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What Are Some Fun Activities to Do in Perth with a Toddler?

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    Seeing your young child's face light up with curiosity and enthusiasm is a feeling unlike any other. Perth, Western Australia, is a bustling metropolis where the options for exploration and discovery are genuinely endless and where its residents' insatiable curiosity and contagious laughter make every day an adventure. There is a wide variety of exciting things for children to do in Perth, from exploring beautiful parks and fascinating museums to meeting cute animals up close.

    In this blog, we explore Perth in search of the most enjoyable places for toddlers to play. Whether you're a newcomer to this sunny city or a longtime resident looking to expand your horizons, we recommend fun things to do with the kids to help you make memories that will last a lifetime.

    Think about the pure excitement on your child's face as they explore the world on playground equipment made just for them. Imagine their delight at seeing real farm animals up close or at seeing kid-friendly museum displays with their furry friends by their side. Perth is a wonderful place to take kids because of all the fun things to do, including the water parks and the story times.

    This blog will provide a carefully selected set of experiences to entertain and inform you. Our suggestions will centre on ways to help them develop imaginatively, as well as ways to improve their social skills and their enthusiasm for learning while playing.

    Furthermore, we recognise that every toddler is different and may have different areas of interest. For this reason, we have provided a wide variety of options for entertainment, satisfying everyone from the adventurous adventures to the artsy crafter.

    We have also included helpful hints to ensure your toddler's outings are fun, relaxing, and stress-free. Our goal is to provide the tools you need to make your outing with your little one as stress-free as possible, from preparing for necessary rest stops and naps to packing efficiently for the journey.

    Then buckle on because we're about to take a spectacular ride into interactive play, uplifting encounters, and joyful laughing in Perth with your toddler. We'll figure out how to make today one of the best days of your lives, full of moments you'll never forget.

    Join us as we expose the hidden jewels of Perth, where the world is a playground, and every moment is an opportunity for your little one to experience the beauty and splendour surrounding them. You've entered a magical land where you can take your child to do exciting things in Perth.

    The Value of Bonding with Your Toddlers

    Spending time with you when they're young is crucial to your toddler's development. These relationships and interactions aid a child's verbal, social, cognitive, and emotional development.

    Spending time with toddlers will boost their confidence and creativity. Reading to them, playing games with them, taking them outside, and taking them on excursions like trips to the zoo all provide valuable experiences.

    You may strengthen your bonds with your kids by working together on projects, singing songs, and having meaningful conversations. It also aids their development into self-assured individuals who can see things from others' perspectives.

    Spending time together builds self-esteem and prepares kids for future success. Therefore, if you want your child to grow and develop to their most significant potential, spending meaningful time with them is essential.

    Fun Activities for Toddlers in Perth

    Kindermusik at Osborne Park's Grow Music Studio

    It's hard to imagine a better way to spend a morning than by singing and dancing. Experts at a Kindermusik session will help your child blossom. All sessions are carefully crafted to please the senses, and there are no "wheels on the bus" here. 

    Family-Friendly Movie Showings on the Weekend

    Weekends are a great time to take the kids to the movies, and at Event Cinemas, tickets to kid-friendly films are only $6. Take the kids out of the heat and into the air conditioning to watch a movie you haven't watched before or one of your favourites as a family.

    Gathering at Balcatta's Little Land 

    The welcoming staff at Little Land have done a fantastic job of capturing the spirit of creative play in their repurposed Balcatta warehouse. Your youngster will have a blast playing house in one section, the backyard in another, the kitchen in yet another, the grocery store in yet another (complete with shopping carts and reusable bags), and the workplace in another. Little Land sessions fill up quickly because of the meticulous care taken by everyone. 

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    Enjoy Some Water Fun at Maylands Waterland

    In June 2022, construction on the $4.4 million Stage 1 refurbishment of Maylands Waterland was finished. It reopened with brand-new play equipment, picnic tables, a zero-depth splash pad, and a wading pool (the water features are only open during the summer). 

    Two distinct playgrounds, each with natural shade and outdoor-inspired equipment, are available. A modest rock climbing wall, a tunnel youngsters may climb over or swing through, a climbing frame, and a basket swing are just some of the climbing features at the playground's lower end, which looks out over the wetlands. If the giant wooden spider doesn't give you the willies, you can spend hours climbing all over it as part of this play area.

    Go for a Relaxing Outing at Dalkeith Park

    The advantages of nature's offerings are universally accessible, with even finicky toddlers standing to gain significantly. Dalkeith's Mason Garden Park emerges as a captivating blend of visual and auditory delights. The site not only presents an engaging turtle exhibit but also boasts an enriching art path and an inclusive playground catering to children across different age groups. Notably, the City of Nedlands Council Building adjoining the park provides the option to purchase nourishment for the turtles, enhancing the overall experience.

    Visit Jungle Gym Willeton and Get Moving!

