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The Best Perth Beaches

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    The finest beaches in Perth include clear blue sea, fine white sand, and miles of coastline to themselves. A trip to the beach is one of life's greatest pleasures.

    If you want to visit some of the nicest beaches in Perth, you've come to the perfect place. We'll go through some of our favourites and explain why they made the cut. We've got you beat if your concept of the perfect beach includes breathtaking scenery, a convenient location, and minimal crowds.

    Finding the top 12 beaches in Perth was no easy feat. Due to the sheer number of them, many of Perth's beaches go by generic names.

    We choose a variety of beaches so as not to alienate any group of potential visitors (surfers who evaluate a beach with its surf break, families who value convenient parking spots, etc.).

    We hope this list will help you narrow down your options when deciding where to spend your next vacation.

    1. Beach in Scarborough

    Challenging Cottesloe Beach for the title of best beaches in Perth is Scarborough Beach.

    One of the few Brisbane beaches to be overlooked by high-rise buildings, Beverley Beach is perhaps one of Perth’s best famous.

    Scarborough Beach is a well-known spot for local teenagers and surfers. Many surfers, bodyboarders, and swimmers visit the area due to the consistent swell, excellent surf breaks, and expansive white sand. Kitesurfing and windsurfing are popular activities at Scarborough Beach, especially in the afternoons when the sea breeze is blowing.

    Probably one among Perth's most populous beaches, the recent few years have seen it turn into a major tourism attraction, with a refurbished waterfront containing a pool, skate park, enormous kid's playground and then a bunch of restaurants and cafés all along strip.

    At night, Scarborough's seafront comes alive. There are several restaurants & cafes to pick from, or you may pack a picnic & enjoy the wide grassed spaces, public barbeques and gazebos.

    This Scarborough Beach Pool was brand new to a Scarborough Beach scene, a geo-thermally warmed open and public pool and global recreation facility. It's a year-round must-visit because it serves as both your regular gym and your new favourite eatery.

    There’s plenty of housing all along stretch of the coast, giving Scarborough Beach a perfect destination for a summer visit.

    Hotels (the Rendezvous Hotel's tower provides a picturesque backdrop), apartments, stores, cafes, restaurants, ice cream kiosks, and surf shops dot the coastline. The coastal pool, skate park, & playground provide a little of a reprieve from of the sand and the water as well. Unsurprisingly, Scarborough places a premium on its reputation as a rough and tumble neighbourhood.

    Beach cricket is only one of the many summertime events held at the outdoor amphitheatre on Scarborough Beach.

    Scarborough boasts the nicest coastline in Perth for it's own range of things to be doing. About twenty minutes outside of the city lies a state-of-the-art skate bowl designed specifically with teenagers in mind.

    The 'littles' can select from two playgrounds, one featuring a cute nautical motif and the other featuring climbing wall. There is a swimming pool and theatre directly on the beach, where numerous events take place, including salsa dance at sunset, which is quite well attended.

    But, face west instead of looking back at the shore. It's hard to imagine a more ideal beach than Scarborough, with its clear blue ocean broken by white swells, its powdery white sand, and its abundant sunshine.

    There are plenty of restaurants and stores all along the beach, and the sand is powdery white and the lifeguards are always on duty. Nonetheless, Scarborough Beach offers the best waves.

    Hence, you may eat at a cafe or have a drink at a bar after a session of intense snowboarding in the back yard. Scarborough Beach is a surfer's haven for good reason.

    If you're looking to get away from the crowds in Scarborough, head south to Brighton Beach & spread out your towel among the dunes there. You'll find less people at Brighton Beach, but it's just as beautiful.

    Its sunset markets on Thursdays are a must, and it's the place to go for a good ol' fashioned Sunday Session in Perth. There are some good surf days here, but if you're looking for a better wave (and more people), head to Trigg, which is a short distance to the north.

    Scarborough Beach is constantly monitored by Surf Life Saving volunteers.

