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Where to Celebrate Your Birthday in Perth This Year?

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    If you're looking for somewhere to celebrate your birthday that will blow your mind, go no further than Perth, Australia, where the nightlife is electric and the people are fun. After the sun goes down over the Swan River, Perth comes alive with many tempting venues where you may have a memorable birthday bash.

    Perth's exciting nightlife has something for every celebrant, from swanky rooftop pubs with city views to seaside parties that capture the spirit of coastal living. Whether you're looking for a city with exciting activities, fine restaurants, or themed events that take you back in time, Perth is your best bet.

    In this article, we'll give you a taste of Perth's rich culture of birthday celebrations. Come with us as we investigate the best places to have a party, unusual ways to celebrate a birthday, and unique restaurants. Our carefully selected selection of birthday destinations has something for everyone, from the young and the young at heart to the sophisticated and the adventurous.

    Wish you were at a hip rooftop bar at sunset, drinking drinks while watching the city glitter to the rhythm of your conversation and laughter. Or maybe you've always wanted to have a party on the beach with all your closest friends and family and feel the warm sand between your toes. Birthday wishes are always granted in Perth, where the opportunities are as boundless as the ocean's horizon.

    If you want to spice up your big day with a little mystery and adventure, we've found the city's top escape rooms and wildlife encounters. Or, you may visit one of the city's many exquisite high tea establishments, where you can indulge in delectable treats that will leave your taste buds begging for more.

    The people, the atmosphere, and the unforgettable experiences made at Perth's lively party scene make the locations irrelevant. Come with us as we delve into the magical realm of Perth birthday parties, where merriment, joy, and revelry mingle in perfect harmony to ensure that your big day is remembered fondly for years to come. It's time to start the countdown to your life's most fantastic birthday party!

    Perth Party Spots Perfect for the Birthday Foodie

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    Find Perth's gastronomic crown jewel atop COMO The Treasury at Wildflower. The contemporary meals on the menu take cues from the traditional Noongar calendar's six seasons for their inspiration.

    Michael D'Adamo, Wildflower's head chef, has a deep interest in using local, foraged foods in his dishes. Over 12,000 species of wildflowers may be found in Western Australia, the vast majority of which can only be found in this state.

    Wildflowers and seasonal weather shifts signal the beginning of a new eating season and a revamped menu at Wildflower. Unlike the fixed dates, the shift between the six seasons is gradual. All of Wildflower's dishes are made with seasonal, locally sourced ingredients. Peruse their menus and enjoy the finest exquisite cuisine while gazing over Perth and the Swan River.

    Long Chim

    Casual dining is at its finest at Long Chim, which successfully marries classic street fare with cutting-edge ingredients. Long Chim is meant to be engaging and fun, and its food is inspired by the chaos, excitement, and deliciousness of Bangkok's streets. If you're looking for a place in Perth to sample delicious dishes from Southeast Asia, go no further. Think of Pad Thai with your dried prawns added in. 

    Bread in Common

    Bread in Common may be found in a Fremantle warehouse renovated to its original brick. A restaurant where people sit at long tables and talk to each other while they eat, drink, and share wine. The emphasis is on using fresh, seasonal ingredients prepared in-house. They are made to spend time with others and have fun together.

    Organic flour, salt, spices, and fruit are combined with a slow sourdough process to create hand-shaped loaves of bread cooked fresh every day. Hansel and Gretel, the hand-built wood-fired bread ovens, are the lifeblood of their bakery and eatery.

    They use the freshest seasonal ingredients for baking, pickling, fermenting, and preserving. To lessen their influence on the environment and make honest, ethical dishes, they prioritise using seafood and agricultural methods that are ethically sourced.

    Rockpool Bar & Grill Perth

    The Rockpool Bar & Grill Perth is a unique steakhouse with a fantastic dining room, an open kitchen with its characteristic wood fire grill, a menu emphasising high-quality ingredients, and a wine list with more than 2600 options. This goes hand in hand with prompt and accurate assistance.

    The refined atmosphere and impeccable service at Rockpool Bar & Grill are just as well-known as the restaurant's exceptional menu, which features only the freshest and highest-quality Australian ingredients. 

    Unwind in the chic open-plan eating area and watch the chefs at work in the show kitchen, known for its wood-fired grill.

