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15 Most Excellent Restaurants Found In Perth

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    We've made a list of the top eateries in Perth for you to peruse. The greatest restaurants in Perth range from Michelin-starred establishments to unassuming dives with excellent food, so there's something for everyone.

    These are the perfect places to eat in the city, where you may sample cuisines from all around the world. There are some that have been around for a while and others that have only recently opened, but you won't want to miss out on any of them. There's a wide variety of dishes available, from Italian to Asian, so go ahead and scroll through to check them out.

    Manuka Woodfire Kitchen

    Manuka Woodfire Restaurant in Fremantle serves food that is both honest and hearty. Visit this multi-award winning venue once and you'll be returning for more of their dedication to West Australian products.

    Kenny McHardy has an impressive resume. Over his career, he has worked at restaurants such as London's two-Michelin-star institution Petrus, Melbourne's Walter's Wine bar, and Albany's Due South. The Kiwi is testing the waters with his first solo enterprise, Manuka Woodfire Kitchen.

    McHardy cooks everything from bread and pizza to veggies and meat by himself in his tiny kitchen's wood-fired oven. When he's away from the oven, he's fermenting more than just bread dough; he's also adding veggies to the food storage. There is no set menu, but you can rest assured that anything roasted over coals or baked in a wood-burning oven will be wonderful.

    McHardy's philosophy is to build relationships with producers, such as farmers and those who create wine, cider, and beer, in order to mine the seasonal potential of Western Australia.

    Baby beetroots, for example, might be included in a dish, their natural earthiness accentuated by smoke and a char that just veers into the "over" territory. The same method is used on chicken to ensure tender flesh and crunchy skin. In a non-traditional setting, potato gnocchi with Manjimup truffles is a delicious option.

    Colonial Brewery beer from nearby Margaret River, and a selection of easy-drinking red and white wines from all around the state, are just a few examples of how the bar programme shows its appreciation for local producers. In the interim, the eatery has received numerous awards and high marks. The restaurant promotes all the things we love to hear about: zero waste, sustainability, seasonality, and buying from the farmer directly. Chef Kenny McHardy will surely transform the local fare cooked in the wood-fired oven into something magical.

    Kailis Fish Market Cafe

    Kailis Fish Market Café is a casual spin on the traditional waterfront seafood restaurant and can accommodate up to 550 diners at a time. Customers at the fry counter (the most popular of the market's four speciality stands) can select from seven different types of fish. A whole seafood fry might include everything from prawns from Shark Bay with their heads on and their shells to Fremantle sardines. Fish fillet burgers are the highlight of the tempting "in a bun" area, which also includes the shamefully underappreciated chip butty.

    Traditional cold seafood such as mussels, crabs, and oysters that are shucked to order may be found at the raw bar and grill station, but diners can also get their hooks into fresh crudos such large eye tuna, seasoned in olive oil, red onion, and parsley.

    There are also savoury waffles, deep-fried fish wings, whole Rottnest Island herring, and a rock lobster and lettuce salad. The drinks menu prioritises speed and convenience. On tap is a gin and tonic, and three different drinks are bottled in-house (Espresso Martini, Cosmopolitan, Negroni).

    Nina Throsby's 50-bottle wine list include reasonably priced glasses of Vouvray and Beaujolais. Prices for bottles of wine start at $23.50, and staff may advise you on the best wines to pair with your seafood.

    perth petition kitchen

    Petition Kitchen

    In Perth, Australia, protesters marched around the State Buildings a century ago to voice their disapproval of government policies. Now, more people are waiting in line to eat at Petition Kitchen, Jesse Blake's precisely designed bistro that sits next to Petition Beer Corner and Wine Bar.

    Blake is an expert on modern Australian cuisine, having trained at Andrew McConnell's acclaimed restaurant in Melbourne, Cumulus Inc. Share plates, seasonal influences, and a focus on seafood are all carried over from Cumulus to Petition Kitchen, but the menu is otherwise blank and draws inspiration from Blake's upbringing.

