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What First-Time Visitors to Perth Might Find Surprising?

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    In the mood for a trip full of pleasant surprises and fascinating discoveries? If you're looking for a city that will blow your mind, look no further than Perth. Perth is home to many hidden treasures beyond its famous monuments and picture-perfect beaches. 

    Perth is a city that will surprise and delight you in every way, from its thriving cultural scene and world-class cuisine to its easy going vibe and breathtaking natural beauty. 

    Come with me as we explore the hidden depths of this magical city and uncover the wonders that await our first-time visitors. Perth has several surprises in store for you, and each one will make you happy you came. Bring an open mind and a healthy dose of curiosity since you will be constantly surprised in Perth.

    Things You May Not Know About Perth

    Perth Is a Big City!

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    Just how big is Perth? Western Australia would be one of the ten most prominent countries in the world if it were a country. It's also the only capital city in the world where an aeroplane can land in the central business area.

    Eleven Cities in Perth That Are “Sister Cities”

    Long-term ties between locations, known as "sister places," facilitate cross-cultural exchanges in areas such as commerce, education, and information. Cities that cooperate together reap the benefits of shared government and corporate contracts. Kagoshima, Japan; Vasto, Italy; Houston, Texas; Rhodes, Megisti, Greece; China, Nanjing; Perth, Scotland; San Diego, California; Taipei, Taiwan; Seocho City, Republic of Korea, and Chengdu in China are some of Perth's eleven sister towns. 

    It Is the Biggest Maker of Jewellery in the World

    We're not kidding! The gold rush of the 1880s started the Kalgoorlie Mine, now the biggest gold mine in the world. Fans of Western movies will love going to the biggest Goldfield city, which is also full of old West history. Lastly, don't miss the Super Pit, a beautiful mining pit 3.5 km long and about 0.5 km deep. It is one of the world's most prominent man-made structures and can be seen from space.

    Perth is called the City of Light

    You may have heard the name "City of Light" used to describe Perth. This name comes from when John Glenn, an American astronaut, flew the Friendship 7 spaceship around the Earth in 1962. Everyone in Perth flipped on their lights as Glenn sailed overhead. Glenn saw how bright the city seemed from orbit. People refer to Perth as the City of Lights because of this.

    The flight time from Perth to Singapore is only 5 hours.

    Perth, the capital city of Western Australia, maintains close proximity to its Asian neighbors despite its distance from other Australian cities. Notably, the city of Singapore lies a mere 5-hour flight away from Perth. This favorable geographical position fosters strong ties between the two regions.

    One significant advantage of this closeness is their shared time zone. Perth and Singapore operate on the same time, eliminating the need for any adjustments when communicating or conducting business between the two cities. Unlike several other Australian towns, Perth does not observe Daylight Savings Time, further streamlining the coordination and communication between the two regions.

    Surpassing Expectations in Natural Beauty

    It Is Home to Some of Australia’s Top City Beaches

    Sydney's coastline is more beautiful and offers a broader range of beaches. However, Perth boasts the most extensive beaches that fit the classic golden-sand and turquoise-water stereotypes.

    Trigg Beach is the best of a group of decent surf spots to the north of the city, which includes the beaches under Rottnest Island's shadow, where the water is usually calmer. Mettams Pool, located nearby, is a natural pool surrounded by coral and perfect for snorkelling.

    Swimming with the World’s Largest Fish Is a Real Possibility

    Australia's marine fauna and coral reefs are well-known, but if you want to go beyond snorkelling and diving, check these out. Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia is one of the few places in the world where you may swim alongside a whale shark, the largest fish in the ocean. These fantastic beasts have been spotted in the Ningaloo region between March and July, reaching lengths of up to 16 metres (52.5 feet). Additionally, the island is one of the few locations worldwide where you can easily access a coral reef by simply strolling down the sand.

    Watching Whales in Perth

    Western Australians are lucky to live on some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Every evening, they can watch the sun go down into the Indian Ocean. With our clean seas and remote coastlines, it is also one of the best places in the world to watch whales. The beautiful city of Western Australia is the only place in Australia and one of the few places in the world where you can see Blue Whales eating. We can also see the southern Humpback Whale migration from September to December. During this time, thousands of Humpbacks move along the coast, and many of the females will have newborn babies with them as they return from their nurseries.

