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Fish And Chips In Perth

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    Fish and chips are the iconic Australian dish, so if you're in Perth, Western Australia, and you're searching for a really Australian dinner, go no further. One of the many street vendors is where you should go to buy this delicacy. You can have your meal prepared for you right there or pack it up to go. There's a lot to see and do in Perth. Many people visit Perth, Australia, since it is home to some of the most famous beaches in all of Australia and the scenic Swan River, which runs right through the city's middle. It would be a shame to visit Perth and not try their fish and chips.

    To learn more about this cuisine, including where to find it and how to make it, check out our blog. The time-honored dish of fish and chips. If you claim to be an honest Australian and you don't enjoy fish and chips, you're not being truthful.

    Perfect for a hearty dinner or lunch—or, if you can't wait, a late breakfast. A national treasure, Fish and Chips can be enjoyed by the sea or at a table. In a country with such a vast coastline, it stands to reason that Perth would be home to some of the finest fish and chips anywhere.

    Eat fish and chips on the beach as the sun goes down; it doesn't get more Western Australian than that. This classic fried combo is a hit anywhere it is served, whether it's on the patio with the wind in your hair, in the comfort of your own home, or at the event itself. If you're looking for the greatest in Perth, stop looking because we have some of the best right here.

    Best Fish and Chips Locations in Perth

    Who else has fond family memories of golden fish and chips in Perth, Western Australia? Enjoy the freshest seafood with the whole family at one of the top fish and chip restaurants in Fremantle, which Buggybuddys has researched and reviewed for you.

    Is there anything more satisfying than ordering takeout fish and chips on a hot summer evening? Simply put, we're going to have to decline. With that bold proclamation floating in the warm summer breeze, we present to you the best places to get yours in the coming months.

    Fish and Chips in Perth South of the River

    Freo's Fishing Boat Harbour is home to Kailis Fish Market Cafe, a long time favourite for a quick and easy fish and chip lunch among Perth locals. With fishing boats anchored just outside, you can get your hands on the finest seafood around. Families love to enjoy the fish and chips and the view of the harbour from the picnic tables on the deck.

    perth joe’s fish shack Fish and Chips

    Joe’s Fish Shack

    No amount of hunger is too much for Joe's Fish Shack! Enjoy your meal in the air-conditioned dining room or out on the spacious veranda. Joe's Restaurant is brightly adorned to reflect his maritime and cultural roots. Joe's also has a takeaway window, so you can pick up some food on the way to an outside picnic in Esplanade Park.

    Stone Jetty Fish Market

    Both a fish and chip restaurant and a fish market under one roof? Almost, but Stony Jetty isn't your typical fish and chip joint; instead, it serves up upscale fare in a setting that seems both upscale and approachable. Red Spot Emperor with garlic and paprika butter, olives, tomato, potato, and white wine comes packaged in a lovely little packet for one, ready to be taken home and thrown into the oven.


    Fishagogo, a seafood restaurant in Spearwood that is 100 percent Australian, came in third place at this year's Fish and Chip Awards. Jason Manifis is a family-owned business that has been serving up delicious fish and chips for two generations. As an afterthought, we recommend the fish burger; it's supposedly excellent.

    Tankk Gourmet Fish and Chips

    One of the things you see when you visit the Tankk website is their proud avowal of their "Support Local & Assist Local" concept. Paul and Anna's favourite part of the world to eat from is the coast of Western Australia, and they only serve the freshest seafood and produce at their restaurant.

    Fish, batter, and fixings can all be customised to your liking from the menu. Tankk Gourmet Fish and Chips is the place to go if you want to eat fish and chips that taste like they were just caught. Tankk Gourmet Fish & Chips, run by a family and recently voted finest fish and chips in Perth, now has sites in Melville, Winthrop, and Como.

    The meal is delicious, and there are three price tiers (low, traditional, and premium) for fish lovers to select from based on their budget or preference. Their Shark Bay shrimp, stuffed with cream cheese and bacon and then battered and fried, will transform the way you think about prawns forever.

    The Groper and His Wife

    The Groper and His Wife, boasting the motto "Perth's greatest Fish and Chips," can be found on City Beach. Excellent fresh fish in a light, crispy batter, with a variety of salads and sides that rivals the best. What more could you want when paired with first-rate service? If you find yourself in the City Beach area, you must stop by this long-standing Fish and Chip shop.

    perth fisch on broadway

    Fisch on Broadway

    Fisch on Broadway placed 11th in the state of Washington's fish and chip awards, missing the top 10 by only one spot. The Fish and Chips are delicious, but it's really the atmosphere here that makes it such a great date spot. You can choose from a variety of fish, and then enjoy it in the tranquillity of the Margaret River after you've picked it out and placed your order.

