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What Are The Best Restaurant Shops In Perth?

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    Experience a culinary adventure as we guide you through Perth, Western Australia's thriving and varied food scene. We'll show you what this foodie paradise offers, including hidden gems, exquisite fine dining, and exotic flavours worldwide. Come with us as we discover Perth's finest restaurant stores, where foodies and gourmands can savour the harmonious union of innovative cooking and friendly service. Prepare your taste buds for a journey that will change your life forever. Let's go on this once-in-a-lifetime culinary adventure together!

    Best Restaurant Shops In Perth


    Yiamas, Subi's newest restaurant and bar, serves authentic ancient Greek cuisine from the same creative minds behind Vinotto Bar and Community Coffee. The coal grill provides a foundation for the rich, smoky tastes in everything from the smashing mezze to the huge meaty meals, and plenty of great pours go with them. Get a group together for a drink in the yard at sundown.

    Vin Populi

    Light, airy, and classy, Vin Populi is a wine restaurant and bar from the minds behind No Mafia. They serve antipasti, homemade pasta, and gorgeous local meats, and they have an excellent wine selection of 160 bottles from Italy and Australia and some sultry Italian cocktails. We'll begin with some delectable appetisers and sink into a big bowl of one pasta.


    The staff at the grill and bar in South Perth has changed. It is located next to a butcher business run by the same family. Wood-fired grilling was supervised by Chef Sawiris. We need Sawiris's relaxed vibe at our community centre. There are inexpensive, light snacks for happy hour, sides and hearty steaks for dinner parties. 


    You can overeat on a wood-roasted pig belly with mien "crack" sauce and prawn crumpets at Shui, a cute new Asian cafe in Subiaco. They also serve hot sin duck doughnuts and beef with fried ice cream. Put money towards the bill for supper. After the meal, have a Coco Banana or an Only Martini.


    The finest dining in all of Perth, with breathtaking views of the city centre and river, impeccable service, and innovative dishes. The six seasons inspire Wildflower's food, which is updated seasonally. Put your faith in Chef D'Adamo and indulge in the complete degustation to see why this is the top restaurants in Perth for yourself.

    Long Chim

    Please explain. David Thompson's Perth restaurant stands up to the reputation he has built for himself and Thai food in Australia. Why go? Brightly coloured decor, intense food, and intriguing cocktails that pair beautifully with the menu's heat greet you as soon as you enter the door. Pressed for time? Tuck into some 'tuck shop' fare during the weekday lunch hour.

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    Dominant government buildings are attractive, correct? This kind of luxury cannot be justified under any circumstances. While Ada Scaffidi, Post's grandma, makes amazing ricotta gnocchi daily, we always discover a favourite dish each month. Paccheri with ragu and pork. Washington State ingredients are prominent in today's Italian cuisine. Fine dining befits a sophisticated setting.


    The petition, the final member of our Buildings quartet, is on par with the other top-notch meals found within this breathtaking landmark. The menu changes with the seasons and features the finest of Western Australia's agricultural bounty in meals that are equal parts rustic and equal parts eccentric and designed to be shared. You'll always have a good time here, especially when you have a side of their world-famous broccoli salad.

    The Heritage

    Its historical significance is reflected in the Heritage's Italian floors, high ceilings, and expansive windows overlooking Place. Inspiration for dishes like Wagyu tartare, mortadella foie gras, rabbit terrine and chicken comes from European classics. It complements their different wines in style and taste.


    The breathtaking restaurant at The Ritz Perth on Elizabeth is called Hearth. The decor is airy, bright, and extremely soothing, and it looks out over the Swan River, which runs through Perth. The menu will feature only the freshest local WA products, with a few native items thrown in for good measure. 

    No Mafia 

    No Mafia's food, influenced by Southern Italy's cuisine, is straightforward but satisfying, and the extensive wine list, which includes bottles from Italy and Australia, as well as handpicked cocktails and regional and beers, further adds to the experience. Enjoy duck pappardelle, Roman arancini, and triple fried potatoes with chilli, garlic and aioli while you people-watch from a booth indoors or on the balcony outside. 

    La Cholita

    After ten years, patrons can still enjoy margaritas and tacos at La Cholita. The Northbridge bar has been known for its hip clientele and potent tequila when it first opened. Your fried tortillas and guacamole bowl will arrive once you select a margarita from the menu's five options. Since the meal arrives quickly and is mostly consumed visually, starting with a small order is best. Tacos, quesadillas, and tostadas are great places to begin.


    Cooee is a safe bet if you're looking for a place near a river. Stracciatella and the house bread with creamed eggplant are great places to start your modern Australian meal at La Delizia. 

    Bivouac Canteen & Bar

    Bivouac is the finest casual dining establishment in Northbridge. Light flatbreads will be perfect for mopping up the delicious sauce from the slow-cooked goat shoulder and grilled halloumi with yuzu honey. The feed me feast is the optimal choice for group trips.


