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20+ Best Waste Management & Recycling in Melbourne [2022]

There's no denying that Melbourne is a city full of culture and opportunity. But with all the progress and growth comes an ever-growing amount of waste. As responsible citizens, it's important that we do our part to manage and recycle as much of this waste as possible. Fortunately, there are some great waste management and recycling services in Melbourne that can help make this process easy for everyone.

If you're looking for the best waste management and recycling Melbourne has to offer, look no further! We've put together a list of some of the best waste management and recycling local providers, so you can find the perfect one for your needs. Whether you're in need of rubbish removal, recycling services, or composting facilities, we have something for everyone. Keep reading to learn more!

Ultimate List of the Best Waste Management & Recycling Melbourne

Waste Initiatives - Waste Management & Recycling Melbourne

waste initiatives waste management and recycling melbourne

1800 441 100

The Importance Of Waste Management

All procedures needed to handle trash, from its creation to final disposal, are referred to as waste management. This entails, among other things, reducing trash, sorting garbage, reusing waste, and recycling it properly. Modern industrial equipment is frequently used by large organizations to process and filter through vast quantities of waste materials into more manageable pieces for more effective recycling.

Why then is waste management so important today? The protection of the environment, as well as the health and safety of our citizens, is the first and most crucial reason for significant trash collection. Our services can help your business avoid significant costs associated with improper garbage disposal and potential legal action from local authorities if any damages are created.

Your Waste

We've been in the trash management and recycling business long enough to know exactly which approach works best for your particular requirements. The cost-effective and environmentally friendly methods used by Waste Initiatives will give you peace of mind knowing that we can handle all of your waste.

Rambos Rubbish Removal - Waste Management & Recycling Melbourne

rambos rubbish removal waste management and recycling melbourne


We eliminate all waste and trash. Our truck can handle between 5 and 6 meters of trash. You may avoid all the heavy lifting by letting us handle the trash removal as the cost is typically less than renting a skip bin. Even the paths are swept!

Being a small, neighborhood business, we offer a dependable and affordable option for quick and inexpensive junk removal. Our very satisfied, devoted, and consistent customer base has relied on us to keep their homes and workplaces clean and free of trash for more than ten years. Customers return to us repeatedly.

MG Waste Management & Recycling Melbourne

mg waste management and recycling melbourne

03 9676 2900

Customized Waste Management Solutions & Services

Each firm has its own distinct goals. First and foremost, MG Trash manages your waste services centrally and to the highest level of personalization. The services we will manage for you cover all waste types produced by your company as well as auxiliary services, as shown below.

We recognize that your company is special, so in order to provide services that are tailored to your needs, we must be familiar with it thoroughly. Your company may, for instance, have rigorous site requirements, place a greater emphasis on security than other companies, prefer to use local suppliers, put a priority on cost savings, practice zero waste, or strike a compromise between the two. Therefore, we learn about your priorities, customize solutions to the services offered in accordance with those needs, identify the finest value-for-money providers, and centrally handle the day-to-day operations for you with minimal hassle.

Our Service Model

We don't use the conventional account management approach since it doesn't support our commitment to provide our clients with solutions that are more relevant to their needs for ongoing progress. Instead, an Environmental Manager (EM) is given to each of our clients whose main duty is to thoroughly comprehend their needs and goals. The main point of contact for providing our services will still be your EM. Importantly, their function offers consulting capacity and an extra resource to drive the ongoing performance improvement of your waste system and overcome the usual organizational barriers and conflicting goals that frequently impede development.

Melbourne Junk Removal -Waste Management & Recycling Melbourne

melbourne junk removal waste management and recycling melbourne

0422 533 948

Rubbish Removals

There are times when trash might accumulate and you may wonder where it all came from. It could be in or near the home, the workplace, the garage or shed, or even the garden. It can be too much for the regular trash pickup but too little or inconvenient for a skip container.

Perhaps you have clunky objects like broken bicycles, laptops, desks, mattresses, tables, chairs, washing machines, and refrigerators. Or perhaps you need to remove a mound of hefty pruning trash or tree branches from the yard. These goods are frequently cumbersome to handle and inconvenient to keep on hand.

