best things to do in perth this october

Best Things To Do In Perth This October

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    You'd be hard pressed to find a city in Australia that's more underappreciated than Perth. There's a lot to see and see in this 1.6 million-person city that's inland from the coastal areas megacities.

    Festivals like Perth World Arts Festival and Festival World highlight the many attractions of our city every October, and that includes the delicious array of cuisines available here. What follows is a glimpse into the coming month in the state capital of Western Australia.

    Each year on the first weekend of October, Kings Park hosts the Fall into Winter celebration, giving locals and tourists a taste of winter without the frigid weather that typically comes with it. Ice skating and other activities will be part of this celebration.

    Perth, Western Australia, was once known mostly for its laid-back atmosphere, pristine beaches, and year-round sunshine, earning it the nickname "sleepy city."

    Each month, you can choose from a wide variety of activities, such as comedy festivals, car park parties, pop-up movie screenings, and folk festivals.

    Looking for the top October activities in Perth? If that's the case, stop right here! We've put together an overview of some of the best things going on in the month ahead. Here are a few of the most anticipated festivals and events taking place in and around Perth this October. Find out what's going on and don't miss out!

    The Valley Is Entangled

    Entwined in The Valley is Perth’s answer to Margaret River’s famed Gourmet Escape. During the course of a weekend, attendees can partake in a variety of workshops, dinner, and other events that highlight the best of what the Swan Valley Cuisine and wine region has to offer.

    Entwined inside The Valley provides something for everyone, whether their idea of a great day spent in the valley is to relax and listen to live music, go wine tasting, or explore an art exhibit.

    Pick up a free picnic basket then spend the day exploring the valley in search of the perfect meal from one of the many local suppliers before returning to Taylor Private Estate for an evening of entertainment under the stars and vineyards for $50.

    Alternately, visit Entopia Wines on the weekend for free art exhibitions and wine tastings.

    perth side splitter comedy festival

    Comedy Festival On The Side Splitter

    If laughter is the best medicine, the Side Splitter Comedy Festival is just what the doctor ordered for you after a long week.

    It's safe to say that this year's Side Splitter Comedy Festival, including headliners like Matt Okine and Randy, will live up to its moniker. The festival spans two weekends and features both established comedians and newcomers to Australia's vibrant comedy scene.

    Tickets to see Randy perform or attend a comedy gala presented by Pete Rowsthorn (of Kath & Kim fame) cost $30 each, while a comedy workshop is free for anyone interested in learning the art of stand-up comedy.

    Heath Ledger: A Photographic Portrait

    Heath Ledger: A Career in Images, an exhibition honouring the life of a late Hollywood star and Perth native, will open at the Art Museum of Western Australia on October 14.

    Participate in a $15 movie making masterclass to Daniele Auber (who worked to Ledger just On Brothers Grimm), understand from Vincent Fantauzzo, who decorated Heath again for Archibald Prize, or just drop by to enjoy the art show to the tunes of Colab and Kid Dingo as they help celebrate this same launch of its exclusive Perth exhibition.

    If you're unable to attend on any of the opening days, don't fret; the show will be up until January 29, 2022. The cost of admission is waived.

    South Perth Pop-Up Film Festival

    Perth’s warm spring evenings were made for picnicking and free, open-air movies. In the first of a series of free screenings, the South Perth Pop Up Cinema shows the award-winning documentary Three Starfish Throwers.

    The show starts at 5, so arrive early to grab a place and take advantage of the last rays of sunlight with such a picnic just on grass. Feel free to bring your own picnic basket, or purchase a pre-made meal from one of the many vendors present.

    Carpark Party At Mane Liquor

    The mini-festival that is Mane Liquor’s Carpark Party is making a triumphant return, enhanced with new features and enhancements. A wide variety of breweries, cideries, wineries, distilleries, and restaurants will be on hand, and attendees are encouraged to try something new.

    It's first come, first served at the door, as tickets will not be distributed in advance. Don't waste any time; if the event fills up, your ticket will expire at the specified time. Each individual ticket costs $15.

