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What Are The Best Gyms In Perth?

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    Seeking the best Perth has to offer in terms of fitness? Stop looking! For those who have always wanted to know, "What Are The Best Gyms In Perth?" will take you on an exciting tour of the best fitness centres in this exciting city. This all-inclusive directory of Perth's best gyms provides a handpicked list of establishments offering state-of-the-art facilities and individualised training services. Let's start on the path to unprecedented success in your fitness endeavours.

    Advice on Finding the Perfect Gym


    Launching a new gym or fitness centre in a highly visible and memorable area is crucial for long-term success. Gyms in highly visible locations, such as next to a popular coffee shop or a brand-new shopping centre, may attract more customers. The studio's name and contact details should be displayed in a visible location. Potential members are more inclined to enrol if they see the health club regularly and can mentally incorporate going there into their lives.


    New fitness studios in or near residential areas can attract customers who are increasingly likely to work remotely. Think about your potential customers: well-off people interested in improving their health. People interested in joining a gym will likely be serious about getting in shape and may have specific health and wellness objectives. Choosing a location in an up-and-coming neighbourhood can be beneficial because its residents will likely need a home gym. New fitness centres can quickly establish themselves by studying the typical gym-goer and opening in a high-population location with room for competition.


    A market analysis can shed light on a certain area's fitness and exercise demands, providing useful information for decision-makers. Plans for a new gym or fitness centre in a specific location can fill a need in the market if findings inform them about what demands are being served and what gaps may exist. Another useful sign for finding the optimal location for a new gym is researching the types of health clubs or fitness studios performing well and those suffering in a given market.

    Competitors and Cross-sell

    It's important to research nearby fitness centres and studios before settling on a spot. Being near a speciality studio may benefit collaborations and partnerships, though this may vary depending on the population and type of fitness centre. Proximity to services like supermarkets, gas stations, and pharmacies is always welcome. Your fitness centre may benefit from referrals from local massage therapists, chiropractors, holistic medical professionals, and sports therapy specialists.


    A new fitness centre would benefit from being in a densely populated area with plenty of surrounding residential areas to attract customers. The convenience of nearby train and bus stops is also an important consideration for studio proprietors. Regular customers are a great asset. When choosing a site for a fitness club, it's important to look for amenities like outdoor areas for courses and safe areas to run outside that are nearby or neighbouring.


    Many fitness centre proprietors need to see the significance of providing convenient, free, and safe parking for their customers. Members must be able to quickly and easily find a parking spot in the facility's parking lot before heading to a class or the fitness centre for a quick workout. Finding a parking lot that accommodates the anticipated number of visitors is crucial.

    It's important to think about setting up a shop in a permanent location before launching a new company. Some business owners start with an idea and a strategy for drawing in customers, while others set out to fill a void in the market. A new fitness centre's profitability can be increased by considering location, demographics, competition, ease of access, and parking.

    Most Outstanding Perth Fitness Centre

    Heartbeat High

    We had no doubts that the Cottesloe outpost of Heartbeat High would be successful when it opened its gleaming doors in July. Pilates is the perfect way to care for yourself; the studio is beautifully designed, offers reformer and mat classes, and has a positive overarching motto. Their two weeks of unlimited Pilates for $59 is a deal you can't pass up.

    S30 Studio

    what are the best gyms in perth (1)

    We were ecstatic to hear that S30 Studio, a nightclub-turned-gym, would be adding not one but three additional locations in Perth's Central Business District in 2021. This establishment sculpts some of the city's most impressive pecs and thighs. You may still get your sweat on with the same killer 3-block workout, only now it will be illuminated by neon lights and have a more festive atmosphere. In addition, there will be a DJ playing live music to pump you up while you work out. 

    Body Fit

    The West Perth site of Body Fit, one of several in Perth, is just as good as the others. Given the gym's affordable membership fees, convenient class timings, and welcoming, energetic vibe, it's easy to see why. Each class is unique and provides a challenging exercise for 50 minutes, so you can expect to leave each session feeling ready to kick butt. 

