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What Are The Best Coffee Shops In Perth?

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    Perth, Australia, is a coffee lover's paradise.  In addition to its stunning natural beauty and exciting urban scene, Perth is home to a booming coffee culture that will wow your senses. In this alluring journey, we visit some of Perth's most elegant, cosy, and forward-thinking coffee shops to discover what makes them tick. Please grab a cup, settle in, and smell our way around the finest cafes in Perth!

    Top Perth Coffee Shops


    Everything from this hidden gem, from the best coffee in this Northern neighbourhood to pizzas even Nonna would be proud of, will make your heart sing happy. 

    Alex Junior

    This coffee shop originated in Padbury and has earned major notoriety with northern coffee connoisseurs. Expect long wait times if you roll on in or take a simple way out and send a text message ahead of time. 

    Regular Coffee Co

    The coffee and food at this charming cafe are second to none. Their coffee art looks great against the natural light, lush greenery, and gorgeous pink wall. 


    This vista is absolutely beautiful. Watch the surfers try to ride some of Perth's best waves while you have a coffee and breakfast tray.

    Monty’s Cafe 

    This popular beachfront eatery is known for its dairy-free coffee, among other things. In addition, you can eat healthily at any time of day from their all-day brunch menu.

    The Little Bay

    Another Northern beachfront coffee spot we can't get enough of, brought to you by the husband-and-wife team behind the wildly popular Little h in Duncraig. It's the ideal place to relax with a cup of coffee by the water, thanks to its clean, contemporary decor that exudes a laid-back coastal attitude.

    West Leederville/Hylin

    There's a reason why Hylin keeps showing up on lists of the top breakfast restaurants. This Perth institution is a go-to for breakfast because of its plentiful servings and innovative flavour combinations. This trendy hotspot gets packed on the weekends, so plan to wait for a table.

    Cafe on Paper Street

    Paper Avenue is the type of café that can keep you there all day with its airy decor, artfully presented food and silky artisan coffee. The staff here collaborates closely with Melbourne coffee roastery Locale Espresso to deliver east coast grade coffee to Perth's northern suburbs.

    Victoria Park, near Hampton & Maley

    k mitch hodge hl7fgvvsfsa unsplash

    Maley & Hampton is a great place to eat, relax over Sunday morning, or work. This dog-friendly café has a great brunch menu and a great Bloody Mary.

    Claremont Pixel Coffeemakers

    Pixel Coffee Brewers, located just a stone's throw from Claremont Quarter, is the ideal destination for a hearty breakfast or lunch before shopping. The staff here is passionate about serving expertly crafted speciality coffee alongside a varied menu that caters to those with dietary restrictions, including options for those who are vegan or gluten intolerant.

    Northbridge's Duotone Discotheque Opens

    The popular coffee establishment Duotone in the Central Business District is closed on the weekends. We no longer have to wait until Monday to enjoy the east-meets-west fusion cuisine at Duo, as their sister café Open is now open in Northbridge. David Yeo's all-day breakfast menu to pay homage to his Korean ancestry.

    Cafe Timber in Harrisdale

    Since the southeastern suburbs of Perth are rarely recognised for their cuisine, a visit to Timber is highly recommended. A seasonal favourite is pumpkin bread with peanut butter. If you're in a rush and want something sweet with your coffee in the morning, there's a fully stocked cabinet of grab-and-go options.

    Fremantle's Hidden Attic

    The Attic, hidden away from the hustle and bustle of Fremantle's café strip, is ideal for a leisurely morning meal thanks to its warm, rustic decor and genuine Fremantle hospitality. The menu may be small, but it packs a powerful punch with its daring flavour combinations and delicious single-origin coffee.

    Mount Pleasant's Artem Coffee

    Artem Coffee has left such an impression on Perth that it has decided to transition from pop-up to permanent. Coffee lovers won't be disappointed either; the regional blends are a hit with locals and tourists. 

