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Where Do You Go in Perth in the Winter?

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    Perth becomes an enchanted winter wonderland as a calm wind blows through the city's stunning landscapes, drawing in residents and visitors alike. For those who think of winter as a time to hibernate and remain indoors, Perth has an enticing selection of outdoor activities and interior delights to keep you busy and entertained. Perth, Australia, a city on Australia's western coast, has its unique allure, which only grows during the colder months. The season's milder weather is ideal for taking in the city's scenic attractions and indulging in heartwarming indoor activities. You are invited to go on a trip full of surprises and thrills in Perth, from beach retreats with magnificent sunsets to artsy cultural centres and adrenaline-pumping outdoor sports.

    This blog will reveal Perth's wintertime secrets, allowing you to fully experience the city's charm and the season's special magic. There is something about Perth that will captivate any visitor, whether they prefer interior pleasure to outdoor thrills or vice versa. Get yourself all bundled up, make yourself a cup of hot cocoa, and come along as we explore the winter wonderland of Perth. Let's brave the cold and open up a universe of adventures that will live on in our memories and fill us with awe.

    Clear Skies, Milder Temperatures, and an Array of Indoor and Outdoor Activities Characterise Perth’s Winter Season

    Enjoy the beautiful weather by taking advantage of the many outdoor activities available in and around Perth, such as camping, caravanning, being comfortable by a fire, visiting dog-friendly attractions, riding bikes, and searching for waterfalls. There's sure to be a fantastic local experience you haven't had yet, and winter is the most fantastic time to get back to nature and witness the winter splendour of the Perth region. 

    You will find all the details you need to organise your most enjoyable winter here. Take advantage of great holiday bargains and keep the kids occupied during the school break. At the same time, we show you the best of what Perth offers during the winter months with our carefully planned winter itineraries.

    Why Should You Spend Your Winter Break in Australia’s Warmest Metropolis?

    When it comes to winter sports, Perth has the most upbeat atmosphere. Warm up at one of the city's famous rooftop fire pits, relax in a summery urban oasis, or find a hidden speakeasy.

    Outdoor Activities Are the Most Enjoyable

    The Cabaret Cave Yoga & Guided Hike in Yanchep National Park is a great way to enjoy the winter sun (or get out of the rain, if necessary) within a short drive of Perth. The limestone cavern once used as a covert supper and dance venue for Perth's glitterati, now maintains a constant, comfortable temperature for yoga throughout the year. Then, after seeing koalas, kangaroos, and Aboriginal sites on a guided stroll through the towering karri woods, you may relax with meditation and cold-pressed juice.

    On calm winter days, the Swan River in the city is a sight to behold. After a waterbike journey past the city skyline, black swans, and maybe even dolphins, indulge in a posh gourmet picnic of WA wines and a locally sourced grazing board. Children who are at least 120 centimetres tall are welcome to participate.

    Drinking Alfresco Is a Whole New Level

    Songbird, a sophisticated rooftop bar atop The Ritz-Carlton with views of Elizabeth Quay, is the perfect place to show off your best evening attire while sipping a cocktail by the fire. Watch the sunset over the Swan River as you sip the eponymous cocktail created with Belvedere vodka, vermouth, and native plums. Northbridge's grungy Hello Rooftop lets you get your beanie on in style while enjoying a Campfire Whisky Sour and toasting marshmallows over an open fire.

    After window shopping in Mount Lawley's hip main street, head up to the Candy Bar rooftop at Mount Lawley's hip new multi-venue The Beaufort for a Mango Grapefruit Paloma in the fresh air.

    These Are the Biggest Games of the Year

    With Optus Stadium deemed the most aesthetically pleasing venue on the planet by the Prix Versailles, Perth's winter is a time of intense AFL fervour. The Ozone Game Day Rooftop Experience offers a thrilling view of the field from 42 metres in the air. Instead, be watching rugby? The second match of the State of Origin series takes place in June, while the Wallabies' first test against England's rugby union team begins in July.

    The Art World Is Vibrant

    Meteorite displays and Otto, a massive blue whale skeleton dangling from the ceiling, give the newly renovated Western Australia Museum Boola Bardip its wow effect. The six seasons observed by the Noongar people are just one aspect of First Nations culture that can be experienced by booking the Aboriginal Tour. Seek out the photo series of the Warakurna Superheroes.

    The Art Gallery of Western Australia has opened a new sculpture walk on the museum's rooftop, complete with a bar. View the works of Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth against the backdrop of the city of Perth. Then get cosy with some quandong chutney and chicken liver parfait under a crocheted blanket while sipping a Sandalwood Espresso Martini or a 1979 beer from Otherside Brewery.

