what professions are in demand right now in perth

What Professions Are in Demand Right Now in Perth?

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    On Australia's western coast, the city of Perth is a thriving metropolis where you are most welcome to stay. Perth has been a popular destination for professionals seeking to further their careers due to its beautiful scenery, rich culture, and booming economy. However, before moving to this thriving metropolis, learning about its economic climate and the in-demand occupations is crucial.

    A wide range of sectors fuels Perth's thriving economy. The city's economy has diversified in recent years, growing in sectors such as healthcare, technology, construction, and tourism in addition to its traditional mining and resources sector. As a result of this reshuffling, skilled workers in many fields now have many more options to pursue.

    The modern employment market is highly competitive, and that's the reason why. Keeping up with the most in-demand skills and certifications is a sure way to set yourself apart in today's tight job market. By adapting your resume to the city's current job market, you can increase your chances of landing a meaningful and gratifying position once you get there. You can better plan your professional development and education if you know which jobs are in demand. Knowing which sectors and occupations are thriving in Perth can help you maximise your professional potential, whether you're looking to switch careers or want to improve the one you're in.

    Keeping up with the latest trends in the job market will help you adapt to changing circumstances, succeed, and open doors to rewarding prospects. As we delve into Perth's growing industries and in-demand professions, we hope to equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to make the most of your career opportunities in this great city. Let's dive in and explore the promising opportunities in Perth's labour market.

    How Does One Go About Getting a Job in Perth?

    As of late, positive trends can be seen in Western Australia's labour market and unemployment rate. However, not all employees are happy with their pay levels. Knowing the cost of living in this area is essential for people seeking to make a career change into one of the highly-paid fields.

    Perth's cost of living is about average for Australia's main cities. Perth has 0.89 percent lower consumer costs than Melbourne, 0.07% lower prices than Brisbane, and 5.31 per cent lower prices than Sydney. Most residents in Perth would require an annual income of $79,817, or $38 per hour, to keep up with the city's current cost of living. You may easily find work within the city that pays at or above these levels. 

    Key Factors That Affect Employment Outcomes

    The nature of employment is evolving, and new technologies are being developed regularly. We also need to adapt if we want to keep our jobs in the long term. We need to think ahead and seek careers expected to grow.

    So, how can you learn if employment prospects are improving in the field of your choice? Even though, with any luck, you'll be able to enter a field with promising long-term prospects, you should think about the following.

    Competency Gaps

    Those with a "short supply" of talents and expertise may find favourable job prospects in the relevant industry. Inadequacies range geographically and fluctuate over time.

    Rise in Employment

    Employment growth statistics can determine how many new jobs have been produced. How many potential new jobs will be created in the future can be gleaned from data on expected expansion.

    Total Number of Workers

    When more people are looking for work in a given field, more people will be able to find it.

    Staff Turnover

    This represents the yearly percentage of workers that switch to a different field. They could leave the workforce due to retirement, layoff, or a desire for a career change. When workers leave and must be replaced, openings appear in related fields.

    Which Skill Sets Are in Greatest Demand in Perth?

    People looking for work in Perth should evaluate their current skill sets and focus on improving those currently in demand.

    Customer Support: A Key Requirement Across Industries

    In the bustling city of Perth, possessing exceptional customer support skills is vital for job seekers looking to secure promising opportunities. The demand for individuals with strong interpersonal abilities and customer service expertise has reached an all-time high, encompassing various sectors from retail to technology. With prior experience in customer service and the relevant qualifications, one can significantly enhance their employability prospects.

    Teaching: Meeting the Growing Demand in Education

    The need for qualified secondary school teachers in Perth is currently at an exceptionally high level. Aspiring educators with the right qualifications can expect to find abundant opportunities in the education sector. Specialisations in languages and mathematics are particularly sought after, adding distinctiveness to a candidate's CV and setting them apart from other job applicants.

    Managing Projects: The Key to Organizational Success

    Project management professionals play a critical role in driving the efficiency and success of enterprises across all industries in the Australian economy. Possessing technical expertise in their respective domains and a diverse set of "soft skills," these project managers must excel in communication, organisation, and leadership. Those with these valuable abilities will discover ample employment prospects as they take on the challenges of managing large-scale projects.

