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Top 20 Places to Get Buddha Sculptures Melbourne, Victoria (2024)

No one knows for sure who created the first Buddha statue, but they are believed to have been made in India sometime around 250 BCE. They were originally called "lokeshvara," which means "Lord of the World." These statues have had a huge impact on Buddhist culture and many different styles have developed over time.

The most common type of Buddha is referred to as a Seated or Dhyana Buddha, which typically depicts a figure seated on an ornate lotus blossom while holding his right hand up in front of his chest with palm facing forward. This particular posture was said to be used while meditating and it is very common in Buddhism today.

To help you get started on your buddha statue hunt, we’ve rounded up our favourite online shops to buy buddha statues from right across Melbourne.

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    Ultimate List of Places to Get Buddha Sculptures Melbourne, Victoria

    Mystik River - Buddha Sculptures Shop Melbourne

    my striker buddha sculptures shop melbourne


    0458 854 898

    Our Collection

    “Art is the greatest treasure in mankind, far more valuable than gold or jewels” Chitrasutra. Indian art is known for its symbolic significance through a representation of certain icons, which underpin spiritual meanings. These icons include bodily and hand poses or mudras, vahana or vehicles on which the main figures sit, weapons, and many other features.

    Our Indian sculpture is produced in accordance with the ancient art-science outlined in the Vedic writings known as the Shilpa Shastras, which provide detailed descriptions of measurement techniques and aesthetics theory. Following these guidelines, the viewer of an artwork typically has a spiritually uplifting experience. The Mystik River series offers excellent expansions to the traditional Indian art forms, which enable both the creator and the audience to experience greater consciousness. In this way, a viewer also contributes to an artwork.

    Supporting Living Artists
    Mystik River delivers works from a team of fabulous artists from Rajasthan, Gujrat, Tamilnadu, Odisha , Delhi, Uttar Pradesh & Maharashtra. Many of them are receivers of prestigious national awards, and continue to produce masterpieces, constantly surprising us with their skill and talent. Our dream came true, and we are delighted to be able to share their talen with you, knowing that the journey of a work of art from the artist to its new owner is the shortest possible.

    Temple & Webster - Buddha Sculptures Shop Melbourne

    temple & webster


    The best furniture and home goods retailer in Australia is Temple & Webster. We firmly believe that everyone aspires to live in a more aesthetically pleasing way, and we hope to be Australians' top option when looking to purchase a home.

    With more than 180,000 products available to browse 24/7, the most stunning content, the most exciting curated collections, and quick shipping all around Australia, we are renowned for having the largest selection. Additionally, we regularly hold our renowned limited-time sale events where you can get the brands and styles you like at a great price.

    Luvin Life - Buddha Sculptures Shop Melbourne

    luvin life


    (07) 5452 7547

    This collection of exquisitely crafted Buddha figurines constructed of composite concrete is new to the store. They are appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use and come in a range of finishes. Buddha statues, which are available in a wide variety of styles and colors, have grown to be a very popular addition to our homes and gardens.

    Bunnings - Buddha Sculptures Shop Melbourne



    The largest retailer of outdoor living and home renovation goods in Australia and New Zealand, as well as a significant supplier to project builders, professional tradesmen, and the housing sector.

    Our goal is to offer the largest selection of products for home renovation at the lowest rates possible, backed by the greatest customer service.

    Buddha Statue FAQs

    Early Buddhist art and symbolism never used human-like representations of the Buddha; that only came later. Instead, Buddha was represented by various animals depending on the symbolic context.

    The Lion

    The most common representation is the Lion, a symbol of protection, royalty and sovereignty. And the Buddha himself is often referred to in texts as “the Lion of the Shakyas.” His teachings are also known as the “Lion’s Roar” in the sutras, symbolizing the supremacy of his word over other spiritual teachings.

    The White Elephant

    Another Buddha symbol is the White Elephant, a figure of Indian royal power. In the myth of Queen Maya, the future Buddha is believed to have taken on the form of a white elephant to enter his mother’s womb.

    The Riderless Horse

    There’s also the Riderless Horse, which represents the Buddha’s royal horse, Kanthaka. It’s a symbol of the Buddha’s renunciation when Siddhartha Gautama left his palace at Kapilavastu to live his life as an ascetic.

    The Mythical Serpent

    Then, there’s the mythical serpent with magical powers known as the “Great Nāga.” In the sutras, the Buddha is often referred to as the “Great Nāga” as well. This term indicates the greatness of the Buddha’s magical powers, including his psychic insight, which is superior to that of all gods and spirits.


    Deer are used to symbolize Buddhist disciples and represent the Buddha’s first sermon given in the deer park of Varanasi.

    In conclusion, we’re back to our opening question.

    And the answer is YES! If the beliefs and traditions of Buddhism resonate with you, you can wear Buddha symbols.

    But don’t buy any Buddha symbol because it looks cute or trendy in your social circle. It will not bring any harm or misfortune, but rather it’s out of respect for what Buddha symbols represent.

    Getting something just for the sake of it goes against one of the prime Buddhist beliefs: over-indulgence. When we buy something from an egotistical perspective, we don’t appreciate it. We want it either to impress others, to show off, or out of greed.

    Conversely, when we acquire something from a deep appreciation for its symbolic worth, it takes on spiritual meaning. It becomes an invaluable part of our lives, one that we can rely on as a constant reminder or for faith and protection.