    There Is No One Turning In Early

    Take a cultural evening at the Perth International Cabaret Festival in June or Puccini's epic Tosca at His Majesty's Theatre in July. Then there is the secret bar scene of Perth to explore. Foxtrot Unicorn, located in a bank vault built in 1887 beneath Perth's St. Georges Terrace, is the place to go for a trendy nightcap made with local ingredients. Pooles Temple, a jazz club in the style of a speakeasy hidden beneath the State Buildings, is another option. Relax with a glass of the bone-dry Martini and take a seat. An early morning hunger attack can be remedied with a croque monsieur, a toasted sandwich made with truffled béchamel and potato chips.

    Exciting Winter Activities in Perth

    Bears, and only bears, should hibernate throughout the winter months. Perth has arguably one of the world's mildest winters, and the city's many attractions remain open and enjoyable throughout the season.

    Relax with a Drink in a Trendy Downtown Pub

    Spirits are the best way to get warmed up! As for outstanding dive pubs, the Central Business District of Perth is teeming with them. You can choose from the tiki mugs at Hula Bula Bar, the slightly more refined atmosphere at Bar Lafayette or W Churchill, or the wacky and uber-cool atmosphere at Foxtrot Unicorn, or 

    On Fridays, Gusti, a local favourite, offers a delectable WA Black Brewing Gin special to complement the breathtaking vistas of the Swan River. Even though it's cold outside, you can still enjoy the best sunset view from their terrace because they provide heaters and blankets. 

    Don’t Only Spend This Winter Indoors—Experience the Avon Valley’s Breathtaking Scenery

    where do you go in perth in the winter (3)

    Explore the wild forests, mountains, rivers, wildflowers, and paths. Refresh your senses in a picturesque rural community while indulging in regional specialities and award-winning wines.

    Toodyay and York are perfect for a weekend getaway with friends, family, or a special someone before you set out on your journey. If you cannot choose between these fantastic Avon Valley destinations, why not combine them for the ideal winter vacation?

    Visit the Perth Zoo and Get Up Close to Some Amazing Wildlife

    The Perth Zoo is the best place to experience Australia’s extraordinary and rare animal species. With over 1500 animals and scenic areas to explore, a full day at the Zoo is suggested for the best possible experience. Discover koalas, kangaroos, wallabies, emus, and the massive saltwater crocodile on a gorgeous bush stroll. You may go on a safari in Africa and see giraffes, lions, and rhinos, or you can go to the Asian rainforest and see otters, red pandas, tigers, elephants, and the incredible Sumatran orangutans. 

    Come Warm Up at a Large Brewery and Watch the Game with Friends

    If you're looking for a place to have a few beers with the guys rather than a romantic dinner, you have your pick of several large brewpubs. The Camfield, the largest in the southern hemisphere, can be reached by taking a pleasant stroll across Matagarup Bridge, and the newest brewery, Long Neck Brewery, has recently moved into the spacious environs of the On The Point neighbourhood at the end of Riverside Drive. Both provide an extensive beer list, tasty new American pub food, and plenty of TVs to catch the game.

    You Should Spend the Winter in Fremantle, a Lively Port City with Lots to Do.

    Fremantle, a fascinating blend of history, culture, and spectacular coastline beauty, is only a half-hour drive from Perth. The buildings, many of which date back to the 19th century, give the place a nostalgic feel despite the buzzing energy. 

    Fremantle comes to life in the colder months with its intimate bars, Michelin-starred eateries, hip boutiques, and vibrant music scene. The WA Good Food Guide Awards have recognised some of Perth's best restaurants in Fremantle. 

    Explore Your Creative Side at Scitech

    If you're looking for a place to take the kids on a chilly winter day, Scitech is the place to go. Scitech is a short 11-minute drive away, located on Sutherland Street in West Perth. People of all ages can enjoy Scitech's interactive exhibits and engaging educational programming.

    Visit Perth City Farm for Some Deliciously Fresh Veggies

    The weekly farmers market at Perth City Farm, a beautiful communal garden in East Perth, features organic WA produce from small, artisanal, and local growers. They also hold several unique workshops covering every corner of the world regarding cuisine.

    Dwellingup, in Western Australia’s Murray Region, Is a Haven for Free Spirits.

    Get out of the city and into nature, where you'll find a playground full of tall trees, rushing rivers, meandering pathways, and life-changing encounters. In this beautiful region, the journey is up to you.

    Take a Trip to Elizabeth Quay

    where do you go in perth in the winter (1)

    Elizabeth Quay, located on the picturesque Swan River waterfront, is one of Perth's newest and most popular tourist destinations. Visit the Perth Bell Tower, take in the sights from the Observation Deck overlooking Elizabeth Quay, and warm up with a delicious meal or refreshing drink at one of the many excellent eateries and bars along this waterfront.