    Nursing: Meeting Healthcare Needs in Perth

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    The demand for healthcare-related skills, particularly nursing, remains consistently high in Perth. Qualified and experienced nurses play an indispensable role in providing essential medical care to patients. Those with nursing credentials will find a plethora of opportunities in the city, making it relatively easy to secure meaningful employment.

    Sales: Persuasive Communicators in Demand

    Throughout Western Australia, skilled and dedicated sales professionals are in widespread demand. Individuals capable of convincingly communicating the value of products and services are highly sought after in the job market. If one possesses the ability to persuade others effectively, there are abundant job prospects in the sales domain waiting to be explored.

    Assistance with Mental Health: A Growing Priority

    In Australia, the importance of mental health care is now on par with physical health care, leading to significant demand for qualified mental health practitioners. Psychologists, counsellors, crisis managers, and other specialists in the field can pursue diverse and fulfilling careers as they contribute to the well-being of the community.

    As the job market in Perth evolves, individuals seeking employment must identify and enhance their skill sets in alignment with the current demands. By focusing on customer support, teaching, project management, nursing, sales, and mental health assistance, job seekers can position themselves favourably and find unique opportunities in their respective fields. The dynamic city of Perth presents a wealth of prospects for those who possess these sought-after abilities, opening doors to a promising and rewarding career journey.

    The Highest-Demand Industries in Perth

    Many different types of enterprises call Perth, Western Australia, home, including new ventures and existing multinational corporations. Jobs in the mining industry are among the most sought-after in Perth, but there is also strong demand in medicine, teaching, and finance.

    Here's a look at some of Perth's most popular job sectors to give you an idea of the incredible breadth of potential career paths.

    Software & Applications Programmers

    The use of digital technology in business is on the rise. As a result, there is still a significant need for qualified IT professionals. 

    A big part of an IT job includes taking care of and running computers. Internet infrastructure, programmes, data found online, and security measures are all examples of such systems. People with skills in this area are in demand across industries due to the pervasive use of digital networks and computer systems. 

    Experts in the Field of Civil Engineering

    Roads, bridges, trains, and water systems rely on civil engineers' planning, design, construction, and maintenance expertise.

    If you have a head for numbers, an aptitude for scientific enquiry, and a penchant for project management, this could be your perfect profession. 

    You can work for the government, a consulting firm, or a large construction company as a civil engineer.

    Pre-school Educators

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    If you enjoy dealing with kids, consider a career as a kindergarten or daycare teacher. By encouraging children's intellectual, social, and emotional growth through play, you will significantly contribute to their long-term success.

    Project Administrators

    If you have a passion for construction and believe you have leadership potential, a career as a construction manager offers excellent professional prospects.

    Skilled managers are in high demand across all residential, commercial, and industrial sectors.

    Everything from the building's inception and design to its subsequent development, construction, and day-to-day site management will fall under your purview.

    Aged & Disabled Care Workers

    Caretakers for older adults and those with disabilities help those who need it most because of their age or physical limitation. A worker in the field of elderly and disabled care may, among other things, help their clients with getting around and feeling more social, among other things. You are also expected to coordinate things like medication and leisure time.

    As Australia's population ages, more people will be needed to provide assistance and care. The following programmes may be helpful if you're thinking about a career in this field.   

    Registered Nurses

    Excellent nurses possess empathy, a tolerance for stress, a love of variety in the workplace, and a keen attention to detail.

    Registered nurses have many career options, including emergency care, long-term care, mental health, paediatrics, primary care, and more.


    Do you enjoy practical labour, mental challenge, and using numbers? Being an electrician could be a suitable fit if you're looking for a job with room for growth and decent pay.

    Anywhere electricity is needed, from private residences to large corporations, from hospitals to mines, electricians are in high demand.

    ICT Business & Systems Analysts

    Are you interested in numbers? There is a growing need for professionals who can use data to address business challenges as organisations become more data- and technology-centric.

    You'll be able to solve problems, enhance existing systems and procedures, and open brand-new avenues for corporate success by leveraging your knowledge of data science and visualisation, machine learning, cloud computing, and information technology project management.  

    Child Care Workers

    Caring for children as a profession may be fulfilling and enjoyable, and there are many openings in this field in settings as diverse as daycares, community centres, public schools, and private households.

