the best waterfall hikes around perth

The Best Waterfall Hikes Around Perth

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    Is hiking something you look forwards to doing? Do you enjoy witnessing breathtaking scenes of nature at its finest? Perth is indeed the place to be if this is the case. Several spectacular waterfalls may be seen all across this town - first from north to the southwest.

    Waterfalls of Perth are best found in the interior and along the coast. These natural treasures are great to visit on a short trip with friends or family, as these offer a getaway from city life. Cottesloe Falls is the most well-known waterfall and has been featured in numerous travel publications.

    The following paragraph will describe these waterfalls in further depth, including where to find them, what to do once you arrive, and so on.

    The ideal stroll after a rainstorm is between June home your car; if you find yourself in this situation, don't waste any time getting to any of these waterfall hikes! Perth has a nice assortment of waterfalls inside its hills, however the greatest have been reduced down below so that you can explore.

    Famous waterfalls in Western Australia can be found in the Kimberly and Pilbara, such as Mitchell and Fortescue Falls. Many Perth residents and visitors don't realise that the city is home to a number of stunning waterfalls.

    In Perth, you can see beautiful waterfalls that are perfect for a refreshing hike or an action-packed picnic. These are great for any size family because the kids will be entertained over hours, and in some cases you can even bring Fido along.

    The best part is that you can visit these waterfalls in a short amount of time from Perth. The following is a summary of the watery attractions to help you organise your trip.

    Waterfall Lesmurdie

    This popular climb is ideal for anyone in need of a quick retreat from the city, as it leads to what is perhaps the finest waterfall Perth has had to offer. There are two parking lots, one at the top and one at the bottom, from which to begin the walk.

    You can hike up or down teh edge of the falls on a clearly marked trail with breathtaking vistas the whole way. From the peak, you can hike to several different view spots in Perth, including the neighbouring Lions Lookout. It, like the rest of these falls, is truly breathtaking after a good downpour.

    Lesmurdie Waterfall is located around 22 km from of Perth. Situating within the Lesmurdie Falls National Park,

    There are many beautiful waterfalls along the escarpment of the Darling Range, but this one, at 50 metres in height, is among the most impressive.

    The Lesmurdie Stream Loop is the most travelled footpath in the area for seeing the waterfalls. The 1.5-kilometer path offers a scenic lookout over Lesmurdie Stream as it winds its way to the waterfalls, which are located at the end of the creek and across Lesmurdie Road.

    The trail is at its floweriest and the waterfalls are at their highest in the winter and spring.

    Lesmurdie Falls, with such a drop of 50 m, is the most well-known and stunning waterfall in the Perth Hills, but that's not all it has going for it. The panorama of Perth city from atop the Darling escarpment is breathtaking. Wildflowers are abundant throughout the winter season and early spring months.

    Lesmurdie Brook Loop is a 1.5-kilometer, moderately-difficult hike that should take you around an hour to complete. While the hills can get quite warm, the optimum time to hike there is from June to November. If you plan on doing any walking in the heat of the day, it is recommended that you get up early. Some of the other routes around the falls can be completed in as little as 30 minutes, while others might take as long as 2 hours.

    There are three large shelters near the falls where you can eat lunch, but whether they are full, you can either find a nearby rock to sit on or drive with one of Kalamunda's parks, which is only a few minutes away.

    The beautiful Lesmurdie Falls can be found in the nearby Mundy Regional Park. You can take your leashed pup on the loop trail around the falls.

    perth ellis brook valley (sixty foot falls)

    Valley Of Ellis Brook

    Short yet steep, this walk is less than half an hour's drive from the central business district and rewards hikers with stunning panoramas of a city and valley below, and a waterfall tumbling over the granite cliff.

    Old Barrington Quarry, easily recognisable by its distinctive bluish-green water, may be seen along the main trail as well. Go closer to your quarry by going off the beaten path if you're feeling daring (although swimming is firmly not advised due to the high chance of getting some microbial nasties). You may also see some of the most beautiful flowers Perth has had to offer if you visit in the spring.

    Falls At Bell Rapids

    Although Bells Rapids is a stunning location in and of itself, but its equally impressive sibling, located just a few hundred metres away, is far less well-known. Park near Bells Lookout, face the rapids, then head in a 45-degree angle, and you'll find a waterfall with stunning views of the city and a makeshift fire pit that's usable even during fire bans.