    Buses leave regularly from Perth's central bus terminal and drop off near Scarborough Beach, which is about 20 minutes' drive to the north-west.

    perth cottesloe beach

    2. The Cottesloe Beach

    Rivalling Scarborough Beach for Perth's most famous beach, Cottesloe (or just Cott to the locals) is the ideal destination for a fun day at the beach with surfers, swimmers, youngsters, and beachgoers of all ages.

    Cottesloe Beach in Perth, Western Australia, is stunning. It's a great place to enjoy the ocean with a glass of red wine, a cold beer, or a leisurely supper while watching the sunset.

    This is the most well-known beach in Western Australia, famous for its oddly painted pylon and its year-round presence of buff surf lifesavers who watch over the beach and a safety nett for bathers.

    Its many appealing features have made it a top pick among Perth's 19 breathtaking beaches with pure white sand. The beach and terraced lawns are surrounded by shade trees and Norfolk pines, while the beach itself is clean and unspoilt.

    Cottesloe is still as well-known as ever, and we suspect it's a necessity of law in discussing Perth's plethora of beaches. If you want to see a sunset that only the locals know about, the best time to go is late in the season when there is an easterly breeze.

    From Perth, you can drive, take a bus, or take a rail to "Cott," as the locals call it. From the city, it's only a 15-minute drive away, and from Transperth buses or the Fremantle train line, it's only a short, scenic 600-meter walk to the beach at Cottesloe.

    Only a short 20-minute journey from the city's core, the beach is the perfect place to unwind with a morning stroll along the water's edge or a refreshing dip.

    The classic art deco Indiana Teahouse stands guarded by a break wall to the south, and is framed by grassy terraces. Youngsters compete with one another in a game of "bombies" atop the concrete pylon originally installed to anchor a shark nett.

    Park your car and have a picnic on one of the grassy knolls, get a glass of wine or a pint at one of the two popular bars, the Oceanside Hotel and the Cottesloe Beach Hotel, or dine at one of the many fine restaurants located along the beachfront.

    It's a simple 20-minute stroll from Cottesloe Station, reached via a train from of the city centre. The beach is about 18 kilometres away. The excursion becomes the ideal day trip if you stop for a refreshing drink or indeed lunch at any of the casual cafés along the way.

    You can rest easy knowing that the area between the flags is being patrolled often by lifeguards. This stunning beach in Perth, with its pristine seas and powdery white sands, should be your initial stop in the city.

    When you want to be seen for breakfast, lunch, supper, sunset drinks, or a boisterous Sunday sessions on the beach, head to the bustling promenade of restaurants, cafes, and bars.

    The rocks and reefs in the ocean are an invitation to snorkelers, and the clear waters are a popular hangout for swimmers, bodyboarders, and surfers.

    3.Beach In The City

    City Beach because of its central placement among Perth's northern suburbs, is yet another well-known beach.

    City Beach has been voted Perth's best beach multiple times over the years due to its gorgeous stretches of white sand & high-quality amenities. The two man-made groynes out in the water are great for fishing and make for a safe swimming area for the entire family, whilst surfers routinely take advantage of the waves.

    With good reason, City Beach has emerged as a serious competitor to Cottesloe and Scarborough for the title of Perth's most popular beach.

    It is conveniently located in the middle of the two popular tourist destinations, and offers plenty of grassy, shady spaces ideal for picnics and people-watching.

    The park areas at City Beach are nicely maintained and include a children's playground, grills, picnic tables, and restrooms with changing spaces and outdoor showers.

    Some best surfing beaches in Perth may be found at City Beach. We do not advise this beach for novice surfers or swimmers due to the strong currents and crashing waves.

    A perfect break or corner awaits those who are united with their boards. Although there are numerous places to eat on the beach, if you'd rather relax and watch the waves roll in as you eat, there are a number of establishments that border the coast.

    During the summer, City Beach hosts numerous surf lifesaving carnivals. Enjoy seeing Australian surf lifesavers put their training to the test.