    A Destination for Outdoor Activities

    Kings Park and Botanic Garden Is Perth’s, Most-Visited Park

    One of the most popular places to visit in Perth is Kings Park and Botanic Garden. The park is more than 988 acres big and has beautiful views of the city, botanical gardens, walking trails, picnic areas, and historical sites that bring people there. This includes the State War Memorial and the Lotterywest Federation Walkway, which have excellent city views and the Swan River.

    There are more than 3,000 kinds of native plants in Kings Park. Many of them are only found in Western Australia. The natural gardens in the park show off the different flowers, shrubs, and trees that grow in the area. They are free to visit, as are guided walks through the park.

    Prepare for Sandboarding in Lancelin

    The town of Lancelin is known as one of the best places in Australia to go sandboarding. It has beaches, walking paths, and, of course, white dunes. The whole system of dunes is 2 km long, and in some places, you can sandboard down slopes 450 degrees steep. Getting in is free, but you have to book your board before you get there.

    After a long day on the dunes, Lancelin's Back Beach is a great relaxing place. Because of a ledge 20m from the shore, the beach usually has small waves that are great for kids (or adults) who want to learn how to surf. People also like to kitesurf, windsurf, and stand-up paddle boards there. When the sun starts to go down, the yard at the Endeavour Tavern lets dogs in and has a great ocean view.

    Head to the Avon Valley for an Exciting Hot Air Balloon Ride

    Even people who have been on many family vacations love short scenic drives and a weekend spot full of things to do for kids of all ages. The Avon Valley, which is only an hour from Perth (only three short fights for the people in the backseat), is excellent. We're talking about cool historic towns, great farm stays where kids can keep busy, and a national park great for camping and sports on the river.

    Avon is famous for being the first European settlement in Western Australia, so every town has an exciting history and beautiful buildings. If you think your kids might fall asleep just thinking about going on a historical walking tour, plenty of other things will keep them interested.

    In the Avon Valley, you can take your whole family on a morning hot air balloon ride, a whitewater rafting trip, and maybe even a skydive for the teenager. For the little ones, you can spend a few hours at the cute Fairytale Farm. With so many farmer's markets where you can buy fresh food and good wine, a trip to the country with your family is easy and stress-free.

    Contemporary Urban Planning and Architecture

    Elizabeth Quay

    The riverfront in Perth used to be a place for picnics and paddling, and there were public toilets right by the water. As the city grew, new buildings cut off the link between the river and the city. 1940 Riverside Drive was built as the last piece of the puzzle. Elizabeth Quay is a famous waterfront building that was finished in December 2016. It connects the river and the city again, making a lively new area for entertainment and leisure for both Perth residents and tourists.

    The Bell Tower

    One of the most prominent musical instruments in the world plays chimes from the top of the Bell Tower, a tall glass tower. St. Martin in the Fields Church in Trafalgar Square, London, is the parish church of Buckingham Palace, and its bells are the original bells. Circa 1400, they entered the world. It's one of the few sites in the world where people can learn about and practise the ancient skill of bell ringing through hands-on exhibits.The ANZAC Bell was just put in the Bell Tower. It is the biggest bell of its kind ever made in Australia. It was cast in Perth. The ANZAC Bell weighs 6,500 kilogrammes and is made to last more than 500 years. Some interesting facts about the past of the bells and bell ringing are shown in the displays. The open-air viewing deck is on the sixth floor and has fantastic views of the Swan River and the City.

    Optus Stadium

    This world-class leisure centre is right here in Perth, and it was designed and built with the fans in mind. Some of the most prominent artists in the world have played at the Stadium. It is used for AFL, soccer, rugby league and union, and rugby union. Optus Stadium, voted the Most Beautiful Sports Facility in the World in 2019, is more than just a place to watch a game. There are nature playgrounds in the Chevron Parklands, the BHP Boardwalk and Amphitheatre, picnic places for a family barbeque, and public art all around the Stadium Park. 

