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20+ Top Photocopier Rent & Lease Perth 2022

Are you looking for a photocopier to rent or lease? If so, you're in the right place. In this blog post, we'll take a look at photocopier rent and lease options and help you decide which is the best option for you. So whether you're short on cash or just want to avoid hassles down the road, read on for tips on renting or leasing a photocopier.

If your office is in need of a photocopier, you may be wondering if you should rent or lease one. Both options have their pros and cons, so it can be tricky to decide which is the best option for your business. In this blog post, we'll take a look at the differences between renting and leasing a photocopier, so you can make an informed decision.

Ultimate List Of Best Photocopier Rent & Lease in Perth

Abacus Photocopier Rent & Lease Perth

abacus photocopiers

1300 552 424

For trustworthy and dependable office printing, we have just the service for you.

In 1981, Abacus was founded to meet a niche market demand for office supplies tailored to the needs of micro- and small businesses. Abacus started out as a small company in Western Australia, but it has since expanded to become the largest privately owned technology company in the state. Abacus is proud to say that it is wholly owned and operated by Australians.

Managed Print Service Company

The Australian company Abacus Photocopiers offers specialised managed print services for SMEs.

We have helped thousands of business owners across many different industries, including real estate, education, and professional services, gain control of their office printing needs.

Our managed print service agreement incorporates hardware, supplies, maintenance, and management of vehicles to guarantee optimal use of your print solutions. You can modify your monthly volumes and/or add apparatus as needed for your company's operations.

Abacus Rent It - Photocopier Rent & Lease Perth

abacus rent it

0438 944 231 | 1300 55 24 24

Our specialists go above and beyond to ensure the quality of your rental equipment. Our computer equipment can be tailored to your specifications and has unmatched support and replacement policies. Our Quality Assurance Policy assures that your equipment arrives on schedule and is properly set up. From the minute you call until the last pickup, Abacus Rent IT strives for client satisfaction. 

Abacus Rent IT is an Australian-owned and -operated computer rental and audio visual hire firm with fast delivery from locations in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Adelaide.

Metrocopiers Photocopier Rent & Lease Perth

metrocopiers photocopier rent & lease

We have your back! We offer you more than simply the top printers available. Everything you need to maintain your printer working and provide stress-free printing is also included in all of our plans.

Not only do we deliver your printer, but we also stay! A Managed Print Service is bundled with each of our plans. As a result, you won't have to bother about managing your printer and can instead concentrate on your daily tasks.

All of your support needs are covered by the plan, so if something goes wrong with your printer, we can send an engineer to your office within 2-4 working hours. You don't need to be concerned about managing your toner supplies. When fresh toner is required, our printers will automatically order it, and it will be delivered right to your workplace.

CopierChoice Photocopier Rent & Lease Perth

copierchoice photocopier rent & lease


The process of buying copiers is made simpler with CopierChoice. A corporate copier, which today is more than just a copier and is nearly always a digital multifunction device capable of copying, printing, scanning, faxing, emailing, storing information, and more, may be a significant investment. Resources are available through Copierchoice to compare photocopier costs and get various estimates.

Compare the cost and quality of photocopiers by requesting up to three quotes from certified dealers. You don't need to look them up or make separate calls; registered dealers in our nationwide network will get in touch with you! They will be well aware of your needs, understand that you are serious, and get in touch with you right away to offer competitive pricing quotes in an effort to win your business.

Global Office Machines Photocopier Rent & Lease Perth

global office machines photocopier rent & lease


Authorized Service Centre in Sydney

We can fix printers under warranty because we are an approved service center for well-known brands including HP, Fuji, Xerox, Konica, Develop, and Samsung. Additionally, we are a premier partner for Xerox and HP.

In fact, our staff of highly skilled experts is equipped to tackle any issue with any brand of printer, photocopier, or MFP swiftly and effectively, from the minor and annoying to the significant malfunctions that bring workflow to a complete halt. We provide same-day, on-site assistance to fix your equipment, and our success record on the first visit is an outstanding 98%.

Mitronics Photocopier Rent & Lease Perth

mitronics photocopier rent & lease perth



Konica Minolta is guiding the market toward networked, integrated hardware and software solutions that are easier to use, more dependable, and more affordable. Mitronics can set up leasing for the top-notch Konica Minolta color and monochrome bizhub systems for workgroups and small offices.

The A3 office multifunction printers from Konica Minolta are the all-in-one printers, scanners, and copiers you need to print, copy, and fax more quickly. Fast KM color and monochrome A4 printers and fax machines with top performance, TWAIN color scanning, and high-resolution laser printing are available for small offices and workgroups. The bizhub of the future. High performance and usability that leads the industry. excellent operation and unmatched output. Take charge of your document requirements with top-notch usability.

Scope Photocopier Rent & Lease Perth

scope photocopier rent & lease


We founded the company because there was a demand for high-quality, efficient, and trustworthy support for companies that primarily relied on printers and copiers to produce important documents.Scope is ecstatic to represent and cooperate with its clients in Bunbury, Karratha, and Port Hedland, three key rural communities in Western Australia, from its Perth headquarters.

