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Where To Go For A Long Lunch In Perth?

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    Here are some of the best spots in Perth for a leisurely lunch, where you can enjoy both delicious food and a laid-back ambience. In addition, the quality of service typically improves when there is less of an emphasis on speed.

    The blog post will cover five various dining establishments, such as restaurants, cafes, bars, and pubs, where one may enjoy a leisurely lunch in Perth. The article will also explain what makes these places exceptional and therefore worth visiting rather than others.

    When you have a lot on your plate, taking an extended lunch break is a luxury. In any case, there's no need to stress because Perth is home to a plethora of excellent eateries where you can take your time and savour a delicious dinner. Some of the best Perth spots for a leisurely afternoon meal. The tone is beneficial because it suggests several places to eat during lunchtime that won't require folks to rush back to the office after their meal.

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    Perth's Finest Spots For A Long Lunch

    Food isn't the only thing that matters over a long meal. Astounding scenery and a soothing ambience are perfect companions for savouring delicious bites.

    Feeling like you're living your greatest life is as easy as taking a long, lavish meal. There is something about taking your time over a meal that is typically very utilitarian in the middle of the day that gives you a sense of time and life slowing down a bit that cannot be found at any other meal.

    While most restaurants in Perth have a relaxed atmosphere, some are more suited for long afternoon lunches than others. Gather your pals, find a parking spot, and prepare to spend the entire day at one of Perth's top long-lunch destinations.


    Old Chestnut Lane, Jarrahdale.

    9525 5796;

    Occasionally, a chef will come along who is so driven that, if he can't alter the entire globe, he can at least make a positive impact on his little community. Guy Jefferies is the man behind the kitchen, and he does more than just take care of the winery's 90-year-old orchard and heirloom vegetable garden; he also creates daily, ever-changing menus that will blow your mind with the deliciousness of the ingredients. The restaurant offers both a la carte and three-course meal options. It's not just affordable at $75 per person (add $15 or $25 for paired wines), but necessary.


    1 Napoleon Street, Cottesloe.

    9384 0696;

    This light and airy cafe is a mainstay for the city's well-heeled west-burbs crowd. If you get there early enough, you could see Julie Bishop sipping coffee after her morning run on the beach. If you're lucky enough to get a table on the sidewalk during lunch, you may idle away the afternoon with one of Leigh Nash's perfectly prepared Asian dishes. The 16 years he's spent with Vans have given him the assurance to try new things like twice-cooked pig hock, pulled pork chimichanga, and spicy Indonesian fried eggs. It's the ideal spot for people-watching.

    Bib & Tucker

    18 Leighton Beach Boulevard, North Fremantle.

    9433 2147;

    For good reason, Bib & Tucker is considered Perth's best oceanfront restaurant. Despite the fact that its neighbour, Cottesloe, gets all the attention when it comes to Instagrammable photo ops, Bib & Tucker is where locals and tourists alike go for a modern Australian-style long lunch with a view of the sparkling waters of Leighton. Wood-fired rosemary flatbread is perfect for those in need of a quick and satisfying meal. Lamb shoulder, cooked low and slow for 12 hours in a wood-fired oven, is another labour of love. Diners are enticed to stay a little longer because of that and the stunning vistas.

    Si Paradiso

    The antique Italian atmosphere at Si Paradiso will make you feel as though you've travelled back in time to 1970s Amalfi. Its mouthwatering Italian delicacies are ideal for sharing over extended meals, and their bar has cocktails you won't want to end. Relax in the amphitheatre, get a round of spritzes, and settle in; you'll be here till the sun goes down.


    Besk, a new restaurant that opened in 2019, has rapidly become a fan favourite. This is a boutique bottle shop as well as a bar, so if you're looking for something a little different than what's on the menu, you can step inside and peruse the shelves. This hip West Leedy bar and bistro is so enjoyable that it's easy to lose track of time and the number of drinks you've had.

    The Shorehouse

    You may visit for the striped yellow umbrella photo op, but you'll stick around for the fried cauliflower and superb Bloody Marys. Shorehouse is perfect for any kind of leisurely noon meal, whether you want to sit back and soak up the sun on the deck, take your time over a gourmet meal inside, or just have a casual chat in one of the booths near the front door.