    Places to Celebrate Your Birthday in Perth's Nightlife

    Market Grounds

    The Market Grounds Pub, located in the heart of the city, has won numerous awards and pays attention to the area's history as a marketplace.

    It's the first connection between the Central Business District and Northbridge in more than a century, and it's located close to Yagan Square and the RAC Arena. Market Grounds is the ideal gathering spot for every occasion, from casual drinks to massive parties, thanks to its incredible food, sophisticated cocktails, and the top DJs in Perth.

    Niche Bar

    The Niche Bar and Lounge is an excellent location for hosting private and business events. Three distinct spaces exist: two indoor lounges and a sizable outside courtyard. Each lounge can host up to 80 people and features its bar. Any private party, from birthdays to engagement parties, would be perfect for this adaptable room. The lounge area's rustic brick and granite look can give guests a unique experience during your next business event or product launch. The outside courtyard space at Niche Bar and Lounge can accommodate up to 150 guests for standing-room-only events. Guests can enjoy a sophisticated indoor/outdoor party experience in this space, serviced by its private bar.

    Alabama Song

    Alabama is a bar that specialises in whisky and bourbon, and as you go through the bat swing doors, you're in for a beautiful time.

    The new pub Alabama Song is like stepping into an episode of True Blood, minus the vampires and such. We're digging this Northbridge dive bar because it delivers a taste of the American South to Perth. 

    You'll be in heaven with more than 120 distinct kinds of bourbons, whiskies, and ryes to pick from. The menu at Alabama Song isn't extensive, but they serve burger specials and have plenty of bar snack treats to keep you going late into the night.

    Talking about burger deals, in September, they'll be offering a deep-fried mac & cheese burger in collaboration with Joe's Juice Joint. Imagine a giant piece of deep-fried mac & cheese topped with a meat patty, bacon, and lots of cheese. Grab a burger and a shot of whisky and settle into a leather booth to listen to the band.

    The Bird

    The Bird is one of the best bars in Northbridge, with a hipster atmosphere and unique performances. The Bird is a fantastic hangout spot because of the many different areas to enjoy yourself in. Entertainment at The Bird is one of a kind and varied, featuring everything from local up-and-comers to international visitors performing in small venues, as well as monthly story-telling and the ever-popular Hip-Hop-Kara" YO! "ke night. So order a drink from the bar or a cocktail, place an order from the kitchen, and enjoy everything The Bird has to offer.

    Family-Friendly Birthday Party Locations in Perth

    where to celebrate your birthday in perth this year (2)

    The Embargo on the Point

    When visiting Embargo On The Point, check out the Front Bar, where most of the action takes place. Full-height windows provide a panoramic vantage point from which to take in the scenery of the Swan River below.

    It is completely enclosed, with three bars, a stage, and a dance floor, with direct dockside access for alcoholic beverages. Indoor bocce, a ball pit, a blackboard wall, arcade games, gigantic Jenga, Connect 4, and more are all available at The Cabin for the small ones (and the big ones) to enjoy. Hours of enjoyment await you.

    Lawn Bowls

    If you're looking for a unique birthday activity (and a great place to let the kids run around), why not give barefoot bowling a shot? The second excellent part is the low cost of drinks. RSL lawn bowl clubs typically welcome large groups and can provide catering with traditional Australian fare like sausage buns and pies. The RSL at Mount Lawley, with its open lawn and surrounding trees, is our top selection.

    Clancy's Fish Bar City Beach

    Clancy's Fish Bar City Beach, perched precariously above the turquoise seas of the Indian Ocean, is widely considered to have one of the West's most picturesque settings. The Beach Bar serves a delicious breakfast menu, and it opens early so that you can enjoy it with your morning coffee. Relaxed summer evenings on the beach with fish and chips, a nice drink, and the setting sun are hard to beat. Watch the annual whale migration or a winter storm roll in from Rotto while you enjoy a glass of wine. Visit Clancy's Fish Bar City Beach and enjoy the beautiful Western Australian coastline.

    May Street Larder

    May Street Larder, located smack dab in the centre of the Mezz in Mount Hawthorn, is an excellent choice for a birthday brunch. While the kids are having a blast in the outside play area, you can relax and enjoy your coffee without worrying about it getting cold. The morning burrito with its crispy chorizo, feta, scrambled eggs, coriander, and homemade jalapeño sauce is highly recommended.