    There are couple of great restaurants/cafés right on the beach, as well as grassy park areas and barbeque pits. Several people congregate there to see the sun go down.

    There is also a high-end restaurant and a little snack stand right on the waterfront. While watching the sun set over the Indian Ocean, relax with a bottle of wine from Western Australia. You may also do what the natives do and start grilling when the sun goes down.

    It's one of Perth's best, with a few trendy new eateries, a beautiful promenade, a strong new surf lifesaving club, and maybe even a few waves.

    Families with young children should exercise special caution since the water might be rough whenever the swell is high.

    City Beach, like Leighton, is only 20 minutes away from Perth by car, and it too features restaurants, a shop, and surf patrols. Unlike Leighton, though, the bathing area is protected by two groynes, which are popular among local anglers and contribute to the lake's tranquilly.

    Late in the summer, people like firing up the barbeques on the foreshore while watching the sun sink slowly into the Indian Ocean, painting the sky in a dazzling array of colours. Breathtaking.

    City Beach is where Perth's rich and contemporary live, surrounded by verdant parks and reserves that exude luxury.

    It takes about 15 minutes to drive to City Beach from Perth, and there is plenty of parking available there.

    perth coogee beach

    4. The Coogee Beach

    Coogee Beach begins on the landward side of a seawall and, over the course of 3.7 km, winds gently to the north. At its northernmost point, it re-establishes a connection with inner calcarenite of the former Pleistocene shoreline, which is known as James Rocks and forms the northern shoreline of the foreland.

    The Jervoise Bay Sailing Team may be found at the southern end of the beach, which is located within the regional park.

    Coogee Beach is perfect for a day at the beach with friends and family. There are picnic tables, barbeque grills, and even a shelter along the beachfront.

    Northern Recreational Jetty with Terminal Groin Just South of James Rocks Campground Old munitions depot Coogee Beach Resort The Coogee Beach Surfing Life Saving Club was established in 2003 and is responsible for maintaining order on the beach.

    Over the course of 5.5 kilometres, from James Rocks to a southern training barrier of Fremantle Harbour, the coastline generally trends north. A once unbroken stretch of sandy shoreline that was substantially affected by constructions and development during the era whenever the area was supported by industry can be found in between.

    Leaving Fremantle behind, proceed south to Coogee Beach in Cockburn, a beautiful stretch of white sand. It is a tiny southern jewel oft-forgotten along our lovely coastline, with a jetty that is just the ideal size for leaping off (or fishing) and a vast grassy area for picnics, as well as a shore-based wreck to snorkel over, all set against the spooky backdrop of a abandoned Freo power station.

    The beach itself features a lengthy stretch of beautiful sea and a jetty that is perfect for swimming or jumping off of. Get peace of mind knowing the kids will be having a blast for hours as you take in the sights and sounds of Coogee Beach.

    The northerly major fishing & small boat harbour, nearby Catherine Point Reserve, and South Beach Recreation Reserve, and the former power station and railway yards and meatworks have all been developed along the shoreline since the 1990s.

    All of the shores face westward and are somewhat protected from the open ocean by a series of reefs that begin to the south of Garden Island and include Carnac Island. Ocean waves are reduced to less than 3 feet at the shore since the reefs are located 5-6 km offshore.

    5. Beach In Leighton

    Another picturesque postcard beach in Perth is Leighton Beach. Due to the shallowness of the sandbars, the ocean seems a brilliant blue colour, with barely any waves to mar the effect.

    The popular Leighton Beach is located just north downtown Fremantle and is a great place to go swimming, snorkelling, or just relax in the sun. Low wave activity makes it safe for kids. Spend some time relaxing on the fine white sand beach and watching the experienced wind or kite surfers take on the gusts off the coast.

    These southern beaches are conveniently accessible through the train route to Fremantle, while Leighton Beach is also another option.

    Between Cott & Port Beach is indeed a long stretch of white sand that is dog-friendly and has some of the best water quality in Perth.

