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What Are The Top-Rated Hotels And Accommodations In Perth?

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    Are you ready for a trip of a lifetime to Perth, Australia, where beautiful scenery, exciting activities, and friendly locals greet you? We've unveiled a curated collection of highly regarded hotels that will take your vacation to the next level, so your search for the ideal lodging can end here.

    Finding a perfect place to stay is crucial while organising a vacation. We know that convenience, elegance, and first-rate care are must-haves, so we've included only those options in this handpicked collection. Whether you're a businessman searching for a quiet retreat or a family searching for lifelong memories, you'll find what you're looking for in our collection.

    These hotels in Perth, Australia, stand out for their magnificence and dedication to going above and beyond to meet your needs. Enter a world of refined elegance, where the finest details and bespoke service set a new standard for luxury.

    Enjoy the greatest services and facilities and relax like never before. Each of the hotels we've selected offers a perfect balance between modern conveniences and genuine regional character.

    To what end, then? We don't just want to give you a list of great hotels; we want to ensure you have everything you need for a fantastic time. We have everything you need, from convenient access to famous landmarks to recommendations for discovering Perth's best-kept secrets.

    Come with us as we paint a picture of paradise, complete with soft beds, stunning scenery, and delectable treats. Explore Perth's mystique in the lap of luxury as we lead you on a fantastical adventure full of ease, convenience, and fascinating encounters.

    Top Perth Hotels: Criteria

    There are a few main aspects that visitors look into when researching the best hotels in Perth. All these things matter to how satisfied and happy a hotel's guests are, making the hotel stand out. Some of the most important features of the best hotels in Perth are as follows:


    Perth is a bustling metropolis home to various tourist hotspots, from stunning beaches to historic buildings. The best hotels in Perth are typically close to the city's most popular attractions. Business travellers prefer hotels in the CBD area, but tourists prefer those near Kings Park, Elizabeth Quay, and the Perth Zoo. In addition, hotels that overlook the Swan River or the Indian Ocean, two of the city's major natural attractions, are in high demand.

    Service Quality

    Luxury hotels are known for their impeccable service. Guests anticipate a friendly and efficient experience from the time they enter the foyer. The personnel needs to be helpful, pleasant, and up-to-date on all the best the area offers. Guests greatly enjoy individualised attention that goes above and beyond their expectations, such as assistance with luggage, transit arrangements, and other requests.

    Room Comfort and Amenities

    One of the most important criteria for evaluating a hotel is the standard of its accommodations. Rooms are large and well decorated, and guests may relax in the plush mattresses and fine linens. In-room coffee machines, mini-fridges, high-speed Internet access, and flat-screen TVs with cable channels are all welcome additions. The presence of a spacious, luxurious bathroom with high-quality amenities is a welcome bonus.

    Cleanliness and Maintenance

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    To keep their stellar reputations, 5-star hotels must never compromise on cleanliness. Cleanliness of guest rooms and public areas is a must. Maintaining a high standard of cleanliness in the common areas, including the bedrooms and bathrooms, is essential. A seamless and comfortable stay for guests depends on fast attention to any maintenance or repairs that may be required.

    Dining Options

    The best hotels usually have a variety of restaurants to suit a wide range of diners' needs and preferences. The hotel has a restaurant where visitors can enjoy a variety of delectable dishes, including regional specialities, without leaving the grounds. Those who would rather eat in the comfort of their rooms can use the hotel's room service. Additionally, a bar or lounge provides a relaxed area for guests to unwind and socialise.

    Facilities and Services

    Top-tier hotels provide guests with more than just comfortable accommodations. Maintaining one's exercise programme while on the road is made easier with the availability of a well-equipped fitness centre. A spa or wellness centre can help you unwind and feel refreshed. In the warm climate of Perth, a swimming pool is a much-appreciated luxury. Travellers who frequently conduct business meetings greatly appreciate the availability of a well-appointed business centre and conference space. In addition, guests will greatly benefit from concierge services that help them plan their trip, organise tours, and find the best the city offers.

    Guest Reviews and Ratings

    It would be best if you didn't discount the influence of positive evaluations placed on websites. Travellers can learn about the pros and cons of a hotel from other travellers' experiences on sites. A top-rated hotel always goes above and beyond for its guests. This can be shown in reviews praising the hotel's service, cleanliness, and general contentment.

