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What Are The Top Instagram-Worthy Spots In Perth?

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    Have you ever wished you could take Instagram photos with such breathtaking settings that your followers would be in awe? No need to keep looking! Here, you'll learn about the best photo ops in Perth that will make your followers green with envy.

    There are several stunning locations in Perth, Australia, just ready to be captured on Instagram. Cottesloe Beach and the colourful street art of Fremantle are just two of the many breathtaking locations that are sure to increase your number of likes.

    Where emerald oceans meet golden dunes and street art comes to life with creativity and emotion, Perth is a city made for Instagram. However, these are not the only hidden treasures we will find. We'll also take you to some lesser-known spots that not even the natives know about. Prepare your cameras, because we're about to embark on a photo tour of Perth's beautiful scenery.

    The Most Instagrammable

    It's time to stop shooting pictures in the same old spots and start discovering all the hidden gems Western Australia has to offer. Add some vibrancy, excitement, and conversation to your social media profiles by taking some beautiful images and making some unforgettable memories in these locations. You can become the next Perth influencer with just a camera and a sturdy tripod. If you're travelling to Perth, Western Australia, here are some insider tips for taking the best Instagram photos:

    Hyde Park 

    Hyde Park is a beautiful urban park perfect for a picnic or a romantic stroll under the canopy of trees. Snap a photo in front of the massive Moreton Bay Fig, or use the serene lake as a backdrop. The backdrop is stunning all year round, and afterwards, you must treat yourself to some amazingly delicious sweets at Chu Bakery.

    Araluen Botanic Gardens

    Araluen Botanic Gardens, located in the Perth Hills less than 40 km from the city centre, is a colourful addition to your Instagram account. There are countless opportunities for picturesque Instagram posts thanks to the abundance of waterfalls, flower beds, farms, trees, and paths. The gardens and flowerbeds are the primary draw for visitors. The tulip festival, held between August and September, will add even more vibrant colour to your Instagram account if you're lucky enough to be there around that time.

    Quairading Pink Lake

    This unusually coloured lake is a popular shooting destination just two hours outside of Perth. You can drive between the two different coloured halves of the lake, which are separated by a road. The contrast is stunning both in person and in photographs; you can't miss it.

    Canola Fields

    Want vivid hues, but not necessarily pink? PetTeet Park in York is just over 90 km from Perth and is a great place to add some yellow to your Instagram account. The best time to visit the canola fields is from August to September, when the flowers are out and you may have fun while taking pictures. PetTeet Park is the only allowed location for field photography, so have fun and don't worry about ruining the crops.

    The Pinnacles

    The Pinnacles, one of Western Australia's most well-known natural attractions, are situated around 192 kilometres from Perth. The photographs, though, are worth every penny of the journey. This sandy locale looks like it was taken straight from the Oscar-winning film Dune; if you're a photographer, you won't want to miss this opportunity! Do like the Instagram stars of Perth have done and pose with these flimsy structures, some of which are as tall as 3.5 metres. This must-see location will undoubtedly spice up your feed.

    Golden Valley Tree Park

    The Golden Valley Tree Park is your best hope for finding a picturesque autumn landscape that is not as well-known. The 60-hectare environment, located 230 kilometres from Perth, is described as a "celebration of trees" because to its breathtaking views and profusion of orange, yellow, and green foliage. The early morning light that seeps through the trees and onto the hiking trails provides for a peaceful addition to your feed that is truly unique.

    Street Art

    Perth may not have a mural art scene on par with New York's Hosier Lane, but the city is sprinkled with amazing pieces that make for great Instagram fodder if you know where to look.

    Cottesloe Beach

    We already know that Cottesloe beach, the most famous of Perth's beaches, is a major draw for visitors and locals alike. All you need to do to take amazing photographs is show up to a location with clear blue waters, immaculate white sand, and breathtaking views.

    Bells Rapids

    Bells Rapids, located in the Perth highlands, is a peaceful landscape that begs to be shot. Get high for breathtaking vistas of the undulating landscape, or photograph one of the many streams and waterfalls. It's a great place for a family outing, so get ready for some cute family photos to be taken while hiking and having a picnic.

    Swan Valley

    orchard, zig zag, swan valley & wildlife park

    Plan a day trip to the Swan Valley to enjoy the beautiful scenery, delicious wine, and delicious food. Visit during the summer months to enjoy the lush greenery. Lancaster Wines, Mandoon Estate, and Ugly Duckling (simply for the tractor) are the places we recommend most highly for the finest Instagram photos.