    Mosman Park, Good Things

    The great things in life are indeed celebrated in Mosman Park. The cuisine, music, and waitstaff are just as daring as the coffee. What's that, you say? Find it here.


    The Shorehouse meets the criteria for a beach-themed breakfast in Perth. Seasonal dishes and gorgeous seaside views create an elegant dining experience that isn't pretentious. Have a morning cocktail under the shade of an umbrella and settle in for a while.

    Telegram Coffee 

    Barista For good cause, Luke Arnold is a household name in the coffee industry. We're thrilled he's settled in at Telegram at the renovated State Buildings. 

    La Veen Coffee 

    La Veen is a coffee connoisseur's paradise thanks to its excellent coffee and fresh, locally sourced milk. The design of the place is exquisite, and the cuisine is delicious. No need to elaborate. 

    Mo Espresso 

    The greatest coffee in the Central Business District can be found at this popular hangout. We love this business greatly because of the Top doughnuts, Holy Company bagels, and Pope Sandwiches toasties. 

    Offshoot Coffee 

    The people who brought you Mary Street Bakery and Tiny's also brought you here because they know what they're doing. The classic Mary Street blend is available, and there are also several experimental roasts for the more daring. 

    BOO Espresso

    This little cafe is more Northbridge than Perth and serves excellent coffee. We're still determining how this 'cino date with your furry pal could be much better, so bring them along. 


    Modus, located on Beaufort Street, is an attractive spot to rest your weary feet while taking a break from retail therapy. The cuisine is very incredible, and the baristas here make killer lattes. 

    Engine Room Espresso 

    Engine Room's coffee will make you weak in the knees. Whether paired with a slice of pumpkin bread or a filled bagel, you will need more of it. 

    Old Laundry

    Shop till your heart (and wallet) is content on Angove Street, and then reward yourself with a caffeine fix at this popular North Perth hangout. 

    Mary Street Bakery 

    We'd be doing Mary Street a disservice if we left her out. Don't even start on how great the coffee and doughnuts are.


    We defy you to stop in for a cup of coffee without leaving with some wares for your home. Having good coffee, plants, and candles and maintaining cups is productive. 

    West End Deli 

    The baguettes are the real reason we're visiting. Everything on the menu at this quaint restaurant, including the coffee, is excellent.

    Sixteen Ounces

    If you're as obsessed with plants as we are and can't wait to get your hands on a latte, this is the place to go. Here, you can daydream about becoming a master gardener while you enjoy a delicious beverage. 

    Harvest Espresso 

    Some of the best coffee in Perth can be found at this hidden gem in the heart of the vibrant Vic Park dining scene. You can go right with a matcha or red latte if you're having brunch with a non-coffee drinker. 

    General Public

    The proprietary Leftfield Coffee Roaster mix served here is excellent, and they have just established a second location in Inglewood after a successful first year in Scarborough. In addition, we have sourdough cinnamon scrolls and doughnuts to meet all your sweet tooth requirements.  

    Little Pig Eatery

    Next to Black Pig Deli is a new shop run by the same people. They specialise in gourmet toasted sandwiches and a wide selection of charcuterie, cheese and coffee. Cold coffee is available as well. 

    Willing Coffee 

    Sit down with a warm and comforting cup in your hands and wave ciao to passersby while enjoying the incredibly smooth coffee offered at this Italian coffee cafe. 

    Maison Saint-Honoré

    The nicest macarons and croissants in town can be found at this French bakery, which also serves excellent coffee. You may find them at a few different addresses in town, but our pick is where you get the best view of the vineyards, and it's the major factory.

    Community Coffee Co 

    Get an early bird coffee and a tasty treat from this espresso cafe, and you'll be one happy camper.

    Architects and Heroes

    This coffee shop employs various cutting-edge technologies to create excellent beverages. Coffee connoisseurs here can satisfy your cravings for any latte, cappuccino, or cold brew. 


    Boucla's coffee is just as good as Subi's. Brunch will be everything you've been craving for weeks if you order the renowned scrambled eggs and your prefered caffeinated beverage. 

