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Best Distilleries in Perth

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    What are the must-see attractions in Perth, Australia, for anyone taking a vacation there? Be sure to stop by one of our numerous distilleries while you're here. There's nothing like relaxing with a bottle (or two) of the region's finest vino, cerveza, or bourbon.

    Cultures and traditions all around the world are rich and varied. Water is beneficial for you, beer is delicious, and whisky burns completely down. On the other hand, there are a few things that everyone on Earth can agree on.

    Whether it's vodka in Eastern Europe or sake in Japan, nearly every culture has its own take on the distilled liquor. Western Australia also makes some excellent liquors. Consider reading this piece to familiarise yourself with Perth's distilleries before you visit.

    While Australia has been producing high-quality rum, gin, and whisky for decades, the country's spirits scene has only recently began to flourish. Distilleries may be found all around the country, and they produce a wide range of spirits, from the classic to the cutting edge.

    Tasmania is the perfect place to sip a single malt whisky, while Adelaide is the perfect place to taste a gin made with juniper and cinnamon. You can always find a one-of-a-kind drink here, no matter what your preferences are.

    Nothing beats a refreshing beer or cider on a sunny summer day, whether you're lounging in a hip urban bar in the shadow of towering skyscrapers or gazing out over the verdant Swan Valley or Perth Hills. Since the distillers and brewers are serious about their work, and there are so many delicious options on the menu, you can expect drinks of the highest quality to go along with your meal.

    Everyone who enjoys mixing and drinking cocktails knows that there is no such thing as "simply a cocktail." If you can select the best components, mix them in the best method, and fine-tune your favourite recipe, you'll have a refreshing, drinkable masterpiece on your hands.

    There is, of course, a vitally important variable that was left out of the preceding equation. Your easy afternoon drink won't be the same if you use the wrong spirit. Choose a local outstanding drop, such as a unique gin or flavorful rum, and you'll be able to enjoy a great drink while also helping out a local business.

    You probably already have a favourite when it comes to premium distilled beverages produced in Western Australia. Maybe you're just trying to come up with a concept for a new cocktail. Whatever the case may be, we've partnered up with our partners at BWS to shine a spotlight on four local establishments producing top-notch spirits. You can put them in your bar collection and boast about them to your friends.

    Best Perth Distilleries

    Whisky's popularity in Australia is booming, and it's no longer seen as a drink reserved for the business elite. Because of rising demand for high-quality liquor, retailers now stock ten times as many different kinds of whisky as they did a decade ago.

    Kevin Clark, brand ambassador and reserve manager for Diageo's single malts and blended whiskies, believes that while the whisky market in Perth has always existed, the ease of obtaining whisky has helped to grow it.

    Whipper Snapper Distillery

    Whipper Snapper is the result of a combination of a recipe from World War II, 100% Western Australian grains, and a desire to produce exceptional handcrafted spirits. It was founded in 2013 and takes its name and inspiration from two World War II aviators whose whisky recipe has been used ever since.

    This urban distillery, situated in East Perth, offers a wide selection of whiskies. There's also the first ever quinoa whisky, made in Australia, which is something you definitely can't say you drink every day. In addition, moonshine of various colours and ages (from clear to straw) is available.

    Whipper Snapper Distillery is a popular tourist destination due to its whisky and coffee bar, which is available seven days a week for tours and tastings.

    perth australian distilling co

    Australian Distilling Co

    Are you pouring yourself a drink while feeling a great deal of civic pride? That, at least, is the hope of the Australian Distilling Co. The Australian company's sole purpose is to produce regional gins; the company's master distiller collaborates with local distilleries to produce spirits that are representative of cities including Brisbane, Perth, Bondi, and Adelaide.

    Specifically, the lime and ginger flavours that give Brisbane Gin its name. Nonetheless, the lemon myrtle plays a significant role in Perth Gin. Each item is made in limited quantities with care and is intended to honour the person for whom it was named. The products of Australian Distilling Co. have been very successful in competition, winning 56 awards in just 18 months.

    Illegal Tender Rum Co

    Several years ago, Codie Palmer was an electrician with aspirations of making his passion for rum into a career. He eventually became a master distiller and founded a company in Western Australia to produce the liquor he adored.

