3top 20 singers & bands melbourne [2022]

Top 20 Wedding Singers & Bands Melbourne [2022]

Are you getting married in Melbourne and looking for a wedding singer or band? If so, you'll want to check out our list of Melbourne's top 20 wedding singers and bands. From classic crooners to modern pop stars, we've got you covered. So take a look and start planning your perfect wedding soundtrack!

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    Ultimate List Of Singers & Bands Melbourne

    Melbourne Entertainment Co - Wedding Singers & Bands

    melbourne entertainment co wedding entertainment


    1300 858 981


    A complete wedding and event entertainment provider is The Melbourne Entertainment Company. For every occasion, we offer each client a unique, refreshing service. We were very busy in the Melbourne wedding and event sector last year, hosting over 700 events. With more than ten years of expertise, we are aware of the demand for a personalized, distinctive, and high-end service.

    Elite DJs, DJ-Sax, Acoustic Solos, Duos, Trios, Bands, Singers, Guitarists, Saxophonists, Percussionists, Photographers, and Roving Performers are available. MEC is your go-to source for flawless corporate, wedding, and function entertainment. They are amiable, trustworthy, and knowledgeable.


    Nothing compares to the show and audience participation that a fantastic live band can offer. Right in front of your eyes, the music is being created, produced, and distributed! It is enveloping, energizing, and all-pervasive.

    At your hangover brunch the following day, your guests will be raving about the mood they experienced thanks to the most skilled professional event and wedding bands Melbourne has to offer. How amazing was that singer from the cover band? The drummer was really attractive. What about that jazz band solo on the sax?

    It's our responsibility to make enduring memories. When you hire a band, it is our responsibility to make sure that everyone is dancing to your favorite requests and dance-floor songs, including your grandmother, the bridal party, and your niece or nephew.

    melbourne entertainment co wedding singers, bands, & djs




    The best and most seasoned DJs Melbourne has to offer can be found at Melbourne Entertainment Company. Our hand-picked team of experts is adept at reading crowds and, most importantly, playing the ideal music for each situation. Therefore, avoid hiring an outdated, unsuccessful DJ. Hire a young, new, and hip professional instead who falls inside your budget.


    Melbourne Entertainment Company has the most skilled musicians and the widest range of options when seeking for an Acoustic Duo or the best wedding singer. Hire a highly excellent guitarist or duo for your event or wedding who will blow you away. These acoustic soloists and duos can serenade you as you walk down the aisle or create the ideal mellow atmosphere for your cocktail party. Vocal masters can employ loop pedals, guitar, piano, or other instruments to create multi-instrumental soundtracks live in front of your eyes. You'll have a hard time selecting your favorite soloist from the wide range of available acoustic talent. Check out our incredible full soloists who can check both boxes for you if you're not sure whether or not to book a DJ or an acoustic musician and don't have the cash for both.

    Uptempo - Wedding Singers & Bands Melbourne



    0418 381 445

    Australia’s most respected entertainment service for Corporate Events. Conferences.

    Weddings, festivals, and award ceremonies. The Bar Mitzvah. Cruise vessels Hotels, nightclubs Gala events.

    Uptempo Entertainment International is an Australian supplier of entertainment services with a base in Sandhurst, Melbourne. Uptempo represents a superb roster of regional and international musicians to satisfy all of your corporate and private entertainment demands.

    We have maintained our position as Victoria's most reputable entertainment service and booking agents for more than 35 years by offering top-notch entertainment for a variety of events, including weddings, bar mitzvahs, corporate events, gala events, conferences, award evenings, weddings, and more. Therefore, our highly skilled crew will help you identify top-notch Australian performers who will turn your event into a smashing success, whether you're looking for tribute performances, wedding bands, or corporate event entertainment.

    Hire Musician - Wedding Singers & Bands Melbourne

    hire musician


    0400 282 045

    Our team

    A specialized provider of entertainment is Matt Black. We don't send out haphazard bands of musicians that have never played together before because we have hundreds of performers on our books. To maintain a high level of performance and service, we keep our team size modest. Because of this, you can be certain that if you work with us, you'll get a selection of the artists and DJs you see on this page. Ask for what you want if you need it!

    When Matt was nine years old, he first picked up a guitar, and he hasn't stopped since. Later, he took up singing, started writing and arranging music, played in several Melbourne bands, worked as a session guitarist, and started DJing. (Image by Mark Davis)

    FAQs About Wedding Singers & Bands

    Something to keep in mind is that too many slow songs can bring down the mood of a wedding reception. A good rule of thumb is to have one slow song for every five fast songs. Guests typically need a rest from dancing after about 20-30 minutes, which equals about five fast songs.

    A good estimate will be to add 120-150 songs to your playlist for a two to three-hour reception. If you are unsure about how long the reception will be, add even more songs to prepare for a lengthy reception. It is better to have too much music than too little.

