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The Best Perth Restaurants

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    What are the characteristics of a high-quality eating establishment? For us, it doesn't matter how old a restaurant is or how much it costs or what kind of food it serves; what matters is how effectively it lives up to its own objectives. Perth, Western Australia, is the state capital and economic centre. In that case, it's not surprising that there are so many high-quality dining options here.

    With so many possibilities, it can be challenging to determine which ones are worth your time. Here, we'll discuss some of the best spots in the area that you shouldn't miss on your next trip. While the scope is wide, those seeking the best restaurants in Perth that truly represent the city's unique culinary culture need go no further.

    A recommendation to the best restaurants in Perth can be found in the city's many travel guides. They have everything you need to enjoy your time in this charming city, including delicious meals, refreshing drinks, and a relaxing environment. Therefore, whether you're in the mood for a romantic dinner for two or a fun night out with the gang, you'll find a restaurant to suit your needs and your wallet among our recommendations for the best Perth has to offer. One of these spots is bound to satisfy your cravings, whatever they may be. The top restaurants in Perth, listed in no particular order because it's impossible to choose (because that would create too many arguments).

    Si Paradiso

    Yes, you have witnessed Si Paradiso before. And what about that laminex surface? identical to what we remember eating at Grandma's house. What about the outside courtyard's washed aggregate concrete? stolen from the elementary school pool party of your imagination. What do you think of the mismatch between the indoor and outdoor table and chairs and the framed artwork on the wall? Enjoy the several European trattorias that serve authentic Roman cuisine? Everything in Si Paradiso has some texture, from the stains to the chips. The fact that it has flaws was chosen on purpose in order to increase its endearing quality.

    There is a comparable international flair to the food and drink. The wine collection is primarily composed of natural-leaning, low-fi vintages from Italy and Western Australia. The cocktail menu features many variations on Campari-based drinks including the Negroni and the Americano from the 1930s and 1940s. There is a wide selection of beers on tap, many of which are produced by the thriving craft brewing industry in the state.

    Not to mention, there are pizzas with fancy toppings. Thin, golden, and tender, the crust is the product of a dough perfected by Chu Bakery's Ryan Chu. San Marzano tomatoes are used in the sauce, and it can be customised with items like salumi, confit garlic, and high-quality cheese.

    Other items on the menu include salads, grilled steak, sandwiches, spaghetti, and high-quality fried seafood. You can also dance the night away because there will be a jazz band playing inside. Cale Mason, the restaurant's owner, was inspired to create this vibe after visiting Italy, where it is common for people to gather at a single location for all their dining, drinking, and socialising needs. In Italy, these establishments tend to be a bit haphazard and make little sense, but they still manage to bring people together for a good time. The vintage Amalfi atmosphere at Si Paradiso will make you forget that you're in modern-day Perth.

    Share appetisers like kingfish Crudo, burrata, and cacio e Pepe, smashing gourmet pizzas, and a number of traditional desserts round out the experience, along with gigantic cocktails and a space you won't want to leave, indoors or out. Wishing you the best of luck with your decision.

    perth madalena’s bar restaurant

    Madalena’s Bar

    Joel Rees and Danielle Christina de Almeida, a married couple, have been in the food truck business for six years under the names Comida do Sul (Brazilian) and Coconut Meat (South American and Asian-style street cuisine) respectively. Once the home of South Beach Tacos, the pair has now settled down at Madalena's.

    The ambience is reminiscent of a boteco, a type of neighbourhood pub common in cities like Rome, Barcelona, and Sao Paulo, Brazil, where Rees and de Almeida first crossed paths. Aside from Portuguese, Italian, and Spanish, Madalena's also speaks with an Aussie twang. Brother Adam, formerly of Ace Pizza and just back in Perth after spending time in Melbourne's kitchens, has designed a menu highlighting Perth's abundant seafood since his return.

    Little meals like freshly shucked Albany rock oysters, venus clams seasoned with smoked lardo, nannygai Crudo with orange and almond milk, and mirror-dory croquettes have been drawing guests to Madalena's since it launched in January 2019.

    Vegetarian and vegan options include stracciatella with hazelnuts and stone fruit and gem lettuce with mint and cucumber, while the Brazilian one-two of picanha (beef rump cap) and farofa (toasted cassava flour) pays homage to de Almeida's heritage.