    Raeburn Orchards

    In the spring and fall, when the orchards are in full bloom and the leaves are changing colour, Raeburn Orchards becomes a photographer's paradise. The cherry blossom pinks of spring give way to the deep oranges and reds of fall. It's stunning at any time of year, but if you can, try to visit during one of these times for maximum beauty.

    South Perth Foreshore

    The South Perth shoreline across the river provides a picture-perfect backdrop for Instagrammable shots of the Perth skyline. It's easy to get to—you can take the ferry from Elizabeth Quay and be there in 5 minutes, or you can walk across the Narrows Bridge and enjoy the sunset in 30 minutes.

    Perth Insider Tips For Instagram-Worthy Photos

    You've found the correct location if you're a shutterbug or just enjoy capturing life's most unforgettable moments on film. This compact yet thorough guide will show you the best of what Perth, Australia has to offer, from its hidden gems to its picturesque sites. Our carefully selected advice will take your photography to the next level, whether you're a local who wants to show off your city's charm or a tourist who wants to see the world. 

    Prepare to take photos of breathtaking scenery, colourful street art, and fascinating cultural events that will astound your Instagram followers. If you're travelling to Perth, Western Australia, here are some insider tips for taking the best Instagram photos:

    Sunrise and Sunset Magic

    As a seaside city, Perth is home to some of the world's most stunning sunrises and sunsets. Cottesloe Beach, South Beach, and Trigg Point are just a few of the places you should be at first light. Go to Matilda Bay, Kings Park, or Elizabeth Quay as the sun is setting for some beautiful golden-hour shots. Take use of the gentle warmth of the light, and don't overlook the silhouette or reflection for a touch of drama.

    Explore Street Art

    The vibrant street art scene in Perth injects vibrancy and personality into the city's alleys and walls. Northbridge, Fremantle, and the Perth Central Business District are just a few of the places you can go to see beautiful murals and graffiti. These aesthetically pleasing settings are great for taking striking photographs, especially those with an urban theme.

    Iconic Landmarks

    Photographing Perth's most recognisable features is essential for conveying the city's character. Visit the South Perth shoreline to see the Swan River and Perth's skyscrapers in one unforgettable panorama. Elizabeth Quay features outstanding modern buildings including The Bell Tower and the Perth Mint, and should not be missed.

    Beach Vibes

    Perth's beaches are some of the best in the world, and they're perfect for getting that perfect Instagram shot. Visit well-known beaches including Scarborough Beach, City Beach, and Cottesloe Beach to snap pictures of surfers, white sand, and beautiful water. For a fresh take on the shore, try some drone or aerial photography.

    Rottnest Island Quokkas

    perth escape to rottnest island

    Keep your camera ready for a selfie with the cute quokkas, the island's sociable marsupials, on your day excursion to Rottnest Island. Instagram has made these animals famous because people adore taking photos of themselves with them. Keep your distance, don't feed the quokkas, and don't bother them in any way.

    Wildflower Season

    From August through November, when spring officially begins, Perth and the surrounding areas become a veritable rainbow of colour thanks to the abundance of blooming wildflowers. If you want to take pictures of this phenomenon, you should go to Araluen Botanic Park, Kings Park, or Lesmurdie Falls. The delicate beauty of individual flowers is best captured in macro photography.

    Perth Hills and Vineyards

    Visit the Perth Hills if you're looking for a change of scenery and to soak up some rustic charm. It's not just the beautiful scenery that makes places like Bickley Valley and Swan Valley famous; the region is also renowned for its vineyards. You may capture the spirit of the wine country in pictures by focusing on the vineyard rows, the quaint cellar doors, and the undulating landscape.

    Capture Festivals and Events

    Unique photographic opportunities can be found at any of Perth's many festivals and events. Whether it's the lively Fringe World Festival, the colourful Perth Royal Show, or a small-town food and wine festival, there are always new and interesting scenes to photograph at these events. Make sure you know when everything is happening and think outside the box when it comes to taking pictures to document the celebrations.

    Aerial Views

    Take use of vantage points for aerial photographs to get a feel for Perth and its environs. Views of the city, Swan River, and shore may be seen from the top of Mount Eliza and other Perth hills. Or, for a unique perspective that will wow your Instagram followers, take a magnificent helicopter trip.

    Food and Coffee Culture

    The food scene in Perth is booming, with an emphasis on using regional ingredients. Northbridge, Leederville, and Mount Lawley are just a few places you may go to find chic eateries serving up exquisitely prepared fare. Photograph tasty dishes and creative coffee drinks to celebrate the city's thriving culinary scene.