    Working with children typically involves overseeing them as they go about their daily routines, developing activities, arranging learning or play materials, giving amusement, and encouraging positive social and behavioural growth.


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    Indulge your imagination and thrive in a fast-paced environment by becoming a chef. Opportunities for cooks abound in the hospitality business, whether they like to work in a five-star restaurant, a dive bar, a hotel, or a catering service. You may be responsible for cooking and a wide variety of other tasks related to running a successful restaurant kitchen. 

    Online Recruitment Resources for Jobs in Perth, Western Australia

    Indeed Australia

    Indeed, a popular global job search engine has an Australian outpost with, supposedly, over 10 million monthly visits. Indeed allows you to seek people from its resume database actively, market your employer brand with a designed company page, and advertise jobs for free or a fee.


    Australian job-seekers frequently utilise CareerOne, Monster's partner site, to browse job postings, obtain career guidance, and review resumes. Choose one of our three advertising packages to promote your available positions, or contact us to discuss a custom package. You can also use the site's resume database to seek out potential applicants actively.


    You may reach a larger audience with the Australian version of Adzuna, a worldwide employment portal. With the site's newspaper integration, you can rest assured that potential employees will see your job postings regardless of where they are or what media they use to look for work.


    Australia is only one of the 94 countries where you may find the international job search engine CareerJet. By using specific criteria, recruiters can identify qualified candidates at any experience level and in any field. From your Careerjet homepage, you can also index your posted job openings.


    The vast personal-advertising online market Posting job ads and making connections with potential employees is easy on Australia's version of Gumtree. Businesses as varied as restaurants, hotels, industries, and construction firms all call this area home.


    Posting your job openings on FlexCareers will help you stand out as a forward-thinking business and attract qualified female candidates. In addition, an extensive candidate database is provided so that you may immediately begin searching for new employees.


    GradConnection facilitates the hiring of college students and recent graduates. You can narrow the pool of applicants down to qualified ones by selecting factors like the applicant's university or subject of study.


    The city of Perth in Western Australia is a bustling metropolis that relies on several different industries for its prosperity. The work market in the city is fiercely competitive, so it's important to keep your knowledge and credentials current.

    Competency gaps, employment growth, total number of workers, and employee turnover are all things to think about when looking for work in Perth. The fields of customer service, education, project management, healthcare, sales, and mental health care all have a strong demand for specific skill sets.

    People looking for work in industries like retail or technology should prioritise developing their customer service skills. A higher level of education is also in high demand, especially in the fields of languages and mathematics. Nurses are in high demand in the public sector, and project managers play a crucial role in the productivity and success of businesses. Expert salespeople who can convey the benefits of a company's offerings to potential customers are likewise in great demand.

    Psychologists, counsellors, and crisis managers are in high demand in Australia due to the country's emphasis on mental health treatment. Perth's job market is dynamic, so job-seekers need to assess their present skill sets and develop new ones to meet employers' needs.

    The mining industry, healthcare, education, and the financial sector are among Perth's highest-demand sectors. As more companies adopt digital tools, specialists in software and application development are now in demand. Individuals can maximise their professional potential and achieve great employment prospects in Perth by focusing on the most in-demand skills and certifications and keeping up with current trends. Computers, networks, software, data, and security are all aspects of the workplace that IT professionals must manage. The skillsets of civil engineers in areas such as planning, design, construction, and maintenance are in high demand.

    Those who enjoy working with figures, pursuing scientific curiosity, and managing projects would thrive as pre-school teachers or project administrators. Caretakers for the elderly and the disabled help and care for those in need. RNs are compassionate, resilient, and detail-oriented professionals. Since they perform manual labour, face intellectual challenges, and work with numbers, electricians are in high demand. Expertise in data science, visualisation, machine learning, cloud computing, and IT project management is in high demand, and this is where ICT business and systems analysts come in.

    Child care workers interact with kids in a wide variety of settings, including homes, public and private schools, and community centres. Fast-paced situations are ideal for chefs, and there are many opportunities for them in the hotel industry. Indeed Australia, CareerOne, Adzuna, CareerJet, Gumtree, FlexCareers, and GradConnection are just few of the online recruitment sites available for opportunities in Perth, Western Australia. These sites make it easier for companies to get the attention of skilled workers and diverse clientele.