    Biotech companies aren't known for their elaborate menus, but Rees promises that his chef brother will get plenty of chances to shine. The brothers choose items for the menu based on what is available from local wholesaler Fins Seafood at the time. Madalena specialises in wine, although it also serves beer, vermouth, and spritzes made with Aperol and Campari.

    Team Madalena's collaborated with Wise Child, a wine shop in North Fremantle, to compile a list of cutting-edge, sustainably farmed wines and vintners. Wines that pair well with food and the beach are stored alongside experimental skin-contact "orange wines," and the variety of wines available by the glass varies from day to day.

    We think a beachside bar would be a great place to spend some time. We're sold if there's live music and a shared plate of fresh seafood from the area. It's no surprise that Madelana's Bar made such an effect on South Terrace when it first opened in 2018.

    The staff here prioritises environmental friendliness and maintains good relationships with the gentlemen at Fins Seafood to ensure that only the freshest local fare is served to customers. And who doesn't love a helping of responsible fishing practises with their seafood dinner?


    Since Nic Trimboli and Daniel Goodsell (Bread in Common, Gordon Street Garage) founded Balthazar in the late '90s, Perth's dining culture has flourished. Still, they succeeded in doing something. The chic European wine bar/restaurant survived until 2016 without a big facelift.

    New partners Daniel Morris and Emma Ferguson (No Mafia) and executive chef Luke Wakefield have given the restaurant a more relaxed vibe. Shiny wooden tabletops and sleek black fixtures have taken the place of the Art Deco lighting and white tablecloths.

    Not everything about Balthazar's past is lost to it. Truffles, duck-egg yolk, and cavolo nero are just a few of the components that make up Faithfull's menu, which eschews shared plates in favour of the classic entree, main course, and dessert arrangement (Italian kale).

    Previous favourites have included pan-fried whiting with sprouted lentils and pickled cauliflower, lamb tartare with housemade sour cream, rye from Bread in Common, and duck-egg yolk, and buckwheat risotto with roasted chestnuts and beetroot labneh.

    Such food is best paired with a glass of good acidic wine. Morris and Ferguson make sure the room's towering racks are stocked with established names and upstarts such as Dormilona and Brave New Wine

    But before diving into the 100-bottle wine list, think about the interesting cocktail options. Balthazar is a long-standing institution, having been around since the '90s (although under several different ownerships in that time). Subterranean to Perth's stunning art deco Lawson apartment building lies a chic eating hideaway. It has a menu that is both sophisticated and approachable, with many items that are works of art as well as culinary delights. When you factor in the excellent wine selection, you'll realise why this is still one of our go-to restaurants for leisurely dinners and special occasions.

    perth bread in common restaurant

    Bread in Common

    Bread in Common goes above and beyond the claims of other restaurants that they make their own food. The open and spacious kitchen is where all of the magic happens, from the freshly churned butter and pickled pine needles to the cured bresaola.

    At this airy Fremantle warehouse, bread is the primary attraction, and the menu is crafted to complement their doughs so you end yourself (thankfully) eating a lot of bread. The menu changes with the seasons, but the long, open kitchen consistently produces crowd-pleasers like rustic lamb ribs and baked eggplant. Customers have grown to anticipate such meticulous planning from Little Creatures alums turned restaurateurs Nic Trimboli and Adrian Fini.

    Trimboli and Fini have discovered true soul mates in their business partners, the Swiss baker Gotthard Bauer and the chef Scott Brannington. Bread is a staple item because that's what the name implies. It's easy to go overboard when faced with four kinds of bread and many spreads, dips, snacks, and cheese. Yet, it shouldn't deter you from picking up a loaf and a few other baked goods on your way out.

    But, Bread in Common is so much more than just a bakery. Dishes like the Dorper lamb ribs with mint, chilli, and black garlic, as well as the grilled fish taken off Rottnest, are great examples of the restaurant's focus on seasonality and Western Australian products.

    Monsterella Pizza

    Monsterella, located on the junction of Grantham and Jersey streets in Wembley, exudes a laid-back, sophisticated vibe. To improve the world, more suburban pizza restaurants like Monsterella are needed. The white walls of this space exude an air of easy elegance.

    The restaurant welcomes families with children by providing crayons, paper, and colouring pages on the pizza boxes and menus. To business partners Ryan Bookless and Tania Nicolo, it's all about making the neighbourhood a better place to hang out with minimal effort.

