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Where Can You Go in Perth With Your Dog?

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    The beautiful city of Perth welcomes you with wide arms, a wagging tail, and a loving nose. Perth, one of Australia's most dog-friendly cities, has a thriving and welcoming culture that treats our canine friends like royalty. Whether you're a native dog owner or just visiting the city, you'll be happy to learn that Perth is a true canine and human paradise.

    This blog explores the depths of Perth's dog-friendly culture, bringing to light the city's profusion of establishments that welcome four-legged pals. The alternatives for quality time with your dog are practically endless, from dog-friendly cafes and restaurants to scenic dog parks and dog-friendly beaches.

    Perth has numerous dog-friendly parks where Dogs can run about, play fetch, and meet new canine friends. The city has plenty of beautiful cafés and restaurants where you and your pet can relax with a meal or a drink.

    We'll take our dogs on a tour of Perth's most pet-friendly sites, including some of the city's top parks, gardens, and festivals. Are you planning a trip to this dog-friendly destination? We've got some suggestions on where to stay that are also pet-friendly.

    Join us as we experience the dog-friendly culture that sets Perth apart, whether you're a pet parent looking for new places to take your dog or thinking about taking your furry buddy along on vacation. Let us rejoice in spending time with our dogs in the stunning setting of Perth, where every wagging tail and slobbery kiss is welcomed with open arms. Prepare for a journey that will have you and your dog barking joyfully!

    The Best Dog-Friendly Beaches in Perth

    Rockingham Dog Beach

    It's a long stretch of white sand that overlooks the waters near Garden Island and Rockingham. Dogs who are afraid of the ocean will find this area to be peaceful and tranquil.

    You may let your dog run free and play in the water without worrying about him getting trampled. Plenty of places to park, picnic shelters, restrooms, green spaces, garbage cans, and dog water fountains exist.

    Secret Harbour Dog Beach

    Located in Perth's far south, this beach is perfect for a stroll, sunbathing, and a refreshing plunge with your furry friend. The place welcomes pets and their owners with open arms.

    Your dog will have much room to run, play in the water, and meet other dogs on this extra-wide beach. Even though there is some seaweed there, the beach is generally tidy and not overrun with people.

    Leighton Beach Dog

    perth best dog friendly holiday spots cervantes

    Beautiful white sand and stunning views of Fremantle Harbour and Rottnest Island characterise this beach. It's a beautiful setting for evening strolls, barbecues, or just hanging out with your dog. There are many other dog lovers and friendly canines. This beach is perfect for kitesurfing and also welcomes dogs.

    Peasholm Dog Beach

    When the waves are less in the morning, this is the ideal time to swim. You can play Frisbee and then dip in the ocean. You can wash the sand off your dog's paws and use the restrooms near the parking lot. Space for cars is restricted, which might make parking difficult.

    South City Beach

    This beach is stunning and always bustling with activity, making it ideal for families. The shallow, safe water is ideal for dogs that aren't as competent swimmers. A great place to hang out with your dog, with lots of room to run about and excellent facilities.

    The Best Dog-Friendly Hiking Routes in Perth

    Whistlepipe Gully Trail, Kalamunda

    This loop of 3.5 kilometres offers spectacular views of the Perth central business district from its vantage point along a river that winds past massive granite outcrops. Located within Kalamunda, this path is particularly picturesque from July to November, when the river is at its fullest and native wildflowers are at their peak. Starting at the northern end of Lewis Road in Forrestfield, you can take a pleasant stroll along the creek on your right, up a hill, and then retrace your steps back to your starting point.

    Some bushwalking expertise is helpful, as the track has challenging uphill and downhill stretches and rocky ground and steps. Keep your dog on a leash, and only park in approved areas, as the trailhead is on a suburban street with no parking lot. The residential neighbourhood surrounding the trail is patrolled frequently by rangers, so if you want to ensure a parking spot, plan your visit for a weekday when it is less busy or be willing to park a bit further away from the trailhead.

    Lake Monger, Wembley

    For those who live closer to the city, the 3.5-kilometre circle around Lake Monger is a fantastic, dog-friendly choice. The Noongar people, the lake's traditional caretakers, have deep historical ties to the area around the lake, and you may learn more about this by reading the several interpretive plaques dotted around the lake today.