    There are several picture-perfect spots in Perth, Australia. Hyde Park, Araluen Botanical Gardens, Quairading Pink Lake, PetTeet Park in York, The Pinnacles, Golden Valley Tree Park, Cottesloe Beach, Bells Rapids, Swan Valley, Raeburn Orchards, and South Perth Foreshore are some of the most Instagrammable locations in Perth. Clear blue waters, pristine white sand, and spectacular vistas make these places ideal for photographing photographs.

    The Araluen Botanic Gardens host a tulip festival every year from August through September, making it a favourite spot for stunning Instagram images. The Pinnacles are a popular tourist destination because of the similarities between the area's sandy landscape and that of the Oscar-winning picture Dune. The Golden Valley Tree Park is a beautiful place to visit in the fall when the leaves are red, yellow, and green.

    Cottesloe Beach is known for its crystal-clear waves, pristine white sand, and spectacular views, and it is also home to some of Perth's best street art. Bells Rapids is the ideal place for a relaxing family vacation thanks to its tranquil atmosphere, stunning scenery, and plenty of streams and waterfalls. Swan Valley is home to stunning natural beauty, award-winning wines, and mouthwatering cuisine, while Raeburn Orchards is a photographer's dream in the spring and fall.

    Perth is plenty with hidden secrets, gorgeous places, and cultural events that would make for great Instagram shots. Whether you're a native or just visiting and want to show off the best your city has to offer, you'll be able to do so with these expert photography techniques. The colourful murals and graffiti that populate Perth's streets make for great photo opportunities. The Swan River and the city's skyscrapers are two iconic symbols that help define Perth. Popular beaches with a beachy atmosphere include Scarborough Beach, City Beach, and Cottesloe Beach.

    Quokkas on Rottnest Island are well-known for their selfies, but you should exercise caution around them. Araluen Botanic Park, Kings Park, and Lesmurdie Falls all offer beautiful chances for macro photography during Perth's vibrant wildflower season. The Perth Hills and surrounding wineries are a lovely and rustic destination. The Fringe World Festival and the Perth Royal Show are just two examples of the kinds of events that present photographers with one-of-a-kind chances. Perth's coffee and culinary scenes are both flourishing thanks to the city's attractive location and the city's growing popularity.

