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How Do You Spend an Autumn Day in Perth?

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    As the warm days of summer give way to the captivating splendour of autumn, Perth bursts into a riot of colour, and the air takes on a welcome sharpness. Discover the delights of this dynamic city, covered with golden foliage and teeming with new activities, as autumn arrives. Perth has plenty of beautiful places to celebrate the change of seasons, from scenic parks to exciting festivals.

    In this post, we set out on an adventure to celebrate the coming of fall in Perth by exploring various fun events that people of all ages and interests can enjoy. At this most wonderful of times, there is something for everyone to enjoy, whether they are nature lovers, culture vultures, or foodies with a preference for seasonal treats.

    So buckle on because we're on an adventure with beautiful sunrise views, strolls through beautiful gardens, and delicious goodies from quaint cafes. Come with us as we hike through the verdant countryside, float along the peaceful riverbanks, and delve into the varied exhibits at museums and art galleries.

    This is not simply another season - it's a time of regeneration, introspection, and revelling in Autumn's simple joys. Join us for a day filled with adventure and awe as we explore the vibrant colours of autumn. Autumn in Perth will be an unforgettable experience that will stay with you long after the leaves have fallen, thanks to the city's abundance of family-friendly parks and peaceful evenings beneath starlit skies.

    So, Perth, get ready to say goodbye to summer and hello to fall. Let's go into a slew of fun events commemorating this stunning change in the seasons. The city of Perth is a gateway to a world of golden vistas, exuberant celebrations, and unforgettable moments.

    When Does Autumn Begin in Perth?

    Western Australia experiences autumn from March to May. Perth's autumn colours are best viewed in mid to late May. In places like Dwellingup and Balingup, South of Perth, the autumn leaf season begins sooner.

    The Best Spots in Perth to View Autumn Colours

    It may be time to break out the sweaters and coats as the temperature drops this fall. However, the shifting colours of the leaves and their eventual demise to the ground are unquestionably among autumn's finest moments. We've rounded together some of Perth's top spots for viewing the season's foliage change.

    Hyde Park

    Located in north Perth, close to Leederville, is a park known as Hyde Park. The intersection of Vincent Street and William Street is an excellent spot to view autumn foliage with friends and family.

    perth donnybrook autumn

    Take a stroll around the peaceful lake and vibrant autumn foliage while the kids burn off some steam on the playground. This park is perfect for a picnic. Bring your leashed pet along with you.


    Beautiful autumn colours can also be seen at Applecross, another Perth neighbourhood. In particular, you should go to Kintail Road and Ardross Street to see the vibrant fall foliage.

    You may easily spend a morning here sightseeing, taking photos, and stopping for breakfast due to the abundance of cafes, boutiques, and a bookshop.

    Raeburn Orchards

    When autumn comes to Perth, one of the most incredible places to observe the leaves change is at Raeburn Orchard. With so many Instagram photos documenting the changing leaves, it's clear why this spot is becoming so popular.

    Since it is a working orchard, visitors will be asked to pay a small fee to cover the costs of care. Also, please respect the property while you're there so that it can continue serving its intended purpose.

    The orchards charge adults $5 to enter, while children under 12 get in for free. Raeburn Orchards is open from 9 am to 5 pm (PST) every day of the week. You may buy fresh fruit from the orchard, as well as locally made goods like jam and honey, at the shop.

    Raeburn Orchards is most enjoyable in early May. You can make it there later, though; several people went at the end of May and wrote about seeing leaves on the trees.

    Borrello Park 

    The Perth Hills are home to the hidden beauty that is Borrello Park. Just a short drive from Raeburn Orchards, this tiny park features a breathtaking autumn colour show. And there was no one else there but us! 

    Subiaco Common

    Subiaco Common is another Perth oasis that many visitors miss. The nicest autumn hues can be seen along a path lined with orange-brown plane trees at the park's west end. 

    Araluen Botanic Park

    Even though Araluen Botanic Park is most well-known for its beautiful tulip displays in the spring, it also offers a breathtaking array of autumn colours throughout the winter and early spring. This park in the Perth Hills spans over 59 hectares and features an impressive variety of manicured areas to explore.

    perth araluen botanic park

    Costs $10 for adults and $5 for those between the ages of 6 and 15. They're open every day from 9 am to 5 pm. Hike the park's trails or pack a lunch while lounging in the shade of the trees.