    Petition Kitchen has become the standard bearer of casual eating. The menu changes with the seasons and features the best of Western Australia's products, resulting in dishes that are equal parts rustic and equal parts eccentric and perfect for sharing.

    Although the term "jack of all trades" is usually associated with negative connotations, in this context, it is meant as the highest possible compliment: what can't Petition to do? A meticulously produced cuisine that highlights the freshest local produce available is always available at Petition, whether you're coming by for a quick coffee, a leisurely lunch, or a convivial meal with friends.

    The seasonal fruits and vegetables are bursting with colour and texture and are presented in a creative way. Fremantle octopus is slow-cooked and served with kimchi made in-house; organic Blackwood Valley beef is used in the tartare; and coconut is used in the ceviche. Sandwiches, pastries, and toasted muesli cooked from scratch are just a few of the grab-and-go alternatives that are appreciated by CBD workers.

    Michael Patroni is credited for the interior design (Bread in Common, Strange Company). It features a sophisticated combination of modern and vintage elements, such as reclaimed wood flooring, black steel doors, custom steel and wood tables, and unfinished brick walls. The music was also chosen by an industry insider: musician, producer, and record label owner Ewan Jansen.

    Lalla Rookh

    At Lalla Rookh, a pub and restaurant located beneath St. George's Terrace, you may escape the hustle and bustle of the city above. The sumptuous lounge, European-style outdoor patio, and lively public bar all add something special to the table. But I know why you're really here: for the cuisine in the dining hall!

    The Italian cuisine prepared by head chef Alexandra Haynes is inspired by the bowerbird. She blends northern and southern flavours and ingredients, as in this summery salad with heirloom beetroots and goats curd, which is reminiscent of the Mediterranean. The contrast is a radicchio and smoked pork neck salad, which is heartier and more satisfying.

    The homemade pasta has not lost any of its firmness. There is a wide variety of options, including the six-course Il Capo menu for those who cannot make a selection. Jeremy Prus and Sarah Atkinson, the restaurant's sommeliers, have curated a list of more than 300 boutique Australian and Italian wines, some of which you may be familiar with and others about which you may be curious. A variety of beer and cider options are also available. There are a variety of guest beers on tap at Lalla Rookh, which brings the total to 38.

    Drasko’s Hot Chicken

    What happens when you take someone with a love of Nashville fried chicken and give them the meticulous preparation skills they learned at Noma? We're thrilled that you're getting Drasko's.

    Drasko's has been making headlines ever since it opened at the beginning of the year, with crowds of customers waiting in anticipation for the restaurant's signature crispy, juicy, and spicy fare. You can see the difference when you eat anything that is created with just WA-grown ingredients and has homemade pickles, spicy sauce, and pretty much everything else.

    Perth native and former writer turned chef Drasko Jankovic opened his Nashville-style hot chicken restaurant, Drasko's Hot Chicken. Lines often wrap around the block at this casual eatery because it serves the best fried chicken in a variety of styles, from the traditional quarter served with white bread and pickles to the signature sando (their take on a beastly fried chicken burger), with varying degrees of spiciness to accommodate everyone from chilli avoidants to extreme heat lovers. The off-menu chilli that you have to sign a disclaimer to sample is not for the faint of heart, so unless you're up for a real challenge, you might want to pass on it.

    perth tiny’s bar

    Tiny’s Bar

    Tough day at the office? Are you feeling downtrodden by the city's constant activity? An immediate order of Tiny's rotisserie chicken is being issued. Drippings potatoes, nduja, and bread sauce round out this comfort food masterpiece. Their pork belly with macadamia, peaches, and confit onion is hard to beat, though. You can be sure to pair it with the perfect drink from the liquor store that is conveniently located right next door.

    Paul Aron and Michael Forde, who established Mary Street Bakery, are also responsible for launching a number of Perth's most acclaimed establishments. Greenhouse. The 663rd Cantina. People, or El Publico. Excellent pie. Its most ambitious undertaking to date is Tiny's, a multi-purpose, mid-century modern venue that features a restaurant, speciality liquor store, and bar.

