a cost-effective manner. Because we have years of expertise dealing with IP difficulties all over the world, our staff will assist you with any services you need.

    Mark My Words Trademark Services Pty Ltd Registrations Australia

    mark my words trademark services

    (03) 8288 1411

    Regarding trademark registration, infringement, objection, and a number of other business-related questions, she may provide direction and support. The company has expanded since 2011, hiring more administrative and consulting staff. The group has more than 30 years of combined experience in trademark registration and consultation!

    Eagle gate Lawyers - Trademark Registrations Australia

    eaglegate lawyers

    1300 832 412

    We provide rapid, cutting-edge, and creative legal solutions. We utilize our 10+ years of expertise in commercial law, IP law, ICT, cyberlaw, and our 10 years of practical experience in the IT, forensics, and encryption fields to provide our clients with experience and peace of mind. In order to meet the increasing legal demands relating to intellectual property, developing technologies, data security, and privacy, EAGLE GATE is a specialist legal practice. In these domains, our expertise is unparalleled.

    We offer innovative, cutting-edge, and quick legal solutions so you may make wise choices and compete in your industry. We provide straightforward, succinct guidance devoid of legalese. Time-based billing for legal services is an old, often inappropriate, and unsustainable practice. Although time-based billing encourages efficiency, it can deteriorate client-attorney relationships. Legal services should not be invoiced any differently than other professional advisory services because there is no difference between them.

    Trademarkify Registrations Australia

    trademarkify registrations australia

    02 8599 0837

    Trademarkify, the sole trademark registration service, also provides an expedited examination through which we communicate with the trademark examiners directly, allowing you to find out whether your trademark application is registrable within five days. The traditional manual trademark filing process, which entails hiring a trademark attorney, is up to 80% more expensive than Trademarkify.

    By using trademarkify to place a purchase, you are extending a contract to us for the provision of compensated trademark services. As soon as we receive your order, our system will automatically send you an email with your order details so you may review them. Your order is only accepted by us after a subsequent review, at which point we will carry out several checks to determine whether or not to accept it, including determining whether there is a conflict of interest with any of our current clients.

    Maygust Trademarks Registrations Australia

    maygust trademarks registrations australia


    being the most popular Australian trademark for brand protection.

    Alvin Legal - Trademark Registrations Australia

    alvin legal

    +61 1300 052 825

    Founded in 2017 with the goal of achieving more with less. In order to help early-stage startups prepare for capital raising and a successful exit event, Alvin Legal works with them.

    Our goal is to accelerate the growth of entrepreneurs by offering straightforward legal solutions. The single best financial investment you can make for your firm is trademark registration. Additionally, having a registered trademark can greatly improve the appeal and selling price of your startup.

    Legal123 - Trademark Registrations Australia


    (02) 8003 7317

    2009 saw the founding of a service legal firm. Being the first entirely online law office in Australia, we take great pride in contributing to the growing trend of affordable online legal services. We provide both customized legal services and internet legal templates. Our templates are made to fit common circumstances. For clients who have unique needs or who require legal counsel, we also provide specialized legal services.

    2009 saw the founding of a service legal firm. Being the first entirely online law office in Australia, we take great pride in contributing to the growing trend of affordable online legal services. We provide both customized legal services and internet legal templates. Our templates are made to fit common circumstances. For clients who have unique needs or who require legal counsel, we also provide specialized legal services.

    It is not simple to register a trademark with IP Australia. It takes time and you run the risk of making mistakes if you try to do it yourself. But we at Legal123 have years of experience with trademark registration. Therefore, save yourself the hassle and let us handle this for you.

    Krouzer IP - Trademark Registrations Australia

    krouzer ip


    +61 (2) 9680 8688

    A reputable company called Krouzer IP specializes in assisting all different kinds of enterprises with issues related to intellectual property both domestically and abroad. Working with the tiniest clients, SMEs, institutions, and international businesses, our experienced staff has accumulated a wealth of experience.

    We assist our clients in acquiring, utilizing, and protecting their intellectual property rights in inventions, trademarks, and designs as well as in defending against the infringement of those rights by other parties. We offer support at every level of a business, from the early phases of naming a company to the established stage of producing and supplying goods and services to the highly developed stage of technology transfer.

    Mann IP - Trademark Registrations Australia

    mann ip

    +61 (0)8 6161 0999

    We draft, submit, and pursue patent, trademark, and registered design applications. On the validity, enforcement, and infringement of intellectual property rights, we also offer guidance. We charge capped and fixed costs for all patent, trademark, and design applications that we prepare and submit.

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