    Folk Festival In Fremantle

    For anyone still mourning the absence of the Blues ‘N’ Roots Festival, the Fremantle Folk Festival could potentially serve to plug the hole.

    The small-scale festival is returning for a second year, promising to highlight the best of what Fremantle has to offer in terms of music, food, culture, and more. For about $65, you can relax to some of the best live music in the state, eat at one of the food trucks, watch a travelling circus, and enjoy the festival atmosphere.

    This festival's programme may lack the chart-topping giants of others, but it still features internationally famous acts like the Pigram Twins and Eskimo Joe's Kav Temperly, who are sure to get the crowd moving.

    perth maylands twilight market

    Maylands Twilight Market — Street Food & Co.

    Already popular in Bayswater, Street Food & Co. — Our Maylands Sport and Leisure Centre is assisting with the launch of Maylands Food Trucks this October.

    There will be face painting, an jumping castle, and a licenced bar for the adults, as well as a variety other market stalls selling handmade goods and a live band playing music for all tastes (PSA: there's a pasta truck). The cost of admission is waived.

    Perth Events on Friday, October 1, 2021

    2021 ADFAS Lecture Series

    Calling all art lovers! The ADFAS The Live Lectures series returns in 2021 with an impressive roster of Western Australian cultural heavyweights.

    Get your money's worth out of your membership in 2021 before the lectures even begin! Visitors who aren't members can attend the lectures for $25 each show (subject to availability).

    The Northbridge location of a State Library in Western Australia will serve as the venue for these talks. You may enter via Francis Street, and there's a City of Perth parking garage right there for your convenience.

    Cape To Cape 'Quickie' Tour In Two Days

    Edgewalkers' weekend schedule is so packed that you won't know where to start. Cape to Cape 2 Day 'Quickie'!

    Experience two portions of Western Australia's greatest hiking track in the Margaret River Area on the Cape the Cape 2 Day 'Quickie' Tour, held on certain weekends during 2021.

    Take part in this unique Edgewalkers opportunity to explore the stunning landscapes of the American Southwest while staying in luxurious accommodations and dining on delectable fare prepared with ingredients from the region.

    On Day 1, you'll hike 16 kilometres from Joshua Rock to Gracetown while stopping for morning tea at the breathtaking Wilyabrup cliffs with your new pals. Then, eat lunch while overlooking the stunning coastline. Dinner will be served in the historic Ellensbrook homestead using ingredients from the surrounding area.

    You'll leave Redgate Beach and travel to Hooley Road in Boranup Forest on Day 2. (13km). You'll stop for a hot beverage at Redgate Beaches in the morning, then make your way through Boranup Forest, to take in breathtaking views at Bob's Hollow Cave and Contos Beach.

    Calmness permeates the woodland, which is populated by towering Karri & Marri trees. It's an ideal setting for relaxing and getting in touch with the outdoors.

    You can relax and enjoy your time because your guides, Erika & Kirra, have taken care of everything for you, from transportation to and from Perth and Fremantle to the planning and preparation of all meals and snacks.

    perth 1000 dresses for grandmothers

    1000 Grandmother's Dresses

    The Marninwarntikura Women's Resource Centre appeals for donations of women's, men's, and children's apparel in good condition. Focusing primarily on the valley's doting grandmothers.

    In order to help communities and families in Western Australia's far-flung Kimberley Area, the first goal was to collect 1,000 gowns in the coming year to give given as gifts. To that end, they would be grateful for any contributions of good quality they may receive. Read the full story on the poster below, or get the details in PDF form by clicking here.

    To aid in their success, please forwards this article to everyone you know. Both men's and children's clothing, shoes, household items, toys, and NEW underwear are accepted, with a preference for sizes 14 and up, but all donations are welcome. For more details, please visit the website.

    These ladies are the unsung heroines of the Kimberleys because they sacrifice so much for their communities and families in this far-flung region. Due to the length of the campaign (12 months), further donations made later in the year will not be accepted.

