Online Degrees in Project Management Offered at Universities in Australia

The need for skilled individuals to plan and carry out complicated projects has contributed to the area of project management's explosive expansion in recent years. In order to address the need for qualified individuals in this industry, numerous Australian colleges are now offering online degrees in project management.

Students can acquire a degree from a reputable institution without leaving the comfort of their own homes thanks to these online degree programs. Working individuals who want to enhance their professions without sacrificing their personal lives might benefit greatly from online project management degree programs. This post will take a look at online project management degree programs in Australia, including some of the best universities in the country.

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Edith Cowan University

Graduate Certificate of People in Project Management Online

  • 6 months (minimum) part-time
  • 3 Units
  • $13,020 FEE-HELP available

RMIT Online

Agile For Project Management

  • 6 weeks (5-8 hours per week)
  • $1,600 incl. GST
  • Start Date: 10 Jul 2023

Southern Cross University

Master of Project Management Online

  • 2 years part-time
  • 12 Units
  • Affordable fees, FEE-HELP available
edith cowan university

Edith Cowan University

Graduate Certificate of People in Project Management Online

Participation is crucial for effective project management.Projects are for people, thus it makes sense to incorporate as many viewpoints as possible. We need project managers who can effectively manage change, people, and organisations if we're going to see our initiatives through to completion.

Earn your graduate certificate in people management and leadership from the comfort of your own home with ECU's online program. Advance your career with in-demand expertise that's in line with current standards in your field.

The purpose of learning outcomes is to give students a leg up in the real world. Among the activities included are the examination of case studies and the resolution of genuine business problems in a variety of sectors, as well as the development of transferrable, applicable skills. Learners are also given an international perspective to better adapt to market needs, allowing them to showcase their proficiency in a variety of project management domains and practises. The potential to drive organisational change and promote sustainable practises through research into project management difficulties is another valuable benefit. Learners who are able to accomplish these goals will be better able to advance in their chosen fields and make meaningful contributions to the growth and success of the organisations they serve.

rmit online

RMIT Online

Agile For Project Management

Agile is a powerful framework that is changing the way businesses function and provide value to their clients. This course will teach you how to manage digital projects using the Agile framework, which is becoming increasingly in demand as a result of its emphasis on collaboration and rapid response.

By combining your understanding of Agile with that of project management, you'll get the tools you need to plan, implement, and evaluate Agile projects successfully.

In this course, you will gain an understanding of Agile and its value in adding value to your projects and organization. You will explore the importance of value-driven delivery and learn how to implement it while establishing a strategy. Additionally, you will learn how to plan your project, including running an iteration, creating a release plan, prioritizing tasks, and tracking progress and metrics for reporting and measuring project success. You will also learn how to build project walls and identify warning signs to ensure your project stays on track. You will gain an understanding of how Agile methods work in a team and how to assess team performance. By completing this course, you will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to effectively implement Agile in your projects and organization.

southern cross university

Southern Cross University

Master of Project Management Online

Earning a master's degree in project management is a great way to distinguish oneself from one's colleagues and show off one's dedication to the area, critical thinking abilities, and analytical prowess.

The Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM) recognises Southern Cross University's online Master of Project Management degree. Core skills in risk management, control, planning, implementation, assessment, teamwork, and systems analysis are being taught in an effort to make graduates marketable in a wide range of fields.

Broad studies, one or more areas of expertise, and studies suited to developing sectors are all available through the program. Students who complete this course will be prepared to complete projects successfully, including completing them on schedule, under budget, and without compromising on quality.

aim business school logo

Australian Institute Of Management Business School

Graduate Certificate in Project Management

For seasoned managers looking to take their careers to the next level, there is an online option: the Graduate Certificate in Project Management. Students can organise their coursework around their own busy schedules and specific learning objectives in this open-paced online course.

The program's four main sections explore different aspects of Project Management and how they can be used to enhance business operations and decision-making. Projects are becoming increasingly important in today's digital environment, and this course responds by providing a holistic approach that teaches skills and information applicable to a wide range of company tasks, such as Marketing, information Management, and Operations Management.

Achieving functional excellence in Project Management begins with the Graduate Certificate in Project Management, which is included in the MBA pathway. Students who complete this program will be at the forefront of their field, ready to take the reins as a leader. In addition, the AIM MBA provides three distinct credentials in a unified curriculum, empowering graduates to excel in their current roles as well as future leadership and managerial roles.

northeastern university

Northeastern University

Bachelor of Science in Project Management

There is an increasing need for project managers who can steer groups through the challenges of the business world's ongoing digitalisation and modernisation. Over the next decade, the Project Management Institute (PMI) predicts that 22 million new occupations will be created that are related to project management.

You can get the training you need to be a successful project manager in any field by enrolling in an online Bachelor of Science in Project Management program. Graduates of this program will have the technical, leadership, strategic, and business management chops necessary to make a significant impact in their chosen fields as project managers.