Large skip bins that you might not use entirely won't cost you anything. We won't abandon you with an unattractive trash can to fill on your own, either. Our junk removal service uses a much simpler methodology. We arrive at your property, load the trash into our tipper trucks personally, and then haul it away.

SS Bin Hire Waste Management & Recycling Melbourne

ss bin hirewaste management and recycling melbourne

0421 176 355

SS Bin Hire Melbourne has the tools you require, whether you are working on a significant building or remodeling project, getting ready to move, or need to get rid of a lot of rubbish. You may rely on us to give you with dependable skip bin rental services for your property.

Your one-stop-shop for large bins

The amount of trash and debris you gather when working on a construction site or renovating your house might be intimidating. Additionally, finding locations that will accept your trash can be incredibly difficult. It can be expensive and time-consuming to manually collect and transport your waste to a dumpsite.

Frequently Asked Questions About Recycling

Recycling is the process of collecting and processing materials that would otherwise be thrown away as trash and turning them into new products. Recycling can benefit your community and the environment.

The reason why recycling is so important is that it prevents pollution, reduces the need to harvest new raw materials, saves energy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, saves money, reduces the amount of waste that ends up in landfills, and allows products to be used to their fullest extent.

Three Types of Recycling

  • Mechanical Recycling. Globally speaking, mechanical recycling is the most used method to give residues new usages, whatever they are. 
  • Energy Recycling. 
  • Chemical Recycling.

Recycling prevents the emissions of many greenhouse gases and water pollutants, and saves energy. Using recovered material generates less solid waste. Recycling helps to reduce the pollution caused by the extraction and processing of virgin materials.

Recycling benefits future generations by decreasing our use and reliance on natural resources, decreasing overly wasteful landfills, which lead to the production of greenhouse gases, and decreasing water and air pollution.

Recycling can help reduce the quantities of solid waste deposited in landfills, which have become increasingly expensive. Recycling also reduces the pollution of air, water, and land resulting from waste disposal. 

Premier Waste Management & Recycling Melbourne

premierwaste management and recycling melbourne


Melbourne's Premier Waste Management Services

With the capacity to meet the greatest waste volume requirements, Premier Waste is Melbourne's top waste management company. Our trash management services include dumpster rental, recycling, garbage removal, general waste disposal, and all other aspects of waste management. Our knowledgeable team can offer waste management solutions to companies in a variety of sectors, including construction, education, healthcare, industrial, and more.

We stand out from the competition because we are open to hearing about your waste management issues and tailoring a solution to fit your goals and budget. Additionally, a personal account manager who ensures exceptionally rapid service offers a single point of contact from an experienced team member who values your business and exhibits attention to detail and problem-solving skills.

Solutions for every situation

You might want your trash picked up at a specific time or from a specific location. We're cool with that, and we'll work around your timetable, not ours. So, for instance, with a single bin removed monthly, we can supply waste, recycling, and specialized services for big volume, multi-site, full-service venues like a sports stadium or hospital to a neighborhood corner store.

Superior Waste Management & Recycling Melbourne

superior waste management and recycling melbourne

(03) 9580 0282

When it comes to offering integrated waste management solutions, Superior Waste is a well-known innovation in the commercial sphere. Because we take the time to carefully consider each client's needs, Superior's method for managing commercial trash in Australia is significant because it enables us to offer the most suitable and workable solution for the collection, removal, and processing or recycling of all waste streams.

For information on the safety of the lids and how effective they are in comparison to the more traditional twin lids, please see the Easyquip TM manual on our website.

Triple R Solutions Waste Management & Recycling Melbourne

triple r solutions waste management and recycling melbourne

1300 087 475

Our customers from the industrial, commercial, and governmental sectors benefit from the swift yet high-quality waste management services provided by our devoted and knowledgeable workforce. Our vast expertise in recycling and trash management has driven our ambition and vision, motivating us to offer our services across the nation. Triple R Solutions, a seasoned and knowledgeable recycler in Melbourne, significantly contributes to environmental conservation by recycling waste materials and transforming them into brand-new, priceless products.