    Perth Party Places That Are Perfect For the Adventurous

    Indoor Skydiving at IFLY Perth

    Indoor skydiving at iFLY Perth is fun for people of all ages and skill levels, from three to 103. It's risk-free for kids, challenging for grownups, fun for teenagers, and grounded in reality for seasoned skydivers. Indoor skydiving is a thrilling and rewarding experience, whether you want to become a sky captain or experience what it's like to fly. Enter one of the world's largest glass flying chambers, where substantial wind generators lift you into the air. 

    Each flight is the equivalent of a 12,000-foot outdoor skydive, so you can get a feel for what it's like to fly without ever having to get on a plane. Indoor skydiving is a fantastic activity that allows anyone to learn to fly for the first time or improve their flying skills.

    Feel the exhilaration that makes indoor skydiving such a thrilling activity. At iFLY Perth, they'll bring you up to speed whether you're celebrating a special occasion, organising a corporate outing, or searching for a new activity to try.

    The Ultimate Jet Pack Ride!

    Have you ever fantasised about strapping on a hoverboard to your feet and zipping around the Swan River in and out of the water? A jetpack enables the user to fly while seated; propulsion is provided by two jets on the back, operated by the user's hands. The water jetpack places fewer requirements on its users' coordination and balance. A five-point safety harness is included to make rides more pleasant. rocket pack

    The jetpack's propulsion comes from water pumped from the ocean floor through a hose linked to a Jet Ski; the nozzles on the jetpack allow you to fly. You'll get a pre-trip briefing at the beach before your jetpack tour. Jetpack will supply you with a wetsuit, a life vest, a helmet with waterproof speakers, and flight instructions, depending on the conditions.

    Once you're ready, they'll take you out on the water for a briefing and teaching session where they'll go through the basics of using the gadget. You'll have to wade through water up to your chest before taking off on the jetpack. For beginners, this is a great place to begin.


    Perth, Australia, is a vibrant city with a rich culture of birthday celebrations. The city offers a variety of venues for celebrations, from rooftop pubs with city views to seaside parties that capture the spirit of coastal living. The city's lively party scene offers a diverse range of experiences, from hip rooftop bars to beach parties. Some of the best birthday party spots include Wildflower, Long Chim, Bread in Common, Rockpool Bar & Grill, Market Grounds Pub, Niche Bar and Lounge, Alabama Song, and The Bird Bird. 

    Wildflower's head chef, Michael D'Adamo, uses local, foraged ingredients in his dishes, while Long Chim offers casual dining inspired by Southeast Asia. Bread in Common is a unique steakhouse with a fantastic dining room, open kitchen, and wood-fired wood-fired grill.

    Market Grounds Pub, located in the heart of the city, is the ideal gathering spot for events, including casual drinks and massive parties. Niche Bar and Lounge offers three distinct spaces for hosting private and business events, with a rustic brick and granite look. Alabama Song, a Northbridge dive bar, offers a taste of the American South with over 120 bourbons, whiskies, and ryes to choose from. The Bird Bird is a hipster bar with a hipster atmosphere and unique performances, making it an ideal hangout spot for birthday celebrations. 

    The Bird is a unique and varied entertainment venue in Perth, offering a variety of events for both locals and visitors. The venue features a variety of activities, including local up-and-comers, international visitors, and monthly story-telling events. Family-friendly birthday party locations include The Embargo on the Point, where the Front Bar offers a panoramic view of the Swan River, and The Cabin, which offers indoor bocce, a ball pit, a blackboard wall, arcade games, and Jenga. 

    RSL lawn bowl clubs are also popular for birthday parties, with their open lawn and surrounding trees providing a low cost of drinks. Clancy's Fish Bar City Beach offers a picturesque setting for relaxing summer evenings with fish and chips, a drink, and the setting sun. May Street Larder is an excellent choice for birthday brunch, with a delicious morning burrito.

    IFLY Perth offers indoor skydiving for all ages and skill levels, providing a thrilling and rewarding experience. The water jetpack, powered by water pumped from the ocean floor through a hose linked to a Jet Ski, requires a five-point safety harness for safety. A pre-trip briefing at the beach is provided, and the jetpack is then taken out on the water for a briefing and teaching session.