    A lot of the fundamentals of pizza cooking are nailed by Monsterella. Pizzas are made using dough made from a blend of flours that has been fermented for at least 48 hours so that flavour and texture can develop; the ingredients bench has a variety of cheeses; and the pizzas are barely covered before being thrown into a hot, wood-fired oven to cook. At this laid-back watering hole, pizza is the main attraction. The crusts here are prepared from scratch and left to rise in the open air for 48 hours before being topped with insanely delicious flavour combinations.

    Don't forget to try the classic lamb skewers from the Abruzzo region of Italy (arrosticini abruzzesi), along with the antipasti and salad selections (hand-cut truffled pappardelle carbonara, anyone?).

    For those who prefer more traditional fillings, restaurants offer pies with lamb, smoked salmon, and even pineapple. Monsterella's pizzas are a departure from the conventional saucy Neapolitan form, which necessitates the use of utensils, as their crusts are thick enough to be eaten with fingers.

    Spaghetti with kale and spinach pesto, spaghetti with meatballs, and truffled pappardelle carbonara all make the cut for this quick edit of pasta. Nicolo's mum makes the spaghetti from scratch every single day.

    Little lamb skewers, known as arossticini, pay homage to the Nicolo family's Abruzzese roots with their juiciness and smokey flavour. Seasonal delicacies like the Caprese salad, an exquisite stack of layers of luscious, juicy tomatoes and creamy rounds of buffalo mozzarella, feature the family's cultivated food.

    All of these frozen desserts come from Chicho Gelato. Pizzas can be ordered in either a small or a big size, and both traditional and gluten-free crusts can be ordered (small only). In addition to serving dine-in customers, Monsterella offers takeout and delivery service to nearby areas.

    Fleur at The Royal

    The Royal's 45-seat dining room, Fleur, strikes a perfect balance between casual and elegant. Fleur, currently ensconced within The Royal Hotel, is every bit as stunning and refined as her name suggests. Locally sourced ingredients take centre stage, and the carefully crafted fixed-price menu offers plenty to look forwards to.

    The paintings of people whose sleeves burst with flowers echo the restaurant's name, and the room is decorated with both antique and modern floral arrangements and man-made floral installations. It's the perfect setting for the sophisticated cuisine of chef Chase Weber.

    Weber dislikes the pomp and circumstance of fine dining, but he and Fleur's head chef, Shane Middleton, know their stuff in the kitchen and aren't afraid to show it. Oysters will be topped with oyster cream and yuzu. After that, they'll grill some meaty prawns from Skull Island, season them, and conclude the dish with a sauce prepared from the shells.

    Crab coral will be transformed into a runny, savoury custard, and oil will be extracted from the creature's shell; the two will be combined in a way that will leave home cooks wondering why they ever threw away such "scraps." Even if the kitchen is hesitant to label its culinary style, it's clear that seafood and Japanese flavours (there's a lot of miso, dashi, and soy on the menu) are major themes.

    The extensive drinks menu is another entertaining feature. Some of the cocktails on the menu are named after common slang terms, such as "snaquiris" (half-sized Daiquiris) and "mar-tinys" (tiny Martinis) for after-dinner sipping. Meanwhile, Royal owner John Parker left his mark on the wine selection, which features both organic and conventional wines from throughout the world. You may expect delicacies such as Skull Island king prawn tartlets, kangaroo tsukune, tipsy Akoya oysters, the juiciest aged duck breast you've ever devoured, and many more.

    One of the best in Perth for exquisite dining, with a carefully curated wine list, beautiful drinks, and a beautiful setting. If you're truly in the mood to splurge, there's even caviar on the menu. For those who prefer to dine alone or with a small group, there is a bar with eight seats located off to the side of the dining area. There are two tasting menus in addition to the a la carte selection.

    perth young george restaurant

    Young George

    The Young George Bar in Perth is a one-of-a-kind neighbourhood hangout that puts a considerably greater focus on cuisine than your standard bar. Located directly in the heart of East Fremantle's hip George Street, this establishment is known for its delectable breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, as well as its extensive drink menu with original cocktails, great wines, and local brews and ciders.

    Dinner is where they really shine, though. We recommend the ramen fried chicken on milk buns with fermented slaw and Caesar mayo. What's more, they produce everything they sell without wasting anything.

