Top 20 Office Relocation & Removalists Melbourne [2022]

If you're moving offices or relocating to Melbourne, you'll need the help of a professional removalist. There are many removalists in Melbourne to choose from, so it's important to research and find one that can meet your specific needs. 

Removalists can help with everything from packing up your office furniture and equipment to getting everything safely transported to your new location. So whether you're downsizing, upsizing or just relocating for a new job, be sure to hire a qualified removalist to make a move as easy as possible.

To help you get started on your office mover hunt, we’ve rounded up our favourite office relocation and removalists from right across Melbourne.

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    Ultimate List of Office Relocation & Removalists Melbourne

    Imover Relocation Group - Office Relocation & Removalists Melbourne


    (03) 8395 1215

    When moving your home, iMover Melbourne movers service will relieve all of your worry.

    Are you seeking for a cheap furniture removal service for the one thing you recently bought on eBay? For a quick moving quote, give us a call! Your new item can be quickly moved into its new location with our assistance. You won't be dissatisfied with our professional and affordable house moving services in Melbourne. We transport furniture around Victoria. Even furniture disassembly and reassembly are services we offer! We specialize in being the best Melbourne removalists.

    Melbourne movers and packers 24/7 - Office Relocation & Removalists Melbourne

    melbourne movers and packers 24 7

    1800 921 248

    Moving an office from one location to another might be more difficult and laborious than moving a home. You can contact Melbourne movers and packers at any time of the day or night if you need to transfer an office. We take great care to relocate your possessions without causing any harm. No matter how big or small your items are, we take responsibility for packing, loading, moving, and unloading them at your destination.

    We provide dependable and prompt office relocation services in Melbourne and have a team of experts who can make your workplace transfer simple and secure.

    MLB Removals - Office Relocation & Removalists Melbourne

    mlb removals

    1300 017 150

    We provide our clients with all of the information and assistance they need to move their belongings, trash, house, or workplace in a hassle-free and cost-effective manner. As a result, if you're looking for reasonably priced removals with excellent service, MLB Removals is the removalist for you.

    FAQs About Office Relocation & Removalists 

    Business relocation will disrupt production.

    When your business is in transition, the disruption to production can hurt your profit. To overcome this hurdle, you may continue operations at both locations during the move. Hiring professional movers will also streamline the process so you can get your business up and running at your new location quickly.

    You may lose clients/customers.

    Moving your business can disrupt current customer or client relations. Customer retention is essential to keep your business running successfully during your transition. Be sure to communicate every step of the relocation process and inform all of your clients, vendors and customers about your new location, operating hours and any other changes.

    You will lose money paying for moving expenses.

    Moving can be expensive, so be sure to handle all of the added costs. Hiring professional movers specialising in corporate relocation is the best way to ensure your business move is completed quickly and efficiently. You may also be eligible for grants for job creation to fund your moving costs--corporate moving services can often provide information for these financing options.

    You may also have to relocate your family.

    If you are moving your business long distance, you will have to uproot and relocate your family. Your spouse and children may not be fond of the idea--especially if they have jobs or schools, they adore in your current city. Getting your family on board with the move is an important factor to consider--while you certainly want what is best for your business, you also want what is best for your loved ones. Be sure to emphasise all of the reasons why the move will benefit your business and the family as a whole.

    A better location will mean more business.

    Location, location, location. Probably one of the best reasons to move your business, your location can make or break your company’s success. For example, if your business is in an area that’s deteriorating due to a high crime rate and vacancies, relocating will positively impact you.

    Signs that an area is a favourable business climate include:

    • The construction or opening of new shopping centres
    • Good schools
    • Well-maintained businesses and properties
    • Minimal vacancies
    • Adequate transportation facilities

    Assess the location before moving. If you want to ensure customer retention and growth, there are many factors to consider. These include:

    • Population demographics 
    • Economic base 
    • Competitors 
    • Market trends and business growth in the area 
    • Distance from currents clients/customers

    Additionally, if you are in the service industry and depend heavily on current client relations, it’s important to consider whether your new location will facilitate continuing those connections.

    You’ll have better access to customers, vendors and employees.

