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The 10 Best Indian Food In Perth

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    Stop searching for the best Indian cuisine in Perth right now. This article will serve as an exhaustive resource for locating the finest eateries serving truly original cuisine. Everything from the best place to buy tandoori chicken to the most delicious naan bread in town is included in our comprehensive guide.

    A sumptuous Indian feast is the pinnacle of culinary excellence. It's nearly impossible to control yourself when faced with the tempting array of options, from warm and hearty curries to delicious naan, tandoor, biryani, and samosas.

    There's an Indian meal for everyone, whether you consider yourself a spice warrior or a heat wimp. What, no meat? Sure, no sweat. Without a doubt, the tastiest and most flavorful vegetarian options are found in this cuisine. Below is a list of the top Indian restaurants in Perth. If you're in the mood for some tasty, genuine Indian food, we hope you'll find this blog article helpful.


    Located in the vibrant Northbridge neighbourhood of Perth's historic and cultural centre, Sauma serves up contemporary Indian street fare. This trendy rustic hangout is conveniently located at the busy intersection of William and James Streets. Pleasantly irreverent and carefree, with an emphasis on originality, spontaneity, and innate allure.

    Modern Indian cuisine in Perth may be traced back to Northbridge restaurant Sauma, which draws in locals and visitors alike with its inventive and flavorful street-style fare. Gurps Bagga, the restaurant's owner and head chef, has no qualms about fusing contemporary cuisine with his establishment's selection of classic Indian dishes.

    It's safe to say that Gurps Bagga, the owner and head chef of his namesake restaurant, has always been an outlier in the conservative and traditional world of Indian cuisine, where the vast majority of restaurants serve the identical fare. Fortunately, this is not the case at Gurps' Sauma, a trendy and hip Northbridge curry spot that offers much more than the usual fare.

    Tamarind Margarita ($18), topped with Corazon Blanco, ginger, mezcal, and chilli salt, is a crowd pleaser among the bar's many delicious drinks. Also, on Tuesdays at 6:30 PM, for only $40 per person, Sauma serves a Meat Free Mangal for vegetarians and vegans.

    Raise the bar and enjoy these updated classics. The hip William Street hangout is great for a night out with a significant other or a group of friends. The goat curry and duck curry are excellent, especially in the style of the mountains. Don't overlook the cocktail menu; many of the drinks feature Indian flavours. Try one of their tamarind margaritas instead.

    Sauma, on William Street in the centre of Northbridge, serves up a contemporary take on Indian street food alongside traditional favourites. Guests can choose from a wide variety of curries, and Indian influences can also be seen in the cocktail menu. Last but not least, if you want to show your appreciation for the street-eat way of dining, consider the street food set menu, which, at roughly $50 per person, features a wide variety of inexpensive but delicious options.

    perth 2 fat indians restaurant

    2 Fat Indians

    We have what you're looking for if you're in the mood for Indian cuisine. Typical Indian dishes are available at 2 Fat Indians. Of course, meat eaters shouldn't pass up the enormous meat platter. And don't feel bad about eating way more than your fair portion because you will.

    Named appropriately, 2 Fat Indians will challenge your preconceptions about what it means to be "full" after eating. One of the top Indian restaurants in Perth, 2 Fat Indians, has a diverse crew who all grew up in this subcontinent and are experts on the food they grew up eating.

    Food and the utilisation of different flavour combinations in cooking are highly valued in Indian culture. When hosting a gathering of friends and family, many people take delight in offering only the finest dishes.

    When it comes to preparing Indian cuisine, there is just as much variety in the dishes as there are in the methods used. There is a wide variety of spices utilised, making the food very flavorful. The expansive menu of 2 Fat Indians features dishes from all around India in an effort to provide diners with the most genuine and traditional taste of Indian cuisine possible.

    Getting a table at Two Fat Indians without a reservation is difficult since the food is so good. All your favourite spicy recipes are here, plus a few you might not have tried before. You can't go wrong with the Amritsari Machi Pakora, fried snapper marinated in spices and topped with Kashmiri chilli, or the Dum Pukth, a traditional way from Hyderabad for slow-cooked spicy chicken. 

    Have a few drinks at this swanky establishment before settling in for a sumptuous meal. The interior of 2 Fat Indians is beautifully designed, bringing together the best of Indian hospitality and Western style. To enliven your senses, indulge in a delectable meal.