Our offerings inspire people to practice environmental awareness and make a concerted effort to recycle. We encourage clients in Melbourne's metropolitan districts and the surrounding areas to invest in Triple R Solutions since we have the newest tools, cutting-edge machinery, and powerful vehicles. We are committed to providing excellent customer service as a respected recycling company in Melbourne. We pledge to offer clients the most complete, prompt, and premium services at fair costs.

Budget Bin Hire Waste Management & Recycling Melbourne

budget bin hire waste management and recycling melbourne

1300 246 246

Our Waste Transfer Station

Budget Bin Hire transfers the trash we collect from your site to our transfer station, where it is sorted using a variety of machines. This is how we operate as a green company. As much as is practical is segregated for recycling. Our current recycling rate for waste sent to our transfer station is around 70%. The remainder of the materials that are deemed unrecyclable will be sent to the landfill.

SKG Services - Waste Management & Recycling Melbourne

skg services waste management and recycling melbourne

1300 885 588

About SKG Services

We now have one of Australia's most well qualified professional teams. We serve regional Australia and have numerous service locations across the nation, with our home office in Sydney and offices in each capital city. We provide a wide variety of cleaning, security, and maintenance services to meet all of your service needs in an effort to make the lives of our clients easier and more convenient. For us, the focus is on the expertise rather than just the service.

We are prepared to take on any work since we are a dedicated, knowledgeable provider of superior commercial cleaning, security, and maintenance services. From ordinary daily duties to urgent cleaning, one-of-a-kind projects, event cleaning and security, and any other soft services and upkeep that your business need. Our service staff have years of experience, extensive training, and a complete awareness of all procedures and processes relevant to the varied consumers we serve.

The Doc Shop Waste Management & Recycling Melbourne

the doc shop waste management and recycling melbourne

1800 362 746

Specialists in Online Document Storage & Security

In addition to our top-notch document destruction and storage services, we can also safely keep your documents online so that authorized staff may access them whenever they need to, even if they are working from home.

About The DocShop

The DocShop is an Australian-owned and -operated company that takes great pleasure in providing superior customer care that sets us apart from the competition. With the help of our solid network relationships, we have expanded from our modest origins in Traralgon to provide our comprehensive document storage and management solutions to businesses throughout Australia. As a result, Australian businesses are increasingly choosing us as their primary information solution.

Sustainable Environmental Work Practices

Because we care, the DocShop supports ecologically friendly working techniques. We provide safe destruction and recycling of a variety of products to eliminate environmental risk while maintaining your company's confidentiality and privacy. See our environmental practices for more details.

Enviro Sweep Waste Management & Recycling Melbourne

enviro sweep waste management and recycling melbourne

1300 610 416


Our reputation gives our clients the assurance that they will be hiring a contractor who is actually able to complete the work on schedule each month and comfortably within the bounds of our established capacity.

We provide a wide range of cleaning options, including all-inclusive services for different applications including sweeping roads and parking lots, sweeping precincts, sweeping industrial sites and warehouses, and sweeping for special events. Scrubbing services, side entrance pit cleaning, wet hire, and waste rack management are some of the additional offerings.

Our services can be engaged on a regular basis, on a short- or long-term basis, or even on an as-needed or urgent basis. Enviro Sweep is capable of adapting to variations in seasonal cycles, bad weather conditions, and our customers' specialized sweeping requirements. Every day of the year, we are open twenty-four hours a day.

Worm Smart Waste Management & Recycling Melbourne

worm smart waste management and recycling melbourne

1300 967 676

Why Choose Wormsmart?

The WormSmart system, developed in Australia and based entirely on natural processes, is quickly gaining recognition on a global scale as the cleanest, most cost-effective, and ecologically balanced waste conversion system currently available. It is a discrete, useful, and affordable replacement for those unpleasant old septic systems.

WormSmart's revolutionary design employs common worms, nature's best waste processors, to process all components of organic waste as it enters the system. All kitchen and garden trash, grey and black water, and other waste products are turned into organic humus as nature's second processor, aerobic bacteria, steps in to play a role, living, feeding, and further reducing the humus.

JJ Richards & Sons Pty Ltd Waste Management & Recycling Melbourne

jj richards & sons pty ltd waste management and recycling melbourne

Commercial | Residential | Industrial Waste Management

For all of their garbage needs, J.J. Richards provides customers with a wide variety of Total Waste Management Solutions. Call us right away or look through the list of services below to find the best solutions for your garbage needs.