    The Willeton Jungle Gym is an enormous, exciting facility for children of all ages. The Jungle Gym is the kids' most exciting part of the playground. During the academic year, two programmes are available each weekday morning for children aged 12 months to 5 years old. No need to book; turn up, pay the little entry charge, and you are ready to enjoy some swinging, leaping, balancing & bouncing fun!

    The kids love the age-appropriate music and have a blast running around and getting their wiggles out. It's a terrific "get active" morning out for both kids and parents because parents must be on the gym floor to help their children, and it's not an easy job chasing them around the mats and hoisting them into ropes.

    Aquamotion Wanneroo Is a Great Place to Cool Off with Its Pools and Water Activities

    Cool yourself and have a good time without breaking the bank at Aquamotion Wanneroo. The water playground and swimming pools make this a great place to spend the day with children.

    Two types of indoor pools are available for use. The depth of the Leisure Pool varies from 0.2 to 0.8 metres, and its sandy bottom allows easy beach access. Each of the two swimming pools maintains a temperature of 28 degrees Fahrenheit year-round. The water park's splash pad is outside the pool's exit doors. This, too, is heated year-round and equipped with misting water features.

    Get Your Game On At Jungle Sports!

    Each programme at Jungle Sports is designed to assist your future stars, build coordination, encourage social skills, and boost confidence by introducing them to the fun and excitement of the most popular sports.

    Thanks to the inclusive design of Jungle Sports, you and your family are welcome to train and compete alongside your favourite athlete. It's beautiful for inspiring a life of joy and health and for getting kids involved in sports.

    How to Get Your Little One Ready for Fun!

    Prepare a First Aid Kit

    A toddler running about in shorts during the summer may be at risk for a knee injury. The result is inevitable. Eventually, they'll get one of those scrapes requiring some attention before we can get on with the day.

    The following are essential components of any first aid kit:

    • Bandages for kids
    • Disinfectant spray
    • Parents should use hand sanitiser before tending any cuts.
    • To dry off with (if necessary) a clean, dry tissue.
    • Soft, moist wipes (just in case they land on the ground and need a fast cleaning).

    Don't Forget The Hat And Sunscreen!

    The sun's rays can cause harm even when the sky is overcast. Apply sunscreen with a UV protection factor of at least 50, and bring a cap just in case. Your kid is getting to an age where sunglasses are fun, and they also serve to protect their eyes.

    Carry Snacks

    Depending on the length of your trip, you may need to bring a few snacks or a whole pantry's worth of food. Mums with toddlers would understand.

    Having snacks on hand is beneficial since it prevents fussy behaviour caused by hunger.

    Crackers, baked muffins, mini-sandwiches, chopped-up fruit (in a container), or anything else you have on hand that transports well are good snacks for snacks.

    Keep Water on Hand

    In the heat of summer, you must drink plenty of water. Make sure to bring lots of water with you on your walks with your toddlers, as you may discover that they drink a lot more when they are out and about.

    Put on Appropriate Footwear and Clothes

    It's important to know the weather before venturing out. While the sun may be shining now, it is impossible to predict when the next rainstorm will strike Perth.

    Pack some sturdy sneakers for lengthy hikes, flip-flops for the beach, etc.

    It's a Good Idea to Pack an Extra Outfit Just in Case

    It's a significant oversight to forget to bring a change of clothes. And trust us, the moment you realise you neglected to bring an additional change of clothes is when they find a huge puddle and get drenched.

    Having a change of clothes for your child on hand will give you peace of mind no matter where the day takes you. Top, bottoms, socks, and underwear (or nappies, if your child is not yet potty trained)) should all be packed.

    Get Them Ready Ahead Of Time

    Tell your child where you're going, what they'll see, and how you'll get there (vehicle, stroller, train, etc.). This can help them feel more comfortable with the experience.

    what are some fun activities to do in perth with a toddler (2)

    Your child will feel more at ease, confident, and excited if you tell them what you want to accomplish ahead of time. They don't have much say over their days at this age but keeping them informed and letting them make small decisions here and there makes a big difference in how they feel, reducing the likelihood of tantrums.


    Children can do a lot of fun things in Perth, Western Australia, like play on outdoor equipment, go to a water park, or listen to a story. These tasks help kids use their imaginations, get along better with others, and enjoy learning. Every child is different, and there are many ways to keep them busy, such as reading, playing games, and going on trips. Bonding with your child is important to their growth because it helps them feel more confident and creative.

    In Perth, kids can enjoy Kindermusik at Osborne Park's Grow Music Studio, family-friendly movies at Event Cinemas, and gatherings at Balcatta's Little Land. Little Land has different spots for creative play, and its old Balcatta warehouse is a fun and creative place for kids to explore.

    Maylands Waterland, which will get a $4.4 million Stage 1 renovation in June 2022, has two different parks and water fun. The playground has a rock climbing wall, a cave, a climbing frame, a basket swing, and a big wooden spider to climb.

