where to find the best burgers in perth

Where To Find The Best Burgers In Perth

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    This blog post is for you if you're in need of a new restaurant to try or recommendations for the greatest eateries in Perth. Perth is home to some of the best burgers in Australia, and we've produced a list of the ones that customers have rated as the best overall. There's something here for everyone, whether you're craving a veggie burger with avocado and pesto or a delicious beef burger with bacon and cheese.

    Read on for details about eight great eateries that specialise on serving delicious burgers. Healthy options like vegetarian burgers are available, and if you're in the mood for something a little more hearty, lamb meat patties with pineapple salsa and caramelised onions are also available.

    La Vida Urbana

    At Leederville, you can find delicious Mexican fare at La Vida Urbana, a slightly more relaxed restaurant from the same legends behind El Publico. Every night till late, you may get your fill of great street food at this establishment.

    Our recommendation is that you get the nachos. The most exciting part, though? Feel free to stop by whenever you like and have a drink on us. What about a Margarita? We think you'll find that the Feed Me menu is among the lowest priced in Perth. The four-course meal, which includes dessert, costs $39. The choice is obvious.

    Tacos that aren't your average issue. The bottles of tequila and mezcal form a small forest. A neon pink donkey with blinking lights. Clearly, La Vida Urbana takes after its parent establishment, El Publico. Nevertheless, La Vida Urbana isn't just about relocating the Mexican potluck from Beaufort Street to Leederville. This revamped Leederville spot nods to the area's well-established café culture, while the original can be better described as a bar-slash-restaurant.

    Brunch dishes like skirt steak with beans and chipotle-spiked hollandaise sit alongside dishes influenced by street food, such as corn chips and guacamole. Weekends include a more cosmopolitan breakfast menu, with items like toasted bacon and pastries, egg sandwiches, and avocado toasts, from Mary Street Bakery.

    At night, though, the site truly shines. In addition to the aforementioned liquor supply (which includes not only Mexican liquor but also beer and easygoing wines), the cheerful diners may also feast on dishes like crisp-fried school prawns, charry lamb ribs, chorizo fried rice, and other perfect-for-sharing selections.

    Five of Oaxaca's most distinctive flavours will be featured during a dinner hosted by La Vida Urbana and paired with mezcal. On May 13 at 6 p.m., for only $59, you can attend.

    Their menu, designed by their Michelin-starred executive chef, will comprise delectable dishes that have never been served at La Vida Urbana before. Derrumbes mezcal from Durango, Zacatecas, San Luis Potosi, and Oaxaca will all be available for sampling.

    perth meet & bun burger

    Meet & Bun

    Meet & Bun is determined to serve you the best burgers in Perth because of their "obsession" with the burger. Since its debut in 2015, the Meet & Bun app has amassed a fervent, cult-like following. Now that there are three outlets, securing one of these burgers that take inspiration from Shake Shack is even less of a hassle.

    Although John Pavlos lacks formal culinary training, he can recognise a tasty burger when he bites into one. For six months, Pavlos worked with his family and friends to develop his burger recipe, which was inspired by the specimens he sampled while travelling over America. He then created Meet & Bun in 2016 so that the rest of Perth may enjoy his creations.

    His primary point of reference is the American fast food chain Shake Shack. Those who have had Shake Shack's legendary burgers may have a sense of déjà vu upon opening a Meet & Bun package. And yet, all it takes is one tender mouthful of the sweet, fluffy bread to know that this is the case.

    Meet & Bun is similar to Shake Shack in that its hand-pressed, on-site patties are created with 100% chuck beef from Princi Butchers and served pink since they contain no additives. Meet & Bun, which serves burgers in the style of Shake Shack, is one of our favourite restaurants in Perth only because of its name.

    We recommend the Chilli Chilli Bang Bang and the Ari Gold, both of which have an organic beef patty sourced from a nearby farm and a slew of tasty toppings including pickles, ketchup, and their signature chipotle mayo. And to wash it all down, you must get one of their fantastic shakes.

    You'll want to come back for the delicious, gourmet burgers. Although straightforward, the burgers are packed with flavour because to the use of organic, free-range, and freshly-prepared Western Australian ingredients. Homemade ice cream is also available. These "Breaking Bad" and "The Dark Knight" burgers are unlike anything else you've ever tasted.