    We think Cooee is the ideal place for boozy long lunches, what with its picturesque setting and tantalising food and drink choices. The menu is designed to be shared, with the majority of the items being seafood, but there are also some fantastic vegetarian and vegan options. With a wide selection of Australian gins and some great low-intervention wines, the bar is a great place to unwind with friends or a group of strangers. Afterwards, if you can, request an outdoor table so that you may take in the ambience and sunshine of the riverbank.

    Il Lido

    Food at Il Lido is like a warm embrace—a long, lingering one—on a plate because of the restaurant's seamless blend of fine and casual eating. Lovingly prepared, produce-driven Italian cooking in a cosy beachfront cafeteria provides for the ideal leisurely lunch, and that's before you even start on the award-winning wine list. Beware: you might be eating this soon!

    Take a friend to il Lido if you need to sell them on why Perth is awesome (or OK!). Though its prime tourist location meant that it may get away with a lot, the beachfront serenity (and views) and unwavering commitment to quality have made it a favourite among Perth's foodies.

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    Odyssea is much more than a place to grab a quick coffee and newspaper after a swim; it has beautiful ocean views, plenty of natural light, and delicious selections for a leisurely lunch. Because it is both upscale and chill, you can walk in wearing flip-flops and leave eating oysters and popping champagne bottles three hours later.

    Coogee Common 

    You can know that the food at Coogee Common, located in the Old Coogee Hotel and opened by the same people responsible for Bread in Common, will be exceptional. The seasonal menu, created by Head Chef Scott Brannigan and based on ingredients from the restaurant's garden (which diners can visit) is light, healthy, and full of flavour. Share plates are perfect if you're just looking for a bite to eat, and they pair well with a bottle of local wine, a botanical cocktail, or a glass of their own elderflower soda.

    Market Grounds 

    Market Grounds has a fantastic drinks menu and huge meaty shares, making it ideal for lengthy lunches with a large group. Two examples are the 1 kilogramme dry-aged sirloin served on the bone with fries and a variety of sauces, and the 12 hour slow-roasted lamb shoulder with salsa verde. Bombe alaska is a great choice for dessert.

    Island Market

    Island Market is a genuine neighbourhood hangout with a relaxed yet lively vibe; its speciality is filled pitas stuffed with lamb or chicken shawarma, pork, or falafel. You could also get a drink and try to decide between many options from the shared plates menu, but that would take too long and would thus count as a separate lengthy lunch.

    The Beach Club

    104 Marine Parade, Cottesloe.

    9383 1100;

    Chef Stuart Laws has just taken up residence in the kitchen of the Beach Club at the Cottesloe Beach Hotel, where he has refocused the offering to cater to more discerning diners while yet staying approachable with dishes like gourmet burgers and pizza. Start with a popcorn prawn cracker filled with a delicious prawn herb salad, and then satisfy your hunger with some roast wrapped pork, whose crackling is out of this world. Carrots roasted over wood, served with labne and honeycomb, are also noteworthy.

    Mandoon Estate

    10 Harris Road, Caversham.

    6279 0500;

    When you want to relax with a degustation in the evening or catch up with friends over a casual lunch at a gastropub, Mandoon is the place to go. Although it serves standard fare like burgers and pizza, the Homestead Brewery stands out with dishes like ginger-chili mussels, calamari with wasabi mayo, and lamb shoulder with freekah. Conversely, the Wild Swan serves up to seven upscale courses, with dishes including saltbush and miso amped rabbit, nettle and ricotta cannelloni, and the irresistible zucchini fries.

    Petition Kitchen

    Petition Kitchen is the pinnacle of laid-back dining. Take your time with seasonal delicacies that are equal parts rustic sophistication and quirky in the form of sharing plates. A late long lunch in the gorgeous State Buildings would not be complete without a few glasses of wine and maybe a little black.


