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Navigating the Outback: A Comprehensive Guide to Freight Brokers in Australia

In this fair-dinkum exploration, we're gearing up to uncover the cream of the crop in the Aussie freight game. From bustling coastal cities to the vast expanses of the Outback, we'll be shedding light on the top-notch freight brokers that keep the wheels turning Down Under. So, grab a cuppa, settle in, and join us as we navigate the logistics landscape to discover the top freight brokers shaping the transport industry in this sunburnt land!

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    Freight People 

    freight people

    Freight People stands as a pivotal player in Australia's freight brokerage sector, offering innovative and efficient interstate freight and transport solutions. Their strategy focuses on a smarter selection of carriers, advanced technological integration, and a team of skilled professionals. This approach ensures that clients receive the best possible service for their specific freight requirements, whether it's for small parcels, large pallets, or specialized deliveries. By partnering with top freight companies in Australia and leveraging their collective purchasing power, Freight People guarantees not only top-notch service but also cost-effective rates for their clients.

    Services Offered:

    • Strategic carrier selection for various freight needs.
    • Multiple carrier options for optimal service matching.
    • Full-scale freight management services.
    • Unified system for tracking, billing, and customer support.
    • Expert handling of diverse delivery types, including last mile and B2C.

    Phone: 1800 621 036

    Customs Brokers Australia

    Customs Brokers Australia is a company dedicated to providing tailored clearance and logistics solutions, specializing in seamless customs clearances and international trade solutions. They are passionate about assisting businesses with their customs clearances and international freight requirements, aiming to make the international trade experience as seamless and straightforward as possible. 

    The team at Customs Brokers Australia is experienced in handling a wide range of cargo, including machinery, firearms, clothing, and more. They are a corporate licensed customs brokerage with in-house customs brokers in Australia, ensuring that businesses receive the best service and most cost-effective solutions tailored to their needs and future growth requirements.

    Services offered by Customs Brokers Australia include:

    • Customs Clearance: Specializing in customs clearance for various types of cargo, including niche markets like firearms, vehicles, heavy machinery, and more.
    • Sea Cargo: Providing affordable and effective sea freight solutions, arranging everything from order inception to delivery in Australia.
    • Air Freight: Offering quick international transport solutions, including cost-effective end-to-end services.
    • Personal Effects: Handling in-house customs clearance of personal effects shipments from all countries, including Quarantine (DAWE) and Customs clearances.
    • Self Assessed Clearances (SAC): Specializing in self-assessed clearances for goods valued under $1000 AUD customs value.
    • Professional Services: Offering tailored consultancy and recommendations for import & export requirements, including tariff concession requirements.

    Phone: +61731852131

    Easy FBA Prep 

    Easy FBA Prep is an Australian company specializing in services that streamline operations for Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) in Australia. They focus on providing 3PL (Third-Party Logistics) services, FBA preparation, and fulfillment solutions. The company aims to help businesses minimize inventory stockouts and accelerate sales with efficient prep services, ensuring stress-free Amazon operations with FBA-ready shipments. They also offer flexible 3PL solutions for expanding across multiple sales channels and provide 24/7 inventory tracking. Their services are designed to manage costs effectively with simple and transparent pricing.

    The services offered by Easy FBA Prep include:

    • Receiving: Handling shipments of all sizes, including cartons, pallets, or containers.
    • Storage: Secure storage solutions at competitive rates.
    • Carton Forwarding: Direct forwarding of products to Amazon or other destinations.
    • Pick and Pack Orders: Efficient handling of non-Amazon orders (e.g., eBay, website) for customers.
    • FNSKU Labelling: Adding Amazon-specific labels for streamlined inventory management.
    • Amazon FBM Orders: Seamless transition of orders from Amazon FBA to Fulfilled by Merchant (FBM).
    • Re-Packaging: Prepping products to meet Amazon's packaging requirements.
    • Bundling/Kitting: Creating new SKUs by combining existing items.
    • Amazon Removal Orders: Assisting with Amazon removal orders to manage storage limits and minimize long-term storage fees.


    MRL Global

    MRL Global is a logistics company that specializes in providing seamless logistics services to businesses worldwide. With a strong presence across Australia, New Zealand, and China, MRL Global operates over six offices and partner offices in two regional clusters, ensuring service excellence in various logistics domains. 

    The company is known for its supportive executive management team, cost-effective solutions, extensive features in its customer portal, multiple delivery options, on-time delivery, reliability, fast response, fast delivery, and friendly, helpful staff. MRL Global takes pride in growing alongside its customers, offering both domestic and international air freight services.

    The services offered by MRL Global include:

    • Road Freight: Efficient transportation solutions across various regions.
    • Sea Freight: Comprehensive sea freight services for international shipping needs.
    • Air Freight: Quick and reliable air freight options for urgent deliveries.
    • Warehousing: Secure and efficient warehousing and distribution services.

    Phone: 1300 164 797

    Romann Logistics

    Romann Logistics, based in Sydney, is a bespoke transport and logistics company known for its commitment to providing tailored solutions for transportation needs. Emphasizing values such as transparency, consistency, honesty, and integrity, Romann Logistics ensures that every interaction with clients reflects these principles. The company operates under strict safety and compliance regulations, guaranteeing that clients' freight is handled with utmost care and professionalism. 

    Romann Logistics prides itself on treating all clients and suppliers with equal importance, regardless of the size of their business or request, ensuring a personalized and attentive service experience.

