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What Are The Best Beaches In Perth?

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    Where sun-kissed sands meet the azure seas of the Indian Ocean, you will find Perth's greatest beaches. Set out on an adventure you will remember as we reveal Western Australia's most alluring seaside jewels. Perth's beaches provide something for every beachgoer, from quiet coves to bustling surfing hotspots. Get your sunscreen and sense of adventure ready since Perth's beaches are some of the most beautiful in the world.

    The Finest Perth Beaches

    Coogee Beach

    Coogee Beach, situated along the beautiful coast of Perth, stands out as one of the most enchanting beaches in Western Australia. Its sandy shores and the mesmerizing azure waters of the Indian Ocean create a picturesque setting for beachgoers. Notably, Coogee Beach is also home to the historic Omeo Wreck, a shipwreck lying 25 meters from the shoreline. The ship, which drifted from Fremantle harbour in 1905 and got lodged in the sands, serves as a fascinating relic of the past, attracting curious visitors. To make the most of a day at Coogee Beach, it is recommended to set sail with an Easterly wind, and snorkelling enthusiasts can enjoy exploring the marine wonders in the company of a friend.

    Leighton Beach

    A miniature paradise awaits visitors at Leighton Beach, blessed with pristine waters and soft dunes adorned with sea oats. The beach presents an ideal spot for group picnics, where one can relish the sights while indulging in cheese and crackers as the sun gracefully sets. Leighton Beach is also a playground for surf enthusiasts, who eagerly await the arrival of a storm to ride the waves. The awe-inspiring view of the sky meeting the calm blue waters beneath a tapestry of wounded and swollen clouds is a sight to behold.

    Cottesloe Beach

    Cottesloe Beach, a family-friendly destination in Perth, promises enjoyment for every member of the household. Visitors can treat themselves to delectable fish and chips, engage in friendly races to the tower and back, or take a refreshing swim after relaxing at the Ocean Beach Hotel on Sundays. The beach, with its inviting atmosphere, symbolizes the everlasting charm of summer in this region.

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    The Bays of Rottnest Island

    A mere 19 kilometers off the coast, Rottnest Island boasts a thriving ecosystem, featuring vibrant coral reefs, abundant marine life, and hidden, picturesque bays. The island, home to the native quokka, Western Australia's state animal, offers unique experiences for nature enthusiasts. Pinkies Beach, a gem among Perth's locales, treats early risers to the enchanting sight of dawn breaking over the water. The rest of the day can be spent engaging in water sports, exploring various beaches, or leisurely cycling around the island.

    City Beach

    Another jewel among Perth's beautiful beaches is City Beach. For those who prefer to avoid sandy encounters with their food on windy days, the beach provides sanctuary in its grassy areas that offer delightful shade. A delightful blend of sea, sun, and sand makes City Beach an excellent destination to spend a day, further complemented by nearby restaurants, cafes, and a picturesque boardwalk, coupled with easily surfable waves.

    Scarborough Beach

    Scarborough Beach exudes vitality and excitement, with a myriad of dining options, cafes, live music, and sunset markets, making it an ideal spot for families. As the sun sets on a warm summer evening, Sunset Hill offers a beautiful location to swim and watch the sky bathe in vibrant colors. Alternatively, early risers can relish the sight of surfers catching waves as the sun emerges on the horizon during sunrise.

    Trigg Beach

    Surfers and water sports enthusiasts, including the Western Australian Group of Surfers (WAGS), are drawn to Trigg Beach's alluring waves, often venturing out before the crowds arrive. The extended shoreline caters to various water-based activities, though caution is advised due to the presence of rip currents. To give back to the community and embrace ocean-inspired sustainability, visitors can visit Clarko Reserve and explore the Summer X markets during the summer months.

    Mettam's Pool

    A day of sun-soaked leisure awaits at Mettam's Pool. Staying close to the shore offers glimpses of diverse marine flora and fauna, including starfish, anemones, red-lip morwongs, wrasses, banded sweeps, buffalo bream, and more, making it a haven for underwater photography.

    Mullaloo Beach

    Mullaloo Beach beckons with its crystal-clear waters, making it a perfect playground for children of all ages. Equipped with the right gear, visitors can even experience the thrill of riding the waves within the "green room," capturing the essence of surfing at its finest.