    Donating money is also an acceptable alternative if you do not have any physical gifts to provide. They also have a Facebook page that you may follow. Since they're a non-profit with a noble mission, your contribution will go a long way in making their dreams a reality.

    RecruitKoala: Studies Seeking Volunteers

    Qualified professors at universities undertake research with the approval of the relevant ethics committees in an effort to shed light on pressing scientific topics.

    To better understand way we learn and grow, for instance, one set of researchers may conduct a clinical study of a potential new medication, while another set of researchers may be interested in gathering data from people with similar interests.

    No matter the nature of the study, researchers need people like you to help them answer important questions and advance human health.

    RecruitKoala finds local university research studies where you can engage in cutting-edge investigations, receive money or other rewards, and advance human understanding.

    We've compiled a list of the top 5 benefits you'll receive by taking part in a study.

    • As a result of your efforts, society will benefit and scientific progress will be made. Without people willing to volunteer their time and energy, groundbreaking scientific research would never progress. You can help people in a variety of ways by taking part in a research study, including supporting those with a variety of illnesses and health issues and contributing to the improvement of medical and scientific knowledge for future generations.
    • Potentially, this will enhance your well-being and quality of life. Taking part in research projects is a popular way for people to boost their personal health and happiness. Some people, for instance, may choose to take part in clinical trials of experimental treatments for their medical conditions before they are publicly available. Even healthy people may participate to aid in the discovery of methods for preventing an illness that runs in their family. In the end, it doesn't matter why you decide to take part in a study; your participation will improve the quality of life for both yourself and the other participants.
    • Meet researchers and find out about their work. One of the benefits of participating in a study is getting to network with other academics from a variety of fields. Depending on the nature of the research being conducted, the team may include of engineers, healthcare workers, scientists, and technologists. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to hear about cutting-edge research from the people who are doing it.
    • Your time and effort in participating in this study may be rewarded monetarily. You might get paid for your time and effort in the form of money, gift cards, or other swag.
    • Consent to participate is voluntary and can be revoked at any time. If at any point during a study you decide you no longer wish to participate, you are free to withdraw from the study.

    When you enrol in a research study, the following will occur:

    • A preliminary screening is performed to determine your eligibility for participation in the study based on the information you provide.
    • The study's creators (the researchers) will get in touch with you to provide further information, respond to questions you have, and explain the research in greater depth.
    • Participants sign a informed consent form after having their questions answered and deciding to take part in the study.
    • You agree to adhere to the study's protocols and inform investigators of any problems you encounter.

    Join Codekids Perth For Fun Coding Classes In 2021.

    Let your youngster discover and develop his or her creative side using Scratch or Python, two programming languages with virtually limitless potential.

    We think kids should learn to code because it will help them become more ambitious and successful people who will be able to take advantage of more fantastic possibilities in the years to come.

    Here are the top six arguments for encouraging your kid to start learning to code:

    • Children can learn to explore, create, and implement their own ideas through programming.
    • Children that take part in coding classes report an increase in self-esteem.
    • Your child's problem-solving abilities will improve in many aspects of life, not just programming.
    • Learning to code is a fun and rewarding way to develop perseverance.
    • Your kid will develop their ability to reason logically and calculate accurately.
    • Even more essential, your kid will have a great time while gaining valuable skills.

    2021 Stories With My Family

    Stories with My Family is a gathering geared towards families with kids under the age of six. Saturdays, 10:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m., 30 January - 11 December 2021, at the Brentwood Hub, 213 Wing St., Cloverdale. Although attendance is free, reservations are required. Every person, including adults and siblings who might come along, needs to have a ticket.

    Join your favourite library presenters for a fun and instructive storytime session full of songs, rhymes, and stories. Don't neglect to bring home a craft to do with your family later.