    Whether you visit any of the three locations in Perth (Highgate, Joondalup or Carousel), you'll be able to try a variety of delicious dishes before settling on a new favourite. The large wine and beverage list at 2 Fat Indians goes well with the restaurant's many meat-free options, such as their chicken and lamb.

    Mother India

    Fremantle's Mother India has been regarded as one of Perth's finest Indian restaurants since it opened in 1990. Fremantle is home to a variety of great restaurants, but Mother India stands out as a true gem. Free-range, humanely raised meat and seasonal, locally grown produce are used to create affordable, home-style dishes.

    A meal at this unassuming eatery will make you feel like you've been invited into someone's house. You will be provided for in every way possible, with a wide variety of dairy-free and gluten-free options, as well as ingredients that are both environmentally friendly and obtained locally.

    Mother India is well-known for its reasonably priced menu and its wide selection of main courses that are suitable for those with gluten intolerances. Enjoy the Mother India Banquet ($40 per person), which features three appetisers, three entrees, and a variety of sides like garlic naan and pulao rice.

    Royal India Restaurant

    For more than three decades, the Royal India Restaurant has served as one of the finest Indian eateries in Perth's vibrant Hay Street district. The Royal India has been a byword for superb Indian cuisine, attracting everyone from members of parliament to ex-patriot film stars, families celebrating milestones, and savvy groups of dedicated fans at their monthly table.

    Exquisite cuisine and first-rate service are the simple yet powerful elements that bring together such a wide range of people. The restaurant on Hay Street has been open for 30 years and is doing well. It is known for its tandoori cuisine, which features a variety of meats marinated in spices and then cooked in a clay oven.

    Its meals, which are a blend of northern and southern Indian cuisine, are particularly notable for their mastery of spicy tandoori. Northern and Southern Indian cuisine, with an emphasis on Tandoori, is served at this restaurant where owner Pali Chouhan and manager Peter-John Booth are responsible for the culinary offerings.

    The menu is broad and features many different takes on seasonal and classic dishes. Goat Curry, prepared with just the right amount of spices and served on the bone with fresh tomatoes and yoghurt, is a house favourite.

    Royal India has excellent cuisine, but the personnel is the real draw. Everyone is friendly, and no request is too much bother. This is Perth's friendliest and tastiest restaurant, so make a reservation in advance by phone since tables go fast.

    When it comes to Indian cuisine, one of the best spots in Perth is without a doubt Royal India Restaurant. The office lunch crowd and the dinner crowd both frequent Royal India, which is located slightly out of the way on Hay Street, West Perth.

    When in Perth for Test matches against the Baggie Greens at Optus Stadium, the Sri Lankan and the Indian cricket teams are rumoured to dine here, proving that the food and service are on par with the standards back home. The ideal spot for lunch or dinner, this Indian restaurant serves you delicious dishes like the $16.50 Mushroom Tikka, $10 Gulab Jamun, and $35 Goat Curry.

    perth annalakshmi restaurant buffet


    Vegetarian meals is a cultural experience at Annalakshmi, the "mother" of nourishment, which is located on the banks of the Swan and provides a relaxing ambience. Annalakshmi, which translates to "goddess of nourishment," has been feeding Perth residents delicious vegetarian fare since 1991. The revered monk Swami Shantanand Saraswathi (Swamiji) established the Annalakshmi Ashram on the principle of "Atithi Devo Bhava" (Hospitality to the Guest is Worship to God).

    Here, you can eat to your heart's content without worrying about draining your bank account. Annalakshmi provides a free buffet of traditional Indian cuisine and also provides meals to the less fortunate. The vegan and gluten-free options at the buffet leave no room for reluctance. 

    This is one of the top three Indian restaurants that any Perth local would recommend if you asked them. This Indian buffet is well-known for its "pay what you want" pricing structure and extensive vegetarian options. In ancient India, it was customary for the host to greet and welcome a stranger into the home before sitting down to eat.

    There's a common belief that visitors are messengers from God, and that it's your responsibility to provide them with the best hospitality possible. Here at Annalakshmi, we do our best to uphold this glorious custom.

    Annalakshmi, of Perth's Barrack Street Jetty, is a name well-known among locals and visitors alike. The vegetarian buffet at this "pay what you want" Indian eatery in Perth is sure to hit the spot. Don't be cheap when contributing to Annalakshmi; the entire organisation is managed by volunteers, and we wouldn't want them to go out of business. If you're offered mango lassi, don't pass it up.