    New Movement

    At New Movement in Osborne Park, you can get your sweat any day or night. Hot yoga, pilates, high-intensity interval training, deep stretching, and a lot more are some of the many fitness options available. The best part is that weekly memberships begin at only $14.95!

    Sol Studio

    Pilates, Boxing, and yoga are all available at Sol Studio in Cottesloe, so if you're looking for a total-body workout, you've come to the right place. It's the ideal place for someone just starting on their fitness adventure because of how inviting and inclusive their classes are. And then you may bask in the sun on the beach when you're through.

    NFP Pilates

    North Fremantle Pilates, or NFP for short, is a brand-new reformer pilates studio that provides five distinct programmes from beginners to advanced practitioners. You'll quickly feel more agile, powerful, and flexible thanks to the guidance of their knowledgeable trainers. Get a discounted $49 two-week trial membership and use unlimited training. 

    You Wellness Club

    This is more than just a gym; it's a place where you may discover your true potential. Classes in yoga, pilates, cardio, weight training, and private training are all available at the You Wellness Club. In addition, they have a nutritionist on staff who may advise you on improving your diet. We particularly appreciate the adaptability of the monthly memberships, which let you schedule your class time as you see fit throughout all available slots.

    West Coast Yoga

    West Coast Yoga is a cosy new studio in Leederville, WA that opened after the popularity of its original location in Sorrento. This adorable, secluded area is ideal for getting some fresh air and exercising in peace and quiet. Their yin, vinyasa flow, and hatha courses suit yogis of all levels. Please take advantage of their low introductory rate of $49 for a month of yoga. 


    A new low-impact toning studio, FS8, has been opened by the legends behind F45. Exercises from yoga, pilates, and toning circuits will be repeated. Although it lacks the intensity of F45, it provides a full-body, functional, and thigh-burning workout that will leave you feeling great.


    We may have discovered the missing ingredient to your training routine's need for more variety. With a new facility opening in Melville in May, Perth now has access to Fitstop, the progressive functional exercise programme sweeping the eastern states. Their programme is high-intensity but so much fun and will have you gaining muscle and burning fat like there's no tomorrow.

    Chris Wilson Fitness Studio

    One of Perth's most well-known personal trainers, Chris Wilson, established his private training studio in Nedlands this past June, and it is a sight to behold. The elite new studio is limited to only 50 members and features a chic aesthetic, expert trainers, and an integrative approach to health and wellness. Strength training, high sweat, boxing, and a tonne more are all available through private training sessions and group exercises. 

    Surge 24-7

    Surge 24/7 allows users to work out whenever is most convenient for them. Our touchscreen interactive cardio machines with crowd DJ music and TV/Internet access will make your workout time fly by. Our members may work out without worry since we provide a secure facility outfitted with cutting-edge training tools. Our top priority is the well-being of our members. Therefore, we provide a thorough orientation and have staff available during your workouts should you have any questions or need assistance.

    Any Time Fitness

    At ANY TIME Fitness Perth, our cutting-edge LIFE FITNESS machines and knowledgeable Personal Trainers will get you in the best shape of your life. When you need assistance, our helpful staff is standing by. Come to the club and check out the new gear and membership deals. Members can use the club whenever they like.

    Victoria Avenue Fitness Centre

    Victoria Fitness Centre is conveniently located in the heart of Perth's Central Business District, making it the perfect gym for anyone in the area. The Victoria Fitness Centre is available around the clock, every day of the year, making it easy to fit exercise into your busy schedule. In addition to a full complement of cutting-edge exercise machines, top-notch personal training, and expert fitness coaching, this beautiful Perth gym also provides stunning panoramas of Langley Park and Swan River.