    Madalena's has one of the best wine selections in Perth and serves sustainably caught seafood that will make your afternoons fly by. Instead, grab a seat at an outdoor table and take in the pleasant South Freo weather and atmosphere.

    Little Creatures

    There's never been a better place to have a long, crazy meal. The relaxed vibe, friendly service, and delectable fare at Little Creatures make it a popular spot among locals and visitors alike. With the cool Fremantle air and the sound of the sea lapping against the dock, your leisurely meal may easily evolve into supper. Don't resist it; instead, walk over to Harbourside for additional drinks and appetisers while you watch the sun go down.

    Emily Taylor

    Emily Taylor, the 450-person bar and restaurant within Fremantle's stunning new Warders Hotel, has all you need for a leisurely lunch of dumplings, crispy squid, and delectable cocktails. There are plenty of small meals to keep you full all afternoon, including dumplings, buns and nibbles, share plates, and the restaurant's distinctive Emily Taylor roast duck. With the extensive bar selection and airy back garden, you won't want to leave anytime soon.


    Balthazar has been a staple in the neighbourhood since the 1990s, despite changing hands several times. This year's trend away from casual, family-style dining and towards more regimented menus and a more formal setting is a bit comical. Ideal for a leisurely noon break from the hustle and bustle of the City or a long, elegant lunch.

    Smooth and easy to understand. Appropriate for the workplace yet with a little wink. Its classic eating area exudes the kind of self-assured, New York–like, money–never–sleeps ambience that any traveller to the Big Apple would desire, but does so with an inviting warmth that is quintessentially Western Australian. All the indulgent bases are covered between the tartare, terrine, kangaroo loin, and duck fat potatoes, not to mention the extensive wine list.

    Bib & Tucker 

    The stunning views of the ocean from the deck at Bib & Tucker make for a leisurely meal. The atmosphere is just right for a leisurely lunch, striking a balance between lavishness and ease.


    We have been frequenting Bivouac since it first opened in 2011 for its delicious Middle Eastern cuisine. You can scarcely picture William Street in Northbridge without the eatery. A well-balanced sharing menu that features Western Australian ingredients lives up to the welcoming ambience and exceptional service.

    Bread In Common

    As a result of its consistent high quality and welcoming atmosphere, Bread In Common has become a popular choice among Freo diners. The lamb ribs are always a must, but there are many other great options on the seasonal menu. And that's without even touching on the city's now-iconic namesake bread, which inspired other eateries and bakers to improve their own loaves.


    We've spent more time than we care to confess at Hadiqa, but that just proves how great it is for a leisurely meal. The restaurant's location at Hibernian Place is as elegant as the Middle Eastern inspiration for its food. Imagine a Moroccan restaurant with beautiful tiles, lush plants, lots of natural light, and spectacular lighting; once you've finished gawking at the decor, choose a seat and get ready to have your jaw drop again when you see the food.

    Drasko’s Hot Chicken

    What happens when you take someone with a love for Nashville fried chicken and teach them the precision cooking skills they learned at Noma? We're thrilled that you're getting Drasko's. Drasko's has been making headlines since it opened at the beginning of the year, with crowds of people waiting to get their hands on the restaurant's signature crispy, juicy, and spicy fare. Only Washington State ingredients are used, and all condiments, including pickles and hot sauces, are prepared in-house.


    It would be easy to categorise Ichirin, a family-run Japanese takeout restaurant in Leeming, as a top pick for the best restaurants in the area if you happened to find it by accident. You would be doing a disservice to Ichirin and yourself if you did not try the omakase; the informal lunch fare is, really nicely executed and to give credit where credit is due. Chef Shiro Okuchi is a seafood expert, and the chef's choice omakase menu is the best method to display the harmonious fusion of Japanese cuisine and West Australian ingredients.

    Cosy Del’s

    We've always praised Lathlain's Laika as a top choice for coffee and brunch, so when we heard they were launching a bar/restaurant next door, we were naturally curious. Cosy Del's has more than lived up to our high expectations. The steak, infused with the smokiness of the hibachi grill and smothered in lardo butter, has been on our minds nonstop, while the charred broccolini stuffed with ricotta and hazelnuts has been filling our dreams.