    Many businesses change locations to attract a larger customer base when sales are down. Depending on your intended demographic, switching neighbourhoods increase your business’s profits. Additionally, relocating to a region with trained professionals seeking work in your industry could benefit your business greatly. Moving to facilitate your relationships with your vendors can be helpful, too.

    The most important thing to remember when relocating your business is making your customers aware of the move. Use every resource at your disposal. Social media is an excellent tool to keep your customer base updated throughout the moving process. Using an email newsletter or a mailed postcard is also effective. Update all of your online and networking listings with your new address and your professional email signature.

    You’ll gain space

    If you operate in tight quarters, moving to expand your business’ size is often a helpful tactic for increasing success. Depending on the nature of your business, additional space will enable you to display your products more effectively, perform additional services, or add new equipment to your office.

    Relocation can save you money.

    Is rent sky-high in your current location? Relocating your business to a region with lower rent, utilities, and other expenses will help you cut spending and increase profits. Just be sure your new location’s reduced rent and other costs are not due to a poor economic base in the region.

    Make It a Big Deal.

    In every content that you announce the move, make it exciting! Make it bright and noticeable and make it feel like big news. Sell your clients on why it’s exciting, whether it means a bigger location, you’re expanding your business, or you’ll be closer to your clients. If It’s a downsizing, sell it as a calculated business decision to decrease wasted resources to give your customers the best possible personal experience. It’s all in how you package it.

    Tell Them ASAP.

    Start telling people far in advance of the actual move date. Use whatever tools you would normally use to reach out to your clients. Whether you have an email list, Facebook page, direct mail, or all of them, use the chain of communication you would use normally.

    Make It Local News.

    Consider a press release to local news venues. Also, contact your chamber of commerce in the old and new location to request they make announcements.

    Use Your Website.

    Put an announcement on your homepage in a very visible way. For example, create a page dedicated to moving updates, so expectations of office relocation dates are very clear. On your About Us and Contact Us pages, add information for both your current and new location, including dates you will be moving or closed for moving. If you have a blog, post updates regularly. Tell readers what stage you’re in. Keep readers posted on the progress, like when you signed the lease, painted the new walls, or donated your old office furniture to a local charity to make room for the new furniture coming in.

    Post Updates on Your Social Media.

    You likely use some social media platforms for your business. Be sure to post regular reminders about the move and updates as well.

    Make Notes in Your Invoices.

    If you send bills to your clients, include a note about the move there as well.

    Repeat Yourself.

    Every time you mention the move, whether it be a blog post or postcard or Tweet, repeat the address and contact information for the new location, including the opening date and any dates you will be closed.

    Have a Grand Opening.

    To remind everyone you’re in the new location, host a grand opening event. Have a special deal they can get for coming in on the grand opening weekend. Also, put a press release in local news venues and social media to remind your current clients and stir up excitement with potential clients in the new area.

    Communicating with Customers

    Communication is one of the key factors to make any business successful, and it is also essential to make an office relocation run smoothly. Customers need to know that their favourite store or company is not closing down but is simply relocating to a better or bigger location. Give plenty of time to let customers know about the move and where the new location will be. Communicate the move in the store, through advertisements, on the company website, and through direct newsletters.

    Minimising Down Time

    There is usually a period during an office relocation where employees may not be working, the equipment has not been set up yet, and customers cannot do business. This downtime must be minimised as much as possible to reduce lost sales, upset customers, or employees unable to perform their jobs. A corporate relocation specialist is an integral component to minimising this downtime so that business can resume as soon as possible.

    Planning the New Space

    Another way to minimise downtime and resume business is to plan the new space. Phone connections, electrical outlets, and other essential connections should be located or installed to ensure the move is made quickly. Before the relocation starts, the new space should also be mapped out with designated spaces for the office furniture. Another potential solution is to relocate into the new space with minimal furniture. Either way, the professional movers should know where files, furniture, and other office equipment should be located.


    Insurance is an important factor to go through before settling in on the right removalist organisations to move your office for you. There are times when moving furniture from one place to another can cause irreparable damage. Go for companies that pledge to solve these issues and cover the costs for the damage caused. Insurance policies should be checked and double-checked to avoid complex issues in the future.