    When it comes to food, you can anticipate a fusion of southern Asian and European flavours. New-school skewers of yakitori (of octopus and beef intercostals, for example), pig belly, whole fish, and other tasty eats may be brought out to their full flavour potential over a wood-fired barbeque.

    The juiciness of the roasted chicken and the potatoes cooked in the chicken fat make this dish a study in comfort food. Raw and pickled vegetables on the crudites platter come from a rooftop garden across the street.

    The list is small and well curated, with a concentration on small production beers and wines, but it also includes some well-known, high-quality brands. Because of Aron's dedication to Greenhouse, Tiny's is a strong supporter of several of QV1's eco-friendly programmes.

    To name a couple examples, we use products from our own garden and send our yard trash to a closed-loop composter. Tiny's Liquor Emporium is a wine bar and bottle shop that offers an extensive selection of wine, craft beer, spirits, and even vinyl records.


    You can't visit Perth and not eat at Nobu, the go-to spot for the city's finest Japanese cuisine. Choose yourself an omakase meal that fits your appetite, then pig out. The silky smoothness of the yellowtail sashimi will wow you. The previous decade has seen a rise in the popularity of Nobu as a special occasion restaurant.

    This internationally renowned, Robert De Niro-owned label maintains the same high standards in its Perth outpost that have made the rest of the world take notice. The luxurious dining room and Magnificent location are ideal for special occasions and go well with the restaurant's cutting-edge Japanese and South American cuisine.

    If you just want to enjoy and relax their hallmark dishes, the omakase menus are a safe pick, but as any seafood connoisseur will tell you, it's always worth checking out what's fresh and in season.


    We could debate Perth's pizza options for hours, but we always seem to circle back to Rossonero. Located on Lyric Lane in Mayland, this former garage strikes a nice blend between old-school charm and contemporary appeal.

    Rossonero currently occupies a building that was once used as a garage, then by a pharmacy, and then by a church. The latter is what founders Fil Pakioufakis and Nat Atkins (formerly of Neighbourhood Pizza, Clarences, The Brisbane Hotel, Bivouac) were inspired by. Concreting that has been polished to a high sheen. Wooden details. Brickwork that has been painted.

    The decor is on the verge of minimalist, but the atmosphere is anything but quiet, especially on Friday and Saturday nights when the place is packed with revellers. In contrast to the typical blackened and blistered pizzas served at most pizzerias, Rossonero bakes its pies to a golden brown with a slight tan. The bases are so subtle that they enhance rather than overpower the other flavours.

    Interestingly, there is a conveyor oven in the kitchen, a high-tech piece of machinery that is instantly recognisable to anyone who has worked at Eagle Boys, Pizza Hut, Domino's, or any other pizza joint with a seven-figure advertising budget.

    The thin-crust pizzas are "not your nonna's pizzas," both in terms of their title and their toppings. The Glaze of Glory is a tomato-based dish that includes cacciatore, rocket, and balsamic glaze.

    A pie stuffed with brussels sprouts, pancetta, and parmesan cheese is known as what? Brussels Crowe. Many vegetarian dishes and vegan cheese can be found on the menu. The remainder of the food is just as minimal as the decor. Gelato sandwiches, created with Chicho Gelato sandwiched between two vanilla chocolate chip cookies baked in-house, start and end the dessert menu. Waiting customers are offered a little tin tumbler filled with plump olives; upon request, they can also receive a cut of chilli.

    We can't resist the Honey Boy, although purists might prefer the Old School. Rossonero has a lot to offer, from the friendliest staff around to being the permanent residence of 2021's most talked-about Conti roll.

    perth island market trigg

    Island Market Trigg

    Island Market Trigg has replaced Kailis Trigg Beach with a casual and breezy dining area that reflects the restaurant's seaside setting. Island Market Trigg is more than simply another restaurant with a view, despite its waterfront location, which is perfect for Instagrammable moments and refreshing swims before lunch.