    Local buns are too hefty, so Meet & Bun utilises French brioche instead. Prices for burgers range from $10 for the simplest option to $11 for the "Big Daddy," which adds a salad, extra patty, smoked bacon, and cheddar cheese.

    While Pavlos's brother Danny provides the name and recipe for the fried chicken, the "Chilli Chilli Bang Bang'' features extra jalapenos and chilli flakes. Chipotle mayo is used on all of the burgers, and it is produced fresh every day.

    Whether you're in the mood for a simple cheeseburger or a towering skyscraper of food, the Western Australian ingredients, and notably the rosy, tender, hand-pressed Euro Chef beef patties, will steal the show.

    No one ever leaves this place in a bad mood. You can count on them to provide high-quality burgers made with fresh ingredients at affordable prices. You won't find better food anywhere else.

    Rockpool Bar & Grill

    An excellent burger is to be expected from the chefs at this stunning restaurant. A juicy patty of Wagyu beef on a soft bread cooked to perfection. The ponytailed chef Neil Perry is responsible for the meals served aboard Qantas aircraft, as well as a restaurant empire across the country.

    Yet, despite his many successes, his Rockpool Bar & Grill may be the most well-known of his businesses. The first location debuted at Melbourne's Crown Casino in 2006, and further outposts can be found in both Sydney and Perth. As of 2016, Rockpool Bar & Grill joined its Sydney and Melbourne counterparts, as well as Perry's Spice TempleRosetta, and the Burger Project, as part of The Urban Purveyor Group.

    The Crown Perth location is the western counterpart to Rockpool. Upon entering, the mood is set by a candlelit corridor that also serves as a glimpse into the beef dry-aging area. The lighting does a great job of making what is otherwise a large, neutral-colored room feel more cosy. There is a bar off to the right with ten different kinds of burgers, but if you want the real deal, you'll need to reserve a table in the dining room.

    Dan Masters, formerly a sous chef at Rockpool in Sydney, now heads the spacious, open kitchen, where he highlights West Australian ingredients (besides the beef). The extensive menu is driven by a charcoal oven and wood-fired grill and has at least ten different kinds of steak, most of which are nine or higher on the marble scale of Wagyu. You can have it with a variety of sides, such as mac & cheese, mashed potatoes, and vegetables.

    Even though the name suggests otherwise, the restaurant serves more than just steak. The variety of salads, seafood, and pasta makes it difficult to pick a favourite, whether you prefer it fresh, heated, cooked, or cold. The wine list is almost as intimidating, with 2300 bottles ranging in price from $46 to $12,000.

    perth mrs brown burger

    Mrs Brown

    In a bar in North Fremantle Mrs. Brown is a cosy, laid-back bar ideal for catching up with old friends over a drink. Mrs. Brown is the quintessential Victorian-themed watering hole, with a warm and welcoming atmosphere fit for the queen herself. The pub has a partnership with Flipside Burgers, so patrons may get food in addition to drinks and snacks. Come on in, order a round of drinks, and relax while you chow down on some delicious burgers with your pals.

    Get warm by the fireplace in the winter and bask in the sun in the courtyard during the summer in this charming Victorian terrace. Mrs. Brown was Siobhan Blumann and Hamish Fleming's first journey into the bar business, which began in the late aughts when Perth received its small-bar licence. After settling in Melbourne, they wanted to bring the vibe of their favourite spots back to their hometown of Perth.

    The end effect is a cosy hideaway with leather wingback chairs, stone walls, and a woodpile. It has a unique allure thanks to the way it blends Victorian parlour with up-to-date Freo. The courtyard's plant-lined walls and open fireplace make it use year-round.

    In keeping with the establishment's emphasis on wine, the wine list is excellent; there is also a wide selection of interesting beers and ciders. Get a cheese plate from Mrs. Brown's or a burger from Flipside, both located just around the corner. Now we know what to do on Sunday afternoon.

    There are a wide variety of alcoholic beverages to choose from, including two beer taps with rotating beer selections and many bottles of beer and wine in the refrigerator. There are plenty available by the glass, with an emphasis on regional options. Although the drink menu is somewhat limited, it excels at what it does offer.