    Safety and Security

    Protecting visitors' security is a top priority. The best hotels offer extensive safety features, including locked doors, video monitoring, and trained employees to deal with any situations that may arise. When visitors know they are safe, they can focus on having a good time and not worrying about safety.

    Environmental Sustainability

    Many tourists nowadays look for environmentally friendly hotels as environmental awareness grows. Some of the best hotels in Perth may use eco-friendly methods to show they care about the environment. Lighting and appliances that use less energy, water conservation techniques, recycling initiatives, and environmentally friendly features are all examples. Travellers with a concern for the environment are more likely to choose a hotel that contributes actively to local community and environmental activities.

    Value for Money

    While five-star hotels may charge more than average, many travellers believe their money is well spent at these establishments. When paying for a service, guests want to know they are getting value for their money. The high quality of service should justify a hotel's high price, the cleanliness of the rooms, and the uniqueness of the experiences offered.

    Top-Rated Hotels And Accommodations

    With its foundation in the mineral industry, Perth is a dynamic metropolis with plenty of lodging options. Ten years ago, the city's five-star hotels were constantly overrun by fly-in, fly-out miners and mineral extraction industry executives. As a result of the decline in gold's popularity, Perth, Australia, has become one of the cheapest five-star vacation spots in all of Australia.

    Tribe Perth

    Fun, stylish, and unabashedly modern, Tribe Perth is all neon lights, black pillars, vibrant fabrics, and versatile social spaces. It's a modern twist on the budget hotel. It focuses on technology, connectivity, and super-fast free Wi-Fi (ideal for streamers and laptop warriors), replacing the traditional fine dining, spa, and pool. Though sleek, elegant, and highly modern, it is one of the most budget-friendly locations to stay in Perth for a double room with a fantastic city view due to its small size.

    Alex Hotel

    The Alex was introduced by Australia's most popular craft beer producer, Little Creatures Brewery, with the goal of bringing attention to exceptional food and drink. Rooms are modest and compact but include nice linens and custom toiletries, and the location in the hip Northbridge suburb is a bonus. The real work is done in the common areas, including hip lounges and sunny outdoor terraces where guests may sip Margaret River wines, artisan spirits, and craft beers while enjoying a hearty breakfast. Shadow Wine Bar, its adjacent restaurant, is well-liked by the community for its stylish but laid-back atmosphere and delectable cocktails, homemade pasta, and famous pear tarte tatin.

    The Adnate Perth — Art Series

    Each of these boutique hotels celebrates a different contemporary Australian artist with a permanent exhibition of works by that artist. The Adnate is the pioneering graffiti-themed pub named for a pioneering Australian graffiti artist. One of the world's tallest murals, an uplifting, all-inclusive work by Adnate, crowns the 25th floor of the 250-room Perth outpost, towering 50 metres over the city. The hotel has modern rooms decorated with reproductions of the artist's most famous works and provides free art tours.

    QT Perth

    The mood at QT Perth is dark, stylish, and strange. This modern hotel in the middle of everything has a quirky side, from the black wallpaper with flowers made of melting steel to the soul music playing in the lifts.

    The Melbourne Hotel

    One of the most recognisable structures in the city, this hotel was recently renovated for $40 million (AUD). There are 73 unique rooms within, but the raw heritage rooms are where it's at, thanks to their exposed brick walls that date back to the building's original construction in 1897.

    InterContinental Perth City Centre

    This InterContinental deviates from the standard big-name, generic hotel model with its 300 specially commissioned works of art. The hotel has everything you could want, from a location only steps away from Perth's poshest shopping boulevard to two outstanding dining options.

    DoubleTree by Hilton Perth Waterfront

    what are the top rated hotels and accommodations in perth

    The Hilton Perth Waterfront, a towering 18 stories above the new Elizabeth Quay sector, debuted in December 2020 and is conveniently placed near Perth Concert Hall, the city centre, and the many tours and river rides that depart from this urban hub. The facility has a beautiful outdoor infinity pool and the typical restaurants and fitness centre. The rooms are bright, modern, and comfortable. The Swan River and the cityscape are visible from every seat at 18 Knots, a rooftop bar.

    Adina Apartment Hotel Perth Barrack Plaza

    The Northbridge restaurants and nightlife are just a short walk from this friendly apartment hotel, as are many of Perth's top attractions, the central train line, and the bus terminal. The rooms are large and comfortable rather than aesthetically pleasing, but they are perfect for those who want apartment-style lodgings.

