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Where To Eat In Perth?

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    If you're looking for some great places to eat in Perth, look no further! This blog post will give you a rundown of some of top cafes and restaurants in the city. From burgers and fries to sushi and noodles, there's something for everyone here. So why not check out one of these places today? You won't be disappointed!

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    We chose to have our first lunch in the city at Fiddleheads after spotting its attractive limestone structure directly across from our accommodation. Even though we had driven for 3.5 hours from Toronto, we were not in the mood for pub food. The good news is that everyone can find something they like at Fiddleheads. Beef skewers served with couscous and a shrimp cocktail were one of the night's specials.

    We opted to split the Voodoo Penne and the brochette because we were trying to stay away from fried foods. In comparison, the shrimp cocktail served as an appetiser came second to the brochette, which was flavorful and served as a pleasant light lunch. This penne dish included sea prawns, scallops, and chorizo sausage in a Clamato reduction and a corn and black bean salsa. The seafood was fresh, but we didn't think the Clamato reduction did anything to bring out its natural flavours. Likewise, fiddleheads were not included on the menu because it is currently not fiddlehead season.

    Our kids ordered from the kids' menu at Fiddleheads and devoured their linguini pasta and chicken tenders. We finished off our meal with the Maple Bourbon Pecan Tart and an Ice Cream Parfait. Skip Fiddleheads and go elsewhere if you're in the market for a craft beer. There was an Amber Ale from the local Perth Brewery, but otherwise their collection was dominated by beers from the larger breweries.

    Although our supper at Fiddleheads was the least memorable of our Perth travels, we nevertheless enjoyed it very well. The patio overlooks picturesque Stewart Park, and the menu features some tasty selections. In addition, the restaurant is quite sizable, so finding a seat is typically not an issue.

    Bistro 54

    We wanted to eat at the Stone Cellar on day 2, but there was a 45-minute wait even with a reservation (and this was on a Tuesday). Fortunately, Bistro 54 was only a short stroll away, and we were fortunate to secure a reservation there. Bistro 54 is an Italian eatery offering a limited selection of appetisers, bruschetta, superb homemade pasta dishes, and six delectable main courses. Our go-to place when in Perth is definitely this eatery.

    Spanish white Boquerones (anchovies) and plenty of lemon and red onion were the first toppings on our Bruschetta Espanola. Their flavour was superb. The Chicken Kofta was also ordered because we anticipated its popularity with the children and hoped that we would be able to sneak a bite or two. The answer is no.

    Since there is no children's menu at Bistro 54, we had the kofta to start and then split a Bolognese for two that was made with pig and beef and featured onions, garlic sweet peppers, and garlic bread. The dish was a hit with the youngsters because the garlic and onions were barely detectable.

    To accompany the grilled veggies we ordered as a side, we had the Piperade dalla Spagna, which was a boneless chicken breast atop a stew of sweet peppers and smoked Spanish paprika. The type of cuisine that we would love to cook at home because it is perfectly cooked, healthful, and highly flavorful (but fails to match 100 times out of 100).

    A large Chianti braised beef brisket with a Gorgonzola-stuffed twice-baked potato was what we ordered. To be sure the brisket tasted as good as it smelled, we took a little bite. It was. The Murphys' favourite dessert is Crème brûlée, so that's what we ordered. Having a fantastic Italian supper in such a tiny town was a pleasant surprise.

    Springs Kitchen Perth

    Springs Kitchen can be found inside the Aloft Perth, one of the trendiest and most cutting-edge hotels in Rivervale. The eatery is available for all three meals of the day, and its menu features a fusion of contemporary Australian fare with the exotic flavours of the Middle East and Asia. The WXYZ Bar, located just outside the hotel, serves wine, local beers, and cocktails. Spend your next vacation at the luxurious Aloft Perth and make it an experience you'll never forget.