    Smiths Beach

    South of Yallingup Mainbreak lies the year-round tourist hotspot of Smiths Beach. This renowned destination boasts several sought-after surfing spots along its stretch of pristine white sand, attracting beachgoers and water sports enthusiasts alike.

    Paradise Beach

    For those seeking a serene escape from crowds, Paradise Beach, nestled in Coral Bay, proves to be a tranquil retreat. The beach's clear waters, sparkling sands, and abundant marine life offer an ideal setting for snorkelling and leisurely beach activities. Visitors may also be fortunate enough to spot a majestic whale shark making its leisurely approach to the coast during specific times of the year.

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    Lucky Bay

    Lucky Bay, located 30 kilometers south of Kalbarri, stands as a favored destination for beach campers and thrill-seekers yearning for an adventurous coastal experience. The bay's outer reef creates a safe environment for swimming and snorkelling, while the surrounding dunes provide shelter from the wind and ample opportunities for off-road motorbike and dune buggy enthusiasts.

    Rockingham Beach

    The Rockingham coast boasts several hidden gems yet to be discovered. Rockingham Beach, adorned with a long stretch of pristine white sand, has undergone recent enhancements, making it an attractive destination for all seasons. With seasonal accessibility matting, the beach remains open throughout the year, providing a well-protected haven compared to other locations on this list.

    Sandy Bay

    Fishing enthusiasts will find their haven at Sandy Bay, situated within Ningaloo Marine Park. When the winds pick up, wind and kite surfers frequent the area, but early risers can relish the tranquility of the pristine waters and shaded picnic spots, creating an idyllic atmosphere.

    Little Boat Beach

    Although Little Boat Beach may be diminutive in size, it makes up for it with boundless opportunities for fun. Activities such as scuba diving, snorkelling, fishing, swimming, and boat launches (weather permitting) promise an adventure-filled day.

    Eleven Mile Beach

    With its lagoon and pastel hues, Eleven Mile Beach offers a haven for beach lovers seeking a secluded escape. Sheltered from the wind, this beach provides a safe and inviting environment, making it an alluring destination, especially during the late afternoon. While located approximately 11 miles from the city centre, its ethereal beauty is well worth the journey.

    Yallingup Beach

    Yallingup Beach boasts smaller yet thrilling waves akin to the famous Mainbreak in Margaret River. As visitors venture past the rock pools, they encounter waves that can still challenge even seasoned surfers during the winter swells.

    Koombana Bay

    In the southwestern part of Western Australia lies Koombana Bay, where fortunate visitors may encounter dolphins in their natural habitat. Every day, a pod of more than a hundred wild bottlenose dolphins gracefully makes its way into the bay, allowing visitors, with the assistance of the Dolphin Discovery Centre, the unique opportunity to swim and interact with these gentle creatures.

    Blue Holes

    Blue Holes, along the captivating Coral Coast, promises snorkelling adventures unmatched by any other in the region. The pristine, protected waters house rock pools teeming with marine life, creating a delightful and immersive experience.

    Shelley Beach

    Nestled within the West Cape Howe National Park, Shelley Beach stands as one of the most exquisite beaches in the vicinity. It serves as a haven for beach lovers, campers, fishermen, and bushwalkers, accessible only to two-wheel drive vehicles. Enchanting granite boulders, dating back over a billion years, form a protective barrier along Shelley Beach, offering an idyllic space to swim or fish in serene tranquility.

    Bunker Bay

    Bunker Bay's allure lies in its sheltered location, offering respite from prevailing southwesterly winds. The long expanse of white sandy beach and gentle waves attracts visitors, and the offshore snorkelling spots and nearby amenities make it an enticing destination for beachgoers.

    Injidup Beach

    Basking in natural beauty, Injidup Beach boasts a stunning stretch of sand and the renowned Injidup Natural Spa, a highly popular spot that has garnered much attention on social media. Visitors can find refuge in this sheltered rock formation amidst the Indian Ocean, providing a perfect spot to relax on hot summer days.

    The Basin

    The ever-popular beach at Rottnest Island, known as The Basin, tends to be bustling with activity during peak seasons, given its proximity to the town center and excellent snorkelling opportunities. While visitors will undoubtedly marvel at its beauty, those seeking serenity may prefer to continue exploring the island on two wheels.