    Heritage Wine Bar

    The Heritage Wine Bar's interior design is as timeless as the name suggests, with white tablecloths, bentwood seats, and a predominantly black and white colour scheme. Dishes like chicken and rabbit terrine with wattleseed and Geraldton wax, or local fish with almond, bread, and Warrigal greens, have a distinct European flair while still tasting uniquely Western Australian.


    The five greatest restaurants, cafes, bars, and pubs in Perth for a relaxed midday meal are highlighted here. The service at these restaurants is usually better because they aren't trying to rush people through their meals. The chef, Guy Jefferies, changes the menu everyday to showcase the freshest and most flavorful ingredients, and diners can choose between a la carte and three-course meals. If you're looking for a great oceanfront restaurant in Perth, look no farther than Bib & Tucker, where you can have a lengthy lunch in the spirit of contemporary Australia while gazing out at the waves. The Shorehouse is a trendy West Leedy pub and café with a striped yellow umbrella for photo ops, while Besk is a boutique bottle shop and bar, and Si Paradiso is an antique Italian setting serving delicious Italian cuisine.

    With an extensive list of low-intervention wines and Australian gins, Shorehouse is an ideal spot for a relaxed midday meal. With its scenic backdrop and tantalising food and drink options, Cooee is the ideal destination for drunken, long lunches. The seaside café at Il Lido is a cosy spot with delicious food and an award-winning wine list. If you're trying to persuade a friend that Perth is worthwhile, taking them to il Lido is a great place to start. After a refreshing swim, stop by Odyssea, Coogee Common, Island Market, Market Grounds, or The Beach Club for a cup of coffee and the paper.