    Annalakshmi has a strong sense of community thanks to its position on Barrack St Jetty, its pleasant volunteer-run staff, and the arrangement of its tables for communal dining. As a refreshing change from the area's more expensive restaurants, this fantastic spot is sure to satisfy your hunger and lift your spirits. The restaurant also offers culinary workshops for anyone who like to learn more about preparing their own meals.

    In Annalakshmi, a beautiful restaurant on the jetty in Barrack Square, the mantra "Guest is God" is revered above all else. These ancient beliefs are based on the idea that God visits earth in the shape of a guest, and it is the host's responsibility to provide for the guest's every need.

    That's why they offer a variety of Indian dishes in a buffet format. Annalakshmi also operates on a 'pay what your heart feels' basis, where customers can choose the amount of their bill at the conclusion of their meal and know that their money will go towards feeding the hungry. Annalakshmi may be a vegetarian eatery, but don't let that fool you; it serves you a satisfying and healthy dinner nonetheless.

    Annalakshmi is a cultural centre that hosts vegetarian culinary demonstrations in addition to being a restaurant. In addition, it's a place where creatives from all walks of life can meet and share their work in an atmosphere that's both welcoming and rich in cultural diversity.

    Toast My Curry

    Curry toasties are the drunken foodie's holy grail. Choose from fillings including butter chicken, chicken vindaloo, Bombay masala, and lamb keema in the naastie (a naan toastie). Feel good about yourself and help feed hungry kids in Mumbai with their Curry4Curry campaign.

    Having started off as a food truck, Perth's Toast My Curry is now a welcome addition to the bustling Yagan Square Market Hall, where they sell the original curry toasties to the world. At least in the case of Toast My Curry, it seems that all good things begin with a food truck. Toast My Curry, previously operating as a food truck, is now permanently located at Yagan Square, further cementing its position as the best Indian restaurant in Perth.

    Toass My Curry serves you some mouthwatering curry toasties with contents including butter chicken, lamb keema, Bombay masala, chicken vindaloo, and more, all wrapped in a naan bread "toastie" and topped with a fried egg.

    You can get a simple old curry toastie on standard bread if the Naasties with samosas, Indian crispies, corn salad, and tangy mango chutney aren't to your liking.

    You may feel good about returning again and again because they also run a curry4curry programme, a food-based social enterprise in which they provide a meal to slum kids in Mumbai for every toastie sold (they've contributed over 15,000 so far)

    Effortlessly combining deliciousness and a desire to feel good is key to their design. To put it plainly, as part of their Curry4Curry campaign, they give one meal to children living in Indian slums for every toastie that is purchased. If you're looking for a more permanent residence than their constant relocation to new markets in and around Perth, you won't miss them in the heart of the city.

    perth the leaf indian restaurant

    The Leaf Indian Restaurant

    Those who practise vegetarianism or veganism, please read this. If you're trying to avoid eating meat, your search for a good restaurant ends here. It serves vegetarian staples like pho and sabzi as well as creative takes on Indian comfort food like tikka masala and grilled naan that exclude meat. Vegetarian versions of popular Indian dishes such as rogan josh and vindaloo are all great examples.

    We are confident that if you have been vegetarian for any length of time, you have missed a delicious Indian curry. In general, vegetarians in Perth can find reasonably good options in Indian restaurants. Yet, nothing beats a magnificent butter chicken or lamb vindaloo, so we are extraordinarily grateful that The Leaf in Leederville serves vegetarian versions of all your favourite Indian curries.

    There's a lot to choose from on the menu, and it'll be tough to find something they don't have, but we recommend getting at least one of the jackfruit curries, some karahi mushrooms, and a chocolate naan (Naan bread spread with Nutella) to round off your meal. Produced. As.Life. Oh, and if you happen to be a vegan, don't worry; they can adapt almost everything on the menu to suit your dietary needs.

    We recommend the Pumpkin Masala for $15, the Spicy Mushroom for $15, and the Dahi Golgappe for $9. The Leaf Indian Restaurant is the best option for anyone in Perth in search of a high-quality Indian restaurant serving authentic and tasty Indian cuisine.

    The chefs at The Leaf are committed to serving authentic Indian cuisine with a focus on simplicity, with the goal of making each diner feel like they're in India while they enjoy the complex yet balanced flavours of ingredients like cumin, curry leaves, ginger and garam masala. A stunning eatery from which you'll undoubtedly emerge feeling satisfied and satiated.