Copyworld Photocopier Rent & Lease Perth

copyworld photocopier rent & lease


The company, which employs over 60 people and serves customers all around Australia, has purpose-built offices in Adelaide and Perth. In addition to linking you with the most recent technology, Copyworld's professional technicians can provide timely, dependable, and thorough service.

Printing is economical. Multifunction copiers can provide outstanding accessibility options, and you can print from a variety of devices and easily complete huge print and copy jobs. First and foremost, cost is a crucial factor for the majority of enterprises. For instance, the price of toner alone when purchasing smaller printers is exorbitant. The cost of printing and copying big quantities, as well as the cost per copy, are much lower with a commercial printer leasing than they are with less expensive, compact printers. Additionally, you can check at practical printer hire solutions if the expense of outright purchase is a barrier for your firm.

Digital Document Solutions Photocopier Rent & Lease Perth

digital document solutions photocopier rent & lease perth


Rent or hire office equipment in Perth

The most dependable office furniture in Perth is available for rent, lease, purchase, and short-term rental right here at DDS.

CDM Australia Photocopier Rent & Lease Perth

cdm australia photocopier rent & lease


Rent a Copier or Multifunction Printer and protect your cashflow

Because of our long history and solid reputation, Kyocera chose CDM's industry-leading service to complement their cutting-edge photocopier technology. Our high client retention rate is evidence that we value what our customers have to say and provide reliable advice on the appropriate technology for all of your corporate document requirements. Come discover a real relationship between technology and service with us.

PrintCom Photocopier Rent & Lease Perth

printcom photocopier rent & lease


We offer leasing services. To further save operational costs, rent one of our branded copiers or printers. Rental printers are offered from a wide range of manufacturers, including Brother, Kyocera, HP, Oki, Epson, Fuji Xerox, and Samsung. You'll undoubtedly locate one that satisfies your needs.

You can discover the appropriate printer you require in our product list, whether it is for business or office use. There will be a rental unit that will fit your budget and printing needs, from choices like color inkjet multifunction printers that enable you to scan, copy, and fax documents fast to laser printers and smaller models. Our helpful and pleasant staff would be pleased to talk with you about your specific requirements and help you choose the finest rental item for your company's requirements.

Kyocera Printers Copier Rental Perth

kyocera photocopier rent & lease


In Perth, Kyocera Printers From CDM Australia

Leading Australian-owned provider of information and communications technologies and services, CDM was established in 1957. Kyocera selected CDM's industry-leading service to complement their cutting-edge photocopier technology because of our extensive experience and well-established reputation. Our client retention rate shows that we listen to what our clients have to say and provide reliable advice on the appropriate technologies for all of your corporate document needs. Join us for a true service and technology partnership.

Global Document Solutions Photocopier Rent & Lease Perth

global document solutions photocopier rent & lease


GDS offers you a predictable payment with uniform prices for all equipment, irrespective of brand or type. You are aware of what you are getting for your money because there are no unforeseen monthly fees and our pricing is completely clear. When you sign a financial agreement, make sure it gives you the freedom to change your machine within the term to fit your budget.

Please call us to discuss if you need a "out of the box" print photocopying option. Additionally, if business owners want to buy their new equipment from us, we will pay cash for their old equipment in exchange for the opportunity to trade it in for used equipment.

For our clients who wish to buy things that last a long time and are not quickly rendered obsolete, leasing offers higher value. Since payments are made on a monthly basis until the period is through, there is no initial capital investment necessary. This entails that you can profit from the item's use while still having operating cash set aside for emergencies.

Our Kloud Photocopier Rent & Lease Perth

our kloud photocopier rent & lease


Perth Printer & Copier Service

Do you need the best printer or copier in Perth, Western Australia? We sell and provide maintenance for printers and copiers from most major brands, so we can guarantee that you are matched with the correct copier machine. We'll decide what to search for. Thanks to your completed assessment we can now get right into the specifics and discover any serious issues. We'll do a walkthrough to record the location of your copier and printer as well as to collect information on their operation, usage, and settings.

The Metro Print and Copy Photocopier Rent & Lease Perth

the metro print and copy photocopier rent & lease


Print media has been around for a very long time, but it still has the power to make an impression. We will collaborate with you to create printed products that are of the highest caliber and appeal as a solutions-oriented company. Your top printing option in Perth is Metro Print and Copy.

The Difference Between Metro Print and Copy

As a small business ourselves, we are aware of how quickly expensive printing and copying may deplete a budget. We collaborate with you to identify the ideal solution that delivers the greatest impact at an affordable price. You will get the best service possible if you invest in the prosperity of your company.

At Metro Print and Copy, we take great pride in the small details. To help you maximize your investment in print media and money, our experts offers guidance. We also keep a watch on your order history to make sure you never run out of business cards, brochures, or anything else you might need.