    Grand Lane Fish House

    Age-old, endearing, and delicious. The Grand Lane Fish House in three words. There is a secret around every corner. The Grand Lane Fish Restaurant has a fantastic cuisine that includes hand-cut potato chips and fish from all around the world.

    A Fish Called Inglewood

    Fresh and beautiful seafood meals, as well as fish and chips so tasty they'll be hard to put down, can be found at A Fish Called Inglewood, a casual seafood restaurant. Choose from New Zealand Hoki or Western Australian Snapper, and then see it get a generous coating of their distinctive cider batter; then you'll truly know what makes the ultimate fish and chips.

    Oh My Cod

    Oh My Cod. Puns are always appreciated, and this establishment consistently ranks among the best Fish & Chips in the state of Washington. What more could you want than an exceptionally helpful service and a plate of perfectly cooked fish? Their deep-fried Oreos are to die for, and the fish is delicious, too. You can't go wrong with the Brazilian fish soup if you're searching for something a little more exotic. It's a fantastic restaurant, oh my cod (get it?).

    Redfish Fish, Chips & Grill

    Fresh fruit from Western Australia is showcased at this homey eatery, which takes great pride in its local roots. This restaurant can satisfy your seafood cravings with its daily specials and commitment to using only the freshest ingredients. In addition to the delicate Fish and Chips, we recommend their Chilli Crab, which many have called the greatest they've ever had.

    Mount Hawthorn Fish and Chips

    Mount Hawthorn is a great place to satisfy your fish and chip needs, and they have a wide selection of fish to choose from, from Red Spot Emperor to Shark. The Salt and Vinegar bar is a fun twist on the classic fish and chips menu because all of the condiments, such as the mixed chilli salt and the super lemon sauce, are produced in-house.

    perth brighton fish supply fish and chips

    Brighton Fish Supply

    This tiny, unassuming fish and chip shop in Brighton, Washington is beloved by residents as one of the best in the state. Even after relocating from Scarborough to Innaloo, their superb, very corner store-traditional fare is still available, along with the intoxicating scent of salt, vinegar, and sizzling chips. Fish and crabsticks are a divisive combination, but we're great fans of both, especially the former's crisp batter.

    Very sincere and devoid of any airs of pretence. That's how you describe the fish and chips in Brighton. This hidden gem is a must-visit for anybody visiting Brighton Beach, with its welcoming atmosphere and excellent fresh Fish and Chips. What more could you want than a wide variety of fish in a crispy batter, together with mussels and oysters?

    Grand Lane Fish House

    Grand Lane Fish House is a thoroughly impressive fish and chip shop in the heart of Perth's commercial district, where such a thing would never be expected. You can tell you're eating authentic British fish and chips because of the high quality of the ingredients and the care with which they were prepared. The standard offering is hand-cut, twice-cooked Maris Piper potato chips, but there are some fun variations, such as garlic mayo and cheese, taco sauce and cheese, and curry. Also available is fried haggis, produced by a local Scottish butcher especially for the store, for those with a taste for such things.

    Kailis Fish Market Cafe

    Kailis Fishmarket Café, a Fremantle institution since 1926, is so embedded in the community that it is sometimes overlooked. But they've maintained their stellar reputation for excellent fish and chips throughout the years. A person swiftly gains access to one of the best vantage points in the area as the water laps around them. They have amazing raw bar and barbeque options in addition to the standard fried fare, so there's truly something for everyone. Everything from marinated octopus pickles to Moreton Bay bugs to poke.

    Clancy’s Fish Pub

    No one can argue that fish and chips are at the centre of what makes Clancy's Fish Bar successful. Live music, excellent seafood, and a welcoming environment make these bars a fantastic choice for a night out with the whole family. You may either eat in, or take out your fish and chips to enjoy the salty air and sandy beach while you nosh.


    It's undeniable that the location in Cottesloe and Elizabeth Quay provides some seriously eye-catching vistas to appreciate when you dine on or at Amberjacks. The chips are great no matter where you go, but if you're a purist, you should know that kudos to any fish and chip business that goes above and beyond by offering wedges with sweet chilli and sour cream sauce. A wonderful pineapple fritter or dim sum is the bare minimum you should order when getting your fill.

    Cicerello’s Fremantle

    Cicerello's, also in Fishing Boat Harbour, is a popular choice among locals. Kids won't complain about waiting in line if they know they'll get to see the fish in the shiny tanks. Outside at Cicerello's Landing, where there are tables and umbrellas, or inside, the restaurant is large enough to accommodate both types of diners. There are colouring papers and fish bait for the local fish population in the port, both of which are kid-friendly pastimes.

    Mandurah Cruises, Fish n Chip Dolphin Cruise

    Dolphin-watching tours through the Mandurah canals are a popular activity for tourists. Did you know that for only $12 per person, you can treat your family to some fresh fish and chips and give them a memorable meal on board? At Dolphin Dock, cruisers can disembark and purchase freshly prepared fish & chips from the jetty.