    The Illegal Tender Rum Co., located on a farm in the state's middle, produces small-batch rums in a still with a capacity of 1,200 litres, but only enough for 3,000 bottles per month. Visit the Springfield headquarters of Illegal Tender Rum Co for tastings, tours, and a cellar door if you're a fan of rum.

    SevenZeroEight Gin

    If you're an Australian cricket fan and you've been paying attention over the past few decades, you'll immediately get the reference in the name SevenZeroEight Gin. That's the amount of wickets taken in tests by Australian cricketer Shane Warne, and the number of bottles in this collection of gin.

    The citrous and thyme flavours of SevenZeroEight's collection come from the state of Western Australia, where the company is based. Since it produces only two types of gin, SevenZeroEight 23 stands out as a great option for those who want a cocktail with all the flavour but less of a punch.

    Whipper Snapper Distillery

    Whipper Snapper, one of Australia's greatest premium whiskies, began as a company founded with the help of a World War II veteran and his backyard moonshine. Starting with corn, barley, and wheat grains for their Upshot whisky and Australia's first commercially cultivated quinoa from Narrogin for their Project Q Quinoa Whiskey, these men are dedicated to the craft and use only WA-grown ingredients in their products. Are you in the mood for some excitement?

    Jetpack Hard Coffee, a coffee and whisky combination produced with local roasters Timely, and Crazy Uncle Moonshine, Australia's first legal moonshine, are both worth trying.

    perth republic of fremantle

    Republic of Fremantle

    Fremantle's government does not believe in cutting corners. Finally, the Fremantle distillery is operating and following its own set of rules after a long wait. They distil their own liquor from Swan Valley Verdelho grapes and currently have vodka and two varieties of gin available. When compared to the Aromatic Gin's bright, fresh tones of citrous, peach, and honeyed ginger, the Full-Bodied Gin's classic dryness and robust flavours of pink peppercorn, cranberry, cinnamon, clove, figs, and rosemary set it apart. You may taste hints of citrous and melon in their Signature Vodka, which has a smooth, clean flavour thanks to being double distilled.

    Rottnest Island Gin

    Taking in the island's saltwater air and unique flora on summer vacation is a tradition for many Perthites, and many have good memories of their time spent on Wadjemup. You have to admit, you wish you could bottle that up and take it with you. So, naturally, Damian and Nicole, the proprietors of Wine Thief, had the same idea. The first ever bottle of Rottnest Island Gin was produced. The Rottnest Island daisy serves as the inspiration for the distinctive botanical note, and a percentage of the proceeds support island-wide efforts to restore the island's native flora.

    Old Young’s Distillery

    In 2016, James Young established the original Old Young's Distillery. Authentic Swan Valley handcrafted spirits are stocked here. In keeping with their moniker, Old Young's combines old-school values with cutting-edge methods and an eye for the unexpected. In a relatively short time frame, they have garnered praise from a number of distillery groups. Prizes received include the 2018 Trophy for Australian Champion Distiller and Gold medals for Six Seasons Gin and Common Gin at the 2017 and 2018 Australian Distilled Spirits Awards.

    High Spirits Distillery

    To put it simply, High Spirits Distillery is a family-run, artisan distillery. The Perth-based enterprise is the realisation of a lifelong goal for two brothers. Using only grains farmed in Western Australia ensures that only the highest quality spirits are produced. It wasn't started because its founders wanted to cram yet another spirit into the oversaturated vodka and gin markets; rather, it was formed because its founders wanted to create something with love and care that the big distilleries couldn't match.

    perth whipper snapper distillery

    Whipper Snapper Distillery

    In spite of its humble beginnings in a shed, Whipper Snapper is now widely recognised as one of Perth's finest distilleries. Whiskies made by Whipper Snapper are original, hand-crafted, and made entirely from local grains. One of Australia's greatest premium whiskies, Whipper Snapper, was founded with the help of a WWII veteran and his backyard moonshine.