    Il Lido

    This oceanfront spot serves fantastic pasta and excellent cups of the finest Italian coffee. Coffee with your pasta? Our answer is yes. 

    Pixel Coffee Brewers 

    One of our favourite coffee shops, and its sister location in Leedy, serves the same high-quality coffee and adorable bites. 

    Cleaver Street Coffee

    Next to Cleaver Street Deli, two astute young men started serving coffee, and it was like a prayer answered. Even though it's a tiny shop, they provide excellent coffee and a variety of tasty baked goods, bagels, and soups. 

    demi deherrera l sm1b4l1ns unsplash

    North Street Store

    While the cinny scrolls may steal the show, the excellent coffee at this classic deli should be noticed. 

    Good Things Cafe

    We come here frequently because of the high quality of the cuisine and the coffee. 

    Felix and Co

    The staff here are coffee experts who can help you get the freshest beans in the country. Although brewing coffee with the Japanese-invented Pour Over technique might be time-consuming, the flavorful, well-rounded cup that results is well worth the wait. 

    Someday Coffee Co

    Someday is Floreat's worst hidden secret for a good reason. That's our favourite! Coffee made with cold water on a hot summer day. 


    Perth, Australia, with its beautiful natural beauty and vibrant metropolitan atmosphere, is a coffee lover's delight. The city has a thriving coffee culture that is sure to wow. In this enticing tour, we stop by some of Perth's most sophisticated, homey, and cutting-edge coffee shops to learn their secrets.

    These cafes cater to coffee and outdoor enthusiasts by providing a wide selection of speciality drinks, snacks, and artwork. They have a wide selection of home goods like coffee, plants, candles, and more.

    The thriving coffee culture in Perth is sure to impress any coffee connoisseur. If you want to sample the finest coffee Perth has to offer, head to these recommended cafes. The sourdough cinnamon buns and doughnuts at the new Inglewood coffee business Leftfield Coffee Roaster are to die for. Toasted sandwiches, charcuterie, cheese, and coffee are the mainstays of Little Pig Eatery, a new eatery in town. French bakery Maison Saint-Honoré is known for its delicious pastries including macarons and croissants.

    Breakfast pastries and coffee are available at Community Coffee Co. The baristas at Architects and Heroes Coffee employ state-of-the-art equipment to brew delicious coffee and tea. Brunch includes scrambled eggs and coffee at Boucla Boucla is as wonderful as it gets, and it's on par with the coffee at Subi. Pasta and Italian coffee at Il Lido are superb. Pixel Coffee Brewers in neighbouring Leedy also offers excellent brews and cute food options.

    The baked goods and coffee at Cleaver Street Coffee, a cosy little cafe, are second to none. The North Street Store, Good Things Cafe, and Someday Coffee Co. are all excellent choices for diners looking for delicious food and refreshing beverages.