    Several trailheads (and parking lots) can be found throughout the lake's perimeter. On the lake's edge near Leederville, there is a particular off-lead dog exercise area, but elsewhere along the walking trail, your dog must always be leashed. If your dog becomes thirsty while you're hiking, there's a water fountain and dog bowl on the west side of the lake. The lake water is highly contaminated.

    Keep your eyes peeled for snakes near the lake, especially in the warmer months. Stay still and, if you can, pick up your dog if you encounter one. Holding a large dog's leash tightly will prevent it from running in front of you. Watch the snake closely to ensure it has moved off the walkway before proceeding.

    Bells Rapids Walk Trail, Brigadoon

    The 2.5-kilometre looping river walk at Bells Rapids mixes countryside views and coastal plains on a lovely, dog-friendly track and is well-known as one of the most fantastic vantage spots for the yearly Avon Descent. Beautiful wildflowers (especially fuchsia grevilleas) line the path; you may even see some grey kangaroos.

    Like other waterfall routes, this one is best experienced after heavy winter rains when the rapids have built up to their full potential. If you are there on a scorching day, you can always pack a change of clothes and a towel and cool yourself in the tranquil river. Keep an eye out for signs to ensure you adhere to the trail restrictions, as there are a few off-lead portions.

    Trigg Bushland Reserve

    The 3.5-kilometre circular track through the Trigg Bushland Reserve is a good option if you'd rather be closer to the water. This well-established off-leash area is surrounded by a thick forest that blooms with colourful wildflowers in the spring. Getting to the end of the trail will take you around 40 minutes.

    Even though this path is now leash-free, dog owners are expected to always clean up after their animals, exercise restraint, and protect the native vegetation and wildlife in the area.

    Lake Gwelup Walk Trail

    Around 2.5 miles of off-leash walking path surround beautiful Lake Gwelup in the Lake Gwelup Reserve. The trail begins on bitumen and limestone, and there are a few grassy spots along the way where you and your dog can play fetch (under your strict supervision).

    Remember that bikers and other pedestrians will also be using the trail, so you'll want to provide plenty of room if they need to pass you and your dog.  

    Perth's Top Dog-Friendly Cafes 

    Third Wheel 

    Located in the heart of South Fremantle, the dog-friendly cafe Third Wheel has quickly become a neighbourhood favourite. All sizes of dogs are welcome in the outside seating area, which has that easygoing Freo vibe. Everything from vegan to gluten-free diners can find something they'll enjoy on the menu. Third Wheel is a must-stop for dog owners in the neighbourhood thanks to its chill atmosphere and dog-friendly philosophy.


    BOOespresso, located in Northbridge, serves up high-quality coffee through a window. It has a lovely outdoor seating area where dogs and their owners can relax and enjoy a lactose-free 'cappuccino' together.BOO is conveniently located in the heart of the city, making it the perfect pit stop as you and your furry friend explore the city.


    One of the top dog-friendly eateries in Perth, Daisies is a corner shop staple in the posh coastal suburb of Cottesloe. The airy café is known for its delicious baked goods and excellent coffee and fresh bread delivered daily from Mary Street Bakery. You can grab a dog treat with your morning coffee and relax in the large grassy outdoor seating area. 

    Holly Raye's

    Furry companions are always welcome at this Bassendean café, as seen by the gigantic Anya Brock artwork of the owner's dog, Angus, that graces the exterior wall. The breakfast gnocchi is to die for, and Micrology Coffee Roasters roast the coffee. This is one of the most fabulous dog-friendly cafes in Perth, with plenty of outdoor seating and a dog-friendly staff (they supply water bowls and dog treats to make every dog feel at home). 

    Flora & Fauna

    Flora & Fauna is one of the hippest dog-friendly cafes in Perth, with excellent plant-based cuisine and a relaxed atmosphere, and it's located in a sunny laneway in Northbridge. This cafe has a large outside seating area where dogs are allowed and is famous for its colourful, Instagram-worthy food. Pet parents can relax with hearty vegan fare as their beloved companions bathe in the loving attention of the helpful staff.

    Stomp Coffee

    Located in North Perth, Stomp Coffee is a haven for coffee lovers and their canine companions. Coffee and some of the best toasties, sandwiches, and salads are available in the courtyard, where dog owners and their pets may relax and socialise. The best coffeehouse in all of Perth welcomes four-legged customers. 