    Mounts Bay Road

    A little neighbourhood is inconspicuously tucked away on Mounts Bay Rd., just below Kings Park. This unheralded location is perfect for autumn photo ops. The parking lot is located on the side of Mounts Bay Road, just across from the Old Swan Brewery.

    S&R Orchard

    The Perth Hills is famous for the annual Perth Autumn Festival at S&R Orchard. For the most up-to-date schedule information, visit their page. One of the food trucks, tractor rides, an animal farm, and a bouncy castle make this an ideal event for families. Make a day of it by bringing a picnic lunch and a blanket. The even better news is that pets are allowed! Explore the autumnal displays and snap pictures in the most picturesque locations. 

    Things to Do in Perth during Autumn

    Go to a Winery

    Perth's vineyards are essential to the city's economy, especially in the fall when visitors can enjoy the region's famous terroir alongside the city's famous autumn foliage and warm eateries. When you go to some of them, you'll understand why. Spend the day at the Swan Valley wine region, enjoying free samples and a delicious cheese platter. First, you can visit some stunning establishments, including Lancaster Wines, Ugly Duckling Wines, and Sittella Winery. 

    Millbrook Winery Hosts a Delicious Feast

    Millbrook Estate in Jarrahdale, one of Perth's most adored vineyard restaurants, has introduced a brand-new menu to coincide with the seasonal shift. In the offseason, the winery swaps out the stone fruits and tomatoes on the menu for heirloom carrots and apples grown in the beautiful heirloom vegetable garden or elsewhere on the property. Schedule an a la carte lunch any day of the week (Thursday through Sunday) or go out for a different kind of meal on Monday.

    The 3-course "no waste Monday" supper ($50.00 per person) is served after a busy weekend of service and is designed to use the remaining fresh garden food. You never know what you'll get, but sometimes those surprise meals are the best ones the winery offers because they genuinely show off the chefs' imagination and skill.

    Enjoy a Day of Apple Picking

    While the summer stone fruit season is winding down, the apple harvest is just getting started. If you're looking to pick your apples, The Fruit Corner in Pickering Brook is the place to go. The entry fee is merely $5, and everything else is paid for on a self-serve basis. Another option is to visit the Core Cider apple orchard and choose your fruit before relaxing with a cold cider.

    Finding Whales in the Ocean's Depths

    Blue whales are most active in the Perth Canyon (about 30 miles off the coast of Perth) in the fall.

    From March to May, the endangered whales can be seen on one of Whale Watch Western Australia's 7-hour cruises when they migrate to the area's krill-rich feeding habitat. At 8:00 in the morning, you and a group of scientists will load onto a boat before setting sail on a thrilling data collection mission. One or two orcas may even make an appearance!

    The tour costs $300 per person and features complimentary morning and afternoon tea service.

    Get Out on the Trails!

    Hiking is a great way to get some exercise while visiting Perth. The pleasant weather of autumn is ideal for this kind of outdoor activity. Outside the city, numerous scenic national parks and trails exist to explore. Exploring these paths is the best thing to do in the fall, whether you want to see waterfalls or local wildlife. Serpentine National Park, Bells Rapids National Park, and Ellis Brook Valley Reserve all provide shorter paths ideal for beginners before venturing further away.

    Come Celebrate Autumn at the S&R Orchard Festival

    Make plans to spend the day at the S&R Orchard Autumn Festival in the great outdoors. The orchard in the picturesque Perth Hills hosts several annual festivals. Visitors may enjoy the fall festival in the picturesque orchard grounds while strolling amid the colourful leaves, sipping coffee, and snapping some great Instagram photos.

    Going on a Picnic in Hyde Park

    Each season brings a new and diverse look to Hyde Park. In the spring, the blooming flame and jacaranda trees paint the landscape a vibrant crimson and purple. It's a sea of orange in the fall as the plane trees' leaves begin to fall.

    Take advantage of the season by bringing a picnic to the grassy area overlooking the lake and the frame of plane trees, stopping at the neighbouring Chu Bakery for some beautifully adorned pastries, and relaxing in the autumn sunshine.

    Paddling the Swan River

    While you probably shouldn't go for a swim, that doesn't mean you can't enjoy being on top of the water. One of the most excellent things to do in Perth in autumn is to rent a kayak and explore the city's waterways without getting wet.