    At Rivervale, a new restaurant by the name of Springs Kitchen has recently opened its doors. Guests of the adjoining Aloft Hotel and inhabitants of Perth alike frequent this restaurant, which is known for its beautiful decor, mouthwatering menu, and friendly staff.

    Coffee to go or a sunny spot to enjoy brunch with friends (they are dog friendly too.) Fluffy homemade French toast is a must, especially when topped with strawberries, dulce de leche mascarpone, and candied hazelnuts. To prove that you can eat steak at any time of day, they offer it with chimichurri, a fried egg, and hand-cut cut chips.

    Steak lovers who like their meat later in the day will be drawn to the scotch fillet offered at dinner. From Tasmanian salmon to pork belly prepared in the style of Thai cooking (hello, pig crackling! You must get the white chocolate and raspberry dacquoise sandwich, but be sure to save room. The onset of a food coma has been detected!


    grill'd healthy burgers

    Their goal at Grill'd is straightforward: "to make burgers good" and have the friendliest crew deliver them to customers. Founder Simon Crowe first started his Grill'd restaurant in Hawthorn in 2004 with this goal in mind.

    Since then, Grill'd has expanded across the entire country of Australia, all the way to Perth, Western Australia. Grill'd uses only the freshest and finest ingredients in their burgers, resulting in a dish that is both delicious and nutritious without being too heavy.

    Grill'd is committed to making nutritious, low-fat burgers without compromising on flavour by using ingredients sourced mostly from local family growers and markets. Burgers are cooked to order over an open flame, in full view of the diners, so no sneaky ingredients can make it into the final product. Burger lovers have a wide variety of options, including beef, chicken, lamb, and veggie burgers. Foods suitable for vegans and those avoiding gluten are also provided.

    Grill'd Healthy Burgers is dedicated to serving up only the freshest, healthiest burgers in town. No matter if you're a vegetarian, vegan, avoiding gluten, or completely on board. The best of the real thing. Grill'd is completely licenced and serves burgers that are both delicious and healthy because they are prepared in the traditional method rather than being mass-produced like their fast food counterparts.


    If you're looking for the best restaurant in Perth, go no farther than Wildflower. Perched atop the State Buildings with sweeping vistas of Perth City and the Swan River, this elegant eatery serves delectable, modern fare inspired by the six indigenous Noongar seasons.

    For a special six-course evening on October 15th, Wildflower's Head Chef Matthew Sartori will be joined in the kitchen by Italian chef Niko Romito. In the Abruzzo area of Italy, Romito runs the three-Michelin-star restaurant Reale, which places him in the position of "Italian royalty."

    Watermelon, tomato, lemon, chocolate, and liquorice are just some of the flavours that will shine at this dinner paired with Italian wine that will celebrate Romito's own country. You can get your tickets and learn more about the event here; if you plan on drinking a lot of wine at the party, you may want to reserve a room at COMO so you can collapse there afterwards.

    O’Reilly’s Ale House

    Due to our extensive dining out prior to our trip to Perth, we were still wary of pub fare. We wanted to go to O'Reilly's because we heard that they had a great selection of craft beers, but we almost didn't end up going there. Thankfully, the majority of the locals we asked suggested we check it out, and we’re glad we did. Salads, burgers, tacos, hot plates, sandwiches, and other pub grub, as well as a good number of beers from local breweries, were among the menu's many healthy options.

    The previous two evenings we have been quite good about our diet, but tonight we decided to splurge and order the Suicide Wings as an appetiser and the Butter Chicken for dinner. The wings had a great, crunchy flavour without reaching suicide-level levels of crunchiness. Spicy as heck, but delicious nonetheless: that butter chicken. Yashy went with the Sesame Tuna Bowl, which was not just the healthy option but also sounded delicious. In spite of her good intentions, the Halloumi Crostini she ordered as an appetiser completely undid her hard work.

    The kids' Fish and Chips from the kids' menu were the highlight for me. Fish and chips this good are hard to come anywhere west of Newfoundland. The batter was almost perfect, but we wish we could have tried it with fresh cod. But that's just the East Coaster in us being homesick. We enjoyed the meal and plan to return to try more of their offerings.