    In the United States, for example, the national average for an engagement ring is around one carat. In the United Kingdom, it's 0.6 carats, and in Europe it's even smaller, hovering at 0.5 carats

    An engagement ring is usually given as part of the proposal, or if not, at an early point in the engagement. By contrast, a wedding ring is traditionally a plain metal band or a diamond-encrusted eternity band that you receive when you exchange your vows during the wedding ceremony and wear from then on.

    For rings which look the same from all sides, spinning isn't a problem. You won't be able to tell whether the ring has spun or not, and it won't affect your comfort. This applies to most wedding rings which look the same from all angles.

    Unplugged Entertainment - Wedding Singers & Bands Melbourne

    unplugged entertainment




    Unplugged Entertainment was created by a small group of musicians eager to perform across Australia. We wanted to give you high-class acts that you can count on, acts that have spent time perfecting their trade and delivering you value for your money. Due to the fact that we maintain a limited roster of just the greatest artists, we can concentrate on providing top-notch, professional acoustic music for your event!

    Heatwave Band - Wedding Singers & Bands Melbourne

    heatwave band


    0409 275 845


    Together with their renowned four-piece backline of Troy, Stew, Adrian, and Nico, Wal & Mel on vocals bring hits from all eras to life. We always have a blast and give our performances our all.

    Since its founding in 2004, Heatwave has maintained its popularity, having a big impact on the Melbourne music scene. If you want to see the Heatwaves in action, visit our video page!

    Limited Edition Band - Wedding Singers & Bands Melbourne

    limited edition band


    0404 596 644

    Our crew is made up of the best musicians, sound engineers, performers, and event planners in Sydney; they all work flawlessly together to make sure every event is a huge success!

    The Limited Edition Band, which has won Best Wedding Band at the prestigious ABIA Awards in 2017, 2018, and 2019, is the industry pioneer for premium wedding, party, and corporate entertainment.

    Love Grove Entertainment - Wedding Singers & Bands Melbourne

    love grove entertainment


    61 (02) 9953 0345


    Do you want something special and spectacular for your future event? For corporate events, gala dinners, award evenings, charity fundraisers, weddings, and private parties, Lovegrove Event Entertainment is a recognized leader in the industry and offers top-notch "wow-factor" shows and performances.

    Whether you're seeking for a ready-made show or want to dazzle your audience with a unique performance made just for your occasion, Lovegrove Event Entertainment has the solution!

    Duke Music - Wedding Singers & Bands Melbourne

    duke music


    02 8283 7354

    Duke is known for playing lovely folk and pop songs, a classic laid-back lounge, and feisty, lively pop melodies to create the ideal ambiance from the cocktail hour to the dance floor.  Duke's interpretations of both traditional and modern music have won them fans and admirers.

    Benfox Band - Wedding Singers & Bands Melbourne

    benfox band



    Music has always been my love, even as a little child. At the age of 14, my parents got me my first guitar. From there, I explored my father's CD collection and learned Hendrix and Led Zeppelin songs. I recall spending the majority of my spare time as a child jamming out in my bedroom to my favorite guitar solos, much to the chagrin of my neighbor. I'm surprised I can still hear considering how loud I used to play for hours with my amp.

    Red Tie Band - Wedding Singers & Bands Melbourne

    redtie band


    0433 290 045

    Ceremony & Canapes

    Add to any selection. Want something that is genuinely unique? As you go down the aisle, have Redtie play your favorite love song. Following that, relax and listen to some acoustic music as your guests begin their evening with canapes.

    Paris By Night - Wedding Singers & Bands Melbourne

    paris by night


    0433 379 545

    We love to start weddings and corporate parties, and we specialize in live music.

    Paris by Night brings excitement and happiness into every event because it enjoys seeing dance floors crowded. In other words, we'll say goodbye knowing you made everyone dance all night long and left them with beautiful memories.

    Mr Boutique - Wedding Singers & Bands Melbourne

    mr boutique


    0419 167 454

    About us

    In addition, we provide high-energy music at affordable pricing for weddings, business events, and private gatherings, making us one of the top wedding bands in Melbourne.

    Mr. Boutique only employs the best vocalists and musicians in Melbourne. Our small group of talented musicians enjoys prosperous professional careers in both the wedding/function band industry and with their original music. We don't use amateur or hobbyist lists like other agencies do in an effort to gain as many bookings as we can.

    Lily Road - Wedding Singers & Bands Melbourne

    lily road


    0401 594 945


    One of Australia's BEST wedding bands, The Lily Road Band is made up of an elite group of musicians and DJs. We take great delight in offering premium wedding entertainment that includes lovely acoustic music and upbeat performances by skilled professional musicians.

    The Lily Road Band can adapt its song choices to its audience because to its extensive musical library. For weddings, festivals, private gatherings, and business functions, we play the perfect tunes at the right moment. We perform all throughout Australia and abroad, but you can frequently catch us in our home bases in Sydney and Melbourne.