    Content Summary

    • Discover Perth's top Instagram-worthy spots and impress your followers with breathtaking settings.
    • Cottesloe Beach and Fremantle's colourful street art are just two of the many stunning locations to boost your likes.
    • Uncover hidden treasures as we take you to lesser-known spots even the locals don't know about.
    • Take a photo tour of Perth's beautiful scenery and create unforgettable memories.
    • Add vibrancy and excitement to your social media profiles with beautiful images from Western Australia.
    • Become the next Perth influencer with just your camera and a sturdy tripod.
    • Hyde Park offers a perfect backdrop for a picnic or a romantic stroll under the canopy of trees.
    • Araluen Botanic Gardens showcase waterfalls, flower beds, and vibrant landscapes for picturesque Instagram posts.
    • Quairading Pink Lake with its unusual colour contrast, is a must-visit photography destination.
    • PetTeet Park's canola fields provide a stunning yellow hue to your Instagram account during August and September.
    • The Pinnacles' sandy locale resembles scenes from the Oscar-winning film Dune, a dream for photographers.
    • Golden Valley Tree Park offers picturesque autumn landscapes and breathtaking views.
    • Capture Perth's sprinkled street art, perfect for unique and eye-catching Instagram fodder.
    • Cottesloe Beach, with clear blue waters and white sand is a major draw for amazing photographs.
    • Bells Rapids, with its peaceful landscape and waterfalls, is a great spot for family photos and hikes.
    • Swan Valley's beautiful scenery, delicious wine, and food make for the finest Instagram photos.
    • Raeburn Orchards become a photographer's paradise during the blooming spring and fall seasons.
    • South Perth Foreshore provides a picture-perfect backdrop for stunning Instagrammable shots of the Perth skyline.
    • Witness Perth's breathtaking sunrises and sunsets at Cottesloe Beach, South Beach, and Trigg Point.
    • Explore vibrant street art scenes in Northbridge, Fremantle, and the Perth Central Business District for urban-themed photos.
    • Capture iconic landmarks like the Swan River, Perth's skyscrapers, and Elizabeth Quay for a glimpse of the city's character.
    • Perth's beautiful beaches, including Scarborough Beach and City Beach, offer perfect settings for Instagram shots.
    • Selfies with Rottnest Island's adorable quokkas make for popular and adorable Instagram posts.
    • Capture the rainbow of colours during Perth's wildflower season from August to November in various locations.
    • Find rustic charm and picturesque vineyards in Perth Hills' Bickley Valley and Swan Valley.
    • Uncover unique photographic opportunities at Perth's lively festivals and events like the Fringe World Festival and Perth Royal Show.
    • Capture stunning aerial views of Perth and its surroundings from vantage points and helicopter trips.
    • Celebrate Perth's booming food and coffee culture with photos of exquisite dishes and creative coffee drinks.
    • Document Perth's thriving culinary scene in chic eateries around Northbridge, Leederville, and Mount Lawley.
    • Take advantage of the serene lake and massive Moreton Bay Fig for enchanting photos in Hyde Park.
    • Visit Araluen Botanic Gardens for an explosion of colours with waterfalls, flower beds, and farms.
    • Get mesmerised by the vibrant contrast of Quairading Pink Lake, a popular photography destination.
    • Add a splash of yellow to your Instagram with the picturesque canola fields at PetTeet Park.
    • The Pinnacles' sandy landscape provides otherworldly photo opportunities for photographers.
    • Experience the beauty of autumn with Golden Valley Tree Park's orange, yellow, and green foliage.
    • Discover street art gems in Perth's alleys and walls for striking urban-themed photographs.
    • Capture the essence of Perth's most famous beaches, including Cottesloe Beach and Scarborough Beach.
    • Bells Rapids offers peaceful landscapes and waterfalls perfect for family outings and hiking photos.
    • Explore Swan Valley for picturesque vineyard rows and beautiful undulating landscapes.
    • Take advantage of Perth's vibrant festival scenes for unique and interesting photographic moments.
    • Enjoy stunning aerial views of Perth, the Swan River, and the shore from Mount Eliza and Perth hills.
    • Indulge in Perth's food and coffee culture by photographing chic eateries and delicious dishes.
    • Find a romantic setting under the canopy of trees or by the serene lake in Hyde Park.
    • Immerse yourself in a sea of vibrant colours at Araluen Botanic Gardens with waterfalls and flower beds.
    • Experience the wonder of Quairading Pink Lake, a popular destination for its unique colour contrast.
    • Get lost in the dreamy yellow hues of PetTeet Park's canola fields during August and September.
    • Take on an adventure to The Pinnacles and capture the otherworldly sandy landscape for your feed.
    • Embrace the beauty of autumn at Golden Valley Tree Park with its stunning foliage views.
    • Wander through Perth's alleys and walls to find impressive street art perfect for your Instagram.
    • Showcase Perth's most famous beaches, such as Cottesloe Beach and Scarborough Beach, to enchant your followers.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Top Instagram-Worthy Spots

    The use of drones for photography is subject to local regulations and restrictions. In Australia, drone laws are strict to ensure public safety and privacy. While you can capture mesmerizing aerial shots, it's essential to be aware of the rules and obtain the necessary permits before flying your drone. Avoid flying drones in crowded areas, near airports, or above people without their consent to prevent any legal issues.

    Indeed! While the well-known spots are undeniably Instagram-worthy, Perth hides some hidden gems waiting to be discovered. Matilda Bay Reserve offers a peaceful riverside setting with swaying trees and shimmering waters, ideal for serene and nature-inspired Instagram photos. The Swan Valley's vineyards provide a unique backdrop, with rows of vines and picturesque landscapes that convey a sense of luxury and tranquility in your Instagram feed.

    Cottesloe Beach's allure lies in its picturesque setting and timeless beauty. The beach's azure waters and pristine shoreline create a tranquil atmosphere that resonates with anyone who visits. For Instagrammers, it's a treasure trove of photo opportunities, whether you want to capture beach scenes, surfers riding the waves, or the iconic Indiana Tea House, standing tall against the backdrop of the Indian Ocean.

    To capture the most stunning views of Perth, head straight to Kings Park and Botanic Garden. This elevated location offers panoramic vistas that encompass the entire city, the majestic Swan River, and the lush greenery of the park. Sunrise and sunset are particularly magical times to photograph, as the sky transforms with a palette of colors, creating an unforgettable experience for your Instagram followers.

    The use of drones for photography is subject to local regulations and restrictions. In Australia, drone laws are strict to ensure public safety and privacy. While you can capture mesmerizing aerial shots, it's essential to be aware of the rules and obtain the necessary permits before flying your drone. Avoid flying drones in crowded areas, near airports, or above people without their consent to prevent any legal issues.

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