    We also discovered a fantastic new sour beer brewery called Little Pony Barrel Works. Very fantastic was the Storm Front, a red sour ale fermented in oak barrels with lime leaves and ginger. A few days later, on the way to Ottawa, we made a point of dropping by the brewery for a pint. The kids' main motivation for coming back was to get their hands on the free art supplies.

    Le Rebelle 

    Le Rebelle is the new name of the space formerly occupied by Circa, located across the street from The Astor Theatre. The name is a nod to the old-school charm and romance of New York and Paris's bistros. Circa's original handcrafted wooden bar and ornate ceiling are in the centre of the building, along with a new 10-seat terrazzo high table, while the front is a casual drop-in drinking space and the back is a full-fledged dining room (a small original stained-glass window separates diners and the kitchen).

    Members of a husband-and-wife ownership team Sarah and Liam Atkinson have been working in the hospitality industry for many years, and their resumes include such establishments as Print Hall, Ku De Ta, Star Anise, Miss Kitty's Saloon, Kitsch Bar, and Lalla Rookh.

    Glazed Wagin duck and fries with a silver gravy boat of béarnaise, Blue manna crab on brioche, and crudites with a (vegan) roast capsicum and tofu dipping sauce are just a few examples of how Liam updates bistro classics in the kitchen. Jamon carved by hand and sweets like a pavlova made with sweet potatoes are also available.

    Sarah, on the other hand, has narrowed it down to a select 49 bottles, most of which come from France, Europe, and Australia. Suze, Lillet Blanc, and a number of vermouths are just some of the European aperitifs on offer.

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    Long Chim

    David Thompson, a famous Australian chef and cookbook author, just moved back to Australia after living in Thailand for 14 years. Long Chim Perth, whose sister restaurant is located in Singapore, delivers Bangkok's hustle, grit, and character to the heart of the City, where it is hidden amid the debris of the tastefully renovated State Treasury building.

    The Thai graffiti artists' works and the floating metal fence work decorate the cavernous cellar. In pursuit of authenticity, Thompson imports his pastes and potions from his kitchen in Bangkok since he cannot find Australian vegetables with the same flavour characteristics.

    Traditional Thai foods that Thompson encountered over his many years in the Thai capital are recreated in the semi-open scullery. All the classics are here, but with a twist, such the pad thai with house-dried prawns or the red curry of duck with homemade coconut cream.

    The burnt noodles in pork and yellow bean gravy are likely to be less well known. For dessert, try some banana roti. Only the brave should try durian ice cream. No effort was made to "Westernize" the local cuisine. We're talking a lot of heat here.

    The Thai drop on the limited wine list is an interesting departure from the norm and a welcome break from the heat. A separate bar and garden cater to the after-hours drinkers with cocktails and nibbles with a Thai twist. When night falls, the urban murals in the quad come to life.


    From lunch until late at night, customers have the option of indulging in the restaurant's fine cuisine and elegant decor whenever they like. Heritage's lunch and dinner menus feature a wide variety of options, from small plates to the full three-course meal. Heritage is a great place to have a bite to eat, a cup of coffee, or a drink because of its relaxed atmosphere while providing excellent views of the surrounding area. The Perth Insurance Building is in the historic district, at 131 St. Georges Terrace.


    The best cafés and restaurants in Perth, such as Fiddleheads, Bistro 54, and the Stone Cellar, are discussed in this blog post. Across from our lodging is Fiddleheads, a lovely limestone building where everyone may find something to their liking. Specials for the evening included beef skewers with couscous and a shrimp cocktail. Both the brochette and the Voodoo Penne were tasty and made for a nice, light meal. Even with a reservation, the wait at The Stone Cellar was barely 45 minutes, and the patio views out over Stewart Park.