    Castle Rock Bay

    Once a well-kept secret cherished by locals, Castle Rock Bay has recently grown in popularity, even surpassing nearby Meelup Beach. Nestled within a tranquil alcove, protected from southerly winds and swells, the bay is a haven for visitors seeking a relaxed day by the water.

    Misery Beach

    Misery Beach, contrary to its name, offers solace and shelter amidst stormy weather in the Albany region. Although its length is modest, this hidden treasure welcomes beachgoers with stunning headlands and lush vegetation, adding to its charm and allure.


    There are a lot of different kinds of beaches in Perth, from quiet coves to busy surfing sites. Coogee Beach, Leighton Beach, Cottesloe Beach, Rottnest Island, City Beach, Scarborough Beach, Trigg Beach, Mullaloo Beach, Smiths Beach, Paradise Beach, Lucky Bay, Rockingham Beach, Sandy Bay, Little Boat Beach, Eleven Mile Beach, Yallingup Beach, Koombana Bay, and Blue Holes are some of the most beautiful beaches in Western Australia. With its sandy beaches and beautiful Indian Ocean waters, Coogee Beach is a beautiful place. With its clean water and soft sand hills, Leighton Beach is a little piece of paradise. Cottesloe Beach is a place that is great for families and has a nice vibe.

    Rottnest Island is 19 kilometres from the coast. It has a thriving environment with beautiful coral reefs, lots of marine life, and hidden bays. Pinkies Beach is a gem among Perth's places, and nature lovers can do unique things there. With its clean white sand and water-based activities, City Beach is a quiet place to get away from people. Mettam's Pool is a great place to spend a day relaxing in the sun and seeing a variety of sea plants and animals. Smiths Beach is a popular spot for tourists, while Mullaloo Beach is a great place for kids of all ages to play.

    Lucky Bay is a popular place for beach campers and people who want to have an exciting coastal experience. Rockingham Beach is a well-protected haven with a long stretch of clean, white sand that is a secret gem. Sandy Bay is a popular place for people who like to fish, and Little Boat Beach is full of fun things to do. With its lake and soft colours, Eleven Mile Beach is a quiet place to get away. The waves at Yallingup Beach are smaller than those at Margaret River's Mainbreak, but they are just as exciting.

    Over a hundred wild bottlenose dolphins live in Koombana Bay. Visitors have the rare chance to swim with and get to know these friendly animals. Blue Holes is on the Coral Coast, and its clear waters and rock pools full of sea life make it a unique place to swim. Shelley Beach is in West Cape Howe National Park, and anyone who likes beaches, camping, fishing, or walking through the bush should go there. Bunker Bay has a safe spot, a white sand beach, gentle waves, and places to swim out in the water. Injidup Beach is a beautiful stretch of sand, and the Injidup Natural Spa is well-known.

    The Basin is a famous beach on Rottnest Island. It is a great place to snorkel and is very busy during peak times. Castle Rock Bay used to be a secret, but now it's a peaceful place to spend a day by the water. Even though Misery Beach isn't very long, it gives shelter and peace when it's stormy in the Albany area.