Coastal Business Equipment Photocopier Rent & Lease Perth

coastal business equipment photocopier rent & lease


Photocopiers: Multifunction Printers with lasers laser-based printers Fax machines Whiteboards that are interactive and electronic: Scanners are 3D printers. Business laminators and shredders. We also offer toner, ink cartridges, components, and consumables for copiers and printers from all manufacturers.

The award-winning Kyocera line of photocopiers, multifunction devices, and laser printers are also sold, serviced, and covered by warranty through Coastal Business Equipment. In accordance with the local government's CUA PCS2018, we are also an authorized supplier of Kyocera goods to the departments of education and government.

Get in touch with us right away for more details about our extensive selection of products or to schedule a free print audit of your present workplace printers and copiers. Let us demonstrate how we can reduce your existing internal printing and copying operating costs by up to 70%.

Document Services Australia Photocopier Rent & Lease Perth

document services australia photocopier rent & lease


The experts in sales, service, and repairs for copiers, printers, scanners, and document workflow

We think a technology company should build the best possible team of consultants and support personnel to provide its clients with enormous value.

With a high level of industry accreditation and knowledge, our services offer the assistance, know-how, and technology that businesses require to stay on top of their game. As we audit, appraise, and analyze your company's technology infrastructure, we walk you through each stage. Your company's systems will function at their peak efficiency. Your one-stop resource will be DSA, which will combine all of your printing requirements into a single, well-managed service.

Comparison Advantage Photocopier Rent & Lease Perth

comparison advantage photocopier rent & lease


A printer can be rented, leased, or hired for your office space in Perth.

You need look no further than Comparison Advantage if you're seeking for a provider in Perth. We are a website with Australian ownership that offers companies office technology solutions. Comparison Advantage connects you to suppliers of company internet solutions, software systems, digital marketing, online solutions, and more through a one-stop shop for cutting-edge business solutions. We will put you in contact with the best vendors for whatever your workplace needs.

Our selection of office printer vendors in Perth is extensive. You can anticipate buying products from companies like HP, Canon, Toshiba, Lexmark, Konica Minolta, and others. We are pleased to serve as the largest office technology support company in Australia today.

We provide a range of service agreements as experts in office technology solutions to enable you to get the most out of your purchases. You can rely on us to supply the greatest printers for your workplace in Perth, whether you want to hire, lease, or rent one.

Key Imaging Solutions Photocopier Rent & Lease Perth

key imaging solutions photocopier rent & lease


We maintain a straightforward organizational structure, so you can call your Key Imaging Solutions dealer in the Perth region and be sure that you'll always get through to the proper person. Thanks to the lower overhead provided by this straightforward method, we are able to provide our customers the most affordable print prices in Perth and around the country without sacrificing the quality of our services.

Key Imaging Solutions is committed to provide a straightforward and economical solution. Your printing, scanning, copying, and faxing requirements are met by this amazing multifunctional machine, which also makes office communication and presentation simpler than ever. We provide you with dependability, simplicity, and quality by working with Konica Minolta, the first company to win Buyers Lab Inc. for a record-breaking fourth time.

Toner Print Photocopier Rent & Lease Perth

toner print photocopier rent & lease


We at Toner Print like getting to know our customers and their companies. Because we are aware that creating a great business requires more than just making money online and being popular on social media. It involves looking out for individuals who rely on you and your offering to fulfill your promises. Having access to a live person to speak with when things don't go as expected. We deliver on our promises thanks to excellent employees and intelligent technology, allowing you to start, print, and unwind.

We at Toner Print are aware that sometimes customers just require a printer for a little period of time. From one day to six months, we can provide a short-term rental that includes all consumables, delivery, installation, and pick-up.

Advanced Document Solutions Photocopier Rent & Lease Perth

advanced document solutions photocopier rent & lease


Since then, our family-owned business has grown steadily to become one of Perth's leading providers of photocopiers, but its commitment to providing excellent customer service has remained constant. We believe in educating people about what we have to offer rather than trying to dazzle or baffle them with sales talk or technical jargon. And we want people to be aware that we are available for them.

FAQs About Photocopier Rent & Lease

A Capital Lease is treated like a purchase for tax and depreciation purposes. The leased equipment is shown as an asset and/or a liability on the lessee's balance sheet, and the tax benefits of ownership may be realized, including Section 179 deductions.

An operating lease is treated like renting—lease payments are considered as operating expenses. Assets being leased are not recorded on the company's balance sheet; they are expensed on the income statement.

A capital lease (or finance lease) is treated like an asset on a company's balance sheet, while an operating lease is an expense that remains off the balance sheet. Think of a capital lease as more like owning a piece of property, and think of an operating lease as more like renting a property.

Under a capital lease, the leased asset is treated for accounting purposes as if it were actually owned by the lessee and is recorded on the balance sheet as such. An operating lease does not grant any ownership-like rights to the leased asset, and is treated differently in accounting terms.

Most lessors earn profit through significant charges outside of the regular term rent stream, including interim rent, retained deposits, fees, lease extensions, non-compliant return charges, fair market value definitions, and end-of-lease buyouts for equipment that cannot be returned.

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