    Content Summary

    • Perth, Australia, offers a paradise for coffee lovers with its booming coffee culture.
    • Discover the elegant, cosy, and forward-thinking coffee shops that make Perth's coffee scene stand out.
    • Allegria is a hidden gem with the best coffee and pizzas that will make your heart sing.
    • Alex Junior originated in Padbury and is renowned among northern coffee connoisseurs.
    • Regular Coffee Co offers top-notch coffee and food in a charming cafe with beautiful decor.
    • Canteen provides a beautiful vista to enjoy coffee and breakfast while watching surfers.
    • Monty's Cafe is a popular beachfront eatery known for its dairy-free coffee and all-day brunch menu.
    • The Little Bay, a Northern beachfront spot, exudes a laid-back coastal attitude for coffee lovers.
    • West Leederville/Hylin is a go-to breakfast spot with innovative flavours and plentiful servings.
    • Cafe on Paper Street collaborates with Melbourne's Locale Espresso for excellent coffee in Perth's northern suburbs.
    • Victoria Park's Maley & Hampton offers great brunch, Bloody Mary, and coffee in a dog-friendly cafe.
    • Claremont Pixel Coffeemakers is a perfect destination for a hearty breakfast or lunch before shopping.
    • Duotone Discotheque in Northbridge pays homage to Korean ancestry with an all-day breakfast menu.
    • Cafe Timber in Harrisdale offers seasonal favourites like pumpkin bread with peanut butter.
    • Fremantle's Hidden Attic boasts daring flavour combinations and delicious single-origin coffee.
    • Artem Coffee's regional blends have impressed Perth, transitioning from pop-up to permanent.
    • Good Things in Mosman Park celebrates the great things in life with bold coffee and cuisine.
    • Shorehouse provides an elegant dining experience with seasonal dishes and seaside views.
    • Telegram Coffee at State Buildings serves expertly crafted speciality coffee by Luke Arnold.
    • La Veen Coffee is a connoisseur's paradise with excellent coffee and exquisite decor.
    • Mo Espresso in the Central Business District offers the greatest coffee, bagels, and toasties.
    • Offshoot Coffee, by the team behind Mary Street Bakery and Tiny's, offers classic and experimental roasts.
    • BOO Espresso in Northbridge serves excellent coffee and welcomes furry pals.
    • Modus on Beaufort Street provides a relaxing spot with incredible cuisine and lattes.
    • Engine Room Espresso's coffee will make you weak in the knees, paired with pumpkin bread or bagels.
    • Old Laundry in North Perth is perfect for a caffeine fix after shopping on Angove Street.
    • Mary Street Bakery is a must-visit for great coffee and doughnuts in Perth.
    • Eillo offers good coffee, plants, candles, and cups to take home.
    • West End Deli's baguettes and excellent coffee make it a quaint restaurant to visit.
    • Sixteen Ounces is a plant-lover's dream with delicious lattes and daydream-worthy beverages.
    • Harvest Espresso in Vic Park offers some of the best coffee in Perth and non-coffee alternatives.
    • General Public serves excellent proprietary coffee and sweet treats in two locations.
    • Little Pig Eatery next to Black Pig Deli offers gourmet sandwiches, charcuterie, cheese, and coffee.
    • Willing Coffee provides a warm and comforting Italian coffee cafe experience.
    • Maison Saint-Honoré offers the finest macarons, croissants, and coffee in town.
    • Community Coffee Co offers an early bird coffee and tasty treats for a happy start to your day.
    • Architects and Heroes employ cutting-edge technology to create excellent coffee beverages.
    • Boucla's Subiaco cafe provides renowned scrambled eggs and great coffee.
    • Il Lido serves fantastic pasta and excellent Italian coffee with a view of the vineyards.
    • Pixel Coffee Brewers offers high-quality coffee and adorable bites at two locations.
    • Cleaver Street Coffee serves excellent coffee, baked goods, bagels, and soups.
    • North Street Store's excellent coffee deserves recognition alongside their famous cinny scrolls.
    • Good Things Cafe is a frequent visit for high-quality cuisine and coffee.
    • Felix and Co's coffee experts offer the freshest beans in the country and exceptional Pour Over brews.
    • Someday Coffee Co in Floreat is a well-kept secret known for its refreshing cold brew on hot days.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Coffee Shops In Perth

    "Standby Espresso" is an excellent option for a quick grab-and-go coffee, known for its efficient service and consistently good coffee.

    "Blacklist Coffee Roasters" is committed to serving ethically sourced and sustainable coffee beans, ensuring a positive impact on the environment and coffee-producing communities.

    "Sayers Sister" is renowned for its exceptional coffee and diverse and delicious breakfast menu, making it a perfect spot for a delightful morning experience.

    Yes, "Tisch Café" boasts a charming outdoor seating area featuring a serene garden setting, allowing guests to enjoy their coffee amidst a natural and tranquil environment.

    "Telegram Coffee" is highly regarded for its welcoming ambience, cozy décor, and friendly staff, creating an inviting space for coffee lovers to relax and enjoy their beverages.

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