    Book a Swan River tour with Little Ferry Co.

    Swan River is beautiful from the shore, but have you experienced a cruise aboard Little Ferry Co.'s solar electric ferry yet? Take a guided tour from Elizabeth Quay to East Perth and back, including stops at places like On The Point, Optus Stadium, and Claisebrook Cove. The entire journey will take two hours, but you may break up the ride by stopping for refreshments at any of the stops.

    Enjoy a Movie Night with Some S’Mores and a Cold One

    Girls School Cinema, located in East Perth's historic Girls School building, has reopened for the winter season with a packed schedule of new releases and classics. You should get there early if you want to roast marshmallows over the fire.

    On the other hand, if you're in the mood for something a little more upscale, the leather recliners and well-stocked bar at Palace Cinema Raine Square should do the trick. It's an elegant and one-of-a-kind architectural experience, perfect for enjoying the latest releases, special events, and festival films.

    Visit the Perth Mint and Get Toasty as Your Gold Is Melted

    The Perth Mint is a fantastic place to learn about and immerse yourself in Western Australia's exceptional, golden heritage, and it's often overlooked as a result. The Perth Mint, Australia's oldest mint, is a fully functional, integrated precious metals organisation that exports high-quality gold, silver, and platinum.


    The Australian city of Perth is a winter tourist hotspot thanks to its many indoor and outdoor attractions. Visitors may enjoy the city's beautiful sights and comfortable indoor activities thanks to the season's temperate temperatures. It's a well-kept secret that Perth's winters are quite pleasant, with sunny sky and plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation despite the season. Camping, car camping, caravaning, relaxing by a fire, taking dogs to pet-friendly sites, cycling, and hiking to hidden waterfalls are all enjoyable outdoor pursuits.

    With its iconic rooftop fire pits, sunny urban oasis, and underground speakeasies, the city provides a lively backdrop for winter sports enthusiasts. Yoga at Yanchep National Park, river cruises on the Swan, and drinks at a rooftop bar like Songbird are all great ways to enjoy the outdoors in Perth. Ozone Game Day Rooftop Experience provides an exciting vantage point of the field from 42 metres in the air during the city's winter, a time of strong AFL excitement.

    Otto, a gigantic blue whale skeleton, and displays of metalwork give the Western Australia Museum Boola Bardip its wow factor and contribute to Perth's thriving art scene. Also, in June and July, you may enjoy cultural evenings at the Perth International Cabaret Festival and at His Majesty's Theatre, respectively, with performances of Puccini's epic Tosca.

    Other well-liked establishments include the hip nightcap spot Foxtrot Unicorn (which uses only locally sourced ingredients) and the speakeasy-style jazz bar Pooles Temple. The city's mild winters make for perfect hibernation conditions during which to take in all the sights.

    Explore the beautiful Avon Valley with its many trails, rivers, mountains, and wildflowers. Toodyay and York are great places to spend the weekend with loved ones. If you simply cannot decide which of these wonderful Avon Valley locations to visit this winter, consider visiting both! The Perth Zoo is a great place to see some of Australia's most fascinating and endangered animals, such as koalas, kangaroos, wallabies, emus, and saltwater crocodiles. In addition to seeing tigers, elephants, and Sumatran orangutans, guests can also see otters, red pandas, tigers, and the Asian rainforest.

    The Long Neck Brewery in the On The Point area and the Camfield, the largest in the southern hemisphere, offer a more personal experience. Fremantle is a fantastic winter vacation spot because of its active atmosphere, rich cultural scene, and breathtaking coastline. The interactive displays and educational events at Scitech are a short 11-minute drive away. Workshops on how to prepare healthy meals using ingredients from Perth City Farm's organic garden are available. Western Australia's Murray Region is a natural playground with plenty of space, tall trees, rivers, and trails for those who value independence.

    Little Ferry Co. operates a solar electric ferry that takes tourists on tours of Elizabeth Quay. Winter movie night at the Girls School Cinema in East Perth features both recent movies and cherished cult films. The Perth Mint is a great site to learn about and experience Western Australia's extraordinary, golden history because it is the oldest mint in the country.

