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What Are the Best Ways to Enjoy the Perth Springtime?

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    When the cold of winter finally gives way to the warmth of spring, there is a place where nature puts on a spectacular show of colour and life. It is springtime in Perth, and you are cordially invited to go outside, take a deep breath of the refreshing air, and soak up the beauty surrounding you.

    Perth, Australia, a city on the country's western coast, is like a blank canvas waiting to be filled with the brightest colours of spring. The days get longer, the weather gets warmer, and a general feeling of rebirth is in the air. The cold of winter is passed, and now is the time to break out your hiking boots and backpack for a trip that will do wonders for your senses and spirit.

    This article will provide the finest ways to enjoy Perth's beautiful springtime by getting outside. We've put together a guide to help you make beautiful memories in the splendour of nature, whether you're interested in taking a stroll through flowering gardens, sunning yourself on sandy beaches, indulging in seasonal culinary treats, or taking part in exciting outdoor excursions.

    If you're ready to shed your winter coat and reacquaint yourself with the great outdoors, then come along as we explore the enchanting beauty of spring in Perth. It's time to shake off the cobwebs of laziness, get out your old hiking boots, and give in to the irresistible call of the great outdoors. Prepare to be awed by Perth, a city where springtime emerges like a painting just waiting to be explored and enjoyed.

    Perth's Springtime Climate

    In Perth, spring officially begins in September, and from then on, the months ahead are often pleasant and sunny. The weather is typically pleasant, and rain is rare or nonexistent during the spring, especially during October and November.

    The city may be fabulous in the early spring, but the weather has warmed considerably by the time the wildflowers bloom. Lows average approximately 50 degrees Fahrenheit, and highs average around 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The annual southward migration of humpback whales (and their young) coincides with this time of year.

    Fun Spring Things to Do in Perth

    Explore the Ocean for Yourself

    When the weather is nice, Hillarys Boat Harbour becomes a children's paradise. In addition, the bay is surrounded by eateries and cafes, making it a pleasant outing for adults. AQWA and its stunning underwater tunnel are essential for families visiting the waterfront. 

    Stay at the beachfront Quality Resort Sorrento Beach this spring and receive a family pass to AQWA as a free bonus! Take up some ocean air and have a good time without leaving Perth—it's the next best thing!

    It's Time for Humpback Whale Watching!

    The Humpback Highway is just one stretch of an even older network of maritime routes that encircle the globe, all predating human travel by millennia. Around 35,000 whales migrate from Antarctica's nutrient-rich seas in April to WA's Kimberley region, where the water is warmer, to give birth and rear their young. From September to December, on their way back to Antarctica, whales come significantly closer to the coast of Perth, Western Australia, making for an excellent opportunity for an exciting whale-watching cruise.

    Charming Mandurah

    Mandurah has everything you might desire for a fantastic day trip, including beautiful beaches, a relaxed way of life, fascinating woodlands, and incredible cuisine and wine. There is so much to do here - from renting bicycles and pedalling along the coast or into the forest to sleeping on a houseboat, cruising the beautiful canals and waterways, and relaxing with a glass of wine while enjoying a leisurely meal at a waterfront cafe. And there's no better time than spring!

    Experience a Penguin Island Ferry & Cruise!

    Penguin Island, located within the wild and wonderful Shoalwater Islands Marine Park and accessible via a five-minute ferry journey, is blessed with white sand beaches and crystal clear waters. The native animals are the main draw. Experience the world's smallest penguins up close after a voyage to view wild dolphins and uncommon Australian sea lions. There are hourly ferry departures from 9 am to 3 pm, making it easy to get here. You can spend as much or as little time as you desire swimming, snorkelling, picnicking, and exploring the nature paths and beaches before returning the ferry. 