    Fleur lives in The Royal Hotel. She is beautiful and classy. Fresh food from the area at a great restaurant never fails to amaze me. Some examples are honey-roasted wagyu duck, Roquefort ice cream, and rye bread with egg yolk fudge on top. It is the best fine dining place in Perth because of its beautiful decor, well-chosen wine list, and creative cocktail menu. If you want to treat yourself, order caviar. 

    Authentic Bites Dumpling House

    Only some people who enjoy dumplings have ever visited Authentic Dumpling House. Despite the laid-back atmosphere, this is easily one of our favourite Perth eateries. It doesn't matter what the weather is like; the people of Perth will stand in line for these absurd xiao long bao. One of our top picks for the best Perth food is the wontons in spicy sauce.


    Balthazar, a mainstay since the '90s, has earned legendary status. The upscale eatery is hidden beneath Perth's stunning art Lawson building and features a sophisticated and inviting menu. Whether for a leisurely brunch or a sophisticated date night, this restaurant consistently ranks among our favourites.

    North Bird

    North Bird is a trendy plant-lined restaurant with great wine and sophisticated shareable. Miller and Baker mills all the flour for the pasta and bread made daily from the producers' fresh food. The Wednesday $78 three-course supper for two has a monthly fresh mystery menu.

    Tosaka Ramen

    If you're a fan of garlic, you'll adore the black garlic pain at Tosaka Ramen. Tosaka serves up three excellent renditions of tori paitan, a chicken-based soup similar to tonkotsu ramen, topped with boiled eggs, spring onions, chicken chashu, and other delicious toppings. 

    Vincent Wine

    the best perth restaurants

    The best French cuisine in Perth. Don't expect French cuisine; this is a wine bar. In the spirit of Parisian wine bars, Vincent Wine focuses mostly on wines from France and Italy. It also has delicious small plates in a bistro style. Eat pate platters and charcuterie, steak tartare, pork rillettes and duck, and more while people-watching in the courtyard. 

    Double Rainbow

    If you're looking to kick off your night in the North, Double Rainbow is a great choice. The Asian-inspired at The Rechabite is constantly bright, buzzing, and full of delicious Asian cuisine and refreshing drinks. This entertaining menu is a hard-core blend of flavours that will blow your mind with its limitless remixes of legendary dishes. There are also many fantastic vegan options. The duck sausage Muffins are the best thing they serve, but everything else is also tasty. 

    Bread in Common

    Please explain. The best wood-fired bread in Fremantle can be found at this local favourite.

    Why go? Here at Bread in Common, we have a serious dough problem. Everything on the menu pairs perfectly with a loaf of bread. In a repurposed warehouse, diners may have a casual, hearty, and reassuring meal together.


    Find out why these top places in Perth are a culinary paradise with their creative food and friendly service. Yiamas, Vin Populi, Nextdoor, Shui, Wildflower, Long Chim, Post, Petition, Heritage, and Hearth are some of the best places in Perth. Yiamas serves real ancient Greek food, and Vin Populi serves light, airy pasta and meats from the area, as well as a great range of wines from Italy and Australia. Chef Sawiris is in charge of the staff at Nextdoor. At Shui, you can get wood-roasted pig belly with mien "crack" sauce and prawn crumpets. Wildflower is the best place to eat in Perth because it has amazing views, great service, and creative meals that are based on the six seasons.

    Long Chim has a lot of bright colours, strong food, and interesting drinks. Ada Scaffidi, Post's grandmother, makes a classy place for fine eating. The food at Petition is rustic and odd, while the food at Heritage is a mix of European classics and WA goods. Hearth is at The Ritz Perth on Elizabeth, and it serves the freshest local and native WA goods. No Mafia serves simple but tasty food that is affected by the food of Southern Italy.

    On the long list of drinks, there are bottles from Italy and Australia, along with hand-picked cocktails and local beers. La Cholita is a bar in Northbridge with a cool crowd and strong tequila. It serves fried tacos and bowls of guacamole. Cooee is a place near a river where people go to eat modern Australian food. In Northbridge, Bivouac Canteen & Bar is a high-end restaurant that serves light flatbreads and a "feed me" feast. Fleur is a beautiful and classy restaurant in The Royal Hotel. It has a good wine list and a creative drink menu.

    The Real Deal The wontons in hot sauce at Dumpling House, a popular restaurant in Perth, are famous. Balthazar is a famous high-end restaurant that is tucked away under Perth's beautiful art Lawson building. It has a classy and inviting menu. North Bird is a cool place with lots of plants, great wine, and sophisticated small plates to share. People who like garlic really like Tosaka Ramen. Vincent Wine has the best French food in Perth and focuses on French and Italian wines.

    For a night out in the North, Double Rainbow is a great pick. The Rechabite is an Asian-style restaurant with a hard-core mix of flavours and vegan choices. People in Fremantle love Bread in Common because it has the best wood-fired bread in the city.