    Cheese and charcuterie boards are the only options for food, but if you are hungry you can always get a burger from Flipside, which is right next door. It's part of Blumann and Fleming's sprawling empire, which also includes the Mechanics Institute and The Dominion League in Northbridge, as well as Propeller just across the street.

    Old Faithful Bar and BBQ Fremantle

    Old Faithful Bar & Grill on King Street is a must-try for anybody in the area. The restaurant's trademark Brisket, for example, is brined for six to eight hours before being smoked for 14 hours with a house-made Texas-style rub, and is a big part of the reason why it has been widely regarded as one of the best American-style BBQs in Perth.

    Since opening on King Street in 2014, Old Faithful Bar & Barbecue has been providing some of the greatest barbeque in Perth. Rob Paolucci, who inherited the business in 2017 from his parents, has opened a second location in the thriving western section of Fremantle. It fits right in on Pakenham Street, which is also home to Bread in Common and the Republic of Fremantle distillery.

    Hence, it came as great news to us when we learned that they were planning to open a second location in Fremantle's underground.

    During the height of the gold rush in 1898, architect Herbert Nathaniel Davis built this historic venue for the wine and liquor trader Trolley & Company. Davis is also responsible for the design of the nearby Union Stores Building and Esplanade Hotel. Rob the owner and his father, Ray Paolucci, put in a lot of time and effort to restore and repurpose the basement.

    The bar and restaurant are located in the basement of a historic structure dating back 140 years (originally a liquor merchant and, more recently, a clothing store and then a wedding venue). With the help of his father, Paolucci built the spectacular fit-out, which includes a striking wooden bar, leather chairs, and barrels, that compliment the old site's exposed brick walls and pillars.

    We can't reveal too much, but we can tell you that they'll be serving locally sourced meats that have been smoked for up to 36 hours and complemented with their own special blends of spices and sauces.

    You may chow down on some old-fashioned smoked meats, chow down on a burger, try out some new sides, and finish it all off with some home-cooked desserts. When you leave, your stomach and your mood will both be satisfied.

    The room can hold up to 200 people, but it seems cosy and intimate despite its large size. The bar itself is a little labyrinth, while the adjacent laneway offers an open beer hall vibe not dissimilar to that of the King Street location.

    The pub has 32 taps, which is twice as many as King Street, and features a wide variety of beers from Washington State. There will always be at least two options for beer, regardless of your taste. Feral Beer pints can be purchased for as little as $8.

    Hand-crafted cocktails, cold draught beers, and speciality spirits are all available from the extensive beverages menu. The tavern licence at their new Fremantle facility sets them apart from the competition, as it permits customers to order alcohol to go.

    That's right, you can choose from 32 different beers on tap and buy bottles of whisky and bourbon that are otherwise difficult to come by. That's the kind of service we'd enjoy receiving after a meal.

    Certain rare bottles that were once part of Paolucci's personal collection of whiskies can now be purchased for as much as $110. Two of the taps are set aside for batch cocktails, so pick your poison and make a Negroni or Boulevardier for as little or as much as you'd like to spend.

    Chicken, smoked brisket, ribs, and even mac 'n' cheese and fried maple potatoes can be found on the menu, along with other traditional barbeque dishes. Sandwiches, burgers, and loaded platters are all available in more variety.

    perth juicy buns burger

    Juicy Buns

    Need the tastiest burger in Perth? If so, you must visit Juicy Buns immediately. If it wasn't already clear, Perth has a thing with temporary establishments, then Juicy Buns fits right in. They have been a regular fixture at Shelley's Tribute Coffee & Restaurant since the new year.

    You might be surprised to see Andrew Kenyon manning the grill at Juicy Buns Burgers, as he is better known in Perth for his stints behind the coffee machine at cafes like TimberFrisch and Barc, and Uptown Cottesloe. His new line had its first public showing in March at Timber, where all three nights were completely sold out, and will have another round of pop-ups in May at the Northbridge bar The Bird.

    Once Kenyon's interest in coffee waned and he began to resent the personal connection that cooks had with their patrons, he decided to give burgers a try. Coffee, he says, is simply regarded as a requirement of daily life. We weighed everything, calculated the extraction percentages, and poured our whole hearts into it. Perhaps this is a Western Australia thing. In response, they add sugar and declare that they'd rather drink "standard" coffee. Kenyon collaborated with a local butcher to refine his product through a combination of in-depth study, at-home testing, and secret tastings.

