melbourne's finest a guide to the 10 best music schools

Melbourne’s Finest: A Guide To The 10 Best Music Schools

Music, in its many forms, has the power to move, inspire, and transform. In Melbourne, this universal language finds its voice through a myriad of genres, artists, and institutions. At the forefront of this musical revolution are the city's revered music schools, which have become synonymous with excellence and innovation.

These schools are not just centres of education but are also crucibles where raw talent is honed and future maestros are born. As we unveil our list of the top 10 music schools in Melbourne, we invite you to embark on a melodious journey that celebrates the city's unparalleled contribution to the world of music.

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    Alla's Music Studio

    alla s music studio

    Alla's Music Studio, located in Bentleigh East, Melbourne, has established itself as a reputable music school with over a decade of experience in nurturing musical talent. The studio has successfully tutored more than 5,000 students and delivered over 20,000 lessons in various instruments such as piano, guitar, drums, violin, saxophone, and more. 

    Catering to both children and adults, the studio offers individual music lessons for all skill levels, from beginners to advanced. The focus is not only on learning for leisure but also on preparing students for VCE, AMEB, ABRSM exams. Additionally, the studio organizes student concerts, providing a platform for showcasing students' skills and progress.

    Services Offered:

    • Preparation for various music examinations (AMEB, ABRSM, VCE).
    • Individual music lessons for various instruments including Piano, Violin, Drums, Guitar, Saxophone, Cello, Ukulele, Viola, Clarinet, Flute, Trumpet, and more.
    • Music lessons tailored for leisure learning.
    • Sale and hire of music instruments and books directly from the studio.
    • Organizing student concerts.
    • Convenient scheduling with same day/time slots for families with multiple children.

    Phone: 0422 835 857

    Mont & Co School of Music

    mont & co school of music

    Mont & Co School of Music is a distinguished institution that emphasizes the profound relationship between a teacher, a student, and the art of music. The school believes that music teaching transcends mere musical concepts and notes, offering students self-awareness, self-expression, and confidence that they will cherish throughout their lives. 

    At Mont & Co, the art of teaching is held in as high regard as the art of music itself. Led by Director Adrian Montagnese, a qualified musician and teacher, the school boasts a team of passionate and dedicated music teachers who inspire personal and artistic growth through comprehensive musical tuition.

    Services Offered:

    • Piano Tuition: From classical tunes of Beethoven to modern melodies of Billy Joel.
    • Guitar Tuition: Learn to play your favorite tunes on the guitar.
    • Vocal Tuition: Whether you're a natural or a beginner, Mont & Co is here to guide your vocal journey.
    • Percussion Tuition: Feel the rhythm, play the beat, and bring your musical aspirations to life.

    Phone: 0421 785 416

    Davies Music School

    davies music school

    Davies Music School, located in Hoppers Crossing, Victoria, is a well-established institution that has been imparting musical knowledge and skills for several years. The school is committed to providing quality music lessons that are tailored to the individual needs and aspirations of each student. 

    With a multi-site presence mainly in the west of Melbourne, the school offers a diverse range of lessons, from piano to guitar, singing, and more. The school's motto emphasizes quality music lessons at affordable prices, ensuring that students receive the best possible education without breaking the bank. The institution also offers opportunities for students to participate in concerts, enhancing their performance skills and boosting their confidence.

    Services Offered:

    • Diverse Instrumental Lessons: Including Piano/Keyboard, Organ, Acoustic, Electric and Bass Guitar, Drums, Violin, Viola, Cello, Accordian, Flute, Vocals (Singing), Saxophone, and Music Theory.
    • Flexible Teaching Modes: Both face-to-face and online lessons are available.
    • Performance Opportunities: Regular concerts and events for students to showcase their talents.
    • Early Childhood Program: Tailored for children aged 3-5 years, with adaptability for even younger children.
    • Group Lessons: Options for family groups of 2/3 students, with the possibility of parents participating alongside their children.