    Content Summary

    • Perth, Australia offers mind-blowing birthday celebrations.
    • Perth's nightlife is electric and filled with fun people.
    • Stunning views of the city from swanky rooftop pubs.
    • Seaside parties capture the spirit of coastal living.
    • Perth has exciting activities, fine restaurants, and themed events.
    • A taste of Perth's rich culture of birthday celebrations.
    • Unique ways to celebrate a birthday in Perth.
    • Explore unique restaurants in Perth for your birthday.
    • Perth offers boundless opportunities for birthday celebrations.
    • Spice up your birthday with mystery and adventure in escape rooms.
    • Wildlife encounters can make your birthday extra special.
    • Indulge in delectable treats at Perth's exquisite high tea establishments.
    • The people and atmosphere make Perth's party scene unforgettable.
    • Hip rooftop bars with stunning sunset views in Perth.
    • Enjoy a party on the beach with friends and family.
    • Explore Perth's top escape rooms and wildlife encounters.
    • Have a blast at one of Perth's high tea establishments.
    • Celebrate your birthday at Wildflower, Perth's gastronomic crown jewel.
    • Wildflower's head chef uses local, foraged foods for inspiration.
    • Long Chim offers casual dining with a Bangkok street fare twist.
    • Bread in Common, a Fremantle warehouse restaurant with a communal dining experience.
    • Rockpool Bar & Grill Perth offers a unique steakhouse experience.
    • Market Grounds Pub in Perth's CBD, perfect for casual drinks and parties.
    • Niche Bar and Lounge is great for private and business events.
    • Alabama Song bar specializes in whisky and bourbon in Northbridge.
    • The Bird, one of Northbridge's best bars, offers unique performances.
    • Embargo On The Point is a family-friendly spot with great views of the Swan River.
    • Enjoy indoor bocce, ball pit, and arcade games at The Cabin.
    • Experience barefoot bowling for a unique birthday activity.
    • Clancy's Fish Bar City Beach offers a picturesque setting for family gatherings.
    • May Street Larder is a perfect choice for a birthday brunch.
    • IFLY Perth offers thrilling indoor skydiving for all ages.
    • Feel the excitement of a jetpack ride on the Swan River.
    • Enjoy a pre-trip briefing and flight instructions for the jetpack ride.
    • The water jetpack requires less coordination and balance.
    • Perth's jetpack adventure includes a five-point safety harness.
    • Experience the exhilaration of flying with the jetpack.
    • Stunning views of the Swan River during the jetpack ride.
    • Jetpack tour includes wetsuit, life vest, and flight instructions.
    • Perth offers unforgettable rooftop bar experiences at sunset.
    • Party on the beach with friends and family in Perth.
    • Celebrate your birthday with exciting escape rooms in the city.
    • Wildlife encounters can add a touch of adventure to your birthday celebration.
    • Indulge in delicious treats at Perth's top high tea establishments.
    • Perth's party scene offers a magical and unforgettable experience.
    • Wildflower at COMO The Treasury is a gastronomic crown jewel in Perth.
    • Long Chim offers casual dining with a Bangkok street food inspiration.
    • Bread in Common provides a communal dining experience in a Fremantle warehouse.
    • Rockpool Bar & Grill Perth offers a unique and refined steakhouse experience.
    • Niche Bar and Lounge is a versatile location for private and business events in Perth.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Birthdays

    Perth offers a diverse range of birthday venues to suit various preferences. Some popular options include rooftop bars with stunning city views, beachside venues, lush gardens and parks, fine dining restaurants, trendy food markets, and unique themed party locations.

    Perth has several unique and unconventional birthday venue ideas, such as hosting a party on a private yacht or boat, exploring escape room adventures, or celebrating with wildlife encounters at zoos or animal sanctuaries.

    Yes, Perth offers a variety of kid-friendly birthday venues, including indoor play centres, themed party venues, wildlife parks, and family-friendly restaurants with dedicated play areas.

    Yes, Perth has venues that can accommodate large birthday parties or events. Some restaurants, function rooms, and event spaces offer ample space and facilities to cater to bigger gatherings.

    Yes, Perth boasts numerous gardens and parks that are perfect for hosting birthday celebrations. Many of these spaces offer picnic areas, BBQ facilities, and serene surroundings, making them ideal for a relaxed and enjoyable gathering.

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