    The Most Popular Perth Dog-Friendly Events

    Twilight Festival - Perth City Farm

    On What Day: During Wednesday Evenings

    Every Wednesday night until mid-April, dogs and their owners are welcome to Perth City Farm for the Twilight Festival. There are many opportunities to sample and support local products at the market, and it is friendly to vegetarians, vegans, and (of course) animal friends. The event will feature live music and the work of many local artists, so bring your dog, but keep them on a leash.

    perth wanneroo strawberry farm wanneroo

    Social Saturdays - Pawsome Doggy Day Care

    On What Day: Saturdays

    Booragoon is home to a one-of-a-kind doggy daycare establishment where dogs and their humans may play and interact with other canine pals in a warm, dog-friendly setting on the weekends. On "Social Saturdays," dogs and their owners can mingle in the facility's 520 square metre off-leash puppy playground, equipped with cubby houses, ramps, and tunnels. The regular clientele of dog owners and their canine companions makes this the perfect spot to meet other people who share your passion for canines.

    Slate Café

    On What Day: Saturdays

    This dog-friendly café has a puppy play yard complete with breed-specific playdates for dogs of the same variety (crossbreeds are welcome!). The café also serves a delicious brunch and has stylish decor. Every Saturday, dogs and their owners may enjoy the café's fenced-in dog park while taking in the beautiful surroundings of Swan Valley.

    If you're hungry before the show, stop by Slate's dog-friendly eating alfresco area for a bite.

    Vic Park Farmers' Market

    On What Day: Sundays

    If you and your dog want something to do on a Sunday morning, look no further than the Vic Park Farmers' Market, where you will be greeted with open arms (and tasty treats)! Dogs may have tasty goodies from Go Fetch Bakery and Doggystyle Delivered, while their human companions enjoy perusing and sampling the many local vendors and products. If you're in Perth during the summer, don't forget to bring your dog to the 'dog bar' where they may cool off in the shade and replenish their fluids. Make sure your pet stays out of the restroom stalls, though!


    Perth, one of Australia's most dog-friendly cities, offers a thriving and welcoming culture that treats canine friends like royalty. The city has numerous dog-friendly establishments, including cafes, restaurants, scenic dog parks, and dog-friendly beaches. These parks provide ample space for dogs to run, play fetch, and meet new canine friends. Perth's top parks, gardens, and festivals are also pet-friendly.

    Some of the best dog-friendly beaches in Perth include Rockingham Dog Beach, Secret Harbour Dog Beach, Leighton Beach Dog, Peasholm Dog Beach, South City Beach, Whistlerpipe Gully Trail, Lake Monger, Bells Rapids Walk Trail, Trigg Bushland Reserve, and Lake Gwelup Walk Trail. These parks offer a variety of activities for dogs, including swimming, hiking, and exploring the city's top parks, gardens, and festivals.

    For those looking to take their dog on vacation, Perth offers a variety of dog-friendly hiking routes, such as the Whistlerpipe Gully Trail, Lake Monger Walk Trail, Trigg Bushland Reserve, and Lake Gwelup Walk Trail. These trails offer stunning views, a variety of activities, and excellent facilities for dogs.

    In summary, Perth offers a diverse range of dog-friendly destinations, including dog-friendly cafes, parks, and beaches. These establishments cater to both pet owners and visitors, offering a welcoming and enjoyable experience for both dogs and owners. Third Wheel, a dog-friendly cafe in South Fremantle, offers a relaxed atmosphere and a variety of menu options for all sizes of dogs. BOOespresso, located in Northbridge, serves high-quality coffee and offers an outdoor seating area for dogs and their owners to relax. 

    Daisies, a corner shop in Cottesloe, is known for its delicious baked goods and coffee, while Holly Raye's is a hipster cafe with plant-based cuisine and a relaxed atmosphere. Flora & Fauna, located in Northbridge, offers colorful vegan fare and a welcoming atmosphere. Stomp Coffee, located in North Perth, is a popular coffeehouse for dog lovers and their canine companions.

    Some popular Perth dog-friendly events include the Twilight Festival at Perth City Farm, Social Saturdays at Booragoon, Slate Café, and Vic Park Farmers' Market. The Twilight Festival features live music and local artists, while Social Saturdays offer off-leash puppy playtimes for dogs and their owners. Slate Café also offers a dog-friendly eating alfresco area for a bite before the show.