    There will be kite surfers & windsurfers tearing it up down the coast on windier days, but other than that, it's a great place to pitch a tent and enjoy some beach cricket and a refreshing swim. At Leighton Beach, man's best friend is welcome to join in on the fun.

    Relax in the soothing waters the the Indian Ocean or give body surfing a shot. The next time you're near a body of calm water, grab a snorkel and check out the underwater world.

    Active individuals can take advantage of calm seas by joining a group of locals that swim in the coast every day. The perfect beach day is capped off by the breathtaking Western Australian sunset over Rottnest Island.

    North Fremantle is the bus station you need to get out at to reach the beachfront parkland, complete with free barbeques and shaded picnic shelters. Or, you may treat yourself to a luxurious lunch just on Bib & Tucker's balcony, where you can enjoy the best of Western Australia's harvest while gazing out at the beach.

    Leighton Beach's accessibility and placid seas make it a popular destination for families. In the mornings on the weekends, you can witness our world-famous bronzed surf lifesavers practise and compete while they patrol the beach.

    The Wooden Wagon, located in the dog beach, serves food and drinks, while the Orange Box, located near the central parking lot, features a grassy area where you may relax in a deck chair and enjoy your meal or cup of coffee in peace.

    Even the family dog can join in on the beach fun at the northernmost tip of Leighton, in which an animal training area has been set aside.

    Leighton has plenty of parking spots, as well as the North Perth train station is only a kilometre away. North of Fremantle by just 5 minutes and south of Perth by 30 minutes, you'll find Leighton.

    Perth South Beach

    6. South Beach

    With rolling green lawns and towering Norfolk Island Pine trees, South Beach is where the residents congregate to cool off throughout the summer.

    We recommend South Beach as one of the greatest Perth beaches to take the kids to.

    South Beach is a favourite of Fremantle locals and visitors because the nearby reef and the islands of Carnac and Garden provide a barrier that keeps the sea calm.

    The famous Australian habit of having a BBQ outside is well-served by a plethora of public grills, many of which can be found in convenient proximity to the coast.

    If you're searching for a place to spend the day with the Freo masses, South Beach is your best bet with its pontoon, basketball court, and abundance of facilities and tree-lined grassy areas.

    When compared to Leighton and Port Beaches, South Beach is more family-friendly and has calmer water, making it ideal for inexperienced swimmers and those with young children. You'll find everything you could want here, from a full-size outside basketball court and playground for the kids to cafes and stand-up paddleboarding.

    Backpacker types may be seen here playing hacky sack or acoustic guitar; if this isn't your scene, continue southward to CY O'Connor Beaches or the previously mentioned Coogee.

    Ancient coastal oaks and pines, vast grass areas, children's playgrounds, barbeque pits, and timber gazebos make South Beach a popular destination at all hours of the day and night. The beach is great for kids and families, so it's no surprise that this is a popular spot for picnics.

    The popular Cappuccino Strip in Fremantle is close to numerous places to eat, shop, and people-watch.

    Picnic places with built-in BBQs & gazebos dot thousands of yards of shaded grass next to a serene beach and shoreline.

    If you'd rather not cook, the stores along the nearby Cappuccino Strip have your covered for anything from snacks to whole dinners.

    Fremantle's South Beach is only a five-minute drive away, and it has enough parking, with overflow accessible at Wilson Park. The blue Perth CAT service drops you off just at South Beach, or you can rent a bike and cycle south all along train line.

    7. Beach For Bathers

    Bathers Beach

    is where the ocean meets Fremantle's colourful past. Bars, cafes, and eateries may be found here, as well as the earliest public building is Western Australia is only a short stroll away.

    We've included Bathers Beach among the top Perth beaches should visit because to its one distinguishing feature.

    Only on this beach of Western Australia may you relax with a cocktail in hand, because it is the only beach inside the state to have a liquor licence. There are no bars, but the beach is the same beautiful white sand and clear blue ocean that you've come to expect from Perth.