    In short, Perth is a beautiful place where kids can explore and do many different things. Spending time with your child is important for their growth and development, and spending quality time together can help them grow and develop to their full potential.

    With its interesting turtle exhibit, art walk, and playground for kids of all ages, Dalkeith Park makes for a relaxing day trip. The Willeton Jungle Gym has two programmes for kids ages 12 months to 5 years old every weekday morning. These programmes are fun and informative. Aquamotion Wanneroo has a water playground and swimming pools. There are two kinds of indoor pools, and the bottom of one of them is sandy so it's easy to get to the beach. The splash pad is always warm and has water features that mist water.

    Jungle Sports has programmes for kids that introduce them to famous sports in order to help them improve their coordination, social skills, and self-confidence. The design of Jungle Sports makes it easy for fans to train and compete with their favourite players.

    To get your child ready to have fun, put together a first aid kit with bandages, cleaning spray, clean tissues, and wet wipes. Don't forget to bring a hat, sunscreen with at least 50 UV protection, and a cap, just in case. Bring snacks, water, and the right shoes and clothes, because you never know when it will rain in Perth. Pack an extra set of tops, bottoms, socks, and underwear, just in case.

    It's important for your child's safety and fun that you get them ready ahead of time. Keeping them informed and giving them small choices can make a big difference in how they feel about the whole thing.

    Content Summary

    • Perth, Western Australia, offers endless exploration opportunities for toddlers.
    • Residents' curiosity and laughter make every day an adventure.
    • Beautiful parks and museums await curious young minds.
    • Create lasting memories with your toddler in Perth.
    • Playground equipment designed for toddler exploration.
    • Meet cute animals up close for an exciting experience.
    • Museums with kid-friendly displays and furry friends.
    • Water parks and story times add to the fun.
    • Develop imagination, social skills, and enthusiasm through play.
    • Tailored experiences to aid toddler development.
    • Variety of options for entertainment catering to all interests.
    • Tips for stress-free outings with toddlers.
    • Make today unforgettable in Perth with your little one.
    • Discover hidden gems and joyful moments in Perth.
    • Bonding with toddlers aids verbal, social, and emotional growth.
    • Time together boosts confidence and creativity.
    • Reading, playing, and outdoor activities offer valuable experiences.
    • Strengthen bonds through projects and meaningful conversations.
    • Build self-esteem and prepare kids for future success.
    • Spend meaningful time for optimal child development.
    • Kindermusik sessions in Osborne Park for sensory delight.
    • Family-friendly movie showings for weekend entertainment.
    • Little Land in Balcatta captures creative play.
    • Maylands Waterland offers water fun and play equipment.
    • Explore distinct playgrounds with outdoor-inspired features.
    • Dalkeith Park's Mason Garden Park for nature-rich outings.
    • Jungle Gym Willeton offers exciting physical activities.
    • Aquamotion Wanneroo provides pools and water activities.
    • Jungle Sports promotes coordination and social skills.
    • First aid kit essentials for toddler safety.
    • Protect against sun with hat and sunscreen.
    • Keep snacks handy to prevent hunger-related fussiness.
    • Hydrate with water during outdoor adventures.
    • Choose appropriate footwear and clothes for the weather.
    • Pack an extra outfit for unexpected incidents.
    • Prepare toddlers ahead for outings to ease anxiety.
    • Share the adventure plan to boost comfort and excitement.
    • Promote ease by involving toddlers in small decisions.
    • Toddler-friendly attractions in Perth await discovery.
    • Engaging museums and parks offer exploration.
    • Interact with animals and enjoy water park fun.
    • Develop social skills through tailored play experiences.
    • Strengthen bonds and boost confidence with quality time.
    • Foster creativity through activities like singing and dancing.
    • Enjoy discounted movie outings with family.
    • Creative play opportunities at Little Land in Balcatta.
    • Splash and play at Maylands Waterland's refurbished site.
    • Nature-rich outings at Dalkeith Park for varied experiences.
    • Willeton Jungle Gym offers energetic fun for all ages.
    • Aquamotion Wanneroo provides budget-friendly water play.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Perth

    Planning ahead, considering nap times, and packing essentials like snacks, water, and spare clothes can help ensure a smooth and enjoyable day for both parents and toddlers.

    Participating in playgroups, attending community events, and engaging in group activities can help toddlers develop social skills and foster early friendships.

    Perth offers various art and craft workshops designed specifically for toddlers, providing opportunities to explore their creativity and express themselves through art.

    Local libraries, community centres, and playgroups often organise toddler-focused storytimes and interactive play sessions to encourage early literacy and socialisation.

    Yes, Perth offers toddler-safe nature walks and easy trails in parks and reserves, allowing toddlers to experience the wonders of nature in a safe and child-friendly environment.

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