    Go on a Hike

    what are the most famous hiking trails in perth

    Spring is the best time for a quiet walk or hike in the woods, as the temperature is not too high. Palm Terrace Walk in Forrestfield is an excellent option for experienced hikers. This route is a 5.5-kilometre loop that passes by gushing waterfalls and vibrant wildflower meadows, and it also features numerous water access points, picnic sites, and much-appreciated public restrooms. If you're looking for a shorter, less strenuous trip with equally impressive scenery, consider the Piesse Brook Interpretive Trail instead. Along with Gooseberry Hill and Whistlepipe Gully, Lesmurdie Falls National Park is a stunning place to go hiking. Wungong Gorge Walk, Ellis Brook Reserve, and Kitty's Gorge in Serpentine National Park are just a few of the many parks and reserves in the Perth Hills. If you're not into hiking, stroll in WA's many parks, such as Burswood Loop, Matilda Bay Kings Park, Matilda Bay Reserve, and Bold Park in City Beach.

    Visit the Magnificent Swan Valley

    At the Swan Valley Visitor Centre, you can get a map of one of the nine extraordinary themed trails that highlight some of the region's highlights and learn more about the area, the wineries, and the attractions. There are many different food, wine, cider, and ale trails to pick from in the Swan Valley since it is home to over 40 world-class vineyards, six boutique brewers, cideries, and distilleries, as well as exquisite restaurants, fantastic local produce, vibrant cafés, and markets. Aside from the city of Guildford's rich history and legacy, the surrounding area is filled with beautiful walking, hiking, and cycling trails.

    Create Some Waves

    Outback Splash in Perth has everything a family might want when having a good time. Unsurprisingly, this is one of WA's most beloved outdoor attractions; it features five mazes, mini golf, wildlife encounters, water slides galore (including a six-story slide tower with four brand new slides debuting in November), and much more.

    Not-To-Be-Missed Events in Perth This Spring

    Everlasting Kings Park Festival

    Date: September 16th- October 1st 2023

    In honour of Western Australia's illustrious flora and diamond anniversary, the Everlasting Kings Park Festival returns this year.

    The Western Australian Botanic Garden has many beautiful plants, including a pink field of everlasting plants. From September 16th to October 1st, visitors to Perth's most popular tourist attraction can participate in various exciting workshops, tours, art exhibits, guided walks, Water Corporation display & presentations, and family activities. We'll be remembering and honouring past festivals and making plans for the future of biodiversity in our state.

    The Yates Spring Tulip Festival

    Date:18 August- October 21st 2023, All Day 

    The celebration starts on Friday, August 18th, and its conclusion is weather dependent; nevertheless, the tulips should be in full bloom until late September or early October.

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    Set against a picturesque woodland backdrop, this 14-hectare garden features 150,000 blooming tulips and 36,000 spring flowering bulbs. It's the ideal occasion for taking the kids and spouse outside to soak up some rays. At the entrance, we have a free activity bundle for the kids, or they can test our AR glasses.

    In the central portions of the Park, you may find food vendors and kid-friendly activities. All across the Park, you can find terraced garden precincts and jarrah pergola shelters, which date back to the 1930s, where you may have some peace. This year's Tulip Festival indeed does have something for everyone. You should check it out.

    The Perth Royal Show Is a Must-See

    Date: 23-30th of September 2023

    The Perth Royal Show is a celebration of local agriculture held at the end of September, complete with carnival rides, tasty treats, and an authentic taste of the American county fair.

    You don't usually run into dozens of horses, a pack of expert sheepdogs, or a litter of adorable newborn animals. Consume three sweets in three hours. Get as loud as you can, or laugh until it hurts. Not every day do you get to know the farmers and ranchers responsible for your dinner or get to gawk at enormous cattle or bizarre-looking goats. You rarely get to party it up with your closest friends while taking in a world-class fireworks display and a 3D drone show.

    Prepare to be Entwined 

    Date: 6-8 October 2023

    For the Entwined weekend every year, Swan Valley's makers, producers, and purveyors throw open their doors and deliver a programme of one-of-a-kind experiences and activities.

    On the spring weekend of October 6-8, 2023, you may eat, drink, and play around the Swan Valley. Events range from hands-on masterclasses to bespoke meet-the-maker tastings and from free family fun to fine dining.