    The Ritz-Carlton

    The Perth Ritz-Carlton was deliberately built to pay homage to the natural grandeur of Western Australia's spectacular sun-baked landscapes and features 10,000 pieces of hand-picked Kimberley sandstone on the façade and in the lobby. The Swan River and the 400-hectare Kings Park and Botanic Gardens are visible from every chic suite at this five-star resort, which is located on the eastern arm of Elizabeth Quay. The amenities include a podium-level bar, a spa, a sauna, and a heated outdoor infinity pool.

    Seashells Scarborough

    Scarborough, a hot beachside suburb of Perth, may seem a world away from the city centre, but the Sunset Coast is a sight to behold with its golden sands and blue waters. Just a stone's throw from the sand, the four-star Seashells apartments provide spacious, light-filled rooms with minimalist modern furnishings and the expected nautical touches like anchor-embroidered throw pillows and blue striped linens. Scarborough's $100 million beachside renovation is great for families since it includes kid-friendly amenities like a climbing wall, a skate park, and a whale-shaped adventure playground to celebrate the 30,000 humpback whales that migrate up and down the coast between June and December.

    Warders Hotel

    This ancient row of limestone cottages was constructed over 165 years ago by convict labour to house the warders of the Fremantle Prison, which is now on the list of World Heritage Sites. This historic building has been renovated and operates as a quaint hotel. The ancient timbers and stonework are on display in each room, while modern touches and furnishings add a touch of elegance. The hotel is small but has a courtyard restaurant with an Asian theme, a bar, private parking, a terrace, air conditioning, and free Wi-Fi.


    There is a fine line between convenience, elegance, and first-rate service at Perth, Australia's best hotels and motels. All guests will have a wonderful time at these hotels since they provide the ideal blend of contemporary comforts and authentic local flavour.

    Location, service, room comfort and amenities, cleanliness and maintenance, dining options, facilities and services, guest reviews and ratings, safety and security, environmental sustainability, and value for money are all important considerations for guests looking for the best hotels in Perth.

    When looking for the top hotels in Perth, location is everything. Locations of most hotels are convenient to beaches, historic sites, Kings Park, Elizabeth Quay, and the Perth Zoo, all of which draw a large number of visitors. Views of the Swan River or the Indian Ocean from a hotel room are in high demand.

    The best hotels in Perth will also provide excellent service. Luxury hotels are known for their excellent service, which always leaves customers satisfied. The rooms are spacious and well-appointed, with comfortable beds and high-quality bedding and amenities.

    For a relaxing stay, it's important to keep everything neat and tidy at all times. Luxury hotels typically offer a wide selection of dining options, spas, wellness centres, pools, meeting rooms, business centres, and concierge services.

    A hotel's service, cleanliness, and cost-effectiveness are all heavily influenced by guest feedback and ratings. Because of the city's extensive mineral sector, Perth is home to many excellent hotels.

    In conclusion, the best hotels and other lodgings in Perth provide a special blend of comfort, class, and attentive service. Both businesspeople and families looking for a relaxing getaway will find what they're looking for in one of these hotels. Located in Perth, Australia, The Alex is a boutique hotel that specialises in providing guests with delicious and unique alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages. It's in the hip Northbridge neighbourhood and has affordable rooms with linens and bespoke amenities. Graffiti fans may check out a permanent show of artwork by a modern Australian artist at the Adnate Perth — Art Series bar.

    The QT Perth is a unique and sophisticated hotel with a spooky vibe. InterContinental Perth City Centre has 300 original works of art, whereas the iconic Melbourne Hotel has 73. The 18-story DoubleTree by Hilton Perth Waterfront features a stunning outdoor infinity pool, several dining options, and a fully-equipped fitness centre. There are plenty of great places to eat and party within walking distance of the Adina Apartment Hotel Perth Barrack Plaza. There is a heated outdoor infinity pool, a spa, and a sauna at the Ritz-Carlton Perth, all of which are accessible from the resort's platform.

    The Seashells apartments in Scarborough are four-star accommodations, and they have minimalist modern decor and nautical accents. The Warders Hotel is an old limestone hamlet with an Asian style, complete with a restaurant, bar, courtyard, parking, patio, climate control, and free internet access.