    Both Melissa Palinkas (formerly of The Cabin) in the kitchen and Susan Whelan (formerly of Mash Brewery and The Rose & Crown Hotel) in the front of the house have extensive experience in the hospitality industry, which they bring to Young George. The Wine Shop once occupied this location. The pair has strengthened their already impressive profile. The wine shop remains, but the new name emphasises the importance of food to the business.

    Among of the delicacies that come out of the wood-fired oven are mutton ribs, roasted spatchcock, and, fittingly for the East Freo location, a good serve of the sea with octopus and squid. The wine list is up-to-date, with popular labels such as Ochota Barrels (Basket Ranges, Adelaide Hills), Si Vintners (Napa Valley) (Margaret River), and Dormilona (Margaret River). A variety of classic cocktails are available, and the beer list includes brews from all over the world, from Eagle Bay to Schlenkerla.

    George Street has been the heart of East Freo since before Federation, and the revitalised Young George has kept the corner store's original character while updating it into a breezy, low-key watering hole.

    Long Chim

    Australian celebrity chef and cookbook author David Thompson relocated to Thailand for 14 years, but upon his return to Australia he brought his famed take on Thai street food with him. Long Chim Perth, whose sister restaurant is located in Singapore, delivers Bangkok's hustle, grit, and character to the heart of the City, where it has been hidden amid the debris of the carefully renovated State Treasury building.

    Everyone in Perth must have died and gone to heaven when David Thompson released Long Chim. You'll love the exposed brick and plumbing as much as the chicken larb at this restaurant, which is located in a remodelled basement of the State Buildings (home to several of our favourite eateries).

    Thai graffiti art and sculptural metal fences hover in the air of the vaulted cellar. Thompson, unable to find Australian fruit with the same flavour profiles, imports his potions and pastes from his kitchen in Bangkok, all in the name of authenticity.

    Using the same techniques he learned over the course of his many years in the Thai capital, Thompson's semi-open scullery serves up authentic versions of regional specialities. Favourites like pad thai cooked with house-dried prawns and red curry of duck with freshly made coconut cream are among the dishes on the menu.

    Don't leave without trying their scorched noodles, crunchy prawns, or banana roti for dessert, and wash it all down with a drink from their new, fantastic cocktail menu. And don't hesitate to place an order for some ma hor (a delicious Thai snack) if you see it on the menu.

    In contrast, the burnt noodles swimming in a thick pork and yellow bean gravy will be less common. Banana roti is the natural conclusion to any meal. You have to be really bold to try durian ice cream. No effort was made to "Westernize" the local cuisine. You can count on a lot of heat.

    You may cool yourself with something from the limited wine list, which even includes a Thai drop for variety. The bartenders at the separate patio bar serve cocktails and appetisers with a Thai twist well into the night. Come back to the quad at night to see the urban murals come to life.

    perth lulu la delizia restaurant

    Lulu La Delizia

    The tastiest homemade pasta in Perth comes from this small and cosy Italian osteria. Lulu La Delizia, under the direction of chef Joel Valvasori, has been widely recognised as one of the finest dining establishments in all of Australia. If you're not good at making choices, just order whatever the chef decides is best.

    Australians who love Italian cuisine were in a state of mourning when news spread that Joel Valvasori-Pereza was leaving Lalla Rookh. Where else could they get their hands on some substantial, northern Italian cuisine? Subiaco. At year's end 2016, Valvasori-Pereza opened Lulu La Delizia, a cosy osteria named after his grandmother who had moved to Perth, Australia, from the Friuli area of Italy in the 1950s. With each plate of pasta, Valvasori-Pereza imparts the information that her grandmother, Luigia Valvasori, taught her grandson about the cuisine of northern Italy.

    Although Friulian pastas such as cjalsons, semi-sweet agnolotti packed with dried fruit and spices, and triangular-shaped fusi istriani are featured prominently on Lulu's pasta menu, Valvarosi-Pereza is not a regional chef. His garganelli, on the other hand, may be traced back to neighbouring Emilia-Romagna.

    Delizia means "delights" in Italian, and while pasta is the house speciality, the menu also includes stuzighet (Friulian for antipasto) and dulc (a type of dessert) (sweets). The wine list features both international and domestic labels. If you're in search of the greatest Italian restaurants in Perth, you can take our word for it that you've come to the right spot.

    Le Rebelle

    Inspired by the historical romanticism ('romantic') of restaurants in Paris and New York, Le Rebelle is a small restaurant and wine bistro bar. La Rebelle is a breath of fresh air with its stunning and cosy decor, moody lighting, and expert personnel to help you make the most of your evening.