    Bathers Beach is a short trip on the free Fremantle Blue CAT bus or a pleasant 12-minute stroll through Fremantle's historic West End; the beach is wheelchair-accessible through stairs, and beach wheelchairs are supplied for free.

    If you want to treat yourself, make plans to have fish and chips on the beach whenever the sunset arrives.

    Bathers Beach is a type of beach you go to if you don't want a long trip or to mix with enormous crowds because it's tucked away between the granite breakwater at South Head & Challenger Harbour.

    A lot of people go there to swim, kite surf, and paddleboard because of the water's relative calmness. There is a 300-meter stretch of white sand that is ideal for a picnic while watching the sun set over the Indian Ocean, and nearby Fishing Boat Harbour is a great place to grab some fish & chips or a sharing plate to enjoy as you relax on the beach.

    Located smack dab in the centre of the sand, Kidogo Arthouse as well as the Bathers Beach Art Precinct include the works of some of Western Australia's most acclaimed painters, photographers, Indigenous artists, and designers.

    Visit the Round House up north to witness your State's first goal cannon fired from 1 pm and to have the best vantage point of Bathers Beach.

    If you want to get in a quick ocean swim in the morning before work or just want to cool off between breakfast and lunch, this is a great option. This 300-meter stretch of beach is a city treasure, bordered by all the excitement of Fremantle and appealing in the urban, artsy style that Fremantle is known for.

    Bathers Beach has it all: the wonderfully restored Sandstone Kidogo Arthouse lies hidden beyond the dunes, public artworks dot the boardwalks, and there are plenty of restaurants, bars, and pubs in the area.

    8. The Trigg Beach

    Next on our list, we have Trigg Beach, Yet another of Perth's top surf spots. Once again, the waves are too strong for a leisurely swim. You'll feel safer with a board beneath your feet in the rips & currents that form here frequently.

    Although it has constant swell and fun times, it can get crowded due to its popularity as a surfing destination. During the school year, Trigg Beach can get very crowded, so it's best to avoid going there if at all possible.

    If you're looking for a convenient spot to spend a day on the beach with your loved ones, go no further than Trigg Island Beach.

    The lovely white sand beach has plenty of picnic & seating places, BBQ's, and shade to make it the ideal place to spend the day. Guests of Trigg Island have access to locker rooms, restrooms, running water, and both indoor and outside showers.

    If the waves are good in Perth, the city's surf capital, everyone and their dog will head to Trigg. Since it's such a vast stretch of beach, you can typically find a quiet spot to yourself.

    Trigg Beach is the king of surf in Perth, and as such, it may become a little wild with swimmers. Anyone who can't swim well, especially kids, should stay out of the water. It can be dangerous to swim in the ocean because of the waves, rips, and undertows that form at the beach.

    Surf WA Surf School offers surf lessons and equipment rental at what is often regarded as the finest surf break inside the metropolitan area. If surfing isn't thier thing, though, birdwatching and fishing are all popular pastimes in Trigg, and dolphins frequently make summertime appearances.

    Island Market serves up tasty beverages, while the renowned Trigg Canteen sells coffee and takeout meals.

    To the north of a Trigg Island Surf Potentially life saving Club lies the grassy Clarko Reserve, which features more public sitting and a sizable playground for children. In the warmer months, the Bennett Island Surf Life Saving Society monitors a 1.5-kilometer stretch of the beach on the island's northern end.

    perth rottnest island beach

    9. Island Of Rottnest

    Rotto is the common name for everyone in Perth, Western Australia's favourite offshore island (there are literally only three of them). Famous for its adorable quokkas, little Tasmania actually has a lot more to offer.

    Beautiful beaches can be found on this small island of limestone that rose from the waters of the Indian Ocean. This area features dazzling white sand, crystal clear water, expansive crescent-shaped bays, and quaint, secluded coves. Favourites are The Basin, Longreach and Geordie Bays, and Thomson Bay, the island's hub.