    One of the World’s Longest Stretches of Uninterrupted Rail

    The legendary Trans-Australian railway has been recognised as the world's longest uninterrupted stretch of railway track in the Australian Book of Records. A 478 km straight track stretch is about the same as driving from London to Paris.

    The Changing of the Seasons and Weather

    Perth Is the Sunniest Capital in Australia

    Perth, Australia, is the sunniest capital in Australia, with an average of almost eight hours of sunshine every day. This ensures that Perth residents can bask in the sun even during the depths of winter. These bright days make Perth a terrific place to live, allowing for outdoor activities like picnics on the weekend and alfresco dining. In addition, Western Australia has more coastline than any other Australian state or territory.

    The Climate and Weather in Perth, Australia, All Year Long

    what do you need to consider before making the move to perth

    Perth has hot, dry summers and lengthy, mild, rainy winters. Every season brings consistent breeze and clear skies. Over the course of a year, average temperatures hover between 48 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature almost never drops below 40 degrees or rises over 97 degrees.

    The tourist ranking suggests that late November through late March is ideal for outdoor activities in Perth.


    Perth is home to a lively cultural scene, delicious international food, and stunning natural scenery. Kagoshima has eleven sister cities, including Nanjing in China, Taipei in Taiwan, Seocho City in the Republic of Korea, San Diego, California, and Taipei. It is the only capital city in the world where an aeroplane can land in the central business district. Kalgoorlie Mine, the world's largest gold mine, is located not far from Perth, which is also the world's leading producer of jewellery. John Glenn, an American astronaut, witnessed the city's luminosity from space and gave the city its current moniker.

    Trigg Beach, Mettams Pool, and Ningaloo Reef are only some of the best city beaches in Perth. Ningaloo Reef is also one of the few spots in the world where you can swim with whale sharks. The Ningaloo area is one of the few places on Earth where you may go right up to a coral reef. The southern Humpback Whale migration occurs between September and December, and Perth is famous for its stunning beaches where you can watch the sun set into the Indian Ocean.

    Kings Park and Botanic Garden is one of Perth's most popular parks due to its stunning vistas over the city, extensive botanical gardens, miles of walking pathways, picnic spots, and historic landmarks. Over three thousand native flora call this park home, and you may take a guided tour to learn more.

    With its sandy shores, winding trails, and towering white sand cliffs, Lancelin is a famous sandboarding location. Back Beach in Lancelin is a family-friendly and fun area to learn how to surf, kitesurf, windsurf, or stand-up paddleboard. The Avon Valley is great for family vacations because it has beautiful drives, charming beds and breakfasts, and a national park with camping and river activities. Family-friendly activities in Avon, Western Australia's first European settlement, include skydiving, whitewater rafting, and hot air balloon excursions. Farmer's markets and a fairytale farm are just two of the many attractions in the Avon Valley.

    Elizabeth Quay is a waterfront complex in Perth that spans the river and the city, serving as a hub for recreation and amusement for both locals and visitors. The Bell Tower is a prominent musical instrument and a place where visitors may learn about bell ringing through interactive displays and a towering glass tower housing original bells. The ANZAC Bell, at 6,500 kilogrammes, is the heaviest bell of its sort ever produced in Australia. It is also designed to last for at least the next 500 years. Voted 2019's Most Beautiful Sports Facility, Optus Stadium is also a world-class recreational centre with amenities like natural playgrounds, the BHP Boardwalk and Amphitheatre, picnic areas, and public art. On average, Perth receives approximately eight hours of sunshine per day, making it the most sunny capital in Australia. Average annual temperatures in Perth range from 48 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit, with hot, dry summers and warm, rainy winters.