    Middle Eastern spice, Mediterranean fish, and frequent allusions to the backyard barbeque (hello, tinnies and fancy pavlova) fill the menu curated by veteran Perth chef David Coomer (ex-star Anise, Fuyu).

    You may dress up or dress down at Island Market Trigg. The pita bread and spreads are excellent, and the wood-roasted Wagin duck with crunchy kohlrabi and pear is representative of the restaurant's seasonal focus.

    Elsewhere, chicken wings are given the same high-temperature treatment, and tender octopus tentacles are delicious when combined with deep-fried pork skin and chicharron. The latter is among many other successful relics from Coomer's Pata Negra period. Similarly, the Pedro Ximinez ice cream and orange- and cinnamon-flavored churros that have become so famous in Spain.

    On the other hand, the wood-roasted pineapple with ouzo caramel is a thing of beauty. The restaurant's breakfast is offered for early birds, and the citrus-forward drinks and easy-drinking wines are a great match for the laid-back beachy atmosphere.

    Wines of While

    Wines of While merits its inclusion on this list for its role in introducing Perth to the taste of natural wine and for its ever-changing menu of rustic Italian and French-inspired cuisine. The ambience is laid back and comfortable, and both the expensive wine and the meal are excellent. Have yourself a seat at a sidewalk cafe and prepare to while away the afternoon. It's also not far from Vincent Wine; why not go on a wine tasting?

    It's simple to see why someone might want to hide out here. This little, 50-seater bar and takeaway bottle shop is a celebration of organic and natural wines, and it was openly influenced by and modelled after venues like Embla (Melbourne), 10 William St (Sydney), and P.Franco (London).

    Wines by the glass are listed daily on a chalkboard, and they range from easy-drinking Italian-Australian whites to blush, skin-contact wines produced from mtsvane grapes, which are indigenous to Georgia.

    The offerings are different every day, or at least every afternoon and evening. There are over 200 different wines available for purchase and consumption at the bar. The dishes on the menu (terrines, pasta, and irresistible slow-cooked cannellini beans, for example) are all concise and authentically Mediterranean, and they pair splendidly with the wines on offer.

    The sourdough is an essential food because of its dark crust and chewy crumb. The daily cheese plate is accompanied by knackebrot, a thin Norwegian flatbread flavoured with sesame and nigella seeds. With a Twin Peaks filter and a MoccaMaster, your coffee selections are limited to the former. Beer lovers can choose from a few popular labels in addition to the usual assortment of craft brews.


    Little but well formed Japanese eatery Ichirin can be found in a converted fish and chip store. The room is minimally decorated in a soothing cream colour with touches of Nipponese decor on the window, the counter, and the timber frame. Traditional Japanese takeout fare is offered at this eatery.

    It would be easy to mentally file away Leeming's family-run Ichirin as the ideal neighbourhood shopping strip takeout eatery if you stumbled upon it for a fast lunch on the go. You'd be doing a disservice to both Ichirin and yourself if you skipped out on the omakase, despite the fact that the casual lunch fare is, credit where credit is due, incredibly well executed.

    Katsu chicken is delicious. Salmon and beef with teriyaki sauce, or tofu with teriyaki sauce. The sushi selection includes rolls and platters of tuna, California, vegetarian, and chicken teriyaki varieties. Its signature offering is the $60 six-course omakase, a set menu that celebrates the best of the season. Shiro Okuchi, the chef, has an extensive resume.

    The omakase menu is always evolving, but it has previously featured dishes like pink duck breast served with a smudge of grapefruit miso, a fermented soy paste enlivened with a splash of citrous.

    Chef Shiro Okuchi is an expert when it comes to seafood. To best demonstrate the harmony between Japanese cuisine and Western Australian ingredients, we recommend the chef's choice omakase meal. As well as, kingfish presented usuzukuri-style, which is essentially sashimi that has been chopped very thin, in homage to our man's years spent dealing with fugu, and drizzled with a tart apple ponzu sauce that adds a tangy acidity.