    Well, Rotto is replete with beautiful beaches, and you can choose one that's protected from the wind no whatever direction it's blowing.

    Most visitors stop at the Basin, but if you continue west you'll find the Parakeet or Little Parakeet, two secluded spots ideal for a romantic getaway.

    You may be familiar with Rottnest Island the quokkas that live there (little furry things that smile in photos – adorable). Pinky Beach is a beautiful crescent-shaped beach with clean water, ideal for a dip or an Instagram photo session.

    There is an abundance of aquatic activities available, such as snorkelling, diving, swimming, and surfing.

    Rottnest Island is located around 34 kilometres (km) off the coast of Perth, Western Australia, however it is surprisingly accessible from the city. The island is home to the kind of pristine beaches & bays that can only be found on an island. In just under an hour, you may travel from Elizabeth Quay all the route to the island via ferry travelling down the Swan River.

    Rottnest's top beaches, such As the Basin including its shallow coral shelf that falls away into deep crystal blue water, are all within easy walking distance of each other, so that no transportation is required to access them.

    Rent a bike and pedal across to Salmon Bay and Little Lance Bay, where the sand is seldom ever tracked on because of how early visitors like to arrive. Rotto is a surfer's and swimmer's paradise, with many of opportunities for boating, diving, snorkelling, and swimming.

    10. Mettams Swimming Pool

    While the name suggests Mettams Pool than just a beach, you'd been wrong. Instead, the ocean's placid, pool-like qualities inspired the moniker, making it ideal for families with elderly people and young children.

    Mettams Pool attracts kids and retirees alike with its year-round mild temperature and pool-like atmosphere. As an added bonus, West Coast Drive is home to several excellent coffee shops.

    Due to the abundance of marine life, the 1.5 m deep reef has become a popular snorkelling destination. The marine life just off the beach is incredibly diverse, with countless types of fish, starfish, & molluscs to be observed. Snorkeling in the morning is recommended if you want to avoid crowds.

    Reefs and rocks on the seafloor provide shelter for a diverse population of fish and other marine organisms. Because of this, snorkelling in Mettams Pool is highly recommended. But, it's important to remember that the beach isn't patrolled.

    Mettams is a great spot for snorkelers all along northern beaches stretch of a West Coast Highway, and it also offers some protection from the wind in case it arrives early.

    Put on your running shoes and explore the area; there are plenty of cafes and restaurants along that beautiful coastline. You might even find a quiet cove or reef everyone to yourself.

    Each year, on five summer Sundays, french Department of Fisheries opens the reef to licenced fishermen for an hour a day, attracting hordes of eager collectors.

    The beach is accessible by a ramp or stairs, and there are restrooms as well as an outdoor shower at the top, along with some picnic tables under the shade.

    This beach is not monitored by any local Surf Life Saving Clubs.

    11. Beach In Swanbourne

    The rocks at the southern end of Swanbourne Beach beach that runs west for 12 kilometres and ends at Trigg Island.

    Start at the rocks that divide Swanbourne and North Cottesloe and continue north until you reach the middle of "No Man's Land," the underdeveloped dunes area north of a clubhouse close to Campbell Barracks.

    Two distinct sections of Swanbourne Beach exist. The southern beach is great for families and is just as picturesque as the beach to the south, known as Cottesloe.

    Northern Swanbourne is 'officially' just one Perth's few nudist beaches, called Swanbourne Nude Beach (Warnbro Beach south of Perth is another).

    Yet, the beach is only reachable by a 300-meter walk from the parking lot, so naturists can sunbake in peace. If you see the sign that says "clothes optional," though, you'll know you've arrived.

    It's unfortunate that we can't give Swanbourne Beach our full endorsement as a family-friendly destination. As for the southern end, you can count on excellent scenery and swimming conditions at all times.

    Yet, the views might get a little frightening at the northern end. Swanbourne Beach is nudist only at its northernmost end. You will not be concerned about anyone finding out about it or seeing something they shouldn't. Keep in mind sharing the southern half with acquaintances and the northern half with close friends.