    From the corn, barley, and wheat grains used in their Upshot whisky to the quinoa farmed commercially in Australia for the first time in Narrogin and used in their Project Q Quinoa Whiskey, all of their components come from Western Australia. Ready to take a risk? Jetpack Hard Coffee, a coffee and whisky combination produced with local roasters Timely, and Crazy Uncle Moonshine, Australia's first legal moonshine, are both worth trying.

    The tasting facility hosts public tastings, but visitors can also book exclusive one-on-one whisky sessions and master lectures. The Whisky & Coffee Bar is the perfect place to unwind after a long day.

    Margaret River Distilling Company

    When it started in 2015, the Margaret River Distillery Company had a lot to prove as the sister distillery to the Great Southern Distilling Company. The Margaret River Distillery Company, located in the scenic Margaret River area approximately three hours from Perth, has quickly become a serious challenger thanks to its extensive line of handcrafted spirits. It is also the location of Australia's only Giniversity, where one can master the art of gin distillation and blending.


    It is also one of the most out of the way places in Western Australia that the oldest distillery that has been in operation continuously is located. Hoochery is a bar in Kununurra, Kimberley, Australia, that serves simple but delicious Australian spirits in a beautiful setting. Visit Hoochery to sample a variety of rums distilled from sugar cane harvested from the premises.

    Great Northern Distillery 

    At last, visit the world-famous Great Northern Distillery, where you may relax in the outdoor seating area while taking in the scenery of the distillery's vintage vineyard. There is a wide variety of alcoholic beverages to try, from premium Canefine rums to gin, vodka, and artisanal liqueurs. You can sample each one on its own, or in one of their speciality cocktails.

    Well, there you have it. We say it's a fantastic day trip with five award-winning distilleries, a tonne of locally sourced, high-quality liquor, and a whole lot of fun. Just get on with it already. Get a group of friends who share your appreciation for the spirit world together, pick a driver, and plan a weekend trip to the Valley.

    Kangaroo Island Spirits

    Kangaroo Island is not only home to one of the top distilleries in the state, but also a plethora of unique animals and delectable seafood. Kangaroo Island Spirits produces premium Australian gins, vodkas, and liqueurs in limited batches using traditional methods. Indulge in some award-winning spirits and island friendliness at the charming cellar door or serene Gin Garden.

    Applewood Distillery

    The gorgeous Adelaide Hills are home to Applewood Distillery, a distillery with a twist. Applewood calls its spirits line "hyper-creative," and it is true that they use unusual local ingredients to make gins and liqueurs that stand out from the crowd. Try the Okar, a local twist on an Italian liqueur made from rare native riberries and strawberry gum leaves.

    Tamborine Mountain Distillery

    Tamborine Mountain Distillery, perched on a ridge above the Gold Coast hinterland, produces small-batch spirits using local fruits, vegetables, herbs, and other ingredients. Anything from eucalyptus gum leaf vodka to apricot schnapps can be found here. Then, give your taste buds a trip to remember by sampling a selection from their extensive variety in their tasting room.

    Bundaberg Rum

    Bundaberg Rum has been a Queensland staple since its founding in 1888. The town of Bundaberg, about four hours' drive north of Brisbane, is home to a distillery that produces internationally acclaimed rum. Bundaberg produces strong rum that may be sampled and enjoyed in the city itself using just ingredients from the surrounding area. Avid rum fans can even try their hand at distilling by creating their own unique blend.

    Archie Rose

    Sydney, Australia, has exploded onto the urban distilling scene in recent years. Archie Rose Distillery, found in the Rosebery neighbourhood, has won more awards than any other Australian distillery. Try new and rare bottles of gin, whisky, and vodka at the bar. Instead, you may create your own gin cocktail and enjoy it. You'll walk away from the class knowing how to mix spirits and having created a custom blend to your liking, as well as having two bottles of your own unique gin.

    Poor Toms Gin Hall

    Sit down at the minimalist Poor Toms Gin Hall in Sydney's Marrickville neighbourhood and sample some of the city's most out-there gins. Sample one of the house gins straight up, in a cocktail, or a martini.