    "For three months straight, on Fridays We stocked up on a wide variety of cuts, mixes, fat percentages, and grind sizes," they explains. "If we offer anything to the table, it is an attempt to perfect the art of the well-rounded burger. A balance of salt, sugar, fat, and acid. Trashy hamburgers. Crisp, chilled salad. Milder sauces than the ones usually used."

    The menu at Juicy Buns is minimal, featuring only a few meat, poultry, and vegan choices. One of the most important aspects of the brand is its accessibility, which is reflected in the burgers' sub-$10 pricing point. Burgers made from beef, poultry, and vegetables are on the menu, so there's something for everyone. The potato buns used in each burger are likewise homemade.

    Their original Juicy Topping Up burger is loaded with two slices of cheese, maple-glazed streaky bacon, and that delicious juicy sauce. These rosemary-and-sea-salt chippies are the perfect complement to your burger. If you want your beef well done, let them know that you would like it cooked a little longer than the standard time (from medium-rare to medium).

    "Between the ages of eighteen and thirty-five, you're either in college and broke, courting and broke, newly married and broke, or supporting a small family and broke," says Kenyon. "Dining out is so expensive these days that we're trying to keep things as low-priced as possible." For those who were unable to visit the Timber pop-ups, we recommend not skimping on the napkins.

    Kenyon guarantees that no matter how many times you order a Juicy burger, the bread will never be dry. "The burger patties in every single one you order are drenched with sauce. Nobody has time for dry burgers, therefore we stick to our name." Come hungry on Friday and Saturday nights because these legendary burgers are as juicy as their name suggests.

    Brooklyn Lounge

    Brooklyn Lounge caters exclusively to your needs. The Drunk Texan, Empire State Building, and "The Brooklyn" burgers are just a few examples of the menu's patriotic nods to individual states.

    Free fries are included with every burger order. Brooklyn bar is more expensive than average, but well worth it. While their burgers shine thanks to their use of fresh ingredients, they also serve other American standards like Jalapeo Poppers, cornbread, and pecan pie.

    Have a look at the menu: in Brooklyn, there's something for every taste. Vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options can be found alongside those for the standard omnivore.

    You can easily satisfy your hunger with one of the many available meals. You can choose from a variety of breakfast foods, including some unique selections like corn cakes, in addition to the traditional fare. The main menu is packed with delicious options like fish, meats, and wagyu beef burgers. There are a variety of salads available to complement the main course. Malteser and S'mores popcorn are only two of the delicious sweets available.

    A large selection of teas, coffees, and hot chocolate are available. For a more chill option, try a shake, smoothie, juice, or nut milk. Beers, ciders, wines, whiskies, cognacs, and more are all readily available, as are many other alcoholic beverages for those with a taste for the bolder. Imaginative names like "Ehh Shaddap You Face!" are given to certain mixed drinks.

    What's more, Brooklyn Lounge provides weekly specials like "Hip Hop & Hot Dogs" on Wednesdays, "Shucks, It's Friday" with $1 oysters, and "Hungover Sundays" to help you recover from the previous night and prepare for the week ahead. For all its activity, Brooklyn is an excellent addition to the dining options in Claremont and the modest nightlife of Perth.

    perth 3230 smoke + grill burger

    3230 Smoke + Grill

    Burgers at 3230 Smoke + Grill are among the greatest on the south of the river. You won't go hungry here, with countless possible flavour combinations involving spices, bacon, beef, chicken, and more. They don't put any limits on how high you can pile your burger, so long as you have a big enough stomach.

    After sampling a few of the huge 'orses at 3230's burgs over the past year, we were forced to move them up here from their former position as one of our community's bottom tips. There is such a wide variety of burgers available that sometimes the hardest part is deciding which one to choose.

    Located between a KFC and Cheesecake Shop, a large industrial area, the motorway, and Armadale Road, the eatery looks like it might be a part of a roadhouse that also includes the nearby gas station.