    There is now a major surf club, parking lot, and lifeguard tower at this beach. The beach is large, with a sharp swash zone and an adjoining bar, and the waves are often less than one metre in height.

    Throughout the summer, this bar is typically uninterrupted by rip channels, but during the winter, when the waves are stronger, rip channels may cut from across bar every 100 to 200 metres.

    In the North Swanbourne section of the beach, sometimes known as "No Man Lands," a 10-20 metre tall foredune with multiple blowouts and the Campbell Barracks provide a formidable backdrop.

    From of the northern end of "No Man's Land" from the two groynes that lay either side of a clubhouse and which confine the main 500 metres long City Beach, City of Perth SLSC monitors a 2.5 km area of the beach.

    12. The Port Beach

    Port Beach close to Fremantle, a major attraction for passing visitors. It's easy to understand why this Perth hotspot is so beloved by locals, with its picturesque vistas of Rottnest Island and its famous café just next to a safe, fenced-in playground.

    After you've had enough of the big waves, head onto Port Beach for the some peace and quiet. Port Beach is sheltered from Perth's notoriously strong south-westerly winds.

    Now you can stay at the beach and enjoy the sunshine without worrying about having your possessions blown away. Make a stand paddle boarders and swimmers will like this location. If you build up a appetite, don't worry; there are vending machines and eateries nearby.

    Relax on the powdery white sands and soak up some rays, swim in the calm, crystal clear water of Indian Ocean (between the flags), or go snorkelling. Wait until sunset and catch Western Australia's spectacular sky show, or come early to beat the crowds.

    Hipsters' alternative to Scarborough Beach in Fremantle, lacking the waves. South Cottesloe may be reached via a continuous stretch of sand that begins at Port Beach and continues into neighbouring Leighton Beach.

    Because of its proximity near Fremantle Harbour to a south, Port is a great beach among ocean swimmers, SUPers, and young children's families because the waves here rarely break. Also, those who want to walk or jog on the beach will find it to be a pleasant experience.

    Port Beach is among the few beach in Perth that offers protection from the south westerlies, and it also produces some great waves when the surge is high enough.

    Port Beach isn't as pretty as other beaches in Perth, but if you want to get out of the wind and relax (or go trout fishing if the fish are running), it's a good option.

    There's a kiosk there if you want some snacks or something to eat while you relax. In contrast, Salt just on Beach Restaurant is great for a more formal meal, whether you're fresh off the waves or planning a leisurely luncheon or romantic waterfront evening.

    During in the summer season, especially during weekends and holidays, the beach can get extremely crowded. Sandtrax, on the other hand, is a well-known surf destination during the colder months. There is a small parking lot, or you may take the bus, which stops just by the beach.

    Port Beach is located 30 minutes south of Perth and only five minutes north of Fremantle.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Beaches

    Top beaches in Perth

    • Leighton Beach. 
    • Mettams Pool.
    • Bathers Beach. 
    • City Beach.

    If you're looking for a beach in Perth that's most likely to be the largest crowd pleaser, it's Scarborough. On the sand you'll find lifeguard towers, plenty of space for lounging and thumping surf. The shore is lined with hotels, apartments, shops, cafes, restaurants, ice-cream kiosks and surf shops.

    Bound on three sides by the Swan River, Dalkeith is renowned for being home to Perth's most affluent and some of the most impressive mansions in the city. Across the water from Dalkeith, the suburb is known colloquially as “Peppy Grove”.

    In summary, the best area to stay in Perth for tourists is the Perth City Centre. If you have visited Perth before, you should consider staying in Fremantle or one of the other areas in this guide to explore more of Perth. The best place to stay in Perth with family is East Perth & Burswood, or South Perth.

    The best time to visit Perth is in September, October or November when the city is aglow with the colors and perfumes of spring and sunny days are uninterrupted by rain. December through February constitutes Perth's summertime and is marked by scorching temperatures.

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