    This forgotten 25-meter waterfall is only noticeable after heavy rain. The gorgeous scenery is worth the perhaps nerve-wracking journey to get there, which is not clearly marked until the very end.

    The Hovea Falls

    Water cascades the Hovea Waterfall Gorge, which is accessed by descending a sheer face of granite. Henry Forrest National Park is home to a wide variety of natural animals, including a variety of mammals, reptiles, birds, and amphibians, as well as some truly beautiful jarrah and marri trees.

    As many as five hundred different kinds of wildflowers bloom at once during the summer. It would be a shame to miss out on seeing the Historic Railway Tunnel and track, which date back to the early 20th century. Between the towns of Darlington, Parkerville, and Mundaring, the 41-kilometer-long Railway Reserves Heritage Trail may be found.

    At 2700 acres, John Forrest Nature Reserve is an indispensable patch of wilderness in a rapidly expanding city. It was the country's second national park to be established and the first in Western Australia.

    Swan View Tunnel , Old Hovea Railway Station, both popular on social media, and the nearby Hovea and Nature Reserve waterfalls are all associated in some manner with the defunct railway that once ran through the area. These National Park falls are located a short distance downstream from Hovea Falls, which are a portion of Jane Brook.

    The park has barbeque pits, picnic tables, and restrooms for visitors to use. There is a cost to enter a national park. The park is a no-dogs zone.

    Windpipe Gully

    Finally, this is another one of my top picks for treks in the Perth area. Located in Lesmurdie, this hike takes you along a creek for the most of the route before terminating in a waterfall with spectacular views of a Swan Coastal Plain and the city.

    You'll come across a few minor waterfalls along the way and have the option to return along the opposite side, providing a welcome change of scenery and leading you to a stunning, overgrown paradise at the end. Impressive ruins of a Japanese-style cottage can be found near the trail's finish.

    perth serpentine reserve

    Serpentine Gardens

    Situated This secret haven can be reached from Perth in a little over an hour. There are three different walks you can do in the region. From the parking lot, you can walk along a paved path to the waterfalls, but it's highly advised that you take the time to explore Baldwin's Bluff as well.

    Although it is a challenging hike due to the steepness of the path, the rewarding vistas of the waterfalls at the end make it one of our favourite hikes in Perth. This is the only attraction on this list that has an entrance fee, but the scenery and clean facilities, such as restrooms and a grilling space, more than make up for it.

    When the weather warms up, many people come to these falls to cool down in the pool below. To observe the water cascade down a granite cliff and into the pool, take the short Serpentine Falls Walk to the observation platform.

    The Kitty's Gorge Walk Trail is located 16 kilometres from Jarrahdale and is ideal for those looking for a more strenuous hike. To park, go to the parking lot that is just across from the cemetery. As it's rated as a 3, it's appropriate for the whole household. Check out Baldwin's Bluff Nature Track if you're looking for a strenuous hike.

    It is possible to reach the bluff via gravel paths that lead through forests and areas of exposed granite. On this two-hour hike, you'll get to take in the sights of a Swan Coastal Belt and the waterfalls. You can select a trail that's just right for you from the area's minimum of 28 options.

    Picnic grounds, barbeque grills, and restrooms can all be found at Serpentine Falls. Grazing Eastern Grey kangaroos are a common sight in the area.

    The falls are open to visitors on weekends, but you should arrive prior to 10 am because they close once they reach capacity. There is a cost to enter a national park. The bringing of canine companions is prohibited.

    There are six stunning waterfalls in nearby native bushland that can be easily accessed by anyone who are eager to reconnect with nature.

    Read Perth's Finest Bush, Coastal & City Walks, Additional Child Walks in Perth Outdoor, and Recreate Perth Outdoor life: A Guide to Outdoor Recreation Sites surrounding Perth for more details on the many hiking routes in and around Perth.

    The Noble Falls

    Noble Falls is a charming sliver of eastern Perth, characterised by a tranquil waterfall surrounded by jarrah, marri, and blackbutt forest. It is one of the earliest waterfalls to fill up with the winter rains because of its tiny size and its position, making it a common early day trip destination. The nearby walking path is beautiful, conveniently located, and dog-friendly.

