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Top 20 Security Camera & CCTV Systems in Hobart, Tasmania (2024)

After hours of research, you're finally ready to buy a security camera system. But how do you know which one is best for your needs? And what are the latest trends in this industry? With so many companies offering systems with different features and prices, it can be hard to decide. That's why we've put together this blog post on security cameras & CCTV systems to help you find out more about these devices before you buy! 

Security cameras are a great investment for any business or homeowner. They allow the user to monitor their property 24/7 and can give a sense of security that nothing will happen while you're away. Unfortunately, there are many types of security camera systems available on the market today, which can make it difficult to choose what is best for your needs.

To help you get started on your security camera hunt, we’ve rounded up our favourite Security Camera & CCTV Systems from right across Hobart, Tasmania

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    Golden Security - Security Camera & CCTV Systems Hobart

    golden security

    03 6231 1004

    Golden Electronics monitors all security alarm systems around the clock, seven days a week. We provide Monitoring support to the entire country of Australia through our Central Station Center here in Tasmania.

    Contact Group - Security Camera & CCTV Systems Hobart

    contact group

    (03) 6231 0945

    In today's industry, IP networks have evolved into a prerequisite for the majority of structures. This technology creates the backbone to which an IP CCTV equipment can connect, whether it is a structured cabling solution in a commercial setting or even a wireless network in a small/home office scenario. Adding IP CCTV equipment to your business is typically a cost-effective endeavor because this infrastructure is typically already present. Even the connected IT devices can provide electricity to an IP camera.

    Jim's Security - Security Camera & CCTV Systems Hobart

    jim’s security

    131 547

    In order to ensure that our solutions are cutting edge and dependable, we offer the most recent developments while collaborating with the biggest and greatest businesses. The largest franchise group in Australia approves franchisees after a police check.

    Security Camera & CCTV Systems FAQs

    Choose Your Camera Type

    The type of camera you'll need depends on where you want to place it. If you want one inside your home, there are many home security camera options. If you want one outside your home, you'll need to decide whether you want a wireless security camera or a video doorbell.

    For monitoring a front or back door, consider using a video doorbell because it can be powered through your doorbell wiring. If you want to monitor another area of your property, you're better off with a wireless security camera. Keep in mind that while all video doorbells are designed to survive the elements, not all wireless security cameras are weatherproof. So be sure to check the specs of a camera you're considering if you want to put it outside.

    Pick Your Power Source

    Battery-powered wireless security cameras and video doorbells offer the most flexibility in terms of placement in and around your home. However, depending on the camera and how heavily it's used, you'll need to recharge it anywhere from weekly to once every few months to once or twice a year. Hardwired cameras and doorbells neatly sidestep the recharging problem but may limit your placement options unless you're willing to run an extension cord or hire an electrician.

    Remember that the power source you use could limit the number of models you can choose from. This is especially true of video doorbells because there aren't many battery-powered models on the market.

    Compare Cloud Storage Plans

    Before you pick the camera or doorbell you want, be sure to find out how much free cloud storage it comes with and how much additional storage costs. Most manufacturers opt for cloud storage—where the footage is remotely stored on a server—instead of memory cards because the video files are large. Without cloud storage, if you miss an alert for a potential intruder, you'll have no idea whether someone tried to break in. Unfortunately, many of these cameras won't let you download clips to send to authorities unless you pay up.

    Consider Your Privacy

    While these cameras provide peace of mind, it's worth remembering that they provide a view into your home and connect to the Internet. If you can watch your home from your phone, it may be possible for someone else to take a peek, too. The manufacturer also may have access to the video.

    No. Despite the name "Internet Protocol," IP security cameras do not require an external connection to the Internet. All that's required is a connection to your local area network.

    In its most basic form, this LAN could look like your IP camera plugged directly into the Ethernet port on your PC. In this instance, you'd only have two devices connected in a LAN: your PC and your IP security camera. You would be able to access your IP security camera from your PC as long as it remains connected to your camera. (This setup isn't ideal for most IP security camera setups, but it can be a handy way to bench test your equipment.)

    This could also look like your IP camera connected to an Ethernet switch connected to a couple of different computers. These computers do not need the Internet to access your security camera since they are all located on the same local area network.

    This could also look like your security cameras plugged directly into the PoE switch on the back of an NVR. If your NVR is connected to a monitor and power, it doesn't need to be connected to the Internet to access the recorder's camera feeds. The recorder doesn't even need to be connected to a LAN outside of itself. This is because the PoE switch in the back of most NVRs acts as its integrated network.

    Think of this as its little gated community inside of a neighbourhood. That means your NVR has full access to anything plugged directly into its PoE switch. Just keep in mind that if your NVR is not connected to your local area network, you won't be able to access your NVR or your IP camera from your PC or your mobile device. The only way you'll be able to access your surveillance feeds is from the NVR itself.

    In short, no. It isn't weird to have security cameras in your house. However, there are a lot of things to consider when placing security cameras around your home. The main concern you're going to need to think about is privacy. That means your privacy, your family's privacy, and the privacy of guests in your home. Your initial thought might be, "It's my house. I can put cameras wherever."

    While this is true, there are still things you need to think about to be considerate. A key thing to remember when deciding where to put cameras and what their function will be is that you want safety, but not at the expense of privacy. There are also varying privacy laws around recording audio and video, even when it comes to cameras in your own home. Make sure you're aware of the laws in your area before you begin setting up your cameras.

    Front door

    This is the most obvious route for criminals to access your home, and the biggest proportion of break-ins occur via this entrance. To prevent any items from being launched at the delicate CCTV cameras, consider mounting the equipment at the second-floor level or fitting a wire cage around it.

    Back and side doors.