    Phone: 03 9748 9160

    School of Synthesis

    school of synthesis

    Founded in Melbourne, Australia, in 2010, the School of Synthesis stands as a premier institution for music production courses. The school's ethos revolves around offering unique, highly personalized short courses in music production, utilizing modern technology tools provided by industry giants like Native Instruments, Ableton, and Logic. 

    With a decade-long legacy, the school has assisted numerous top Australian musicians and producers in refining their expertise. Furthermore, it has been instrumental in guiding hundreds of budding producers in creating and releasing their debut tracks, many of whom have achieved significant success in the music industry. As a testament to its quality and reputation, the School of Synthesis is recognized as Australia's only Native Instruments and Ableton Live Certified Training Centre.

    Services Offered:

    • Alive with Ableton Live: A specialized course focusing on the nuances of Ableton Live. More Details
    • SOS Sunday Sessions: A Melodic Techno Masterclass with Jordan Tobias. More Details
    • Production Masterclass Mixing and Mastering: A comprehensive course on mixing and mastering techniques. More Details
    • Sound Design, Logic Pro X, and More: Various other courses tailored to different aspects of music production.


    Yamaha Music Australia

    yamaha music australia

    Yamaha Music Australia is fervently dedicated to enhancing the quality of music education throughout the country. Recognizing the profound benefits of music learning, not just as a creative outlet but also for its contributions to social, emotional, and cognitive development, Yamaha has been a beacon of quality music education since 1970. 

    Through its internationally acclaimed curriculum and passionate educators, the Yamaha Music School has been ensuring a positive and enriching experience for its students. Beyond just teaching, Yamaha Music Australia extends its support to music educators nationwide. Through initiatives like "Off to a Great Start" and "Education Outreach," they provide dedicated assistance to fortify music programs throughout the year, emphasizing their unwavering commitment to fostering a sustainable future for music-making.

    Services Offered:

    • Yamaha Music School: Courses tailored for students across all age groups.
    • Off To A Great Start: Resources for music educators, including articles, videos, posters, and the Great Start Grant.
    • Education Outreach: Professional development and support for music educators and schools.
    • Events: Information about upcoming music education events.
    • Yamaha Instruments: Helps in finding the perfect Yamaha instrument for children or students.

    Phone: 1300 139 506

    Aspire Music School

    aspire music school

    Aspire Music School, based in Melbourne, stands out as a boutique music institution that offers a diverse range of instrumental lessons tailored for students of all ages and proficiency levels. The school prides itself on its team of talented instrumental teachers who are dedicated to making musical dreams a reality. 

    Whether you're interested in learning the piano, guitar, or even the French horn, Aspire Music School has got you covered. The school offers the flexibility of learning in the comfort of one's own home or at a dedicated learning space provided by the teacher. Additionally, they present an opportunity for shared learning experiences, allowing students to have lessons alongside family members or friends.

    Services Offered:

    • Instrumental Lessons: Including Piano, Keyboard, Vocal/Singing, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Ukulele, Saxophone, Violin, Clarinet, Flute, French Horn, Trumpet, Trombone, Tuba, and Drums.
    • Flexible Learning: Option to learn at home or at a teacher's dedicated space.
    • Shared Learning Experience: Lessons alongside family or friends.
    • Special Offers: Buy 12 lessons and get 1 free.
    • French Lessons: Offered as a unique addition to their musical courses.

    Phone: 0431 770 117

    Cantabile School of Music

    cantabile school of music

    The Cantabile School of Music stands as a beacon of comprehensive and motivational music education. With a core philosophy of helping students find profound meaning in the music they learn, the institution ensures that every student can read, listen, and genuinely enjoy music. The testimonials from parents and students alike highlight the transformative power of Cantabile's approach. 

    Parents commend the passionate teachers and friendly staff, noting the significant progress their children make in their musical journey. Students, on the other hand, appreciate the warm, supportive, and inspiring environment that not only teaches them to play an instrument but also instills a deep love for music.