    Strawberry, green apple, and camomile are just a few of the tantalising flavours you can try. Then, if you're in the mood for a beachy atmosphere, cross the bridge to Manly, where you'll find the perfect blend of laid-back surf culture and chic city living. Australian gins, botanical vodkas, and whiskies are crafted at Manly Spirits Co., with inspiration drawn from the local seascape.

    perth black gate distillery

    Black Gate Distillery

    A minimalist distillery can be found in central New South Wales. Black Gate Distillery, about five hours' drive from Sydney, uses time-honored techniques and premium ingredients to create its single malt whisky, quandong liqueur and dark rum, . Discover even more of the top distilleries in New South Wales.

    Running with Thieves

    We live in strange times, don't we? You have big plans for your spanking new venue, including a restaurant, brewery, and distillery, and then 2020 rolls around. November of 2020 marked the venue's official opening after it briefly shifted to making hand sanitizer. There's a microbrewery, a distillery making gin and vodka, and a storefront where you can buy all of these products to enjoy at home. The Vodka 001 is triple distilled for a smooth finish and a base that tastes like soft, grainy wheat, and the distillery offers gin in three different varieties: Botanical, London Dry, and Citrus.

    Wandering Distillery

    tiny, family-owned business While the Wandering Distillery may be little, it has had a big influence. After establishing themselves on the Mornington Peninsula, the family moved back to Perth in 2019 and has been working tirelessly ever since, making regular appearances at local retailers and offering samples whenever possible. The Odyssey, a gin with a harmonious blend of nine botanicals like finger lime, lemon myrtle, hemp, and rosemary, best exemplifies the distillery's path to this point.

    Great Southern Distilling Co. & Margaret River Distilling Co.

    Cameron Syme's massive distillery is an enterprise that must not be overlooked. The master distiller certainly hasn't rested on his laurels since opening the first licenced distillery in the state. Margaret River Distilling Co. and The Great Southern have collaborated to open distilleries in Margaret River, Albany, and Porongorup, and the resulting spirits, such as the Limeburners, Tiger Snake, and Dugite whiskies and the Giniversity gin, have won numerous awards and praise from consumers. They are well worth the trip south, as they are often regarded as among the world's greatest.


    If you're planning a trip to Australia, you really must see Perth. All around the United States, you can visit one of the many distilleries that produce everything from traditional to experimental alcoholic beverages. Liquors like rum, gin, and whisky are also produced in Western Australia at a high standard. There are many tasty options available, so it's necessary to pick the best ingredients, mix them in the best way, and fine-tune your favourite recipe to make a cocktail that hits the spot.

    Retailers in Australia carry ten times as many whisky varieties as they did a decade ago, as demand for the alcoholic beverage skyrockets. Four local businesses, including the World War II-inspired Whipper Snapper Distillery, turn out premium alcoholic beverages. The distillery has a vast variety of moonshine and whiskies available, including quinoa whisky. Its whisky and coffee bar, open for tours and tastings seven days a week, is another major draw for visitors. The local gins of Brisbane, Perth, Bondi, and Adelaide are just a few of the many that are distilled by the Australian Distilling Co.

    SevenZeroEight Gin only makes two different kinds of gin, while Illegal Tender Rum Co. uses a still that can hold 1,200 litres to create its small-batch rums. The original Whipper Snapper Distillery was started with the help of a World War Two man and some moonshine made in his backyard. Such items are produced in small numbers as a tribute to the people whose names they bear. Both Crazy Uncle Moonshine, Australia's first legal moonshine, and Jetpack Hard Coffee, a coffee and whisky combo made with local roasters Timely, are highly recommended. After much anticipation, the Republic of Fremantle distillery is finally open and running under its own laws.