    Any entrance into your property is viewed as a potential channel for a criminal to access your private space. Have some cameras trained on all doors, as these are your most vulnerable spots. Take the same protective precautions as described in the previous point to prevent any tampering.

    Patio and French doors are defenceless against break-ins, supporting their stability with thick glass and a well-placed CCTV camera.

    Off-street windows

    Windows that are not facing onto a busy street or road may be attractive to crooks as there are no prying eyes from the public. In addition to cameras, as extra safety enforcement, never neglect your windows and keep them closed and locked whenever you go out.


    Some people may not monitor their garage, but this is often a common access route for burglars. Therefore, whether your garage contains valuable equipment or not, it's important to keep it safeguarded.

    A camera facing the driveway or garage area is great for picking up signs of suspicious activity. Alternatively, you may wish to place the camera inside the garage, pointing it at an angle where the light from the opening door can light up the dark interior.


    Whether it's a shed bursting with expensive gardening machinery, or a garden full of play equipment for the kids, often our gardens house many expensive items that make them inviting to crooks. To keep this area safe and secure, have a few smartly placed cameras dotted around, along with some security lights.

    All these elements can act as great deterrents to lawbreakers, making them think twice about accessing your garden.


    It is a common misconception that CCTV cameras are exclusively suited to the outdoors. Installing a camera inside your house, lens trained on the doors or windows can record a criminal entering your home, offering a full view of their face for easier identification.

    The only disadvantage with the indoor placement of cameras is that they are not as visually deterring, and a criminal has first to enter your home to notice them.

    For more advice on the best locations for home security cameras, simply ask a security specialist who will be able to offer some insight.

    Payless CCTV - Security Camera & CCTV Systems Hobart

    payless cctv

    (03) 9020 7275

    We put in mechanisms that are adaptable to changing conditions and allow for future flexibility. A wide range of CCTV systems, indoor and outdoor cameras, and more are available from us. Even our more well-liked models have been combined into bundles for easy selection.

    Mekina Technologies - Security Camera & CCTV Systems Hobart

    mekina technologies

    1300 300 439

    Your business, house, or industrial facility can benefit from security systems that Mekina Technologies can design, implement, and monitor. Each system is customized to meet your unique demands. We employ a classic dialer, GSM, or GPRS for all monitoring, which is carried out by our monitoring center in Tasmania. Additionally, our team may access your IP system.

    We consider it our duty to be familiar with you and your company. We collaborate closely with you to make sure the solutions we offer are personalized to address your specific demands and difficulties. We are devoted to seeing you succeed.

    HOME SMARTS - Security Camera & CCTV Systems Hobart

    home smarts

    With dependable security products, House Smarts can assist you in protecting your home or place of business. We provide solutions for intercoms, door access control, alarm systems, and CCTV surveillance.

    We primarily concentrate on IP Security Systems for CCTV. Hikvision, Axis, and Milestone systems are provided and installed by us. We provide a design and execution service for installations of all sizes. Our expertise includes installing across many buildings on the same site as well as setting up complete wireless solutions to handle outdoor installations.

    Eyewitness - Security Camera & CCTV Systems Hobart


    1800 030 905

    CCTV systems from Eyewitness Security Cameras Pty Ltd are renowned for being reliable and reasonably priced. Eyewitness Security Cameras P/L provides cutting-edge, multi-megapixel Network Video Recorder-based systems at affordable prices. Eyewitness Security Cameras has a corporate headquarters, technical support base, and agency partnership with Jangair Electrical in Townsville. It also operates tech support branch offices in Devonport and Hobart in Tasmania. All of these locations are on Queensland's Sunshine Coast.

    Our business places a strong focus on not only the caliber of the original surveillance installations but also the dependability of the backup and support provided after the sale, since we believe this is an area in which many companies utterly fall short.

    Aegres - Security Camera & CCTV Systems Hobart


    03 6231 5301

    A round hole does not fit a square peg. Finding the appropriate responses to your inquiries and creating the last component of the puzzle are important to us at Aegres. Together with our clients, we creatively investigate the range of technology possibilities and work to create innovative solutions that are sure to dazzle. We'll offer innovative ideas that are exciting from conception to completion and will impress even the most discriminating eye.

    Matrix Security Integration - Security Camera & CCTV Systems Hobart

    matrix security integration

    1300 35 45 25

    If an alarm system is designed and installed to its full potential, it can give you the peace of mind of knowing that, when you arrive at your premises, whether it be your home or your place of business, you have confidence in knowing that, if your alarm system has not been activated, you can walk through that door knowing it is safe to enter your premises and that no intruder has gained access to your property.

    4C Surveillance Systems - Security Camera & CCTV Systems Hobart

    4c surveillance systems

    (03) 6424 24 13

    At 4C Surveillance Systems, we take pleasure in offering the best possible service and knowledge to each and every one of our clients. Our customers are guaranteed efficient and trustworthy security since we only use well-known items and tried-and-true technology. You can feel secure knowing that your security is being monitored around-the-clock in our ASIAL-certified control room.

    Jim's Antennas - Security Camera & CCTV Systems Hobart

    jim's antennas

    131 547

    The staff at Jim's Antennas collaborates closely with Jim's Security to offer a full selection of CCTV and security camera products for both home and commercial use. We will also set up any equipment provided by the customer. Jim's dependable team of professionals can quickly install security cameras or CCTV systems in your Hobart home.

    ZAXSONS - Security Camera & CCTV Systems Hobart


    0412 901 202

    Do you believe your company requires CCTV or even an upgrade to your current system? Want to install the newest intercom, Wi-Fi system, video conferencing equipment, or digital display?

    ZAXSONS has you covered with a wide range of specialized installation services. We provide solutions for residential and commercial clients in Tasmania to meet a variety of needs by combining a wealth of industry experience with access to the most recent goods and technology on the market.

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