    The Cove Indian Restaurant

    In this cosy eatery in Attadale, Perth locals can feast on authentic Indian cuisine while basking in an abundance of natural light. Attadale is home to The Cove, an Indian eatery decorated in a British colonial style. The restaurant, formerly a family house, has been transformed into a modern eating establishment complete with glass walls, tea chests, and statues of Ganesha.

    The Cove is a highly regarded restaurant with both à la carte and buffet options (especially the curries). Although all of the food at this local favourite is delicious, the creamy saag lamb curry is what keeps us coming back. The restaurant is located in a colonial-style home with outdoor verandas and more intimate dining rooms.

    The Cove is located in a historic colonial structure with front verandahs and several smaller rooms off the main dining hall, providing a more private and relaxed atmosphere for diners. The same owners have run The Cove Indian Restaurant since it opened in 1999, demonstrating that the food, service, and ambience are all exceptional. So, if you're looking for a top-notch Indian meal in Perth, you've found it here.

    Mela Indian Sweets and Eats

    Mela Indian Sweets and Bites, at 428 William St, has been a go-to for delicious Indian cuisine for decades. They provide a variety of Indian dishes, including curries, appetisers, and desserts, on the menu. Choosing just one option can be difficult, but they've done the hard work for you. At Mela, you can choose between a vegetarian thali, a beef thali, or a seafood thali.

    Best-selling curries, rice, raita, naan, pappadum, and dessert are all included in each thali. Seven days a week, Mela serves lunch and dinner. Have a meal at this Northbridge eatery. Highlights include a spicy chickpea salad and savoury dosas. Even so, it would be a shame to leave India without sampling any of the delicious sweets that are so popular there.

    Chutney Mary’s

    While enjoying some authentic Indian cuisine at Chutney Marys, be sure to enquire as to the origin of the restaurant's name. The menu is wide, with not only vegetarian alternatives but also traditional Indian favourites like Vindaloo and Tikka Masala. They feature a large selection of takeout options if you'd rather spend the evening in front of the television.

    This lively eatery has become a Rokeby Road landmark. Chicken vindaloo is a tasty and spicy dish that will test your taste senses. For $11, you may get goat curry, malabaar fish curry, butter chicken, or saag paneer with saffron rice as part of their "curry in a hurry" lunch special.

    Chutney Mary's, on the corner of Rokeby Road and Hay Street in Subiaco, is famous for its flavorful and delicious curries. Fresh herbs, spices, and exquisite in-season food go into the making of each dish.

    Whether you're on a lunch break or planning on taking a stroll in nearby Kings Park, stop by Chutney Mary's and try one of their delicious thali meals. A variety of delicious curries, soup, rice, and dessert are included in each thali to satisfy your hunger and satisfy your sweet tooth.


    Learn where to get the best tandoori chicken and naan bread in Perth with this in-depth guide. Curry lovers can satisfy their cravings at the hip Northbridge restaurant Sauma, which serves modern Indian street food with an emphasis on creativity, spontaneity, and charm. For only $18, you can get the crowd-pleasing Tamarind Margarita topped with Corazon Blanco, ginger, mezcal, and chilli salt, and on Tuesdays at 6:30 p.m., you can get a Meat Free Mangal for only $40 per person at Sauma. On William Street in the heart of Northbridge, you'll find Sauma, a restaurant serving both classic and innovative takes on Indian street fare. The multicultural staff at 2 Fat Indians, Perth's best Indian restaurant, are all natives of the Indian subcontinent and true experts on the cuisine they grew up eating.

    At 2 Fat Indians, they want to serve you the most authentic and traditional Indian food possible, so they've included dishes from all over the country on their extensive menu. The restaurant's decor is a showcase of Indian art and design at its finest.

    Mother India and Royal India are two of the highest-rated Indian restaurants in Perth. Tandoori is a style of Indian cooking where meats are marinated in spices and then cooked in a clay oven. The food and service at Royal India are so good that they have become legendary. Gluten-free and dairy-free options are widely available at both establishments, as are ingredients that are both sustainable and regionally sourced. The Mother India Banquet includes three appetisers, three main dishes, and a selection of accompaniments.