    Inner City Cross Fit

    what are the best gyms in perth (2)

    At Inner City CrossFit, we take great satisfaction in facilitating optimal conditions for you to achieve your objectives and test your limits. We have assembled a team of skilled coaches to help you develop into the finest version of yourself. Getting in shape and bettering one's life is a priority for everyone in our fantastic community. Why not witness firsthand what can be accomplished with effort, focus, and enthusiasm? You can do anything with the help of the inner city people and trained coaches' guidance.

    Fuller Fitness

    This is not some clever marketing scheme. For your 12-month membership, we'll give you one free personal training session with one of our certified PTs. This is a great way to get in shape and start feeling better about yourself. You may avoid injury and develop a sustainable health and wellness regimen by working with a trainer who can show you how to utilise the gym's various pieces of equipment and help you set realistic yet challenging objectives for your workouts.


    Find the best gyms in Perth by looking through these lists of places that have state-of-the-art equipment and offer personalised training.

    To find the best gym, you should think about things like visibility, demographics, a market study, how close it is to services, and how easy it is to get to. Heartbeat High, S30 Studio, Body Fit, New Movement, Sol Studio, NFP Pilates, You Wellness Club, West Coast Yoga, and FS8 are some of the best gyms in Perth.

    Visibility is important for long-term success because clubs in places where people can see them can get more customers. Demographics can also help to bring in wealthy people who are interested in getting healthier. Choosing a spot in a neighbourhood that is on the rise can be helpful since some of the new residents may need a home gym.

    A market analysis can help find areas with specific fitness and exercise needs, and researching the types of health clubs or fitness studios that are doing well and those that are struggling in a given market can help find possible gaps.

    Accessibility is another important factor. Gyms should be in places with a lot of people and a lot of homes nearby. It is important for members to be able to easily find a parking place that is close, free, and safe.

    Before opening a new gym, setting up a permanent location can improve profits by taking into account location, demographics, competition, ease of access, and parking.

    The best clubs in Perth have a lot to offer people who like to work out. Gyms can do well in the city's exercise scene if they pay attention to things like visibility, demographics, market analysis, proximity to services, ease of access, and price. Fitstop, a functional exercise programme in the eastern states that gets better over time, is starting in Melville. This will give people more ways to train. Chris Wilson Fitness school is a private training school with a chic look. It offers strength training, high sweat, boxing, and more. Surge 24/7 has state-of-the-art cardio tools, DJ music, and TV and Internet access that you can use at any time.

    Any Time Health Perth has modern LIFE FITNESS machines and personal coaches who know what they are doing. Victoria Avenue Fitness Centre is an easy-to-get-to gym in Perth's Central Business District. It has high-quality tools and expert coaching available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Inner City CrossFit is all about reaching goals and pushing limits with the help of skilled teachers. Fulller Fitness has a 12-month membership that includes one free personal training session with a qualified PT. This helps members build a long-term plan for health and wellness.