Successfully leading a project team, communicating across an enterprise, minimising risk, maximising quality, leading with an agile approach, and facilitating successful innovation are just some of the skills that students will gain as they study the art of project management. Students can receive hands-on experience by working on simulated real-world projects with industry leaders through the program.

Additionally, industry-specific electives are available to help students gain exposure to and refine skills across a variety of project management specialisations.

torrens university

Torrens University Australia

Master Of Global Project Management

The Master of worldwide Project Management degree program at Torrens University teaches students how to manage complex projects on a worldwide scale. Learn to do everything from making plans to paying for them to making them a reality. Make contact with a wide range of potential business associates. Conversations with real individuals and analysis of genuine cases will aid your education.

In this course, you will gain familiarity with common practises in your field by applying what you learn to a series of case studies. You will have a deeper insight into and appreciation for the methods used in project management. Learning how to manage a project with personnel from other nations is only one example of the many global aspects emphasised throughout the course. This Master's in Project Management can be completed entirely online. IT, construction, manufacturing, healthcare, natural resources, education, commerce, and R&D are just some of the many industries where your newfound abilities will be put to good use. You'll be prepared to enter or leave the profession of global project management with either a Graduate Certificate or Graduate Diploma.


CQUniversity Australia

Graduate Certificate In Project Management

You can learn how to initiate projects and develop strategies for their success by enrolling in the Graduate Certificate in Project Management. This course is one in a series of graduate-level programs in project management that will help you lay the groundwork for a successful professional career.

The Graduate Certificate in Project Management is an advanced level program for aspiring and working project managers alike. This credential is designed to give project managers and directors the technical know-how they need to lead projects to fruition, with a focus on how to apply project management principles in different contexts.

Initiating and successfully completing projects is a learned ability, and this course equips students with the foundational knowledge they need to do so. The course emphasises the practical application of project management concepts and their applicability to industry demands through the incorporation of case studies and practical material. The course takes a systematic approach to project management, with an emphasis on learning to operate within multiple frameworks simultaneously.

Students who complete the Graduate Certificate in Project Management program will have the knowledge and skills to successfully manage projects and meet goals, no matter how difficult the circumstances. As a bridge between the Master of Information Technology and the Graduate Diploma of Project Management, the Graduate Certificate in Project Management is a valuable credential in its own right.

mci institute

MCI Institute

Diploma Of Project Management

The knowledge and abilities acquired in the Diploma of Project Management program equip students to perform as competent and effective project managers. This online course explains in depth the interdependencies of a project's many components and the critical steps that must be taken for them to succeed.

Managers of projects are responsible for seeing them through from start to finish, checking in with team members and offering guidance as needed. Strategic planning and the prioritisation of tasks are essential for efficient project management. Projects can be completed on schedule and within budget as a result.

Participants in the online course gain the ability to think critically about their work and develop strategies for increasing the participation of key stakeholders. Their communication abilities benefit from this. Cost, risk, and buy management skills are also covered, arming students with the resources they need to help their company thrive.

The uniqueness of this program is in the practical experience it provides to its participants. They get to practise what they've learnt in a realistic work environment, which boosts their self-esteem. Important business support materials and templates, as well as role-playing simulation instructions, are made available to participants. They'll have everything they need to achieve their goals now.

swinburne university of technology

Swinburne Online

Graduate Certificate of Project Management

Learn the ins and outs of leading large teams and projects by mastering sophisticated problem-solving and resource-management techniques. To earn your Graduate Certificate in Project Management, you will study the foundational principles of modern project management as well as the traditional and agile approaches that support them. You'll leave this course feeling more secure in your own abilities as a business professional and with a greater grasp of the requisite technical skills.

Coursework can help you become a better communicator and planner, giving you tools that can be used in a wide range of fields and on a wide variety of projects. You'll learn to foresee potential roadblocks and come up with resourceful solutions, all while keeping in mind the project's unique goals and limits.

If you want to continue your education and advance your career, earning your Graduate Certificate in Project Management can open doors to programmes like the Graduate Diploma in Project Management and the Master of Business Administration. If you are accepted into Swinburne's online MBA programme, you can count the units you've already completed towards your degree.

Studying online project management courses in Australia offers several benefits, including flexibility, convenience, cost-effectiveness, and the opportunity to learn from experienced instructors and professionals in the field.

Online project management courses in Australia cover a range of topics, including project planning, risk management, communication, leadership, and teamwork. You can expect to gain practical skills and knowledge that will help you succeed as a project manager.

The duration of online project management courses in Australia can vary depending on the course and the institution. Some courses can be completed in as little as a few weeks, while others may take several months or even a year or more to complete.

The admission requirements for online project management courses in Australia may vary depending on the course and the institution. However, most courses require a minimum level of education and some professional experience in the field of project management.

Yes, online project management courses in Australia are recognized by many employers, particularly if they are accredited by recognized industry bodies such as the Project Management Institute (PMI) or the Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM). However, it's always a good idea to check with potential employers to see what their specific requirements are.

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