    Content Summary

    • Perth offers pleasant surprises and fascinating discoveries for first-time visitors.
    • The city's thriving cultural scene and world-class cuisine will delight you.
    • Perth's easy-going vibe and breathtaking natural beauty are impressive.
    • Hidden treasures beyond famous monuments and picture-perfect beaches await.
    • Prepare to be constantly surprised in the magical city of Perth.
    • Perth is a big city, comparable to one of the ten most prominent countries.
    • The only capital city where an aeroplane can land is the central business area.
    • Perth has eleven sister cities facilitating cross-cultural exchanges.
    • Perth is the biggest maker of jewellery in the world, thanks to the Kalgoorlie Mine.
    • The Super Pit, a massive mining pit, is visible from space.
    • Perth earned the nickname "City of Light" from astronaut John Glenn's orbit view.
    • The flight time from Perth to Singapore is just 5 hours.
    • Perth's proximity to Asian neighbours fosters strong ties and shared time zones.
    • Perth's city beaches offer classic golden sand and turquoise waters.
    • Ningaloo Reef allows swimming with the world's largest fish, the whale shark.
    • The region is perfect for whale watching, including blue whales and humpbacks.
    • Kings Park and Botanic Garden is Perth's most-visited park with stunning views.
    • Lancelin is an excellent place in Australia for sandboarding adventures.
    • The Avon Valley, an hour from Perth, offers exciting hot air balloon rides.
    • Elizabeth Quay connects the river and city, offering entertainment and leisure.
    • The Bell Tower showcases ancient bell-ringing skills and the ANZAC Bell.
    • Optus Stadium, a world-class leisure centre, hosts sports events and concerts.
    • The Trans-Australian railway is the world's longest uninterrupted rail track.
    • Perth is the sunniest capital in Australia, with almost eight hours of sunshine daily.
    • The city enjoys hot, dry summers and mild, rainy winters with consistent breezes.
    • Western Australia boasts more coastline than any other Australian state.
    • Late November to late March is ideal for outdoor activities in Perth.
    • Perth's beaches boast classic golden sand and stunning turquoise waters.
    • Ningaloo Reef offers the unique opportunity to swim alongside whale sharks.
    • Witnessing blue whales and humpback whales is a remarkable experience.
    • Kings Park and Botanic Garden offer breathtaking views and native plant diversity.
    • Lancelin is an Australian sandboarding paradise with white dunes.
    • The Avon Valley provides a perfect family getaway with historic towns.
    • Optus Stadium hosts world-renowned artists and offers a range of leisure activities.
    • The Trans-Australian railway holds a record as the world's longest uninterrupted track.
    • Perth's sunny weather allows for year-round outdoor activities.
    • The city's climate features hot summers and mild, rainy winters.
    • Western Australia's extensive coastline adds to the region's allure.
    • Late November to late March is the best time for outdoor adventures.
    • Perth's urban planning and architecture showcase contemporary designs.
    • Elizabeth Quay reconnects the city with the river and offers leisure and entertainment.
    • The Bell Tower showcases ancient bell-ringing skills and historical exhibits.
    • Optus Stadium is a world-class facility known for hosting major sporting events and concerts.
    • The Trans-Australian railway holds a remarkable record as the longest uninterrupted rail track.
    • Perth's sunny weather creates a perfect environment for outdoor activities.
    • The city's climate boasts hot summers and mild, rainy winters.
    • Western Australia's extensive coastline enhances the region's beauty.
    • Late November to late March provides the best weather for outdoor adventures.
    • Perth's beaches are renowned for their golden sand and turquoise waters.
    • Ningaloo Reef offers a unique opportunity to swim alongside majestic whale sharks.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Perth

    Perth's arts and culture scene is vibrant and diverse, offering a unique blend of contemporary art, indigenous heritage, and multicultural influences. The city hosts various festivals, exhibitions, and performances that showcase its thriving creative spirit.

    Perth's natural beauty is a defining characteristic. The city boasts picturesque landscapes, from stunning beaches to lush parks and reserves. The Swan River and Kings Park add to the city's charm, creating a harmonious blend of urban and natural environments.

    Perth enjoys a Mediterranean climate, characterised by mild winters and hot summers. It experiences more sunny days than any other Australian capital city, making it an ideal destination for outdoor activities year-round.

    Perth strikes a remarkable balance between modern urban development and preserving its natural surroundings. The city's skyscrapers coexist harmoniously with stunning coastlines, parks, and gardens, creating a unique juxtaposition of cityscape and natural beauty.

    Yes, Perth is a culinary destination in its own right. Its proximity to the ocean ensures fresh seafood delights, while the Swan Valley wine region offers a unique wine and gourmet food experience. The city also embraces diverse cuisines from around the world.

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