    The organisation’s efficiency selected for your office move can be gauged from the customer reviews and the pre-planning processes that they indulge in. Is the organisation you have selected to move the valuable office furniture and supplies taking the right steps that would eventually lead to the move. Do they have the right equipment to carry out the move successfully? Have a thorough discussion and clear your doubts days in advance.


    Affordability is another factor that must be thought about. After all, there are tons of organisations that provide the same service. Settle on the one with the good rates and who would efficiently carry out the services without you having to instruct them every step of the way. Always make sure that the rates offered are reasonable for the services provided.

    Prompt Services

    If the organisation fails to deliver the services on time, refuses to pick up your calls, cooperate with you, or cannot cater to your specific needs, you should switch companies. Moving your entire office can take days, and the delay caused by the moving company itself can stall the entire process further. Ensure that such is not the case and take steps if you have to during the initial days of hiring the organisation.

    Melbourne Office Movers - Office Relocation & Removalists Melbourne

    office movers melbourne

    (03) 8592 4738

    The preparations for a business relocation are extensive, and they cannot be completed without a strategy and expert assistance. Moving involves more than just throwing your belongings in a box and driving to your new home. You must make sure that pricey equipment is only sent following careful packing; all secret documents must be securely stored or destroyed prior to relocating.

    Office Relocation Services & Removalists Melbourne

    office relocation services

    1300 100 667

    We are aware that moving offices involves more than just transferring everything from one location to another. There are many factors to consider when moving an office, and the logistics and ease of the move are crucial to minimizing disruption to business operations. Office relocation is frequently difficult, expensive, and time-consuming. Our team of relocation experts arranges everything so that our customers can begin using their new facilities immediately and to the fullest extent possible.

    Kent Relocation Group - Office Relocation & Removalists Melbourne

    kent relocation group

    1300 604 292

    Our Melbourne removals staff is familiar with the strains of shifting homes, whether you are moving locally, interstate, or internationally. You can be completely confident that your treasures will arrive on schedule, safely, and securely when you have Kent move your valuables.

    Australian Business Relocation - Office Relocation & Removalists Melbourne

    australian business relocation

    1300 651 181

    In order to minimize interference with your regular business operations, our Melbourne commercial movers will carefully organize every aspect of your move. Long-distance interstate movements as well as any form of company relocation Melbourne clients need can be handled by us.

    Our team has years of expertise in the business, is trained to handle delicate documents, and is familiar with complex file systems. This, together with moving techniques and tools tailored to particular activities, has allowed us to develop a strong return customer base with numerous incredibly happy clients.

    Office movers - Office Relocation & Removalists Melbourne


    1800 91 77 67

    The only dedicated office relocation company serving Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane, Office Movers was founded in 1995. We are a full-service business relocation firm, therefore our services can range from supplying a few movers to move a few items around in your workplace to moving a multi-building organization with hundreds of employees.

    Movee - Office Relocation & Removalists Melbourne


    1300 244 156

    We are aware that relocating might be difficult. There are times when you have enough of time to prepare and times when you don't. For instance, you might be offered a promotion that must begin right away, or you might need to locate a new place to live right away due to emergencies at home. In these circumstances, it's essential to engage with a reputable moving company in Melbourne like Movee, who will offer all the support you need for your relocation.

    Pronto - Office Relocation & Removalists Melbourne


    0435 786 035

    Pronto combines cost-effective moving solutions with strict standards and expert rules to provide our customers with reduced moving costs for affordable removal services in Melbourne. Our motto, "Moving you Pronto," is built on providing exceptional customer service and the best value for your time and money.

    Since we want you to have the greatest experience possible with us, we only work with knowledgeable employees and trained movers that are able to follow our strict requirements and uphold our high standards.

    VIP Movers - Office Relocation & Removalists Melbourne

    vip movers

    (03) 90056567

    One of the most challenging and traumatic things you will ever experience in your life is moving. It takes a lot of time and effort to just pack your belongings in order to move. We are here to make the relocation process simpler. A business that offers expert relocation services to residential and business clients is called VIP movers and packers.

    Alliance Relocations - Office Relocation & Removalists Melbourne

    alliance relocations

    03 9681 7578

    Commercial relocation firm ALLIANCE RELOCATION GROUP provides strategic office removals on a nationwide scale. We specialize in offering smooth, secure, and stress-free workplace relocations that cause you and your staff as little inconvenience as possible.