    Use preventative measures against COVID, such as limiting contact with others, and abide by all applicable laws and guidelines. If you are sick, please stay home. Prams are left here at the owner's risk, as the location is unattended. For further information, including whether or not elder siblings are welcome, please visit the event page.

    The city of Claremont hosts a wide variety of annual events. Further information is available online. You're in luck if it's been a while since you saw a film under the stars at a Movies inside the Park screening. A final showing of the timeless Wonderful Wizard of Oz will be place on Friday, January 29 from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m.; it's complimentary, but you must register to attend (1939).

    The revamped Kidz Fest takes place on February 13, 2020, and is a daylong celebration that attracts a wide range of families. The provided links will take you to more information. If you're looking for something enjoyable to do in Ascot's Fauntleroy Avenue neighbourhood on a Sunday, you can sign up for it here at no cost.

    You can schedule an appointment between 9 AM and 12 PM or between 1 PM and 4 PM. Then, there's nothing left to do but take advantage of the free, roaming rides, splash slides, face painting, and stage shows for kids under 14 years old. In addition, there is a wide selection of delicious cuisine for sale from mobile kitchens.

    Craft Group (Ballajura)

    Starting The City de Swans Library is hosting Craft Club (Ballajura) every Thursday from March 4 through December 30, 2021.

    Nonetheless, please sign in using the COVID symbol slips or the SafeWA app upon entering. All guests above the age of twelve are required to wear face masks, and attendance is tightly capped. Pre-registering on Eventbrite at a time that works for you is the best way to guarantee your spot.

    You are invited to bringing your own art projects or local handicrafts to this adult activity, but if you're a novice, we will have some basic supplies available. If you're new to the region, or just interested in making some new friends, this is a fantastic opportunity to do both.

    Pre-reservations are required due to COVID regulations that limit the number of available beds. All participants are expected to maintain appropriate social distance from one another and to make use of the offered hand sanitizers and other cleaning supplies throughout the events to ensure that they remain clean and healthy.

    If you have any questions, you can call the Ballajura Library at 08 9207 8686. In addition, the Library offers the option to sign for personalised newsletters informing patrons of upcoming activities.


    Perth is a popular city in Australia, known for its laid-back atmosphere, pristine beaches, and year-round sunshine. Festivals like Perth World Arts Festival and Festival World highlight the many attractions of the city. Kings Park hosts the Fall into Winter celebration, giving locals and tourists a taste of winter without the frigid weather. Entwined in The Valley is Perth's answer to Margaret River's famed Gourmet Escape, offering workshops, dinner, and other events that highlight the best of the Swan Valley Cuisine and wine region. Entopia Wines offers free art exhibitions and wine tastings.


    The Side Splitter Comedy Festival is a two-weekend event in Perth that features both established comedians and newcomers to Australia's vibrant comedy scene. Tickets to see Randy perform or attend a comedy gala cost $30 each, while a comedy workshop is free for anyone interested in learning the art of stand-up comedy. Heath Ledger: A Photographic Portrait, an exhibition honouring the life of a late Hollywood star and Perth native, will open at the Art Museum of Western Australia on October 14, and the South Perth Pop-Up Film Festival will screen the award-winning documentary Three Starfish Throwers for free. Mane Liquor's Carpark Party is returning this year, and participants are encouraged to explore the offerings from the many different breweries, cideries, wineries, distilleries, and dining establishments. Admission is first come, first served.


    Content Summary:

    1. It would be difficult to find an Australian city more overlooked than Perth.
    2. This 1.6 million-person metropolis is located inland from the megacities of the coast, and there is a lot to see and see there.
    3. Throughout October, our city's various strengths—including its excellent cuisines—are showcased at festivals including Perth International Arts Festival and Festival World.
    4. This is a preview of next month in Western Australia's capital city.
    5. The Fall into Winter festival is held annually at Kings Park on the first weekend of October, giving locals and visitors a taste of winter without the usual chilly weather.
    6. This party will include ice skating and other fun events.
    7. Perth, Western Australia, used to be regarded as the "sleepy city" due to its low-key vibe, beautiful beaches, and consistent weather.
    8. Many events, such as folk festivals, pop-up cinema screenings, car park parties, and comedy festivals, are available each month.
    9. Checking out the best Perth events for the month of October?
    10. In that case, you should turn around right now.
    11. Here's a rundown of some of the most exciting events happening next month.
    12. The month of October in Perth is packed with exciting festivals and events, some of which are included below.
    13. Learn the latest happenings so you won't be left out.
    14. The Entanglement of the Valley Like Margaret River's acclaimed Gourmet Getaway, Perth's The Valley offers a tangle of attractions.
    15. Workshops, dinners, and other events are held over the weekend to show off the finest of the Swan Valley Cuisine and wine region.
    16. If one's notion of a perfect day is to kick back and listen to live music, sample local vino, or peruse an art exhibit, they'll find it all entwined inside The Valley.
    17. A visit to the Side Splitter Comedy Festival is just what the doctor ordered if you've had a tough week; the only side effects from the drug will be laughter.
    18. For sure, with headliners like Matt Okine and Randy, this year's Side Splitter Comedy Festival will live up to its name.
    19. The festival spans two weekends and showcases both veterans and rising stars of Australia's thriving comedy community.
    20. A comedy workshop is free of charge, but tickets to see Randy perform or attend a comedy gala given by Pete Rowsthorn (of Kath & Kim fame) cost $30 apiece.
    21. Taking a Picture Likeness of Heath Ledger On October 14, the Art Gallery of Western Australia will debut Heath Ledger: A Career in Pictures, an exhibition celebrating the life of the late Hollywood actor and Perth native.
    22. Come celebrate the debut of this special Perth exhibition with the likes of Colab and Kid Dingo, or take a $15 filmmaking workshop with Daniele Auber (who worked with Ledger recently on Brothers Grimm), or learn from Vincent Fantauzzo, who decorated Heath again for Archibald Award.
    23. The exhibition will be on display until January 29, 2022, so there is no need to worry if you are unable to make it on any of the opening days.
    24. The pleasant springtime temperature in Perth made it ideal for picnics and free outdoor movies.
    25. The South Perth Pop Up Cinema is hosting the first in a series of free screenings of the critically acclaimed documentary Three Starfish Throwers.
    26. The performance begins at 5, so get there early to secure a good spot and enjoy the last of the daylight with a simple lunch on the grass.
    27. Picnic baskets are welcome, or you can buy food from one of the numerous vendors.
    28. Event at the Parking Lot Here at Mane Liquor, The annual Mane Liquor Carpark Party, which functions as a tiny music festival, will be back and better than ever this year.
    29. Attendees are encouraged to sample the wares of the several breweries, cideries, wineries, distilleries, and restaurants that will be on hand.


    Frequently Asked Questions About Perth

    The best time to visit Perth is in September, October or November when the city is aglow with the colors and perfumes of spring and sunny days are uninterrupted by rain. December through February constitutes Perth's summertime and is marked by scorching temperatures.

    Top October Events 2022- Perth & Surrounds

    • 1.Rollin' & Tumblin' 
    • 2.Sibelius' Second Symphony. 
    • Waroona Show. 
    • Spring Fashion Pop Up. 
    • Gin MasterClass Walking Tour. 
    • Chittering Citrus Classic- West Cycle. 
    • 10.Twilight Hawkers Market. 
    • Art Upmarket.

    During autumn, Perth experiences warm, sunny days and cooler nights with average temperatures between 13.7 - 26°C (56.6 - 78.8°F). There can be occasional showers and some humidity. Evening temperatures rarely drop below 10°C (50°F).

    Swimming in October on the beaches of Perth is possible but the sea water is cool. So even though the sea temperature sometimes climbs to 69°F, it can also be as low as 64°F! Note that the average is 66°F.


    In Australia, the seasons are defined by grouping the calendar months in the following way: Spring - the three transition months September, October and November. Summer - the three hottest months December, January and February.

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