    Content Summary

    • Discover the best gyms in Perth for your fitness journey.
    • A handpicked list of state-of-the-art fitness centres with individualised training services.
    • Consider visibility, demographics, needs, competitors, accessibility, and parking when choosing a gym location.
    • Heartbeat High in Cottesloe offers a beautifully designed studio with Pilates classes.
    • S30 Studio transforms nightclubs into gyms, adding three new locations with neon lights and live music in Perth's CBD.
    • Body Fit in West Perth offers affordable membership fees and challenging exercise classes.
    • New Movement in Osborne Park provides various fitness options, including hot yoga and HIIT, with memberships starting at $14.95.
    • Sol Studio in Cottesloe offers total-body workouts with Pilates, boxing, and yoga classes.
    • North Fremantle Pilates (NFP) is a new reformer Pilates studio offering five distinct programs.
    • You Wellness Club offers yoga, Pilates, cardio, weight training, private training, and nutrition advice.
    • West Coast Yoga in Leederville provides a peaceful location for yin, vinyasa flow, and hatha yoga classes.
    • FS8, a low-impact toning studio, offers a full-body, functional workout experience.
    • Fitstop in Melville brings the progressive functional exercise program to Perth.
    • Chris Wilson Fitness Studio in Nedlands offers private training with expert trainers and an integrative approach to health.
    • Surge 24-7 provides a secure gym with interactive cardio machines and TV/Internet access, allowing members to work out anytime.
    • Anytime Fitness Perth offers cutting-edge LIFE FITNESS machines and knowledgeable Personal Trainers.
    • Victoria Avenue Fitness Centre in the CBD is open 24/7, providing stunning views of Langley Park and Swan River.
    • Inner City CrossFit has skilled coaches to help you achieve your fitness goals in a supportive community.
    • Fuller Fitness offers a free personal training session with a 12-month membership.
    • The gyms featured cater to various fitness preferences, from Pilates and yoga to high-intensity interval training.
    • Consider the convenience of gym locations in relation to your daily routine and commuting options.
    • Many gyms offer competitive membership fees and special introductory rates for new members.
    • Fitness studios near residential areas may be more accessible for remote workers and residents seeking convenience.
    • Collaborations with nearby businesses can provide additional benefits and opportunities for gym-goers.
    • Research the fitness demands and market gaps in a specific area before opening a new gym.
    • Successful gyms focus on meeting the needs and expectations of their target audience.
    • Convenience, visibility, and accessibility are essential factors in attracting and retaining gym members.
    • Free and safe parking facilities are crucial for a gym's success and member satisfaction.
    • Gyms offering a range of classes and training programs cater to diverse fitness interests and goals.
    • Personal trainers and expert coaches can provide valuable guidance and support for gym members.
    • Look for gyms that provide a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere for newcomers and beginners.
    • Studio aesthetics and ambience can enhance the overall gym experience for members.
    • Take advantage of trial memberships or discounted rates to explore different gyms before committing.
    • Gyms with flexible scheduling options allow members to attend classes according to their availability.
    • Some gyms offer specialised fitness programs, such as low-impact toning or high-intensity interval training.
    • Check for additional amenities and services, such as nutrition advice or outdoor training areas.
    • Gym locations near public transportation can make it easier for members to access the facility.
    • Supportive gym communities can encourage and motivate individuals in their fitness journey.
    • Determine the type of workouts and exercises that align with your fitness goals and preferences.
    • Consider the expertise and qualifications of trainers and instructors at the gym.
    • Look for gyms that prioritise member safety and provide assistance during workouts if needed.
    • Joining a gym can be a step towards improving overall health and well-being.
    • Many gyms offer introductory rates or discounts for new members to encourage sign-ups.
    • A mix of classes and workout options can keep gym routines exciting and challenging.
    • Some gyms offer unique and fun exercise experiences, such as neon-lit workouts or live music during classes.
    • Stay motivated and consistent with your fitness goals by choosing a gym that suits your preferences and needs.
    • Access to a variety of fitness classes can help you explore and discover new workout styles.
    • Gym memberships with flexible options can fit well with your lifestyle and schedule.
    • Remember to consider factors such as location, amenities, and class offerings when choosing a gym.
    • Start your fitness journey with enthusiasm and dedication, and find a gym that supports your goals and aspirations.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Perth

    Goodlife Health Clubs and Fitness First are popular choices for strength training and weightlifting enthusiasts, as they offer well-equipped lifting areas and experienced trainers.

    Yes, some gyms in Perth, such as Goodlife Health Clubs and Fitness First, have swimming pool facilities that members can use.

    Absolutely! Many modern gyms in Perth have specialised training zones for functional training, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), and other specific workout styles.

    The process for cancelling a gym membership in Perth varies depending on the gym. Generally, you will need to provide written notice within the required notice period mentioned in your membership agreement.

    Yes, most gyms in Perth offer personal training services with qualified trainers who can tailor workouts to meet your specific fitness goals. Some gyms may charge extra for personal training sessions.

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