    Content Summary

    • Thriving metropolis, Perth, beckons professionals seeking career growth.
    • Booming economy and rich culture make Perth an attractive destination.
    • Diversified economy with growth in healthcare, technology, construction, and tourism.
    • Skilled workers have numerous options in Perth's reshuffled job market.
    • Adaptability crucial to succeed in the highly competitive employment market.
    • Aligning skills and certifications to demand enhances job prospects.
    • Understanding in-demand sectors helps maximise professional potential.
    • Keeping up with job market trends opens doors to rewarding prospects.
    • Knowledge and tools for a successful career in Perth.
    • Positive trends in Western Australia's labour market.
    • Cost of living in Perth is comparable to other main Australian cities.
    • Specific income is required to maintain living standards in Perth.
    • Key factors influencing employment outcomes.
    • Competency gaps offer favourable job prospects.
    • Employment growth statistics predict future job opportunities.
    • The total number of workers affects job availability.
    • Staff turnover creates openings in related fields.
    • In-demand skill sets crucial for job seekers in Perth.
    • Customer support skills highly valued across industries.
    • High demand for qualified secondary school teachers.
    • Project management skills are key to organisational success.
    • Nursing remains consistently in demand in Perth.
    • Persuasive communicators are sought after in sales.
    • Growing demand for mental health assistance.
    • Adapting skill sets to match current demands in Perth.
    • Highest-demand industries in Perth: mining, medicine, teaching, and finance.
    • Rising demand for IT professionals in software and applications programming.
    • Civil engineering offers excellent career prospects in infrastructure projects.
    • Abundant opportunities for preschool educators in Perth.
    • Project administrators are in high demand for construction and development.
    • Aged and disabled care workers are needed to support an aging population.
    • Registered nurses with diverse career options in healthcare.
    • Electricians are in demand across various sectors in Western Australia.
    • ICT Business and Systems Analysts are needed for data-driven solutions.
    • Childcare workers find fulfilling careers in diverse settings.
    • Chefs enjoy abundant opportunities in the hospitality industry.
    • Online recruitment resources for jobs in Perth.
    • Indeed Australia offers extensive job search and employer branding services.
    • CareerOne provides job postings and resumes database access.
    • Adzuna allows reaching a global audience of job seekers.
    • CareerJet offers international job search and candidate identification.
    • Gumtree's online market facilitates job postings and connections.
    • FlexCareers attracts qualified female candidates for progressive businesses.
    • GradConnection connects employers with college students and graduates.
    • Perth's diverse economy offers numerous career paths.
    • Acquire in-demand skills to stand out in the competitive job market.
    • Growing demand for technology professionals in Perth.
    • Teachers with specialisations are in demand in the education sector.
    • Project managers play a critical role in organisational success.
    • Mental health practitioners needed to support the community's well-being.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Job Search

    Yes, Perth offers opportunities for international professionals. However, it is important to familiarise yourself with the immigration requirements, visa options, and any industry-specific regulations. Networking, building connections, and researching companies that are open to hiring international candidates can enhance your prospects.

    The job market in Perth is diverse and dynamic. It offers a range of opportunities across various industries such as healthcare, information technology, mining, construction, and tourism. While certain sectors may experience fluctuations, overall, Perth has a strong and growing economy that provides ample job prospects for skilled professionals.

    Yes, the Australian government offers various programs and initiatives to support job seekers in Perth and across the country. These include Jobactive, which provides job search assistance, training, and access to employment services, and JobSeeker Payment, a financial support program for individuals who are unemployed or looking for work.

    Employers in Perth value a combination of technical skills and soft skills. Technical skills relevant to specific industries or professions, such as certifications, qualifications, and experience, are essential. However, soft skills like communication, teamwork, problem-solving, and adaptability are also highly sought after.

    To enhance your chances of finding a job in Perth, it is crucial to tailor your resume and cover letter to match the requirements of each job application. Networking, both online and in-person, can help you build connections and uncover hidden job opportunities. Developing a strong online presence, attending industry events, and upskilling through training programs can also make you a more attractive candidate.

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