    Before you buy any Buddha symbol to wear or to put in your home or office, research its specific meaning and see how you can spiritually incorporate its presence into your life.

    Or, if you long to bring one of the many aspects of Buddhism into your life, find out which Buddha symbols bring that energy.

    Even if your intention doesn’t align directly with a particular symbol, remember that Buddhism is a flexible religion available to all. As long as your purpose is pure and for the greater good, there’s no problem.

    Whether you want a Buddha symbol for yourself or someone else, at Karma and Luck, we appreciate its profound spiritual significance. Therefore, we only stock ethically-made Buddha symbols handcrafted worldwide by artisans with respect, love, and care.


    According to tradition, the founder of Buddhism lived in the 6th century BCE. The first Buddhist artifacts in India appeared around the 3rd century BCE. Soon afterwards, Buddhism spread to China, Japan, Korea, and the rest of East Asia.

    How did Buddhism travel so far and survive for so long in all of these different cultures? One answer may lie in its symbols or representations of ideas, objects or relationships. Because the original Buddha did not write down his teachings and did not like his images to be revered, symbols were used to remember and share his lessons. These symbols proved to be highly adaptable, working their ways into cultures receptive to Buddhist philosophy. These symbols have been important aspects of Buddhist life for millennia. For those looking to learn something about this Eastern worldview, there’s no better place to start.


    For centuries, Buddhists followed the original Buddha’s proscription of not revering him in human form. So, many of the oldest Buddhist symbols represent the Buddha himself, or at least various enlightened aspects of him.

    Perhaps one of the earliest and most common symbols is the Dharmachakra or the eight-spoked wheel. The Buddha is sometimes called the “wheel turner,” which sets a cycle of teachings in motion. The eight spokes of the Dharmachakra represent the eight parts of the path to wisdom and the end of suffering. The swirl in the middle represents the Buddha himself, along with the moral code of the universe (Dharma) and the spiritual community (Sangha). This symbol is, therefore, the Buddha and Buddhist philosophy rolled into one.

    Many symbols of the Buddha are similar in that they represent both the Buddha and Buddhism, or some aspect of its teaching. For example, a similar symbol is found in the stupa, a mound-shaped Buddhist shrine or tomb. Stupas are architectural symbols of the enlightened mind of the Buddha, representing the path to enlightenment as a mountain that must be climbed. The various components of a stupa also represent the five elements of earth, water, fire, air, and space, each corresponding to an aspect of the enlightened being.

    Footprints represent the physical presence of the Buddha and the idea of following in the Buddha’s footsteps. The Bodhi Tree is where the Buddha sat and achieved enlightenment, a prominent symbol of the Buddha and his path.

    Lotus Allure - Buddha Sculptures Shop Melbourne

    lotus allure



    Bali is a unique location. It is a tropical haven with breath-taking sunsets and lovely gardens where one may relax and take in all the peace. The Lotus blossom represents purity of the body, speech, and mind in Buddhist teachings. With our exquisite products, we hope to motivate you to design your own own Balinese haven at home.

    Asia Decor - Buddha Sculptures Shop Melbourne

    asia decor



    We use trustworthy freight carriers to deliver our products door to door all across Australia. All orders come with insurance, a hand-assisted unload, and are palletized. After full payment clears into our bank account, all things are shipped out of our warehouse within three business days.

    Once the products arrive at the closest terminal, our designated freight company will get in touch with you to schedule a convenient delivery time. Interstate orders are not eligible for weekend delivery. On Melbourne metro delivery, it is however possible with prior agreement.

    Buddha Shop Australia

    buddha shop australia


    0427 271 115

    In this place, you can see, take pleasure in, or purchase Buddhist or Hindu statues, clothing, meditation tools, and a variety of other things.

    Adairs - Buddha Sculptures Shop Melbourne



    Adairs is a specialized store of home furnishings and accessories, and our mission is to inspire you to improve your house so that it is better to live in, better to touch, and better for all of your daily moments. Since 1918, Adairs has been a family-owned business, and at our core, we still are. Our greatest delight and joy comes from sharing with you the new season's arrivals and working with regional Australian artists to provide one-of-a-kind pieces for your home.

    Pots n Pots - Buddha Sculptures Shop Melbourne

    pots n pots


    (03) 9354 4145

    Finding your ideal garden items from our 30+ suppliers for garden products is a source of great pride for our team of enthusiastic gardening professionals.With the largest selection of premium garden pots in Melbourne, lifelike concrete creatures, artificial plants, wind chimes, Tiffany headlights, wall art, and other decorative accents will help your garden stand out. For inspiration, stop by our garden center in Coburg or browse our online catalog of outdoor products.

    Bali Imports Melton - Buddha Sculptures Shop Melbourne

    bali imports melton


    (03) 8746 2377

    Family-owned and -operated Bali Imports Melton offers high-quality indoor and outdoor decor, furniture, and home goods at competitive pricing. Everybody's needs can be addressed by what we offer.

    Karma Living - Buddha Sculptures Shop Melbourne

    karma living


    +61 (08) 8282 2101

    With the collection of home decor statues from Karma Living, illuminate your space. Your décor will be finished with an effigy from Karma Living, from Buddha statues and Monk sculptures to elephants and angels. According to Feng Shui, placing a figurine in your home will draw in good energy; the best locations are in your meditation area, garden, or facing the front door.

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