    Content Summary

    1. Put an end to your current quest for the top Indian restaurant in Perth.
    2. This article is intended to be a comprehensive guide to finding the best restaurants in the area serving creative cuisine.
    3. Our guide covers all the bases, from the top spots to get tandoori chicken and naan bread to the best Indian massages and everything in between.
    4. The highest point of culinary achievement is a lavish Indian feast.
    5. Sauma Modern Indian street food is served at Sauma, which can be found in the hip Northbridge district of Perth's cultural and historic core.
    6. Perth's modern Indian food scene can be traced back to the Northbridge restaurant Sauma, which serves up flavorful and creative street-style fare that's popular with both locals and tourists.
    7. It would be a mistake to overlook the cocktail list; many of the drinks offered here are inspired by Indian cuisine.
    8. On William Street in the heart of Northbridge, you'll find Sauma, a restaurant serving both classic and innovative takes on Indian street fare.
    9. There is a wide selection of curries, and the cocktail menu also shows some Indian influence.
    10. Finally, if you want to show your appreciation for the street food culture, think about ordering from the street food set menu, which, for around $50 per person, offers a wide variety of inexpensive but delicious options.
    11. Two Chubby Native Americans If you're craving some Indian food, we've got you covered.
    12. Two Fat Indians serves up authentic Indian cuisine.
    13. Staff at 2 Fat Indians, one of Perth's best Indian restaurants, come from all walks of life, but they all share a deep knowledge and love for the cuisine of the Indian subcontinent.
    14. The extensive use of various spices lends a rich depth of flavour to the dishes.
    15. At 2 Fat Indians, they want to serve you the most authentic and traditional Indian food possible, so they've included dishes from all over the country on their extensive menu.
    16. Due to the high quality of the food served, getting a table at Two Fat Indians without a reservation is nearly impossible.
    17. Here you will find not only your favourite spicy recipes, but also some that you may not have tried before.
    18. 2 Fat Indians' extensive wine and drink menu complements the restaurant's many meatless options, including the chicken and lamb.
    19. Indian mother After opening in 1990, Mother India in Fremantle quickly gained a reputation as one of Perth's best Indian restaurants.
    20. Even though there are many excellent dining options in Fremantle, Mother India is among the best.
    21. There will be plenty of options for those who need to avoid dairy and gluten as well as those who prefer to support businesses that source their ingredients locally and sustainably.
    22. Mother India is well-known among those with gluten intolerances for its wide variety of gluten-free main dishes and its affordable prices.
    23. Palace Restaurant, Royalty of India The Royal India Restaurant has been a staple in Perth's happening Hay Street for over 30 years.
    24. The food at Royal India is fantastic, but the service is what really sets it apart.
    25. Royal India Restaurant is among the best restaurants in Perth for Indian food.
    26. Apparently the Sri Lankan and Indian cricket teams dine here when they visit Perth for Test matches against the Baggie Greens at Optus Stadium, demonstrating that the quality of the food and service is on par with what they would expect at home.
    27. Whether you're looking for a place to grab lunch or dinner, this Indian restaurant has you covered with tasty options like the $16.50 Mushroom Tikka, $10 Gulab Jamun, and $35 Goat Curry.
    28. Annalakshmi Annalakshmi, the "mother" of nourishment, is tucked away on the Swan River's banks, making for a tranquil setting in which to enjoy vegetarian fare with a cultural twist.
    29. The name "Annalakshmi" means "goddess of nourishment," and since 1991, this vegetarian restaurant in Perth, Australia, has been satisfying locals' appetites.
    30. Annalakshmi serves up a complimentary buffet of authentic Indian fare and also feeds the homeless and those in need.
    31. Any Perth resident, if asked, would list this as one of the top three Indian restaurants in the city.
    32. Popular for its extensive vegetarian options and "pay what you want" pricing, this Indian buffet has gained widespread attention.
    33. This Perth Indian restaurant offers a delicious vegetarian buffet, and customers pay what they can afford.
    34. With its location on Barrack St Jetty, its friendly volunteer staff, and its communal dining tables, Annalakshmi fosters a strong sense of community.
    35. A beautiful restaurant on the jetty in Barrack Square, Annalakshmi holds the mantra "Guest is God" in the highest regard.
    36. According to these long-held beliefs, God sometimes takes human form when He pays Earth a visit, and it is the host's duty to meet the guest's every requirement.
    37. This is why there is a buffet with a wide selection of Indian dishes.
    38. Customers at Annalakshmi are encouraged to "pay what your heart feels" for their bill at the end of their meal, with the knowledge that their contribution will be used to provide food for the hungry.
    39. Annalakshmi is more than just a vegetarian eatery; it's also a cultural centre that regularly features vegetarian cooking demonstrations.
    40. Toast One could say that my Curry Curry toasties are the pinnacle of inebriated culinary enjoyment.
    41. Perth's Toast My Curry, originally a food truck, is now a staple of the crowded Yagan Square Market Hall, where they export their original curry toasties around the globe.
    42. The former mobile eatery Toast My Curry has settled into a permanent spot as the best Indian restaurant in Perth at Yagan Square.
    43. At Toass My Curry, you can get delicious curry toasties filled with a variety of curries like butter chicken, lamb keema, Bombay masala, chicken vindaloo, and more, all rolled up in a naan bread "toastie" and topped with a fried egg.
    44. They also run a curry4curry programme, a food-based social enterprise that donates a meal to slum kids in Mumbai for every toastie sold (they've contributed over 15,000 so far), so you can feel good about coming back again and again. The key to their conception is the effortless combination of scrumptiousness and a wish to feel good.
    45. Basically, for every toaster they sell, they feed a child in an Indian slum with their Curry4Curry initiative.
    46. Indic Cuisine at Leaf Those of you who are vegetarians or vegans, please read this.
    47. Meat-free eaters, your search for a satisfying meal is over.
    48. If you've been a vegetarian for any length of time, you've probably missed out on some tasty Indian curry.
    49. Vegetarians in Perth can usually find acceptable fare at Indian restaurants.
    50. We are very thankful that The Leaf in Leederville offers vegetarian versions of all your favourite Indian curries, but there is still nothing quite like a magnificent butter chicken or lamb vindaloo.
    51. If you're looking for a great Indian restaurant in Perth that serves truly authentic and delicious food, look no further than The Leaf Indian Restaurant.
    52. The Indian Cuisine of The Cove Perth residents can enjoy delicious, authentic Indian cuisine in a warm and inviting setting at this Attadale restaurant with plenty of windows.
    53. Located in Attadale, The Cove is a British colonial-style Indian restaurant.
    54. In other words, this is the best Indian restaurant in Perth.
    55. Indian Sweets and Treats from the Mela The Indian restaurant Mela Indian Sweets and Bites at 428 William St. has been serving the neighbourhood for years.
    56. Mary's Chutney If you find yourself at Chutney Marys for some delicious Indian food, don't forget to ask about the story behind the restaurant's name.
    57. Traditional Indian dishes like Vindaloo and Tikka Masala sit alongside vegetarian options on the extensive menu.
    58. You should prepare your taste buds for chicken vindaloo because it is a delicious and spicy dish.
    59. The Subiaco restaurant Chutney Mary's, located at the crossroads of Rokeby Road and Hay Street, is well-known for its authentic and flavorful curries.
    60. Stop by Chutney Mary's for a tasty thali meal on your lunch break or before a stroll through nearby Kings Park.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Indian Food In Perth