    Those looking for more historically accurate flavours of Japan's Kansai region should try his lunchtime Japanese chicken curry udon, but whatever Okuchi cooks, it has to be a reflection of who he is. In order to schedule an omakase meal, the restaurant requires a minimum of two days' notice. Included in the $60 charge is corkage, miso soup, and rice.

    Il Lido

    The cantina serves up contemporary takes on traditional "peasant style" fare for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day of the week in a cabaret hall from the 1930s. Whether it's the hearty cavatelli with sausage and broccoli, crowd-pleasing blue swimmer crab linguine, or the simple spaghetti with mascarpone, nduja, lemons, and white anchovy each pasta dish is a devoted tribute to its ingredients.

    Indulge in a plate of our homemade orecchiette with a side of broccoli, crumbled pig sausage, and mascarpone at a prime outdoor table. Alternatively, cuttlefish that has been chargrilled and served with citrus and olives. Relaxed bare timber, long communal tables and matte tiling set the tone inside. Photographs of the Amalfi coast and Milan adorn the walls, creating a vivid atmosphere.

    James Tuxworth is responsible for selecting each bottle of wine in the restaurant's extensive wine collection. A focus on Italy naturally highlights the diversity of the country's regions, with a Barolo from Piedmont serving as the showpiece. You can't miss the two espresso machines on the bar, where you can get single origin or cold brew coffee made with beans roasted in-house by Mano a Mano.

    perth propeller restaurant


    We feel bad saying this, but for how consistently excellent Propeller is, this unassuming restaurant sometimes slips under the radar. There is a minimalistic but functional aesthetic to the industrial decor. Menu items like Musakhan chicken with caramelised onion manouche and Rangers Valley beef with Turkish green chilli relish are seasonal Western Australian spins on classic Middle Eastern cuisine.

    This Hamish Fleming and Siobhan Blumann establishment, located in a section of the state's busiest port that had been neglected for the better part of two decades, is now a bustling landmark. The casual and perceptive service is a good complement for the eye-catching blue shipping container, crudely painted brick interior and outdoor courtyard.

    Chef de cuisine Kurt Sampson's menu puts an international twist on a tried and true tradition. Some people who get up really early during the week start their day by eating jaffles (Nutella and pear; gruyere and tomato; lamb, almonds and minted peas). Kefalograviera (sheep's milk) cheese and za'atar flatbreads are two examples of off-the-beaten-path brunch options.

    Dinner is served in a communal plate style, providing options for meat eaters, fish eaters, plant eaters, and dessert lovers alike. Most of the wines on the large list are from Australia and Europe, with the occasional selection from the United States. The pizzas made in the wood-burning oven are guaranteed to satisfy. Daily, at 12 o'clock noon, you can have them taken away. Flipside, Dominion League, Mechanics' Institute, and Mrs. Brown are similar sibling establishments in the area.


    Those who patiently wait are rewarded. Remember this if you plan on visiting Marumo. Legendary status has been bestowed upon Marumo's seven-course omakase menu. Three hours spent in the diner's tiny, minimalist dining area, which is hidden in a nondescript Nedlands shopping centre.

    When it comes to good dining in Perth, Marumo is one of the finest values at $80 per person. The restaurant's high level of mystery stems in part from the fact that reservations are extremely difficult to come by. When tickets go on sale, they are quickly purchased, so you'll want to make sure you have everything you need well in advance for this special event.

    To begin, there's the problem of snagging a seat in a local Japanese cafe. This is not the type of restaurant where you can just walk in for dinner because reservations are open for only one day every few months and the restaurant is always full. The problem then becomes locating it. Even Sherlock would have trouble finding it among all the chaos of Chelsea Village's shops. On the other hand, don't let that stop you.

    Once seated in one of the minimalist room's 30 seats, diners will be presented with seven meals, each of which is expertly prepared, for a price ($80) that seems almost too good to be true. Moe Oo, the restaurant's owner and head chef, creates the omakase menu, which may take up to three hours to complete.