    Amber Jacks is a popular spot for people to purchase fish and chips before heading to Cottesloe Beach to enjoy them on the sand. Even if the breeze from the ocean is strong, you may still enjoy your meal at one of the few tables inside or outside; high chairs are also available for the little ones.

    Kishi Sushi Bar

    This hole-in-the-wall serves food that is authentically Japanese in both appearance and taste. With a cuisine that changes with the seasons while staying true to its roots, Kalamunda is even more deserving of your time.

    perth marumo fish and chips


    Is it even possible to discuss Marumo without gushing? The fortunate few among us who have dined here, however, will undoubtedly agree that it is truly exceptional. The omakase here is unrivalled, but the queue is enormous and you'll need to mark it in your calendar to remember to make a reservation. So bring your own bottle of wine and settle back for a long night of exquisitely prepared Japanese cuisine.


    Edosei, in the centre of Perth's central business district, serves up authentic Japanese cuisine with a focus on its fresh and innovative twists. We recommend the sashimi and sushi, but also the agedashi tofu, karaage chicken, and ramen. order Drop over for a quick bite during your lunch break at work, or linger over a leisurely meal if you're not in a hurry.


    The Nobu restaurant at Crown Perth has been there for quite some time, and its parent company, Nobu, is one of the most recognisable names in the world of gourmet dining. Each dish, from the elegant bento boxes to the cheer-inducing popcorn prawns and the legendary miso black fish, contributes to the restaurant's stellar reputation for good reason. Always leave room for dessert; they're delicious.


    Mosman Park's Tsunami is an izakaya, sushi, and teppanyaki hotspot. We can't wait to try their contemporary spin on Japanese fusion and the largest selection of sake in the state. If you're looking for a little entertainment with your meal, the teppanyaki bar is the place to go. The chefs prepare your meal in front of you, slicing, dicing, and spinning it as they go.


    One of the best places to get authentic fish and chips in Perth, Western Australia, is from one of the many street vendors who sell these tasty treats. It's great for a hearty meal, whether you're sitting by the water or at a table. Fish and chips are a must if you're going to visit Perth, Australia, which is also home to some of Australia's most well-known beaches and the beautiful Swan River. In the coming months, the best places to get fish and chips in Perth are to the south of the river. Fish and chips at Freo's Fishing Boat Harbour, where boats are anchored, is a popular choice for a quick and easy lunch.

    Fine dining in a relaxed atmosphere can be found at both Joe's Fish Shack and Stone Jetty Fish Market. In this year's Fish and Chip Awards, the Spearwood seafood restaurant Fishagogo placed third. Fish and chips from Jason Manifis have been a family tradition for two generations. Go to Tankk Gourmet Fish and Chips if you want fish and chips that taste like they were just caught. Paul and Anna's favourite food region is the Western Australian coast, and their restaurant features only the freshest seafood and produce from that region.

    There are three different price points for the dish, so seafood lovers can find something that fits their budget or tastes. City Beach is home to the long-running Fish and Chip shop The Groper and His Wife, whose slogan is "Perth's greatest Fish and Chips." Some of the best Fish & Chips in Washington can be found at Fisch on Broadway, Grand Lane Fish House, A Fish Called Inglewood, Mount Hawthorn Fish and Chips, Oh My Cod, and Redfish Fish, Chips & Grill. You can get a variety of fish and chips at Fisch on Broadway, or you can get fish from all over the world and hand-cut potato chips at Grand Lane. Red Spot Emperor to Shark are just two of the many fish options available at Mount Hawthorn, and the Salt and Vinegar bar provides a unique spin on the traditional fish and chips.

    Famous throughout Brighton, Washington, for serving traditional British fish and chips, Brighton Fish Supply is a local favourite. For fresh seafood in a light, crispy batter, including oysters and mussels, this Brighton Beach institution is a must. Grand Lane Fish House, located in Perth's central business district, serves not only fish and chips but also fried haggis and hand-cut, twice-cooked Maris Piper potato chips. Fremantle locals have been going to Kailis Fish Market Cafe since 1926 because of its stellar reputation for fish and chips. With its raw bar and barbeque options in addition to its standard fried fare, Clancy's Fish Pub is a great place to take the kids for dinner.