    Content Summary

    • Perth welcomes dogs with open arms and a loving nose.
    • Perth is one of Australia's most dog-friendly cities.
    • The city has a thriving and welcoming culture for dogs.
    • Dog-friendly cafes and restaurants are abundant in Perth.
    • Scenic dog parks offer plenty of space for dogs to run and play.
    • Dog-friendly beaches provide a peaceful and tranquil environment.
    • Rockingham Dog Beach offers a long stretch of white sand.
    • Secret Harbour Dog Beach is perfect for a refreshing plunge.
    • Leighton Beach Dog provides stunning views of Fremantle Harbour.
    • Peasholm Dog Beach is ideal for morning swims and Frisbee play.
    • South City Beach is bustling with activity and safe for families.
    • Whistlepipe Gully Trail offers spectacular views of Perth's CBD.
    • Lake Monger's trail is a fantastic choice closer to the city.
    • Bells Rapids Walk Trail offers a mix of countryside views.
    • Trigg Bushland Reserve has a leash-free area for dogs to enjoy.
    • Lake Gwelup Walk Trail surrounds the beautiful Lake Gwelup.
    • Third Wheel is a must-visit dog-friendly cafe in South Fremantle.
    • BOOespresso serves high-quality coffee in Northbridge.
    • Daisies in Cottesloe is known for delicious baked goods.
    • Holly Raye's in Bassendean offers fabulous breakfast gnocchi.
    • Flora & Fauna in Northbridge serves excellent plant-based cuisine.
    • Stomp Coffee in North Perth is a haven for coffee lovers.
    • Twilight Festival at Perth City Farm welcomes dogs every Wednesday.
    • Social Saturdays at Pawsome Doggy Day Care is perfect for playdates.
    • Slate Café has a puppy play yard with breed-specific playdates.
    • Vic Park Farmers' Market offers tasty treats for dogs on Sundays.
    • Perth's dog-friendly culture sets it apart from other cities.
    • Canine companions are treated like royalty in Perth.
    • Dog owners can relax at beautiful cafes and restaurants.
    • Perth has numerous dog-friendly parks for play and exercise.
    • The city boasts scenic dog-friendly beaches for relaxation.
    • Perth's dog-friendly hiking trails offer stunning views.
    • Whistlepipe Gully Trail has a picturesque river and wildflowers.
    • Lake Monger's trail offers historical insights and scenic beauty.
    • Bells Rapids Walk Trail features coastal plains and wildflowers.
    • Trigg Bushland Reserve provides a forested off-leash area.
    • Lake Gwelup Walk Trail surrounds the beautiful Lake Gwelup.
    • Third Wheel in South Fremantle has a chill and welcoming vibe.
    • BOOespresso in Northbridge offers a perfect coffee stop.
    • Daisies in Cottesloe is known for its delicious baked goods.
    • Holly Raye's in Bassendean has fabulous breakfast gnocchi.
    • Flora & Fauna in Northbridge serves vibrant plant-based food.
    • Stomp Coffee in North Perth is popular for its coffee and food.
    • Twilight Festival at Perth City Farm features local products and music.
    • Social Saturdays at Pawsome Doggy Day Care offer canine playtime.
    • Slate Café has breed-specific playdates and a fenced dog park.
    • Vic Park Farmers' Market provides tasty treats and local products.
    • Perth's dog-friendly beaches are perfect for pets to play.
    • The city's dog-friendly cafes cater to all dietary preferences.
    • Perth's dog-friendly events create a vibrant and welcoming community.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Perth

    Yes, there are several off-leash areas in Perth's parks and beaches where dogs can roam and play freely. Just be sure to check the specific park or beach regulations as some areas may have designated off-leash times.

    Absolutely! Many cafes and restaurants in Perth offer outdoor seating areas where dogs are welcome. You can enjoy a meal or a cup of coffee with your furry companion by your side.

    While Perth is dog-friendly, there are some rules and regulations to follow. Dogs must be on a leash in certain public areas, and owners are required to clean up after their pets. It's crucial to be respectful of other park-goers and wildlife while exploring with your dog.

    Absolutely! Perth offers a wide range of pet-friendly accommodations, including hotels, motels, and vacation rentals that welcome dogs. Always check with the accommodation provider for their specific pet policies and any additional fees.

    To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience, always keep your dog on a leash where required and follow park rules. Stay hydrated, carry waste bags to clean up after your pet, and be mindful of your dog's comfort during outings.

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