    If you're looking for a good craft beer, don't bother with Fiddleheads. There are only a few appetisers, bruschetta, homemade pasta dishes, and six main entrees to choose from at Bistro 54, an Italian restaurant in Rivervale. Piperade dalla Spagna featured boneless chicken breast over a stew of sweet peppers and smoked Spanish paprika, while the Chicken Kofta was a favourite with the kids. Crème brûlée was the Murphys' go-to dessert, and they ordered a substantial portion of Chianti braised beef brisket with Gorgonzola-stuffed twice-baked potatoes. Contemporary Australian cuisine is fused with the diverse flavours of the Middle East and Asia at Springs Kitchen.

    Popular eateries in Perth, Western Australia include Grill'd and Wildflower. Grill'd uses ingredients sourced primarily from local family farms and marketplaces to create healthy, low-fat burgers without sacrificing taste. Wildflower is a sophisticated restaurant that offers breathtaking views of Perth and the Swan River. Burgers, including beef, chicken, lamb, and veggie varieties, are among the many selections available at both establishments. Grill'd exclusively employs the highest quality ingredients in their burgers, so you can have a satisfying meal without worrying about packing on the pounds.

    Content Summary

    1. In this article, I will provide a summary of the best restaurants and cafes in town.
    2. All of your food needs can be addressed, from noodle bowls to sushi.
    3. After a three and a half hour trip from Toronto, we were still not in the mood for pub grub.
    4. Specials for the evening included beef skewers with couscous and a shrimp cocktail.
    5. If you're looking for a good craft beer, don't bother with Fiddleheads.
    6. Even if dinner at Fiddleheads wasn't the highlight of our time in Perth, we still had a great time there.
    7. Bistro 54 is a charming Italian restaurant with just six mouthwatering entrées and a few appetisers like bruschetta and handmade spaghetti that are very outstanding.
    8. Because to its expected popularity with the kids, we also ordered Chicken Kofta in the hopes of getting a taste for ourselves.
    9. There is no kid-friendly menu at Bistro 54, so we had the kofta as an appetiser then shared a Bolognese for two that was cooked with pork and beef and contained onions, garlic sweet peppers, and garlic bread.
    10. We ordered crème brûlée because that's the Murphys' go-to sweet treat.
    11. It was a wonderful surprise to find a fantastic Italian dinner in such a tiny town.
    12. Home Cooking From The Springs Perth Springs Kitchen is located in the Aloft Perth, one of the hippest and most avant-garde hotels in Rivervale.
    13. The restaurant is open for all three meals, and its menu is a mashup of modern Australian cuisine and the unique flavours of the Middle East and Asia.
    14. Book your stay at the Aloft Perth and have a holiday you'll never forget.
    15. Get a cup of coffee on the go, or have brunch in the sun with your pals (they are dog friendly too.)
    16. Grill'd
    17. At Grill'd, their mission is simple: "to make burgers good" and have the friendliest delivery team possible.
    18. This was the original inspiration for Simon Crowe to open his Grill'd eatery in Hawthorn back in 2004.
    19. Having started in Sydney, Grill'd has since spread across the entirety of Australia, all the way to Perth in the west.
    20. Grill'd exclusively employs the highest quality ingredients in their burgers, so you can have a satisfying meal without worrying about packing on the pounds.
    21. Grill'd uses ingredients sourced primarily from local family farms and marketplaces to create healthy, low-fat burgers without sacrificing taste.
    22. Fans of the burger can choose from a wide range of meats and alternatives.
    23. Vegan and gluten-free options are also available.
    24. Only the freshest, healthiest burgers are served at Grill'd Healthy Burgers.
    25. Unlike fast food joints, Grill'd is fully licenced and sells burgers that are both tasty and healthful because they are cooked in the traditional manner.
    26. On October 15th, Wildflower's Head Chef Matthew Sartori will be joined in the kitchen by Italian chef Niko Romito to prepare a special six-course evening.
    27. Romito is "Italian royalty" because he owns the three-Michelin-star restaurant Reale in the Abruzzo region of Italy.
    28. There will be a special supper honouring Romito's native Italy, complete with Italian wine and dishes highlighting Italian flavours like watermelon, tomato, lemon, chocolate, and liquorice.
    29. This is the O'Reilly's Ale House. We were still wary of pub grub from all the fine eating we had done before our trip to Perth.
    30. There were a lot of healthy options on the menu, including salads, burgers, tacos, hot plates, sandwiches, and other pub cuisine, as well as a reasonable range of beers from local breweries.
    31. What really stood out to me, though, was the kids' Fish & Chips.
    32. On our way to Ottawa a few days later, we stopped by for a beer at the brewery.
    33. It's the Rebel, or Le Rebelle Across the street from The Astor Theatre, in the location formerly known as Circa, you'll now find a restaurant and bar known as Le Rebelle.
    34. This name was chosen to evoke the classic allure of New York and Parisian bistros.
    35. The front is a casual drop-in drinking space, while the back is a full-fledged dining room, and in the middle is Circa's original handcrafted wooden bar and elaborate ceiling, coupled with a new 10-seat terrazzo high table (a small original stained-glass window separates diners and the kitchen).
    36. Husband-and-wife business owners Sarah and Liam Atkinson have extensive experience in the hospitality sector, having worked at a wide variety of venues over the years, including Print Hall, Ku De Ta, Star Anise, Miss Kitty's Saloon, Kitsch Bar, and Lalla Rookh.
    37. Contrarily, Sarah has limited it down to a select 49 bottles, the vast majority of which originate from France, Europe, and Australia.
    38. The European aperitif selection includes Suze, Lillet Blanc, and a variety of vermouths. David Thompson, renowned Australian chef and author of numerous cookbooks, has recently returned to Australia from a 14-year sojourn in Thailand.
    39. Singapore's Long Chim brings Bangkok's bustle, roughness, and character to the heart of the City, where it lies concealed among the ruins of the stylishly refurbished State Treasury building.
    40. Foods that Thompson ate throughout his long stay in the Thai capital are reproduced in the semi-open kitchen.
    41. The local food was not "Westernized."
    42. A glass of the Thai wine on the short list is a refreshing change of pace from the standard fare.
    43. Nighttime revellers can enjoy cocktails and snacks with a Thai twist at a separate bar and garden.
    44. Heritage The restaurant is open for business from lunchtime until late at night, giving diners plenty of opportunities to enjoy the refined atmosphere and delicious food.
    45. The lunch and dinner menus at Heritage offer a great deal of variety, from appetisers to a complete three-course meal.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Eating Places in Perth