    Every time you use Alliance, you can count on careful preparation, seasoned leadership, and committed personnel to complete your office move successfully.

    House Removalists Melbourne - Office Relocation & Removalists Melbourne

    house removalists melbourne

    03 9498 1078

    Offices frequently relocate owing to growth, reduction in size, cost-efficiency, or a plain change in landscape. This move is a significant issue for any business and might have a negative impact on a number of divisions, including HR, finance, and even the staff! Therefore, it's crucial to work with the best removalists in Melbourne to finish the job properly.

    If the move is far away—from one end of the city to the other, across the city, or across the state—it is simple for this problem of furniture moving in Melbourne to become exaggerated. That does not mean, though, that the film cannot be thrilling.

    Melbourne CBD Removals - Office Relocation & Removalists Melbourne

    melbourne cbd removals

    13000 13132

    A family-owned and -operated furniture moving company is Melbourne CBD Removals (MCR). We handle your priceless possessions with consideration and care for your peace of mind. We make careful to handle and move each item with extreme care. Our major priority is always keeping customers happy. You receive a hassle-free, stress-free, gratifying, and cost-effective moving experience when you use our moving services.

    We have cutting-edge tools and an understanding of each removal project's needs, so we can always provide custom solutions. Our status as licensed and insured movers in Melbourne adds an extra layer of security to your relocation efforts.

    Simons Moving Service - Office Relocation & Removalists Melbourne

    simons moving service

    0488 668 465

    You may avoid unnecessary stress, time, and expense by organizing your move carefully and hiring a reputable office moving company. When shifting offices, Simons Moving Service works closely with stakeholders to respect schedule and logistical restrictions. With so much to plan and arrange, one of our professionals may make an onsite visit, provide a completely free assessment, and offer guidance on how to carry out your move.

    Move It Mate - Office Relocation & Removalists Melbourne

    move it mate

    1300 326 283

    Moving an office has additional burdens. It almost seems like a poor idea given the sensitivity of the data and the brittleness of the technology. Not to worry! We at Move It Mate are a group of experienced Melbourne office movers who have solutions for every challenge that comes up when moving your business.

    Our moving company is proficient, kind, and always willing to assist you. We treat your belongings with the utmost care to ensure that they arrive promptly and without incident. Send your resume to us right away if you're passionate about the moving industry and want to join our team.

    Kahlon Movers Melbourne - Office Relocation & Removalists Melbourne

    kahlon movers melbourne

    1800 931 834

    We are one of the select few Melbourne movers who are available seven days a week to meet your moving needs. Your time and money are worth their weight in gold when you invest them in our services. Additionally, moving will be effortless, on schedule, and stress-free when you work with the Kahlon Movers Melbourne team. The finest thing is that you may use our customer service assistance around-the-clock when having furniture removed from Melbourne. We are aware of your urgency and handle it expertly and carefully.

    AA Furniture Removals - Office Relocation & Removalists Melbourne

    aa furniture removals

    03 9988 2845

    Considering moving? We are experienced Melbourne furniture movers with competitive rates for all of our services. We serve a variety of locations at AA Furniture Removals, including new residences, workplaces, and events. To make the relocation stress-free, we can assemble your furniture and equipment. You may be confident you're receiving value for your money because our removalists are courteous and effective.

    Jay Removals - Office Relocation & Removalists Melbourne

    jay removals

    0435 264 551

    In Dandenong, Melbourne, Jay Removals offers full residential and commercial moving services. We constantly provide you with the most excellent and reasonably priced services that are precisely tailored to your needs thanks to our wonderful plan, which was created by our highly skilled team and removalist. Jay Removals is available to offer you skilled removal services whether you are transferring your office across town or to another part of the nation.

    Removalist Melbourne - Office Relocation & Removalists Melbourne

    removalist melbourne

    03 9842 3149

    We are Melbourne's most experienced and reliable movers, specializing in domestic (home) furniture removals and storage services throughout the city's central business district and the eastern suburbs.

    Ignore the others and hire the top Melbourne movers if you're looking for a moving company that won't break the bank while still providing a service you'll adore. Our company, which is based in Melbourne's downtown, offers skilled furniture removal services to all suburbs.

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