    Yet, you can't judge a book by its cover. The moment we stepped into the restaurant, we forgot all about the weather and instead focused on the tantalising aroma of barbeque wafting from the open kitchen. The space is stylishly minimalist, with polished concrete floors, white subway tiles, and exposed light bulbs. Because of their enormous size (patty stacking is actively encouraged) and exorbitant prices, only the Flamin' choices can compete with our penchant for heat (meat or chicken).

    In short order, three burgers—a BBQ Bacon Cheesy (a monstrous beef patty topped with crispy bacon, brioche bun and a thick-cut pickles), a Spiced Bird (a coleslaw combo and fried chicken), and a Bad Boy Brisket on a gluten-free bun—arrive, along with house cut chips and sweet potato fries.

    When combined with the tangy coleslaw, the BBQ Bacon Cheese is like a shot of cheese, meat, and bacon into your veins, while the Spiced Bird burger's fried chicken is delightfully crunchy and nicely seasoned. The brioche bun was really soft, and the gluten-free bun far beyond expectations. Although you may not be able to sample everything on the evening menu, including the smoked meats, ribs, and other American BBQ standards, the Bad Boy Brisket burger is loaded with the best brisket you've ever tasted. For the true carnivore, this is the best option.

    It's quite difficult to find a restaurant in Perth that serves authentic versions of American classics like hot dogs, Tex-Mex, soul food, and Jewish deli fare. It's always refreshing when a new concept restaurant opens in our fair country, but unfortunately, only a small percentage of them live up to the anticipation. It's safe to say that the guys at 3230 Smoke + Grill have delivered the goods when it comes to authentic American burgers and Barbecue. You should definitely check out this Jandakot treasure if you're the type of person who waited in line for hours only to eat at In-N-Out Burger.


    The cheapest choice is $10, while the "Big Daddy," which includes a salad, an additional burger, smoked bacon, and cheddar cheese, costs $11. The utilization of organic, free-range, and freshly produced Western Australian ingredients gives the burgers a flavorful punch. Homemade ice cream is also offered. The fried chicken is named and prepared by Pavlos's brother Danny, and the "Chilli Chilli Bang Bang" includes extra jalapenos and chilli flakes. The food provided onboard Qantas flights is prepared by Neil Perry, whose most well-known company is Rockpool Bar & Grill. It sells premium burgers for reasonable pricing that are made with fresh ingredients. Former sous chef at Rockpool in Sydney, Dan Masters now oversees the large, open kitchen where he emphasizes West Australian foods. At least ten distinct types of steak, most of which are nine or higher on the Wagyu marble scale, are available on the comprehensive menu, which is powered by a charcoal oven and wood-fired grill. North Fremantle's Mrs Brown is a cozy, relaxed bar that offers more than simply steak. It is the ultimate drinking establishment with a Victorian motif, and the hospitable environment is suited for the queen herself. Due to a collaboration between the bar and Flipside Burgers, customers can also order meals in addition to drinks and snacks. There is a large assortment of alcoholic beverages available, including numerous bottles of beer and wine in the refrigerator and two beer taps with a choice of changing beers. The 2300 bottles of wine on the outstanding wine list range in price from $46 to $12,000. The only meal options are cheese and charcuterie platters, but if you're really hungry, you can always buy a burger from Flipside. Anybody in the neighborhood should visit Old Faithful Bar & Grill on King Street, which serves some of Perth's greatest American-style BBQ. After taking over the company from his parents in 2017, Rob Paolucci created a second store in the flourishing western district of Fremantle, which is housed in the basement of a 140-year-old building. The bar and restaurant will serve locally sourced meats that have been smoked for up to 36 hours along with unique sides and desserts that they have created themselves. 32 taps, a large selection of beers, hand-crafted cocktails, cool draught beers, specialty spirits, and a tavern license are all features of the pub. Customers may also order alcohol to go. Along with sandwiches, burgers, loaded platters, and other conventional barbecue fare, chicken, smoked brisket, ribs, and other options are offered. Rare whiskey and bourbon bottles can cost as much as $110.