Inspired Waste Management & Recycling Melbourne

inspired waste management and recycling melbourne

03 9945 8400

About Inspired Business Services

specifically designed to boost our customers' productivity and profitability. Consider us as a highly skilled purchasing manager who is committed to obtaining the best possible price for our clients and providing best-in-class customer service.

We've developed a specialty in office relocations during the last few years. We are aware that moving offices involves more than just transferring everything from one location to another. On the other hand, moving an office is frequently difficult, expensive, and time-consuming. This is due to the fact that there are several considerations to make and that minimizing disruption to business operations depends on the logistics and ease of the transition.

We can plan everything, including utility connections, new office supplies, and waste management, to ensure that our customers can start using their new facilities right away. They appreciate us because we help them save time, money, and effort.

M & J Services Group - Waste Management & Recycling Melbourne

m & j servives group waste management and recycling melbourne

1300 013 113

Facility Maintenance and Commercial Cleaning Service Solutions

We have almost twenty years of combined expertise as owner/operators in the commercial cleaning sector. During this time, we have learned a great deal and accumulated practical expertise that we now apply to our company and our cherished customers.

We are a specialty business. Our dedication to staying our clients' primary point of contact while fostering and sustaining an ongoing connection that is highly personalized and fruitful distinguishes us from other businesses.

In order to get the greatest results, we listen to and address the needs and demands of our clients while also providing guidance and solutions.

Rapport Cleaning Waste Management & Recycling Melbourne

rapport cleaning waste management and recycling melbourne

1300 360 717

Our service commitment

Our cleaners are available for both household and professional work, and they only utilize the most recent equipment. Most of the time, we can offer you a quotation right away over the phone, and for bigger work, we can rapidly create a very competitive quote. So whether it's huge or small, call us for a trusted and dependable cleaning service.

Melbourne's high-quality cleaning service

Our promise to you is to give your workplace a superior cleaning service. Carpet cleaning services for homes and businesses in Melbourne and nearby areas. We therefore have a variety of choices that put mess into the past, whether you want to make your office windows sparkle brilliantly or have your living room carpet look brand new. Our skilled cleaners will show up with our eco-friendly cleaning supplies and complete the task quickly and proficiently. So call us right now for a free estimate.

Commercial cleaning services

For all of your cleaning requirements, Rapport Cleaning Services has established an exceptional reputation. We owe our success in the market to our connection with you and our capacity to deliver high-caliber service.

Clean Group Waste Management & Recycling Melbourne

clean group waste management and recycling melbourne

03 8578 4633

When conducting business, first impressions are crucial, thus you should make sure your workstation and corporate office are kept as spotless and organized as possible to make a fantastic first impression. No one in Melbourne is therefore more qualified to handle your corporate and commercial cleaning needs. The best aspect is that our cleaning team is well qualified.

Many businesses rely on the corporate washers in Melbourne of the Clean Group cleaning company for professional cleaning supplies and industrial office cleaning. Furthermore, clean, well-organized, high-quality, and well-maintained workspaces have a significant impact on office efficiency and morale.

Moreland Bin Hire - Waste Management & Recycling Melbourne

moreland bin hire waste management and recycling melbourne

03 9462 6888

Use our online booking system to get a pricing for your skip bin hire in less than a minute if you require a bin immediately and are searching for the best deal possible. However, some folks would rather talk to a live person. If you fall into this category, just give us a call, and a member of our helpful staff will help you with your quote and reservation.

The Moreland shire is where Moreland Bin Hire is situated. We focus on offering the most affordable costs to shire people. Beyond Moreland, our delivery region extends to Melbourne's north, south, east, and west. We provide a wide variety of containers for rent. All of our containers are designed to be practical.

You won't have to lift bulky waste over the sides of our walk-in bin selection to load your trash. Exclusive to our business, we also provide fold-up sides on select bins that let you increase the amount of room in your bin rental if you discover that you have a little more trash to dispose of.