    The Swan River is a great place to go kayaking in Perth. Rent some boats and paddle throughout Heirisson. Another option is to rent kayaks and paddle around South Perth, taking in the sights.

    Chase the Sun up North

    As the temperatures in Perth begin to fall, many residents take advantage of the transition to winter by heading north, where they can bask in the sun for a little longer. Autumn is a great season to take a road trip across the state, as the northern part of the state is usually too hot to explore in the summer.

    You may enjoy sandboarding on the enormous dunes at Lancelin, located along the beautiful Indian Ocean Drive highway, before continuing for another hour to the well-known Pinnacles Desert. If you want a longer trip, take a few additional days and head up to Monkey Mia, Kalbarri, and Coral Bay.

    How to Take Beautiful Pictures of Autumn Leaves

    These autumn photography techniques will come in handy if you're out and about looking for colourful leaves to capture on film.

    The Importance of Proper Lighting

    The last thing you want when trying to capture the beauty of an autumn forest is bright lighting. Take your pictures when it's gloomy, first thing in the morning, or during golden hour for the finest lighting. Different lighting will produce distinctive results in your photographs; pick your favourite!

    Put in Props

    You are making memories and emphasising the event with the help of props. Adding a blanket to the photo can make it seem more homey. Bring a picnic basket and some snacks to eat while you shoot pictures. Even if it doesn't rain, an umbrella can add visual appeal to the shot.

    What You Wear Makes an Impact

    You've gone to the trouble of taking pictures of the changing leaves; reward yourself by donning a wardrobe that fits the season. Contrasting colours will detract from the gorgeous autumn foliage, so avoid using them. Wear muted colours or those appropriate for fall.

    Make the Picture More Engaging

    If you want to take cute pictures of your kids, try throwing some of their collected leaves into the air. It's an excellent opportunity to record an exciting experience while learning something new.


    Autumn in Perth is a lively season that brings a lot of beauty and excitement to the city. The city is full of beautiful parks, fun festivals, and activities for all ages and hobbies. The best time to see the fall colours in Perth is between the middle and end of May. However, places like Dwellingup and Balingup, south of Perth, see the season earlier.

    Some of the best places to see autumn colours in Perth are Hyde Park, Applecross, Raeburn Orchards, Borrello Park, Subiaco Common, Araluen Botanic Park, Mounts Bay Road, and S&R Orchard. Hyde Park is in north Perth, close to Leederville, and has a peaceful lake and bright fall leaves. Applecross is also a famous place for picnics, taking photos, and stopping for breakfast. Raeburn Orchards is a famous place to watch the leaves change. There is a small fee to help pay for maintenance costs.

    The vineyards in Perth are important to the city's economy, especially in the fall when tourists can enjoy the area's famous terroir and warm eateries. Visit beautiful places like Lancaster Wines, Ugly Duckling Wines, and Sittella Winery to enjoy free samples and a delicious cheese plate. In the off-season, Millbrook Winery hosts a delicious feast with heirloom carrots and apples grown in the beautiful heirloom vegetable garden or elsewhere on the site. Enjoy a day of apple picking at The Fruit Corner in Pickering Brook or at the Core Cider apple field.

    Finding whales in the water is a thrilling experience. From March to May, whale Watch Western Australia offers a 7-hour cruise. Hiking is a great way to get some exercise when the weather is nice in the fall, and scenic national parks and trails have shorter paths for newbies. The S&R Orchard Festival is a great place to celebrate fall in the great outdoors.

    Each season brings a different look to Hyde Park. When the flame and jacaranda trees bloom, they turn the scenery a bright red and purple. Take advantage of the season by taking a picnic to the grassy area overlooking the lake and the frame of plane trees, stopping at Chu Bakery for some beautifully decorated pastries, and relaxing in the fall sunshine. Paddling the Swan River is a great way to explore the city's streams without getting wet.

    As the weather cools down in Perth, head north to find the sun and take a car trip across the state. Take a longer trip to Monkey Mia, Kalbarri, and Coral Bay, or sandboard on the huge dunes in Lancelin.

    Use the right lighting, props, and clothes for the time of year to take photos of beautiful fall leaves. Wear muted colours or colours that are fitting for fall to make the picture more interesting.