    The Bombastic - Wedding Singers & Bands Melbourne

    the bombastics


    61 407 045 145

    We are a group of some of Melbourne's best musicians, so you get variety, adaptability, and dependability. If you choose The Bombastic, you can be sure that the music is in good hands. It can be difficult to choose the ideal band for your wedding or corporate event.

    Visit us at our upcoming showcase, check out our audio, video, and song list, or visit our FAQs and blog for helpful tips on selecting music for weddings and other events.

    Frankly Darling - Wedding Singers & Bands Melbourne

    frankly darling


    0422 726 545

    Frank Lee Darling

    Frank, a time-traveling crooner, performs the greatest hits of his buddies Elvis Presley, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Bobby Darin, Doris Day, Louis Armstrong, and a host of others.

    For retro or vintage weddings as well as any birthday parties, events, or functions, he is the perfect option. His laid-back and entertaining stage presence combines exquisite music with warmth and charm. Frank has the full band sound, and when he performs his well-known songs, thanks to his beautiful vocals and beautifully produced background music, audiences of all ages grin in unison.

    Red Soda - Wedding Singers & Bands Melbourne

    red soda


    (02) 8006 2245

    Since our prosperous beginning, we have grown beyond the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, where we first met. We made connections with other talented local musicians from the US, Canada, and the UK as well as from Australia.

    No matter where we perform, we're garnering respect for our entertaining and immaculate performances. We've even shared the stage with artists like Hugh Jackman, Harry Connick Jr., Justin Timberlake, Kylie Minogue, Delta Goodrem, Michael Bublé, Ian Moss of Cold Chisel, and Stevie Wonder.

    The Knots - Wedding Singers & Bands Melbourne

    the knots


    0402 809 045

    Lauren Dole

    Lauren was known among her friends as a karaoke machine since she knew the words to every song and had grown up with music in her blood in New South Wales. She has always had a deep love for music, and throughout high school and the years that followed, she sang in a number of cover bands, exploring Rock, Pop, Soul, and Country music.

    Jessie Walsh

    Jessie, a professional vocalist with over 15 years of live performing experience, is a New Zealand native. She performed at weddings, business gatherings, and music festivals all around Australia, New Zealand, and the UK as a child while singing in various music ensembles and bands. Jessie enjoys a variety of musical styles and is comfortable with them all.

    Katriona Crowe (Kat)

    Kat, who is originally from the South of Ireland, discovered her love of music at a very young age and was fortunate to grow up in a musically inclined household. Her passion has always been singing, so she took up the piano swiftly and began performing right away!

    Kieran McNamara

    Kieran began learning the instrument at the age of eight and joined his first band at the age of sixteen after growing up listening to guitar legends Santana and Tommy Emmanuel. In 2009, he earned his Cert IV in Music from Victoria University, which gave him the opportunity to play with a wide range of musicians. Over the past 12 years, he has organized and performed at innumerable weddings, events, and gigs with a variety of acts. He also owns his own guitar instruction business in Melbourne.

    Wedding Singer Musical - Wedding Singers & Bands Melbourne

    wedding singer musical


    A wonderful musical comedy that honors all the joy of the 1980s is based on the Hollywood film starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. Yes, the hair is large, the collars are up, and there are plenty of heartwarming moments to make you grin.

    The most popular wedding singer in New Jersey and the life of the party is Robbie Hart. Up until his fiancée leaves him stranded at the altar. Angry and broken, Robbie starts to make every wedding just as terrible as his own before Julia, a kind-hearted waitress, steps in. The only issue is that Julia is getting hitched, as you would have predicted. Can Robbie deliver the performance of the decade and land the girl of his dreams?

    Matt Jefferies Entertainment - Wedding Singers & Bands Melbourne

    matt jefferies entertainment


    61 411 587 545

    About Matt – Wedding DJ Melbourne

    He has been in the business for more than a decade and throughout that time has honed his abilities, instincts, and a library of fantastic songs, games, and props to entertain any audience!

    Matt has expanded his skill set as a DJ by adding guest engagement, games, fun in the photo booth, and adept crowd reading. Matt takes his art seriously and concentrates on offering the audience outstanding services. He is a member of Wedding Services Melbourne and has been featured in Wedding And Bride Magazine.

    Topdogent - Wedding Singers & Bands Melbourne



    Welcome TO TOP DOG.

    We love to party, so even though we focus on weddings, business parties, and large gatherings, you may find us anywhere.

    Whatever you need, whether you're organizing a big birthday party, a corporate awards ceremony, or a small wedding, we can assist you. To get you started, browse the videos on our website, Vimeo, and YouTube.

    Blue Avenue - Wedding Singers & Bands Melbourne

    blue avenue


    The busiest agency for scheduling entertainment in Melbourne

    Because we have hands-on industry knowledge, we meticulously vet professional artistic talent and represent them within our boutique agency. All of our artists play with a passion and artistic expression that is absolutely unrivaled, whether they are playing soul, funk, or an acoustic set.

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