    Slow-cooked egg melting in a rich broth of enokis and shitakes; luscious roast chicken and edamame; black-rice parfait with mango and crisp lotus root; these are just some of the dishes that showcase the skill and ingenuity of the single cook. The bundle includes green tea, but if you prefer wine, remember to bring your own supply.

    Millbrook Winery

    Seasonality, proximity, and morality aren't just buzzwords for Guy Jeffreys; they're requirements. This is instead the philosophy that guides the daily work of the chef at Millbrook Winery. Much of the fruit, vegetables, and herbs he uses come straight from the orchard, olive grove, and kitchen garden at Millbrook. When that's not enough, we turn to nearby farmers for a boost.

    There's an energy about Jeffreys that makes you think he'd be getting his hands dirty even if he weren't a chef. Growing your own and knowing where your food came from is admirable, but it needs to be reflected in the meal. Despite the fact that Jeffreys is capable of knocking out crowd-pleasers with ease, he instead opts to go for the gusto with his menu.

    Millbrook has a sizable dining room, but if you want a table with a view of the lake, you should make a reservation in advance. If the weather is nice, find yourself a spot on the terrace. Lunch can last till Jarrahdale time, so plan ahead and maybe include a sample at the cellar door. Red varietals like viognier, Sangiovese, and tempranillo might be expected if you're not familiar with Millbrook.


    Best restaurants in Perth cover the gamut from Michelin-starred restaurants to hidden gems. Fremantle's Manuka Woodfire Restaurant has won numerous awards for its honest and hearty fare. Casual yet spacious, Kailis Fish Market Café can seat up to 550 guests at its seaside location. In Perth, Australia, Petition Kitchen is a casual eatery that sits besides Petition Beer Corner and Wine Bar. Underneath St. George's Terrace, you'll find the tavern and restaurant Lalla Rookh, which features a plush lounge, European-style outside patio, and bustling public bar.

    Reclaimed wood flooring, black steel doors, handcrafted steel and wood tables, and unfinished brick walls are just some of the modern and vintage touches that make up the interior design. Ewan Jansen, a musician, producer, and record label owner, curated the playlist.

    Content Summary

    1. Best restaurants in Perth cover the gamut from Michelin-starred restaurants to hidden gems.
    2. Fremantle's Manuka Woodfire Restaurant has won numerous awards for its honest and hearty fare.
    3. Proprietor Kenny McHardy has worked at illustrious establishments including Petrus, Walter's Wine bar in Melbourne, and Due South in Albany, among others.
    4. His concept is to network with farmers and manufacturers of alcoholic beverages like wine, cider, and beer to extract Western Australia's seasonal potential.
    5. The bar menu displays its support for local businesses by offering beverages made by Margaret River's Colonial Brewery and light, flavorful red and white wines from all throughout the state.
    6. Casual yet spacious, Kailis Fish Market Café can seat up to 550 guests at its seaside location.
    7. Prawns, sardines, mussels, crabs, oysters, and crudos are just a few of the seven varieties of fish available to customers.
    8. In addition to the rock lobster and lettuce salad, the menu also includes savoury waffles, deep-fried fish wings, full Rottnest Island herring, and more.
    9. Glasses of Vouvray and Beaujolais from Nina Throsby's 50-bottle wine list are priced affordably.
    10. In Perth, Australia, Petition Kitchen is a casual eatery that sits besides Petition Beer Corner and Wine Bar.
    11. Proprietor Jesse Blake is a modern Australian cuisine master, having learned his craft at Andrew McConnell's critically regarded Cumulus Inc. in Melbourne. Dishes that are equal parts rustic and whimsical and suitable for sharing can be found on the menu, which adapts with the seasons and highlights the finest Western Australian produce.
    12. Reclaimed wood flooring, black steel doors, handcrafted steel and wood tables, and unfinished brick walls are just some of the modern and vintage touches that make up the interior design.
    13. Ewan Jansen, a musician, producer, and record label owner, was responsible for curating the soundtrack.
    14. Underneath St. George's Terrace, you'll find the tavern and restaurant Lalla Rookh, which features a plush lounge, European-style outside patio, and bustling public bar.

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