    Perth enjoys more hours of sunshine than any other capital city in Australia. Perth is also famous for some of the Hollywood stars who were born, raised or studied here including Isla Fisher (The Great Gatsby), Sam Worthington (Avatar) and Melissa George (Mulholland Drive) and the late Heath Ledger (The Dark Knight).

    Some of the key landmarks in Perth include Kings Park, Rottnest Island and Cottesloe Beach. Other popular attractions include the Perth Zoo, the Bell Tower and Scitech Discovery Centre. Aside from its natural beauty and cultural richness, Perth is also a place where many interesting people have lived and worked.

    Another benefit specific to Perth is its unique and incredible coastline. It is a seaside city, with incredible beaches and landscapes for you to enjoy whenever you please. On top of the amazing weather, this makes for a new life that feels like an eternal vacation.

    1. Manageable size. With a population of just over two million, Perth is not an immense metropolis.
    2. Distant city.
    3. Quieter weekday vibe.
    4. Save beforehand.
    5. Integrated public transport.
    6. Explore Western Australia.
    7. Warmer weather.
    8. Head outside.
    • Vegemite.
    • Fairy Bread.
    • Tim Tams!
    • Meat Pies.
    • Anzac Biscuits.
    • Chicken Parma (AKA Chicken Parmigiana)
    • Pavlova.
    • Witchetty Grub.
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