    Content Summary

    • Perth boasts some of Western Australia's most alluring and beautiful beaches.
    • Coogee Beach stands out as one of Perth's most enchanting and picturesque coastal destinations.
    • Omeo Wreck, a shipwreck near Coogee Beach, serves as a fascinating relic of the past.
    • Leighton Beach offers a miniature paradise with pristine waters and soft dunes.
    • Cottesloe Beach promises enjoyment for the whole family with its inviting atmosphere.
    • Rottnest Island features vibrant coral reefs, marine life, and picturesque hidden bays.
    • Pinkies Beach treats early risers to an enchanting sunrise over the water.
    • City Beach provides sanctuary from sandy encounters with its grassy areas.
    • Scarborough Beach exudes vitality and excitement with live music and sunset markets.
    • Trigg Beach is a surfer's paradise, attracting water sports enthusiasts.
    • Mettam's Pool offers glimpses of diverse marine flora and fauna, perfect for underwater photography.
    • Mullaloo Beach beckons with its crystal-clear waters, ideal for children to play.
    • Smiths Beach is a renowned year-round hotspot for beachgoers and water sports enthusiasts.
    • Paradise Beach in Coral Bay offers a tranquil retreat away from the crowds.
    • Lucky Bay, south of Kalbarri, is favored by beach campers and thrill-seekers.
    • Rockingham Beach boasts recent enhancements, making it an attractive destination for all seasons.
    • Sandy Bay within Ningaloo Marine Park is a haven for fishing and water sports enthusiasts.
    • Little Boat Beach offers boundless opportunities for scuba diving, snorkelling, and fishing.
    • Eleven Mile Beach provides a secluded escape with its lagoon and pastel hues.
    • Yallingup Beach offers thrilling waves for surfers, even during winter swells.
    • Koombana Bay is home to a pod of wild bottlenose dolphins, allowing visitors to swim and interact with them.
    • Blue Holes promises unmatched snorkelling adventures along the Coral Coast.
    • Shelley Beach in West Cape Howe National Park offers an idyllic space for swimming and fishing.
    • Bunker Bay's sheltered location makes it an enticing destination for beachgoers.
    • Injidup Beach boasts stunning natural beauty, including the renowned Injidup Natural Spa.
    • The Basin at Rottnest Island offers excellent snorkelling opportunities close to the town centre.
    • Castle Rock Bay has grown in popularity and is a tranquil alcove protected from southerly winds.
    • Misery Beach in the Albany region offers solace and shelter amidst stormy weather.
    • Perth's beaches cater to every type of beachgoer, from those seeking relaxation to water sports enthusiasts.
    • Coogee Beach's sandy shores and mesmerising waters create a picturesque setting for visitors.
    • Leighton Beach's pristine waters and sea oats make it an ideal spot for picnics and relaxation.
    • Cottesloe Beach's inviting atmosphere makes it a family-friendly destination for all ages.
    • Rottnest Island's hidden bays and diverse marine life offer unique experiences for nature enthusiasts.
    • City Beach's blend of sea, sun, and sand is complemented by nearby amenities and cafes.
    • Scarborough Beach's vibrant atmosphere and various activities make it perfect for families.
    • Trigg Beach's alluring waves draw surfers and water sports enthusiasts, but caution is advised.
    • Mettam's Pool's sun-soaked leisure provides glimpses of diverse marine flora and fauna.
    • Mullaloo Beach's crystal-clear waters and the thrill of riding waves make it ideal for beachgoers.
    • Smiths Beach's sought-after surfing spots attract beach lovers and water sports enthusiasts.
    • Paradise Beach's serene escape from crowds offers snorkelling and marine life sightings.
    • Lucky Bay's adventurous coastal experience appeals to beach campers and thrill-seekers.
    • Rockingham Beach's recent enhancements make it an attractive destination throughout the year.
    • Sandy Bay's fishing opportunities and kite surfing attract enthusiasts seeking adventure.
    • Little Boat Beach's activities like scuba diving and fishing, promise an adventure-filled day.
    • Eleven Mile Beach's secluded escape and ethereal beauty make it worth the journey.
    • Yallingup Beach's smaller yet thrilling waves challenge even seasoned surfers.
    • Koombana Bay's unique opportunity to swim with wild bottlenose dolphins is a highlight.
    • Blue Holes' unmatched snorkelling adventures create an immersive and delightful experience.
    • Shelley Beach's exquisite beauty and granite boulders offer a serene space to swim and fish.
    • Bunker Bay's sheltered location and white sandy beach attract beachgoers seeking respite.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Beaches In Perth

    Yes, Perth's public transportation system includes buses and trains that connect to various beaches, making it convenient to access them without a car.

    Yes, several beaches in Perth, such as City Beach and Sorrento Beach, have facilities like beach wheelchairs and accessible pathways to accommodate people with disabilities.

    No, not all beaches in Perth allow dogs. However, you can take your furry friend to designated dog-friendly beaches, such as South Beach and Mosman Beach.

    Yes, Scarborough Beach and Trigg Beach have surfing schools that offer lessons for beginners who want to learn how to surf.

    The best time to visit Perth's beaches is during the Australian summer, which is from December to February. The weather is warm and perfect for enjoying the beach, swimming, and various water activities.

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