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How to Get Around Perth Without a Car?

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    The city of Perth, Western Australia's capital, is a busy metropolis that welcomes tourists with a wide variety of magnificent natural scenery, fascinating cultural activities, and exciting urban experiences. As you prepare for your trip to this exciting city, you may wonder how you can cover so much ground without using a car. Don't worry; Perth has a robust public transit system and various other transportation choices to meet your every requirement.

    This article will explore the many options available to those without a car in Perth. You can quickly get around Perth, whether you like the reliability of public transit, the independence of cycling, or the adaptability of ridesharing options. You may see the city in a new light by trying some of these off-the-beaten-path activities, and you can help the environment by doing so.

    Learn about the many facets of Perth's public transportation system, cycling infrastructure, and ridesharing options with us. Learn how to get around Perth and its neighbouring areas without worrying about renting or owning a car.

    So, if you're ready to explore the many unique neighbourhoods, historical sites, and natural attractions that Perth has to offer, buckle up (or, more accurately, board) as we set out on an exciting excursion to learn more about the many modes of public transportation available to you. Let's check out Perth's public transit options and see how far we can get without using a car, from the beautiful beaches to the heart of the city.

    How Is Perth’s Public Transportation System?

    Perth boasts an excellent public transportation system that sets itself apart from other major Australian cities with its affordability and efficient train network. However, while the trains provide a fantastic means of navigating around the city, the coverage might be more extensive. 

    Fortunately, Perth offers an extensive bus system that ensures convenient travel to various destinations. Despite its benefits, there are areas for improvement, including increased bus frequency and extended service hours, particularly during late evenings, when finding a way home after a night out becomes challenging without resorting to costly taxi or rideshare services.

    Perth's public transportation system remains praiseworthy with its efficient train network and comprehensive bus services. However, there is room for growth, particularly in extending the train network to cover more areas of the city. Additionally, improving bus frequency during peak hours and extending service hours in the evenings would enhance overall accessibility and convenience for the commuting public. By addressing these aspects, Perth can continue to bolster its reputation as a city with a robust and reliable public transportation system, catering to the needs of its residents and visitors alike.

    A Tourist's Guide to Perth's Public Transportation

    With its well-developed public transportation system and pleasant year-round climate, Perth is a breeze to navigate on foot or two wheels. Getting around Perth is simple, as the city's central public transportation system is accessible to all riders.

    The bus, train, and ferry networks in Perth are pretty well-developed. You should get a Transperth SmartRider card to use the system. Perth Airport, Transperth InfoCentres, and SmartRider retail locations sell SmartRider cards. You can get a discount on your fare and a daily spending cap with your SmartRider card.

    • You'll need to put money on a SmartRider card before using Perth's public transit system. 
    • Tap your card on the reader as you enter your chosen means of transportation to begin your trip, and tap again as you leave to end it.


    The buses, trains, and ferries that makeup Perth's public transportation system are collectively known as Transperth. It's handy for travellers since all three accept the same payment method. Suppose you want additional information, head to Transperth's webpage. The helpful Transperth and Transperth Assist apps can be used to research routes and schedules for your upcoming trip. Connecting your SmartRider card to the app will allow you to see your whole trip and all your purchases in one convenient location.


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    Purchasing tickets for public transportation can be done in several different ways. You may buy a ticket for a bus with cash, and you can buy a ticket for a train with cash or a credit card at any station.


    The SmartRider card is accepted on all Transperth services, but cash is preferred on buses. This easy-to-use top-up system gives you access to all of Perth's trains, buses, and ferries. In addition, using a SmartRider will save you 10% compared to paying in cash. The main drawback is that the card costs 10 AUD, so you'll only save money if you plan to use public transportation extensively during your time in Perth.

    The convenience of SmartRider justifies the cost. A discount card is available for students and elders. Checking to determine if you are eligible is time well spent. The SmartRider is sold in various convenience stores and specialty shops. Conductors on trains and buses can reload your SmartRider.


    Transperth operates all of Perth's public trains, buses, and ferries. Their website features ticket prices, schedules, locations, and maps. The Transperth public transportation app provides real-time information on the arrival of buses, ferries, and trains.

    Make Use of Transperth’s Trains

    In Perth, the rail is the most trustworthy and fastest option for getting around town. If you want to know which train lines will get you where you need to go quickly and easily, look at the map below. The blue Fremantle line is the best option for tourists because it runs from the heart of the city to Fremantle and a few beaches in between.