    Content Summary

    1. As an added bonus, studies have shown that putting less priority on speed usually results in higher quality service.
    2. In this piece, we'll explore five different places in Perth where you may get a bite to eat over a leisurely lunch.
    3. Furthermore, the article will elaborate on the unique qualities of these locations that make them stand out from the crowd.
    4. Taking a long lunch break can seem like a luxury when you have a lot on your plate.
    5. Perth, however, is home to a myriad of great restaurants where you can relax and enjoy a meal at your own pace.
    6. One simple way to feel like you're living your best life is to indulge in a lengthy, elaborate supper.
    7. A sense of time and life slowing down a bit can only be found when one takes their time over a meal that is generally extremely utilitarian in the middle of the day.
    8. While many eateries in Perth are perfect for unhurried afternoon meals, others may be better suited.
    9. Find a parking spot, round up your mates, and plan to spend the entire day at one of Perth's best long-lunch spots.
    10. The well-heeled residents of the city's western suburbs regularly frequent this bright and spacious cafe.
    11. The freshly prepared Asian cuisine at Leigh Nash's are a great way to while away the afternoon if you happen to get a table outside during lunch.
    12. Locals and visitors alike go to Bib & Tucker despite the fact that its neighbour, Cottesloe, receives all the limelight when it comes to Instagrammable photo shots. enjoy a leisurely lunch in the spirit of contemporary Australia while gazing out at the glistening waters of Leighton.
    13. You may kick back in the amphitheatre with a few spritzes and wait for the sun to go down.
    14. Besk The 2019 addition to the restaurant scene, Besk, has quickly become a favourite.
    15. You may find yourself losing track of time and your drink count at this trendy West Leedy pub and cafe.
    16. Shorehouse is ideal for a relaxed midday lunch, whether you like to lounge on the deck, savour a gourmet meal within, or simply have a conversation with friends in one of the booths at the front entrance.
    17. Cooee We think Cooee's stunning surroundings and tantalising food and drink options make it the perfect place for boozy long lunches.
    18. The bar is a terrific location to relax with friends or a random group of people thanks to its extensive assortment of Australian gins and outstanding low-intervention wines.
    19. Following that, if possible, ask for a table outside so you can take in the scenery and sunshine along the river.
    20. The Coast of Lido The seamless combination of elegant and casual dining at Il Lido creates a dining experience akin to a warm embrace—a long, lingering one—on a plate.
    21. Italian food made with care and a focus on fresh local ingredients served in a cosy beachfront cafeteria along with a glass of wine from their extensive wine list makes for the perfect leisurely meal.
    22. If you need to convince a buddy that Perth is cool (or great! ), take them to il Lido.
    23. The seaside tranquilly (and views) and unwavering devotion to quality have made it a favourite among Perth's foodies, despite the restaurant's great tourist position, which may allow it to get away with a lot.
    24. Odyssea Odyssea is more than just a location to grab coffee and the paper after a swim; with its ocean views, abundant windows, and tasty menu options, it's the perfect spot for a relaxing midday meal.
    25. Coogee Common, often known as Coogee Coogee Common, housed in the historic Old Coogee Hotel, was founded by the same team responsible for the acclaimed Bread in Common, so you know the quality of the fare served there will be superb.
    26. The restaurant's garden (which guests are welcome to explore) provides the inspiration for Head Chef Scott Brannigan's seasonal menu, which is both nutritious and delicious.
    27. If you're just wanting to grab a quick bite, try one of their share plates; they go great with a bottle of the house wine, a botanical cocktail, or a glass of their own elderflower soda.
    28. Areas of the Market Market Grounds is great for long meals with a large party because of its great drinks menu and enormous meaty plates.
    29. Island Market Pitas loaded with lamb or chicken shawarma, pork, or falafel are the house speciality at Island Market, a genuine neighbourhood hangout with a laid-back yet bustling ambience.
    30. The time it takes to order a drink and consider the many alternatives on the shared plates menu is so great that it would effectively constitute a second, much longer meal.
    31. Since recently taking up home in the kitchen of the Beach Club at the Cottesloe Beach Hotel, Chef Stuart Laws has refocused the cuisine to appeal to more discerning diners while still remaining approachable with meals like gourmet burgers and pizza.
    32. Mandoon is the perfect spot for unwinding with a degustation in the evening or meeting up with pals for a casual lunch at a gastropub.
    33. Kitchen Petition If you're looking for the ultimate in casual eating, look no further than Petition Kitchen.
    34. Some wine and maybe some dark would be perfect with that late, leisurely lunch in the beautiful State Buildings.
    35. With one of Perth's best wine lists and delicious, sustainably caught seafood, afternoons at Madalena's will fly by.
    36. Instead, choose a table outside to enjoy the sunny day and relaxed vibes that characterise South Freo.
    37. Infantile Organisms Never before has there been a more ideal setting for a leisurely and riotous supper.
    38. Little Creatures is a favourite among locals and tourists thanks to its chill ambience, helpful staff, and tasty food.
    39. Instead of fighting it, stroll over to Harbourside for more beverages and snacks while the sun sets.
    40. Miss Emily Taylor Enjoy dumplings, crispy squid, and delicious drinks at your leisure at Emily Taylor, a bar and restaurant seating 450 located in Fremantle's gorgeous new Warders Hotel.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Long Lunch In Perth

    The idea with a long lunch is to sit, relax and enjoy each other's company for a few hours. Let your guests know this. Invite them to arrive a little later in the day, say around 1pm so that the lunch can spill out into the afternoon.

    With a population of 1.6 million, it is still the fourth largest city in the country, however, the vibe of Perth is much more laid-back than in Sydney or Melbourne. Perth is famous for its appreciation of good coffee and is home to hundreds of coffee shops that celebrate the art of making excellent coffee creations.

    • Meat Pies.
    • Anzac Biscuits.
    • Chicken Parma (AKA Chicken Parmigiana)
    • Pavlova.
    • Witchetty Grub.
    • BBQ's.
    • Kangaroo.
    • Lamingtons.

    Australian breakfast can be put together in many ways, but the most popular & preferred morning food was “The Big Fry”. Nothing can beat a well-cooked farm fresh eggs, Smokey bacon, grilled tomato, and mushrooms.

    You can use the word lunch when you are having a meal with a friend or a family member. You can use the word luncheon when you are having the midday meal with a client or a business partner. Lunch is more associated with informal situations while the luncheon is associated with formal situations.

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