    Although though Noble Falls isn't very tall, the peaceful brookside stroll makes it well worth the trip. At the Noble Falls parking lot, hikers can take a 3.5-kilometer path along Wooroloo Stream. The 45-minute trek is easy on the feet, as the ground is flat and smooth the whole way. Trees such as marri, sumac, Swan River blackbutt, and flooded gums can be found there. August through October is peak wildflower season. Parking at Noble Falls is convenient to both Gidgegannup Village and the Noble Falls Tavern.

    Facilities include restrooms, a playground, picnic tables, and electric grills. There is no charge for attending or participating in the barbeques.

    Mitchell Falls Is Located in Kununurra.

    Mitchell Falls are a set of four waterfalls in Northwest Washington's Mitchell River National Park. February and March are the months with the most water going over the falls.

    The region is difficult to get and needs a four-wheel drive vehicle, but once there, campers may easily walk to the falls for a closer look. The 8.6 kilometre Punamii-unpuu walk track is well-marked and fairly well-trodden, and it passes by the lovely Little Mertens Falls. Due to the presence of salt-water crocodiles, swimming is prohibited at the foot of Mitchell Falls.

    There are also scenic flights & helicopter trips that depart from Kununurra all year round if you'd rather see the falls from the a different perspective.

    perth king george falls, durack

    Durack, King George Falls

    The 100-metre twin waterfalls of King George Falls are a stunning natural attraction in the state. In general, the months of April through June, which follow the northern wet season, are the greatest for visiting Kimberley waterfalls.

    Because to its isolation, the best way to witness these falls is on a cruise down the bottom King George River or a picturesque flight above the northern Kimberley coast. There will be a freshwater'shower' at the base of the falls for a select few ship passengers.

    Karijini Falls, Joffre Falls

    Centred 50 metres over the swimming hole it cascades into, Joffre Falls Karijini National Park is renowned for its striking geological, floral, and colour contrasts. Once the winter rain season is over is the greatest time to see Joffre Falls, as is the case with many of these waterfalls in the state.

    The plunge pool at the base of the natural amphitheater cut by the falls is a stunning sight, and it can be seen from the lookout just a short walk from the Joffre Falls parking lot.

    The Joffre Falls walk trail, a 1.5-kilometer-long path into the gorge's bottom to the first pool upstream of the falls, is another option. This trail has some challenging inclines, so be cautious.

    Falls Of Sixty Feet

    One of Perth’s largest waterfalls, Sixty Foot Falls, can become furious after winter rains, and then trickle or dry over the summer. The contrast between the brightly coloured rock and the swiftly moving water is breathtaking.

    Four hiking paths can be found in the Ellis Creek Valley of Banyowla Regional Park. Starting from of the Valley Head parking lot, the Sixty Foot Waterfall Trail is the longest and most challenging of the four routes at 2 kilometres in length.

    There are many steps along the path to a top of the falls, but the reward is spectacular views of the surrounding valley. On the way back down, stop by the stunning green pool at the Barrington Quarry. The trail is rocky and can be rather steep in places.

    The various strolls ensure that people of all fitness levels can find an option that suits them. In Wandoo Woods, you can take a stroll along the 500-meter-long Easy Walk Track. The Easy Viewing Trail is a 430-meter-long, moderate hike that winds through heathland and provides stunning panoramas of Swan Coast plain and valleys.

    Starting from Honeyeater Hill or Valley Head, the Blue Wren Walk Trail travels 2.8 kilometres one way along Ellis Brook. The Wandoo Woods is a good place to spot breeding birds. Even though the waterfall is dry during the summer, a stroll through the trees makes for a lovely outing.

    perth national park falls

    Falls In A National Park

    After seeing Hovea, hikers can continue just on John Forest Eagle Path to the nearby Eagle Falls. National Park Falls. The Water a National Park The 20-meter drop from the steep rock face is best seen in the winter or spring when the water is running. It takes 7 minutes to drive the 15 kilometres of the trail's whole loop, but only 40 minutes to walk between the falls.

    The Fernhook Falls

    There are two very distinct aspects to the fascinating locale, depending on when you go. Fernhook Falls where Walpole is located. In the winter, the falls generate a bubbling froth of water, but in the summer, the flow slows to a trickle, making the adjacent Rowell's Pool a peaceful area to swim.