Kartaway Waste Management & Recycling Melbourne

kartaway wwaste management and recycling melbourne

1300 362 362

History of Kartaway

The Whelan company initially operated as a general carrier, delivering items of various kinds across Melbourne (Population approx. 490,000). But as time went on, the business concentrated on tearing down structures and moving salvageable items from them for resale. The company's primary line of business would then be this.

When the boom times ended and many banks and businesses failed, the 1890s were a period of enormous tribulation. Nevertheless, astonishingly, James Paul Whelan profited during these trying times, and the company he founded grew rapidly, earning him the nickname "Whelan the Wrecker" and becoming a household name.

Bins Skips Waste and Recycling Management Melbourne

bins skips waste and recycling management companies melbourne

1300 361 60

Skip Bin Hire Services Can Be Booked Online Across Australia

We can assist if you have been searching for "skip bin hiring near me" on Google. We can deliver a skip to you and are the most affordable company, no matter where you are in Australia. After coordinating thousands of skips around the UK, we are experts at getting the right trash bin on site at the right time for the right price.

We provide a prompt, effective service that will help you find the ideal skip hire in Melbourne or wherever your job is in Australia, saving you time and money. We can help you hire a bin so you may eliminate trips to the dump and keep your project clean and safe, whether it's a remodeling, demolition, landscaping, clean-up, or other activity around the home, office, or worksite. On our website, hiring a bin is straightforward, and you can evaluate all the many solutions we offer by accessing all the information you require in a single result list.

1300 Rubbish Waste Management & Recycling Melbourne

1300 rubbish waste management and recycling melbourne


Book in with our experienced team

Once you've scheduled a time and day that works for you, our junk haulers will remove all of your trash. We perform all the labor-intensive lifting and even assist in removing cabinets and drawers from their fixtures or walls. The rubbish removal process couldn't be simpler or quicker!

The Cleanup

After removing all of your trash, we clean and sweep the area so that it is completely ready for you to use. This not only makes the area available to you immediately away but also guarantees your family's safety.

Environmental Disposal

We want to make sure that our clients understand how seriously we take the ethical and environmentally responsible approach to the disposal of e-waste, plastics, and cabling. Reduce your influence on the environment and avoid fines or penalties for incorrect waste removal with the help of a qualified staff and ethical rubbish disposal.

Ben's Waste Management & Recycling Melbourne

ben's waste management and recycling melbourne

0418 369 869

Waste Recycling Melbourne

In order to regularly divert more than 75% of garbage from landfills, we are committed to putting the newest waste management solutions into practice. Get in touch with us right now for Melbourne garbage management that respects the environment.

Environmentally Friendly Waste Management Services Melbourne

Our activities are based out of our transfer station recycling facility in Tottenham, where we are heavily investing in automation to enable excellence in recycling outputs. In order to regularly divert more than 75% of garbage from landfills, we are committed to putting the newest waste management solutions into practice. The Green Building Council of Australia has gladly granted us Green Star accreditation, and we are actively working toward ISO 14001 Environmental Management certification.

Waste Sense Management & Recycling Melbourne

waste sense management and recycling melbourne

1300 492 783

Being a waste broker, we have no need to dispose of waste at the landfill if we can help it. Because of this, roughly a third of our services use recycled materials. As a result, more than 40000 meters of waste are recycled annually, greatly reducing the amount of rubbish dumped in landfills in Australia. But we can change things much more with your assistance.

Bid adieu to hopping between many garbage companies and managing your services' bills. With us, you may combine your various trash needs to save time, effort, and money. Better price leverage and the assistance of a single dedicated account manager will also be advantageous to you. With a 364-day service period, we also provide more flexible service schedules.

At Waste Sense, we handle all type of rubbish, from recycling to general waste. With a single point of contact for all your waste services, you can save time, money, and landfill space. With the help of our leading partnerships with trash management businesses, Waste Sense offers the most affordable services for all waste kinds in all industries.

Nationwide Waste Management & Recycling Melbourne

nationwide waste management and recycling melbourne

1300 729 922

What We Do?

We oversee garbage disposal for significant industrial neighborhoods and business parks in the greater Melbourne region, including Dandenong, Derrimut, Campbellfield, Kilsyth, Bayswater, Scoresby, and Mulgrave. We handle all aspects of waste management, from bin procurement and collection to disposal and replacement, so you can concentrate on running your business.