    Content Summary

    1. Delicious Mexican food is available at La Vida Urbana in Leederville, a slightly more laid-back eatery run by the same renown chefs as El Publico.
    2. You may load up on delicious street cuisine at this place every night till late.
    3. La Vida Urbana is obviously modeled by El Publico, its parent business.
    4. La Vida Urbana, however, is more than just moving the Mexican picnic from Beaufort Street to Leederville.
    5. The original Leederville location is better characterized as a bar-slash-restaurant, but this newly renovated location pays homage to the neighborhood's long-standing café tradition.
    6. Street food-inspired items like corn chips and guacamole are served alongside brunch entrees like skirt steak with beans and chipotle hollandaise.
    7. La Vida Urbana will present a meal featuring five of Oaxaca's most distinctive flavors, all of which will be matched with mezcal.
    8. You may attend for just $59 on May 13 at 6 o'clock.
    9. Its chief chef, who holds a Michelin star, will create a scrumptious menu that includes foods that have never been offered at La Vida Urbana.
    10. There will be samples of derrumbes mezcal from Oaxaca, San Luis Potosi, Zacatecas, and Durango available.
    11. Meet and Bun Because of their "obsession" with the burger, Meet & Bun is committed to providing you with the best burgers in Perth.
    12. The Meet & Bun app has developed a devoted, cult-like following since its release in 2015.
    13. Because there are now three locations, getting one of these Shake Shack-inspired burgers is even less of a headache.
    14. Pavlos spent six months perfecting his burger recipe with the help of his family and friends, which was influenced by the samples he tried while touring America.
    15. Like Shake Shack, Meet & Bun serves 100% chuck beef from Princi Butchers in their hand-pressed, on-site patties, which are served pink since they don't have any chemicals.
    16. One of our favorite restaurants in Perth is Meet & Bun, which serves Shake Shack-inspired burgers and is solely famous for its name.
    17. Because they are made with organic, free-range, and freshly prepared Western Australian ingredients, the burgers are simple but flavorful.
    18. Burgers from "The Dark Knight" and "Breaking Bad" are unlike anything you've ever had.
    19. The cheapest burger costs $10, while the "Big Daddy," which includes a salad, an additional patty, smoky bacon, and cheddar cheese, costs $11.
    20. Danny, Pavlos's brother, supplies the fried chicken's name and recipe "Jalapenos and chilli flakes are added to Chilli Chilli Bang Bang.
    21. All of the burgers are topped with fresh, daily-produced chipotle mayo.
    22. The Western Australian ingredients, particularly the rosy, tender, hand-pressed Euro Chef beef patties, will steal the show whether you're in the mood for a straightforward cheeseburger or a towering skyscraper of cuisine.
    23. You can rely on them to offer premium burgers at reasonable costs that are produced using fresh ingredients.
    24. Rockpool Restaurant & Bar At this gorgeous restaurant, you can count on the chefs to make a fantastic burger.
    25. The meals served onboard Qantas aircraft, as well as a restaurant empire spread out over the nation, are prepared by the ponytailed chef Neil Perry.
    26. His Rockpool Bar & Grill may be the most well-known of his businesses, despite the fact that he has had several successes.
    27. The first facility opened in 2006 at Melbourne's Crown Casino, and there are more locations in Sydney and Perth.
    28. The western equivalent of Rockpool is the Crown Perth site.
    29. Although there is a bar to the right that serves ten different types of burgers, you must make a reservation for a table in the dining room if you want the genuine stuff.
    30. Former sous chef at Rockpool in Sydney, Dan Masters is now in charge of the roomy, open kitchen, where he emphasizes West Australian products (besides the beef).
    31. Just as scary is the wine list, which features 2300 bottles with prices ranging from $46 to $12,000.
    32. Brown, Mrs. in a North Fremantle bar A relaxing, cozy tavern like Mrs. Brown is perfect for meeting up with old friends over a drink.
    33. The ideal Victorian-themed bar, Mrs. Brown has a cozy and welcoming ambiance worthy for the queen herself.
    34. In this delightful Victorian terrace, stay warm by the fireplace in the winter and soak up the sun on the courtyard in the summer.
    35. Siobhan Blumann and Hamish Fleming entered the bar business for the first time with Mrs. Brown in the late aughts, when Perth was granted a small-bar license.
    36. The result is a cozy refuge with stone walls, leather wingback chairs, and a woodpile.
    37. Due to the way it combines modern Freo with Victorian parlor, it has a distinctive charm.