    When boarding a train, tap your SmartRider on and off. Every stop has a little pole where you tap your card to deduct the appropriate fare from your account as you enter and exit. Learn the ins and outs of the local train system. If you look at Perth with the "transit" filter activated on Google Maps, you can see how each metro line extends well out into the suburbs from the city centre.

    The blue line between Perth and Fremantle is where most tourists spend their time when visiting. A ticket can cost anything from $2 to $5 AUD, depending on how far you're travelling. The stations are spotless, and the staff is always willing to answer any queries.

    Get on the Bus

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    In Perth, there is a wide variety of bus routes to choose from. With over 282 different routes, you can get just about anywhere in the greater Perth area. During rush hours, services may leave the downtown area more frequently than every 15 minutes. Those who plan to travel over the weekend should check their itineraries once more on Monday to be sure nothing has changed. The Transperth mobile app and website are wonderful tools for monitoring bus times.

    The city's bus system makes it easy to go to most locations. If you don't have a SmartRider, you can still pay the bus drivers with cash. You can pay your bus fare by tapping on and off, exactly like on the train. Don't get go of your SmartRider as you get off the bus; otherwise, you might forget to tap out. If not, your credit card will be charged a certain amount.

    Bus drivers in Australia typically won't stop until you wave at them. The bus drivers will treat you as you're waiting for another bus if you don't do this. Keep an eye out for your bus and signal when you want to get on.

    Take the Ferry

    The river ferry connects South Perth with the rest of Perth. Boats leave the city's Barrack Street pier for the crossing to South Perth's Mends Street jetty every half hour. While the bus can get you there more quickly, the riverwalk offers beautiful views.

    Utilising Taxis and Car-Sharing Services in Perth

    Taxis and car sharing services are two low-priced ways for tourists to get around Perth's bustling city centre. When travelling late at night or to a location that is inconveniently located for public transportation, these handy mobile applications provide a more cost-effective alternative to standard cab services.

    Among the many suppliers out there, four stand out as particularly common and convenient choices. If you're thinking about signing up, it's smart to look online for any discount offers specifically for new customers, as these can often get you free trips or reduced costs.

    In the Perth area, ridesharing applications are a great option for getting to places where public transportation doesn't go. Those who aren't in a rush may want to consider taking a Pool ride, which allows customers to share the fare and half the cost of the trip.

    Travellers arriving or departing from Perth Airport have a number of transportation choices. While ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft can be a cost-effective way to get to and from the airport, it's important to remember that there may be a surcharge for the airport's specific location.

    The bus is a great option for individuals who want to save money without missing out on the city's attractions and vibrant culture. A number of bus lines radiate out from the airport, making public transit an easy and affordable option for getting about the city. At the airport, tourists can quickly and easily get a SmartRider card to use for their bus fare.

    Using taxis and car-sharing services can be an economical and easy way to get around Perth. Travellers have a lot of options for getting around the city without breaking the bank, such as ridesharing applications and the bus.


    The capital of Western Australia, Perth, has many sights to see and ways to get around that don't require a car. The city has an extensive public transit system that includes both train and bus lines that can get you where you need to go quickly, affordably, and in comfort. But there's potential for enhancement, especially in terms of bus frequency and service hours.

    Travellers can take advantage of Perth's economical and convenient public transportation system, Transperth, which consists of buses, trains, and ferries. Discounted fares and daily spending limits are available to SmartRider card holders on all Transperth services. The card is offered to students and seniors at the price of 10 AUD.

    Transperth is the company in charge of all of Perth's public transportation, including trains, buses, and ferries. The greatest choice for visitors is the blue Fremantle line, which travels from the city centre to Fremantle and a few beaches. SmartRider cards are good for all rides, however, bus fare is best paid in cash.

    The city's bus system has more than 282 routes, so you can pick the one that best suits your needs. Services may depart the central business district more frequently than once every 15 minutes during rush hours. You can keep track of bus arrivals with ease using either the Transperth app or the website. You can still use cash to tip bus drivers by tapping on and off like a train if you don't have a SmartRider.

    In conclusion, the public transit system in Perth is a cost-effective and time-saving alternative to renting a car. Getting around Perth and its environs is easy and efficient with the use of the SmartRider card, the train system, and the bus system. Be warned that bus drivers in Australia may wait for you to wave at them. The river boat links South Perth to the rest of the city and provides stunning vistas along the way. There are four main providers of taxi services in Perth, making taxis and car-sharing services affordable substitutes for traditional cab services.