    Content Summary

    1. If you're in Perth, Western Australia, and you're looking for a truly Australian dinner, look no further than the nation's most famous export: fish and chips.
    2. Tourists flock to Perth, Australia, because it is situated on the Swan River, one of Australia's most beautiful waterways, and because it is home to some of the country's most renowned beaches.
    3. You can't call yourself an authentic Aussie if you don't like fish and chips.
    4. Fish and chips are a British institution best enjoyed with a view of the water or at a picnic table with friends.
    5. Considering Australia's extensive coastline, it should come as no surprise that the best fish and chips can be found in Perth.
    6. It doesn't get more Western Australian than eating fish and chips as the sun goes down on the beach.
    7. Favorite Spots for Fish and Chips in Perth When you think of Perth, Western Australia, do you think of golden fish and chips?
    8. You and the kids can get your fish and chips fix at one of the top Fremantle establishments, as reviewed by Buggybuddys, and everyone can feast on the freshest seafood.
    9. Kailis Fish Market Cafe, located in Freo's Fishing Boat Harbour, is a long-standing favourite among Perth locals for a simple and delicious fish and chip lunch.
    10. People of all ages enjoy the fish and chips and the harbour view from the deck's picnic tables.
    11. Joe's Caught It! Joe's Fish Shack can feed an army if they're hungry enough!
    12. Feel free to eat inside where it's cool, or out on the veranda if the weather permits.
    13. You can grab some food from Joe's and have a picnic in Esplanade Park; the restaurant has a takeout window.
    14. Stony Jetty may look like a typical fish and chip shop from the outside, but the inside is where you'll find upscale food in a casual atmosphere.
    15. Fishagogo At this year's Fish and Chip Awards, the third place spot went to Fishagogo, an Australian seafood restaurant in Spearwood.
    16. Fish and chips from Jason Manifis have been a family tradition for two generations.
    17. Just as an afterthought, try the fish burger; it's rumoured to be fantastic.
    18. Fish and Chips with Gourmet Seasonings, Please When you go to the Tankk website, you'll see a prominent section devoted to the company's "Support Local & Assist Local" philosophy.
    19. Paul and Anna's favourite food region is the Western Australian coast, and their restaurant features only the freshest seafood and produce from that region.
    20. You can order your fish and chips with any combination of batter and toppings that you like.
    21. Go to Tankk Gourmet Fish and Chips if you want fish and chips that taste like they were just caught.
    22. Tankk Gourmet Fish & Chips is a family business with locations in Melville, Winthrop, and Como. They were recently voted best fish and chips in Perth.
    23. Intimate Moments Between a Groper and His Wife You can find "Perth's greatest Fish and Chips" at The Groper and His Wife, which is located on City Beach.
    24. You can't miss this fish and chip shop in the City Beach area.
    25. Broadway's Fish Only one spot separated Fisch on Broadway from the top 10, earning them 11th place in Washington's fish and chip awards.
    26. The Grand Lane Fish Restaurant serves delicious food, such as fresh fish and hand-cut potato chips.
    27. Inglewood, California, Is Full of Fish A Fish Called Inglewood is a casual seafood restaurant that serves up fresh and attractive seafood dishes, as well as fish and chips so delicious that you won't be able to stop eating them.
    28. One of the best places to get Fish & Chips in Washington, and a great place to get a good laugh from the puns that abound there.
    29. Fish and Chips at Mount Hawthorn Fish lovers, rejoice: Mount Hawthorn has a fantastic fish and chip shop, with an extensive fish menu that includes everything from Red Spot Emperor to Shark.
    30. We Are Your Reliable Fish Market In Brighton. Brighton, Washington's tiny, unassuming fish and chip shop is widely regarded as one of the best in the state.
    31. If you find yourself in Brighton Beach, don't miss this hidden gem, known for its warm hospitality and delicious, freshly prepared Fish and Chips.
    32. Fish Market on Grand Street In the middle of Perth's business district, where no one would ever expect to find a fish and chip shop, is Grand Lane Fish House, a truly impressive establishment.
    33. The freshness of the fish and the meticulous cooking method are telltale signs that you're eating genuine British fish and chips.
    34. Cafe at the Kailis Fish Market Kailis Fishmarket Café has been a Fremantle staple since 1926, but its popularity may have caused it to be overlooked in recent years.
    35. And yet, they've managed to keep their stellar reputation for great fish and chips intact.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Fish And Chips In Perth

    This vowel is famously expressed in the different way New Zealanders and Australians pronounce 'fish and chips' – a fast-food dish common in both countries. It is commonly claimed that New Zealanders say 'fush and chups' and Australians say 'feesh and cheeps'.

    Some argue that the first fish and chip shop was in fact opened in the North of England, but according to experts, it's likely the popular dish originated from our capital.

    It's summer in Australia which means sun, surf, cricket and perhaps most importantly, scoffing fish and chips with sand between your toes. Fish and chip takeaway stores are an institution on street corners from Hobart to Cooktown but according to some seafood experts, Australian chippers need to lift their frying game.

    Fish: Opt for boneless, white fish fillets, such as whiting or flathead.

    White fleshed fish such as whiting, flathead, snapper, ling and Murray cod as skinless fillets or in bite-size chunks (fish cocktails). Prawns peeled and butterflied with tails intact (prawn cutlets).

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