    The former Circa location opposite The Astor Theatre is now known as Le Rebelle, a restaurant that draws inspiration from the romance and nostalgia of New York and Paris's classic bistros. The long, skinny space is split into three distinct areas: a bar for casual drop-ins at the front; a formal dining room at the back (with a small stained-glass window separating diners from the kitchen); and the original, hand-built wooden bar and ornate ceiling from Circa, along with a new 10-seat terrazzo high table, in the centre.

    Sarah and Liam Atkinson, the business's proprietors and husband-and-wife duo, have extensive experience in the hospitality industry between them, having worked at such establishments as Print Hall, Star Anise, Kitsch Bar, Miss Kitty's Saloon, Ku De Ta, and Lalla Rookh. Crab toast, duck liver parfait, and Wagin duck with frites are just a few of the "Classiques" on the menu, and the bar programme is just as impressive.

    Jamon, cut by hand, and sweets, such as a pavlova made with sweet potato, are also available. Sarah, on the other hand, has narrowed the field to just 49 bottles, most of which come from France, Europe, and Australia. Suze, Lillet Blanc, and a number of vermouths are just some of the European aperitifs on offer.


    Western Australians can take pride in Wildflower because it is a really Western Australian restaurant. Every aspect of COMO is in tune with the indigenous six-season calendar, from the use of mostly native products to the timing of meals. At the Treasury, there is a restaurant fit for a state celebration.

    Incredible views of the city centre and river, impeccable service, and a menu that is a step above the others make this the best restaurant in Perth. Though he was born in the Southwest, Chef Jed Gerrard has spent the bulk of his career cooking in other states and even abroad, and he brings that expertise with him to his current position.

    Our man's take on global cuisine is exemplified by the marron he grilled over Japanese charcoal and served with a creamy beurre-noisette mayonnaise. Similar to the energising newness of sweet saucer scallops prepared with native basil-infused frozen buttermilk and cream.

    This creative spirit is carried through to the restaurant's dessert menu, which features some of the city's most exquisite sweets. Guests can try outlandish combinations like artichoke custard with white chocolate and black truffle ice cream, or get a taste of the restaurant's rooftop honey in a milk crisp and candied desert lime arrangement.

    There's a lot of flair to go along with all that meat. All the way up to the ceiling, windows provide panoramic views of the Central Business District and Elizabeth Quay. The staff here is as professional as can be expected. The outside terrace is perfect for a drink before dinner or after work, and brings you even closer to the breathtaking scenery.

    The six Noongar seasons inspire Wildflower's food, which is updated seasonally. Have faith in chef Matthew Sartori and try the whole degustation; you'll quickly see why this is regarded as one of Perth's greatest dining establishments.

    Shadow Wine Bar & Dining Room

    Shadow Wine Bar, located in Perth's cultural centre and next to the posh Alex Hotel, is an homage to New York's speedy pre- and post-show dinners. Since its inception, Northbridge has been known for its vibrant nightlife. Dramatic curtains and a wall of pendant lights, repurposed from the former National Bank, soften the space's soaring industrial aesthetic.

    Cicchetti (Italian for "snacks") like beef tartare with crostini or a potato crisp with Shark Bay crab are available at the bar before the concert. In any case, if you turn around and take a peek into the dining room, you could be tempted to forego it altogether, what with the braised rabbit and beef fillet that are being passed around.

    In honour of its European heritage, the pub serves primarily European wines from countries like Italy, Spain, and France. Local wines aren't ignored, either; the Margaret River Flowstone Shiraz Grenache is a good example.

    After the show, guests can indulge in a sweet dish prepared by executive chef Sue Hutchins. A pear tarte tatin, made with Mas Amiel Wine Doux Naturel Grenache and candied mandarins, is available, as is a chocolate pave with all the trimmings. Take in the show with a digestif and a long conversation.


    The qualities of a high-quality dining facility are the most crucial information in this article. It might be challenging to decide which high-quality restaurants in Perth, Western Australia, are worth your time. Those looking for Perth's distinctive culinary culture should consult one of the city's many travel guides to identify the top eateries. These eateries offer delectable meals, energizing drinks, and a tranquil atmosphere, everything you need to enjoy your vacation in this wonderful city. You'll find a restaurant among our suggestions for the best Perth has to offer that will suit your needs and your budget, whether you're in the mood for a romantic supper for two or a wild night out with the gang.