Why choose us for your commercial waste collection?

By managing your commercial garbage affordably and consistently, we simplify your day. We care about the environment, and we're here to assist you contribute to long-term sustainability. We assist you in reducing the negative effects your company's large volume of waste production has on the environment while also saving you money on garbage disposal. We drive reasonable costs and best-in-class service via our network of dependable garbage service providers.

Clean Ways Waste Management & Recycling Melbourne

clean ways waste management and recycling melbourne

1300 66 77 87

Recovering waste at every opportunity

It's considerably easier than you may imagine to close the loop on waste. We are able to convert waste into resources that can be reintroduced into the value chain with the aid of our vast and expanding network of specialized sorting, processing, and treatment facilities. This reduces the amount of these items going to landfills and helps conserve our limited natural resources.

For the purpose of better meeting the demands of business, industry, and communities, our services are organized around three major operating divisions. Our company provides services to 140,000 local businesses and over 90 municipal councils.

Stows Waste Management Company Melbourne

stows waste management and recycling melbourne

03 9305 2155

Stows' success has been based on a dedication to establishing long-term connections, first by thoroughly comprehending its clients' needs, then by offering top-notch customer service. Additionally, Stows keeps making investments in its line of goods and services to make sure it stays on the cutting edge of waste management technology. Our entire crew in Melbourne shares the same dedication to quality.

Our services

Melbourne's top garbage management service company, Stows, is known for its exceptional customer care and affordably priced solutions. We provide our customers with an unrivaled range of services, from septic tank cleaning to liquid waste management and sewage disposal, all of which guarantee top-notch outcomes.

Corio Waste Management & Recycling Melbourne

coriowaste management and recycling melbourne


​​1300 267 4696

Specialist Services

We are able to provide our customers with the outcomes they want because to our technological proficiency, thorough understanding of governmental legislation, and technical familiarity.

Commercial Services

Compared to our rivals, we take a different approach to things. What are your goals for managing organic waste, for instance, is the first question we pose. This straightforward query's response will direct us as we evaluate current procedures and offer suggestions.

We start by determining the rates of waste generation, classifying the items created, and evaluating your current system in light of legal requirements and best practice standards. Following a needs study, we create a collection system and service schedule tailored to the needs of your organization and its goals.

KS Environmental Group - Waste Management & Recycling Melbourne

ks environmental group waste management and recycling melbourne

03 9551 7833

Waste Management Consultants

Costs associated with landfills are at their highest point ever, and they are expected to keep rising. But the waste management experts at KS Environmental are well-versed in recycling and waste disposal, and we can demonstrate to you how to cut waste removal expenses.

Consult with one of our waste management consultants.

In order to reduce waste, our waste management consultants first analyze how, where, and why trash is produced by your company. Afterward, we developed a Recycling and Waste Reduction program for your company based on this data.

However, we don't stop there. In order for your corporate sustainability plan to produce long-term benefits, we first assist you in identifying the goals and targets you require, and then we assist you in achieving those targets.

​​WM Waste Management & Recycling Melbourne

wm waste management and recycling melbourne

1300 260 872

Cleaning out a work shed full of materials you no longer use or decluttering a home that is overflowing with unused objects can be difficult tasks in life. We take great pleasure in making the process of getting rid of whatever you no longer need or desire just a little bit simpler at WM Waste Management Services.

What We Do Differently

We are the simplest and most effective bin rental and pickup service in the Yarra Valley and eastern suburbs of Melbourne. You may relax knowing that you went with Melbourne's most reputable name in the industry for effective waste removal, trash skip rental, or industrial bin rental. Our support is helpful and dependable.

Ace Waste Management & Recycling Melbourne

ace waste management and recycling melbourne

1300 850 901

Major Healthcare Facilities, physicians, dentists, and veterinarians are supported by our company. Among many other enterprises and industries, we also deal with pharmaceutical companies, quarantine facilities, and the shipping industry. Additionally, we offer collection and disposal services for the following waste streams:

When it came to handling and disposing of clinical waste, our founders saw the necessity for a committed and qualified service. Additionally, all other waste streams, both simple and complex. When putting our innovations into practice, our solutions inexorably included the disposal of quarantine waste and private papers, electronic data, and more. Being a market leader in trash management and disposal is something we take great pride in.