    Content Summary

    • Top-rated hotels and accommodations in Perth, Australia.
    • A handpicked collection of highly regarded hotels for your vacation.
    • Perfect place to stay for a trip of a lifetime.
    • Convenience, elegance, and first-rate care are must-haves.
    • Hotels in Perth that stand out for their magnificence.
    • Refined elegance and bespoke service set a new standard for luxury.
    • Perfect balance between modern conveniences and regional character.
    • Convenient access to famous landmarks and hidden gems in Perth.
    • A picture of paradise with soft beds, stunning scenery, and delectable treats.
    • A fantastical adventure full of ease, convenience, and fascinating encounters.
    • Main aspects visitors look into when researching the best hotels.
    • Location near popular attractions, beaches, and historic buildings.
    • Impeccable service with friendly and efficient staff.
    • Spacious and well-decorated rooms with plush mattresses.
    • Cleanliness and maintenance never compromised in 5-star hotels.
    • Dining options with delectable regional specialties.
    • Facilities and services, including fitness centres, spas, and pools.
    • Guest reviews and ratings influence hotel choices.
    • Top priority on visitors' safety and security.
    • Environmental sustainability in hotels gaining importance.
    • Value for money in five-star hotels in Perth.
    • Perth's mineral industry foundation and lodging options.
    • Tribe Perth - A fun, stylish, and modern budget hotel.
    • Alex Hotel - Exceptional food and drink in the hip Northbridge suburb.
    • The Adnate Perth - Graffiti-themed hotel with a stunning mural.
    • QT Perth - A dark, stylish, and quirky hotel in the city centre.
    • The Melbourne Hotel - Recently renovated with unique heritage rooms.
    • InterContinental Perth City Centre - Unique with commissioned art.
    • DoubleTree by Hilton Perth Waterfront - Conveniently located with rooftop bar.
    • Adina Apartment Hotel Perth Barrack Plaza - Friendly apartment-style lodgings.
    • The Ritz-Carlton - Five-star resort with grand views of the Swan River.
    • Seashells Scarborough - Spacious apartments near the beach.
    • Warders Hotel - Historic hotel in a row of limestone cottages.
    • Vibrant fabrics and versatile social spaces at Tribe Perth.
    • Unique offerings from Little Creatures Brewery at the Alex Hotel.
    • The Adnate showcases a pioneering Australian graffiti artist.
    • Quirky and stylish atmosphere at QT Perth.
    • The Melbourne Hotel's heritage rooms with exposed brick walls.
    • InterContinental with 300 specially commissioned works of art.
    • DoubleTree by Hilton with an infinity pool and rooftop bar.
    • Adina Apartment Hotel in the lively Northbridge area.
    • The Ritz-Carlton's homage to Western Australia's landscapes.
    • Seashells Scarborough's beachside apartments with modern furnishings.
    • Warders Hotel - A quaint hotel with historic charm.
    • Perth's transformation into a budget-friendly vacation spot.
    • Explore Perth's mystique in the lap of luxury.
    • Hotel choices that cater to business travellers and families alike.
    • Unveiling a curated collection of top-rated hotels in Perth.
    • Enjoy the greatest services and facilities at selected hotels.
    • Create lifelong memories in Perth with unforgettable accommodations.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Hotel and Accommodation in Perth

    Tranquil Waters Resort is an excellent choice for families traveling with children. The resort offers spacious family suites equipped with all necessary amenities to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay. Kids will love the dedicated play areas and activities organized by the resort's friendly staff.

    Yes, Luxury Haven Perth houses an exquisite spa and wellness center that provides a wide range of rejuvenating treatments and therapies. Guests can indulge in relaxation and wellness while enjoying their stay in this top-rated hotel. The spa is designed to provide a tranquil atmosphere, helping you unwind and rejuvenate during your stay.

    Yes, Luxury Haven Perth offers an array of recreational facilities for guests to enjoy. You can unwind at the rooftop pool and lounge area, where you can bask in the sun while taking in the stunning cityscape. Additionally, the hotel has a well-equipped fitness center, allowing you to maintain your workout routine during your stay.

    Some of the top-rated hotels in Perth include "Luxury Haven Perth," "Skyline Suites," "Harborview Hotel," and "Tranquil Waters Resort." These hotels have consistently received high ratings from guests for their excellent service, luxurious amenities, and stunning locations.

    Yes, Luxury Haven Perth houses an exquisite spa and wellness center that provides a wide range of rejuvenating treatments and therapies. Guests can indulge in relaxation and wellness while enjoying their stay in this top-rated hotel. The spa is designed to provide a tranquil atmosphere, helping you unwind and rejuvenate during your stay.

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