    One of Perth's best restaurants, Si Paradiso offers food and drinks with an international flair. It has a laminex surface, washed aggregate concrete, and a table and chairs that are mismatched between inside and outdoor use. The majority of the wine collection is made up of natural-leaning, low-fi vintages from Western Australia and Italy. There are several different Campari-based beverages on the cocktail menu, and there are many different beers on tap. Pizzas with elaborate toppings are available, and the menu also offers salads, grilled steak, sandwiches, spaghetti, and top-notch fried fish. Si Paradiso's authentically Amalfi atmosphere will make you forget that you are in contemporary Perth. Enjoy appetizers like cacio, burrata, and kingfish crudo.

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    1. It doesn't matter to us how old, expensive, or what kind of food a restaurant provides; what counts is how well it achieves its own goals.
    2. Thus it comes as no surprise that there are so many options for fine dining in this area.
    3. It can be difficult to decide which options are worthwhile given the abundance of options.
    4. Despite the broad range, those looking for Perth's top eateries that properly capture its distinctive culinary culture need go no further.
    5. The several tourist guides to Perth contain recommendations for the city's top eateries.
    6. They provide everything you need, including delectable food, energizing drinks, and a tranquil setting, to make the most of your visit in this wonderful city.
    7. So, among our suggestions for the top restaurants in Perth, whether you're in the mood for a romantic meal for two or a wild night out with the gang, you'll find a restaurant to suit your demands and your budget.
    8. Whatever your cravings may be, one of these places is sure to sate them.
    9. The best Perth restaurants are listed here without any specific order because it's impossible to pick just one (because that would create too many arguments).
    10. Paradiso Si Yes, you have previously seen Si Paradiso.
    11. identical to the food our grandparents used to serve us.
    12. stolen from the imaginary pool party of your primary school.
    13. Everything in Si Paradiso, from the chips to the stains, has some texture.
    14. Its shortcomings were specifically designed to accentuate its appealing qualities.
    15. The meals and drinks have a similar cosmopolitan flair.
    16. The majority of the wine collection is made up of natural-leaning, low-fi vintages from Western Australia and Italy.
    17. The cocktail menu offers numerous adaptations of 1930s and 1940s classics including the Negroni and the Americano, which are made with Campari.
    18. A broad variety of beers are available on tap, many of which are made in the state's booming craft brewing industry.
    19. Also, there are pizzas with elaborate toppings.
    20. The crust, which is thin, golden, and delicate, is the result of a dough that Ryan Chu of Chu Bakery perfected.
    21. The sauce is made with San Marzano tomatoes and can be altered by adding salumi, confit garlic, and premium cheese.
    22. Salads, grilled steak, sandwiches, pasta, and top-notch fried seafood are all available.
    23. A jazz band will be playing inside, so you may dance the night away as well.
    24. The restaurant's owner, Cale Mason, was inspired to develop this atmosphere after traveling to Italy, where it is typical for people to congregate in one place for all of their dining, drinking, and socializing needs.
    25. These places are often a bit chaotic and illogical in Italy, but they nonetheless succeed in bringing people together for a good time.

    Frequently Asked Questions About The Best Perth Restaurants

    Perth enjoys more hours of sunshine than any other capital city in Australia. Perth is also famous for some of the Hollywood stars who were born, raised or studied here including Isla Fisher (The Great Gatsby), Sam Worthington (Avatar) and Melissa George (Mulholland Drive) and the late Heath Ledger (The Dark Knight).

    There's a long list of things that makes Perth Mint unique: it has the world's biggest collection of investment gold bars, it's Australia's only precious metals refinery and it's home to a one-tonne gold coin, the largest and most valuable coin in the world.

    The place to be. Perth is one of the world's most liveable cities, and it's not hard to see why. We offer world-class education, a warm sunny climate, a relaxed lifestyle, and a vibrant economy, with adventure and new discoveries waiting on your doorstep.

    Perth City's cultural heritage is preserved through 467 heritage places and three heritage precincts and 151 places on the State Heritage List. 18 per cent of Perth's population are students. There are 20 sports clubs in Perth city. 55 per cent of residents are aged 20 to 39 years.

    Perth may be known for its relaxed vibe, but the city's art scene is anything but sleepy. Comedy shows, live music, art galleries, museums and cultural centres are all on offer. See what's on with arts and culture in Perth.

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