    Content Summary

    • Perth transforms into an enchanted winter wonderland, attracting residents and visitors alike.
    • Winter in Perth offers a wide array of indoor and outdoor activities to keep you entertained.
    • The milder weather in Perth during winter is perfect for exploring scenic attractions and engaging in heartwarming indoor activities.
    • Perth's unique allure grows during the colder months, inviting you to experience surprises and thrills.
    • Discover the charm and special magic of Perth in winter with this blog.
    • Perth captivates every visitor with its interior pleasures and outdoor thrills.
    • Get ready to brave the cold and embark on unforgettable adventures in Perth's winter wonderland.
    • Winter in Perth is characterised by clear skies, milder temperatures, and a plethora of indoor and outdoor activities.
    • Experience the beautiful outdoor activities available in and around Perth during winter, such as camping, caravanning, and waterfall hunting.
    • Discover great holiday bargains and fun winter itineraries for the whole family.
    • Perth's upbeat atmosphere makes it the ideal destination for winter sports and outdoor activities.
    • Enjoy a Cabaret Cave Yoga & Guided Hike in Yanchep National Park, surrounded by stunning karri woods.
    • Take a waterbike journey on the Swan River and indulge in a posh gourmet picnic with WA wines.
    • Enjoy drinking alfresco at rooftop bars like Songbird and Hello Rooftop with magnificent views.
    • Experience intense AFL fervour at Optus Stadium during Perth's winter months.
    • Immerse yourself in the vibrant art world of Perth, with stunning displays at Western Australia Museum and Art Gallery.
    • Cultural evenings at the Perth International Cabaret Festival and His Majesty's Theatre are not to be missed.
    • Explore Perth's secret bar scene, with hidden gems like Foxtrot Unicorn and Pooles Temple.
    • Perth's mild winter allows you to enjoy a wide range of exciting outdoor activities.
    • Warm up at trendy downtown pubs like Hula Bula Bar and Bar Lafayette while sipping on spirits.
    • Experience the breathtaking scenery of Avon Valley, with wild forests, mountains, and rivers to explore.
    • Visit the Perth Zoo to get up close to Australia's extraordinary and rare animal species.
    • Watch the game with friends and enjoy some beers at large brewpubs like The Camfield and Long Neck Brewery.
    • Spend a lively winter in Fremantle, with its rich history, culture, and stunning coastline beauty.
    • Explore your creative side at Scitech, an interactive and educational attraction for all ages.
    • Visit Perth City Farm for deliciously fresh veggies and unique culinary workshops.
    • Discover Dwellingup, a haven for free spirits, with its tall trees, rushing rivers, and meandering pathways.
    • Explore Elizabeth Quay, one of Perth's newest and most popular tourist destinations, along the Swan River waterfront.
    • Take a scenic Swan River tour with Little Ferry Co., stopping at various landmarks along the way.
    • Enjoy a movie night with s'mores and a cold drink at Girls School Cinema or Palace Cinema Raine Square.
    • Experience Perth's golden heritage at the Perth Mint and witness the melting of gold.
    • Winter in Perth offers an enticing selection of indoor delights and outdoor activities.
    • Embrace the charm and magic of Perth during the colder months.
    • Perth's winter weather is perfect for enjoying scenic attractions and indoor activities.
    • Discover surprising adventures and thrilling experiences in Perth this winter.
    • Uncover the hidden gems of Perth's winter season with this blog.
    • Indulge in interior pleasures and outdoor thrills in Perth during winter.
    • Take on the cold and create lasting memories with exciting adventures in Perth.
    • Perth's winter offers a pleasant climate for outdoor activities and exploration.
    • Experience the beauty of nature in and around Perth during the winter months.
    • Warm up with spirits at trendy downtown pubs in Perth's Central Business District.
    • Enjoy breathtaking scenery and regional specialties in the Avon Valley during winter.
    • Discover the vibrant music scene and Michelin-starred eateries of Fremantle in winter.
    • Explore your curiosity at Scitech, an interactive attraction suitable for all ages.
    • Find fresh and organic produce at Perth City Farm's weekly farmers market.
    • Get close to nature in Dwellingup, a perfect playground for outdoor enthusiasts.
    • Enjoy the stunning views and eateries along Elizabeth Quay on the Swan River waterfront.
    • Take a scenic Swan River tour aboard Little Ferry Co.'s solar electric ferry.
    • Watch new releases and classics at Girls School Cinema or Palace Cinema Raine Square.
    • Immerse yourself in Perth's golden heritage at the historical Perth Mint.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Perth’s Winter Season

    Yes, winter can be a great time to visit Perth for tourists who prefer milder weather and fewer crowds. It offers a unique charm, with various outdoor and indoor activities to enjoy.

    Yes, winter in Perth hosts several events and festivals, such as the Perth Winter Arts Festival, music concerts, food and wine festivals, and the City of Perth Winter Lights.

    Pack warm clothing such as sweaters, jackets, scarves, and gloves for the cooler temperatures. A raincoat or umbrella may also come in handy for occasional showers.

    Popular winter getaways include Margaret River, known for its wineries and gourmet experiences, and the cosy accommodations and country charm in the Perth Hills.

    Absolutely! Parks like Kings Park and Botanic Garden still offer beautiful winter blooms, scenic walks, and opportunities to connect with nature despite the cooler temperatures.

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