    The services offered by Romann Logistics include:

    • Interstate Linehaul and National Pallet Service: This service encompasses nation-wide pallet pick-up and delivery, as well as Interstate Linehaul Transport across the eastern seaboard of Australia.
    • Same-day Courier Services: Romann Logistics also provides a same-day courier service for various items such as documents, parcels, cartons, and pallets within the Greater Sydney Metropolitan area.

    Phone: 1300 133 162

    Matthew Short & Associates 

    Matthew Short & Associates Pty Ltd is an Australian family-owned and operated business specializing in break bulk logistics and management. With over 25 years of experience and a combined expertise of over 100 years in shipping and customs clearing, the company excels in handling large items that cannot fit in containers, such as motor and sailboats, mining equipment, and high-volume container shipments. 

    Renowned for their customer-oriented service, the team at Matthew Short & Associates is dedicated to providing comprehensive support throughout the shipping process. They offer detailed advice and assistance in customs clearance, tariff classification, dumping and valuation, free trade agreements, duty drawbacks, and more. As department of agriculture accredited brokers, they can provide commodity advice and clearance for a wide range of needs.

    The services offered by Matthew Short & Associates include:

    • Customs Brokerage: Expertise in customs clearance and related services.
    • Freight Forwarding: Comprehensive freight forwarding services for various shipment types.
    • Shrink Wrapping/Encapsulation: Specialized wrapping and encapsulation services for cargo.
    • Marine Transit Insurance: Offering insurance for added security and peace of mind during shipping.
    • Project Cargo Specialists: Handling and management of large-scale project cargo.
    • Lashing and Loading Services: Ensuring safe and secure transportation of cargo.
    • Yacht Shipping & Clearance: Specialized services for shipping and clearing yachts.

    Phone: 02 95405599

    Cargoclear International 

    Cargoclear International Pty Ltd is an Australian company specializing in international freight forwarding and licensed customs brokerage. The company prides itself on its foundation of honesty, trust, and customer satisfaction, as evidenced by positive testimonials from clients like Eddie Kocwa of SCD American Vehicles and Neill Ford of Kwikload Trailers. 

    Cargoclear's commitment to excellence in freight forwarding is reflected in its dedication to providing efficient and reliable services in air, sea, and land transportation. The company's focus on customer needs and satisfaction has made it a preferred choice for businesses requiring international logistics solutions.

    Services offered by Cargoclear International Pty Ltd include:

    • International Freight Forwarding: Expertise in managing and coordinating international shipments.
    • Customs Brokerage: Licensed customs brokerage services to facilitate smooth import and export processes.
    • Sectors Specialization: Specialized services for vehicles and automotive, machinery and equipment sectors.

    Phone: (*08) 9494 2460

    Dean World Cargo

    Dean World Cargo is an efficient and transparent supply chain provider operating globally. The company is dedicated to offering smart solutions for managing supply chains both today and in the future. Their approach is client-centric, focusing on providing services that meet the diverse needs of their customers in various locations. 

    Dean World Cargo's commitment to efficiency and transparency makes them a reliable partner for businesses looking for effective supply chain management solutions.

    Services offered by Dean World Cargo include:

    • Freight Forwarding: Expert handling and coordination of shipments.
    • Warehousing & Distribution: Efficient storage and distribution solutions.
    • Customs Brokerage: Assistance with customs clearance and compliance.
    • Transport: Reliable transportation services for various needs.
    • Supply Chain Consulting: Expert advice and solutions for supply chain management.

    Phone: +61-3-9279 4400

    Johnson Wills International 

    Johnson Wills International (JWI Customs and Forwarding) is a reputable Australian company specializing in Freight Forwarding and Customs Brokerage services. They offer hassle-free solutions for fast and efficient customs clearances, freight forwarding, and warehousing services. Catering to both single component services and complete logistics solutions, JWI is committed to guiding clients through a simple and effective customs clearance process. 

    Their services extend beyond Australia, assisting with shipping freight to major cities around the globe. JWI stands out for its old-fashioned customer service, emphasizing personalized and tailored solutions to meet individual business needs. With over 40 years of combined experience, they assure clients that their freight is in capable hands.

    Services offered by JWI Customs and Forwarding include:

    • Customs Clearance: Fast, efficient, and affordable customs clearance services tailored to client needs.
    • Freight Forwarding: Reliable freight forwarding services ensuring quick and safe delivery of goods.
    • Warehousing & Distribution: Competitively priced and reliable warehousing solutions for freight storage.

    Phone: +61 3 9338 5181

    Niche Logistics

    Niche Logistics, established in 2006 as a two-person operation, has grown into a national company specializing in interstate and local transport solutions across Australia. The company handles over 10,000 consignments each month and serves more than 350 active customers, showcasing its significant presence in the logistics sector. 

    Niche Logistics is renowned for its personalized approach to transportation, offering tailored solutions that cater to the unique freight profiles and service requirements of its clients. Their services span across road, rail, and sea transport modes, ensuring comprehensive coverage and flexibility to meet all customer needs.

    Services offered by Niche Logistics include:

    • Bulk/LTL – Road: Specialized road transport services for bulk and less-than-truckload (LTL) freight.
    • Bulk/LTL – Rail: Rail transport solutions for bulk and LTL shipments.
    • Bulk/LTL – Sea: Sea transport options for various freight requirements.
    • National Coverage for Full Loads: Comprehensive services for full-load requirements

    Phone: 1300 642 439

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    They offer competitive rates, various carrier options, and logistical expertise.


    Some brokers provide or arrange warehousing and distribution services.


    They often act as mediators to resolve any issues that arise.


    Yes, brokers typically offer tailored solutions based on specific business needs.


    The risk is minimal if the broker is reputable and experienced.

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