    Content Summary

    1. If you're planning a trip to Perth, you might want to read this article first to get a feel for the city's distilleries.
    2. In spite of decades of manufacturing top-notch rum, gin, and whisky, Australia's spirits scene has only just taken off.
    3. In the United States, you can find distilleries that manufacture everything from traditional to cutting-edge alcoholic beverages.
    4. Whatever your taste, you'll be able to discover a special cocktail at this bar.
    5. A "simple" cocktail does not exist, as any cocktail connoisseur will tell you.
    6. Buying a locally produced premium spirit like a one-of-a-kind gin or delectable rum is a terrific way to support a small business while sipping on a delicious beverage.
    7. When it comes to high-quality distilled drinks made in Western Australia, you undoubtedly have a go-to.
    8. No of the reason, we have joined forces with BWS to highlight four local businesses that are making excellent alcoholic beverages.
    9. Best The Spirits Producers of Perth In Australia, whisky's star is on the rise; it's no longer considered a beverage for the upper crust.
    10. Retailers now stock 10 times as many varieties of whisky as they did a decade ago, in response to increased demand for premium alcoholic beverages.
    11. At least, that's what they're hoping for at the Australian Distilling Co. The Australian firm was founded for the sole aim of making regional gins; its master distiller works with local distilleries to create liqueurs that are emblematic of locales including Brisbane, Perth, Bondi, and Adelaide.
    12. Australian Distilling Co.'s goods have done exceptionally well in competition, garnering 56 honours in just 18 months.
    13. If you're a fan of rum, you should stop by the Springfield headquarters of Illegal Tender Rum Co for some tastings, a tour, and a cellar door.
    14. Gin using the formula 78 For anyone who have followed Australian cricket closely over the past few decades, the name SevenZeroEight Gin will ring a bell.
    15. It's the same number of bottles of gin as the number of test wickets taken by Australian cricketer Shane Warne.
    16. SevenZeroEight is an Australian firm that sources its citrous and thyme flavours locally in Western Australia.
    17. Whiskey Production Facility A World War II soldier and his backyard moonshine helped launch the company that would eventually become Whipper Snapper, one of Australia's finest premium whiskies.
    18. Both Crazy Uncle Moonshine, Australia's first legal moonshine, and Jetpack Hard Coffee, a coffee and whisky combo made with local roasters Timely, are highly recommended.
    19. Kingdom of Fremantle The government in Fremantle is strict about not skimping on things.
    20. Currently, they produce vodka and two different kinds of gin from grapes grown in Swan Valley.
    21. Dry gin from Rottnest Island Many Perth locals make a point of visiting Wadjemup during their summer holidays to take in the island's pristine beaches, abundant wildlife, and distinctive vegetation.
    22. The unique botanical note was inspired by the Rottnest Island daisy, and a portion of the proceeds will go towards island-wide initiatives to maintain the local flora.
    23. The Distillery at Old Young's Old Young's Distillery was founded by James Young in 2016.
    24. It's impressive how quickly they've earned the respect of so many distillery organisations.
    25. Whiskey Production Facility Whipper Snapper is largely considered to be one of Perth's best distilleries, despite its humble beginnings in a shed.
    26. Whipper Snapper produces whiskies that are authentic, hand-made, and created solely from local grains.
    27. Whipper Snapper, one of Australia's best premium whiskies, was created by a war hero using moonshine distilled in his backyard.
    28. The Margaret River Distilleries Being the younger sibling of the more established Great Southern Distillery, the Margaret River Distillery Company had a lot to prove when it first opened in 2015.
    29. With its vast selection of handcrafted spirits, the Margaret River Distillery Company, located in the picturesque Margaret River area about three hours from Perth, has swiftly become a major rival.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Distilleries in Perth

    A distillery makes hard alcohol like whiskey, gin, vodka, rum, etc. The process of making distilled spirits starts off much of the same as making beer. We start by combining some basic ingredients such as grains, yeast & water. Of course each product's recipe varies.

    Distillation and Reflux. As alcohol and water vapors rise from the pot, they enter the copper column where they “reflux” – the lighter alcohol vapors continue to rise and the water falls back to the pot. The temperature of the column, and degree of reflux, control the quality and flavor of the distillate.

    Once the yeast and sugar turn into alcohol, they drain off the spent grains. The remaining liquid is poured into a still. Fun fact: A still is an apparatus for distilling alcoholic drinks, appropriately given its name by shortening distill.

    When distilling, a proofing hydrometer (also called a spirit hydrometer) is used by distillers to measure final alcohol content, which also indicates density, but only involves a single measurement. The biggest difference between proofing and brewing hydrometers is the scale.

    However, each distillery has its own water source, varying from a river to a stream, a loch or a spring. Sometimes they even tap into the public supply. This variation ensures that the characteristics of source water largely differ per distillery.

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