Solo Waste Management & Recycling Melbourne

solo waste management & recycling melbourne

03 9770 8040

Solo's real customer focus complements its industry-leading technologies. We provide the professionalism and resources of a large organization along with the service of a family-run business.

Ace Waste Pty Ltd was founded in 1987 in response to the need for a knowledgeable clinical waste collection and disposal service. We help healthcare facilities of all shapes and sizes. In South-East Queensland, there are a lot of veterinarians, dentists, and other medical specialists.

For more than 80 years, Solo Resource Recovery, a 100% Australian-owned and -operated industrial services and trash management firm, has offered effective waste solutions to the public sector, private sector, and the general public.

The Green Centre Waste Management & Recycling Melbourne

the green centre waste management & recycling melbourne

(03) 9331 5300

Green Waste Disposal & Recycling

Melbourne's The Green Centre opened its doors in 1994 as a place to recycle and get rid of green garbage. When we invented our garden and garbage composting system, the bulk of green waste was going to landfills. We aspire to successfully close the recycling loop back to the community by composting green waste to mulch and compost that can be used in gardening.

A Family Run Business Right Here In Melbourne

One of Melbourne's first recycling plants for biowaste when we opened in 1993, we rapidly expanded our offerings to include soil recycling. A range of natural soil mixtures and ground cover have been created by The Green Centre for your garden.

Metropolitan Transfer Station Waste Management & Recycling Melbourne

metropolitan transfer station waste management and recycling melbourne

1300 559 152

Metropolitan Transfer Station

Our cutting-edge transfer station is fully concealed and safe, giving our customers a tidy, well-organized spot to get rid of waste and unwanted products and the assurance that they will be handled appropriately. Metro Transfer Station may assist you if you require assistance with hard waste removal, the disposal of building materials, green garbage, e-waste, or even more sophisticated needs involving metals and/or batteries that need to be handled.

According to your needs, we offer engineering services, trash audits, and weighbridge and truck washing facilities. Even recycled building materials like wood, bricks, and bluestone, as well as screened soil, and even firewood, are available for purchase. Find out how we can help you with your recycling and waste disposal needs in Melbourne by getting in touch with us right away.

Australian Waste Management & Recycling Melbourne

australian waste management & recycling melbourne

1300 292 783


Australian Waste Management is based in Metropolitan Melbourne, Victoria. The Mornington Peninsula, Greater Geelong, the Bellarine Peninsula, Bacchus Marsh, Somerton, Lilydale, Pakenham, and the broader Melbourne Metropolitan Area are all served by our family-run, 100% Australian-owned recycling, document destruction, and waste management company. Please take a moment to browse our extensive offering of services with fair prices and other economical choices.

Victorian Waste Management Association Melbourne

victorian waste management association melbourne

03 9646 8590

The primary part of the Victorian Transport Association that represents the garbage and recycling industries is called the Victorian Waste Management Association (VWMA). We are a member-based, non-profit organization that strives to be Victoria's top organization for recycling and garbage management.

In order to speak for and campaign on for its members, the VWMA develops knowledgeable relationships with the relevant Government authorities, the greater waste industry, and the general public.

Knox Transfer Station - Waste Management & Recycling Melbourne

knox transfer station waste management and recycling melbourne


The Knox Transfer Station offers the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne a valued, neighborhood trading and recycling center in collaboration with the Knox City Council. By doing this, WM and the Knox Transfer Station uphold their unshakable dedication to lowering Victorian landfill and preserving the scenic appeal of the neighboring Dandenong Ranges.

The Knox Recycling and Waste Transfer Station is a solid waste disposal option to the typically more expensive rubbish tip Melbourne has long been accustomed to utilizing. It is situated at 251 George St, Wantirna South (Melway 72 D3). So why not try the Knox Recycling and Rubbish Transfer Station for ecologically friendly waste disposal in Melbourne? To see for yourself why Melbourne's Knox Recycling and Waste Transfer Station is the best waste recycling facility available.

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