    Unwined Subiaco

    Date: 28-29 October 2023

    UnWined Subiaco, Western Australia's premier wine and culinary festival, returns to Market Square Park on October 28 and 29 for another year. As you enter, grab a glass and wander the 35 or more wineries selling over 250 varieties of wine.

    UnWined Subiaco is the place to find the greatest of Western Australia's wine, beer, cider, and spirits, all in one convenient location. There's something for everyone here, so help us toast our one-of-a-kind and artisanal drinks.

    After purchasing a bottle of wine, beer, or cocktail from one of your favourite vendors, grab a drink and relax on the picnic tables, blankets, or one of our other seating spaces. The event's centrepiece, the Music Gazebo, will include live performances, and the best tapas Perth offers will be wafting through the air. Pick up some tapas and settle up with a drink; you won't need either of your hands. You can choose between a wine, beer, or spirit-tasting experience, with two options per session, by purchasing a barrel session ticket in addition to your UnWined Subiaco ticket.

    Discover exciting new drinks, indulge in delicious cuisine, and unwind to the sounds of local musicians at UnWined Subiaco, the perfect event for wine enthusiasts of all ages.


    When spring comes to Perth, Australia, nature shows off its bright colours and new life. The city's summer weather starts in September, when lows are usually around 50 degrees Fahrenheit and the weather is nice. This time of year is when humpback whales make their yearly journey south, so it's a great time to see the city and enjoy its beauty.

    In the spring, fun things to do in Perth include exploring the water, watching whales, and going to the cute town of Mandurah. Hillarys Boat Harbour is a popular place for kids to play, and AQWA has a pass for families to use at the shore. Around 35,000 humpback whales migrate from Antarctica's nutrient-rich seas to WA's Kimberley area. This is an exciting chance to see whales.

    Mandurah has beautiful beaches, a laid-back way of life, interesting forests, and great food and wine. Visitors can rent bicycles and ride along the coast or into the forest. They can also sleep on a houseboat, cruise the beautiful canals and waterways, and relax with a drink of wine. Penguin Island boat & Cruise offers a five-minute boat ride to Penguin Island, where people can see the world's smallest penguins up close.

    Palm Terrace Walk in Forrestfield is a great place to go for a quiet walk or hike in the woods. There are a lot of parks and reserves in the Perth Hills. Some of them are Lesmurdie Falls National Park, Wungong Gorge Walk, Ellis Brook Reserve, and Kitty's Gorge in Serpentine National Park. If hiking isn't your thing, you can visit parks in WA like Burswood Loop, Matilda Bay Kings Park, Matilda Bay Reserve, and Bold Park in City Beach.

    The Swan Valley is a popular place for wine lovers to visit because it has more than 40 world-class wineries, six boutique breweries, cideries, distilleries, restaurants, cafés, markets, and shops that sell local produce. Beautiful trails for walks, hiking, and biking are also in the area. Outback Splash in Perth has five mazes, mini golf, wildlife experiences, and water slides that are fun for the whole family.

    In honour of Western Australia's flora and diamond anniversary, the Everlasting Kings Park Festival has workshops, tours, art shows, guided walks, a Water Corporation display, and events for the whole family. From August 18 to October 21, the Yates Spring Tulip Festival has 150,000 growing tulips and 36,000 spring flowering bulbs. The Perth Royal Show is a must-see event with carnival games, tasty treats, and a real taste of an American county fair.

    Prepare to be Entwined will be held in the Swan Valley from October 6 to 8, 2023. It will have unique events and experiences. Entwined has hands-on masterclasses, custom tastings with the maker, free activities for the whole family, and great dining. The best wine and food event in Western Australia, UnWined Subiaco, will be back at Market Square Park on October 28 and 29, 2023. People who go can drink wine, beer, cider, and spirits from more than 250 wineries, watch live music, and eat snacks.