    Services Offered:

    • Group Piano (Ages 6-12)
    • Strings Program (coming soon)
    • Music lessons for Adults

    Phone: 0451 529 030

    Refinery School of Music

    refinery school of music

    Refinery School of Music, situated in Williamstown North, Melbourne, is more than just a music school; it's a thriving community of musicians, including teachers, students, and supporters. The school's philosophy revolves around the idea that music lessons are not just about learning an instrument but also about personal growth and success. 

    At Refinery, students are not only taught the technical aspects of music but also how to interpret and create beautiful musical performances. The school believes in tailoring lessons to the individual, ensuring that students develop holistically, both as musicians and as individuals. With a diverse range of students, from toddlers to retirees, beginners to professionals, Refinery School of Music offers a welcoming environment for all to explore and hone their musical talents.

    Services Offered:

    • Instrumental Lessons: Including Piano, Vocal, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Violin, Drums, and Song-Writing.
    • Glee Class: A unique offering focusing on group singing and performance.
    • Free Introductory Lesson: A 30-minute session for new students to experience the school's teaching style and environment.
    • Testimonials: Positive feedback from parents and students, highlighting the school's impact and quality of instruction.

    Phone: 1300 600 111

    Armstrong's School of Singing

    armstrong s school

    Armstrong's School of Singing, located in Kew, Melbourne, is a dedicated institution that offers private vocal tuition to individuals of all abilities and styles. The school welcomes students aged 12 and above, ensuring that each learner receives tailored instruction to hone their vocal skills. 

    With a commitment to excellence and a passion for nurturing vocal talents, Armstrong's School of Singing has established itself as a leading destination for those seeking to elevate their singing abilities. Whether you're a beginner, intermediate, or an advanced professional, the school provides a conducive environment for vocal growth and development.

    Services Offered:

    • Private Vocal Tuition: Personalized singing lessons tailored to the individual's needs and abilities.
    • Face-to-Face Lessons: In-person vocal training sessions.
    • Online Lessons: Virtual singing lessons for those who prefer remote learning.
    • Gift Vouchers: An ideal gift for someone passionate about singing.

    Phone: 0414 947 526

    School of Banjo

    school of banjo

    The School of Banjo in Melbourne, led by Gus Macmillan, offers specialized 5-string banjo lessons tailored to students of any skill level and style. With over 35 years of professional playing experience, Gus brings a wealth of knowledge and a personal touch to his teaching. The school provides a range of services to accommodate different learning styles and needs, including one-on-one lessons, gift vouchers, and the option for remote learning through Skype or Zoom for those outside the Melbourne Metro area.

    Gus's approach is flexible, allowing students to learn at their own pace, whether they prefer weekly, fortnightly, or more sporadic lessons, and he tailors the lesson syllabus to meet the individual needs of each student.

    Services offered:

    • Personalized one-on-one 5-string banjo lessons
    • Lessons for all levels, from beginners to experienced players
    • Remote learning options via Skype or Zoom
    • Banjo hire service
    • Sale of banjos, including new Deering banjos at discounted rates

    Phone: 0412 964 435.


    A Bachelor of Music (BM) is the most common degree and usually takes four years to complete. It can include specializations in performance, composition, history, theory, jazz studies, music production, church music, and music technology. Most of the curriculum revolves around music theory, history, and performance.

    In music, a subject is the material, usually a recognizable melody, upon which part or all of a composition is based. In forms other than the fugue, this may be known as the theme.

    Australia's music scene is diverse and the musical tastes of the popular are varied. Much like America, Australia creates music in popular genres such as pop, rock, and country. Australian musicians also create music in the folk and traditional music genres.

    As alluring as a career in the music industry sounds, making a name for yourself is no simple feat. The music scene is highly competitive, and it takes more than talent to guarantee a successful path. However, with the right strategies, unwavering passion, and a willingness to learn, a career in music is achievable.

    The primary "pro" of being a professional musician is that you get to enjoy your art and earn an income while following your passion and doing what you love. You have the opportunity to collaborate with other artists, travel and have a variety of new experiences, often while courting an admiring fan base.

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