    At Fernhook Falls, you can take your pick of various pathways and boardwalks that all lead to breathtaking vistas of the Deep River below. Tucked away inside the forest but close to the river, the falls offer eight tent sites and two camp huts for those who wish to remain for an extended period of time. Further camping details are provided below.

    Falls Beedelup

    Nestled in the Greater Beedelup National Park Beedelup Falls, situated close to Pemberton, is a sequence of cascades encircled by verdant karri forest.

    The 4.5-kilometer Beedelup Falls Loop Walk starts at the base of the region's famous karri trees and ends at a lookout over Waterfall Dam, the large lake into which the falls drop. The bridge across Beedelup Stream is 25 metres in length.

    Wilyabrup, Quinninup Falls

    Quinninup Falls falls 10 metres into the ocean from the Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park's sandy beach. When there has been a lot of rain in the area (often between June and September), the terrain is covered in vibrant wildflowers, making springtime the best season to see these falls.

    Park in the lot on Moses Road and follow the trail to the falls. In order to make sure you don't get lost, keep an eye out for Cape - Cape Track signs. The terrain of the trail varies from smooth to rocky, with a few steep sand dunes to scale, but the payoff is well worth it.

    All first-timers should know that the most direct route to the trailhead of Quinninup Falls is reached by entering "Moses Rock Road" rather than "Quinninup Falls" into an electronic map.


    Perth is home to a number of stunning waterfalls, including Cottesloe Falls and Lesmurdie, which are ideal for a quick retreat from the city. Lesmurdie Falls is the most famous and stunning waterfall in the Perth Hills, with stunning panoramas of the city and valley below and a waterfall tumbling over the granite cliff. Old Barrington Quarry, Bell Rapids, Hovea Falls, Swan View Tunnel, Old Hovea Railway Station, and John Forrest Nature Reserve are all popular attractions in Perth. Windpipe Gully, Serpentine Gardens, Kitty's Gorge Walk Trail, Baldwin's Bluff Nature Track, and Serpentine Falls are all top picks for treks in the Perth area. The Noble Falls is a tranquil waterfall surrounded by jarrah, marri, and blackbutt forest, making it a popular early day trip destination.

    Mitchell Falls is located in Kununurra and requires a four-wheel drive vehicle. King George Falls, Karijini Falls, Joffre Falls, Sixty Foot Falls, Durack Falls, and Wandoo Woods are all popular natural attractions in Perth. The Blue Wren Walk Trail and Fernhook Falls offer stunning vistas of the Deep River below. The 4.5-kilometer Beedelup Falls Loop Walk starts at the base of the region's famous karri trees and ends at a lookout over Waterfall Dam.

    Content Summary:

    1. Do you look forward to going on hikes?
    2. Do you take pleasure in beholding magnificent examples of nature in action?
    3. If this is the case, then Perth is where you need to be.
    4. A number of beautiful waterfalls may be observed in and around town, starting in the north and working their way to the south-west.
    5. Anyone looking for waterfalls in Perth either head inland or to the shore.
    6. These natural wonders are perfect for a day excursion away from the bustle of the city with friends or family.
    7. The most well-known waterfall is Cottesloe Falls, which has been featured in many travel publications.
    8. More information on these waterfalls, such as how to get there and what to do once you get there, is provided in the next paragraph.
    9. If you find yourself in the area between June home and your car after a rainfall, one of these waterfall hikes is the perfect place to go for a stroll.
    10. Perth's hills conceal a beautiful variety of waterfalls, with the best ones now conveniently accessible from below.
    11. Mitchell Falls and Fortescue Falls are only two of the well-known waterfalls in Western Australia's Kimberly and Pilbara regions.
    12. Although Perth is home to a variety of beautiful waterfalls, few locals and visitors know it.
    13. There are many stunning waterfalls in Perth, making the area ideal for a pleasant trek or an exciting picnic.
    14. You can get to these waterfalls quickly from Perth, which is a major plus.
    15. Here's a rundown of all the cool stuff to do on the water so you can start planning your vacation.
    16. The best waterfall Perth has to offer sits at the end of this popular hike, making it a great option for anybody looking for a quick escape from the city.
    17. It's possible to start your hike from either the upper or lower parking lot.
    18. The brink of the falls can be hiked up or down along a well-marked track with stunning views the whole way.
    19. From the summit, hikers can access a number of Spectacular vantage points, including the nearby Lions Lookout.
    20. At 22 kilometres from Perth is where you'll find Lesmurdie Waterfall.
    21. Located in Lesmurdie Falls National Park, this 50-meter-tall waterfall is one of the most remarkable of the many stunning waterfalls that line the Darling Range escarpment.
    22. Most visitors who come to the region to witness the waterfalls walk along the Lesmurdie Stream Loop.
    23. The waterfalls are at the end of Lesmurdie Stream, across Lesmurdie Road, and may be seen from this 1.5 kilometre trail.
    24. In the winter and spring, hikers can expect to see the most vibrant displays of flora along the trail and the tallest waterfalls.
    25. The 50-metre plunge makes Lesmurdie Falls the most spectacular waterfall in the Perth Hills, but that's not all it has going for it.
    26. Views of Perth city from the Darling escarpment are spectacular.
    27. During the colder months of winter and the beginning of spring, wildflowers bloom profusely.
    28. The 1.5-kilometer Lesmurdie Stream Loop is rated as a moderately tough trek and should take you around an hour to accomplish.
    29. Despite the heat, the best season to go hiking in the highlands is from June to November.
    30. To avoid the heat of the day, it's best to get an early start on your day of walking.
    31. Some circumnavigations of the falls can be accomplished in as little as 30 minutes, while others may take as much as 2 hours.
    32. Mundy Regional Park is home to the stunning Lesmurdie Falls.
    33. The circle walk around the waterfalls is dog-friendly, so long as your pet is on a leash.
    34. Ellis brook valley in perth (sixty foot falls) Placed in the Valley of Ellis Brook Less than half an hour's drive from the downtown area, this short but steep hike leads to breathtaking views of the city and valley below, as well as a waterfall crashing over a granite cliff.
    35. Apart from the main trail, you may also visit Old Barrington Quarry, which is clearly recognisable thanks to its bluish-green water.
    36. If you're feeling bold, you can get closer to your prey by venturing off the beaten route (although swimming is firmly not advised due to the high chance of getting some microbial nasties).
    37. If you visit Perth in the spring, you might also get to view some of the city's most gorgeous blooms.
    38. Bells Rapids is a beautiful spot in its own right, but its equally beautiful twin is sometimes overlooked since it is so close to Bells Rapids.
    39. If you park near Bells Lookout, then walk 45 degrees in the direction perpendicular to the rapids, you'll come to a waterfall that overlooks the city and a spot where you can build a fire despite fire bans.
    40. After a strong downpour, the hidden 25-meter waterfall finally reveals itself.
    41. The beautiful views make up for the potentially stressful trek there, which is not clearly indicated until the very end.
    42. Hovea Falls, or the Waterfalls of Hovea The Hovea Waterfall Gorge is where you may see the waterfalls after descending a granite cliff.
    43. There are many species of mammals, reptiles, birds, and amphibians, and the jarrah and marri trees in Henry Forrest National Park are stunning.
    44. During the summer, there can be as many as 500 distinct species of wildflowers in bloom.
    45. Tunnel and track, which date back to the early 20th century, should not be missed.