    Pool ride and other ridesharing apps are helpful for reaching to locations that are inaccessible via public transit. Ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft are available at airports like Perth Airport, though additional fees may apply. Taking the bus is a cheap and easy way to see the sights and experience the local culture. It is possible to get around Perth without spending a fortune by making use of taxis and vehicle-sharing services.

    Content Summary

    • Perth, the capital of Western Australia, offers magnificent natural scenery, cultural activities, and urban experiences.
    • The city has a robust public transit system and various transportation choices for tourists without cars.
    • Explore unique neighbourhoods, historical sites, and natural attractions in Perth without a car.
    • Perth's public transportation system stands out for its affordability and efficient train network.
    • The city's bus system ensures convenient travel to various destinations.
    • Perth has room for improvement in bus frequency and extended service hours during late evenings.
    • The public transportation system caters to the needs of residents and visitors alike.
    • Transperth is the collective term for buses, trains, and ferries in Perth.
    • A Transperth SmartRider card is essential for using the public transit system.
    • SmartRider cards can be purchased at various locations and provide discounts on fares.
    • The SmartRider card is widely accepted, saving you 10% compared to cash payments.
    • Check eligibility for discount cards available for students and seniors.
    • Transperth's website and app offer route and schedule information for your trip.
    • Trains are the most trustworthy and fastest option for getting around Perth.
    • The blue Fremantle line is popular for tourists, connecting the city to Fremantle and beaches.
    • Bus routes in Perth cover a wide range of destinations.
    • Transperth's mobile app and website help monitor bus times and routes.
    • Bus drivers won't stop unless you wave at them.
    • River ferries connect South Perth with the rest of the city, offering beautiful views.
    • Taxis and car-sharing services are affordable options for navigating Perth.
    • Ridesharing apps provide a cost-effective alternative to standard cab services.
    • Look online for discount offers for new customers on ridesharing services.
    • Ridesharing apps are a great option for reaching places not served by public transportation.
    • Consider taking a Pool ride to share the fare and cost with others.
    • Perth Airport offers various transportation choices, including ridesharing services.
    • Travellers can easily get a SmartRider card at the airport for bus fare.
    • Taxis and car-sharing services provide easy and economical travel options.
    • Ridesharing apps and buses are budget-friendly choices for exploring Perth's attractions.
    • Perth's public transportation system offers accessibility and convenience.
    • Use the Transperth website and app to plan your trips.
    • SmartRider cards save time and money on public transit.
    • The blue Fremantle line covers popular tourist destinations.
    • The Transperth bus system reaches most locations in Perth.
    • Make use of real-time information on the Transperth app.
    • The river ferry provides a scenic option to cross the river.
    • Consider ridesharing services for locations not accessible by public transport.
    • Look for discounts for new customers on ridesharing apps.
    • Pool rides offer cost-sharing options with other passengers.
    • SmartRider cards can be obtained easily at Perth Airport.
    • Taxis and car-sharing apps provide economical travel choices.
    • Perth's public transportation system is efficient and reliable.
    • Bus routes cover a wide area of Greater Perth.
    • Plan your trips with the Transperth app for real-time information.
    • SmartRider cards offer convenience and discounts on fares.
    • The blue Fremantle line connects the city with beaches and Fremantle.
    • Use ridesharing apps for locations beyond public transportation reach.
    • Check for special offers and discounts on ridesharing services.
    • Consider sharing rides with others through Pool options.
    • Taxis and car-sharing services provide a convenient way to explore Perth.
    • Save money and enjoy Perth's attractions using public transportation and ridesharing apps.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Trip to Perth

    Absolutely! Perth offers a robust public transportation system, dedicated cycling paths, ride-sharing services, and pedestrian-friendly neighbourhoods, making it easy to explore the city without a car.

    Many of Perth's attractions, especially in the city centre, are within walking distance of each other. The city's well-designed layout and pedestrian-friendly infrastructure make it ideal for exploring on foot.

    Yes, there are platforms like "Coseats" and "Car Next Door" that connect drivers and passengers for carpooling purposes. These platforms allow you to share rides and split costs with others travelling in the same direction.

    Stay connected with the latest transportation information by using mobile apps like "Transperth," "Google Maps," or checking the Transperth website. These sources provide real-time updates on schedules, routes, and any service disruptions.

    Absolutely! Combining different modes of transportation, such as cycling to a train station or using a combination of public transport and walking, can enhance your travel experience and offer more flexibility in exploring Perth.

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