    • Butter Chicken. It literally deserves the top position as the most vital Indian curry on It's Mirchi menu.
    • Dal Makhani. For those non-veg lovers who think that vegetarians have limited choices, taste some Dal Makhani.
    • Veg Samosa. Veg Samosa is a perfect staple for every Indian breakfast.
    • Tandoori Chicken Tikka.

    Australians love the intensity and color of Indian cuisine and enjoy foods from various regions. Across the country a taste for curries and naan has mushroomed since the 1960s, but it was Melbourne that scored full 100 points in popularity this year, Hobart second, with Sydney coming 7th with 81.

    Moving to Australia from India offers a wealth of educational, economic and lifestyle opportunities for Indians keen to experience life in another continent. To understand the different visa types and the application process, visit the Australian Government website.

    Australians understand that each region of India has its own flavours and style of cooking and here are a few of their favourites: Chicken Vindaloo, tandoori chicken, potato bhaji, potato curry, chicken kebabs, egg plant curry,carrot halwa, cardamom chai, mango lassi, dosai, and palak paneer!

    • India is the Spice Capital of the World.
    • Not All Indian Dishes Are Spicy.
    • There Are Over 200 Indian Desserts.
    • Not Everyone in India Is Vegetarian.
    • Many Popular Ingredients and Dishes Are Borrowed.
    • A Cook's Reputation Is Often Based on Their Curry.
    • Chai Is an Ancient Drink.
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