    Content Summary

    • Embark on a culinary adventure through Perth's thriving food scene.
    • Discover hidden gems and exotic flavours from around the world.
    • Explore Subi's newest restaurant and bar, Yiamas, for authentic Greek cuisine.
    • Enjoy the rich, smoky tastes of coal-grilled mezze and meaty meals.
    • Indulge in fine dining at Vin Populi, offering exquisite wine and homemade pasta.
    • Experience the wood-fired grilling at Nextdoor and the relaxed vibe of Chef Sawiris.
    • Delight in Asian delicacies at Shui, including wood-roasted pig belly and prawn crumpets.
    • Savour innovative dishes and breathtaking views at Wildflower, Perth's finest dining spot.
    • David Thompson's Long Chim stands up to the reputation of Thai food in Australia.
    • Enjoy the vibrant decor and intense food, along with intriguing cocktails at Long Chim.
    • Post offers amazing Italian dishes, including Ada Scaffidi's ricotta gnocchi.
    • Discover a rustic yet sophisticated experience at Petition, with dishes designed to be shared.
    • The Heritage impresses with European-inspired dishes and complementing wines.
    • Hearth at The Ritz Perth offers a soothing ambience overlooking Swan River.
    • No Mafia entices with Southern Italian cuisine, a diverse wine list, and handpicked cocktails.
    • La Cholita's margaritas and tacos are a hit among its hip clientele.
    • Cooee provides a modern Australian meal with Stracciatella and creamed eggplant.
    • Bivouac Canteen & Bar is the top casual dining spot in Northbridge.
    • Fleur in The Royal Hotel offers beautiful decor, well-chosen wine, and creative cocktails.
    • Authentic Bites Dumpling House impresses with its delicious dumplings and wontons in spicy sauce.
    • Balthazar has achieved legendary status with its sophisticated and inviting menu.
    • Enjoy great wine and sophisticated shareable dishes at plant-lined North Bird.
    • Tosaka Ramen serves excellent renditions of chicken-based tori paitan ramen.
    • Vincent Wine offers the best French wines and delicious small plates in a bistro style.
    • Double Rainbow delights with a hardcore blend of Asian-inspired flavours and refreshing drinks.
    • Bread in Common is Fremantle's go-to for wood-fired bread and hearty meals.
    • Choose from 160 bottles of wine at Vin Populi, with a focus on Italian and Australian varieties.
    • Taste the delectable antipasti, homemade pasta, and local meats at Vin Populi.
    • Nextdoor's wood-fired grilling creates delicious and hearty steaks for dinner.
    • Satisfy your cravings for Asian cuisine at Shui, serving hot sin duck doughnuts and fried ice cream.
    • Wildflower's innovative dishes are inspired by the six seasons and are updated seasonally.
    • Long Chim's brightly coloured decor and intense food make it a must-visit restaurant.
    • Enjoy light flatbreads and slow-cooked goat shoulder at Bivouac Canteen & Bar.
    • Indulge in Fleur's beautiful decor and treat yourself to caviar.
    • Relish the laid-back atmosphere and absurd xiao long bao at Authentic Bites Dumpling House.
    • Balthazar's sophisticated and inviting menu makes it perfect for brunch or date night.
    • North Bird impresses with freshly made pasta and bread from local producers.
    • Tosaka Ramen's tori paitan ramen is a must-try, especially the black garlic pain.
    • Vincent Wine offers the best French wines in a Parisian wine bar setting.
    • Double Rainbow's Asian-inspired menu and vegan options are perfect for a night out.
    • Bread in Common is the go-to place for wood-fired bread in Fremantle.
    • Enjoy excellent wine, cocktails, and antipasti at Vin Populi's classy wine restaurant.
    • Nextdoor's wood-fired grilling and relaxed vibe create a pleasant dining experience.
    • Shui offers cute Asian cuisine with dishes like wood-roasted pig belly and prawn crumpets.
    • Wildflower impresses with its breathtaking views, impeccable service, and innovative dishes.
    • Long Chim stands up to the reputation of David Thompson and Thai food in Australia.
    • Post offers amazing Italian dishes, including Ada Scaffidi's daily-made ricotta gnocchi.
    • Petition's rustic yet eccentric dishes are perfect for sharing with friends.
    • Hearth at The Ritz Perth provides a soothing ambience with views of Swan River.
    • No Mafia offers straightforward yet satisfying Southern Italian cuisine with an extensive wine list.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Restaurant Shops

    Perth is home to several vegan and vegetarian-friendly restaurants, such as Veggie Mama, Annalakshmi on the Swan, and Solomon's Café.

    To satisfy your sweet tooth, head to Whisk Creamery, Measure Dessert Bar, or Chocolateria San Churro for mouthwatering desserts and delightful treats.

    Perth takes its coffee seriously, and you can enjoy exceptional brews at La Veen Coffee, Standing Room Only, and Telegram Coffee.

    Family-friendly options include Jamie's Italian, The Old Boy Café, and The Grounds of Alexandria, which offer a welcoming atmosphere and kid-friendly menus.

    Reservations can often be made online through the restaurant's official website or via phone. It is recommended to book in advance, especially for popular dining spots.

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