    Content Summary

    • As the warm days of summer transition to autumn, Perth becomes a riot of colour.
    • The air in Perth takes on a welcome sharpness as autumn arrives.
    • Perth offers beautiful places to celebrate the change of seasons.
    • The city is covered with golden foliage and teems with new activities.
    • Perth's autumn brings dynamic events for all ages and interests.
    • Nature lovers, culture vultures, and foodies can all enjoy autumn's delights.
    • Sunrise views, garden strolls, and delicious café treats await adventurers.
    • Hiking through verdant countryside and exploring museums await.
    • Autumn is a time of regeneration, introspection, and simple joys.
    • Perth's autumn is unforgettable, with family-friendly parks and starlit evenings.
    • Perth bids farewell to summer and embraces the fall with a slew of fun events.
    • Golden vistas, exuberant celebrations, and unforgettable moments await in Perth.
    • Autumn in Perth starts in March and goes on until May.
    • The best autumn colours in Perth are seen in mid to late May.
    • Dwellingup and Balingup witness an earlier start to the autumn leaf season.
    • Hyde Park in north Perth offers a beautiful spot for viewing autumn foliage.
    • The applecross neighbourhood boasts vibrant fall colours on Kintail Road.
    • Raeburn Orchard is a stunning spot to observe leaves changing in autumn.
    • Borrello Park in Perth Hills showcases hidden autumn beauty.
    • Subiaco Common is a lesser-known Perth oasis with stunning autumn hues.
    • Araluen Botanic Park offers breathtaking autumn colours beyond spring tulips.
    • Mounts Bay Road neighbourhood is perfect for autumn photo opportunities.
    • S&R Orchard hosts the annual Perth Autumn Festival in the hills.
    • Perth's vineyards offer the perfect setting to enjoy autumn foliage.
    • Swan Valley wine region and wineries like Lancaster and Ugly Duckling await.
    • Millbrook Estate in Jarrahdale introduces a new autumn-inspired menu.
    • Apple picking at The Fruit Corner or Core Cider is a delightful activity.
    • Blue whales can be spotted in the Perth Canyon during autumn.
    • Whale Watch Western Australia offers cruises for whale watching.
    • Hiking is a great autumn activity in Perth's scenic national parks.
    • S&R Orchard Autumn Festival is a must-do outdoor event.
    • Hyde Park offers a changing landscape with each season.
    • Paddling the Swan River in autumn offers a unique perspective.
    • Many head north from Perth in autumn for extended sun exposure.
    • Lancelin sand dunes and Pinnacles Desert are perfect road trip stops.
    • Proper lighting is key for capturing the beauty of autumn leaves.
    • Gloomy weather or golden hour provides the best lighting.
    • Adding props like blankets and baskets enhance autumn photos.
    • Wearing season-appropriate colours complements the foliage.
    • Throwing leaves in the air adds excitement to autumn pictures.
    • Perth bursts with autumnal colour as summer gives way.
    • The crisp air of autumn in Perth is invigorating.
    • From scenic parks to lively festivals, Perth offers autumn delights.
    • Adventurers of all types can find something to enjoy during autumn.
    • Scenic views, garden strolls, and delicious treats await in Perth.
    • Hiking through the countryside and exploring museums are autumn highlights.
    • Autumn is a time for rejuvenation, contemplation, and simple pleasures.
    • Family-friendly parks and starlit nights make Perth's autumn unforgettable.
    • Perth welcomes autumn with a range of exciting events.
    • Golden landscapes, lively celebrations, and lasting memories await in Perth.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Autumn in Perth

    During Autumn, you can savour seasonal delights like pumpkin dishes, apple pies, hearty soups, and various warm beverages like spiced chai and hot chocolate.

    While the water may be cooler than during summer, you can still enjoy water activities like boating, fishing, and paddleboarding during the milder Autumn days.

    Autumn in Perth brings milder temperatures compared to the scorching heat of summer. Average temperatures range from 12°C to 25°C, making it a comfortable and enjoyable time to explore the city.

    Pack a mix of light and warm clothing as temperatures can vary. Layering is recommended for comfort, and don't forget to bring a light jacket or sweater for cooler evenings.

    Autumn is a great time for wildlife spotting in Perth. You may encounter migratory birds passing through, and some native animals might be more active as they prepare for the colder months.

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