    46. Trail stretches over 26.2 miles (42 km) between the cities of Darlington, Parkerville, and Mundaring.
    47. With its 2,700 acres of land, John Forrest Nature Reserve is an essential natural space in a growing metropolis.
    48. Established in Western Australia, it was the country's second national park.
    49. Waterfalls in the neighbouring Hovea and Nature Reserve are linked to the now-defunct railway that originally operated through the area. Other notable sites in the vicinity are the Swan View Tunnel and Old Hovea Railway Station, both of which are popular on social media.
    50. These waterfalls, part of Jane Creek, can be seen in a National Park not far from the upstream Hovea Falls.
    51. This is the last of my recommended hikes in the Perth area.
    52. This trail in Lesmurdie follows a creek for the most of its distance, culminating at a waterfall from where you can see the Swan Coastal Plain and the city.
    53. A couple little waterfalls and the possibility to return by the opposite side make for a pleasant diversion on the way to the gorgeous, overgrown paradise at the end.
    54. Towards the trail's end, in the Perth Serpentine Reserve, are the impressive ruins of a Japanese-style home. The Serpentine Gardens Are Located In a little over an hour, you may travel from Perth to this hidden oasis.
    55. In this area, you can choose from three distinct hikes.
    56. In addition to the waterfalls, visiting Baldwin's Bluff is highly recommended and may be reached via a paved trail from the parking area.
    57. Despite the steepness of the trail, the views of the waterfalls at the end make this one of our favourite treks in Perth.
    58. The view plus the immaculate amenities, such as bathrooms and a grilling space, more than make up for the entrance price, making this the only paid destination on this list.
    59. Many people visit these falls in the summer to swim in the pool and escape the heat.
    60. Take the short Serpentine Falls Walk to the overlook for a great view of the waterfall plunging over the edge of the granite cliff and into the pool below.
    61. If you're looking for a more challenging hike, head to Kitty's Gorge Walk Trail, which is 16 kilometres from Jarrahdale.
    62. If you're searching for a challenging hike, Baldwin's Bluff Nature Trail is the way to go.
    63. Gravel trails wind their way through woodlands and outcroppings of granite to bring visitors to the bluff.
    64. The Swan Coastal Belt and the waterfalls can be seen on this two-hour hike.
    65. With the at least 28 trails in the region, you're sure to find one that suits your needs.
    66. During the weekends, tourists can see the falls until they hit capacity, which is usually around 10 am.
    67. When visiting a national park, you will need to pay an entrance fee.
    68. Dogs are not allowed on the premises.
    69. Nearby native bushland features six breathtaking waterfalls that are easily accessible to nature lovers.
    70. For further information on the many trails in and around Perth, check out books like Perth's Best Bush, Coastal & City Walks; Extra Child Walks in Perth Outdoor; and Recreate Perth Outdoor life: A Guide to Outdoor Recreation Areas surrounding Perth.
    71. A calm waterfall and forest of jarrah, marri, and blackbutt make the area of Noble Falls in eastern Perth a beautiful gem.
    72. Due to its proximity and small size, it begins to fill with water from the winter rains early, making it a popular early morning destination for day trips.
    73. A lovely, easily accessible, and dog-friendly walking trail is close.
    74. Noble Falls isn't particularly tall, but the tranquil brookside walk is well worth the journey.
    75. A 3.5-kilometer trail following Wooroloo Creek begins at the Noble Falls parking area.
    76. The 45-minute walk is not hard on the feet because the path is flat and smooth the entire time.
    77. There are several different kinds of trees that grow there, including marri, sumac, Swan River blackbutt, and flooded gums.
    78. In most places, wildflowers look their best from August through October.
    79. Noble Falls Tavern and the nearby Gidgegannup Village are both within walking distance of the parking lot.
    80. Restrooms, a playground, picnic tables, and barbeque grills are all available.
    81. The barbeques are open to the public and are free of charge.
    82. Kununurra is home to Mitchell Falls.
    83. Mitchell Falls is the name given to a group of four waterfalls in Mitchell River National Park in north-west Washington.
    84. The highest volume of water is seen at the falls between February and March.
    85. Campers who make it to the area (which requires a four-wheel drive vehicle) can easily walk to the falls for a closer look.
    86. The scenic Little Mertens Falls may be seen along the well-marked and moderately travelled Punamii-unpuu hiking circuit.
    87. To the Falls of King George at Durack King George Falls, with its two 100-meter waterfalls, is one of the state's most beautiful natural landmarks.
    88. The best time to see the spectacular waterfalls of the Kimberley is from April to June, right after the northern rainy season.
    89. As a result of its remote location, the best way to see these falls is on a cruise down the lower King George River or a scenic flight over the northern Kimberley coast.