    38. The wine list is superb and in keeping with the establishment's focus on wine, there is also a huge variety of unique beers and ciders.
    39. Pick up a cheese platter at Mrs. Brown's or a burger at Flipside, both of which are nearby.
    40. A large range of alcoholic beverages are available, including numerous bottles of beer and wine in the refrigerator and two beer taps with a choice of changing beers.
    41. Despite having a rather small drink selection, it excels in what it does have.
    42. Barbeque at Old Faithful Bar Fremantle Anybody in the vicinity should visit Old Faithful Bar & Restaurant on King Street.
    43. One of the primary factors contributing to the restaurant's reputation as one of the best American-style BBQs in Perth is the restaurant's signature brisket, which is brined for six to eight hours before being smoked for 14 hours with a house-made Texas-style rub.
    44. Old Faithful Bar & Barbecue has been serving some of Perth's best barbecue since it opened on King Street in 2014.
    45. Rob Paolucci, who took over the company from his parents in 2017, has established a second site in Fremantle's burgeoning western district.
    46. It blends in well with the rest of Pakenham Street, which also houses the Republic of Fremantle distillery and Bread in Common.
    47. We were therefore delighted to learn that they intended to open a second store in Fremantle's subterranean.
    48. For the wine and liquor trader Trolley & Company, architect Herbert Nathaniel Davis constructed this iconic location in 1898, at the height of the gold rush.
    49. The basement was restored and used for a variety of purposes by the owner, Rob, and his father, Ray Paolucci.
    50. The pub and restaurant are housed in the basement of a 140-year-old historic building (originally a liquor merchant and, more recently, a clothing store and then a wedding venue).
    51. You can have some traditional smoked meats, a burger, some novel sides, and homemade sweets to round out your meal.
    52. While the pub itself is a bit of a labyrinth, the next laneway has a similar open beer hall atmosphere as the King Street location.
    53. The bar offers a large selection of beers from Washington State and has 32 taps, which is twice as many as King Street.
    54. Whatever your preference, there will always be at least two options for beer.
    55. The broad beverage menu offers hand-crafted cocktails, cool draught beers, and specialty spirits.
    56. Their new Fremantle location's tavern license distinguishes them from the competition because it allows consumers to order alcohol for delivery.
    57. That's correct, you can purchase bottles of scotch and bourbon that are otherwise hard to get in addition to choosing from 32 different beers on tap.
    58. The menu includes classic barbecue fare including chicken, smoked brisket, ribs, and even mac 'n cheese and fried maple potatoes.
    59. From the beginning of the year, they have been a consistent presence at Shelley's Tribute Coffee & Café.
    60. Given that Andrew Kenyon is more known in Perth for his time spent operating the espresso machine at cafes like Timber, Frisch and Barc, and Uptown Cottesloe, you might be surprised to see him operating the grill at Juicy Buns Burgers.
    61. With a combination of in-depth research, in-home testing, and covert tastings, Kenyon worked with a nearby butcher to improve his product "Juicy Buns has a small menu with only a few options for meat, poultry, and vegans.
    62. The accessibility of the brand, which is reflected in the burgers' under-$10 price range, is one of its most significant features.
    63. There are burgers prepared from beef, chicken, and veggies on the menu, so everyone can find something they like.

    Frequently Asked Questions About The Best Burgers In Perth

    Market Grounds. In-N-Out Burger at Market Grounds, Perth attracts queues of hundreds of people.

    Burgers have always been a popular choice among Australian's, particularly in the mid-to-late 20th century with the rise of the fast food phenomenon.

    The best ground beef to buy for burgers is 80/20 ground chuck – 80% lean meat and 20% fat. Ground chuck is ground from the shoulder and has that ideal lean-to-fat ratio of 80/20 (i.e. not too lean) for a super flavorful, juicy burger. Ground round comes from the back of the cow, near the tail, upper leg, and rump.

    The most eaten and most popular burger in the world by far is the cheeseburger. Invented and popularized by Americans, the cheeseburger is now available all over the world through McDonald's.

    The term 'red meat' includes many different species – beef, lamb, sheep, pork, goat, horse, and camel. For the purposes of this article, we also consider Australia's wild game (kangaroo, wild boar, deer and more) to be part of the red meat industry. Australia's largest and most popular commodity is beef.

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