    Content Summary

    • Perth's spring is a dazzling showcase of colour and life.
    • The warmth of spring replaces winter's cold in Perth.
    • Nature's rebirth is felt in Perth's spring atmosphere.
    • Hiking boots and backpacks beckon for outdoor adventures.
    • A guide to enjoying Perth's springtime beauty.
    • Stroll through flowering gardens to create beautiful memories.
    • Sandy beaches and seasonal culinary treats await.
    • Exciting outdoor excursions offer thrilling experiences.
    • Embrace Perth's enchanting spring beauty.
    • Experience longer days and warmer weather in spring.
    • Rebirth is in the air as winter gives way to spring.
    • Break out your hiking boots for outdoor wonders.
    • Perth's spring climate boasts pleasant temperatures.
    • Rain is rare during the spring months in Perth.
    • Witness the annual migration of humpback whales.
    • Hillarys Boat Harbour offers ocean enjoyment.
    • AQWA and underwater tunnels delight families.
    • Enjoy beachfront stays at Quality Resort Sorrento Beach.
    • Embark on thrilling humpback whale-watching cruises.
    • Mandurah offers beaches, woodlands, and cuisine.
    • Houseboats and waterfront cafes await in Mandurah.
    • Penguin Island and its wildlife attract visitors.
    • Experience dolphins, penguins, and sea lions up close.
    • Spring hiking opportunities abound in Perth.
    • Palm Terrace Walk offers waterfalls and wildflowers.
    • Lesmurdie Falls National Park is a stunning hiking spot.
    • Swan Valley's vineyards and trails await exploration.
    • Outback Splash offers family-friendly outdoor attractions.
    • Everlasting Kings Park Festival celebrates Western Australia's flora.
    • Yates Spring Tulip Festival showcases blooming tulips.
    • Perth Royal Show offers carnival rides and farm experiences.
    • Entwined weekend delivers unique Swan Valley experiences.
    • Unwined Subiaco features wine and culinary delights.
    • Enjoy live performances at UnWined Subiaco's Music Gazebo.
    • UnWined Subiaco offers a variety of drinks and cuisine.
    • Discover new drinks and indulge in UnWined Subiaco's offerings.
    • Perth's spring offers a colourful show of life.
    • Perth's springtime warmth replaces winter's chill.
    • Spring brings a sense of rejuvenation to Perth.
    • Outdoor adventures await with hiking boots and backpacks.
    • Guide to enjoying Perth's spring beauty and activities.
    • Flowering gardens provide a backdrop for cherished memories.
    • Sandy beaches, seasonal treats, and outdoor excursions await.
    • Spring in Perth enchants its natural beauty.
    • Longer days and warmer weather define Perth's spring.
    • Embrace the spirit of rebirth as winter fades away.
    • Dust off your hiking boots for outdoor explorations.
    • Pleasant temperatures and minimal rain in Perth's spring.
    • Witness the majestic migration of humpback whales.
    • Perth's spring beckons with ocean enjoyment and wildlife encounters.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Perth Springtime

    Spring is a fantastic time to engage in outdoor activities in Perth. Some popular options include exploring the city's botanical gardens, visiting the coastal beaches, hiking in the Perth Hills, and cycling along scenic routes.

    Absolutely! Perth and the surrounding regions are famous for their breathtaking wildflower displays during spring. Numerous national parks and trails provide opportunities to witness the vibrant colours of native wildflowers in bloom.

    Absolutely! With the stunning landscapes, vibrant wildflowers, and picturesque coastal scenes, spring is a photographer's paradise in Perth. Whether you're a professional or an amateur, you'll find ample opportunities to capture breathtaking shots.

    Yes, Perth hosts several notable events and festivals during spring. The Perth International Arts Festival, the Kings Park Festival, and various wine and food festivals are just a few examples of the vibrant cultural and entertainment options available.

    While the ocean waters start to warm up during spring, they might still be a bit chilly for some. However, many locals and visitors enjoy swimming and water activities as the temperatures rise. Just be mindful of your comfort level and take necessary precautions.

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