    90. A freshwater shower' will be waiting for a chosen few cruise passengers at the base of the falls.
    91. Falls of Karijini and Joffre Joffre Falls is centred 50 metres above the swimming hole it cascades into. Contrasts in geology, vegetation, and colour are what make Karijini National Park so remarkable.
    92. Like many other waterfalls in the state, Joffre Falls is at its best once the winter rain season has ended.
    93. From the lookout point a short walk from the Joffre Falls parking lot, you can take in the breathtaking view of the plunge pool at the foot of the natural amphitheatre formed by the falls.
    94. You can also take the 1.5-kilometer-long path to the first pool upstream of the falls at Joffre Falls on the Joffre Falls hiking trail.
    95. Staircases Down 60 Feet Sixty Foot Falls, one of Perth's greatest waterfalls, can rage after heavy winter rains but trickle or even dry up in the summer.
    96. Amazing scenery, with the vividly coloured rock and the quickly running stream.
    97. The Ellis Creek Valley in Banyowla Regional Park is home to four different trails.
    98. Sixty Foot Waterfall Trail, which begins at the Valley Head parking lot, is the longest and most difficult of the four trails. It is two kilometres in length.
    99. Those who make the trek to the top of the falls will be rewarded with breathtaking vistas of the valley below.
    100. Don't forget to check out the lovely green pool at the Barrington Quarry on your way back down.
    101. The terrain varies in difficulty, from rocky to steep.
    102. Those of varying fitness levels can choose a stroll that best suits them thanks to the variety available.
    103. The Blue Wren Walk Path follows Ellis Brook for a total of 2.8 kilometres in one direction, beginning at either Honeyeater Hill or Valley Head.
    104. At the Wandoo Woods, you may be lucky enough to see a nesting bird.
    105. A walk through the trees is still a beautiful adventure, even if the waterfall is dry.
    106. Hikers who have seen Hovea and want to see Eagle Falls in the area need go no further than the John Forest Eagle Trail.
    107. These waterfalls are located in a national park.
    108. A National Park on the Water In the winter and spring, when the water is flowing, the 20-meter drop from the steep rock wall is at its most spectacular.
    109. The entire loop of the trail is 15 kilometres and takes 7 minutes to drive, but just 40 minutes to walk between the falls.
    110. The fascinating location presents two very different sides, depending on when you visit.
    111. Walpole is situated at the foot of Fernhook Falls.
    112. The falls produce a gushing froth of water in the winter, but in the summer, the flow slows to a trickle, making the nearby Rowell's Pool a tranquil swimming spot.
    113. All the trails and boardwalks at Fernhook Falls offer spectacular views of the Deep River below.
    114. There are eight tent sites and two camp shelters for people who prefer to spend an extended time at the falls, which are tucked away in the forest but near to the river.
    115. Located within Greater Beedelup National Park. Beedelup Falls is a series of cascades in the vicinity of Pemberton, surrounded by lush karri forest.
    116. Starting at the base of the region's iconic karri trees, the 4.5-kilometer Beedelup Falls Loop Walk leads to an overlook of Waterfall Dam, the enormous lake into which the falls flow.
    117. The span of this bridge across Beedelup Creek measures 25 metres.
    118. For the Quinninup Waterfall in Wilyabrup The sandy beach of Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park is where the 10-meter-tall Quinninup Waterfall plunges into the water below.
    119. Spring is the greatest time to visit these waterfalls because the landscape is covered in colourful wildflowers after a wet period (often between June and September).
    120. To reach the falls, drive to the parking area on Moses Road and then take the trail that leads off of it.
    121. Cape Track signs so you don't get lost.
    122. The trail's varied topography includes some challenging sand dunes, but the effort is well worth it.
    123. Anybody visiting Quinninup Falls for the first time should know that putting "Moses Rock Road" rather than "Quinninup Falls" into a GPS device will get them to the trailhead more quickly.


    Frequently Asked Questions About Waterfall Hikes

    The tallest waterfall in Western Australia is King George Falls.

    These places are best for waterfalls in Perth and Kinross:

    • Falls of Bruar
    • Buchanty Spout
    • Deil's Cauldron
    • Rumbling Bridge Falls
    • Falls of Acharn

    These are the best places for couples seeking waterfalls in Perth and Kinross:

    • Falls of Bruar
    • Deil's Cauldron
    • Falls of Acharn

    Bluff Knoll is the highest peak of the Stirling Range in the Great Southern region of Western Australia (WA). It is 1,099 metres (3,606 ft) above sea level, with a prominence of 650 m (2,130 ft).

    One of Perth's best-known waterfalls, Serpentine Falls in the Serpentine National Park has a long history as a popular local picnic spot. While the falls are not high, at just 15m, watching the water cascade across the wide granite rock face, which has been polished smooth by the water flow overtime, is quite striking.

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